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Meeting: Former CIA Charles D. Knuff & Adam L. Tucker

Meeting: Former CIA Charles D. Knuff & Adam L. Tucker


I (Adam Tucker) contacted Chuck October 2008 as a person that might be able to assist me in locating a job in the IT industry as he had given me advice about an IT career when I was 18 years of age. As a result, I emailed one of Chuck Knuff’s companies, I believe Forte Inc. a few days prior to October 13, 2008 in attempt to reconnect with himAt 8:45 am on October 13, 2008 Chuck Knuff replied via email and provided me with his cell phone number. (*see emails below*)

After a few failed attempts to coordinate a meeting, I called him on or around December 20th2008 and left a voice message to which Chuck Knuff returned my call and set up a time to meet shortly thereafter.


Location: Bonsall, California – Home of Chuck Knuff
 December 23, 2008 at approximately 7PM PST
Departed: December 23, 2008 at approximately 9:30PM PST
Attendees: Chuck Dazler Knuff & Adam Lee Tucker
Duration: Approximately 2.5 hours
Meal: BBQ Filet Mignon, baked carrots with olive oil and pepper, salad, red wine
Home: Large home on multiple acres in upscale neighborhood. Gravel driveway. Old dog. Chuck made it a point of telling me that the woman down the street from him is also ‘ex’ CIA.


  • Navy Intelligence 10 years

  • CIA 25 years  

  • BORN:  1950 – 59 years of age at time of meeting

  • Involved in 1967 (18 years old) USS Liberty investigation

  • Started first his company in 1976 (26 years old)

  • Forte Inc Founded 1987 (according to website) (37 years old) – Software company – filters emails, website, etc. – He made a point of telling me that the software has been sold to multiple government agencies. (

  • He implied that he was in the CIA at the time that he dated my mother – approximately 1992-1993


We spent the first 25-30 minutes catching up on what we had each done in the last 10 years. We also discussed Mr. Knuff’s childhood with 7 siblings sharing a two bedroom apartment with an alcoholic mother and a New York city police officer for a father. He said that he had a tough childhood.

After catching up, I brought up the website and how the top of DeBeers use diamond currency as a means to move wealth around the world as well as finance activities that are wanted to be kept secret.

Chuck: De Beers used to control the industry but they are losing their control.
Adam: right.
Chuck: you say ‘right’, but do you know why?
Adam: because of synthetic diamonds?
Chuck: no, well maybe partially
Adam: why are they losing control?
Chuck: because places like Russia and Canada have diamonds all over
Adam: The diamond mine in Canada is owned by DeBeers.
Chuck: not all of them. (smiling)

Adam: According to the OSS DeBeers was supplying industrial diamonds to the Nazis which were essential for the mass production of their military. How was it that Germany was able to afford to build a military capable of taking on all of Europe after a collapsed economy and post WWI reparations?
Chuck: (responded with a smile…no reply)

Chuck: I happen to be well versed on the subject, I was in the CIA for 25 years.

I didn’t know how to reply. And Mr. Knuff could see that I was visible stunned.

Mr. Knuff walked from his kitchen to his sliding door leading outside to his covered patio and BBQ before continuing.


Chuck: You didn’t expect to hear that did you?
Adam: No
Chuck: No one knew not even my siblings.
Adam: How did you get join the CIA?
Chuck: I am a mathematician, the CIA wants those kind of people.

Chuck: The Agent software (that his company Forte Inc. designed) is not only being used by companies. There are a number of government agencies using the software as well.
Chuck: My brother asked me how I could work with the CIA knowing all of the things that they do, and I told him that I never did anything that I morally objected to. That is not to say that I wasn’t aware of things that I objected to but we did a lot of good things.

Chuck: You have no idea how close the world was to nuclear war between Pakistan and India. No one does, had we not made them aware of what the other was doing; there could have very easily been a nuclear response.
Chuck: When I would travel ‘in country’, that’s what it’s called when we would be operating in a foreign country – I would not care any forms of identification.

The subject changed and we discussed Gary GevisserÂ’s credibility and how I met him.

I explained some of Gary’s professional history involving corporate restructuring.

 I met Gary years ago while doing some computer consulting. His great grandmother was orphaned at around 8 and grew up in the same small village as David Ben Gurion. She eventually became a runner for Ben Gurion. As a British Citizen she could move in and out of British occupied Palestine during the enforcement of the British White Papers of 1939. Have you heard of the British White Papers?

