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Narrow minded = Fwd: Mouth of my cannons and muskets – Re: OVA

From: GaryStevenGevisser <garystevengevisser>
Subject: Narrow minded = Fwd: Mouth of my cannons and muskets – Re: OVA
Date: September 16, 2013 10:26:05 AM PDT
To: Alexander Walter <alexanderson30th>
Cc: rest; kathleendwalter” <kathleendwalter>, K Leavitt <kjleavitt>, charles ivie <charles.ivie8>, “Michael \”TORDU\” Awerbuch” <michael>, 60 Minutes <60M@matthewmargo>

Any minute now Geoffrey Rothwell and his wife who lives in Antibes and is visiting with Geoffrey for just a few days in Paris, should arrive at our very nice apartment in the heart of very trendy Le Marais.

To be the senior lecturer of economics at Stanford University from Sept 1986 through the end of last before becoming the most important American living in Paris as he now holds the position of Principal Economist for the National Energy Agency, you cannot be narrow minded.

I just received a text message from very poor Mexican-American Alberto writing me a speech in hard to read text messaging about his parents not being able to show up to rake the leaves at the cabin because they, who are dirt poor and forced off their farmlands in Mexico to travel to the US to do the job that Americans increasingly cannot do themselves because of the epidemic of fat diseased TALKATIVE cells, had to go pick up his elder brother’s kids because his elder brother, also born in the USA, had to go to court, “he’s fighting his ex width for custody” [sic].

You may not have been on the receiving end of Charles Ivie’s speech the other day where he chose to respond very publicly to something that I had written back in March of this year when Marie, Mango and I were visiting Paris for the first this year, but feel free to write Mr. Ivie and ask him for a copy; and at the same time you can ask whether he would like to revisit what he wrote in order to state the facts correct, beginning with it was my F-C [French-Canadian] wife’s decision to give very poor Don Riley money to pay his fine; and that shouldn’t bother Charles; at least we know where the money goes; charity to someone we know is being harassed and has no way to defend himself.

It started to rain hard and now the sky is blue, we love all these chimneys.

Geoffrey just text me that he is downstairs and our names are not on the mailboxes.

Begin forwarded message:

From: GaryStevenGevisser <garystevengevisser>

Subject: Mouth of my cannons and muskets – Re: OVA

Date: September 14, 2013 10:49:28 AM PDT

To: Alexander Walter <alexanderson30th>

Cc: rest; “kathleendwalter” <kathleendwalter>, K Leavitt <kjleavitt>, “United Sec. of State John Kerry ℅ Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq.” <jrk>, Monkey 1 <monkeyboy264>

Alex – I wrote you back a reply to your total and complete nonsense below yesterday, but because the iPhone batteries were running out, it looks like it, and what I wrote to a nobody Charles Ivie, who replied to something I broadcasted back in March, got lost in The Internet cloud.

The fact that you are a restauranteur’s backside, because you are not a restauranteur, does not mean you cannot quickly grow up, and perhaps it will help you wake up to the real world by me carbon copying Jeffrey R. Krinsk along with your far too forgiving mother Kathleen, who is so fortunate to have finally found an honest friend in Karin Leavitt who may not be as blunt as me, starting with the fact that anyone with nice clean clothing visiting Alexander’s would make a point after feeling disgusted looking at the filth to wipe their seat clean, so that they don’t dirty their clothes.

Furthermore, the nothing to speak of fountain in the courtyard at the back is drab and lacks any vestige of charm, because the spot it occupies would be better served with a large fresh bouquet of flowers, the same with the on its last leg dead bushes at the entrance.

Were you aware of the importance that window dressing occupies in a high fashion women’s clothing operation?; and since you obviously don’t, do not bother discussing it with Mr. Krinsk because you would be wasting his precious time keeping Secretary of State Kerry focused on holding the De Beers corporate line while lying through his teeth about the US-De Beers interest in Syria and the rest of the Middle East.

Were you to ask Mr. Krinsk about how Guess? clothing display its next season’s fashion line, and thinking there was something comparable to what you are attempting to do at Alexander’s, then that would be quite in order because Mr. Krinsk in his previous career was President of Guess Inc.+++.

I don’t know what the fuck the FOH acronym stands for and please don’t bother enlightening me.

How much of the $350K paid to your mother was interest, reduction of the principal and salary to your mother who customers come in to see?

In the 2 weeks you have been playing in Santa Barbara, what percentage of the customers visiting Alexander’s came to see you versus your mother?

