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No choice whatsoever.

From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 3:17 PM
To: Jason Ritchie – Honored US Navy submarine Sonar Operator with Top Secret Clearance
Cc: rest;’; Cassidy – User Operations – Facebook; ‘ran phillips’
Subject: No choice whatsover.

I am not sure that adam fully understands the risks and nor would I take such a chance.

But we may want to think very thoughtfully how best to go about this.

Worth laboring over this one.

Remember what is going on right now with Facebook who know I have done nothing wrong.

They are not simply caught between a “rock and hard plate”. They have absolutely no choice but to allow me back. No choice whatsoever which doesn’t mean they won’t be stupid.

They have also realized what is going on right now with those I know who I havent been in contact with me over the years and now came across my writings on facebook as others who also knew me well were and were NOT receiving emails from me all these years spelling this all out – who to trust – who to trust – for the honest it is easy, they just watch the reaction of those who I let them know have been receiving the info and they who are honest don’t necessarily have to let them know by “deleting” them, instead “putting them to work” by only sharing with those I “vouch for”, and the liars, cheats, thieves all one and the same, all hypocrites just “stew”, no rest for the wicked, no rest, no rest, no rest for the wicked. A powerful mind that watches over my shoulder and I am smart enough to know that omnipotent power wouldn’t take away my potency by allowing me to think for a moment that I am omnipotent which is why I am potent, but not in the least bit arrogant.

Let me know if you feel sleepy.

Now let me replay you a communication I had earlier with a “long lost friend” up in Los Angeles.

This past Saterday night he and his wife had dinner at a “swanky” Beverly Hills restaurant with someone who has been receiving emails from me for quite some time.

My name never came up at dinner but it has come up in the past “just in passing” with the other couple saying, “I have no clue what he is up to!!”

It is now up to this person and/or his wife to “test” not only the other couple but their own relationship is now being placed under the most powerful microscrope.

Do you get my drift.

This is not the time to be a “bull in a China shop”.

When either couple next shop whether it be for candlesticks, a prostitute, a rabbi, a prostitute, a priest, a prostitute, a mullah, a prostitute, a politician, a prostitute, a teacher, a prostitute, a milkman, a prostitute, a garbage collector, a prostitute, they will first of all be most respectful of those who call themselves hookers but who must go beyond the name calling and to list each and every John they are with.

My mother Zena, also from the youngest of age, would impress upon me, “Prostitution is the most honest profession as well as the oldest!!”

This male friend’s wife is aware that he and I have had this communication and they both happen to also have Facebook accounts.

Now it gets even more interesting.

Who do they contact first?

Does he send her an email since he was the only one who communicated directly with me and to place on record his “findings” that the other couple who are facebook “friends” of both of them have been very “deceptive”?

Next, once getting over that hurdle, which is not necessarily as easy as you might think since there are no guarantees in any relationship, and then there are the “financial considerations” and we all know about the consequences of “burning bridges”, what to say to the “deceptive”, is it “friend” or “friends” plural?

Who knew what and when did they know it?

In the end they all know it all leads back to what wealth if any they and their families arrived with from South Africa.

But it doesn’t end there.

It begins with the fact that on Facebook you are not all alone.

Is that all perfectly clear?

And for those not on Facebook because they “choose” not to be, is that just an “excuse”?

How long before that “excuse” gets old and boring?

Remember, this facebook started with people wanting to get laid; plain and simple.

Yes, they wanted someone with money as well as being “nice” and “friendly” and who could make “good conversation”.

They wanted to get laid, plain and simple.

But what the young teens who had not reached puberty and were interested in a serious relationship, that would be meaningful, so that when they were old and decrepit they would have someone to help clean their butt.

No, not everyone but most are bored stiff in the relationship they are in and are crying out for something a whole lot more stimulating.

Drugs make you stupid.

Cigarettes screw up your lungs.

Bad food makes you ugly and fat.

Sex is cheap entertainment for the masses.

Ask any guy.

Ask any chick.

You don’t mind if I continue to help Facebook with their promotional material that of course needs someone who can write copy.

I think I will next try communicating with my mother who of course remains the best copy writer in the world.

No rest for the wicked.

[Word count 894]

From: []
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 2:07 PM
To: Gary S Gevisser

I think it would be much more interesting if we can get a camera inside the FBI building during the submission o the complaint and considering Special Agent Thomerson’s issues with our conversation being posted on just3ants I think that we may want to use a hidden camera to capture it.

I understand the risks associated.

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