Chuck: I think so…
Adam: They were policies enforced on British controlled Palestine limiting the number of Jews that could enter Palestine to just 10,000 per year at a time when Auschwitz alone was killing 10,000 per day. The British were basically bottlenecking the Jews for the Nazis to then execute them.
Chuck: Yes I remember now.
Adam: On Gary’s paternal side, his grandfather, Israel Issy Gevisser, co-founded in 1910, with his brother Morris, The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies, a multinational trading conglomerate which was used during the enforcement of the British White Papers to smuggle Jews and supplies into Palestine.
Adam: I didn’t realize it until just this past year or so that Gary was using me to screen his emails – asking questions about what I took from the emails to see if the information that he was sharing would stand out to an ordinary person.
Chuck: (nodded and said “yes” with a look of understanding)
Adam: Have you heard of the name Charles Engelhard?
Chuck: Yes
Adam: Engelhard Minerals and Chemicals – one of the most mineral rich companies in the world. In the 1960Â’s, the Managing Director of Moshal Gevisser Sol Moshal, began meeting with Charles Engelhard Jr. while his “nephew” David Gevisser, who was a first cousin of GaryÂ’s father, Bernie Gevisser, was a senior executive of Acme Timber, one of the many companies under the umbrella of the public corporation, Moshal Gevisser. I guess the timber industry is also used for moving wealth around and laundering money.
Chuck: (nodded his head indicating ‘yesÂ’)
Adam: Anyway, Sol Moshal, who had no “male heirs”, just like Engelhard, and his “favorite” nephew David Gevisser whose father Morris had married SolÂ’s sister Janie, helped Engelhard orchestrate in 1969 the hostile takeover of the familyÂ’s trading company, and in exchange for his help, David Gevisser was rewarded the position of CEO of Engelhard Enterprises South Africa which included control of the world supply of platinum, and in 1971, following the Mossad assassinating Engelhard on March 2nd, 1971, having turned 54 the month before, David Gevisser [44] was named executor of EngelhardÂ’s estate and paid in addition to his salary as Chief Executive Officer of Engelhard Enterprises, South Africa, the sum of US$ 6 million. This put GaryÂ’s “uncle” David Gevisser whose father Morris had died many years before, leaving GaryÂ’s grandfather Issy with the “control block” of shares in Moshal Gevisser, in a “power position. So when Gary arrived in the United States in 1978, he was “armed” with a letter of introduction, signed by David Gevisser, to provide the attorneys of Engelhard Minerals and Chemicals who without Gary going through any type of “job interview” put him in a trusted position [1979] working for a principle DeBeers site holder on 47th Street [New York City]. DeBeers only sells diamonds to some 250 carefully chosen people in the world and they are called ‘site holdersÂ’.
Chuck: I know what site holders are.
Adam: While he (Gary) was in their employment, he was in attendance of “price fixing” meetings conducted here in the United States between his “boss”, Stephen Cohen, the principal of Codiam Inc. and a guy named Martin Rapaport of the Rapaport Report, the international pricing periodical for cut and polished diamonds.
Chuck: (nodded his head indicating “yes”)
Chuck: I am well aware of DeBeers and diamond currency. I have seen a report or two
Adam: I know the CIA uses diamond currency
Chuck: (no reply)
Chuck: How do you know that you can trust this guy (Gary Gevisser)?
Adam: I have known him since 2002, and he has been consistent.
Chuck: ItÂ’s just when I hear talk about Mossad assassinations I can’t help
but question the personÂ’s credibility. What is it that you hope to accomplish?
Adam: We want to level the playing field. I remember you telling me the last time that we met (when I was 18) that the internet was just barely being tapped into, and there are huge opportunities waiting. Well, history has always being written by the people in power, and the internet provides a means of communication and recording history like never before, affording the opportunity for information to spread quickly.
Chuck: The majority of people have no idea about the real world and are not capable of understanding.

Adam: This past April I went for a walk and came home and this was on my front door (I handed Mr. Knuff FBI Special Agent Curran ThomersonÂ’s business card)

Chuck: (Reading the hand written note from the back of the card, he laughs) Ha, ha, ‘Adam, Please call’, that’s standard procedure for them.
Adam: Don’t you think it is strange that he came all the way to my apartment when he was satisfied with just a phone call?
Chuck: Sounds like standard procedure… If you were someone important to them you wouldn’t know it. They would have devices in your car, your home, your phones and emails would be screened. You probably just flagged some key words and they were going through standard procedure to document it.

We then walked into his kitchen from his outside patio where he was grilling two steaks and Mr. Knuff said with a very straight face, “If you are considered a threat, you won’t know it until you hear the sound of a bullet entering your skull.”

