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Need to sleep on it – Re: Different way – Fwd: Force of good -: Delay the process – לע כב את התהליך – Re: What more do you want? מ ה עוד אתה רוצה?- Re: Best memories – When can I escape this prison? – Re: M y mother Zena – Ruling by Judge Yoch eved Greenwald Rand on

Michael – Im looking to expand the translation assignment, but I need to sleep on it. I just found out today from my mother’s one tenant who is moving out at the beginning of the week that my mother Zena is very much alone in Israel.

My 3 elder siblings cannot face up to the wrong they have done and they are just happy to see my mother rot away; and I have Israeli lawyers thieving and lying which if it weren’t so sick, it would be totally funny, their communications enough to stop anyone from wanting to be a lawyer, and an Israeli judge just trying to cover her backside; less said is more. Below is my latest draft but it could easily double in size; but again I need to sleep on it.

Attention: Judge Greenwald-Rand:

I want to be appointed guardian of my mother Zena Gevisser Zulman, 88 years of age. I also want the phone reconnected in her Netanya apartment immediately as I haven’t been able to reach her since October 8 of last year.

The facts show clearly malicious intent from the start on the part of lawyer Weisel and my siblings.

I was not informed of their plan regarding guardianship of my mother. Instead they did everything behind my back once I shared with them the taped phone conversations that depicted them in a bad light, to be uncaring towards our mother, who expressed her positive feelings towards me, her explicit, most demonstrative questioning of my siblings, as well as her wishes to have me near her as soon as possible.

At the end of the July 23, 2016 phone conversation, my mother questions my elder siblings’ lack of morals, “I don’t think my other children believe in anything”. This phone audio was included in the email communication of August 30 – CLICK HERE – sent to my siblings, Weisel and the co-executor of my mother’s second husband’s estate, South African-Israeli lawyer, Eli Simon who also never responded.

The Lady’s Speech video of September 22, filmed the morning after I arrived in Israel, begins with my mother who they have labelled as suffering from “advanced dementia”, confirming her opinion that my 3 elder siblings are “too busy” being jealous of my relationship with my mother and too focused on the money.

Remember judge we are talking about a “ward” of the State of Israel who is supposed to have no mind of her own.

How accurately my mother assessed their true characters. What insight my mother Zena had to the “foul play” they committed 7 days before when they petitioned your court to have non-family member Weisel appointed as my mother’s guardian.

This case rests entirely on the failure of lawyer, Ayala Weisel to contact me prior to my arrival in Israel of her fraud to have you grant her guardianship on September 15, 2016, 6 days before my arrival; and Weisel lying to the court about not being able to get hold of me.

Again, Weisel nor my siblings made me aware that the guardianship of my mother was decided before I arrived in Israel on September 21.

I only became aware that Weisel had the guardianship when Israeli police arrived at my mother’s apartment Sunday morning, September 25 by which time Weisel and my siblings, including my eldest brother Neil who petitioned for Weisel to be the guardian, had seen the videos I began taking of my mother on the morning of September 22.

Those videos including the 9 minute and 24 second, THE LADY’S SPEECH which you played twice in court on October 5, demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that not only was my mother Zena as “sharp as a tack” – CLICK HERE – on September 22, the day after I arrived, nothing even close to “advanced dementia”, but wonderfully lucid was my mother about her wishes for me, and not my 3 elder siblings, to be her guardian.

Again, the video shows, supported by the taped phone conversations prior to my arrival in Israel, that my mother predicted accurately that her 3 elder children were “too busy” to take care of her, and that my mother had the good judgment to only want me as her trusted guardian.

Judge Greenwald-Rand, my siblings-Weisel were very angry with me and my mother for my mother’s express love for me which they also knew undermined their whole contention that my mother was suffering from “advanced dementia”; and they were taking their revenge, which included fabricating charges against me to defame my character; and then taking it one step further and having Israeli police barge into my mother’s apartment during the graveyard shift to have me and my Française-Canadienne wife Marie Dion evicted.

Not to mention, I covered this rather well in my 4th letter published in the Jerusalem Post back on May 1, 2001, titled, “Kerrey’s versus Pollard’s heroism” – CLICK HERE & CLICK HERE.

There has been only one Holocaust, but what the Nazi Holocaust demonstrated so well is that human deprivation occurs incrementally. It starts with simple massacres; you shoot the first innocent person and then you shoot the next set of people and after you realize that you cannot shoot enough people you look to more efficient methods such as gas chambers.

