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Mother Theresa being put to the ultimate test – Part I

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: January 10, 2012 2:17:58 PM PST
To: Sam Samples
Cc: rest; Cyndi Lauper, Rebecca Samples , “Deborah Sturman Esq – Inspired by Zena Badash-Ash Gevisser Zulman, played pivotal role in collecting billions of $ from remnants of Germany’s military machine during WW II, but stopped way too short when realizing it was so close to home. home.” , “Devin Standard – eldest son of former President of New York State Bar Kenneth Standard.” , Rabbi Abner Weiss , raye anne marks , Lynne Zimet , Adam Lee Tucker , Nitza Lite , “President Shimon Peres c/o Office for the Israeli Deparment of Defense Attache; Israeli Embassy Washington DC Israeli Embassy” ,, Jeffrey Krinsk
Subject: Mother Theresa being put to the ultimate test – Re: How much cash are you short? Could you get RM to take payments? Is Moses pushing for his refund? Can you tell me where things stand with the lawyer?


Even if you manage without my help to make up the current shortfall of $1150, you are still not only thinking Old School money, but you are forgetting the problems you and your lawyer have created by not responding in a timely fashion to Moses who began this attack on your character by choosing very carefully not only to add email addresses that you say were not on the original Christmas Card list but keeping in Cyndi Lauper’s as well as my email address that shows clearly my website 2facetruth.

You know there is a very high probability that all my emails including those with Cyndi Lauper are being intercepted.

Equally important none of your writings since being made aware of this attack have made any sense including what you have done since finding out that you didn’t get all of Moses’ emails which could have simply been an accident; and if not then it was incumbent upon you given the very high profile of people like me and Cyndi Lauper to stop thinking about yourself and let’s leave Rebecca out of this for the time being, and giving everyone all the information as it became available to you.

Even those of us who haven’t reached the highest levels of the Oppenheimers socio economic ladder know that filing a defamation lawsuit against a customer who is not happy with your service is not only a hugely losing proposition but it could be years before the case ever comes to trial assuming it isn’t thrown out and you get hit with a frivolous lawsuit charge.

I also know you well enough that your thinking is NOT that you could possibly convince a great many people that when your California lawyer files a defamation lawsuit against Moses which you only today informed us you owe him $425, you could exact a financial settlement out of him long ahead of the case coming to trial.

I don’t believe for one moment that is your intention. I believe you are using that as an excuse not inform those of us who have been harmed the most by your recklessness in sending out a Christmas Card knowing that you owed money to people who were hugely pissed off with you.

In fact the person who says the worst thing about your character is this Raye Moelemi who writes, “The fact that a man at his age is still lying like a child is very disconcerting. That he uses his church and military service (if that wasn’t a lie) to run a scam is outright disheartening” and Moelemi has the personal judgement against you which you are not disputing and now scrambling to find by the end of day today this $1150.

Are you planning on suing Moelemi after this?

How are you going to live when more word seeps out to customers and prospects?

Obviously, few of them are stepping up to the plate.

You know how ridiculous you sound knowing full well the hugely deep pockets that are available to you with just one phone call to Cyndi?

This is hugely fishy, and why I must now spell it all out.

Cyndi may not be giving you this good advice because quite frankly I don’t expect her or her husband or their financial advisors to understand the way the real world works as well as me.

When you and Cyndi asked me to keep the dialogue between her and I private, I agreed to it believing that she would be honest in her response to my business proposal to have her help us “wake up the world” to the fraud of the Oppenheimers; meaning she should simply have come back with asking me how much of a contribution, given how Marie and I have stuck our necks out without running. Her only excuse, given how she has previously written about not only giving you the world, were you to simply ask her, but she has consistently followed through on her word, to the point of having her husband join her flying out to California with a $3 million cashiers check that you turned down, would have been because either she is now strapped for cash, and that is highly unlikely or she needed more information about my “social cause” which of course she easily got her head around; in other words, she knows perfectly well that I am for real and the information I have provided that she could have never got from any other source because it is so unique as well as hugely material, especially if you have a lot of wealth that could evaporate in the next instant were there to be one democratic election in the western world including Israel, instead why now answering me with her silence, she is also telling you that this problem is of your own doing.

In other words, you have got yourself into a problem with paying customers who say you are running a ponzi scheme which began rearing its ugly head with you sending out a Christmas Card that had all this “godliness” to it, which then irritated the hell out those who also felt that you had abused your great military record, since how could you be sending out a God Christmas Card and knowing that not only had you a personal judgement but this Ray Moleni was not the only person who was demanding a refund.

