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Mild comic relief

From: Gary S. Gevisser – []
Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 10:44 AM PT
To: Sammy “The Pimp” Haim
Cc: rest;;;;;;;;; artbell-coast;;; Carleton Spinner;; Derrick Beare; Devin Standard;;; Dr. Laura;;;;; John Pollard;; Judy Montagu – Letters Editor – The Jerusalem Post; President Barack Obama; DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc.; Melanie Gurvits Esq. – Steven Spielberg’s lawyer; President Rosenberg of the Screen Actors Guild; Howard Schultz – Founder, Chairman and Global Strategist for Starbucks whose Kuwaiti business partner refuses to allow Starbucks to open a single successful shop in Israel; Steven Lee Parkinson – Mothercare whose same Kuwaiti business partner as Starbucks also refuses to allow Mothercare to open a single shop in Israel.; Roy Essakow – Executive Marc “Flower Hill” Rich Holdings; Hilary-Bill DeBeers-Rhodes Scholar-Rich Clinton – US Secretary of State; Fred Deluca – Founder-co-owner Subway; financier of Rezko-Obama and “control person” of medical diagnostic company, Sunmed.; Diana Henriques – journalist New York Times – Big Jury Award in Injury Case Over Keyboards – December 10, 1996 – featuring Sunmed.;; investor in Sunmed; Dr. Jonathan “Trouble Bubble” Beare; Colin Cowie – Colin Cowie Productions and former long time lover of “Trouble Bubble”; Tony Leon MP – Immediate past Leader of the Democratic Alliance – Republic of South Africa; Trevor Manuel – South Africa’s Minister of Finance; Author-The Nation Journalist Mark Gevisser – son of David Gevisser, executor of American Charles Engelhard’s estate; Arthur Carter – Publisher of the New York Observer and former owner of The Nation; Nicholas Oppenheimer – DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Stephen Cohen – Codiam Inc.; Martin Rapaport -CEO Rapaport Report; Edward Jay Epstein – Author of The Diamond Invention;; Ernest Slotar Inc.; Warren Buffett – upper middle class player of De Beers & Co.; Laura Coyne – Ben Ridge Jewler – Owned by Warren Buffett of De Beers and Co.; Roger W. Robinson – aka “Our Man Roger” – co-founder of PSSI – Former Chairman and Vice Chairman, U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission-Protege of senior DAAC operative David Rockefellar – Chairman of J.P. Morgan-Chase Manhattan Bank; Mary Valder – Trilateral Commission; Molly H. Hubbard – Director of Development James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy – JAB’s law firm representing the House of Saud; Mossad; Kathy Rat Face Clark; Kathy Murry – Daughter of murdered mobster lawyer and who provided laughable affadvit to the sicko Sperm Donor that contributed greatly to Judge Hendrix on October 24th, 2002 coming down on The IT like a ton of bricks.; The Cow who shoots poison tipped arrows for BIG BEN aka former practicing pathologist Dr. John Ben Stewart MD. aka The IT aka The Sperm Donor aka The Slimeball of Slimeballs; King Golden Jr. Esq. – former General Counsel of Science Applications International Corporation – left wing University of Virginia Law School graduate – “bosom buddy” of right wing senior National Security Council member, Roger W. Robinson ;; Valerie Schulte Esq. – National Association of Broadcasters; Laurie Black Lawrence- daughter-in-law of Larry Lawrence, Clinton-DeBeers US Ambassador to Switzerland who died in office just as the Marc Rich Presidential Pardon began to get underway.; ‘’; President Barack Obama
Subject: Mild comic relief – IT WAS ON GOOD MORNING AMERICA WEDNSEDAY! …

Did you check this out first by also calling the number provided and speaking with the person, who at a minimum is doing nothing more than promoting a currency that in President Obama’ words, “has been used too often by the United States to sure up dictatorships”.

You may not remember when crossing the Red Sea as a young baby as your family trekked from Egypt to Israel, but I know you will remember a number of things that you have written given how you know I have a digitized copy of everything, that of course does not go back to the year dot, and for stuff like socialist-Democrat President Roosevelt meeting on board the US Quincy with King Ibn Saud of the House of Saud, Saudi Arabia even you know how to do a Google Search.

BTW have you recently typed your name into Google Search?

