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My Sammy

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: January 5, 2012 9:09:47 AM PST
To: Sam Samples
Subject: Fwd: My Sammy

As you would expect this was a carefully thought through communication all designed to bring out the best in her, and for her to ask the right questions and knowing that there is no escaping the importance of the information I am sharing that has so far shut down everyone other than you. This testing of her character should end all gossip conversations which all unaccomplished people thrive on. BTW, in that article about my brother it ends with him touching on the superficiality of human icons.

One of his best blank verses is:


If I was Cyndi and given how eager she was to get out here just to see you who has never made any introduction, let alone an introduction to someone such as myself who she should have been able to pick up just from the photo of my parents standing with Pandit Nehru during the 2 weeks they were his private guests, and that alone would have anyone simply raised to think what hugely important conversations went on between Nehru, his daughter Indira Ghandi and my parents and even more importantly the consequences of those meetings without my mother feeling the need to discuss matters with her press agent because she was her own press agent, Cyndi should have already been here unless she had trouble chartering a jet.

You do understand that I also learn something each time the numbers of visitors to keep changing but consistently keep going up, and as the information is made so much clearer those having got the information find themselves having to question that much more those in their inner circle beginning with family members and they find themselves with increasingly less to say.

Put yourself in the shoes of Cyndi having to now for the first time talk to her husband and son about very thoughtful you deciding to “dump me on her”.

Of course I know that you will not take that the wrong way.

When you have such huge silence including that coming from both mine and Marie’s families, you know everyone is thinking the same thing; namely, when will I become a household name because it is their silence that they have in common and that silence says the truth is not anywhere near as important to them as their money which they could lose in the next instant.

Note the ad below for our Gipsy instant coffee that I didn’t like as much as our Gipsy Tea and that tea of course came from China and India.

(Remember my parents did not pay to get the invitation from Pandit Nehru. No one alive at the time was afforded such an honor. Before granting such an honor you would know that Pandit Nehru fully understood that my parents could leverage such an extraordinary visit into riches that someone like Cyndi and everyone else in the world could only dream of; and my mother never even wrote a book about it, and you can imagine how many sales she could have had in India alone forget South Africa which houses the largest Indian community outside of Bombay. And here Cyndi, who is all over the tabloids, is concerned about me exploiting her in my blog. It is rather funny)

God created the dumb human to feel good about being the center of attention.
Begin forwarded message:

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: January 4, 2012 10:54:21 PM PST
To: Cyndi Lauper
Subject: Re: My Sammy

Good evening Cyndi,,,

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