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Miracle Cure

From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, June 16, 2006 6:55 AM PT
To: John Maudslay
Cc: rest; President; JohnStossel; United States Justice Department; FBI; Roy Essakow; Conrad Wolff; Robert H. Frank – Profefessor of Economics – Cornell University ; Deborah “Aggressive” Sturman Esq.; JRK; 60m; Goldman Sachs; President Rosenberg of the Screen Actors Guild; Joseph Steinberg – President of Luecadia National Corporation; Deluca_f); Dave Duree Esq.; Dave Duree Esq.; Mossad;
Subject: RE: …—.MIRACLE CURE….DUMB FUCK…. Membership of Lloyd’s

The primary purpose of this response is to give George W. Bush the “miracle” he has been looking for and at the same time let you folks over there at LORDs-Lloylds of London know that even if you decide at your meeting today to readmit American citizens in to LOL it is a little too little too late.

BTW even if you were to disagree with the overwhelming scientific evidence that correlates positively dementia with obesity would you agree that you don’t know of anyone that is really overweight who is able to consistently logically thought process and the fact that each and every talk show host on KFI 640 AM may be as “skinny as a rake” really shouldn’t change your opinion much in the same way just because there is a higher propensity for competent people to be honest doesn’t mean that all competent people are honest while you would most certainly also agree that all dishonest people are incompetent.

First it is important to pick up from where I left off last evening with a local San Diego, California based teacher, not to forget RBS of your AIG U.S. based financial institution now commiserating with you in your misery and of course more than John Ziegler of KFI and his associates along with family members are increasingly getting to see his “selective attention deficit disorder” more commonly understood as Absent Parenting Disease.

Gold, silver, paper money, coins, bananas, apples, tulips, Euros, DeBeers-United States dollars and the such all means-mediums of exchanges.

Depending on the situation each one, including of course sexual favors, is appropriate in allocating both the world’s scarce resources such as clean drinking water and oil as well as the goods and services created by mankind.

More importantly so long as there is enough to go around it really doesn’t make any difference who is actually doing the allocating so long as they are either fair or if crooked then they can devise enough distractions that they don’t get caught.

The DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel are principally “financial engineers” with a good read of history, not simply the mafia of mafia that everyone knows but NOT EVERYONEchooses to talk about for good reason.

But I think you would agree that as smart as you once thought them to be they are simply not as competent as me as well as increasing numbers of independent thinkers all around the world beginning to rejoice big time, especially those who don’t have much fictitious DeBeers-Dollars-Euros etc etc sitting either in bank accounts or under their mattresses.

Going to war is possibly for the very first time being understood as the ultimate choice of the DAAC once backed up against the wall and folks begin to figure out that they contribute nothing to the overall good, but in allocating the world’s precious and limited resources using their unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried diamond currency they first take care of themselves, not forgetting how much satisfaction they derive from enjoying the fruits of the hard working wage enslaved masses.

Ziegler made another hurried remark last night about the war in Iraq “costing a whole lot of muni” [sic] bearing in mind Ziegler as well as his associates and their lawyers have been duly informed on this rather important subject that really shouldn’t be glossed over at all let alone “placed on a backburner”.

Yes, even the most pathological amongst us “sumtimes” [sic] tell the truth but this time it was a caller who stated brilliantly and clearly, “Communism ultimately fails when it cannot produce the goods and services” and Ziegler couldn’t even connect up the most simple connecting dots.

Inflation, stagnation, “bullsh*tization” [sic] means absolutely nothing once one gets one’s arms around the business of “money creation” that is so extraordinarily easy to understand assuming one has not gone to bed hungry and when waking up after a 90 minute loop walk of Nobel Canyon followed by a cup of cappuccino and a healthy breakfast.

But all the bs is now coming home to roost since in the end all the numbers do have to add up and of course the Chinese who come top at our schools and universities all over the world can add as well as understand perfectly well that they can afford to increase their wages considerably without in the least bit disrupting their economy given their level of productivity and a population base that will therefore be able to afford all the goods and service they have been providing to us at “bargain basement” prices as the DeBeers-Dollar begins to experience an unprecedented precipitous collapse from which there will be ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE OF RECOVERY but for those many Americans who are not pencil pushers this is not only the greatest time to be alive but with each tick of the clock their skills, such as carpentry, welding, feeding chickens, painting, plumbing, electrical and the such they are finally going to prosper big time, more than capable of competing against the Chinese who have no intentions of taking over the greatest welfare state the world has every known.

