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meditation and Yoga retreats – Part II

You have heard me mention repeatedly that both David Gevisser and Engelhard’s Anglo-German South African partner, Harry Oppenheimer were “put to work” immediately following the assassination of Engelhard by the Mossad on March 2nd, 1971, less than 2 months after members of my immediate family including are first cousin, most hot Karene Gevisser who you see on the left,

returned from a skiing trip to Arosa, Switzerland

which Irgun Jewish Underground member, South African-Israeli Boris Senior, who was the first member of the brutal Israel Defense Force mentions in quite some detail in his autobiography, NEW HEAVENS, subtitle, My Life as a Fighter Pilot in which this “Brave Little Man” first chronicles the trust that was placed in him by the leaders of the Jewish Underground as he had the responsibility, immediately following the end of World Oil War II, with flying French-Resistance trained assassins to hunt down and kill Allied military officers in Great Britain and Europe who were enforcing the US Government’s atrocious arms boycott of Israel while supplying equipment, training as well as leading the Arab armies into battle with the fledgling Jewish State.

I cannot, however, say for sure if anyone “encouraged” David Gevisser to write such a book that at its very start lets the reader know that this “big name” in South African politics-economics where timber is more important than diamonds since without timber to support De Beers’ mine shafts one might as well not dig, but not quite as effective in leaving no trace when moving wealth from one region of the world to another as untraceable diamond currency, “thought nothing” of stealing his elder brother’s stamp collection.

A thief does not become less of a thief later in life when thinking nothing of selling out that same brother and his first cousins who never wanted to believe David Gevisser could be that evil; instead they focused all their attention on the “Uncle”, as in Sol “The Little King” Moshal who was the thief South African Chartered Accountant brother of David’s mother, Janie Moshal Gevisser who also didnt need to read a balance sheet to see exactly who had profited from the VERY CONSPICUOUS visits to the headquarters of Moshal Gevisser by Engelhard, who upon the death of his father of the same name in 1950, inherited the title, “The Platinum King”.

BTW, do you think Hillary can help Obama figure out a way to compensate the majority of Black South Africans for all the platinum that is being stolen these days from the catalytic converter of the exhaust systems in each new motor vehicle sold in the US since the mid-1970s when the US Congress mandated that their De Beers-Anglo American Codiam [DAAC] Inc. cartel, the special interest of special interest group, be provided with a market for their worldwide control of this precious mineral where 80% is mined in South Africa, without of course having to worry about marketing and sales expenses?

Or do you think they can just use their fingers to multiply the number of new vehicles sold in the US over the past 35 years, and lets just call that number an even 420 million vehicles and round numbers put the value currently of the platinum piece at $ 50?

That $ 20 billion would just be a starting point for figuring out the entire compensatory damages.

Then there are the punitive damages.

Steve Biko is dead.

There were other Steve Bikos that we have never heard about.

But we have heard of Steve Biko who was horribly tortured before being executed.

We all have to live with those images.

That is the power of Steve Biko.

No different to Jesus Christ.

I have never once heard of a kid stealing something that belongs to one of their siblings.

Have you?

That is not to say it has not happened before.

But to write about it as though it was nothing is another matter “al-to-get-her” (sic).

David Gevisser mentions this extraordinary theft in the context of letting the reader know that he didnt have much of a relationship with his Yeshiva schooled father who of course he didn’t really know because his father knew he had bred a monster liar.

After rebuking his second son severely, Morris Gevisser has the wisdom to shut up altogether; and before Morris Gevisser died he made absolutely certain that his brother, my also Yeshiva schooled grandfather, Israel Issy Gevisser got his shares in Moshal Gevisser which granted Issy Gevisser the “control block” of shares.

Issy Gevisser who also hadn’t forgotten where he came from or the fact that he and Morris had lost their beloved sister Pessiah and her entire family, children and grandchildren to The Holocaust, was also extraordinarily quiet, but made a point of sharing his office with my dad for the 25 years my dad worked for their multi-national trading conglomerate, during which time Issy Gevisser’s focus of attention, apart from having a very good read of The Little King meeting with The Platinum King in the Little King’s office right next to his and my dad’s, in a so easy to figure out conspiracy, was keeping his eyes glued on the company’s cashflow as Issy painstakingly reconciled on a daily basis the Accounts Receivable Aging, the most important job when also making his most aware grandchild, to always follow the money trail.

You haven’t forgotten that soon after I broke my 24-year deafening silence with De Beers on 11.11.2004, Leon Cohen of Codiam Inc. who is mentioned in THE UNLIKELY FORESTER, goes deafening silent once realizing that he has gone a long way in connecting me up with his father Stephen, my former employer and first cousin of David Gevisser.

Stephen Cohen showed more than my highly secretive mother Zena and me that both he and David Gevisser were implicated in the poisoning of my liver, as Stephen waited throughout my more than 6 month ordeal before letting me know, and only once I told him over the phone that I was getting better under Dr. Michael G. Moshal MD’s care as Mike’s health rapidly deteriorated, that there would no longer be a position for me at Codiam Inc. where all I did was observe Stephen maintain two sets of books, the second set in his mostly open floor safe behind his desk which along with all the cash and relatively few diamonds, he had no fear of disclosing to the Feds were they ever to raid.

As you know from what I forwarded you earlier, very well known United States Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald is out of his office until January 5th; but I will be following up on the number he left me.

You will recall that Fitzgerald prosecuted and convicted Scooter Libby who was the attorney of CIA oil trader Marc Rich, who before being brought to justice in the United States to face trial, and after voluntarily relinquishing his American citizenship, received the most diabolical President Pardon from De Beers President Bill “Rhodes-De Beers Scholar” Clinton at the 11th hour of his presidency.

You also know that the 11th hour of his successor’s presidency, President George W. Bush, despite undue pressure from his Vice President, Cheney who was simply doing “his thing” during this 8 year Bush Administration, refused to give Liddy a Presidential Pardon.

You also know the current Attorney General of the United States was with the Justice Department at the time and very much involved in the farce of farce Presidential Pardon.

Crooked rulers giving the biggest crooks a free pass.

Not much has changed, apart from the advent of The Internet.

So much effort to shut up one man who hadn’t once been handcuffed unless it was for a drunk driving offense.

I have also mentioned repeatedly that both Clinton who helped greatly sow the seeds for the current growth of the US military-industrial-complex and Rich desired that Presidential Pardon that placed an extraordinary large spotlight on someone few pe
ople in the world had even heard of, as much as they wanted a Mossad bullet fired into the back of their heads.

I mentioned that I didn’t expect to live through Christmas of this year and nor has my outlook changed.

It has in fact been nothing short of a miracle that I remain free, in the best of health, and looking forward that much more to each moment, following the decision by De Beers to shut up Leon Cohen.

Only when important gun-money-power people go quiet are they dangerous.

That was more than 5 years ago.


is today President of Codiam Inc.

It is of courses a miracle that the world survives and each moment that goes by it is no less of a miracle, which does not mean anything more than there must be one Masterful Designer.

To draw the conclusion that this must make each of us special; meaning getting special preferential treatment, would be illogical.

We should each get what we just deserve.

Ps – Leon has 181 Facebook “friends”. I will have no objection to anyone contacting them to find out their “read” of my and Leon’s “back and forth” following my “Remember me?” communique of 11.11.2004. Click HERE.

On Dec 21, 2009, at 8:30 AM, Adam L Tucker wrote:

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If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?

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