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More to follow-most studied analysis – What it means to be alive – Who am I – Addendum to The Book – What are you doing – Courage-Speak with a member of your family-Where exactly would you have begun your search – Private

From: gg <>
Subject: More to follow-most studied analysis – What it means to be alive – Who am I – Addendum to The Book – What are you doing – Courage-Speak with a member of your family-Where exactly would you have begun your search – Re: Private
Date: November 16, 2016 at 12:35:00 PM PST
To: Ayala Weisel – Israeli lawyer and Guardian of Zena Gevisser Zulman <>, Eli Symon – Co-executor of Alan Zulman’s and Zena Gevisser Zulman’s estates <>
Cc: rest; Israeli judge Yocheved Greenvald-Rand <>, “Aharon Barak – President of the Supreme Court of Israel [1995-2006]” <>, Benjamin Netanyahu – Prime Minister of Israel <>, “ ajor Tuvia Friling – Israel Defense Force, Deputy Commander Golani Brigade, Professor Ben Gurion University, Beersheba, Negev Desert, Israel – Author of ARROWS IN THE DARK” <>, Tzipora Malka Tzipi Livni <>, Haneen Zoabi – Muslim Arab member of Israeli Knesset <>, “Jonathan Cooke – British author and Israel tour guide.” <>, Noa Rotem – Israeli movie producer <>, “Elad Davidovitch – former Israeli army reservists and movie maker who lacks information.” <>, “Dave Osh – former Israeli Fighter Pilot now working with Vistage and supporter of the BDS movement.” <>, “Tomer Tene – IAF Lt. Colonel + organic produce farmer” <>, “Mark Gevisser – author of autobiography of Thabo Mbeki former President of South Africa. Mark Gevisser is the son of David Gevisser male heir of American-German Charles W. Engelhard Jr. assassinated by the Mossad on March 2 1971 and buried at St. Mary’s Abbey Church Morristown New Jersey” <>, “Steve Linde – South African-Israeli Editor in Chief of Jerusalem Post – I’m not saying anything about anything – July 31, 2015” <>, “Jonny Gevisser – Director, The Extra-Mural Education Project, Cape Town, South Africa” <>, Gill – Assistant to Jonny Gevisser <>,, John Gevisser – son of David and Hedda Gevisser c/o Jonathan Norton head of operations Operation Lionheart <>, “Jann Turner – daughter of slain white South African Richard Turner [September 21, 1941 – January 8, 1978] co-founder with Steve Biko [Decem,ber 18, 1946 – September 11-12, 1977] of Durban Movement.” <>, Hlumelo Biko – son of Steve Biko murdered on 9/11/1977 – now running a Wall Street charity-investment portfolio <>, “Jill Hogan – younger sister of ANC official Barbara Hogan who is the only white South African convicted by the South African Apartheid Regime for treason, and tortured during her captivity.” <>, Ronnie Kasrils – South African Cabinet Minister – mentioned in THE UNLIKELY FORESTER <>, Jenn Harris <>, “Barrie Spero – served time in the South African Apartheid Regime’s notorious the notorious Greefswald camp overseen by infamous Jewish medical doctor, Dr. Aubrey Levin and where Spero once witnessed up close the presence of high ranking American military officers.” <>, Jennifer Harris <>, Marcia Kramer – Political / Investigative Correspondent WCBS-TV <>, Puppet Master <>, Jay Lawler <>,, Cc-Lframe <>, cc-Saul Basckin <>, Christa Clark-Jones <>, cc-Ahackner <>, Cc-Alanditz <>, cc-Bubs <>, cc-Clive Bernstein <>, Cc-Colin Puterman <>, cc-paulClapper <>, cc-Saul levin <>, cc-Sperling <>, ccGrahamkluk <>, ccLhack <>, cc-Bsmail <>, cc-Bergermd <>, cc-BermanJ <>, Cc-Joanneazzil <>, Cc-Michael Arinov <>, “Radiologist Dr. Peter Chait MD – FB friend of Gary Gevisser.” <>, “Shaun Tomson – 1977 World Surfing Champion – went to same high school and studied economics at university with GG. Both our father’s played on the same junior high school rubgy team; Shaun’s father was an Allied tail-gunner during WW II and GG’s father was a Fighter-Bomber-Pilot completing 71 missions.” <>, “Tracy Tomson – classmate of Gary Gevisser and his cousin, tortured to death ANC armed wing member, Sandra Moshal Jacobson [1957-1997]” <>, Great surfer Paul Tomson <>, CC-Nataliefainsod <>, cc-Ronnie <>, cc-Sir <>, “” <>, David Lazarus <>, Bobby Buba Jacobs <>, Gideon Frame <>, Cc-Elaine Zulberg <>, “Jody Perling – another quiet classmate of Gary Gevisser and his cousin, tortured to death ANC armed wing member, Sandra Moshal Jacobson [1957-1997]” <>, “Colin Schneiderman – another quiet classmate of Gary Gevisser and his cousin, tortured to death ANC armed wing member, Sandra Moshal Jacobson [1957-1997]” <>, bee <>, “Neil Gould – FB friend of Gary Gevisser.” <>,, Sam Schaffer <>, “Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq.” <>, Laurie Black <>, “Showley, Roger” <>, “Laurie Flynn – Producer of FRONTLINE-BBC SPECIAL DIAMOND EMPIRE [1994]” <>, “Matthew Margo – Senior attorney CBS – 60 Minutes.” <>, Roy Essakow – Marc Rich Lieutenant <>, “Patrick. J. Fitzgerald – US Attorney – prosecuted successfully Presidential Pardoned Marc Rich’s attorney Scooter Libby, VP Cheney’s Chief of Staff.” <>, “Rod Margo Esquire – FB friend of Gary Gevisser. Rod’s father, South African judge Cecil Margo Esq. wrote, at the request of Ben Gurion, the blueprint for what is today the brutally strong Israel Air Force.” <>, “Chief Rabbi of the United States, Rabbi Capers Funnye – close cousin of First Lady Michelle Obama, and Facebook friend of GG.” <>, “Keisha Whitaker – wife of Forest Whitaker; FB friend of Gary Gevisser” <>, “Dr. Rod Smith Phd – formerly of RAND Think Tank – Principal – Facebook friend of GG and also present at the Wetherly Capital Group board meeting on Feb. 8, 2002 held in the corporate headquarters of Arden Realty, the largest REIT trading on the New York Stock Exchange before being bought out by General Electric.” <>,, Rabbi Abner Weiss <>, Rabbi Luke Ford – First to out South African-American Rabbi Abner Weiss <>,, Rafa Zulueta – Spanish Central Bank official <>, Gsoros <>, “Guy Bechor – principal” <>, Guy & Muhammad – Israeli pharmacist friends of Zena Ash Gevisser Zulman <>, “Dr. Barry Molk MD.” <>,, “Mr. PAVAN KAPOOR India Ambassador to Israel.” <>, British Embassy – Israel <>, Embassy of Sweden – Washington DC <>, Chinese Embassy – USA <>, Editor-shanghai daily <>, Annabel Linder – South African Radio Show Host and FB friend of Gary Gevisser <>, Nina Wiener – Managing Editor TASCHEN <>, South China Morning Post <>, Jonathan Beare – founder Investec <>, Sam Hackner – Chief Executive Officer – Investec South Africa <>, “Terry Rosenberg – Director of Uranium One [2006-2010] which is controlled by Putin and owns 20% of the United States’ uranium reserves. Prior was the top dog of failed Jonathan Beare’s Prefcor-McCarthy Holding Group-Avenger before Brand Pretorius took over on October 1, 1999, the same day the epic Revlon Corporation class action lawsuit was filed; the same day Russian forces invaded Chechnya following Russian false flag operation in the heart of Moscow.” <>, Jo Becker – New York Times journalist – Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal <>, Peter Schweizer c/o Eric Eggers <>, “Michael Sewitz – Brother-in-law of Gary Gevisser’s close cousin Gary Levinsohn, co-producer with Spielberg of Saving Private Ryan” <>, Tom Shadyac – Director-Writer I AM – c/o Janet Matthews <>, “Shmuel Rabi -American-Israeli lawyer practising Jewish Law in Israel. Nephew of Deborah Sturman Esq.” <>, Deborah_NY Sturman <>, Kathy Gevisser-Danziger Kathy danziger <>, Neil Gevisser <>, Melvin Gevisser <>, Emma Gevisser <>, Kerry Anderson Molfesis <>, Werner Herzog – Filmmaker <>, “Martin Rapaport of Rapaport Report – liason between Gary S. Gevisser and Harry Oppenheimer, Chairman of the Board, De Beers-Anglo American Corporation for the period 1978-1980. In 1978 De Beers began, using their premier European Bank, Barclays Bank, to wipe out all the resisting Israeli diamond merchants; by early 1980 the job was complete. See Edward Jay Epstein’s 1978 The Diamond Invention book, chapter 16, WARRING WITH ISRAEL.” <>, “Geoffrey Rothwell Phd – Principal Economist at De Beers-Barclays Bank controlled, US Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, headquartered in Paris, France. Former 27 year senior Stanford University lecturer.” <>, Julian Assange – Wikileaks <>, “Donald Trump c/o Claire, Republican National Committee” <>