Again, this is the modern story of Joseph but much worse because this vile mistreatment of my mother Zena involves efforts to hide the true horrors of our Jewish Holocaust which I began revealing with those 4 letters published in the Jerusalem Post which had the full support of my mother Zena who was also well aware of my 3 elder siblings’ deafening silence..

My siblings tactics were to eliminate me permanently from my mother’s life.

Once Weisel and my siblings found out that I had this Lady’s Speech video as well as all the others showing how joyful was my mother in my presence whether in her apartment or at the King David in Jerusalem, which again I did not keep a secret, they pushed forward with their plan to trap me which was their goal once I told them that I was planning on coming to Israel to investigate.

It was, and is, a clear abuse of a vulnerable and elderly person who happens to be my beloved mother.

In summary:

My siblings and Ayala Weisel were purposely hiding the guardianship from me in order to prevent me from fulfilling my mother’s wishes and being close to my mother which is what she wants given our extraordinarily tight bond, regardless of our physical time distance which is perfectly understandable if you look at the great history of my mother and me.

Nor could Weisel and siblings argue this in court without lying.

It should be a family member taking care of my mother. That is the law in Israel and common sense.

My mother should not have been discarded to a lawyer, let alone a lawyer whose character is questionable as she lied to the court and openly laughed in front of us at my mother’s lack of knowledge that Weisel was now her guardian. This extraordinarily rude behavior by Weisel took place moments after the Israeli police departed on the morning of September 25 because Weisel had failed to bring with her, as she had promised, the guardianship papers – CLICK HERE.

Then Weisel left my mother’s apartment and began preparing a fabricated, defamatory complaint against me which she submitted to the court the next day. You immediately issued a TRO against me, resulting in my and my wife’s eviction from my mother’s apartment at 1:30AM the following morning, Tuesday, September 27, also waking up my 87 year old mother from a dead sleep.

Weisel admitted in court on, 8 days later, October 5, at my TRO hearing, that she was in touch with my sister Kathy. Therefore Weisel knew how to reach me since my sister and I were in email communications beginning on September 8, 2016 – CLICK HERE. The last communication from my sister was on September 21 which read very coldly, starting, “Bring money”.

Weisel knew when going for the guardianship on September 15, that I was on my way to Israel to deal specifically with this guardianship matter. This is why Weisel lied when stating in her sworn statement to the court, which she submitted on September 26, that she didn’t know how to reach me. Therefore Weisel’s lack of character needs to be questioned.

The “Bring money” was a very sick mind distraction by my sister who was having great difficulty dealing with all my very clear communications concerning the wellbeing of our mother which was not as important to my sister Kathy as covering her dirty tracks.

She did not know how to respond to my previous communication 10 days before, September 11, and so she decided to change the subject altogether and write nonsense which she knew did not apply to me.

My siblings have been following my writings as well as whereabouts very closely ever since I caught them playing it fast and loose when cozying up to my mother’s second husband Alan Zulman who had diverted monies to his own account that I had earmarked for our father Bernie Gevisser from my bachelor apartment in Cape Town, South Africa – CLICK HERE.

What is most important is that my siblings have known that for the past 5 years I, along with my wife Marie Dion and our dog Mango, have spent half the year traveling the world. It also takes good health and money to travel.

Telling me to bring money for food, was disgusting.

My sister Kathy was avoiding addressing how lucid was my mother Zena with me over the telephone because my sister and Weisel were working on a trap.

They were angry with both me and my mother who they obviously hadn’t fooled. That didn’t prevent my sister from writing to me on September 9, “she is smart enough to fool you”. Nor is that the only time my sister reveals what is most on her mind. On September 11, my sister again writes about our mother, “She can sometimes fool us”.

My sister Kathy is also contending that our mother Zena is suffering from “no memory… complete dementia” [September 9] and the dementia is repeated time again.

The “advanced dementia” is also repeated time and again in the legal documents submitted for Weisel to be the guardian as well as in the Temporary Restraining Order complaint against me.

Liars easily forget themselves.

Someone suffering from “complete dementia… no memory… advanced dementia” cannot fool anyone.

Only a total fool can write something so preposterous.

Note how my sister Kathy makes no reference in her last communication to me below:

From: dkdanz

Date: 09/21/2016 01:15 (GMT-08:00)

To: garystevengevisser



Apparently you are arriving in Israel today. Unless you can get money from Deborah Sturman for your food etc. you will have to support yourself as Mom and Mary Lou only have enough for themselves and the dogs.


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