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Mental Suicide Vs Financial Suicide

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: January 26, 2010 2:18:15 PM PST
To: Matt Dessert
Cc: rest; Dr. Rod Smith Ph.d – Alumni of RAND Corporation” ,, Leizermolk , “Barry Molk, MD.” , ran phillips , Jonny Gevisser , Nigel Gevisser , melvin gevisser , Roy Essakow – Marc Rich Lieutenant , “The coupon clipper is the Jeffrey Jack The Ripper Essakow – co-owner of the Marc Rich and Co. Flower Hill Mall, Solana Beach, California” , “Mark Gevisser – son of David Gevisser, male heir of American-German Charles W. Engelhard Jr. [1917-1971]” , Hedda Gevisser c/o Jonny NORRIS , Mark Darryl Gevisser , Neil Gevisser , “Jack. Goldblatt” , kathy and david Kathy danziger , teaguecal ,, “Ron Bellows – US Government owned American International Group – Chief Executive Officer, President Barrak Obama – Nobel Peace Prize winner on 10/9/2009” , “Jarvis Burston – Apple Solutions Consultant. Burston – Outstanding Apple Solutions Consultant, still figuring out the game.” , Steve Jobs – Chief Executive Officer – Apple Computer , “Shanit – Office for the Israeli Deparment of Defense Attache; Israeli Embassy, Washington DC Israeli Embassy” , Mossad ,, Zuma Dogg , Karen Williams , Dennis Blair – Director of US National Intelligence , “Patrick. J. Fitzgerald – US Attorney fitzgerald” , “Vicky L. Schiff – co-managing director Wetherly Capital Group.” , “American-Russian-Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard c/o John Dr. John K. Pollard Jr. – Alumnus of MIT and Cornell University – Proponent of women are inferior in the math and science; i.e. logic.” , “Bill Simon c/o Dan Weinstein – co-Managing Director of Wetherly Capital Group.” , jeff , “Newell Starks – Deadbeat officer of Citigroup’s Citicorp Venture Capital Group who specialize in management friendly; i.e. shareholder hostile takeovers.” , FBI , US Marine – Corporal Kevin Gipe , “David Bellavia – US Soldier, nominated for the US Congressional Medal of Honor. Now blowing the whistle on Operation Sparkling.” , Playgirl c/o Ed Bertolas , “William H. Jackson – Attorney for Wetherly Capital Group” , Fred Deluca – Founder-co-owner Subway , Derrick Beare – Investec , “Cliff Benn, (E-mail)” , Sam Hackner – Chief Executive Officer – Investec , Dennis Rice , Natie Kirsh , “Alan S. Loewinsohn Esq. – Dallas, Texas threatening attorney for Jewish American Charles Knuff.” , Charles Knuff – 35 year CIA-US Navy Intelligence Officer knuff , Mohamed Enver Surty , Ronnie Kasrils – South African Cabinet Minister – mentioned in THE UNLIKELY FORESTER , Michelle Smith – South African journalist , Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki – Former President of South Africa , Deborah Sturman , “De Beers – Ernest Slotar Inc.” , Vania Leles – De Beers , Leon Cohen – Codiam Inc , Admiral Ami Aylon – Israel Navy , Jason Ritchie – Honored US Navy Submariner Sonar Operator with Top Secret Clearance , Jonathan Beare – founder Investec , “Jeffrey D. Sacks – Columbia University Columbia University” , Hillary Bill-De Beers-Rhodes Scholar-Marc Rich Clinton , Carlyle Hotel c/o President Barack Obama , Rush Limbaugh feigned opponent of Obama ,, 60 Minutes <>,,
Subject: Mental Suicide Vs Financial Suicide Re:

Dear Matt,

What prevented you from providing me with all this information at the very start? (Keep the answer to yourself.)

It is very clear from my website and the evidence I presented about the Wetherly Capital Group – click HERE – that I was on the level.

I suggest your next move is to contact Dr. Rod Smith Phd. who I know very well. He was the individual who eventually engineered the sale of those 42,000 acres from Vivendi to the Imperial Irrigation District [IID], the voter district that proved pivotal in the reelection of Democratic Governor Gray Davis in the November 2002 California Gubernatorial elections.

