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More than rocket science – Part III

Bear in mind the following:

First, you admitted when we first entered your new offices where we couldn’t help but notice that your law school certificate etc while framed still sat on the carpet because as you explained you were just starting practicing law and simply had no time to take care of such mundane matters given you expressed vividly that you are running all over what was once the countryside, breaking your neck to make ends meet

Second; much more importantly; after writing, “My normal rate per hour is $200”, there is a huge disconnect as you immediately go on to talk about the $25,000 retainer.

Do you recall me mentioning even if it was lacking in your law school studies that it is not so much what you say but what you don’t say that counts?

Now, explain in simple English what you mean when you write, “That rate, is two attorneys, doing the work in half the time”, and when doing so keep in the back of your mind why it is that you didn’t spell it out that precisely when we met.

Let us now come back to the beginning. Both my wife Marie and I came away with the very clear impression that you felt that our chances of success were slim to none, which is exactly what everyone else has expressed but not always as articulately.

You would know not just from how sharp my F-C wife dresses that neither of us suffer in the least from fat diseased TALKATIVE cells.

Again, that “slim to none” analysis is identical to every lawyer we have spoken to beginning with the first lawyers we approached when I received the initial complaint soon after it was filed on February 23, 2010; and those lawyers all had far more experience tucked under their belts than you. They read what the complaint read which read then and still reads today exactly the way a Federal complaint would read if say a US Attorney was filing a criminal charge in order to convene to Grand Jury where as you would know only the prosecutor’s case is presented.

You never had for a single moment to question either my integrity; i.e. truthfulness or competency because I made 100% perfect sense, as I always do.

In your 620 word response, you choose very carefully not to address the very important point of how the judge determined the amount of the default judgement which was made up of $1 million compensatory damages which as I told you were never substantiated, just like the false charges of defamation, and to add insult to injury corrupt judge Lowy threw in $3 million of punitive damages which the whole world can now speculate that much easier thanks to your writings, what message Lowy, liar-lawyer Loewinsohn, neurologically impaired ex CIA Knuff were sending?

My humble but seasoned opinion, given all the feedback I have now received, is that they were telling every corrupt lawyer who decided to represent me that there would be sufficient monies “at the end of the day” to share the loot.

I will now take your advice and begin canvassing lawyers not just here in the United States.

BTW, I am not sure I believe that you are looking forward to reading my book.

Ps – BTW, the same person who referred you also referred me to far more experienced lawyers including a Mr. Stone who I haven’t met but I did speak with him on the phone the day before yesterday and while not very eager to take the case said he would charge $350 an hour and require a retainer of $15,000. Naturally, it didn’t take him very long to get his head around it all beginning with how it is possible to have such a huge DEATH SENTENCE without the plaintiff either proving up the damages or providing one shred of evidence of defamation; and the “killer” of course are the self-incriminating words of Judge Lowy who begins the recorded proceedings on June 30, 2010 by stating clearly “defenses to what?” after first explaining that he could find not a shred of evidence that I had committed defamation against ex CIA Knuff and at the same time this very arrogant Texas judge who knew exactly what he was doing AND SO DOES EVERYONE with even half a fucking brain in their head, also defames me when calling me a “nut”.

What can be more fucking insane than allowing a defamation lawsuit to proceed when the plaintiff never provides any evidence of defamation either at the beginning, during or at the end of the kangaroo court proceeding?

It is not just you but every lawyer in the world who has never once come across a case like this since G-d had man standing on two legs.

Can you explain why you never thought to ask me why the ACLU are not all over this lawsuit?

We are talking about FREEDOM OF SPEECH which is right up their alley; other than of course they too can read simple to understand English.

You say that your grandfather was the Shah of Iran’s personal physician. If he were alive and not suffering from dementia what would he say about you?

As a courtesy, and to save you time, I will not be adding your name to my email list, but that does not prevent you from going to my website to get the latest news. (You also have my permission to share our communications with the entire world, just as I am doing).

[Word count 4680]

On Feb 8, 2012, at 10:54 AM, saman nasseri wrote:

I think we might have had a misunderstanding in the sense that at no point did or do I doubt your chances with your case. What I was doing and trying to convey to you is that as of right now, regardless of who was right or wrong, if a judge was paid or not paid, you owe someone $4 million, and first thing first, that needs to be taken care of. My job is to take what a client subjectively presents to me and place an objective outlook on the situation, putting feelings and emotion aside so that problems can be taken care of. I never had the chance to see the complaint, nor the transcript of the case in order to even start building a counterclaim or a case for you and understand the dynamics of what had occurred. I know what you believe to have occurred, but my job is fight the facts on paper, and if there is any foul play, to shed light on it and make those involved regret it. That is all I was doing and trying to convey, and I would never dismiss your case or feel you didn’t have a chance without knowing everything about the case. If for any reason you or wife to offense to anything I said or something was misconstrued, I apologize.

