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Mother Theresa being put to the ultimate test – Part III

Pay attention to the time Tucker forwarded me this latest correspondence with Loewinsohn-Lowy-Knuff and then look at how so very above board it all sounds, just like the word you used “adjudicate”.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Adam Tucker
Date: January 10, 2012 11:00:55 AM PST
Subject: Fwd: Knuff v. Tucker

Begin forwarded message:

From: “Kerry Schonwald”
Date: January 10, 2012 10:17:50 AM PST
To: “Adam Tucker”
Subject: Knuff v. Tucker


Attached please find correspondence sent to the court today.


Kerry Schonwald
Loewinsohn Flegle Deary, L.L.P.
12377 Merit Drive, Suite 900
Dallas, TX 75251
(214) 572-1714 direct dial
(214) 572-1717 facsimile

Confidentiality Note: This email is confidential and may be privileged. It is for the sole use of the named and intended recipient. Any review or distribution by others is strictly prohibited and may be illegal. If you are not the intended recipient, please delete all copies received and notify Loewinsohn Flegle Deary, L.L.P. at 214.572.1700. Thank you.

Let’s see what those in the carbon copy section can come up with.

Writing this has taken up a lot of my energy, so I am not sure I will have the GIP done by 4PM.

Ps – Right now I believe I can find at least one person who will match what this lawyer you met with yesterday contributes; and of course that would mean I would need to first talk with him; and nor should you have any problem with that given how your total fixation is getting that $3K today which tells me that Ray Moleni is putting a gun to your head that he has a local District Attorney willing to file criminal charges against you.

You exercised your right when telling me it was none of my business that you had decided not to listen to my advice even though it was as a result of your own doing that Moses got my and Marie’s email address and a whole bunch more, which he then began broadcasting and knowing perfectly well that there was nothing to prevent those on the list forwarding the communications to the entire world. I also have the right to do what I know to be the right thing which is also to have you stop thinking only about yourself and Rebecca who apart from that nonsense she wrote Marie that also wasted our time, is very quiet, and think that my clearness of thought has everything to do with God blessing me with not only the most beautiful wife in the world but the smartest because she too is honest.

On Jan 10, 2012, at 12:21 PM, Sam Samples wrote:

Forget the 3k. I have 1850 and need to find an additional 1150

On Jan 10, 2012, at 9:14 AM, Sam Samples wrote:

Is there amy way you know of anyone who can loan me the 3K today?

From: Gary S Gevisser
To: Sam Samples
Sent: Tue, January 10, 2012 8:48:43 AM
Subject: Re: How much cash are you short? Could you get RM to take payments? Is Moses pushing for his refund? Can you tell me where things stand with the lawyer?

You are telling me that Moses would go to the trouble of going to prison, risk the chance of being sued for defamation, just to collect $425?

I cannot be missing anything in my analysis. If everything you are saying is true then Moses is totally nuts and for your lawyer to be delaying a moment in getting Moses to issue you and everyone on the list a formal apology cannot wait a moment longer. Each and everyone on that list including me, Marie and Cyndi Lauper are being defamed and damaged every moment that your lawyer procrastinates.

I was not kidding you about anything including contacting Jeffrey Krinsk who you can tell from the house he lives in that he is a very successful lawyer because he knows better than to waste time messing around.

Did this lawyer not suggest to you how easy it would be to flush out if there was anyone else behind Moses?

What did the lawyer say about my suggestion to ask Moses the logical question?

“Why didn’t you come to me first before broadcasting to my client list, and if I didn’t satisfy you with an immediate answer, you still could have blasted my email list? How can we fix this without lawyers?”

You are telling me that you actually went to see this lawyer yesterday and he knew ahead of time that you owed Moses $425 and which Moses would be able to prove, and this lawyer still said that you should come to his offices?

Let me be crystal clear.

This lawyer told you over the phone that he was willing to take the case on a contingency as well as front the investigation monies since you dont have any money, and that would not be cheap, and splitting what he got out of Moses 60/40, then he must at least have told you how much money he expects he can get a judgement against Moses, forget right now being able to collect. What is that sum of money?

This lawyer is so nuts that at least you must now introduce him to me so that he can advise me on filing a counterclaim against Knuff where not only is the evidence crystal clear that Knuff concocted a fraudulent defamation lawsuit but I already have substantial damages just from my out of pocket expenses. It will take 1/2 hour of his time. I am available anytime today.

I am going to do better than what you ask. By 4pm I am going to give you the GIP to begin broadcasting to the 17 million. Previously I had said the first $4,000 will go to you. Now it is the first $5,000; and of course if we get a number like $17 million I will be very generous.