Were you to ask your staff in a truth geared focus group who is the “identity” of Alexander’s, you or your mother, who would win the popularity vote?

Do you feel you have taken advantage of your mother’s total and complete love for you?

What if it turns out that next to my French-Canadian wife, your mother was the best the mother in the world other than she rewarded you with something that you had not earned?

In computing your opportunity cost of doing business, what return on investment have you included in your computations that has you arguing how successful is Alexander’s, for the “risk capital” that your mother invested for which she has no ownership interest, and was forced out of her home and worst of all is separated from her beloved dogs?

When did it occur to you that the moment you opened the doors at Alexander’s your mother’s brother Carl figured, given how close is the look and feel of very dirty and disgustingly filthy Old Venice [OV], that your mother had abandoned her responsibilities at OV in favor of A [Alexander’s]?

Do you honestly appreciate me guiding your mother to assert not only her ownership interest in A but to take an active management interest and to begin by kicking your butt to kingdom come?

There is no sugarcoating what the United States Government, doing the bidding of the world’s mineral monopolists led by De Beers the only successful monopolist in the history of the world because they don’t tolerate competition from anyone including other quasi-monopolists like Microsoft, IBM, Standard Oil, Chase Bank etc etc, is doing in Syria, but it is not pretty, just like the very sad history of the United States when it comes to those resisting the blood thirsty nature of people who don’t want to work for a living and who see stealing using brute military force as both quicker and less blood on their hands which would be even more bloody were they to lose their hands, just so long as they don’t pay the soldier’s the lion share of the graft-spoils of oil and water wars, which if they did then there would be nothing left over for the owners of the monopolies which is why the brainwashing of the American common herd is so critically important.

If you can get your head around all this, then you would perfectly understand that far less intelligent people than Mr. Krinsk, such as Obama and Sec. of State Kerry would also perfectly understand, because people like Mr. Krinsk have first of a head to listen very carefully to what I have to say?

The United States Government have made the grand, totally colossal mistake of going to war with me by supporting the most outlandishly fabricated defamation lawsuit against me filed by a neurologically impaired sick ex CIA official, Charles Knuff who got rewarded for his criminal enterprise with a $4 million judgment, which highlights what a total and complete farce is the Central Intelligence Agency, the same with all the rest of the government departments including the Department of Justice.

They are all far more evil than the likes of Hitler and Stalin but nor do they have the two puppets’ courage because it is obvious that Obama and company are afraid to pull the trigger as did President Truman on August 6 and 9th, 1945 because they are first of all required to order my execution and that could very possibly be their last; unless of course you think as I do that One Supernatural Force exists that is turning the fear on the warmongers whose business is to spread fear.

Neither you nor your mother know the numbers of A because you have 2 people working on the numbers; and your mother’s excuse is that you are working on the numbers but you don’t have that excuse unless you agree no one can run a business without the numbers?

What percentage of the profits after paying your mother a reasonable return on her opportunity cost of investing $250,000 in A and losing most of her income from OV along with her pride and dignity, do you think should be invested in fresh flowers every day?

What about a gardener to toil the soil of the tired potted plants at the entrance to A?

How many jokes off the top of you head can think of involve potted plant humans?

Were Obama to call a press conference in the next 5 minutes and begin, “I am sorry. When I called upon the US Supreme Court to make reparations to chained Black African slaves I was not yet a puppet” would you feel better or worse about yourself?

Do you think it is relevant in your decision making to know how much Mr. Krinsk’s wife Marcy pays her 7 gardeners including the Japanese man who using the smallest of clippers prunes the trees 24/7, or would it be more important the specificity of the direction Marcy Campbell Soup Krinsk gives each morning that she gets up at the crack of dawn while Mr. Krinsk prepares for his daily routine of throwing fast balls at or near head?

Do you think Mr. Krinsk was trying out for a poet’s job when he shared with me his original thought,


Risk Assessment is my business and I suggest you immediately discover Google Search and type in those 2 words followed by my last name as well as Mr. Krinsk’s. and let me know if you don’t come up with something interesting such as the 267 odd words I wrote Bill O’ Reilly of Fox News on July 23, 2002

which Mr. Krinsk played a key role in editing.

11 years ago you were approximately 24.

At 24 I was not senile.