Adam: With everything moving in the direction of transparency people will be held accountable if diamond currency is no longer in the equation. Diamonds are very simply a vehicle for moving wealth around without leaving a money trail.

Adam: What are your thoughts on the Straits of Harmoz?
Chuck: What about it?
Adam: Iran has said that they would mine the passage and embroil that region in war preventing the passage of oil if Israel attacks their nuclear facilities.
Chuck: They have mined that area. What does that mean, attack Iran’s nuclear facilities?
Adam: Israel won’t allow a nuclear armed Iran.
Chuck: Israel doesn’t have the capabilities of destroying all of their facilities. I happen to be well read on that part of the world. Iran is more of a threat to Saudi Arabia than they are to Israel.
Adam: And we protect Saudi Arabia
Chuck: Exactly

Chuck: You remember what happened in Syria?
Adam: Israel destroyed the nuclear facility.
Chuck: They did that because the US couldn’t.

Adam: Have you seen the swastika shaped naval barracks on Coronado Island?
Chuck: I have, people can see what they want to see in anything. There are swastikas all over India. Are you saying that the US are Nazis? (smiling)
Adam: I think the relationship between the US and Israel is very duopolistic. The plans for that building were submitted for approval on November 28th, 1967 – just about 6 months after Israel deliberately attacked the USS Liberty.
Chuck: What makes you think that it was deliberate?
Adam: IAF [Israel Air Force] did a flyby at 9am but didn’t attack the USS Liberty until 2pm
Chuck: I happen to be involved in that investigation (the attack on the USS
Liberty) and I know it was just a major fuck up.
Adam: Why hasn’t the US ever helped Israel militarily?
Chuck: Oil (smiling). You should be careful about associating yourself with something like this. You are a smart guy, and articulate as fuck. (implying Israel did not know what they were doing).

Chuck: We spy on our enemies and we spy on our friends. There is so much that you could be doing. Why don’t you help people in a way that you can see some results?
Adam: So far I haven’t found anything other than this (just3ants) that addresses the problem and not just a symptom.
Chuck: You could be doing so much more with yourself; this kind of stuff can stick with ya.

Without sharing any information or having any discussion about my education;

Chuck: It doesn’t matter that you don’t have a degree, my brother doesn’t have a degree and he is successful. I started my first business when I was 26.

Mr. Knuff shared with me that he was 59 years old at the time of our meeting. If he spent 10 years in Navy intelligence and 25 years in the CIA and he says he started his first business when he was 26 and he was also involved in the investigation of the attack on the USS Liberty which occurred in 1967 when Chuck Knuff just 18 years of age, there may have been some overlap.


Thursday, December 25, 2008 7:52 PM PT Â– Gary Gevisser sends Chuck Knuff an email.
Email discusses Mr. Knuff using his meeting with Adam to threaten and intimidate.

Friday December 26, 10:14AM PST Â– Adam sends Chuck email, asking him to confirm receipt of GaryÂ’s email.

Friday December 26, 2008 1:22PM PST Â– Chuck calls AdamÂ’s Cell – No voice message
Friday December 26, 2008 1:43PM PST – Chuck calls AdamÂ’s Cell – No voice message
Friday December 26, 2008 4:28PM PST – Chuck calls AdamÂ’s Cell – No voice message
Tuesday February 24, 2009 8:45am PST – Chuck calls AdamÂ’s Cell – 10 seconds “Hey Adam it’s uh chuck if you have a chance, could you give me a ring? Uh 760-703-6725”

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 10:41 AM – Chuck KnuffÂ’s Dallas based attorney, Alan Loewinsohn sends Adam L. Tucker, a threatening email.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 10:42 AM – Chuck KnuffÂ’s Dallas based attorney, Alan Loewinsohn sends Gary S. Gevisser a threatening email.

From: []
Sent: Monday, October 13, 2008 3:09 PM
To: Adam L Tucker
Subject: RE: Hi

Hi Adam

I am in Bonsall (North County) who are you going to be working for in NC…

I am out of town for a couple of weeks, I will let you know my schedule when I return


From: Adam L Tucker
Sent: Monday, October 13, 2008 2:29 PM
To: []
Subject: RE: Hi

Hey Chuck,

Things are going very well. How are you?

Are you still living in the Carlsbad area? I am currently living in Normal Heights but hope to be relocating very soon to North County for work; if you are still local, would you like to meet for lunch sometime?

858 442 2858

From: []
Sent: Monday, October 13, 2008 8:25 AM
To: Adam_L_Tucker <
Subject: Hi

Hi Adam

Thanks for the email, hope all things are good with you..

My cell is 760.703.6725


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