When you do, do the following appear at the top of the page?
1.From: Gary S. Gevisser Sent: Friday, October 22, 2004 7:31 PM To …
Oct 22, 2004 … not to forget Newell Starks of Citicorp, or the Wetherly Capital Group, or yoyos like Sammy Haim, Dr. John Ben Stewart, Kathy “Find me a … – 79k – Cached – Similar pages
Go ahead and Google Search “Sammy Haim Del Mar” and you will notice high up on the roster this email of mine to your buddy Damon Siskin and this one to an … – 94k – Cached – Similar pages
More results from »
Now you are a connected Eqyptian-Israeli-American, and now married yet again doesnt prevent you from chatting up all the hot women, but only those “easily pleased”, who would be the only one’s giving you the time of day, once of course they have spent more than 3 minutes with you as they would know you are there mostly sucking for info, what can you tell me about this ROUHEL FEINSTEIN – – who has yet to respond to my “Are you connected…” communique last evening?

I am not alone,,, in expecting,,, you to now go “deafeningly silent” but at the same time you really dont know what else to do right now apart from grabbing as much cash as you possibly can as you see this House of Cards about to come tumbling down a whole lot quicker than you expected in your worst nightmares.

You simply cannot beleive your eyes that I am still around despite being surrounded by the world’s most evil humans that of course include you and all those deranged who still choose your company.

You havent of course forgotten the fact that you could get away with stiffing your previous landlord of some US$800 in rent because you had the goods on the landlord’s property manager who was one of your drug pushers when you werent herding over Mexican prostitutes from Tiuana, who as part of their compensation you would let loose in the Del Mar Plaza shopping center right across from your and my former digs.

Nor have you forgotten how your neighbor and drug partying buddy Mark while collecting monies from the State of California as a foster parent was schtuping the 14 year old girl that had been entrusted by the State of California to his custody.

Nor have you forgotten the US$40,000 insurance scam that your very close cocaine addict buddy Mark pulled off as he drew his curtains which didnt fool you looking in; not even his cutting of his own ties to make it look like an “upset” former girlfriend had broken in to the house he rented on the same lot owned by the same very elderly landlords who were being taken for the biggest ride by drug pusher Greedy Greg Beckham, who now spends a whole lot more time at his drug hangout at the top of the alley between 10th and 11th Street; and you know that my georgious French-Canadian wife and I live right at the bottom of the alley, at the water’s edge.

By the way we often run into your former Jewish girlfriend Nitza who you may recall visited China for the first time in 1987 when she was quite amazed to have run into “tTOo” [sic] Israelis; you would know that Dexter, our Pypeetoe

‘s favorite pass
ed away about 6 months ago.

How familiar are you with the “work product” of United States Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald Esquire?

Nor have you forgotten that “proof” is a function of evidence, the better the evidence the better the proof.

I cannot tell you how much I look forward to being able to cross examine you in a court of law, as well.

Say hello to your other loser friend Kathy “Rat Face” Clark who remember has that uncle, who is supposely a high level member of the CIA; and you remember you gave Rat Face the “goods” on your drug pusher Greedy Greg which is why he put up with all her drunkiness and debauched behavior; and of course you might not know the details of how much it cost Greedy Greg to finally get rid of Rat Face.

Yes the more we know about one, especially those of us that live so very comfortably here in the United States, the less likely the State of Israel will have to continue its wars of survival.

Ps – Dont forget to say hello to “The Twins”.

Ps I – Gold last trading at US$899.90 and I have yet to send the FBI, Mossad, Israeli Military Intelligence and most importantly Judy Montagu, Letters Editor for the Jerusalem Post, an “advanced copy” of my forthcoming “Intelligence Briefing” for President Obama.

Ps II – So how much do you think it cost “Our man Roger” aka Roger W. Robinson who along with Sec. James A. Baker III continue to “call the shots” in the Obama administration just as they did in President Ronald W. Reagan’s two administrations, when both the white FBI agent and Black African American, Detective Richard Steele of the San Diego Police Department returned back to their offices after first visiting with me during which time I presented them with irrefutable evidence that they had been sent on a “wild goose chase”, although they understood it was not because their superiors thought they needed to get out of their offices to breath in the fresh ocean swept air of heavily real estate and city council corrupt Del Mar?
From: John Ben Stewart –
Sent: Saturday, September 14, 2002 8:39 AM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: Re: RE:

You would know that “Our Man Roger” – – who shares the same initials as the “Being There” President RWR as wel as born on the same day February 6th, some 40 years apart, would know from his left wing “bosom buddy” Mr. King Golden Jr. Esq., – – my one American attorney of umpteen years begining around the time “Our Man Roger” joined the National Security Council in March 1982, that The IT, aka Dr. John BIG Ben Stewart MD – – aka The Sperm Donor, aka The Slimeball of Slimeballs wouldnt “part with a penny”, and besides by the time the FBI agent and Detective Steele showed up at my front door at 357 Parish Lane, Del Mar, which was the same address as your former digs,

The IT knew that “Our Man Roger” was in as much trouble as The IT for having filed on 9/11/2002, the first anniversay of 9/11, a baseless criminal complaint against me suggestive of child rape which of course allowed The IT to “put it out there” in the event his barely teenage daughter might wake up one day and connect a number of dots including what the hell her deranged biological father was doing building her a closet of a bedroom in his master bedroom in a rather large 3 story house; not to mention how The IT so dragged his feet in holding a pediatrician’s “feet to the fire” for failing to diagnose a UTI in a child which is as easy as pie; and of course such criminal negligence could all be put down to “professional courtesies” between medical practicioners but not, however, when one examines the mountain of evidence that I have been painstaingly, methodically and ever so patiently piecing together for each of our trials against humanity.

Even you wouldnt be surprised that when The IT’s daughter was asked what she thought of her “papa” aka The IT blaming her for “accidentally” sending me a clearly “threatening” email all designed to have me go “crazy” as The IT saw very quickly that the criminal complaint he filed against me under oath, under penalty of perjury, was so very rapidly unraveling and therefore the need to pull out all stops to have me “go over the deep end”, this heavily co-opted-corrupted now 19-year old responded,

“All he did was use my name; I dont see anything wrong with that!!”
Fortunately, The IT’s daughter was not Judge Hendrix who on October 24th, 2002, a day that all independant thinking women throughout the world should celebrate for it was mostly a victory for mothers against over-controlling and corrupt spouses who think that because no one has ever stood up to them that they can get away with murder, ruled against The IT, who for good reason couldnt find a single supporter including his Cow in the public gallery of Superior Court, courtroom 25 where Marie Dion Gevisser and I had “tTOo” [sic] friends, Black African American, Devin Standard and French-Canadian Paul Hiervieu, who were not called as witnesses given how The IT and Co. had provided all the ammunition Judge Hendrix needed to come down on them like a ton of bricks; to the point that the judge not only slapped The IT with a Permanet Restraining Order as he continued to insist that I was a “danger” to him but in the “coup de grace”, Judge Hendrix granted Marie Dion Gevisser “legal possession” of my one most powerful handgun; which is not the only reason I suggest you also keep your distance from our private property.

Have you noticed how quiet The IT’s Cow has got ever since this knock-knee coward fatso sent me a physically threatening email that restarted the clock that was winding down given how there is always that issue of “statute of limitations” when it comes to filing both civil and criminal lawsuits?

What else would you like to me to talk about right now as I sit on the large and most beautiful piece of wood that serves as our bench in front of our most cute and cozy Stone Home here deep inside the Cleveland National Forest catching the sun’s rays, allowing my very healthy breakfast to properly digest before going on an 11 odd mile mountain bike ride that MDG and I just happened to stumble across this past weekend that much more serious mountain bikers have obviously known about for a long time?

Have you also noticed how virtually impossible it is for the “money, me” crowd who understand perfectly that the masses of us Americans are being prepared for all out war with China, a war that the US cannot possibly win even if we were to be the first to use nuclear weapons, to keep their big ugly mouths shut even if all they do is “small talk” given how just like you they increasingly know that they are only fooling themselves; and the very WORSE PART is the fact that they are INCREASING UNSURE about whether the person they are communicating with has “caught on to their game” and is just “playing” with them.

Moreover, such evil humans think they can get away with “playing victim” that of course initially brings them the “negative attention” they so seek that helps them deal with how badly they feel about themselves which is why one finds such human beasts eating themselves to death when not being anorexic, but such “quick fixes” really only work amongst others like them who do just enough to get by but never coming close to excelling because that would interfere the most with the “negative attention” they mostly seek which strong willed people dont tolerate for an instant unless looking for mild comic relief which is the only reason I bother with you.

Again, see you in court, at least in the Court of Public Opinion, where it counts most.

It is not what you say but what you fail to say that counts most.


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