11 years ago I was 45 and hadn’t forgotten anything that resulted in me being more knowledgeable when I was still 21 about the business of De Beers than the current head of De Beers-Anglo American Corporation, Nicholas Oppenheimer who is 12 years older, and born on the same day my paternal grandmother, Kate Sher Gevisser passed away at age 50; June 8, 1945.

Do you remember what you were doing in the interim period before the US nuked Japan twice when all that was needed was to tighten the noose around this very beleaguered island nation much the same way the Romans besieged Masada, assuming you agree that each of us picks our parents based on how well we play the cards in each of our lifetimes?

Do you have a better sense why Jewish person Albert Einstein was the first to say, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”?

Do you think someone who sees God as amorphous and not concrete like a stick figure strewn on a cross might use their imagination more so than those into idol worship?

When Einstein referred to his mind-boggling alpha numeric expression 2 c mE in reverse as “The Mind of God” do you think that he was being either arrogant or blasphemous?

Do you consider the words, IN GOD WE TRUST printed on the American Dollar as blasphemous or does it simply make you feel better about having more trust in the fixed priced money than trusting your corrupted elected and non-elected government officials bowing to the bank-mining-diamond-military industrial complex De Beers?

Would it interest you to know that I believe that your mother has more to do with the very limited success of A than you, who I believe just as sincerely is totally responsible for the lack of reliable numbers produced by you and your management staff?

How much did you pay the previous bookkeeper for not doing their job?

In your opinion were they over or underpaid?

If you didn’t have a competent bookkeeper providing you with the numbers in order to have an intelligent conversation about the numbers which is all that a restauranteur should be talking about and the rest of the time shutting the fuck up, would you say that you were over or underpaid for making such a total balls up?

Do you agree that your dereliction of duty has severely compromised your mother’s negotiating position with her pig brother Carl?

Every moment that you and your mother delay getting the old corrupt lawyer to provide in writing the fraud by Carl that he uncovered when grabbing the $50K from your mother costs you and your mother.

Do you think if I kept it shorter I would lose people like Monkey 1-Dave Fifield quicker?

Does it make you feel good to know that there is a distinct possibility that I not only put Monkey 1 to sleep but he is currently so bored to death that he has lost all interest in porn?

What percentage of the literate human population would be interested in this conversation to tune in to the next Social Anxiety gathering?

Would it help you realize that the world does in fact revolve around you if I shared with you that Mr. Krinsk, were he to be intellectually honest, would agree that your mother can still win her battle with the pig Carl brother and his pig bookkeeper; and in a worse case scenario Kathleen should be taking out of A no less than you after her loans have been fully paid off which should be the first order of business once you and your mom find someone like Karin who cares about cleanliness and brightening up the look of the place?

Is there anything else that you can think of that I can help you with today?

Ps – How much time do you think I should devote to this subject when meeting in Paris with Geoffrey Rothwell, hopefully the day after tomorrow?

On Sep 12, 2013, at 7:40 PM, Alexander Walter <alexanderson30th> wrote:


Contrary, A is one of the best FOH restaurants in San Diego. As mentioned A is tired.. not. I’ve invested roughly 80k of profit over the past 6 years into expanding from a 40 seat restaurant to grow without taking additional lines of credit to over a 100 seat restaurant.

I do agree on the P&L needing to be up to speed with our FOH operation. I have a very good bookkeeper and tax preparer working 3 days per week to get the P&L’s up to speed.

50 k was spent on top of the 200k invested into Alexanders. Alexanders has paid over 350k in the last 6 years to Kathleen but most of that went to interest on the loan.

I never received information regarding the contact person you recommended (Jeffrey R Krinsk).

I’m not sure who Jeffery Krinsk is. You would have to ask Kathleen.

I appreciate you helping to guid my Mom in moving forward on this matter.

Best regards,


On Sep 12, 2013, at 4:17 PM, Gg wrote:

Alex, like most people in their late 20s you didn’t have much savings which I understand from your mom you put it all into Alexanders which was a small fraction of what your mom invested and she ended up with no ownership interest and at the same time dependent upon the money her brother paid her out of OV to pay the $200k she invested in A as well as her existing mortgage so that he knew exactly what he was saying when he wrote her that note soon after A opened its doors 7 years ago that she wouldn’t be able to afford her mortgage as he cut her salary from $6k a month down to $2k and the difference he pays his bookkeeper friend who the brother Carl says does everything including Carl’s job

If you had one competent bookkeeper at A then you wouldn’t be paying 3 forensic accountants to get your books in order so that you could have intelligent business conversations with your managers as you block out time in your heavy playtime day and night in Santa Barbara 3 hours drive from your worksite.

