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Mother Theresa being put to the ultimate test – Part II

Rebecca cannot be that stupid. I have seen her thinking very logically such as when suggesting we build the camera stand.

I can only imagine how much time she spends every day on the computer looking at stuff like that. Why isn’t she researching what Marie has already researched for us that has the two of us looking and feeling so healthy and therefore able to overcome such pervasive evil?

She is a nurse. She can read. She can go on to the Internet and learn all she needs to about nutrition in order not only to keep you alive but improve your quality of life before your heart gives out. Instead neither of you have changed your eating habits that should have begun long before meeting us by not eating any meat or diary products.

I know you laughed off the brilliant China Study book just like everyone else not wanting to put in the effort as they find all the time in the world for everything else that helps them remain in denial.

I have a DEATH SENTENCE hanging over my head only because so far God has surrounded me with very selfish people in order that I turn all their darkness as a backdrop to the increasingly bright spotlight of Truth-Logic-God.

Rebecca should have no problem whatsoever in you getting Cyndi to bail you out immediately and for me to get a whole bunch of credit for telling it exactly the way it is.

When you agreed with Cyndi to keep our dialogue private you were only thinking of protecting her. What about me? What about the value of all my knowledge that Cyndi has now benefitted from?

I also remember you mentioning to me only when we last met and you showed me the records that you had previously informed her of Just because you have the hangup of having attended business school where you learned absolutely nothing about how the real world works as it only gave you a totally false sense of security which is how the First Latino group took advantage of you and of course you had no one to blame other than your totally nonsense MBA, does not mean that Cyndi hasn’t spoken at length with her financial advisors even before she and I began our private conversations which I intend to keep private unless Cyndi says otherwise.

You forget far too many things my friend.

So let me now remind you as well as Rebecca as well as everyone else “tuned in”.

While I was still 21 and you were 18 and in the middle of your undergraduate degree at USC, I was being tested by the Oppenheimer’s smartest analytical people who knew everything there was to know about me apart from what was inside my head and which I hadn’t spoken about to anyone.

I could dissect a financial statement into its smallest parts and when reassembling the numbers figure out the strengths and weaknesses of the business because there is no such thing as a bad business only bad business people; and you are not a good business person; you are a brilliant fighter pilot and perhaps an even better film director; better yet if I was able to sit down with the person who compiled the numbers I would be able to figure out in no time who in the organization was either corrupt or incompetent.

Of course during the testing of my “risk assessment” skills I was not afforded such “luxuries” of interviewing any of the management of the target companies but without asking I knew that for them to have got hold of unpublished unaudited financial statements the Oppenheimers would have also bugged the offices of not only potential acquisitions but corporations where they had already bribed the officers.

Do you remember me asking you whether you think Nicholas Oppenheimer has heard of me?

Do you remember you saying to me that you were waiting for the right time to post up on Devin Standard’s Facebook “wall”?

Have you seen the crap Devin keeps posting up, but he still hasn’t come back to let us know what all his military brass connections have to say about the Oppenheimers getting Dick Cheney to place diamonds in the ejection seats of American fighter aircraft back in May 1991 which was right after I last met with Roger W. Robinson who visited with me and my ex-girlfriend Annie George in Santa Monica when “Our Man Roger” flew out to attend his and President Ronald W. Reagan’s 40th and 80th birthday celebrations.”

Do you think “Our Man Roger” has forgotten about me?

So let me recap:

You like most who have allowed your formal education to interfere with your learning don’t like me spelling everything out so clearly, but you do like it when you can say to yourselves and others that my emails are too long and therefore you have the choice of picking and choosing what to respond to as well as not responding at all.

In early 1994 when I turned down a $6 million advance on the book that I continue to write without anyone so far even signing up for my 2face The News newsletter which I want changed back to $14.21 a year which is what I first asked for because poor people cannot afford to pay anything, I was mostly turning down the opportunity to be the next Chief Executive Officer of Hearst Corporation which remains the largest and most profitable private corporation in the world, apart from the Oppenheimers’ private holdings which include each of their officers in the US Congress, President Obama and all the Republican candidates for President. I also knew that if I accepted Randolf Apperson Hearst’s offer I would become a household name overnight, and nor would anyone in the world including Frank A. Bennack, Jr. who remains one of their top dogs, question my credentials because of course Mr. Hearst [1915-2000] would have first explained to Mr. Bennack as well as all the other Hearst heirs including his nephew George Randolph Hearst, Jr. who replaced him, how come I was so very knowledgeable about how the real world works which stemmed from simply asking two very important people, Boris Senior [1924-2004] and Ben-Gurion [1886-1973] a series of very common sense questions beginning with,

“Why does Israel need money from Jewish South Africans to pay for its weapon systems when it is obvious that the German-South African Oppenheimers who every Jewish South African knows have never meant the Jewish people well, were the greatest profiteers following the Holocaust, and nor do they have their own standing army?”

You have not forgotten that in early 1994 I was not only 36 and more accomplished than any executive of Hearst Corporation but I had not lost my sight and therefore I could still read and write. I also had a most excellent memory because as you know only liars need good memories to keep track of their lies.

