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Myth of Capitalism – South African Oppenheimers – Part II

Take a look at the Site Analytics for for the past 6 days and first of all notice how the percentage of visitors from China has increased and you also notice that the Taiwanese have begun to “register their vote”.

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I have yet to begin the initial 15 million Gold Diamonds-Money Inventory Petition emailing, in part because my chief webmaster Terry “Smilin Sam” Samples who is only 47 ended up in hospital this Monday suffering from pneumonia which you would agree is highly unusual.

Terry who flew for 9 years America’s most advanced weapon systems, the F15E and because of his skill level was in the first wave of fighter aircraft over Baghdad during the first Gulf War, is rather young to be suffering from pneumonia especially at this time of the year, but then again Terry has been stressed in recent times which is not helped by the fact that he does not quite have the healthy medicine food diet as [me and] my one of a kind French-Canadian wife Marie Dion Gevisser, who I didn’t ask permission to use her email account today because I cannot reach her, although yesterday after I asked our friend Jackie Warfield who had emailed me the dream she had about us, to send Marie an ESP message to answer her cell phone after I had tried numerous times, the next time I tried which was right after emailing Jackie, Marie picked up the phone.

Coming back to our dogs who reflect everything there is to know about each of us and why one should pay just as much attention to people who know all this and choose not to have dogs as pets, it should be quite obvious the human is transparently dumb but the ego chooses to rather suggest to the mind that their mind-body is simply corrupt because to be so utterly stupid in hanging on to the status quo which requires all of you with vastly different agendas [to get along] and you know you can trust one another as far as you can throw them, suggests there is another force beyond each of your control that is controlling your minds.

Yet that stupidity which I am explaining in a fashion that a 12 year old would understand, is vivid in each of your minds, and still you choose to play stupid.

Only One God could have created such rampant stupidity that could end in the next instant.

Rose Tchang Sun Yatsen has most likely not yet returned to the States from her very important speech in Wuhan, China commemorating her grandfather’s 1911 revolution, and for all I know she could have mentioned my name in her speech or simply told a selective audience.

On the other hand it could just be an “Act of God” that suddenly has the Chinese paying that much more attention to what I have to say, and when the rest of you don’t speak, your non-responses remain increasingly more telling.

So think about the ingenious design of all animals that speak and when you as a human know you don’t have the intelligence in this dog eat dog world to first and foremost pay all your soldiers top dollar to fight for you and the rest of the rich meat eaters, what makes you think you are better than any other species which is only here to show the human that not only is there no love amongst humans who are all about money and people who don’t talk about the money system that De Beers control are in fact all about money as much as they protest otherwise, but the only thing they have in common with one another is to use each other with not an ounce of humanity coming into the equation, whereas that humanity is written all over first our dogs, man’s best friend, and then the rest of our pets including the ones we chickens consume the most and they leave behind our chicken necks for us all to stare at.

Tefo, as you know, came into this world after his mother spent her night in jail when she would have been most carefully observed as well as when she was released.

It is most important to be highly suspicious of anyone who has been arrested even for the smallest of infraction especially when they have been arrested after incriminating evidence has been planted on them.

I have never been arrested and so no one could ever accuse me of being “put to work”; and besides my track record, just like that photo of Putin and Oppenheimer speaks for itself.

Nor should you think that just because someone has not been arrested it therefore makes them any better than Nicholas Oppenheimer who I very much doubt has been arrested, and if he has then it still does not make him or anyone else De Beers has co-opted-corrutped a person who can be trusted.

If you are honest you just have to be careful about the people you bring into your inner circle.

If you are corrupt you will do anything and everything within your power to make increasing numbers of friends to corrupt them as well as others you have yet to corrupt.

The human beast is so easy to figure out once you understand the business of De Beers and their fellow bankers, and if you didn’t have the mental capacity to figure it all out on your own, the only logical conclusion you can arrive at given how obvious it all is, is that you are corrupt, and a corrupt person knows they are corrupt just by looking at their corrupt family members who they have failed to distance themselves from.