Remember the Chinese who have been invaded many times and never conquered in that they have taken the best of their conquerors while converting them over to the Chinese way of doing things, are very smart people who in turn make it their business to do business with very smart people beginning by marrying their best and brightest who of course come from the Kibbutzim of Israel like my good friend Guy Friedman who like other Israeli Special Forces commandos is still reeling from the revelations the other day but less so their commanding officers who haven’t pulled the trigger or slit the throats of Israel’s adversaries as their very best of the best commandos who are nothing like the bunch of retards you see in Steven SpielBERG’s movie, MUNIch.

The “miracle” is really not in the least bit difficult for even the most fanatical of Israel’s enemies to get their arms around beginning with the top leadership of the DAAC and their pawns the Hasidic Jews who are their “street level” fanatical “money launderers” that very likely a stooge like Osama Ben Laden is unaware as is 99.99% of the gentile world are vehemently OPPOSED to the State of Israel waiting for their Messiah to arrive with “peace” when it will then be mighty fine to embrace the State of Israel which of course would by that time be totally exterminated as these religious fanatics KNOWN to some 100% of the rest of the world’s Jewish people who make up more than 99% of all Jewish people serve the “best interests” of the mafia of mafia, the most Anti-Jewish, most Anti-Christian and most Anti-Muslim institution ever created by the most GREEDY and the MOST EVIL human beings the world has ever known.

Once the world understands as much as I understand and increasing numbers of the world’s smartest intelligence Commanding Officers are just coming “to terms with” but again because they don’t feel their hands are as “blackened” as those they have sent blindly in harms way and who are increasingly understanding just like their COs why they have since the beginning of the 1980s taken significant number, relatively speaking, of inexplicable “hits” so will the noose get even tighter around the DAAC and their stooges as the rest of the world begins to embrace peace at last.

This is the miracle George has been looking for ever since coming into office and deciding the only thing he could do was to tell the truth by “talking down the economy” which to “sum” [sic] like me it wasn’t enough but to many if not most who don’t understand the way the “real world” actually works not what is taught in bs business and law schools it was nothing short of treasonous.

First I need to reinforce that the DAAC did not invent wars but beginning in 1902 when the British public said very loudly they were “done with wars” following their victory against a bunch of Boer-Farmers where the British learned from General Sherman that laying waste to the farmland is the quickest way to victory, the British taking it one step further and herding the Boers, old men, old women and children into concentration camps that again were not the invention of the DAAC stooge Hitler.

Ever since the British crown with their counterparts here in the United States decided they had to find away around the will of the masses who were in fact rather shocked by the pictures along with the first hand accounts of such atrocities, so began the conspiracy of conspiracy beginning with American media barons such as Hearst and Pulitzer who didn’t need to be schooled in the benefits of having monopolistic powers so long as they didn’t get caught.

I have in fact thrown nothing short of a monkey wrench in to the most brilliantly devised perpetual “muni making machine” [sic] and the “timing” was triggered when I decided to check in with my Israeli-American friend Guy Friedman who had just returned from a 4 week trip to China, Guy letting me know that if I want to visit his 94 year old great mother-in-law who lives in a remote village, “you will need a sherper and then a Bedouin to guide the sherpa.

There were a lot a directions I could have taken that conversation but both of us were pressed for time.

It is a good thing that Guy who has now brought over to the U.S. pretty much his entire Chinese family has no intentions, at least at the present time, to settle in any other place other than the United States and I can assure you it is not because he has just completed a 2 month remodeling job on his very modest home but should I visit later with him this morning on the way to Los Angeles International Airport I will try and let you know, then again I really do have to watch out for my “secret weapon” Marie Dion Gevisser.

But it is important that the President gets this “miracle message” even if he is the only other person in the world apart from a handful of people I have discussed it with in detail and not one of these very brilliant people is on my email list, not even Devin Standard, the executor of my estate.

My wife, MDG was the “toughest sell” and it was only because it was close to 9 PM the night before last and she was preparing to go to sleep following a very business day that included a visit to miracle rejuvenator Tina.

While this is the time to begin rejoicing there is also the need to be very deliberate in our speech and to leave the joke making to the radio and TV talking heads.