Of course it explains why you decided to attack me the most given how no one else including Cyndi came out in OPEN SUPPORT of you, and nor do any of them including you have a more important social cause than mine which of course I cannot reach the poor who need it the most, because all those profiting from this fraudulent money system are doing everything within their power to undermine me, which of course does not prevent them from also trying to hedge their bets because more important than the truth which means absolutely nothing to people who are corrupt and corrupt people are people who have the easy to understand knowledge that I am sharing about the rape of the poor which could end in the next instant, is the fact that they know the poor remain in the majority and they don’t need a nonsense university education to know that the violent ruling elite who are the minority, do not have truth in their favor.

Again, it is not lost on me that not a single person who has one bad thing to say about me can make a logical argument to support their contention instead they hit me with vagueness when not total silence.

I am not all about money, so of course I can understand that those who are all about money have much more difficulty, but that does not mean they don’t follow every word I am writing, and of course each of them who understand the battle I am waging with the Oppenheimers and their corrupt governments, could end in the next moment were this to be my last communique.

For there to be so many evil and yet no one has managed to kill me, smacks of odds that only God could make a reality in all your minds as well, no matter how poorly taken care of.

The logic is very simple.

Let me explain.

Even if Putin does not hav
e tattooed on his forehead when seated

with Nicholas Oppenheimer that he is the highest paid assassin in the world, I know that Oppenheimer was not explaining to Putin about the Laws of Supply and Demand or anything close to fair trading practices, but before the meeting that obviously involved others, began, Oppenheimer could have told Putin privately that no matter what he said publicly, the Oppenheimers will continue to control the value of the world’s different currencies until they get toppled and if the Oppenheimers are dethroned, in the next instant all the rest of their Captain of Industry would say goodbye to their lifestyles.

Even if I hadn’t worked for the Oppenheimers at their most important intelligence gathering operation on US soil, anyone with the least amount of common sense would have figured out what Nicholas Oppenheimer was attempting to achieve when summoning Putin to South Africa for that one of a kind photo shoot.

The fact that it is not only you who has read what took place soon after I broke on 11.11.2004 my 24 year silence with this terrorist organization who make Al Quaeda and all its military propaganda look like child’s play, should finally wake you up, and if not, it will only be your loss.

Putin is not the only person in the world who has seen that photo that the Oppenheimers continue to parade on both the De Beers Wikipedia profile as well as Nicholas Oppenheimer’s very short profile that still only contains that photo and very little text.

You have heard of the US Justice Department who have bunches of US Attorneys working for them and they also know that someone such as me could balance the deficit of the US Government by showing them and the US Treasury how to go about taxing the Oppenheimers for their genocide on the poor.

You must remember my friend Deborah Sturman Esq. who got the Oppenheimers’ German Government to cough up $4 billion in back slave wages for Jewish survivors of The Holocaust.

Do you think Deborah has forgotten all her email communications with me before she decided to go silent?

Let me repeat. Each time the clock ticks, my information is getting out there which also means that when an order is given to assassinate me, the person giving the order has to be that much more worried that it will be the last order they give.

I know that God is the only genius because all my great many adversaries were obviously only put on this planet at this moment in time to suffer horribly and nor will their torture end when taking their last breath as humans.

When you know how easy it would be to end the suffering of the poor of the world who are in the majority and you find every reason under the sun to delay, you have made your choice, but that only means it takes still just one bad person to turn on the rest who are easily identifiable from my emails or $ HIT list or one of the majority of poor who have not yet had the information to choose smart.

Still I do not have one dedicated supporter 100% of the time.

How can that be given all the charity workers who work for free all over the world?

If Mother Theresa were alive today and reading this and at the height of her competency, do you think she would support me?

She would really deserve sainthood wouldn’t she?

I bet you are not the only person questioning how much you would have preferred not to think of Mother Theresa being put to the ultimate test.

You are not the only person who has most probably forgotten while lambasting me for not getting the GIP [Gold Diamond-Money Inventory Petition] out months ago, that you have never before seen a photo of Putin with a Captain of Industry let alone a photo of very macho Putin not looking happy sitting in that seat on September 5-6th, 2006.

There is a very good reason why it is that the Oppenheimers while now starting to hide for the first time since they owned the US Government starting well prior to World War I when the US Congress never objected to Chinese “Coolie” slaves being shipped to South Africa to work the mines right after the American led 8 Allied nation invasion of China in 1900, continue to promote such an intimidating photo.

Cyndi, I bet now understands that photo perfectly and can easily imagine if Obama was in the next room waiting to be invited in, he would be practicing his bowing.

Yes, the Oppenheimers choose our American Presidents and US Congress by how low they bow.