In June 1976 I was in the middle of my university studies at Natal-Kwazulu University and fully aware that the Students Union just like Occupy Wall Street had been fully infiltrated by De Beers and its intelligence network, beginning with the Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] who work hand in hand with De Beers Central Selling Organization that is housed in downtown London, just like their Lloyds of London Insurance which no longer accepts American citizens as investors; in fact it has been a couple of decades since De Beers-Lloyds decided to flex their muscles and let their US Government know that they needed to increase the distraction game so that the American “common herd” who were first given this degrading title by their own banker-politicians in the Bankers Manifesto of July 4, 1892, kept buying diamonds which along with the “good word” of American policy and lawmakers is all that backed the US $ along with of course America’s gun, following the decision by De Beers and company that included my “lucky uncle” David Gevisser who was Chief Executive Officer of German-American Charles W. Engelhard Jr.’s Engelhard Enterprises South Africa, to have Nixon announce on August 15, 1971 that the US was leading the world in going off the Gold Standard.

Only arrogance, which is part and parcel of God’s vengeance, could have caused David Gevisser to provide in his 2006 memoirs, THE UNLIKELY FORESTER which you can find in his bio on – CLICK HERE – the most detailed account of Nixon’s grave concerns; which should not only have you realizing why it is that so few corrupt Jewish people question the source of Nixon’s so many virulent anti-Semitic outbursts that were caught on his tapings in the Oval Office, the same when big Jewish crook George Soros fails to explain why Nixon’s 15 minute “bugaboo” speech on August 15, 1971, just 166 days after Engelhard’s death, makes absolutely no
sense including why Nixon is so short on the details of who exactly are these “International money speculators who are waging an out all war on the $”, because Nixon and the equally anti-Semitic US Congress were focusing on David Gevisser who was the only Jewish person all of them wanted to see.

De Beers only hire the most mediocre Jewish people for their prominent positions including Chairman of the US Federal Reserve as you will first of all notice how unsexy they all are including each and every Jewish Captain of Industry. These low self-esteem Jewish people do not of course make up the sum total of Jewish people throughout the world but the noise they create suits very quiet De Beers who do not applaud anyone other than their top dog and his offspring even living in an ostentatious house.

While of course I knew many more intimate details surrounding the events of Engelhard’s death on March 2, 1971, I never expected David Gevisser to reveal in his rather boring self congratulating autobiography that very nervous Nixon sent a Hungarian countess to meet with David Gevisser and to let him know that if he thought there was anything else Nixon should know, that Nixon had a helicopter at the ready to fly my “lucky uncle” Dave to the White House.

There was nothing to stop anyone who wasn’t only all about themselves figuring this all out on their own, which as time progressed De Beers figured out that none of you were going to get any smarter; but no one thinking I would come close to lasting this long, let alone having the courage to spell it all out like I was talking to two year olds.

In 1995 David Gevisser “chastised” me for even bothering with my other multi-billionaire clients like Jonathan Beare and Solly Krok as even my “lucky uncle” Dave who in my opinion was a business person’s backside felt I was wasting my time with these “nothing losers” who because of all the attention they needed to compensate for their low self-esteem were drawing too much attention to us Jewish people, and would end up taking me down with them.

Of course David Gevisser was himself in big denial, but nor was he so dumb as to flaunt his wealth.

So there you have it, me being the direct family link between Engelhard who died the month after turning 54 and whose wealth surpassed that of his junior partners, the German-South African Oppenheimer family whose patriarch died the same year I was born, 1957, as none of David Gevisser’s 4 sons or any of his first cousins or their children came close to getting my high level introductions to De Beers’ top executives on Wall Street, and we are talking about when I was still 21, and not one of them had ever actually worked on 47th Street where all De Beers’ price fixing takes place, which is the cornerstone of the US Justice Department’s case that they don’t have legal jurisdiction to prosecute De Beers under our sacrosanct anti-Trust laws.

Quickly jump forward to March 1989, a decade after I joined De Beers’ Codiam Inc., and you have the New York Times publishing a feature story on Harry Oppenheimers wealth which they put at upwards of $250 billion which at the time was more than the wealth of the King of Saudi Arabia, and all the Captains of Industry such as Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Jr. combined, and there was not even a ripple effect from the “common herd”.

What makes you think their wealth decreased as the billionaires club increased?

Nicholas Oppenheimer who inherited the wealth and lets not get into what number his sister places on her fortune, says he is worth $6 billion which is less than the estate of now quickly forgotten Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs most likely could not have been able to place a phone call through to Putin let alone have him fly over to Apples headquarters and make Putin look like an underling.

De Beers are laughing at all of you, and all you can think of is how long are you going to have to put up with me.

Remember, I have no doubts in my mind that God exists and His purpose in everything including making the worst of his devolved species obviously suffer the most as they still cannot get rid of their individual pride.

Stay tuned.

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