What is important in all of this is that you had a foreign based international water conglomerate able to buy influence not only of the incumbent Democratic Governor of the State of California which was somewhere between the 5th and 6th largest economy in the world but Governor Gray Davis’ opponent in the forthcoming Gubernatorial elections as the Wetherly Capital Group controlled both Davis and Republican candidate Bill Simon.

Not to mention the $ value assigned to anything is meaningless as you understand better today that the country with the strongest military has up until now decided the value of everything; and since the turn of the last century those who have known how to most easily bribe government officials got not only their money back but if sufficiently well connected with De Beers who have an unlimited supply of untraceable currency that has never been inventoried, to see who exactly got bribed with how much; those using diamonds were always first in line.

Have you thought about how much it cost De Beers to have President elect John F. Kennedy meet with De Beers’ co-head, Anglo-German South African Harry Oppenheimer at the Carlyle Hotel before he was sworn in as the 35th Commander In Chief of all US Armed Forces?

Would you have anything positive to say right now about President John F. Kennedy?

What about any President who preceded him all the way back to President Teddy Roosevelt who sent the gunship to Panama that allowed the US to not only build the Panama Canal but launch naked aggression on military weaker nations from outside the US?

Do you see Obama as any different?

So do you simply feel stupid or disgusted that you weren’t smart enough to figure it all out on your own?

Can you explain if you already knew all this why did you bother first contacting me?

What was it about the Bankers Manifesto of July 4th, 1892 that you didn’t understand?

BTW, the proof of collusion in the California Gubernatorial election of 2002 is how neither candidate spoke much about the problems of water until the very end of the campaign and by that [time] it was too little too late, and Wetherly Capital’s first choice Gray Davis got to play a little longer before Arnold got his shot.

Equally important in getting your head around the “voter fraud” is that neither candidate brought up the two most important meetings with Governor Davis that took place, ten minutes apart, on or around December 28th, 2001; the first involving Vivendi’s top dogs here in the US and a Wetherly Capital representative Joe Campos who set up both meetings; and the second just Campos, Davis and Dr. Smith Phd.

BTW, would it be too much to ask for you to make a contribution to

Of course when I brought all this “greasing of the wheels” to the attention of Wetherly Capital Group they promptly terminated my consulting agreement but that didnt stop them from trying to get me from staying on board and in the process dirty my hands which is why we had that February 8th, 2002 board meeting where once I got my hands on the smoking gun evidence of voter fraud I left the meeting promptly, 2:30pm to be very precisely, a half hour after it had begun; and of course Dr. Smith Phd was present.

Do you remember Republican Bill Simon bringing up during the campaign that “White Paper” which Dr. Smith Phd had prepared for his opponent Davis, ahead of the second meeting on December 28th, 2001?

Of course you don’t, because Bill Simon never brought it up.

Do you remember that Governor Gray Davis of California is an elected representative of the State of California and has fiduciary responsibilities?

Did you know that Davis is a lawyer?

Do you think there is something wrong when a foreign water conglomerate is afforded a meeting with the head of one of the most important states in the US and those setting up the meeting are also involved in setting up a second meeting with the Governor where California’s water problems are discussed in great detail?

Do you think it is helped that those setting up both meetings have as their client the future opponent of the incumbent Governor who never brings up either meetings or that “White Paper” document?

Do you think much of the notion, NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION?

What do you think of those lawmakers who pass laws, make statutes that tax the people who have absolutely no say in what goes on at the highest levels?

How do you fix the damage that has been done?

How do you fix a problem that has those at the top who don’t pay taxes and have accumulated all the assets including human property that they think they need until they need more and do the same thing over and over again?

What makes you think you can make a difference?

Do you see my cousin Brian David Molk giving up his fat inheritance without a fight?

What do you think you getting your head around that “White Paper” is going to do other than let people think you are more honest than the next corrupt politician?

What makes you think you are any different than any other American who has run for political office?

