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Mark Edge

rom: Gary S Gevisser
Date: September 4, 2011 12:38:22 PM PDT
To: “Devin Standard – eldest son of former President of New York State Bar Kenneth Standard.”
Cc: rest; Mark Edge , Ron Bellows – US Government owned American International Group – Chief Executive Officer President Barrak Obama – Nobel Peace Prize winner on 10/9/2009 , Ed Bertolas , Lynne Zimet
Subject: Mark Edge goes over the edge – Fwd: I am declining to air the interviews

Time is up. Hand in your exam papers. You failed.

I would now like you to quickly scroll through this Memorial Day Weekend speech and highlight in red everything you think is preachy and then share it with your preacher and those who don’t, it is fine with me if you decide not to read on.

Note how quickly Zuma Dogg responded to what I sent your lying friend, talk show host Mark Edge. Zuma Dogg, who lives on the street has been getting my emails regularly just like you and everyone else who is quiet and finding no comfort in thinking there is a God.

Most of your Gods is your handheld communication devices.

I last heard from Zuma on November 5, 2010.

You know he thought very carefully before placing once again the interview he did with me about Vivendi and the Wetherly Capital Group who you are very familiar with, back on his website. Maybe Zuma might be interested in doing another interview to discuss what had Mark Edge going over the edge and taking all the corrupt with him?

Yes, Edge has not only expressed what all liars have been unwilling to mouth because it makes no sense, and in staying quiet and never seeing the thoughts they now have right before them [scroll down] in black and white, their imaginations are now having the worst daytime nightmare.

Your minds are increasingly vague like all your speech on the important issues, which does not prevent you from being very articulate in everything else you do and say such as, “Please pass me the salt” or when running out of toilet paper not to have to mouth a word and your mind tells you where to go, and most of the time finding exactly what your are looking for, but when it comes to me your hope is that Marie will leave me and the “green with envy” isn’t helped by the fact that your silence is helping the rest of the world who do not have the information, realize that diamonds and the US $ are one and the same, ever since you morons allowed Richard Nixon and the US Congress and every Congress and every President since to get away with bowing to De Beers.

Bear in mind most of you with fat diseased TALKATIVE cells were born prior to August 15, 1971 which does not make Polish-Americans like Kate Jaro feel any better about themselves.

Your friend Edge spent 9 years in prison on a murder conviction that first had him handed a 25 year sentence. He said he was innocent and just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, at least that is what I read on his Wikipedia profile.

As you read carefully what he wrote, and his attention to placing question marks versus ending the sentence with a period or full stop as we say in English, you will see that he writes just as well as the most righteous of you hypocrites. He took one life, and he may not have pulled the trigger, although the murder weapon could have a knife or just booting the murdered human being’s head in, or was it just a broken beer bottle that sliced out much of the Adam’s Apple, and if the murdered individual who was most certainly in the wrong place at the wrong time was a woman, all of you can still fully relate.

Let’s not also forget what has afforded people like your father to increase their fat diseased TALKATIVE cells that first show on the face.

I would, if I thought it was smart ask God to never again have me see another fat diseased TALKATIVE cell face and then if I were to go blind, what else would you all talk about?

As you know I have never been to jail, but I do know the vast majority of people in prison all over the world should not be there; at least not before putting each one of our US Congress people and any President who has ordered a single American soldier into combat following De Beers’ refusal to follow a direct order by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1940 to stockpile 6.5 million carats of industrial diamonds on US soil, which you ALL perfectly understand would have meant that the US-De Beers puppet Hitler would never have been able to comb his pussy looking moustache because when you cannot afford a pot to pee in the last thing you are thinking of is your looks.

How dumb ass could you all possibly be? Let’s dissect it all a little more, shall we.

Each of you who are not bedridden, get up each morning.

Most of you hate the look of yourselves and so you avoid the mirrors.

Those of you who paste your face with makeup quickly go to the area which is the least ugliest and it also happens to be the closest to everyone else.

The eyes also are so very expressive; at least the muscles around the eyes which don’t get the first attention because they don’t get any. Now in the future those ugly focusing on their eyes will focus that much more on first powdering the area around the eyes while thinking that they are not that attracted to their anuses.

Crudeness doesn’t touch sides with being so cowardly not to take personal responsibility for your mass murderers because even if none of you derived great personal satisfaction in tossing a baby Jewish girl into the air and bayoneting her right in between the legs as she falls to the ground and nor is she close to being dead the first time as her parents are forced to watch and remember there were 6 million of us your government had butchered, the genocides you have been responsible since make our Jewish Holocaust totally insignificant; and why of course God is most angry with us Jewish people who so quickly forgot, because we got comfortable right after, and were happy to elect corrupt Jewish leadership throughout the world who could have ended all this nonsense in one conference just by calling the first Jewish US Congress person to explain what De Beers had on the US Government that they knew when lawyer-liar mass murderer Roosevelt followed their order that he demand those 6.5 million industrial diamonds that De Beers had stolen from the peoples of the Belgian Congo and South Africa, De Beers would turn around only once the genocide of us Jewish people was fully underway, and say “fuck you with the middle finger”.

How can I not bring God into this? Are any of you really that intelligent to be so transparently evil?

How could you possibly think of bringing children into this world without first asking yourselves how bad was World War II really if the rich who profited the most from the tens of millions now murdered and most quiet, only got richer?

Of course your parents and grandparents understood it all perfectly, those of course who weren’t insane, but the sane ones knew never to breath a word of the thoughts going through their minds as they could see that people like Henry Ford never missed a meal when building even more spectacular modern factories.

And the reason it only bothers all of you now is because the Internet was a technology that has only been around since the early 1990s otherwise you would simply brush off the thinking that went into the decision by people like Henry Ford and his son Edsel for Edsel to attend, before WW II broke out, a Nazi Germany sponsored shindig in New York where Edsel and a great many other American industrialists were wined and dined as the Nazis explained all the future business they would get from an even stronger Nazi Germany.

This Internet is a real double edge sword isnt it.

On the one hand you cannot get enou
gh of it, and at the same time even if you say “fuck it” the disturbing truth is interfering with your playtime; and just like Nicholas Oppenheimer is having a hard time ordering my assassination, so you can all relate.

Notice how you all commiserate with Nicholas Oppenheimer more than you do with me, which of course does not bother me in the least.

I am very logical about everything including God because I couldn’t think of a greater punishment for an evil person than to know that God exists and the evil can’t call on God for help, and to the point that eventually you can all see that everyone will eventually stop attending church because you cannot stand the sight of one another.

Worse yet while some of you may die before Marie and me many if not most won’t and you know you are evil and when you no longer hear directly from us it will be an even more unpleasant thought because for starters you know that you cannot think as logically as me and I am telling you that I am 100% certain that God exists.

Try the following.

Put yourself in my head…. To be continued

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