In my humble but seasoned opinion the most conversation you can possibly have with your managers doing your job at A is “chit chat” and you are paying them

So lets get into the knitty gritty of those daily chit chats

You don’t talk numbers because you don’t have the numbers

You didn’t even know the difference between the terms “gross profit” and “net profit” when you and I spoke on the phone a week ago, right before I met your uncle Carl for the first time at La Valencia hotel in La jolla

That means it is most likely that Carl as well as your best staff know that you are running the business by the seat of your pants

We’re you a most accomplished WW II fighter bomber pilot like my amazing dad Bernie then that would be possible but first you would have needed first class training where the first thing you are taught is to trust your instrument reading no matter what

The only way for you to run your business without the instrument reading showing in real time your profit and loss is to be there full time and doing all the purchasing and seeing what finished goods are flying out the door and that includes making a direct observation of how much more you fat employees eat you out of house and whole which might be less shrinkage than your skinny employees steal when giving away free booze and food to their friends

When does someone move from the designation “acquaintance” to “friend”?

When you are literally fucking someone it is much easier

To determine exactly what your uncle Carl has been stealing from your mother all these years would be much easier if you were running a tight ship

You know that OV can get rid of the $50-$60k a year bookkeeper that A could provide assuming such a person exists in the future

A looks to me as tired as OV because you have also not been reinvesting the profits that are being stolen by your tardiness

You told me that you were returning to San Diego yesterday which means you could have let go one day earlier one of your managers and by the end of the day today be fully on top of the plug in accounting-management information system that just one of those 3 forensic accountants should have put in on day one of their assignment

You obviously cannot get enough of this restaurant association who tell you how your numbers compare to the industry and now they have told you that you should hire a lawyer who eats liver for breakfest

Ugh – I couldn’t think of anything more disgusting

A blood thirsty lawyer is the last thing you need unless you are turned on by the dirtiest of gay sex in which case hire a gay prostitute not a lawyer

You are obviously scared by Carl’s wife writing the former lawyer who took $50k from your mother in fees and never produced a single document explaining his findings

Was that $50k in addition to the $200k your mother invested in A and for which all she received was a cut in her pay from OV?

I insist on answers to all my questions that end with a question mark and if I leave it out do not answer because I will go back and check before hitting the send button

I told you-your mom to call Jeffrey R Krinsk who might not even take your call

Why didn’t you at least try and get through to him?

You want to avoid lawyers at all cost because none of you are equipped to manage a lawyer because you don’t know the first thing about how to run a successful business

I have now told you twice that the most important job of an employee is showing up for work

Showing up late makes you an ex employee of a well run business

Would you want to have me as your boss?

Does it weaken my credibility in your eyes if I admit that Mango only responds to me when he is ready?

Does it make Mango less intelligent in your eyes if I tell you that I am 100% certain that he is guided 100% by God?

It might have you all responding in a timely fashion and following through on exactly what I suggest if I was in San Diego and doing it all myself as you simply do what you do best which is to chit chat

Moreover we haven’t yet officially begun the Social Anxiety dinner conversations that would attract the likes of Oprah 24/7 which will have all the world’s nonsense talkers shutting the fuck up which is partly why they haven’t begun

Another reason is that I remain out of the country in preparation for my meetings next week in Paris with Geoffrey Rothwell, Principal Economist for the NEA who now fully understands that all the talk by Obama and the US Congress either in support or in opposition to the US launching a military attack on Syria is for the exclusive purpose of the US Dollar remaining the most dominant currency

If you can now understand that and you don’t know the first thing about how to run a truly successful restaurant can you appreciate how nervous that makes people like Rothwell and Krinsk feel?

You just need to get this old lawyer who deprived your mother of $50k to spend on the most comfortable flat pair of shoes that won’t make her look like she is crippled at the same time made her feel so discouraged that she was once again being taken advantage of, and have him give you in writing what he said over the phone yesterday which according to your mother was the following:

the old lawyer basically uncovered $100,000 + $$ missing in a year period & failure to have proper accounting of our books.”

Then present these findings to the Pig Carl brother of your mother and ask The Pig if he is capable of defending himself.

How would you feel if I included in the cc section Jeffrey Krinsk?

Would it inevitably have you more responsive?

How many people do you think would show up at a rally at OV in support of your mother?

Do you have any better suggestions ?

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