Over the course of the past 5 days, ever since Moses wrote your email list and you say a whole bunch more that brought out Ray Moleni and were their others?, it became very clear in my mind that no one apart from Marie fully understands the significance of this Knuff lawsuit. You used the word “adjudicate” in describing my wrongful DEATH SENTENCE which has an air about it of “credibility”. No lawyer unless they are honest could placate me. Action speaks much louder than words. Once you have an iota of my knowledge that I have now explained in a way that a 10 and 11 can understand you cannot practice law and say that you are honest. Dishonest people are not competent. You shouldn’t have needed to finish elementary school to know that the law is not honest.

If your lawyer friend is honest, and now it looks like all your friends in Texas who you said were going to help me which is why you contacted Loewinsohn with your real name and now Loewinsohn will know about Moses and Moleni and I don’t think Loewinsohn and company will fear them nor these Texas friends who have gone quiet just like everyone else because they are obviously corrupt, he should jump at the opportunity of a real slam dunk case.

Remember he does not need to go through mine, your or Rebecca’s email system to investigate why Moses would be willing to commit criminal wrongdoing by hacking your databases and/or stealing your identities and parading those emails that he says you/Rebecca sent him just so that he could collect $425 that you admit you owe him. I have the court transcripts and all my filings as well as the nothing that Loewinsohn-Knuff responded to me when I asked them to show cause.

If I was you, the first thing I would do today is sell those vehicles and/or take a loan with Randy and/or Stephanie and use those monies to make sure the GIP reaches everyone in the world including Randy and Stephanie and have them contribute to whose cause is to get the truth out how foreigners hijacked the US Government and saw no possibility of retribution by A
merican citizens including making it illegal for American citizens to invest in their cash cow of Llyods given how everything in the US Declaration of Independence and US Constitution was a total lie, which did not prevent US Government officials who we can all identify from taking handouts from the Oppenheimers who simply didn’t pay US Armed Forces the bulk of spoils of war against the poorest and most questioning of the world’s peoples.

Why would you want to live a moment longer amongst such dishonesty? I know God would say, “Go for broke”.

Yes, I am pissed. It is going to make the GIP that much tighter. There must have been a reason I delayed it this long.

Have you heard from Cyndi? Did you return the records?

On Jan 9, 2012, at 9:43 PM, Sam Samples wrote:

Moses total refund is 425.00 The lawyer ask that I take no action and ave no interaction. as if it can be proved that the emails were frauds the lawsuit in his words is a “slam dunk” as Mose’s’ will have a choice of settling out of court or going to court and having the matter referred to the RI DA for criminal wrong doing. The very real possibility of criminal prosecution has been stressed to me as one of the reasons I am to stay hands off. I was told that a email apology sent to the email list on 3 occasions would be made part of the settlement. This is what the lawyer used to placate and convince we to stay hands off. The attorney feels that he will be able to serve within 3 days of completing his investigation.

If you can aide in help me close a loan during the day tomorrow. I have one 1982 MR2 which I have been restoring as a hobby, a 1998 Honda prelude both of which have clear titles though neither have current registration that are available for collateral.

Any loan will be repaid within 30 days and I will take most any interest rate.

Thank You

From: Gary S Gevisser
To: Sam Samples
Sent: Mon, January 9, 2012 8:48:10 PM
Subject: Re: How much cash are you short? Could you get RM to take payments? Is Moses pushing for his refund? Can you tell me where things stand with the lawyer?

Are you saying that the lawyer is filing a lawsuit against Moses?

In order for me to help find you the money, I have to fully understand what you are doing. Getting you money when you are about to file a defamation lawsuit where you could end up being countersued has those giving you the money very possibly getting caught up in an endless round of financing which worse than the money is having to think when you are going to need more; and then there is Rebecca; what happens if you are not well enough to pursue Moses and they don’t end matters.

Remember the moment the lawsuit was filed against me I knew it was bs and I watched very carefully the reaction of everyone without them knowing they were digging their own grave. My situation is nothing close to yours or anyone else that has ever been sued. Do you have any idea how many books I could have sold around the world just telling my story since June 2006?

Instead, I have continued to observe very closely.

No American has ever stood up against the injustice of this government and been so vilified and nor do I ask for anyone’s sympathy because God rewards me 24/7.

You have not informed your email list what you are doing; they, including the bad, deserve to be told everything that is going on.

It looks highly suspicious that you are keeping quiet especially since you met with this lawyer and we all know that if he is going to file a lawsuit it is clear what his claims are, and if it is not clear, you should say why.

Im now going to bed. Sleep on it and write me when your mind is fresh.
On Jan 9, 2012, at 8:22 PM, Sam Samples wrote:

Mose’s can go to hell hence the lawyer, 3k on the Rm no paymen
From: Gary S Gevisser
To: Sam Samples
Sent: Mon, January 9, 2012 7:29:08 PM
Subject: How much cash are you short? Could you get RM to take payments? Is Moses pushing for his refund? Can you tell me where things stand with the lawyer?

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