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Never throw money at a problem – Part II

You know that during The Holocaust which was mainly about exterminating Jewish people and all non-Jewish people who tried to help, and relatively speaking there were not all that many, Pope XII advocated “neutrality” because he said that he feared speaking out would cause the puppet Hitler to murder that many more innocent civilians; but nor has the church ever given the other side of the coin; namely that by speaking out and also risking being assassinated or kidnapped for ransom when it would only be his life, such an expression of outrage might have encouraged other Catholics around the world, perhaps as far as Peru, to take a break from smoking hash mixed in with cocaine – and please I am not advocating more drug use or that such a concoction could possibly result in a chain reaction of ants disturbed by the movement of a butterfly that was resting comfortably on [a] coco leaf that inevitably results in Obama so irritated with me that he kicks the football and by the time it stops rolling the codes authorizing a nuclear strike on Del Mar.

You get the picture.

Let me spoon feed a little more.

Pope XII became Pope on March 2, 1939, 32 years to the day before Roman Catholic, not Jewish, Charles W. Engelhard Jr. was assassinated by the Mossad in a most carefully planned military operation that I am quite certain the Mossad would confirm today were they in the business of telling their most closely held secrets.

Again, those who know, don’t talk; those who don’t, do all the talking.

Once you tell a secret, it is no longer a secret.

You can also ask the Mossad if they agree with those most truthful statements.

Common sense would tell you that you would be far better off not naming the trigger person or persons if you could get your target to leave the most clear paper trail when nailing their most trusted German-South African Oppenheimer partners.

Let me explain.

Engelhard, immediately prior to his [death] transferred free [to the Oppenheimers] all the rich mineral rights that he first stole from the peoples of South Africa during the height of the Apartheid Regime which the Oppenheimers have maintained to this day they opposed.

The Oppenheimers gave generously of their monies not only to the opposition parties of their Apartheid Regime but to the State of Israel where the overwhelming majority are Jewish people who would have been slaughtered in the death camps if Hitler and his financial backers beginning with the Oppenheimers had succeeded.

You also know that when you fail at something and there are no negative consequences, and what you failed out was a very bad thing like murdering 6 million people only because they were poor and Jewish, you would immediately try again and again until you either wiped them out or had them suppressed, better yet by their own, just like the Jewish Kapos-sellouts in the death factories.

The Oppenheimers can say as many times as they like that they like Jewish people, even though I don’t know of one person who has actually heard them say it, when also not making fun of Jewish people, but much more importantly, the actions of the Oppenheimers speak very loudly they hate Jewish people unless the Jewish people they do not hate do exactly what they are told.

When the Oppenheimers controlled the British Government’s Diamond Department, they did not intend to keep it a secret. They also knew that when their President Frankllin D. Roosevelt demanded that they stockpile 6.5 million carats of diamonds on US soil and Sir Ernest Oppenheimer would tell Roosevelt to go to hell, that there would be no consequences and when word of this travelled very fast to all 4 corners of the globe, because that is exactly what Sir Ernest Oppenheimer desired at the very start, people like Pope XII and his financial advisors would get the message very quickly exactly who was in charge of the war effort on both sides.

What do you do when you are being screwed from all sides, apart from turning around having those doing the screwing screw each other in the limelight?

Who better than to protect their rear end then to have virulent anti-Semite German-American Engelhard bring in the US Cavalry.

The Oppenheimers were on their way to a War Crimes tribunal and everyone knew it. Engelhard not only saved them but he helped consolidate their mineral wealth in South Africa while diversifying their interests and his throughout the world.

With the open transfer of Engelhard’s South African assets that included control of the world supply of platinum, which would quickly find an enormous market in the US automotive industry, in that very same instant Engelhard incriminated the 3 Branches of the US Government who failed to tell their citizenry a number of very important facts:

First, Engelhard was an American citizen who was illegally hoarding gold, and sending some of that gold out of South Africa to Hong Kong where it was secretly shipped to corrupted US Government officials.

Second, Engelhard was their biggest financial supporter.

Third, Engelhard was also the control person of the Oppenheimer-De Beers-Anglo American Cartel which in addition to controlling the entire mineral wealth of South Africa, controlled 85% of South African public corporations traded on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

So in return for Engelhard-Oppenheimers generosity, the US Government has remained silent.