The cc section includes Mark Gevisser, the eldest son of my father’s first cousin, David Gevisser [1926-2009], the “male heir” of racist German-American monopolist, Charles W. Engelhard Jr [1917-1971]., who along with his equally anti-Semitic German-South African partner, Harry Oppenheimer [1908-2000], were the greatest profiteers of our WW II Jewish Holocaust. Engelhard-Oppenheimer had little difficulty in co-opting future Jewish Kapos.
The following commentary now joins The Lady’s Speech, 9 minute and 24 second video on Youtube:
Who has dementia, is questionable?
My mother or my siblings forgetting who my mother is, and their lack of respect for everything that she accomplished?
On September 15, 6 days before I arrived in Israel to visit with my British mother Zena
whose principal residence is in Great Britain, but was in Israel because her second husband, South African Alan Zulman, had gone there to get medical treatment for his terminal cancer, and unbeknown to me and my mother, an Israeli lawyer who had been petitioned by my eldest brother Neil Gevisser, had been granted Guardianship over my mother and her assets, under the guise that my mother has “advanced dementia”. 
Again unaware that Guardianship had been granted to anyone, let alone a non-family member, the following morning, Thursday, September 22, I, Gary Gevisser, taped The Lady’s Speech in my mother’s apartment in Netanya, Israel.
2 days after the taping of The Lady’s Speech, September 24, and still unaware that there was a Guardian in place despite my repeated requests to be kept informed on the guardianship matters beginning on August 8
which was the day I was informed by American lawyer Deborah Sturman, a long time close friend of my immediate family, that Alan Zulman had died two days before, I took my mother Zena for lunch at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem and took videos of my mother as she put on quite the show; again, not quite what you would expect from “advanced dementia”.  
See The Addition and Teachers which I also uploaded on to Youtube.
The following day, Sunday, September 25, two Israeli police arrive at my mother’s apartment without any prior notice. They tell me that I have to immediately leave the apartment because there is a Guardian in place. I ask to see the Guardianship court papers. They get on the phone to Weisel who says that she is bringing them over. The police sit themselves down and very sure of themselves as they instruct me to pack our bags because as soon as Weisel arrives we will have to leave the apartment.
This Israeli lawyer Ayala Weisel, a personal friend of my elder sister Kathy Gevisser Danziger, arrives nearly an hour later, and is talking up a storm in Hebrew while showing the police what she purports to be the Guardianship papers. I ask to see them in order to take a photo and send to Israeli friends to translate. Weisel then says they are not the Guardianship papers, but she has them in her office. Then she tells me, “Gary, I think we can work this all out.” I say, “Fine, let’s have dinner here.” Weisel replies, “I can only do it on Tuesday evening.” The police are a witness to this dialogue. Then the two policemen leave the apartment. I try to get Weisel to be more definitive as to when on Tuesday we would be meeting for dinner. Weisel begins to get evasive and leaves my mother’s apartment without giving me any assurance that she intends to “work things out”. 
That same afternoon I meet with another Israeli lawyer who calls up Weisel asking for the Guardianship papers. Weisel says she can only get the papers to this lawyer on Tuesday.
In the meantime Weisel was preparing a sworn statement that she hands the following day, Monday, to the Israeli judge Yocheved Greenvald-Rand who had granted Weisel the Guardianship on September 15, stating several times that my mother has “advanced dementia” and that I am a great threat to my mother Zena. 
Greenvald-Rand grants Weisel a Restraining Order which provided the power to Israeli police to enter my mother’s apartment at 1:30AM Tuesday, September 27 and force me and my French-Canadian citizen wife who is also an American resident, to immediately leave. Nor was there any concern that my mother would be woken up.
No less important all the claims in Weisel’s sworn statement were totally false and incriminating on the hungry Israeli lawyer and my 3 elder siblings who are all about the money and nor do their big egos help.
More to follow!
[Word count 797]

Begin forwarded message:

From: gg <>
Subject: What it means to be alive – Who am I – Addendum to The Book – What are you doing – Courage-Speak with a member of your family-Where exactly would you have begun your search – Re: Private
Date: November 15, 2016 at 10:16:44 PM PST
To: Guy & Muhammad – Israeli pharmacist friends of Zena Ash Gevisser Zulman <>
Cc: rest; Kathy-Louise Gevisser danziger <>, Neil Gevisser <>, Melvin Gevisser <>, “The coupon clipper is the Jeffrey Jack The Ripper Essakow – co-owner of the Marc Rich and Co. Flower Hill Mall, Solana Beach, California” <>, david danziger <>, Debra Danziger <>, raz elmaleh <>, gino <>, mallorca agent <>, pini <>, loula <>, Wally Stiller <>, Trevor Barrett <>, “Terry Gevisser – Ex sister-in-law of Gary S. Gevisser” <>, Susan Barrett <>, stephen grolnic <>, NSeymour <>, Norrissk <>, MIKE1COHEN <>, MrLu <>, LindanCourt <>, DaoComm <>, deniseskitchen <>, GWerbel <>, HonestReporting <>, INorris <>, Mervyn Shneier <>, liana k <>, Korrigan <>, kerrymolfesis <>, katherine courts <>, Julius Zabow <>, “Hedda Gevisser c/o Jonny NORRIS brother-in-law of Alan Zulman and former executive of the Frame Group South Africa.” <>, Joe Ash <>, Jewish Telegraph Group of Newspapers <>, “Dr. Barry Molk MD.” <>, “Dr. Leizer Molk MD Molk MD” <>, Ivan Ferkolj <>, israel wiesel <>, Harry Heller <>, greg kentros <>, francis andrew correial <>, ETHSTAN <>, esther francis correial <>, Clarasol <>, Christine Prefontaine <>, Deborah_NY Sturman <>, “Shmuel Rabi -American-Israeli lawyer practising Jewish Law in Israel. Nephew of Deborah Sturman Esq.” <>, “Dave Osh – former Israeli Fighter Pilot now working with Vistage and supporter of the BDS movement.” <>, “Tomer Tene – IAF Lt. Colonel + organic produce farmer.” <>, “Major Tuvia Friling – Israel Defense Force, Deputy Commander Golani Brigade, Professor Ben Gurion University, Beersheba, Negev Desert, Israel – Author of ARROWS IN THE DARK” <>, “Aharon Barak – President of the Supreme Court of Israel [1995-2006]” <>, “” <>, “Tzipora Malka \”Tzipi\” Livni” <>, Galit Tassi <>, Office for the Israeli Department of Defense Attache Israeli Embassy Washington DC <>, “Russian Defense Attache – Russian Embassy, Washington DC. Russian Embassy” <>, “Jonathan Cooke – British author and Israel tour guide.” <>, Haneen Zoabi – Muslim Arab member of Israeli Knesset <>,, “” <>, Kerry Anderson Molfesis <>, “Kathryne Anderson – Council of Europe, Defender of Human Rights” <>, Alan Dershowitz – Harvard Law School <>, Noam Chomsky – I AM movie <chomsky@MIT.EDU>, “Matthew Margo – Senior attorney CBS – 60 Minutes.” <>, British Embassy – Israel <>, Office of the Public Guardian – United Kingdom <>, Norma Fletcher <>, “Rod Margo Esquire – FB friend of Gary Gevisser. Rod’s father, South African judge Cecil Margo Esq. wrote, at the request of Ben Gurion, the \”blueprint\” for what is today the brutally strong Israel Air Force.” <>, “Dr. Rod Smith Phd – formerly of RAND \”Think Tank\” – Principal – Facebook friend of GG and also present at the Wetherly Capital Group board meeting on Feb. 8, 2002 held in the corporate headquarters of Arden Realty, the largest REIT trading on the New York Stock Exchange before being bought out by General Electric.” <>, “Keisha Whitaker – wife of Forest Whitaker; FB \”friend\” of Gary Gevisser” <>, “Chief Rabbi of the United States, Rabbi Capers Funnye – close cousin of First Lady Michelle Obama, and Facebook friend of GG.” <>, Annabel Linder – South African Radio Show Host and FB friend of Gary Gevisser <>, Jay Lawler <>, Puppet Master <>, Dave Fifield – Gerhard <>, “Robert Citizens against the J. Essakow-Marc Rich and company Flower Hill Malls Excessive Expansion Vicino” <>, “Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah – Star of Emmanuel’s Gift produced by The Coupon Clipper is The Jeffrey Jack The Ripper Essakow. Emmanuel is a FB friend of Gary S. Gevisser” <>, Sam Schaffer <>, “Gary Malino – immediate past President & Chief Operating Officer Realty Income – NY Stock Exchange symbol O – Malino who is no longer a FB friend worked with GG back in 1980-1.” <>, Russ Shain <>, Malcolm Ness <>, “South African-British solicitor Ray Oshry – classmate of Gary Gevisser and GG’s murdered cousin Sandy Moshal Jacobson [1957-1997]. R. Oshry remains a FB \”friend\” of GG.” <>, Paco Furió Marco <>,, kathleen paris <>, Jenn Harris <>, Jennifer Harris <>, “Jean Figadera – Aerobatics champion.” <>, Rafa Zulueta – Spanish Central Bank official <>, “Rafael Adolf – Brazilian Radiologist practicing in Germany.” <>, Doctors Without Borders c/o Miriam Ross – Survival International Survival International <>,, “Barrie Spero – served time in the South African Apartheid Regime’s notorious the notorious Greefswald camp overseen by infamous Jewish medical doctor, Dr. Aubrey Levin and where Spero once witnessed up close the presence of high ranking American military officers.” <>,, “Geoffrey Rothwell Phd – Principal Economist at De Beers-Barclays Bank controlled, US Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, headquartered in Paris, France. Former 27 year senior Stanford University lecturer.” <>, Natie Kirsh <>

Guy & Muhammad,
This is for the two of you and whoever else feels the hat fits.