As for the fee of $425/hr and a retainer of $25,000. That retainer is based on the idea that 2 attorneys will work a combined 40 hours on your case within the next few weeks to ensure that 6 weeks from today, you no longer have a debtor hearing here in San Diego. That is 40 hard hours, between two attorneys, to establish a way to set aside a judgment from another state, remove a hearing for you here, and file any claim against or counter to the claim against you. Additionally, setting aside the default judgment does not make the case go away, it gives you your day in court, which in my opinion, is exactly what you deserve and should have no problem defending. You are right, it is a high fee. However you can go find an attorney who charges $200/hr, asks for a $10,000 retainer to start working, and between him and his interns each billing hours against you on “research”, the $10,000 would be gone in 3 days and work will stop until you pay another $10,000 and so on. Just because an attorney charges low does not mean that the end result will be not be costly. My normal rate per hour is $200. However the amount of the retainer would still be the same because of the number of hours I would have to work alone to figure out your case. That rate, is two attorneys, doing the work in half the time. I am not telling you this as a selling point or to gain your business, I am doing it because I want you to know that at no point did I ever mean any disrespect towards you or your situation. I am not a civil attorney and I do not generally handle civil cases
. II chose immigration and criminal defense, because, unlike civil cases, I have the opportunity to fight a system and make sure people are treated fairly. The reason why I entertained your case last night was because it sounded interesting to me and it was not just against a person, but it was a system issue, which is why I could appreciate it. I wish you and your wife the best of luck and I look forward to reading your book.

On Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 6:54 PM, Gary S Gevisser wrote:
Saman – my wife and I decided that we are going to go down a different route given how slim to none you think are our chances which is exactly what everyone else beginning with the lawyers has had to say once getting their heads around what an elementary school kid could figure in a nonasecond once hearing the merits of the case which didn’t take you all that long once you asked the very logical question, “how did they arrive at the $4 million?”; i.e. if they could get a judge to go along with pulling such a huge sum of money out of the sky then it is quite obvious the fix was in at the start and why shouldn’t everyone else jump on the bandwagon while the money is still worth something only because our poorly educated kids with the guns are not getting paid a fair wage to terrorize the rest of the world.

Who knows Knuff might die of his neurological diseases that could be since I am convinced G-d exists is G-d deciding to take his revenge sooner on everyone who has the information and is simply hedging their bets.

BTW, we never asked you to take the case pro bono, but $450 an hour that would eat up, not only our remaining G-d-given life’s energy, but the $25K in no time, which seems to us the same sort of thinking that had corrupt Judge Lowy and liar-lawyer Loewinsohn-Knuff and company figuring anyone else looking at the again easy to get one’s head around facts, looking out for their handout.

(I wonder how much the hourly rate would have increased had I mentioned that within minutes of an investor speaking with another lawyer about funding to the tune of $200,000 a counter claim against Knuff, this investor, Michael Awerbuch received a death threat phone call on a brand new cell line which he says he had only shared with a few people in his inner circle. Feel free to contact Michael directly for any of those details.)

I also perfectly understand that it suits all those quite satisfied with the status quo, to believe that I must have done something wrong since we all know the axiom, “we each get what we deserve” even though all the corrupt and their parents and grandparents were totally clueless about how the economics of a market driven capitalist system work which is 100% terrorist military, without the law profession wanting to change a goddam thing because it would mean that on a level playing field there would be no lawyers because there would be no wars because the well paid soldiers wouldn’t want to fight for a bunch of tossers, as how hard is it to figure out that manmade wars are all about man contrived borders that facilitate border crossings that has everyone protecting their turf, and why it is that we have different laws in different states to keep lawyers and judges employed.

Moreover, nor do I need you or anyone to convince me that G-d exists, but since I know G-d does exist and is most vengeful on all those who have the information and think it wise to play stupid, it is therefore just a question of time before you all figure it out on your own; as you would agree if there is a G-d, G-d has a way to communicate with each of us; and so what consequences do you think will be in store for each and every hypocrite?

Bear in mind at all times, if you don’t believe in G-d, then you have to make your logical case for the underpayment of your soldiers who are brainwashed to believe that they are fighting for democracy that at it’s core is the Freedom of Speech.

Important to never forget that not only am I the innocent in all this but it is me who is exposing all the bullshit from the top down and bottom up, and of course the Oppenheimers-De Beers are still congratulating themselves that they no longer need to prime the pump in having their herd at each others throats, but forgive me if I ask you to count me and my wife out.

How can there possibly be toleration of anyone corrupt when we all know that the cause of them acting so selfishly is because they are unwilling to come to terms with the reality that their lifestyle is only because they are contributing by their silence to fool the soldiers who are killing and being killed.

Where does social etiquette play in outright murder?

At some point you will figure out that my wife and I were the right horse to back, and just like there are no coincidences our meeting had to be “preordained” right before I turn the world on its head, which could take place in the very next instant, and long before either I am dead or Knuff collects a penny from me; and of course there is always the option that a judge will go along with me paying Knuff the $4 million out of the proceeds of my inevitable best selling book of all time.

Only One G-d could have created such an extraordinary coming together of all those who consider themselves “educated”, but educated in what is complete and total bullshit, given how you have all bought in hook, line and sinker into the most illogical monetary system only because there are enough of you out there to have been so easily fooled by the most fundamental economic principle of supply and demand that makes absolutely no sense in a monetary system, where the value of the money is all based on perception which comes about because the bought and paid for banker politicians, academics, and of course all the media keep talking up the money.

Enough is enough.


[Word count 1000]

Saman Nasseri

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