I also learned that there was nothing to be gained by opening my mouth and letting people like you, Rebecca and Cyndi know how the real world worked because there was every reason to believe that you would all end up being even more resentful; and therefore tripping me up that much easier, given how the Internet was just beginning.

Do you remember me mentioning how this one fat diseased talkative cell painter wrote me that I “defame fat people” because I point out that they are self-indulgent and God has it first of all show up all over their largest organ the skin and which one first sees in the face that as it blows out the mouth gets that much smaller and all screwed up, much like the beak of a bird?

She still tells me that she loves Marie and me even though when she wrote the word “defame” she knew exactly what her disgusting mind was telling her do which was to lend credence to the fraudulent defamation judgment I was handed by all your corrupt judiciary.

All of you can easily see that Mr. Hearst who is the father of Patty Hearst would be very proud of me today, but of course not quite as proud as God who put on this planet Mr. Hearst as well as his very honorable father William Randolf Hearst who shamed not only all American Christians but each and every Jewish American when at gr
eat risk to his life and personal fortune he traveled in 1934, the year after Hitler was brought to power by Sir Ernest Oppenheimer and his 3 Branches of the US Government, to Berlin to meet with Hitler and plea on behalf of German Jewish people.

4 years later, on November 8-9th, 1938 Kristallnacht took place.

So let me again inform you all that not all American heroes wear army uniforms and nor are they self-absorbed despite having accumulated untold fortunes which could end with a single bullet to the back of their head.

Cutting and pasting Wikipedia – William Randolf Hearst:

Hearst described Kristallnacht as “making the flag of National Socialism a symbol of national savagery” and advocated the creation of a “homeland for dispossessed or persecuted Jews.”[17] When news of the Holocaust began to seep out of occupied Europe, Hearst covered it as important news, in contrast to other newspapers which downplayed the mass murders

Remember where I was when yet to turn 37. I could beside for reading and writing, think. I also thought about sharing my hugely lucrative payday proposal with my very tight lipped mother who was very aware that Mr. Hearst as well as his wife Veronica would be impressed most of all with how discrete I was, and only once did I come close to being accused of talking out of school when I told them that I had just taken an elevator ride with Ronald O. Perelman of Revlon Corporation who began the conversation on the ground floor of their most sought after co-op apartment building overlooking Central Park by asking me, “Do you live here? Who are you visiting?” and my reply to the first question is obvious and the second, “Just a couple of old people” and when I got out at the 3rd floor which led into the foyer of Hearsts as they occupied the entire floor, I didn’t bother to look back at Perelman and of course you can imagine the look on his face, but not yet aware that Mr. Hearst had already decided that Perelman, known to his top executive henchman as “Capo Di Capi”, would be denied his request to live at this address.

Nor did Mr. Hearst think for a moment that I was inappropriate in my comments to Perelman, in fact he got a big laugh, and nor were either of us able to forecast that 5 years later I would be focusing on Perelman as I led the investigation work for the epic class action lawsuit against Perelman, which of course I have covered ad-nausea.

Do not forget that while Fighter pilots live on the edge and the very best do not survive as long as you, just check with the Israel Air Force, I have not forgotten the gun-money-power of the Oppenheimers who the moment I became CEO of Hearst Corporation would have done everything within their power to undermine me, because while you may still think as you wrote me less than 24 hours ago, “You are acting like a overbearing, tin-plated dictator with delusions of grandeur” I have come a long way since 1994 when one of the ways to get one’s legs chopped off below the knees is to interfere with the mechanics of a private jet or helicopter, such as what befell Sol “Gambling Czar” Kersner’s son Howard (Butch) Kerzner who died in a helicopter crash on 11 October 2006.

A lot of shit happened in 2006 including my “lucky uncle” David Gevisser publishing his memoir, THE UNLIKELY FORESTER where he makes out like I never existed, because of course by this time he was well aware that I was going to war with him and the Oppenheimers.

I am still not only very much alive, fit and well, but by keeping my mouth shut very tight, and never having to even think that if I told someone as trustworthy as my mother that maybe she would open her mouth while sleeping which is not all that unusual in places like hospitals when one is heavily sedated without every patient thinking about the exact circumstances that resulted in them being brought in for medical care simply because the individual has failed to listen first, foremost and last to God speaking to each of us through the logic of how best to take care of our body temple so that we don’t suffer His punishment of pain and to use the pain-free time to do the most good starting by not being so dam smug, and suggesting that someone such as me is trying to save the world when the logic is so common sense that only God is competent enough to invent logic, and with such a clear thought to then take the next logical step and throw all caution to the wind by seeing how fricken easy it is to end in the very next instant the suffering of the poor.

It ends with someone like Cyndi who does not have the excuse of being university idiot educated dispelling the myth that so long as you have the money, it does not matter how you get it because once you have the money not only can you easily get out of debt but you can make a whole lot of friends who know better than to ask too many questions starting with your value system.

Money is the most recycled, environmentally sound material, green. Unfortunately, it is all fake.


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