As I type away at a blinding speed doing much more “cutting and pasting” than usual one must give thought to all the unnecessary horrors that have taken place over the past only 100 years that continue to this day not in the name of religion or race but because of a handful of white “Christian” people who thought themselves so very smart when hooking a bunch of retard ultra orthodox Jewish people on their Diamond Invention who have served as one most extraordinary cushion.

When revealing “my findings” to my gentile wife, MDG who may in fact be the smartest person in the world she took longer than I thought despite the time of day and the train passing by our rented cliff house to get her “arms around” this “miracle cure” versus those former Commanding Officers of Israel’s most elite Special Forces killing machines whose silence upon hearing me spelling it all out in very “broken” but extraordinarily quick English, resulting in the words “dumb fuck” told me the time was right to bring everyone up to speed all at the same time.

Short and incomplete sentences is how most people who have ever worked with me are used to me speaking the so very little that I did, everything changing when the “light bulb” went off following the success I had with posting up Perfect Storm II on WWW.FOOTSAK.COM but deciding to play it down altogether even with Mr. Newell Starks the genius financial engineer of financial engineers who wrote most of it, providing 100% of the “insight” that had our “target audience” collapsing within moments of me directing them to read this important document that compared to what I have been broadcasting over the past 24 hours is now totally irrelevant.

But the principles of the “method to my madness” must remain, namely to let people figure out as much on their own as possible, spoon feeding for the birds.

We are human beings who need to think smart, quick from the start, learn from everything including donkeys and pony’s who instinctively get on their feet quicker than most.

Tough getting over the shock that a bunch of “Christian” folk had the world convinced it was mostly Jewish people in “command and control” of The Diamond Invention when in fact Jews are neither the heads nor their very poor “street vendors” which is really the way to describe these anything but Jewish thinking Hasidic Jews who have only the “appearance” of propping up this “house of cards” that does in fact control the entire world’s capital and financial markets.

But like pawns in a chess game they are in fact the most important because without them there is no game, period.

While Hasidic Jews represent less than 1% of all Jewish people they make up some 99% of all the DAAC’s “street vendors”.

Jewish people in total may not represent as much as 1% of the world’s population and that includes Jewish people who are only Jewish when it suits them like my Royal Mater.

I would wager that some 99% of all the world’s Jewish people including all the Hasidic Jews know that the DAAC’s “street vendors” are again TOTALLY OPPOSED to the existence of the Jewish State of Israel.

Again, I would wager my bottom worthless DeBeers-United States Dollar that not close to 1% of the mostly non-Jewish world had any idea before I began broadcasting it just the other day that the pawns of the DAAC are as VEHEMENTLY OPPOSED to the State of Israel as are the so called “Islamic Extremists” and have been this way ever since Israel got its statehood in 1948 when most of the world including the overwhelming majority of Jewish people thought the odds of winning against a sea of hatred fed by the DAACBritish and American forces were “slim and none”.

Israeli Commanding Officers along with the very best of the best Israeli commandos who again mostly come out of Israel’s kibbutz’s which breed teamwork like no other place on this planet including China fall predominantly into the category of “non-religious” or “irreligious”.

It is in fact the gentile world that is going to have the hardest time getting over the shock that it is mostly white Christian men who have been in “command and control” of the DAAC from its formation following the atrocious victories on the farmlands of South Africa where the indigenous black peoples were not exactly an afterthought.

The way I ended that last paragraph should help G-d fearing Christians who we all have to thank for the continued existence of the State of Israel getting over the shock of American Charles Engelhard and Anglo-South African Harry Oppenheimer being buried in churches.

So to fully break the cardinal rule of “spoon feeding” human beings who in my humble opinion, have SIGNIFICANTLY less sensitivity than the rest of the animal kingdom who guide us, here you have then the union of ultra orthodox, ultra radical Jewish people who are waiting for their Messiah to arrive propping up an institution whose leadership cloak themselves in Christianity “aided and abetted” by their DAAC United States Congress and the DAAC British Parliament, their House of Lords just like our Senate made up of blabbermouth multi-millionaires mostly lawyers-liars talking out of both sides of their mouths NOT REALIZING that the world is very different to 1902 when information still took a while to FILTER through to the masses who again were appalled.

You must surely appreciate that it didn’t take my extraordinarily brilliant wife more than 30 seconds and I was counting as I kept saying, “What, What, What” to get on to the same page as those who have commanded and lost the best of Israel’s very best who are known to so very few who know best to keep their big mouths shut tight especially since they began to take inexplicable losses that are of course making perfect sense as Knowledge-Information-Light travels at Light-G-D-speed.