You have to be that much more weary of who has the information.
Who can you trust? Who is really sincere in their friendship with you?
Nor should you forget what you learned from my precious missive to you; namely, if there is this God, it becomes more challenging.
You still might be thinking, “I’m not stupid. He is crazy. How come I couldn’t figure it out?”
It has yet to be shared with my 3 elder siblings who are at the beginning of the cc section along with my mother Zena’s email list from September 25, 2001, the day she first published via email her memoirs, LIFE STORY OF ZENA which began, Literally – “born to perform” Zena Gevisser – CLICK HERE; but the same cannot be said of my siblings’ fair weather friends who have chosen to remain quiet.
The 3 Musketeers, if they could get dirty so could you.
It sounds like an ad.


My 3 Musketeer siblings could not pull off the ad above.
Today they know why, as do all of you, once you go beyond the words, “Why wouldn’t the banks lend Kirsh the money?” that our mother Zena could only think of the words, A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There for only one of us. 
Obviously you should read this missive, an addendum to The Book, from the bottom up.
The moment my sister Kathy-Louise Gevisser Danziger opened her mouth that she and her husband David Danziger had “lucked out”, with an upwards of $55 million initial buyout of their import-export company, she wanted the world to know.
She figured that when people like you found out you would put aside her below average looks and her husband’s bottom of the pit looks, and when seeing only $ signs view them as “beautiful”, you would be extra nice with the service from your pharmacy; and then when other patrons ask you, “Who are those people, I haven’t seen them before?” you would answer, “That is Zena Gevisser Zulman’s very successful daughter from Australia.” 
You of course wouldn’t say anything about David Danziger because like our eldest brother Neil, when he goes out with his new wife Emma who is more than half his age younger, the people do not say, “She looks like a thinker”


because they all say, “That must be her father”. 
Emma has replaced that photo above on Airbnb with a sideview. Yes, I also caught her lying on Airbnb, but I couldn’t put up my comments because we didn’t end up staying there.
In the case of my sister Kathy, even with the facelifts she looks at least her age 63, and compared to my gorgeous Française-Canadienne wife, Marie Dion who is 5 years younger than Kathy, Kathy looks well into her late 70s; just to tell you how old and sick David Danziger looks.
Nor have Kathy and David figured out why they should never have opened their mouths about such a staggering sum of money, at least not while I am still alive, unless Kathy and David were advised by their financial advisors, who could have been part of the two of them being “set up”. Public boasting would have been a most critical “terms and conditions” of the sale were The Bank-De Beers-Barclays Bank directing events.
To boast, however to someone such as Deborah Sturman Esq. who comes to me to get her most important questions answered, means that you have to make certain that you have all your ducks neatly lined up, not a piece out of place, beginning with making certain that “very aggressive” Deborah Sturman Esq. doesn’t turn on you.
Most proudly Ms. Sturman Esq. proclaims at the end in her Wall Street Journal interview back in May 1999, “I am very aggressive” – CLICK HERE –  that she had all the equipment to tackle the German banks if they didn’t play ball and fork over $4 billion, to then be distributed to Holocaust survivors of the death-slave camps, who of course were going to live less years than toddlers, and who might also be so generous with the kind American lawyers who so boldly went to bat for them.
You know why Holocaust survivors have never previously spoken about how the Jewish Kapos stayed alive by keeping the weakest of the Jewish slave-prisoners for last. Consequently, Holocaust survivors have few children who are not dysfunctional; and the smarter ones had no children because then they would be certain of no one questioning. No children mean the Holocaust survivors have to leave their monies, even if it is only pennies, to someone.
The great success of the Jewish Kapos was the most studied analysis that came out of World War II.
You know this by no one other than me questioning publicly why Nazi Germany’s western bankers and armament suppliers including the Rockefellers providing Hitler with his oil as well as their IG Farben gas pellet production facility in the center of the death camp Auschwitz were never prosecuted at Nuremberg.
You can perfectly understand why the Rockefellers and the German-South African Sir Ernest Oppenheimer didn’t take center-page ads out in the New York Times questioning their justice system, but what can explain the quietness of the rest of you?
Don’t you find it at least a little bit strange that I am being singled out for capital punishment?
Can you really hate me that much?
In order to get up in the morning you have to love yourself.
How can so many of you love yourself and hate yourselves at the same time?
How can you bare to look at each of your Facebook photos and not want to vomit?
But we are not talking emotion. 
We are talking logic.
How can you position as simply doing business, the principal and most visible war profiteers of the greatest genocide in the history of the human race?
They were not trying to make a profit from producing more organic kale.
Their business was murder, mass genocide.
There was no profit in that.
They kept detailed journals but there was never once a complete set of books.
There are humans who spend their entire lives thinking about ethical behavior and “who” [sic] to improve humanity.
Where have they been all this time?
Why is it just me?
How do [you] individually as well as collectively derive such enjoyment from the incredible pain that must be within each of you to even tolerate either yourselves or the next person who you know is behaving equally unconsciously?
Don’t look to me for the answers. I don’t have an answer for you. You must look within and ask yourself beginning with, “Who am I?”
We all now know that my sister Kathy did not line up her ducks close to perfect, because she went to war with “very aggressive” Deborah Sturman Esq. before declaring war on me when authorizing Israeli police to invade my mother’s home in Netanya at 01:30 Tuesday, September 27, and to remove me, my American resident and Canadian citizen wife Marie Dion and our dog Mango who also woke up in a panic and was barking his head off, 3 days after my sister celebrated her 63rd birthday which is the same day her old husband celebrated his, which they have possibly stopped counting.
Remember, I am totally innocent. I only have the force of truth at my side.
My mother Zena is a far more vulnerable victim, but I am comforted that she has the same force of truth that will be with her long after she and I pass on.
I couldn’t think of anything that the two of you have done to help improve the lot of humanity as much as my mother Zena, my wife Marie and I have done, and let’s not ever forget SuperMango, the greatest gift from above to Marie and me.
Yes Mango, the miracle, helped spark my mother Zena.
Can you think of anyone else who has helped man to try and develop a conscience?
You know that my mother Zena appreciates all that I have done.
You have heard her say that I should ask myself why it is that she has such positive feelings towards me.
I would like for you to lie awake this evening and just as you feel yourself losing consciousness to imagine Israeli police barging into your home, removing you, and then leaving with your mother, now awake, but dazed and in the care of a new foreign spy “caregiver” of my sister who will say anything to please her sick master.
Do you think the spy, the liar-lawyer Israeli guardian of my mother, Ayala Weisel, my sister and my two brothers will be that much kinder to my mother knowing that there was nothing “Advanced dementia” in the lucidity of my mother for the entire 9 minutes and 24 seconds [Lady’s Speech] on September 22, just 5 days before the nerve-racking invasion?
Could you see all 5 of them salivating as the clock wound down? Of course you could.
I saw outside the courtroom on October 5 when I went to fight the fabricated charges that all revolved around me being a “great threat” to my mother, how much fun and enjoyment they were getting from it all; plus my mother Zena was paying them with every passing moment.
The two other videos of my very lucid mother speaking her clear mind two days later, September 24, at the King David Hotel, Jerusalem must have also grabbed you, no less so than The Lady’s Speech.
Here, I will make it easy for you.
1) The Lady’s Speech – September 22, 2016
2) Teachers – Sept. 24
3) The addiction – Sept. 24
And you couldn’t be bothered to simply let me know that you have seen my mother on her daily walk and that she is okay?
How could fear have gripped you like everyone else?
Is it that you see the State of Israel now beginning to fall apart at the seams?
Or do you see this New World Order they all keep talking about everyone getting their house in order and without God speaking for everyone to just shut the fuck up?
Are you thinking more about what if there is this God, it becomes more challenging?
We had not committed a terrorist attack in Dizengoff Circle, Tel-Aviv.
You all know that this was a setup.
As all your names get out there so will more people focus on the truth.
The truth is too disturbing for some people too busy keeping track of their lies – Marie Dion Gevisser
Lack of Knowledge-Information-Light-Energy, power to change the world stems from people too lazy and fearful of embracing the truth – MDG
People with little intelligence have great difficulty feeling stupid – MDG
Kathy Gevisser Danziger and Deborah Sturman Esq. deserve each other but that does not mean they can suddenly decide to change their very different tunes unless Deborah and Kathy have a way of removing their written attacks on each other from my laptop as well as backups which include people such as yourselves.
Logic would also therefore tell you that it is highly possible that Kathy made other errors. 
One you already know of; namely deciding because she was so full of herself to tell my mother’s deceased husband Alan Zulman right before his death on August 6 that upon his death, as executor of his estate, she, Kathy was going to sell Alan Zulman’s only son, Lance Zulman’s home in Israel because she didn’t think there would be enough money to sustain my mother and her one Filipino helper on duty 24/7, until such time as the rest of my mother’s multi-million dollar estate could either be liquidated or stolen. 
Before that sick speech, someone who Alan Zulman strongly suspected was one of my 3 elder siblings, had entered his and my mother’s principal home in Wiveslicombe, Somerset, England and “lifted” all the liquid financial instruments; cash, gold and diamonds which Alan Zulman himself could have taken before leaving for Israel where he went to get medical treatment for his terminal cancer, simply to point a possible finger at my 3 elder siblings.
BTW, I heard yesterday from the British Embassy in Tel-Aviv that my mother Zena is now a dual citizen of Great Britain and Israel and therefore my mother’s fate remains in the hands of the “misguided” Israeli judge Yocheved Greenwald Rand.
Given how the siblings and those they have co-opted maintain that my mother Zena has not been of “sound mind” for more than 2 years, and my sister Kathy also maintains that there is an Israeli medical doctor by the name of Guggenheim who was part of a “staged” videotaping in my mother’s apartment at the time I assume my sister got the “boot”, one must question any document my mother has signed since getting the Jewish “get” from my father and marrying Alan Zulman back in the early 1980s.
Wouldn’t you say that it is more than most interesting, that my sister Kathy who hasn’t forgotten how ingeniously our father Bernie laid into her and my two brothers in his Final Will of November 7, 2007, 5 years before he passed away when he was most definitely of sound mind, would write to me on September 11, just 10 days before my arrival in Israel and 4 days before she has her liar-lawyer Israeli friend Ayala Weisel appointed guardian, September 15, without telling me or my mother:
If you want to visit Mom that’s ok as long as you come just to be with Mom and with no plans to engage with anyone else over the Wills etc.
Obviously my “all about the money” sister Kathy’s bad conscience was beginning to kick in as she so revealed her very dark soul. 
Read most carefully the very good letter of September 8, Sitting Pretty which woke up the 3 Musketeers after thinking they [were] going to have their way with mother, just like they had so cowardly abused Alan Zulman, and my mother having to sit and watch it all unfold before her very eyes; just to tell you how strong willed was my mother to have me near her as soon as possible; and now she is their prisoner, and you all sit with folded arms:
From: garystevengevisser <>
Subject: Sitting pretty
Date: September 8, 2016 at 11:02:18 AM PDT
To: Kathy-Louise Gevisser danziger <>, Neil Gevisser <>, Melvin Gevisser <>, “Zena Badash-Ash Gevisser Zulman [May 30 1929 – ] c/o Arnold Pollak” <>
Cc: rest, “Barry Molk, MD.” <>, “Aharon Barak – President of the Supreme Court of Israel [1995-2006]” <>, Marie Dion Gevisser <>, “Deborah Sturman Esq – Played pivotal role in collecting billions of $ from remnants of Germany’s military machine during WW II, but stopped way too short when realizing it was so close to home.” <>, Benjamin Netanyahu – highly decorated Prime Minister of Israel <>, “California The coupon clipper is the Jeffrey Jack The Ripper Essakow – co-owner of the Marc Rich and Co. Flower Hill Mall Solana Beach” <>, “Rabbi Caspers C. Funnye – close cousin of First Lady Michelle Obama.” <>, Keisha Whitaker – wife of Forest Whitaker <>, Annabel Linder – South African Radio Show Host <>
Connect the phone in the Netanya apartment and do as mom wished, beginning with having her speak with me.
The past is not as important as the future which we can all change.
Mom’s wishes for the future are very clear in terms of where she wants to be after Alan Zulman died on Aug. 6, and which you all ignore on your very talkative Facebook walls; as well as who she wants to be most near to; and it is not the 3 of you or your spouses or for that matter Melvin’s disaster ex.
That does not mean the past is unimportant.
Within hours when following up with lawyers in Israel while keeping the British authorities informed every step of the way, I will be going back to events in Lake Tahoe Nevada that so disappointed our mother, and Kathy’s giggling in the courtroom of such serious charges against Neil which were not fabricated, but certainly they were open to interpretation, did not go unnoticed by our mother Zena because she too read what the newspapers reported.
Qualification to be our mother’s guardian is also a subjective test even if eventually manslaughter charges are brought against the 3 of you given how very lucid, and most controlled was our mother when speaking last with me on August 1, right before the phone was disconnected.
Her previous “pronouncements” were no less lucid as well as being extraordinarily revealing of her intellect.
The fact that none of you have ever once tapped into our mother’s most joyful mind has also never been lost on her.
You also know why it is that there are few to none intimate photos of any of you alone with our mother as there are plenty with me from the moment I was born, 


