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 Number 42 – Interesting conversations with my Vic Wartski who I just unfriended on FB.

From: GaryStevenGevisser <>

Subject: Number 42 – Interesting conversations with my Vic Wartski who I just unfriended on FB.
Date: July 24, 2017 at 9:04:05 AM PDT
To: “Major Tuvia Friling – Israel Defense Force, Deputy Commander Golani Brigade, Professor Ben Gurion University, Beersheba, Negev Desert, Israel – Author of ARROWS IN THE DARK” <>
Cc: rest; Uri Rosenberg <>, אסי דלק <>, “Olg Zabludoffa – former Editor-in-chief at National Association of Educational Broadcasters – Facebook friend of Gary Gevisser + open challenger of Jerusalem Post’s Steve Linde. Olg’s husband Sid is a 33 year veteran CIA economist [1962-1995] who worked directly for President from 1969 until 1972.” <>,, “Brian Shirken – South African-American real estator who removed himself from FB group chat Forgetfulness on June 17, 2017” <>, “” <>, “Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah – Star of Emmanuel’s Gift produced by The Coupon Clipper is The Jeffrey Jack The Ripper Essakow. Emmanuel is a FB friend of Gary S. Gevisser but Emmanuel has blocked GG from sending him any more FB messages.” <>, “Malcolm Ness – British architect and political commentator. No longer FB friend of Gary Gevisser.” <>, SLA <>, “Jann Turner – daughter of slain white South African Richard Turner [September 21, 1941 – January 8, 1978] co-founder with Steve Biko [Decem,ber 18, 1946 – September 11-12, 1977] of Durban Movement.” <>, Hlumelo Biko – son of Steve Biko murdered on 9/11/1977 – now running a Wall Street charity-investment portfolio <>, “Jill Hogan – younger sister of ANC official Barbara Hogan who is the only white South African convicted by the South African Apartheid Regime for treason, and tortured during her captivity.” <>, “Devin Standard – eldest son of former President of New York State Bar Kenneth Standard.” <>

Begin forwarded message:

From: GaryStevenGevisser <>
Subject: Number 42 – Interesting conversations with my Vic Wartski who I just unfriended on FB.
Date: July 24, 2017 at 8:41:08 AM PDT
To: Neta Mark <>
Cc: rest’ Vic Wartski – Removed as a FB friend of Gary Gevisser on July 24, 2017 at 7:24AM Calif. time.” <>, Nina Sencar – FB friend of Gary Gevisser <>, mariedion1 Gevisser <>, “Peter Berendse – FB friend of Gary Gevisser, Neil Woodhead and Vic Wartski.” <>, Barry Solomon – FB friend of Gary Gevisser & Vic Wartski <>, “South African-British solicitor Ray Oshry – classmate of Gary Gevisser and GG’s murdered cousin Sandy Moshal Jacobson [1957-1997]. R. Oshry remains a FB \”friend\” of GG but blocks GG from messaging on Facebook.” <>, Dennis Doros and Amy Heller – married proprietors of Milestone Film & Video <>, “Brian Steinhobel – No longer FB friend of Gary Gevisser and yet to provide GG with his positive and negative experiences with both Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors.” <>, Shaun Marsh – No longer FB friend of Gary Gevisser <>, “Shaun Tomson – 1977 World Surfing Champion – went to same high school and studied economics at university with GG. Both our father’s played on the same junior high school rubgy team; Shaun’s father was an Allied tail-gunner during WW II and GG’s father was a Fighter-Bomber-Pilot completing 71 missions.” <>, Great surfer Paul Tomson – still cozying up to The Coupon Clipper is The Jeffrey Jack The Ripper Essakow <>, “Riaan Reyneke – FB friend of Gary Gevisser. Rian’s great father, Ds Dr Johan Reyneke presided over burial of Jan Christiaan Smuts [1870-1950] and so moved by his words was the Queen of England in attendance that she sponsored a trip for preacher J. Reyneke to visit the whole of Europe, Russia and UK, and send all the bills to Buckingham Palace!.” <>, “Elria Wessels – Wessels – No longer FB of GG.” <>, “Ralph Cilevitz – still FB of Gary Gevisser but blocks messages from GG.” <>, “Eduardo Grillo – FB friend of Gary Gevisser, but he has blocked GG from sending him any more FB messages.” <>, David Abrams – Facebook friend of Gary Gevisser <>, “Rafael Adolf – Brazilian Radiologist practicing in Germany + FB friend.” <>, “Frenchman Jean Figadera – multiple South African Aerobatics champion. Unfriended as a FB friend by Gary Gevisser” <>, Fabienne Lacourpaille – Unfriended as a FB friend by Gary Gevisser <>, “Esther K. Ilan” <>, Lea Shrem <>, Rafa Zulueta – Spanish Central Bank official <>, Jeff Stein – Facebook friend of Gary Gevisser <>, Kolonel in SA Apartheid Regime Maurice Kessler – Unfriended by Gary Gevisser on FB right before Neil Gould fell apart and decided to unfriend GSG <>, “Neil Gould – no longer FB friend of Gary Gevisser.” <>, Neil Woodhead – no longer FB friend of Gary Gevisser <>, “Wendy Ann Bouman – High school history teacher of Gary Gevisser and FB friend.” <>