The problem for the Oppenheimers and the US Government is the history. The US Government as well as its bought opposition in the US who could all see what was going on in South Africa, were collectively denouncing the Engelhard-Oppenheimer Apartheid Government for its heinous Apartheid Laws such as the Immorality Act that prohibited sex between blacks, whites and Indians, and where occasion called for splitting hairs to examine the degree of wrinkle of the head hair, perhaps of the pubic, and for that you might want to ask Dr. Jonathan Beare only because he has spent more time recently in South Africa than me.

Can you understand better why President Nixon was so nervous at the time of Engelhard’s death that he had a Hungarian Countess contact Engelhard’s “male heir” David Gevisser to find out if he knew not only if Engelhard had been assassinated which was quite obvious because there had never been a “fallout” with the Oppenheimers, but what became of all the bribe information?

So let’s talk about Natie Kirsh who again owes all his wealth to the Engelhard-Oppenheimer consortium giving him the most extraordinary free hand to “asset strip” our Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies in 1969, just one year shy of celebrating their 60th year in business.

Once you know the power of a mineral monopolist that can only come about by the use of the gun or similar weaponry, as [it is isn’t enough] just grabbing the land where the richest minerals are deposited deep below and require more than any other human labor, apart from personal masturbation, human intervention every step of the way, no matter the ongoing improvements in heavy duty machinery, then you know where the expression, “Who has the gold makes the rules” comes from.

Gold was not always in the hands of the monopolists because people like the Inkas only saw gold as the most beautiful ornamentation which it remains with no equals; nothing even close; and only a corrupt moron would even have registering in their thoughts that diamonds have anything more than investment value and that is only because the price is very carefully controlled by the terrorist of terrorist financing De Beers-Anglo American Corporation which remains under the very tight control of the Oppenheimer family because their power remains their most copious record keeping of bribes paid to their corrupt elected and non-elected government officials throughout the world, starting with all those 44 nations who were invited to the Bre
tton Woods Conference where the host speaker was the nonsense of nonsense talker Sir John Maynard Keynes.

I don’t assume that I am wrong in my conclusions when I encounter silence from the most scholarly people I know on the subject of economics; and you would know even if I didn’t work for the Oppenheimers at their highest levels during a most critical stage of The Diamond Invention, that I would have run into the best of them starting with my professors of economics at De Beers’ University of Natal-Kwazulu, South Africa, where none of them thought I was stupid for a moment even after I stopped asking questions when they failed to answer my very good questions beginning with,

“When will we hear about how De Beers are not required to abide by the same anti-Trust-anti-Competition-anti-Monopolies laws that they have their lawmakers make throughout the world for everyone else?”

The very moment you get away with stealing one ounce of gold and it is not only you who knows that you are not going to get caught because you have your government with its military and local law enforcement in support providing you with your slaves whose wage scale you establish at the same time you are selling future production of gold, you are in control of the money.

The currency, not of choice, but what was dictated was the US $ following the success of the Bretton Woods Conference that set up two identical, but distracting bank organizations, the IMF and World Bank whose propaganda still says that they have different missions, but that no longer fools you and everyone else getting for the first time the logical-truthful education.

Now jump forward approximately 48 months to May 26, 1948 when the Engelhard-Oppenheimers South African National Party, who mostly supported Hitler during World War II, meaning that they were not all that upset to see 6 million Jewish people going up the chimney stacks of the crematoria in most of the 300 death factories scattered throughout Germany and Poland, came to power, and the little outcry from around the world was mostly all talk.

Israel’s first war of survival was now in its official 11th day. Two days before, on May 24, General Smuts who lost the totally rigged; i.e. illegal election 2 days later, decided that his 78th birthday was the right time to recognize the fledgling State of Israel which came into being on May 14 when his partner, Ben-Gurion declared Jewish Statehood and gave the first Jewish State in some 2,000 years, the Hebrew name, “Israel” which you know translates, “Wrestle with G-d”.

Smuts’ son of the same name, in the biography of his father that the son wrote and published in 1952, two years after Smuts’ death, makes mention that he warned his father that giving his support of Israel would cost him the South African General Election and Smuts replied in not so many words, “You are talking rubbish”.

Smuts, who was Prime Minister of South Africa from the start of World War II when the US-De Beers-Oppenheimer puppet Hitler invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, could have been the first to recognize Israel right after Ben-Gurion made his announcement.