until I began with permission from mom to ever so gently begin tarnishing the self image of Alan Zulman as the savior of Israel, because it was not helping Israel; on the contrary, it was only serving to spread at an alarming rate antisemitism throughout the world.
The 3 of you were very late in jumping on to my bandwagon, and nor did you express to me or anyone of note your sudden hatred of Zulman as you of course missed the boat entirely since he, on his death bed, was in no position, to change his prior actions or anything of the past.
The 3 of you had Zulman totally befuddled, which you knew, but that didn’t prevent the 3 of you from crapping all over him as he embarrassingly lost control of his cancerous bowls and the cancer spreading to more than his kidneys.
You enjoyed the torture as it helped you to forget the past as you had increasingly cozied up to him to grab his and mom’s estate and to enjoy the wealth before you ended up in horrific pain like Zulman who had little to show in the end for his 8+ decades on this magnificent planet that only provides a glimpse of the spectacular universe that only boggles the mind of us humans.
What unbelievable punishment to have the 3 of you in his midst as the clock slowly ticked down.
He had to be asking himself if it was all worth it and what he could do to make amends and I believe his wishes were granted.
I will in time visit his grave and pass my respects.
When you go into denial you lose your spirituality that I agree does not pay the bills at least not directly. 
There is a connection between spirituality and common sense even if your mind misses it.
You also know that as of Aug. 1 mom would have continued to agree that a mind is a terrible thing to lose, even worse than losing all your Facebook friends who you know most are following along very closely, including The Coupon Clipper is Jack The Ripper Jeffrey Essakow whose FB has also yet to announce the passing of his mother’s close cousin, Alan Zulman who has now been dead 1 month and 2 days, and I still haven’t heard back from his estate lawyer South African-Israeli Eli Symon who is obviously in cahoots with Kathy’s “South African-Israeli” [sic] sick lawyer Ayala Wiesil who is also quiet and both thinking that the monies you pay them, including those that came out of Alan Zulman’s joint bank account with Deborah Sturman Esq would more than compensate for their gross negligence in breach of their fiduciary responsibilities towards Alan Zulman’s estate and mom’s healthcare needs that are also inextricably connected to both her estate and Alan Zulman’s remaining estate.
I will also be covering what the employer of Alan Zulman’s only son, Lance Zulman can do to best protect mentally handicapped Lance from you vultures. The Israeli Revenue Service should be able to reach out better than me.
The recording of my last phone conversation with mom on Aug. 1, is not only clear about how mom viewed all those disrespecting her wishes which included her caregiver Mary-Lou who the 3 of you had co-opted this indentured servant from across the seas Philippines, a crime that is unforgivable, but you can hear “vivdly” [sic] the loud annoying noise in the background, and me asking mom to ask them to turn it down, and her sad response clearly audible.
You would all lose hands down in any fair court of law but you have already lost in the space that most matters.
For the remainder of your 3 long lives you will have the most difficult time being in each others company and the same will apply to your children who will inevitably see that the monies they receive will not have been worth having their foolish names and faces added to the FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES.
When you hug and kiss one another on those few remaining “ocasions” [sic] please let me know if the tension is thick enough to cut through with any kitchen knife.
Bear constantly in mind that this most alarming last conversation with my mother Zena took place 5 days before Alan Zulman’s heart stopped beating and the 3 of you could no longer take out your anger at yourselves on his flesh and bones, which does not mean that Alan Zulman’s mind had stopped functioning when your 3 pronged vicious attack began soon after you received my Jan. 14 communique, the day following our visit with mom and Alan Zulman which he “interupted” [sic] after 10 minutes because it was not going his way; and nor was he thinking that he would be helping the 3 of you because like the 3 of you he did not know how you would react to my communique which I had yet to write.
Your heartless actions against our mother continue to mount.
I must do everything I can to stop it.
Go do the right thing.
To life!
PS – I’m in the middle of the Cleveland National Forest on a hike with very patient Mango and decided to take a short break and to use the miraculous and only positive forces of mother nature that our mother also knows only too well, to get all of you to wake up before it is too late to turn back the clock.
Everything, without exception, is clockwork for even the single red ant near my Solomon running sneakers is staying away also from Mango who is right now stretched out on his stomach on top of the table bench where I’m sitting.
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No one can say for sure what if anything was taken from the Wive home because even if Alan Zulman was alive today, he could be lying. The fact that he would first send his not exactly youngster sister Roz to England to check to see what if anything was missing, could also have been a ruse of Alan Zulman whose cancer along with a lifetime of living a big lie, “Savior of Israel” could have made him that much sicker in the head.
You have heard of birds of feather.
The similarities between my 3 elder siblings and Alan Zulman are unquestionable.
You know about “familiarity breeding contempt”.
Deborah Sturman Esq.’s. description of what took place between Alan Zulman and my 3 siblings, again, Neil, Melvin and Kathy in the last few months of Alan Zulman’s life, is not something ever presented in a horror movie on the big Silver Screen. 
Deborah Sturman Esq. is not a very good actor which is why she doesn’t make a great attorney.
Deborah Sturman’s greatness is all courtesy of my mother Zena and me.
The fact that Deborah Sturman is hooked at the hip with America’s most renowned legal scholar, Harvard Law School professor Arthur Miller only means that she hopes to carry the legacy of the law scholar once very old Arthur Miller kicks the bucket.
Deborah Sturman Esq. was not being mean when she wrote to me on August 8, kindly letting me know that Zulman had died two days before, and that she thought I should know, because she was certain that my 3 money vulture siblings would not tell me.
Deborah Sturman Esq. was also trying to figure out what got into my 3 terrible siblings that they would suddenly turn on Alan Zulman who they had been so diligent in brown-nosing ever since I was “out of the picture”, risking all the inheritance monies, the shame of being removed as executor which is unheard of. 
Alan Zulman was not getting more belligerent to anyone. He wasn’t in any way, shape or form belligerent towards me when I visited with them in January. He was of course uncomfortable. He could have easily not allowed me to come upstairs to their apartment because there is a security gate. Had I not gone away, then he would have been well within his rights to call the police and have me removed. He knew it was me when I rang the bell and spoke, “Alan, it is Gary. I would like to see my mom”. There was not a moment’s hesitation and he buzzed to let me in. He also greeted me at the front door not with a big hug because Alan Zulman never gave big hugs to anyone, ask his two daughters who he hadn’t seen in 3 decades if not more.
Alan Zulman was mortally wounded. He had no fight left in him. His first words to me, “Your mother has advanced dementia” gripped me, because no one had told me anything and I could see my mother sitting out of the corner of my left eye. I walked immediately up to my mother and she began to speak to me just as you see in the The Lady’s Speech. Alan Zulman was mortified. My mother asked, “Are you alone?” I told her that Marie and Mango were sitting in the car. My mother with no hesitation said, “Bring them up”. Alan Zulman could have refused me entrance into the building when the 3 of us returned. He didn’t. He even helped take several photographs of all of us, some now on my Facebook wall. 
Alan Zulman was dying of terminal cancer but he could walk and he could talk. He wasn’t even using a walking stick. He was also trying to crack jokes as he held on to my mother’s two dogs for what looked like protection.
He hadn’t forgotten how he greeted me, “Your mother has advanced dementia”. He knew that he hadn’t informed me and he knew that my 3 siblings hadn’t informed me because they and Alan Zulman were now all on the same side.
Alan Zulman could see that with each passing moment my mother Zena was back to her “old self” which was nothing new to me, but to Zulman his whole world was collapsing. He also knew that I was not going to keep quiet about what he first told me and what I and Marie were witnessing. All he could do was to cut the meeting short by saying that he had a doctor’s appointment. We all left together and travelled down in the elevator, and now the video of my cellphone was recording and my mother in top performance telling Zulman with [her] great English sense of humor that she didn’t mind if he got squished in the elevator doors but not her dogs, as the dogs were now on the floor and Zulman minus his security blanket revealed how wasted was his life.
The following day, January 14 – CLICK HERE – and my user siblings read my detailed account of what I saw and without me pulling any punches of how disgraceful they were in not letting me know all that had been going on in an effort to shut up my mother Zena, and I ended it very positively that we should set aside our sibling rivalry and do what was in our mother’s best interests, the 3 of them went ape shit.
The easiest way kill two birds with one stone was to lay it on thick with Alan Zulman and the ricochet from the shouting matches would not have my mother feeling all that secure.
Do you have enough sensitivities within your bodies to know what my mother endured between January 14 and when I saw her on September 21?
Would you believe me when I tell you that my mother held my hand so tight and with her other hand around my head I felt like I was back in her womb.
To fight and win you have to be very strong.
You all sitting on the fence when not throwing stones are totally overmatched.
Your best spokesperson is the Israeli liar-lawyer Ayala Weisel and she will be your guiding light to hell and back which is only here on earth. There is no escape, not even the air we breath reaches anywhere near to deep space.
It is one continuous loop of hell for the wicked, being eaten when not in fear of starving. Watch even the prettiest of birds and see how skittish they are.
When you read the affidavit of liar-lawyer Ayala Weisel who Alan Zulman gave up on at the same time he got to see how two-faced were my elder siblings, you will see a completely different story. Weisel wants everyone to believe that I barged into my mom and Alan’s apartment in January and stressed them both out.
Weisel is a liar and will say anything to please my WWE sister Kathy.
My mother didn’t have a perfect memory in January and didn’t know their telephone number but she had Zulman tell me which I had him simply mouth into the voice recorder of my cellphone which I still have. Alan Zulman could have just made up a wrong number and neither my mother nor [I] would have known the difference. But he didn’t.
The fact that when they returned to the apartment he disconnected the phone the moment he heard my voice had everything to do with my mother Zena’s “miraculous recovery”. It is obvious that Zulman and my mother had stopped communicating long before I arrived in January. My mother Zena had also stopped communicating with everyone else she didn’t consider important in her life.
My mother Zena has always known the truth that out of respect for her and her choice of husband, I kept my physical distance for 15 years and up until this last trip to Israel I was in regular phone contact with my mother which of course Alan Zulman knew but there wasn’t much that he could do other than feed the idea that my mother was losing her mind.
Have you ever thought how long you would remain sane in solitary confinement which you might prefer to being around money vultures?
Alan  Zulman who had stomach ulcers as a kid, didn’t have the stomach to have me around following the “blowup” which was the first silence between [my mother] and Alan Zulman over South African Indian Muslim activist Fatima Meer, whose name I only brought up when I was visiting with my mother in December 2001 because of course my mother was already getting bored with Zulman and I knew that it would be interesting for my mother’s mind to think about my mother’s great friend Ms. Meer, without realizing that it would open up deep wounds.
By this time the small “pocket change” that my father Bernie was schlepping out of South Africa for my sister Kathy and David Danziger to help establish themselves more securely in Australia was in “full swing”.
Like me, my mother Zena thought it was idiotic but as you know the thinking, “I’m not stupid. He is crazy. How come I couldn’t figure it out.” So we both kept quiet.
Smart people never tell secrets.
You will recall that you never heard it from my 3 siblings the important words that I shared with Ben Gurion just before the end of my 4 month Ulpan-Gadna training at his kibbutz, Sde Boker [1972]:
Those who know, don’t talk; those who don’t, do all the talking; once you tell a secret it is no longer a secret.
It is not a secret that Gary Malino and Russell Shain responded to my last enquiry of anyone wanting to be removed from my email list. Nor have either of them yet to be added to the $HIT LIST. This will be the last time they are included in either the cc or blind copy section. Anyone else who would like to removed, this would be a great time.
Deborah Sturman Esq. also picked up when my sister Kathy tried to patch things up with Lance Zulman as Deborah wrote to me that Kathy was now trying to entice Lance with a free trip to Australia.
That didn’t prevent Kathy from keeping Lance as the scapegoat for an additional suffering being brought on my mother such as the electricity, water and TV being shut off in her apartment because Kathy, despite now having a paid Israeli lawyer as my mother’s guardian, leaving it to autistic and increasingly stressed out Lance Zulman to not only take care of the bills but for him to find the money to pay them. [CLICK HERE]
The memory problems of my sister keep compounding as you would expect from yourself were you to be once a liar because your mother probably never told you the smart advice, “Never tell your first lie, otherwise you become the same as everyone else.”
Kathy forced Alan Zulman to part with 10,000 Euros that he held in a joint bank account with Deborah Sturman who could have been lying about this money, but my sister mentioned it in explicit detail in her lead-in [CLICK HERE] to setting me up in coming to Israel when my sister had no intention of letting me travel alone with our mother Zena which would be the only way I could be alone with my mother unless my sister’s Filipino spy-caregiver to my mother was out with one of the dogs which she was when I filmed my mother in her, The Lady’s Speech on September 22, the morning after we arrived.
I am well aware of what cheap processed packaged foods cost in Israel and there was little to none vegetables that the spy-caregiver brought back with her when she went shopping for her Coca Cola which was never once allowed in our home in South Africa; and it was because of health reasons that my mother Zena would never allow any sodas to be brought into the house, other than for parties and when they were over, what remained of the sodas were tossed.
Not to mention, that while we have long got used to Mango loving all his vegetables and fruits starting with Mangos which is why he has his name, and green peppers and seaweed and of course tomatoes are up there on his list of favorites, we find it interesting that he now loves cole slaw.
They couldn’t have gone through that 10,000 Euros because there is no rent payments, no mortgage payments only rent monies coming from the French osteopath who lives in the apartment next to my mother’s which could also be borrowed against in an instant, delivering to my mother sufficient monies to afford not only the best food while staying in her apartment but the best lawyers who couldn’t be bought, especially if I was watching over them.
So you see these charges of elderly abuse, premeditated murder continue to mount and so do the number of accessories. [CLICK HERE]
Soon you are going to see the full motives behind my siblings’ cruelty towards my mother Zena who only asks that I be her guardian while providing the sound reasoning.
This photograph below


