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never throw money at a problem – Part III

After Churchill was defeated he managed to continue with life. In fact he came back as Prime Minister for another 4 years, October 26, 1951-April 7, 1955.

In 1959, 6 years before his death, he remembered my mother’s most trusted friend, Greek shipping tycoon, Aristotle Onassis.

Let’s look at Wikipedia’s photo of Churchill:

Let’s now look at Onassis in 1970

Without looking at your notes or my prior writings what can you tell me that you remember about 1970.

You see celebrated South African author-investigative journalist, my cousin Mark Gevisser in the cc section. (What more of an introduction would you like for me to give you and Barbara so that we can celebrate the funding of your project before my birthday on March 24?)

On October 20, 1968, Onassis perfectly understood why he had my mother and his future wife, First Lady Jackie Kennedy, the only two women in the room, when not a word was spoken between them, as Mrs. Kennedy signed a most important prenuptial agreement prior to the wedding of the century that Onassis wanted as much as he wanted a Mossad bullet fired into the back of his head; not that you will find much anti-Semiticsm in Onassis’ past because there is none to speak of; at least as far as I know. On the other hand, Onassis detested Attorney General of the United States Senator Robert F. Kennedy and that is not I believe because of his and his brother President Jack F. Kennedy’s spreading of the Kennedy clap each time the former First Lady of the United States opened her legs.

Are with me?

If you don’t have the world’s most powerful navy then you would naturally want to have in your back pocket the toughest son-of-a-bitch shipper whose ship hulls could move Israeli Special Forces along with their equipment without the commandos waving an Israeli flag attached to their erect cocks.

All the gold stolen from South Africa by the German-American Engelhards and sent to both the United States and places like Hong Kong was stolen, because the $s were worthless but the South African Reserve Bank, a sister bank of the US Federal Reserve, had to accept it because the bank was owned and operated by the Engelhard-Oppenheimers who have only wanted the gold.

Do you think that if you know all diamonds are worthless, that this fact of life is somehow a secret to the Oppenheimers?

The Oppenheimers are not the only people who know this money is a house of cards waiting to collapse.

Their goal is not to die the worthless cash richest people in the world, but to have accumulated as much as possible all the world’s harvested gold which is still rather small, but more than enough to reintroduce the Gold Standard once the US Government has provided an inventory of its gold holdings that must go back to the moment when the US Government were officially in full control of the South African economy that began on May 26, 1948, and it continues to this very hour.

[It is fine with me] should you and/or your father and/or anyone you feel cares about you want to make a donation to my social cause, which is predominantly about teaching people how to think because if you cannot think straight how in G-d’s name can you be expected to contribute anything more than the negative which is all that the human was designed to do in order to prove the existence of One G-d, as the rest of nature including other animals is both perfect and all contributing positively to each other and serving as a counterbalance to the negative force human who from day one has to fight natural entropy, and the fact that we are capable of making beautiful works of art such as fine furniture and Apple Iphones and computers etc, is all mean’t to help lessen our negative impact until we return to dust.

What goes around comes around with a vengeance.

It may help to see each of us like the negative space on a canvas painting, which when filled in by a master painter such as Spanish Sebastian Capella is the closest the human ever gets to seeing the genius thinking of G-d transferred through the totally gaugeable human “hand eye coordination”, which to fully appreciate such unimaginable beauty one has to have the exact same mind of 84 year old Sebastian who is the very last of a dying breed, given how his very best students would tell you that as brilliant a teacher as he has been for more than 6 decades, none of them can even come close to carrying on his legacy, and this is confirmed by the fact that he has never had one young student willing to be as committed as him because the so extraordinarily few with natural talent don’t see the worthless money able to compensate for the amount of monumental effort that is required after decades [of intense study and practice] that so very few would even be able to appreciate.

Such an orchestrated murder of such pure logic that is so perfectly visual, demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt the regression of the human, that can only be the design of One Master Designer.

Now factor in the great number of artists who call themselves fine art oil painters as well as all those who cannot draw which is why they go for abstract art where there is no gauge, who have all received the same and more education than you, not one has attempted to get the information out, rather [they] allow for the continued demise of such knowledge that with the passing of Sebastian will be lost until the next one of a kind Sebastian appears and by then it is fair to say the human will be thankfully extinct; all making perfect sense, does it not.

Those with the worthless monies who don’t know any better establish the price of such nonsense which the Oppenheimers and company cannot get enough of because each time a crap piece of art which also has no inventory is purchased, the monies are withdrawn from circulation.

Would you like for me to give you a lesson on the art gallery business or do you think you can work it out on your own?

Even if you had never met me, you would know that once you own anything that people consider valuable you can then set up shop and sell what may be totally worthless like an abstract painting that only the buyer can confirm how worthless it is or how valuable, and if you have enough of your critiques out there with plenty of money in their pockets the next thing you know is that your media is talking about this celebrated abstract artist who is commanding huge sums of monies and because they are now rich, rich, rich, are donating part of their profits to charities around the world to help the poor.

It is a most beautiful sunshine day on the water’s edge of Del Mar with the cold wind still coming from the north, and just the other day, as you may well recall, although it is difficult in concrete jungle LA, to be that aware of the geography like in most human disease cities, we had the Santa Anna winds coming due west from the desert, and then it changed to the south.

Everything always comes full circle.


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