Cyndi, you and Rebecca all know perfectly well that I can hold my own against the entire world on the truths I am telling about what affords people like Cyndi and all of Wall Street their lifestyles because Hollywood and Wall Street are one and the same, all of which is so well explained in Epstein’s The Diamond Invention book.

Instead of applauding me for making obsolete every book written on the subject of History, Economics, Military & Politics [HEMP] since the turn of the last century, I am not only ridiculed but I still don’t have one supporter assisting me 100% of the time. (I just checked my inbox; the time is 1:29)

Your one cause against the lifestyle of Gays and Lesbians and Cyndi’s support of Gays and Lesbian’s rights to do as they please, are totally insignificant compared the genocide of the poor of the world who don’t even have clean drinking water; and there you all are blessing in public poison foods before they enter your mouth praying that somehow God would defy all the wisdom he instills in us as well makes available on the Internet so that the poison will be digested without leaving behind God’s clear as a whistle vengeance in the form of pain, shortness of breath (quickened entropy) followed always by less mobility and less exercise leads that much more to disease, pain and suffering which as the body naturally ages makes the hero worshipper of themselves less sensitive to the poor of the world whose poverty the insanely insensitive leave to their military to cull and in the process by giving awards and medals make it all sound that much more virtuous.

I bet you have interacted with as many Gays and Lesbians as you have the dirt poor of India and therefore know at least all the Hindu words that inevitably lead to enlightenment.

My God, how hypocritical can the western world be not to have ever asked a leader of India to explain this pacifist road to enlightenment as the poor of India get trampled on left and right?

The answer of course can found in the rich of India always reminding big mouth American officials such as so ugly Hilary Clinton about what democratic principles permitted the wholesales slaughter of 10 million indigenous American Indians.

Were you aware that in 1854 when the US Government paid bounty hunters to murder 1 million American Indians, that was 78 years after the Declaration of Independence?

You consider yourself a Fundamentalist Christian, can you tell me where in scripture it prevents Fundamentalist Christians from outing all your corrupt preachers and those that follow them for not referring time and again to the previous paragraph?

I am of course preparing to die.

These are not my only writings that would shut down every religious institution in the world and they would be replaced with teachers teaching common sense starting with having kids draw pictures of their happy cells rejoicing from eating healthy food and drink. Kids get it. The adults are mass murderers.

Nor should there be concern that with no one attending church services violent anarchy will break out throughout the world. It cannot get any worse than it is right now.

I have exposed the fraud of all the religious people while explaining the genius of God who punishes hypocrites the most.

Christianity does not have the intellectuals that have been bred by the teachings of Judaism which is why us Jewish people had to be wiped out to the point that the only Jewish int
ellectuals that remain are all bought and paid for.

So what that I am not a designated Jewish intellectual, the fact that I can shut all of them up only supports my claim that they are all intellectual midgets because they have allowed the Christians to corrupt them.

While you feel that you don’t want to be beholden to Cyndi by accepting any money including those very valuable records, I have absolutely no problem because my goal is much greater than me feeling good about my own ego. I show that I care about the poor who are only poor because they have been grossly misinformed and they have no voice because people like you enable people like Cyndi to look like they are doing good when supporting causes like Gay and Lesbian Rights.

Name me one Gay and Lesbian Group who are supporting mass murder of the poor, apart from those who are silent, just like their opposition.

I have now asked you several times whether you have returned the records which she said that if you did she was going to return to you in pieces. If you have returned them to her, there may be time to stop her from destroying them as I would use those monies to end this selfish madness that begins with those who wrap themselves in religious scripture but who show that their care for the poor of the world is second to them just doing only what suits them.

You also know perfectly well that your explanation of your lawyer’s thinking does not come close to making sense, and all I have asked are very reasonable questions because it is so totally absurd this Moses situation that I have to think that much more it is tied in to Knuff-Lowy-Loewinsohn and company, and the only way for me to find out is to communicate directly with your lawyer which you should be very happy for me to do because I make perfect sense.

Again, you never mentioned before the sum of money you owed Moses because had you I would never in a million years have sent out that “The gloves come off” communique on January 6 because unless Moses is saying that you owe him more money than $425 the odds of him going to the trouble of fabricating emails is so infinitely small no District Attorney in their right mind would think of prosecuting Moses.

What world are you living in?

Are you aware of the YouTube stuff Rebecca is sending Marie about areas of the sky that people we dont know the first thing about are saying are being blocked out because they are trying to hide the arrival of Christ?

Could this all stem from me owning

God does not need me, or you or Rebecca or any of us 7 billion to show his presence. Does Rebecca not understand that God is smart enough without her help to overcome any human’s attempt to block out the Hand of God at work?


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