more so than what is written in the Durban, South African Natal Mercury caption, begins to tell the story.
You can figure who the fat girl is.
You can see my eldest brother Neil because he had costly surgery on his big ears to get them closer to his head. Melvin you can see looks a lot like his daughter from the ex-wife of his from hell, Terry Gevisser who appears to be holding on to the last name Gevisser. I am the youngest in the photo, just in case you hadn’t figured.
Nor are we talking about whether or not my mother Zena has or does not have “advanced dementia”. It is my mother’s consistent wish that should be adhered to. It is as simple as that.
Again Alan Zulman got out of his death-bed to follow in his sister Roz’s footsteps all the way back to England to check to see that the monies hadn’t been stolen.
Again, no one will ever know for certain what was missing other than the thieves.
Of course, Alan Zulman had a far less strenuous way to chop off my 3 siblings’ legs below the knees rather than go through all the stress as well as cost for both himself and his sister traveling all the way to England and knowing that they were would return to Israel empty handed.
Alan Zulman did that when he removed my sister as his executor. In other words the circumstantial evidence mounts that there was an inside job with the theft of large amounts of easily negotiable instruments. We also have a dying man doing more than spelling out who he thinks are the thieves when removing my sister Kathy as the co-executor of his estate and replacing her with Deborah Sturman Esq. who Alan Zulman is quite certain is now at war with the WWE Kathy.
It is not possible to mentally punish a human being more than to be removed as executor, immediately prior to death, all the while my sister Kathy had left this incredible money trail along with heartlessness towards my mother.
Remember, it is was out of respect for my mother Zena that I kept my distance beginning on the very day I left their home in Wive and that same day, but quite late in the evening, I bought a “safe house” in the village closest to Wive and nearest to the ocean. The fact that I found the quietest spot at the very end of the beach road where the property line bordered a path leading into the most enchanted forest which so few people even from the area venture, was just part of the “luck”.
When my mother first shared with me when I was still a very young kid, “There is no such thing as being ‘lucky’. You make you luck” she also knew from experience this to be true, just like I would later learn in life.
Now if you haven’t learned this so late in life, it is probably too late. Still if I were in your shoes, I see no harm in trying to do good whenever possible.
I’m assuming you, like my sister and brothers, are doing a backup of both your computer email messaging and text messaging from your cell phone.
There can be no disputing because there were two other witnesses to my sister Kathy telling Alan Zulman that she planned to toss his son Lance Zulman out of his home, but why since there was more than enough money for my mother’s needs?
When you steal for the first time, to steal again is easier. A liar is a cheat, is a thief. Ask a liar why they are accident prone just when walking from one room to the next. Asking a liar anything more than the time is stupid. Stupid people do the most stupid things and therefore it is not always possible to follow their faulty logic.
To steal from someone weak makes you feel even more mightier; ask any bully.
Only my sister Kathy knows for sure, but her latest nonsense story is that she never told Alan Zulman anything of the such. According to Deborah Sturman Esq. again, Alan Zulman’s sister Roz Zulman Norris and her husband Jonny Norris heard the words directly out of my sister’s mouth. Be assured the Norris family who pretty much all have Facebook accounts will get a copy of this, perhaps sooner than you open your email, unless you are sitting anxiously by.
A dying man’s last wishes, no matter how rotten is the individual, are most important even without the circumstantial evidence that my sister Kathy is one big liar and rotten to the core.
In due course I am going to help you all dissect most carefully every word that my sister Kathy wrote me after I plucked her out of her little nest there in Melbourne, Australia with my well worded, Sitting Pretty communique of September 8.
You following the chronology okay?
You can well imagine what it is going to be like to see my sister Kathy and Deborah Sturman Esq. going at it in order to save their skins, but Deborah Sturman Esq. has the distinct advantage because Alan Zulman first chose my sister Kathy as his co-executor with Alan Zulman’s estate attorney, South African-Israeli Symon who has been most silent since Zulman’s death, not even responding to either Deborah Sturman Esq. who wanted to simply discuss Alan Zulman’s changes to his Final Will or to me who simply wanted to be kept informed what was happening with the question of guardianship of my mother Zena. [CLICK HERE]
Dying Alan Zulman had good reason to “hit the roof” because not only were the valuables missing but he would never be able to prove who the thieves were but now he had witnesses, two credible witnesses with no ax to grind, watching my sister Kathy go off the handle in her quest to boot Lance Zulman out of his home.
Smart enough was Alan Zulman to know to keep his wits about him and simply remove Kathy as executor of his estate and replace her with Deborah Sturman Esq. who in turn would make it her business to start telling the world about what “vultures” were my 3 elder siblings “all about the money”.
Driving Lance Zulman out of his mind would also have him forgetting the unbridled chaotic vulturing going on at the Netanya apartment when he would visit his dad.
Thieves will return time and again to the scene of the crime if there is more loot to be had and they have yet to be caught.
Thieves will also follow their same bad judgment thinking when wanting to grab it all.
When you lose your morality, it is just a game of accumulating as much money as possible, and ringing the bell with each victory.
But when telling both Lance Zulman, forget his father because he is now dead and cannot be called as a witness, as well as Deborah Sturman about their newfound wealth you show that you have a problem with your mind.
If they got $1 million for their business it would be $1 million that someone overpaid for.
You should be paying very careful attention, because the two of you would no doubt also want, let’s round it off, $45 million net sitting in numbered Swiss bank accounts, because I am telling you that your piddly pharmacy business is worth more than my sister and her husband’s import-export company that operates on the smallest of margins because that is the only way to create a barrier to entry from people such as yourself simply exhibiting the most basic common sense, and at the same time your customers never have to be concerned of any increase in the rent or mortgage payments due to a rise in interest rates wont be passed on.
You are also currently free to go to the bathroom without asking my permission.
So this is how you do it. Get a girlfriend or prostitute on the side to watch where my sister Kathy and David Danziger sell their product. Don’t ask to look over their shoulders to see the invoicing. Just look at the retail price of the item once it is up on the shelf. Have them followed in the airplane