Smuts nor Ben-Gurion were oblivious to either the election coming up or that without support from Sir Ernest Oppenheimer World War II would never have got off the ground.

(I would be willing to bet a dime that in all your great many meetings and talks with mostly Jewish people throughout the world in getting your funding, the amount of times the name Smuts has come up you can count on your one hand. In other words, not only you, but everyone should continue paying careful attention while not forgetting the trading of gold in the totally worthless and very bloodied US $.)

Let’s go back quickly to 79 days after Nazi Germany surrendered on May 8, 1945 which was 23 days after my father completed his 71st mission, and upon landing was informed for the first time that his mother was sick and that he needed to hightail it back to South Africa to be with his beloved Katie Sher Gevisser of Hashalom, and when he arrived back in Durban on April 23 he remained at his mother’s death bed until she died on June 8th, the same day that Nicholas Oppenheimer was born.

On July 26, 1945, the greatest Prime Minister of Great Britain whose genius is best illustrated in two most important events; first Churchill’s total trust in the military strategist of modern day times, Smuts and his decision to destroy the entire French navy on July 3, 1940 which also killed 1,297 French sailors and wounded another 350, [lost his job].

You remember that the French who were not on the side of the Nazis, were on the side of the British who the United States-Oppenheimer expected to be overrun and what remained of all the British people including the Irish and Scottish would all be talking German, the same with us Americans.

Churchill looked a little podgy, wouldn’t you say?

Actually, quite a bit podgy, would be an accurate description.

Churchill was not, however, an alcoholic, not even close. The fact that he ate quite a bit of hard liquor which he poured over his food, made him also interesting, wouldn’t you say?

The attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor 522 days later, December 7, 1940 resulted in nothing close to the entire US military being destroyed, since not the entire US Navy was wiped out, but it did cause the death of 2402 American sailors and 1247 wounded.

Let’s put things in more perspective.

On January 1, 1939, the world population stood at 1.978 billion, approximately 5 billion less than the current 7 billion.

The population of the US was 131 million, which was 4 times that of the white American population at the time of the Civil War which did not include either the 1 million native American Indians massacred in 1854 alone or Black American slaves who had died in captivity.

The population of the Great Britain was less than 48 million.

British civilian deaths during WW II amounted to 67,100 versus 1,700 for the US.

British military deaths during WW II amounted to 383,100 and the US 416,800.

You would agree that during wartimes, especially global wars, civilians should be considered military given how everyone is fighting for their motherland?

(If you disagree on any point, please let me know.)

As a percentage of the living population, the British lost 3 times as many people as the United States, and when the war was over not only did Great Britain [never] lay claim to any of the mainland of the United States, but there was the most extraordinary war debt that Great Britain only just very recently paid off.

[Was there anything naive about Ben-Gurion that came up] in your investigation of his attitude in the months and days leading up to the start of Israel’s War of Independence when as I told you yesterday Ben-Gurion allowed most of the aircraft that Boris Senior had risked life and limb to smuggle into Israel from South Africa on the most hazardous journeys and using his own family’s monies to purchase, to be destroyed in the first wave of attack from the Egyptian Air Force?

Do you think that because Smuts founded both the Royal Air Force and the second oldest air force in the world, the South African Air Force, it meant that Ben-Gurion did not understand the importance of aerial warfare during WW II?

Remember, before that first attack on Israel’s most inferior equipped air force, the only history Ben-Gurion had to rely on was what took place before.

I mentioned that how you go about treating the introduction to your most important documentary that you must realize people like Spielberg could have been pitched beginning when you were still in diapers or nappies as we say in South Africa, is everything.

Barbara who was at first trying to play this tough investment banker, “Put up or shut up” and is obviously intimately familiar with the current storyline,
was most clear that she didn’t buy for a single moment the story Boris Senior [1924-2004] has told the world, that after purchasing the 50 Kittyhawks in perfect flying condition for the unbelievably low price of 6 English Pounds, because as he is also very clear it was a rigged auction to allow him such a once in a lifetime opportunity with Israel having its back to wall as it could possibly be, much like when Moses and the Jewish slaves walked on water as they crossed the Red Sea thanks to strong prevailing winds at the time, I assume, he then left all aircraft in South Africa because he couldn’t find a way to smuggle them into Israel, and which he also writes about in NEW HEAVENS

that was published in 2004 after his death in April, that this failure to try harder, was the biggest mistake of his life.


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