And to top it off, on April 3rd, 2004 they had their idiot Stanford Law School trained lawyer William H. Jackson write me the most incriminating letter offering me a settlement which I never took.

How is that for credibility?

How many people do you know in this dog eat dog world where everybody feels that what they feel they need they can have just so long as they get the cash, and I just leave all the cash on the table?

So you want to get on the board of the IID when I have explained something much grander; i.e. every single election is rigged.

Not to mention, had I not stepped in and objected to Vivendi buying that most important meeting with the Governor, the Wetherly Capital Group would have received those 42,000 acres, and of course not much would have changed, except I wouldn’t have further evidence of the systemic rot.

Bear in mind at all times that we are talking only military when it comes to politics and economics which are one and the same.

American soldiers such as David Bellavia are sworn to defend the US against all enemies foreign and domestic?

Do you think the rest of the world don’t see this circus?

I suggest that if you don’t speak out LOUDLY about this then you are just as culpable, wouldn’t you agree?

Can you spell out your moral code, and are you willing to be tested on it 24/7?

There is no democracy in this country; and the fact that there may never have been a democracy is not the issue.

There is no free press.

The proof is overwhelming and today the overwhelming majority of Americans who are not the smartest people in the world, just the most brutal, know it.

You also know that being a coward does not make you a good fighter.

So do you think Obama has the guts to drop a nuclear weapon?

What sort of order can the US Government maintain if the military get fed up with not being paid “top dollar”?

The Government and the press/media are one and the same.

The only thing that makes the US crow the loudest that we are fighting for liberty blah blah is because we have our military waging war on militarily weaker nations who have the raw war materials that we want, and so far those we beat have not beat us back.

Nor is it good enough, in my humble opinion, to say that you plan to be different, since the entire monetary system which you would be using to make decisions on how to allocate resources has been rigged and it has been rigged since before the formation of the Federal Reserve which only worsened the rigging.

You have to get rid of all the heads and not leave a trace of the torso.

Nor do you have to resort to violence.

Violence is the State, and they know it.

We have the Internet.

We should force the US Government before they create any more anarchy here in the US to admit to all the coverups following their Bankers Manifesto and find someone as credible as me to negotiate as good a deal as possible with our major creditors.

And if you lose your life in doing the right thing, so what; look at the shit you will be knocking heads with the rest of your life starting with your family members who also most likely just want to get something for nothing as they egg you on.

My solution is common sense.

Moreover, just like you are contributing coming to me others should contribute by sharing my knowledge.

Once you have the knowledge you know everyone’s game, including your own.

If Americans don’t come together soon and realize how evil this country has been when spreading our civil war that cost 2% of the population, and ask the rest of the world beginning with my birth country of South Africa along with China for forgiveness, the bloodbath you are going to soon see in this country will make the mid-19th Century Civil War look like a day in the water park.

Most of the rich who have profited from America’s brutality have long fled the US and those who remain have their Lear jets all fueled.

Obama was a puppet the moment he made Robert Gates his Minister of War and Americans on all sides never so much as batted an eyelid.

Do you think America is getting its just deserve?

If you were God would you do it any differently?

Do you see God now coming to save America?

Do you think for a moment that this may all be proof of God’s existence; that the humans who are alive today are both the dumbest and least compassionate of all God’s species?

Ps – Just in case you think only my 86 year old father reads my emails, my cousin Brian David Molk after letting me know that his “spam filter” keeps out my emails, then deleted me as a FB “friend” which had me send him the following email via Facebook:

Subject: Please forward

So cousin, you decided committing mental suicide was better than financial suicide, when not responding to the email I sent you a little earlier?

Click below:

Why would you continue to keep me as one of your FB “friends”?

Gary S. Gevisser

On Jan 26, 2010, at 10:46 AM, Matt Dessert wrote:

So are you checking my security clearence or what?

Perhaps a guy like me that wants the truth also wants to run for a seat on IID Board of Directors. Now wouldn’t your truthful information be great to have if a guy was so fortunate to get elected to IID Board.