to their supplier. 
Again, don’t have the girlfriend-prostitute tap the supplier on the shoulder at the same time Kathy and David Danziger are negotiating terms. Instead, since it is most likely a factory owner because the margins are higher if you cut out the meddling-middlemen, figure out the factory owner’s raw material costs and if you cannot do that then see if they live in a big house which is a good indicator of whether they are wealthy.
Since Kathy and David Danziger are telling the world that they are very wealthy, then it means that the Chinese factory owner is leaving a lot of money on the table. That immediately tells you that the factory owner may not be the sharpest tool in the shed. You don’t want to be in business with fools. You want to be in business with bright people. 
You might not even need to take them out for dinner at the 5 Star Regent Hotel in Hong Kong to eventually find out their raw material supplier and who provides their cost of capital.
If the factory owner has no competitors it means that the factory owner has the mining-banking consortium De Beers-Barclays Bank as the strategic partner and therefore competing against Kathy and David Danziger makes no sense, and to take your losses; and remember to be most generous and polite with the girlfriend-prostitute doing all your due diligence while you continue to make a nice profit filling prescriptions.
In the commodity trading business, in order to survive not only do your margins have to be minuscule but those buying their finished goods from you cannot be in any way shape or form susceptible to fluctuations in interest rates and that is why to last for any period of time you have to own; i.e. pay cash for your stores-branches as well as where you house your inventory. Even then once you decide to sell, your trading business is worth zero, unless you are being bought off.
Do you understand why this is not taught in home economics? Because in home economics you are taught how to bake cakes.
It is not taught in any business school throughout the world for two reasons. First the professors are stupid and second how else would they make a living if they had just one intelligent student.
You don’t think I answered the question satisfactorily? You want to know how to corrupt a professor using untraceable diamond currency because you thought that either Donald Trump, Obama, Hollande, Merkel, May, or Hillary after consulting with Bill would have come clean, just so as not to look the last stupid.
You know that my sister Kathy and her husband David Danziger are not at war with any of my sister’s 67 Facebook friends who of course hate them as do all humans hate the rich, especially the Nouveau riche but like every human succulent these fair weather friends are waiting for their “handouts”.
Now you wouldn’t expect my sister Kathy to be telling people like Deborah Sturman Esq. Lance Zulman, Alan Zulman, Ros Zulman Norris and Johnny Norris about how suddenly they are filthy rich without also telling their most trusted FB friends?
We cannot know for sure, but certainly we can test with a bunch of them starting with our mutual FB friends such as Sam Schaffer who see not all that hidden in the carbon copy section whether he is just finding out.
In case you are unfamiliar with how traders think, let me point out a few more pointers; bearing in mind we are not talking about electronic trading via markets such as Chicago Board of Trade where again I have great familiarity as I managed for nearly a year the trading activity of the world’s single largest commodity trader, Joseph Seigal back in the late 1980s before joining the biggest player De Beers-Barclays who were in the final stages of wiping out all the resisting Israeli diamond merchants.
In the buying and selling of raw materials as well as finished good, the color of one’s skin, even if it very sickly gray like David Danziger, is of no consequence unless they are giving you a check and David says, “Please wait a day before depositing it” and you don’t think he will last that long. Everything, unless dealing directly with The Bank; i.e. DeBeers-Barclays is through guaranteed letters of credit.
If you have stomach problems like my middle brother Melvin which has so far turned off all 3 of his girlfriends and I’m sure he has tried dental flossing, that may explain why Kathy and David Danziger didn’t bring him into their business given how very unsuccessful Melvin has also been in his business career despite groveling as low as it can get with J.Essakow who is in fact far dumber than Melvin. J. Essakow is very much on a par in terms of intelligence with my sister Kathy and her husband David; hence why J. Essakow leads the pack with this $1.9 billion redevelopment project on the shorefront of downtown San Diego. 
Given how I haven’t been close to J. Essakow in decades, he too could have bad breath and so I wouldn’t suggest that either of them be the greeters when the project is finally finished and long before that happens, President Putin and President Xi Jinping could introduce better management and less expensive financing unless J. Essakow can explain why his cost of capital isn’t as low as say Lloyd’s of London-De Beers.
Still you wouldn’t want Melvin as your business partner even if you were my ex-girlfriend Anastasia George who following her exit from Insurance Marketing Services Inc. I put into business with Melvin and Melvin blew up that business, but not totally because I had coached Annie well not to put all her eggs into one basket and she parachuted safely into the hands of an Internet based sports-marketing company that owned the rights to; no surprise that became one of my clients and not Melvin’s. Nor was it long after my “Smartball” assignment ended that En-Linea’s owners which included Annie who had a small share, sold to the World governing body of soccer, namely FIFA whose top dog at the time, Sett Blatter helped first engineer En-Linea’s ownership of No surprise that Mr. Blatter ran into ethical problems but that hasn’t prevented him from continuing being a Catholic or onto his 4th wife, assuming Linda Barras is in full agreement.
If at any time you are bored, with life, I don’t suggest Alka-Seltzer.
When you decide to go to war with me or anyone who I consider good, starting with my mother Zena, it means that you have explored all possibilities of doing the right thing.
When idiots such as Malcolm Ness suggest that it is wrong to hang out the family’s “dirty laundry” you must understand that it is an idiot who is talking.
An idiot is someone who first of all has “dirty laundry”.
It is okay to have a clothes line hanging outside even if there are wet socks on top. We had 20 pairs the other day, and I didn’t take a photo.
When the wind blows it still does not make sense to place round rocks on the clothes line.
As a courtesy to your family members, you should not have “dirty laundry”.
I only know idiot, but at times amusing Malcolm Ness from renting his home in England off Airbnb, during which time Malcolm was also staying in his great architecture house that looks like the plain house next door, but once inside it is quite the light marvel. He is a very talented architect and quite humble as architects go.
Malcolm didn’t think twice of waking up the entire household which included several other paying guests as he laid it on thick to his on-off lover who we also later met when Malcolm brought him back from London a couple of days later, and they were warm and wonderful to each other as well as to us. Mango also loved the house, and very comfortable bedding, great in fact; the downstairs shower, totally brilliant.
The fact that this most shocking dialogue only went on for a couple of minutes didn’t change the fact that we were woken up.
There is no closer family than lovers.
A lover who cheats on their lover is not nice unless they have reason to leave the relationship, and still both lovers should keep it to themselves.
When you go with someone even if it is only out for dinner at McDonalds you are sending a message out publicly who you are.
Let me know if you think I haven’t covered sufficiently well that the human should be very weary of people who advise others, “Don’t hang out your dirty laundry”.
I am still waiting for [a response from] Professor of psychology, Vernon Solomon my classmate from Carmel College, South Africa to my question from yesterday:
What does a psychologist do if they are depressed?
Wouldn’t that be the first question you would ask a psychologist if you felt the need to see one?
Were you  able to follow this
or this?
The “this” led to a pdf attachment containing the communique I sent you yesterday titled, “Accessories to the premeditated murder of my mother Zena -THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING A WOMAN –  Sitting pretty” which will shortly be up on the BLOG. 
BTW, my wonderful mother’s first cousin Frances Poeggel, included in the bcc, and who is consistently about family given her Catholic upbringing and deep, genuine desire to seek out her Jewish family, has not replied. I also very much doubt it is because she is sewing her wedding dress to compete with my mother’s, 


