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“Following the 2008 Olympics in Beijing China, Al Qaeda will launch a series of attacks on the oil fields of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar which will immediately paralyze the United States’ economy.”

FBI Agent Thomerson has now moved the Israeli Military Intelligence report to the highest terrorist threat possible, all aimed against the United States of America.

The fact that China is featured; moreover at the very start of this ingenious Military Report of all time is because of the preeminent role of to finally take down the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the special interest of special interest group, counterfeiter of counterfeiters, money launderer of money launderers, price fixers of price fixers, who because of their total lock on the world’s drilling industry, for more than a century now, make them and those that provide them with their military might the most anti-free marketers; OPEC not exactly “small potatoes”. Agent Thomerson cannot even at this point go to either IMI and/or the Mossad to verify such a report given its so very logical dire straits prognosis and at the same time Agent Thomerson has let not only Adam L. Tucker know on the telephone but the entire world of his decision which makes perfect sense to do as he said he would and investigate what he considers a very real and serious threat.

Such a threat of course as IMI and the Mossad have already suggested in their communications with Gary S. Gevisser to be of the highest order requiring US Homeland Security to move this up to the very highest code red terrorist threat assuming code red has never been used given how there has never been such a CLEAR and SHORT terrorist threat since the founding of the United States and its Constitution; not to mention yet Articles II of impeachment to be used against the US Government were it to get tyrannical and not represent its people who have assumed the Constitution is an advocate of free market economies.

Agent Thomerson knows that only is the only media source putting out such a code red terrorist threat far greater than 911 that Agent Thomerson knows the Mossad gave both the FBI and CIA a “heads up” one month prior to 911.

Agent Thomerson does not want to be “caught napping” yet again.

When you snooze you lose.

Agent Thomerson knows that the main focus of whose proprietor is Gary S. Gevisser who worked for the DAAC at the very highest levels, is to take down the DAAC and the decision by IMI and the Mossad who quite obviously find Gary S. Gevisser most credible to feature China prominently in their ingenious Military Report, is a clear, short and deadly shot at De Beers given how De Beers everyone who is anyone knows owns the drilling industry hence the House of Saud,Kuwait Royal Family along with Qatar as well as Al Quaida, funded by the House of Saud owned by De Beers who own the 3 Branches of the US Government and for good reason Al Quaida havenÂ’t yet bitten the hands that feeds it namely all those military providing the muscle to the House of Saud that has never been a friend of the fledging State of Israel.

China needs oil currently price fixed by DeBeers financed by American bankers at the turn of the last century at always more than a barrel of oil.

Where are the “free market advocates” in the US Government who have allowed the DAAC to be in command and control of the capital and financial markets all the while so grossly misleading the American people in making out like the Chinese are not only “bad” but must now be seen as the “New Enemy” bearing in mind that China never financed DeBeers nor did the Chinese people who set the scholastic levels wherever they go as well as of course the equally peaceful Israelis, rig more than just the oil market which is why the IMI ends, “and in the next instant will paralyze the US Economy”.

The US economy in other words cannot function without rigged markets.

Such a terrorist attack by the United States Government on the peoples of the United States is both real and imminent and should be taken seriously.

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