Next” was the word coming out of the gorgeous so sweet tasting mouth of MDG a sign for me to move on which was just fine with me because I was on the 3rd 90 minute loop walk of Nobel Canyon and it was already quite dark and we were less than a third of the way around assuming the dogs and I did it quickly without tripping and breaking my other wrist.

Rather important to appreciate that my “revelations” which really aren’t all that complicated to figure out on one’s own assuming one has of course both my “insight” as well as so much time on my hands to maintain a healthy mind-body what I am now broadcasting stunned even the sharpest of the Israeli Special Forces Commanding Officers.

So how long do you think it will take for these COs many like me very much retired scattered around the globe to share such riveting Knowledge-Information-Light with current as well as former Special Forces operatives who are already seething from Spielberg’s Munich depicting them as a bunch of imbeciles picked up off the street who can barely shoot straight let alone able to take care of business when they have figured out exactly who the rat is and instead of going after the rat they end taking pot shots at what was so obviously a Rothschild-DAAC Dutch sacrificial lamb in the form of a poorly disguised prostitute.

For the umpteenth time, while most of the gentile world which constitutes some 99%+ of the world’s population have some idea about those ultra orthodox Jewish people who wear big hats, long black coats, long beards, twirling sideburns, especially if they have spent any time in New York City or for that matter any major drop off point for wholesale diamonds whether “rough” or “cut” into all different shapes and sizes the most well known being the brilliant cut diamond it is more than likely that a greater percentage than that percentage had no idea that the Hasidic Jews who are also known as the Black Hatters DO NOT recognize the State of Israel.

Moreover, as the rest of the Jewish people who make up some 99% of all Jews NOW, THIS INSTANT take another deep breath, many of them having already figured out from what I have previously but very recently written pretty much know exactly what I would be saying today that has
”sum” [sic] of them beginning to check the double padlocks on their front doors like no other time since Crystal Nicht not quite sure how the gentile world is going to respond to their utter ignorance, and the worst I think that will happen is that they are called “dumb fucks”.

And of course “ignorance” may not in fact be the best choice of words but then again I am alone right now without the ability to check with my much more literate wife to ask her if she could come with a better word for “dumb fucks” for those failing to draw the connecting dots between extreme ultra orthodox Jewish people who OPENLY DENOUNCE the State of Israel and their very dark DAAC bosses whose entire business model is predicated on the ultimate destruction of the State of Israel given how the DAAC have ZERO INTEREST in an ever lasting peace.

BTW it is rather startling the similarities between Guy’s Chinese wife and my wife especially their very French-Shanghai lean-fighting machine bodies so well displayed in a recent movie we saw.

It is time now to stop once and for all “playing business” and to call it the way it is.

You and the rest of the world while understanding that the universe is a constant “sea of change” must now this instant fully appreciate the DAAC remain rock solid in their ongoing efforts to thwart the spread of Knowledge-Information light.

Understanding that The Internet cannot be “intercepted” by our crooked elected and unelected government officials and their succulents who have managed now for more than 100 years to convince the public that there is a difference between the official currencies of countries NOT ALL EQUALLY under the command and control of the DAAC and the DAAC’s diamond currency is in fact extraordinarily easy, just like reading one of my recent heavily broadcast and very carefully reAD communiqués.

The likes of Mr. Ron Bellows Senior, a senior risk management specialist for AIG [American Insurance Group] whose ability to logically thought process seems to go in and out with the tide although there is probably a stronger correlation with when I decide to call him on bs, ARE NOW and forever under the brightest of spotlights even if they have no spirit remaining.

Bear in mind that Mr. Bellows who talks tough is really a glorified insurance salesman after he was summarily tossed out of the all important Mergers and Acquisitions division not long after his mentor Bill Frye, the former head of M & A for this largest financial institution in the world that also happens to be the largest aircraft leasing company in the world got his “pink slip” at the same time he was being handcuffed not long after Mr. Frye tried to bribe me to do a deal with him on the side.

So forgetful do we all become when so full of ourselves the result of being allowed to build into our cost of sales which includes being able to afford the most pricey lawyer-liars the cost of getting caught and in the case of both RBS and Frye all they needed to do was simply go back a few months in time before meeting me to better appreciate how it came to pass that not just the one top dog of AIG but both Maurice Hank Greenberg, CEO and Chairman of AIG and his handpicked President, Thomas Tizzio personally instructed Bill Frye to not waste a moment in sending his top guy, RBS to visit with me at our private medical device corporation’s very austere headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada bearing in mind that neither Greenberg nor Tizzio had any idea that the sole provider of financing to this fledging company with remarkable technology was one of the richest men in the world.