but I do think Frances is hoping that her soon to be second husband, Conrad at 86 years old is too old to have children.
I also think Conrad, based on the quick video conference we were having the other day when Frances’ camera picked him up momentarily, that he could have been as good looking as my dad


To fully understand how astronomical is my sister and her husband’s payoff, so utterly mind-boggling, you would have been better off being born in my household, better yet in my shoes.
In 1969 my father and his father’s multinational trading conglomerate, The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies that had been in business since 1910 sold to Natie Kirsh who is up there on the Forbes list of billionaires. Kirsh is also considered the largest trucker of meat in the United States and some say the largest private owner of real estate in London. In 1969, Kirsh who had the maize concession in Swaziland that was courtesy of Moshal Gevisser’s strategic partner, American Charles W. Engelhard Jr. [1917-1971], had to bring in partners to help purchase public corporation Moshal Gevisser and knowing that in less than a year he would be liquidating the company at a ginormous profit. 
In other words, Kirsh didn’t have the standing with South African banks such as Standard Bank or the South African Reserve Bank that Engelhard Jr. also controlled, who could see exactly the worth of Moshal Gevisser in a fire sale liquidation, because the only value Kirsh placed on this hugely diversified international empire that along with Engelhard Jr. controlled the largest timber company in Africa, ACME Timber


was the net value of the real estate holdings which my grandfather Israel Issy Gevisser [c. 1890-1970] insisted all be purchased with cash; i.e. no loans of any kind.
Why wouldn’t the banks lend Kirsh the money?
The banks knew it was a hijacking because the banks were The Bank-De Beers-Anglo American Corporation-Engelhard Enterprises South Africa who orchestrated the heist.
The Bank was also exposing Natie Kirsh.
Kirsh placed a value of zero on the trading side of Moshal Gevisser, and he simply shut down the trading side which had a proven pilot program for the “Cash & Carry” business which Moshal Gevisser, under my father’s stewardship had developed in South Africa that would have made the likes of Pick N Pay owned by another future multi-billionaire, Raymond Ackerman impossible to get off the ground.
The next day Kirsh started a new “Cash & Carry” business under his own label.
Do you think Kirsh has forgotten the last name Gevisser?
Do you think when I get an email address off one of Kirsh’s holdings that the individual who uses that email address doesn’t forward it on to the appropriate authorities?
Do you think that before I completed my year long interviewing process with The Bank I didn’t enquire about how else they have helped Kirsh over the years.
If I were The Bank today do you think there would be barriers to entry in your pharmacy business?
Do you have any idea how smart Issy Gevisser was to hold on to his conscience and never leverage any of Moshal Gevisser’s hugely valuable properties?
The Bank-Kirsh would not have approached my grandfather to sell, instead they would have done to him what they did to the Israeli diamond merchants who depended on The Bank’s credit to purchase their diamond currency.
Consequently, I wouldn’t be here today to explain it all.
Selling a 6 decade old conglomerate whose financial as well as strategic partner, American Charles W. Engelhard Jr. was the richest and most powerful man in the world, for substantially less than what the real estate is worth, does more than stink.
It is totally beautiful.
It has you all check mated.
A quick recap:
You remember the Wall Street Journal article featuring Deborah Sturman Esq. on May 19, 1999.
4 months and 12 days later, October 1st, my mother Zena’s ingenious thinking, Revlon Make Up Chart cartoon


that my beautiful F-C wife Marie Dion drew, was put to good use.
On October 1, 2003, the 4th anniversary of Mr. Krinsk filing the epic shareholder class action lawsuit [SCAL] against big Jewish crook and charity donor, Ronald O. Perelman and his Revlon Corporation, Krinsk had me pick up the tab at our regular watering hole, Rainwaters in downtown San Diego because he went to the trouble of drawing the brilliant Gold flowchart 


business plan that I began to immediately implement, and which came to fruition yesterday with nuclear journalist Euan McKidy speaking out and when breaking the silence before going quiet again, exposed all the 90 nuclear journalists who people such as yourself in your small bubble in Netanya, Israel were clueless about.
Note the box, “Who is left”.
Mr. Krinsk was not asking you if you were left handed.
It is also Krinsk’s handwriting on the receipt


because he figured that I was too busy studying the chart, but he did ask me if it was okay that he give on my behalf a $15 tip.
On October 1, 2003, Mr. Krinsk was no less uncertain that it was just a question of time before the financial markets would implode around the world and which was led by Lloyd’s of London putting a gun to the heads of the 3 Branches of the United States Government when instituting in the early 1990s a ban preventing American citizens and American residents from investing in Lloyd’s unless they were already “grandfathered in”; and few of them wanted to stay in, because many of these American names were already in heavy duty litigation with Lloyds without the Americans having the foggiest notion what was going on. 
We are also talking about the richest and most powerful Americans whose visits to Lloyd’s trading floor are nothing less than a pilgrimage to heaven herself.
Had I not spent the better part of today crafting this communique those 90 nuclear journalists would be tightening the noose around each of the necks without me having to do much more than place all their email addresses in the To section and forward what I sent journalist Euan McKirdy last evening and in the cc section only Dr. Geoffrey Rothwell Phd, and to simply include as a note the email Rothwell recently sent me suggesting that he and I establish a Non Government Organization [NGO] which would expose not only these 90 but every journalist on the planet including joker Snowden.
If you didn’t know, Dr. Rothwell Phd works for the government.
Rothwell is the principal economist for the government’s most secretive agency, the Nuclear Energy Agency who are responsible for there being no opposition to nuclear weapons development which means there is no legitimate opposition to the “good atom” civilian use nuclear energy plants.
You understand that Natie Kirsh didn’t stop being a plant after he purchased Moshal Gevisser.
Why would you pay a friend or family member of mine genuinely motivated to help me a penny when you could destroy their trading company in an instant?
I play just the cards I am dealt including the extraordinarily healthy meals that my amazing F-C wife Marie Dion mostly prepares, which are very time consuming despite her being the most efficient person I have ever met; and that applies to everything she touches; not one more extra move then what is needed; not once moving even a piece of paper without thinking that she might have to come back and put it somewhere else.
Until such time as you have spent so much as half a day with my wife, you wouldn’t even begin to know what it means to be alive. 
Mr. Krinsk didn’t suddenly dream up in a vacuum that very clever Gold “Genuinely motivated to your objective” business plan because he had already steered me towards taking down Lloyd’s, although his thinking was only the mineral mining monopolist De Beers; and that is because Krinsk was not a good student of history because he hadn’t been taught like most of you the subject of “military economics” where the biggest gun decides everything. 
That should have been intuitive to you had you been born with common sense which appears to have nothing to do with your genes. The perfect example is my 3 elder siblings which my mother Zena picked up on immediately, and why she was willing to go through 8 miscarriages after my very needy middle brother Melvin came into this world.
Bear in mind that if someone as business savvy as well as Boston University educated Krinsk couldn’t connect the dots between De Beers and Lloyds of London then you wouldn’t expect the two of you spending your days filling prescriptions for the rich elderly of Israel to know any better; forget for the moment, the rich are the only ones able to afford the cheap imported help from the Philippines who know better than to complain when people like my WWE sister Kathy decide not to give her any time off when my mother’s favorite arrives in town without however my sister letting me know in advance that she was setting me up to have Israeli police evict me, my French-Canadian citizen wife Marie Dion and our dog Mango at 01:30 Tuesday September 27th, just a month and a half ago.
How are you doing working on that nightmarish wake up call this coming evening?
If you are not sweating, keep trying until you feel the symptoms of Parkinsons in your toe nails.
I consider the criminal activity of my 3 elder siblings far worse than all the crimes of Wall Street combined and so I turn over each and every stone in my path to see what foul lurks.
Since you too are about the money then you would be most interested to know that Krinsk knew exactly where the share price of AIG was going to be heading because he had got the benefit of my “risk assessment” services when deciding to accept the $10 million first offer of settlement from Perelman who knew that the next deposition Krinsk was going to conduct following the one and only which took place on November 17, 2002 would most likely be Perelman himself, and then given how well I had coached Krinsk it would be lights out for Perelman.
The issue of course was not Mr. Perelman’s religion but if you are Jewish then you should, before pointing fingers at non-Jewish people who only know from their poor history education of Jewish people to look carefully at how first of all us Jewish people made our wealth, given how you would expect that the anti-Semites who are no different to those anti-Israel and control the banking system just as they do the mineral resources which they acquire not through peaceful trade negotiations but through threats of violence, to make the richest those Jewish people ratting out their brothers and sisters.
It has been a good 24 hours since you first learned how the number of Jewish Kapos following our genocide Jewish Holocaust of WW II exploded.
Do you have anything to add?
To life!
[Word count 11,119]


Begin forwarded message:
From: GaryStevenGevisser <>
Subject: What are you doing – Re: Courage-Speak with a member of your family-Where exactly would you have begun your search – Re: Private
Date: November 15, 2016 at 7:31:42 AM PST
To: FRAN BAKER POEGGEL – First cousin of Zena Gevisser Zulman, a captive of my 3 elder siblings, Kathy, Neil and Melvin


Fran good morning – I dont see you replying to this communique from 2 days, and if I am mistaken please let me know.