Neta, when introducing you more directly to Vic Wartski, who I earlier “unfriended” on FB, I am not suggesting that they two of you cozy up. Rather, his and my dialoguing should help attain a better read of yourself.
BTW, Nina Sencar, who remains one of my now 151 odd FB friends, has also gone very quiet.
You would know that there is more that one learns from meeting someone versus just talking on the phone, or writing correspondence. That is because when meeting someone in person you get to capture not only their words but physiognomy, and the body expressions are the most revealing about their personality, their likes and dislikes.
How well they take care of their “body temple” says a great deal about their “self control” and being an addict to unhealthy food is not an indicator that you care for your brain or anyone else, because if you cannot care properly for yourself you cannot possibly care for another human being as well as someone who shows more respect to their “body temple.”
In other words, you are better off seeking help from a complete stranger than either a family member or “old friend” who is really just into themselves.
Of course people who are into body building where the nutrition they feed their body is either secondary or non-existent, are also people to avoid.
Now if you have a different opinion on all of this, I would like to hear it.
That does not mean I am less interested in what you have learned from me about how the money is valued and its consequences for the human species, because I am most interested in that as well as how you are going about sharing the information.
If it turns out that most, if not the overwhelming majority of humans are just users and want to grab as much as they can to get a better lifestyle or simply hold on to the one they have which is better than the next poor person, the only thing to celebrate is that our conscience must come from somewhere else.
So if you end your life having a dog like Mango and a wife-lover like Marie, you should feel special.
If not then you know who to ask why?
PS – The rain continues to pour down and the trees are already celebrating with more color and vibrancy.
[Word count 402]

