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More than rocket science – Part II

In December 1977 I first visited the United States.

I did not arrive on either a spaceship from Mars or catch an icy comet that was just passing by from a parallel universe. I was also a very conscious 20 year old who knew that even if I wasn’t able to secure for myself a job here in the US without the help of my mother’s many lawyer friends including her lifelong friend Walter Cronkite

who she only introduced me to in December 1989 at the opening of the Broadway musical, Meet Me In St. Louis

I would be returning to Durban, South Africa where a job with the Oppenheimers’ University of Natal-Kwazulu awaited me; and just so long as I played my cards right; i.e. did not speak out of school,

I would in no time, were I to get totally bored with life and just want to get laid by the hottest chicks, become a professor of economics, not because I was the top economics students, but because the smartest of the professors knew that I wasn’t the dumbest because I only asked intelligent questions, and it was only very rare that I asked a question because I knew they were talking total and complete bullshit, the same with all the law professors in the two years I took commercial law, which you know begins with an explanation of contract law where two parties, usually a buyer and seller, enter into an agreement, and the contract becomes binding so long as there was no duress.

BTW, is my impossible to believe $4 million DEATH PENALTY sentence beginning to make much more sense, or had you and your colleague figured this all out when the two of you conversed privately?

So a decade before you were born, [while] I was figuring out what my mother was up to, without feeling the need to consult with Dave of Gerhard who informed me the other day that pricing secondhand clothing required more than rocket science which was his explanation of Amy Noel’s rack of secondhand clothing having no price tag for 2 months, I was [also] unaware of how each one of the original 10 million indigenous American Indians either lost their scalps or what actual tool severed each of their heads, but I did know that not one of them were being held by offices of Homeland Security for entering the US illegally and taking jobs away from either Americans born in the US or like me, a Naturalized US Citizen which came about in August 1985 when I was 28 and Senator Ted Kennedy was 53, and visiting my birth country of South Africa where this hypocrite of hypocrites received a very cold shoulder from all the common sense Black South Africans.

Of course Kennedy, whose one brother Attorney General of the US, Senator Robert Kennedy was also a client of my mothers, remains no different to all the world’s hypocrites except that Ted and the same with his politician brothers were sons of one the greatest profiteers of the Jewish Holocaust as well as the South African Apartheid Regime.

Now you might know something given your expertise in Immigration Law about Naturalized American citizens being afforded a one-time opportunity to discharge a debt which I have only heard from US Air Force Major Sam Samples who said he heard about this from one of his Texas lawyer friends; but that might have only been an attempt by Samples to distract. Feel free to email Samples – – who has now stopped communicating with me.

Steve Biko was murdered by the Kennedy-Engelhard-Oppenheimer-Ford-Rockeller and company’s Apartheid Regime on September 12, 1977, 3 months before that first trip to the US where I criss-crossed all the major States including Texas when I didn’t think it wise to call upon the Bush family to help me find a job with the Oppenheimers’ De Beers-Anglo American Corporation [DAAC] because that $1,000/hr rate that my mother said she was paying just to get me the legal right to work in the US, with no guarantees that I would be able to support myself, since at the time I hadn’t been painstakingly, methodically, and ever so patiently groomed to be a panhandler

heightened my not exactly insensitive antenna to also why my mother raised few and no objections to my leaving South Africa where my future was all but guaranteed, given how well I had impressed the smartest of the smart business people, beginning with our next door neighbor Gerald Hackner who happened to be my mother’s lifetime personal South African financial advisor, as well as Gerald’s partner Alan Benn who over a period of more than half a decade and throughout my university studies had taken the time out of his Saturday afternoons lazying around his house, which was my like my second home, to educate me to know everything there was to know about the insurance game by first telling me the story of how Gerald’s wife Hilary “screwed up everything” when talking Gerald and Alan from backing their university friend, Donny Gordon – CLICK HERE – because Hilary simply didn’t trust Donny who you can assume comfortably was not well known to the first of the 10 million murdered native American Indians because that would have taken place not all that long after Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492, since Donny was born in 1932, 390 days after my “Born to perform” British-English mother was born on May 30, 1929. (Feel free to check the arithmetic).