Fred DeLuca like me lives very much in the “open”, seeing no point in hiding behind big walls and the such despite there being many questions about how Fred no doubt one of the smartest people I have caught red handed playing it fast and loose was able to go from 3 failing sandwich shops to some 15,000 odd without the United States Congress asking him as well as his backers just a handful of tough questions.

You would know from reading the feature article in the March 1998 edition of Fortune Magazine titled, The Biggest Problem in Franchising that Fred had rather powerful friends in the Clinton Administration beginning with the head of the Justice Department who came out of the Rose law firm of Little Rock Arkansas the same law firm that billed sufficiently to give Senator Hilary Clinton her kick start although the media talking heads mostly like to talk about the $10,000 commodity trade she did that resulted in a measly $100,000 profit.

Worth noting that hours before I met with Fred DeLuca for the first time on December 31st 1996 at his home in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida that I understood first belonged to a friend of his who failed to pay him back a loan I had taken the precaution without knowing anything about Fred’s ongoing issues with the DAAC United States Congress to have not one but two Israeli Special Forces commandos fly in to Florida, one directly from Israel and the other from Copenhagen who I had got to meet for the first time in late 1989 when doing “due diligence” on a number of investments for South African industrialist Solly Krok whose flagship operation in the United States was Epilady USA Inc. which owned the distributorship rights to the torturous Epilady woman’s shaver that was produced on Kibbutz Hagoshrim in Israel’s upper Galilee region.

Suffice to say that only the Copenhagen based Israeli agent-commando was aware of the Flotilla 13 commando flying in from Israel who if need be could have single handedly without me “sweating a single bullet” taken out Fred and all his goons which included a South African by the name of Desmond Levine who I had known since I was 15 years of age and had Dessie in fact been on Ulpan with me in 1972 it is very possible that instead of grabbing him as I did by the throat within minutes of Fred inviting him to join us it is very possible this very sparse but very white house would have been a very bloody place.

For every action-reaction-overreaction there is an equal and opposite action-reaction-overreaction, nothing is gained nor is it lost.

There is no such thing as “simply luck” each and every one of us “makes our luck” by constantly being smart using to the utmost the cards that are dealt to us each and every moment of the day and night so that when an unexpected situation occurs one can go with one’s “instincts” and not be in the least bit afraid of whatever the consequences including death, worse yet dismemberment.

I am constantly reminded of my Israeli brothers who had their penises cut off and stuffed in their mouths following their front line positions on the Golan Heights in northern Israel being overrun in the 1973 Yom Kippur-Day of Atonement war when Israel was caught “flatfooted” the first sign the world had that Israel’s over-the-top Intelligence services made up of not only the best of the best killing machine Special Forces but computer geeks tapped in 24/7 to the rest of the world’s intelligence services such as the CIA and the British M5 had “lost it” but I had known there was something very wrong a couple of years before meeting for the one and only time with David Ben Gurion on November 1st l972.

My totally incredible wife, MDG did in fact nail it in her recent email to my amazing father which she BTW compiled all on her own, beginning with, “Gary has a knack for uncovering the money trail” but MDG was in fact telling my father what he and every member of my family knew which of course she understood but saw no harm given their selective memory in being reminded of such facts so that they and the rest of the world anxiously awaiting this broadcast don’t do anything that they might later regret.

Even at the time I met DBG along with all the other South African Jewish kids my age at his very modest home on Kibbutz Sde Boker in the Negev Desert on a small green patch of grass 13 months to the day before he passed away also of a broken heart versus my father’s complaint which is leaky heart valve propped up by a non-kosher pig’s valve, there was probably no one alive that had as closer roots to him than me and my immediate family although I am quite certain that besides for my RM none of my siblings nor my father were aware that my mother’s paternal grandmother, Nechie Badash who came specifically from Israel to help raise my over-the-top brilliant mother was born and raised in the tiny village of Poinsk in “White Russia” along with DBG, this Poinsk not the same as another much larger place also in that region of the world that goes by the same name.

I knew from well before the moment I saw an aide of DBG follow me as I made a miniscule deposit into my RM’s one bank account at Bank Leumi that I was a “watched” …

To be continued…

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