So I come back to your “no comments” after reading:
Fran, at age 76 you are one of the first to see how little the human cares for each other, and I am only talking about family, not relatives and cousins, just immediate family.
Were you in the same position as my mother and as accomplished you would see that not only immediate family members but the human race would be an accessory to your premeditated murder.

Remember you started out by telling me, “family is important”.

With all that you have going on you must have thought that I was going to come back and ask you, “Since you think family is so important and you also make a point of seeking out the family you have never known, and then you come across two members of this new family group who happen to be very accomplished and very close, so what are you doing to help prevent the premeditated murder of my mother?”
You must have spoken to all your children about me and my mother and my terrible WWE sister Kathy and my 2 elder brothers just going along for the ride thinking that no one will care?
It is time to face the music and when the music dies in your head then you are really alone because what sort of stupid God would give the bad any peace of mind?
Remember I am not yet beat.


On Nov 13, 2016, at 7:56 AM, gg <> wrote:

Family is only important in the path to figuring out who you are. Once you figure those family members who are trash you have to part, and never look back. If you do then you will waste time and forget to eat right and before you know it you have diabetes, cancer, loss of eyesight, loss of movement, lost to figure out your purpose in life, which begins with asking yourself what possible purpose you could have other than bringing increasing amounts of unwanted children into the world who you then leave them with the burden to fix those problems.


So most parents have children because it is a toy that they can afford.

Most people know their family best because there is resemblance and the longest history. Once making a good judgment on the family you are better to judge others and stear clear of the bad which is that much easier “sicne” [sic] the force that created life, protects from all the bad. Speaking for myself and Marie, we are living proof of that!
You don’t have to be religious, you just have to be good.
Most religious people are no better than those who are not religious, because you can see that the religious people also dont come up with solutions to improve the world once they are given the truth about how the wealth is allocated. If it is over your head that the people who back all sides to war then after the war has ended they accumulate more wealth then obviously it is over your head. But I don’t think so. You should be able to follow that because you know that if you worked for a bomb manufacturer and there was no one to fight, you would soon be laid off. If the people died of natural causes such as old age and no cancer which is brought on by meat eating which is also cruel to the environment, then there would only be jobs for people helping the old die peacefully. In other words no medical doctors.
My sister is having a Filipino maid help my sister drive my mother into an early grave by killing off her brain as much as possible.
Im 59 and knew the ways of the world by the time I was 15, and so I know about figuring out the best healthcare for my mother who could afford to stay at the Ritz 24/7 even if she lived to 120 so long as they allowed the world’s best professional help, making her the healthiest food in the world to come and go as they please.
So yes I also don’t need to put my life on hold to do a far better job for my mother who makes it clear why she wants me to take care of her rather than my other siblings who are simply selfish like most people in this world.
No, my siblings don’t miss me or my mother. They dont want to be with either of us because it reminds them of how stupid they were not to figure things out.
My siblings hate me because they are jealous and they resent the fact that I am far heathier than them and that has a lot to do with why I am my mother’s favorite. Healthy mind, healthy body; healthy body, healthy mind.
Nor do I pity or hate them because they are being punished already like everyone who is selfish. When you don’t take care of your body to the best of your ability and that means finding out why it is that not everyone is eating healthy then you also have to do something about  it.
My siblings are not alone in wanting to keep the status quo of the rich getting richer and the poor poorer.
I have an immediate solution that is common sense, and so far not one person, has stepped up to the plate. It costs no one a penny by just joining an insurance marketing group which I would initially head that would shop for the best insurance coverage. The biggest affinity group right now is Facebook. Facebook had [months ago] 1.2 billion subscribers. It might be much larger today. If you were my fb friend it would bring me to 143 odd Fb friends. Between myself and my other FB friends we have more than 50,000. You start with insurance, the next thing you are a bank. Zuckerberg knows this but if he gets into the insurance-banking game then he will expose that there is no competition in that industry just like there is no competition in any business.
I know it helps others when a good person does good to forgive those who have done bad. That is the guilt that the bad must carry with them all their lives.
The only thing I can forgive my siblings as they continue to hold my mother prisoner and to kill her brain that much quicker is that they were not born with common sense and for that they will have to ask God, who no doubt will have them reflect on their past lives, and I say the same to anyone who wastes a moment with someone who has done wrong, other than expose them.
You hang around miserable people because happy people dont like to be around miserable people, you will get miserable and notice first of all that you are less mobile because miserable people get sick much quicker.
Miserable people are also totally boring!
To life!
PS – Im now “shutting down” in preparation for following up with my WWE sister Kathy. Until you read The Diamond Invention book and ask me questions you don’t have the answer to, then you will be like everyone else turning in circles and your dizzy mind will not have you thinking clearly.


On Nov 13, 2016, at 6:39 AM, FRAN BAKER POEGGEL  wrote:

II read what you wrote, much of it over my head.  

My question to you, if you get control of the care for your mom, what will you do different then what Kathy does for her now?  Will she remain in Israel?  Will she go to assist care place?  Will you check on her everyday?  Will you put your life on hold for her?  At the Y that I attend, because it cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 a month, the children caretakers,build an apartment on to the house, bus them everyday to the Y for contact with other seniors.  Without outside contact, the brain falls apart.  Will you bring an aid in to care for her personnel needs?  Bathing, cooking, driving?  
A statement to you, why did I choose you to contact, rather then your siblings?  
Answer:  I chose you after reading about the family, how you where at edge with your family.  Family is very important, I am sure they all miss you, you were the baby.  
I always felt rejected at certain times in my life.  I even had to forgive my ex husband, because hate will get to you.  He is now paralyzed from a stroke, lives with his son.  I check in on him to be sure he is being cared for.  He tells me now, that he loves me.  Sad!  Could not say it when we where married.  His parents stopped liking me when they found out my dad was Jewish!!  His father was from Germany,  it is a crazy world out there.  I would very much like for you to forgive them, they do not know what they do..   
iPad problem, when I open the camera to see you, my battery does not last long.  I then have to charge it for a few hours.  
I hope that I have not offended, you in anyway with the above comments.  We are family, you are very special to me.

  Until we contact again, love cousin Fran 



On Saturday, November 12, 2016, gg <> wrote:




Begin forwarded message:
From: Malcolm Ness <>
Subject: Re: Courage-Speak with a member of your family-Where exactly would you have begun your search – Re: Private
Date: November 12, 2016 at 3:05:59 AM PST


I did try to send this to everyone but my server said a lot of the Cc’s were not recognised so I am sending this just to you 



First off I do not hate, nor am I any where near hating you and especially not Marie, who has calmness and kindness rarely seen these days.
Also, I have never met any of the other people you choose to send e-mails to so that is why I would not normally include them in a round robin affair to counter conspiracies here and there.  I am not one to “hang my dirty washing out to dry” so would rather communicate with both of you as a friend in the present. I do not know a huge amount about your history other than what you have written about BUT when we met I liked both of you and that is where I start – nothing sinister or otherwise about it. 
I am a decent human being – well I like to think I am and as much as I do not want to be “shat upon” I would also choose not to treat others badly. The system we live in is biased and manipulated by others with very few, if any, altruistic genes and I am aware of this but in my own way have enough to cope with without trying to turn the world upside down. I do hope that a new world order will come, one with less greed and selfishness but am also aware that my comfortable lifestyle will change as it is not sustainable, even though I try my best it is not enough, and if my lifestyle is not sustainable then nearly everyone else on this list, including yours, is even less sustainable. How many times in the last year have you got into an aeroplane and how many times in the last year have you driven your car just to go for a walk? We in the “western” economies and an increasing number in other economies are living beyond the means of this planet which is a closed system. The more we exploit for our own lives the less there is for someone else.
Mother earth will win this battle one way or another. It may take the planet longer to recover from our excesses but it will be here after we have been dealt with.
Right now I enjoy the sun, when it shines. I enjoy the rain as everything looks so clean and fresh and the blackbirds (not four and twenty but just two), the finches and the tits are a pleasure to watch and listen to. There are too many people on this planet who choose not to focus or are unable to focus on what joy there is around us. Too many people choose to focus on the negative in their lives and there is lots of that.  They scrabble for money or are salving their consciences buy jumping up and down about injustices though they at one time have taken advantage of the system to feather their own nests so they are close to the top of the pile and have the buffer / wealth to jump up and down and complain.  I wish them all well in their chosen paths but if I meet them I can make my own opinion of them and we can share our opinions then and maybe, just maybe there will be some adjustment from one or both.
LOVE to You, Marie and Mango


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