Donny Gordon, I don’t believe had been Knighted by the Queen when he and I spent several hours together, and mainly on the steps leading up to his London home back in the summer of 1987 when while I don’t remember discussing the breeze I haven’t forgotten and nor would he how utterly disgusted he was with his one son who had after badly parking the car, made off with the keys, and it was metered parking and neither of us had any change, and Donny wanted to remain on the scene in the event a meter maid came by; and of course Donny was venting to me in preparation for his speech which luckily he didn’t have to give as eventually his son returned, with the keys of course.

Gordon was not the only person in the world who understood that the United States required a miracle to stay afloat, and nothing quite like relying on the CIA to start a war whether it be in Panama or Grenada to rescue students or a much bigger first Gulf War.

A lot of stuff happened around the world in 1989, and that required lots of planning which I bet had they spelled this all out to you in the first day of law school you might have decided to become a real actor and audition for a show like Meet Me In St. Louis which was financed by my clients, the Krok family of South Africa along with their merchant banking trading partners including Natie Kirsh’s protege

who you see seated to my left, and I forget his name.

If you are interested you can surely found out when researching Natie Kirsh who thanks to my grandfather Israel Issy Gevisser not losing his head is the biggest dead animal shipper in the United States and largest owner of real estate in London, England.

A rather important man was very quiet Issy Gevisser who didn’t allow himself to get all that aggravated when Kirsh made an unopposed bid to purchase our public corporation Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies for less than the fair market price of all the real estate holdings that Issy insisted all be purchased for cash.

Issy only had an elementary school Yeshivah education in Vilnius, Lithuania but that didn’t prevent him from counting, even with his eyes closed.

He could also see when German-American Charles W. Engelhard Jr. would visit with Sol Moshal, the managing director of Moshal Gevisser in the office right next to Issy which he shared with my dad for 25 years.

Issy, if he c
ouldn’t hear what was being discussed could imagine.

It was unlikely that he thought Sol was racking Engelhard over the coals for servicing Sol’s wife Gretchen because everyone in Moshal Gevisser knew that middle manager Sidney Fobb was “doing the honors”.

Have you noticed that young people get around those older, they assume they have bad hearing, which many do, but that does not mean they have lost the ability to think?

Also older people like my 80 year old grandfather who have pride in their looks and you [notice] this first by their body shape which is not pear shape, often times replace their sex drive with great wisdom.

While all those who were jealous of my very accomplished Allied Fighter Bomber Pilot father Bernie, his father knew what my dad was made up long before he qualified to become one of Smuts best Fighter Bomber Pilots of World War II.

It is possible that my father could be the last survivor of Smuts’ South African Air Force Squadron 11.

The prick Kirsh is still alive. So are a great many of those who allowed the unopposed bid of Kirsh.

They are all very quiet.

No business transaction takes place in South Africa with[out] the consent of the Engelhard-Oppenheimers who first began [the] “asset stripping” when virulent anti-Semite Charles W. Engelhard Jr. [1917-1971] took a controlling interest in Moshal Gevisser’s ACME Timber which owned huge forests in Natal-Kwazulu not long after he began journeying to mineral rich South Africa in the late 1940s, when the first thing he did was not only ensure the defeat of Allied Field Marshal Jan Smuts in the South African General Elections of May 26, 1948, 11 days after the Allies led by the US expected the fledgling State of Israel to be wiped out by sunset on the first day of official fighting, but taking immediate control of all opposition groups to his and the Oppenheimers’ National Party, who during WW II did not keep it a secret that they preferred a Nazi Germany victory; and the fact that Sir Ernest Oppenheimer’s son, Harry Oppenheimer ran under Smuts’ United Party and got elected, while war hero of war heroes Smuts lost his seat, didn’t phase a single Jewish South African in all the 21 years shy of one week that I was born and raised in South Africa.

Now you know given your Jewish background, if you quieten the Jewish people to the point that not one Jewish South African has ever spoken out, let alone point out, how impossible it could be that not one of you so very bullshit talkative lawyers would express even a note of outrage, how would you expect non-Jewish people who have been raised for more than 2,000 years with the “blind faith” of trusting their human gods who dish out to their most trustworthy worshippers the IN GOD WE TRUST $ under the principle “By Divine Right We Rule” to show up all of you?

Don’t you wish now that you only had an elementary school education?

Are you saying that as a result of me sharing all my knowledge, you were going to [be] working smarter, and charging me more for the privilege?


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