Now does a guy like that sound like a threat to you or a Wetherly agent?

I have been 100% truthful and upfront with you, so where do we go from here?

This truthful ball is and always has been in your court. The question is will you share that truthful ball?

Matt Dessert

On Jan 25, 2010, at 10:39 PM, Matt Dessert wrote:

I have been googling Weherby and see that they got into trouble in 2009 for the same crap you write of in 2001

I am a life long resident of Imperial County for 47 years and work for Imperial County Air Pollution Control District 760-482-4606. I am interested in local power & water issues. That 42,000 acres of ground water rights that Vivaldi almost sold to the State through Wetherly Capital and then spun off to IID is one very interesting story that I would like to finish in my lifetime.

Now, is that enough for you. I do not represent and am not an agent for Wetherly or anyone, I am an independent person that wants truthful answers in my own backyard (I. C.) as well as answers of truth from the State and Country I live in. If I was satisfied with the answers at hand, I wouldn’t be on the internet searching you out and exposing myself to someone like you and your $hit list jargon and logic. This is all kind of crazy, including interacting with you, but I am hopeful it is worth it.

Good night

Matt Dessert

From: Gary S Gevisser
To: Matt Dessert
Sent: Mon, January 25, 2010 10:17:50 PM
Subject: Fwd: Re: Re: Re:


Why wouldnt WC hire you or simply take you to be a fool and do it for nothing?

Begin forwarded message:

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: January 25, 2010 10:16:08 PM PST
To: Matt Dessert
Subject: Re: Re: Re:

i just want to know who i am sharing it with. Are you that dumb that you cannot follow the logic?

of course you are.

What do you do for a living?

Why would Wetherly capital hire or simply take you to be a fool?

On Jan 25, 2010, at 10:09 PM, Matt Dessert wrote:

No bs, must not be corrupt or incompetent as I am not scared off, no game and as far as truth why did you write and post all that information if you did not want to share it.

From: Gary S Gevisser
To: Matt Dessert
Sent: Mon, January 25, 2010 9:50:45 PM
Subject: Re: Re:

Mr. don’t give me your bs.

I am an open book who only scares off corrupt and/or incompetent, period.

What’s your game.

If you are the ‘truth” then what are you hiding?

On Jan 25, 2010, at 9:40 PM, Matt Dessert wrote:

I mean you no harm and you scared off everyone else by your reply and $hit list inclusion. I am fortunate that I don’t scare off so easy. You were found by searching the internet for specific information like Vivendi. Your article and website explains the rest. I also opened a tab on your website and found the friendly email exchange between you and Zuma Dog as well as partial postings of your stuff on Zuma Dog’s site. It appeared that you and Zuma Dog were friends and had come together originally over Vivendi, so thinking we all had that in common I sent the email to you and Zuma Dog. Zuma Dog still has not replied and perhaps he won’t as you revealed to me that Zuma Dog is in your $hit list email, as I and my now scared off friends are also.

You don’t get my phone number, address or employment just yet, as I do not have or need yours.

I am after the truth on issues I am aware of and it appeared through your website you wanted to share truths that you know of. Your truth and mine crossed paths, so here I am. My interest is soley in the old Vivendi issue / puzzle that it appears you may hold a key or two to.

Either you have and want to share information or you don’t. I would appreciate any understanding you can give.

Matt Dessert

From: Gary S Gevisser
To: Matt Dessert
Sent: Mon, January 25, 2010 9:04:21 PM
Subject: Re:

you need to tell me exactly who you are and what is your agenda, interests you represent etc etc?
On Jan 25, 2010, at 8:25 PM, Matt Dessert wrote:

I need to focus on one thing at a time. Primarily this Calpers deal to buy 42,000 acres of water right ground through Wetherby that included then Govenor Gray Davis and his opponent Simon, Weinsteins friend. Would the white paper presented by Rodney Smith shed some light on this. Is there any more information avaiable, like the white paper? I am currently making time to listen to your audio regarding this interview.

Who and how would the State of payed a commision on this deal? Are there records of the State contemplating this deal for Calpers investment/purchase?

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