Vic Wartski

You’re friends on Facebook
Worked at own business
Lives in Durban North
07/25/2016 7:15AM
hi how you doing? my e mil is all lower
im sending it now. You are only included in the cc section. let me know what you think. Also note that Thabo Ledwaba  accepted my FB invitation, and you can see that our conversations are not exactly friendly. BTW you are 2 days older than me
I was at Damelin in my matric year. Were you there at the same time? Cliff Benn, Mervyn Cohen and Sharon Gerson were in my class. How I got there is not the normal route
i was there 1974 and 1975
what year did you matriculate? What did you do since?
ok, of course you did your matric in 1975
Im now heading to do my egoscue exercises in the backyard of our cabin here in the Cleveland Forest. I will be offline for a couple of hours.
i was kept back in std 7 the yr my dad died. do you know larry sheer and tubby
oops, I meant to say you are only included in the blind copy section not cc.
Both names I remember. Who is Tubby? So what do you do? You should have the email by now.
i didn’t get any email. tubby or selwyn bloch
check your junk/spam folder. The title is “Rod, still looking for a fallen tree…”
Wasn’t there the other Bloch who was always high?
Im waiting to see if you got the email. So what do you do? Married, kids, travel, interests etc?
07/25/2016 8:31AM
Did you get the email?
07/25/2016 9:51AM
no i didn’t get your email. i was married for 25 yrs and am divorced and looking for a partner. i went to shirona pre primary, then virginia primary, then to dhs and 18 months at damelin
07/25/2016 11:09AM
The email just left my computer.
What business are you in? Do you have kids? What business was your dad/mom in?
While you wait for the email or read it, let me share with you what I wrote earlier before my short bicycle ride to two guys who I met for the first time yesterday and who I reference in the broadcast from yesterday:
Our conversations yesterday you should both remember vividly. They should also stay with you the remainder of your lives because as you do the research of very “understated” De Beers – who you can see as you just scratch the surface of their holdings are significantly more powerful than their financial statements reflect – so you see that they are very much in all our faces; both rich and poor; but the poor cannot even begin to understand the global impact of De Beers because they are too busy just trying to keep their heads above water when not falling victim to drugs and crime; and the greatest shame is that they are the ones who most neglect their bodies.
You will also see these words I am using here in past as well as future missives; but don’t think there isn’t change happening just because your minds might still tell you that nothing changes, that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, more stupid and more violent.
The shock of now learning that one corporation that appears way off the radar screen of all the household name talkers has the power to decide on our choice of politicians, business people, lawyers, medical doctors, girlfriends, mistresses etc, is for most too much to handle.
That is common sense thinking which is why I waited 24 years before speaking out.
Nor did I get stupid thinking that if I managed to meet individually with each human I would eventually get everyone to agree that there has to be a better method of deciding who should be backing the money than a bunch of crooks who think nothing of committing genocide to achieve their goal of maintaining their lifestyles without getting caught.
By now a reasonable person would have expected that at least one multi-billionaire would have thrown in the towel and come forward to publicly support me but that hasnt happenened because it is simply too traumatic. Rich people first of all feel that they are both lucky and smart and that the two go hand in hand.
To find out that you know nothing about how the money system works as De Beers have their own exclusive currency that they use to buy and sell the other currencies without having to explain to anyone how they have managed to get away with this collosal fraud without ever being caught because again they have only received slaps on the wrist for violating the anti-Trust, price fixing rules that they first enacted but don’t abide by, and again they orchestrate each one of the slaps on the wrist which never amount to anything because all their fines cost them nothing as they just keep recycling their unlimited supply of diamond currency, blows up the minds of the most generous of the rich.
You should understand all that perfectly, and if not then you know who to ask.
When people go into denial the world around them begins to collapse because they are trying to hold on to a secret that is getting out, both when I meet individually as I did yesterday as well as when my heavily broadcasted missives reach that many more people who all understand perfectly that everyone is living in a dreamworld that could change in the next instant because it is not possible to hold on to a lie indefinately, especially when the word is out and no one can possibly argue differently with what I have to say.
It is not arragance on my part. I am just stating the irrefutable facts that of course piss off a great many who are angry not with me but themselves for having allowed their minds to be so misled by a group who are anything but secretive.
So what they don’t list in the Forbes list of billionaires the names of other billionaires they have bought.
Yes it is all too funny and it is easier to keep a sense of humor if you are young, healthy and haven’t allowed your mind to be corrupted.
Attached are my most recent broadcasts and you will see with the one there is a hyperlink over two words in the second, “Natash” and “Congo” which takes you to the first, and of course they are both related.
Time to move on with my busy day
PS – Note the significant jump, percentage wise, in my number of new FB friends who besides for the 2 of you, have resulted from the FB cover photo I placed up a couple of days ago.
The amount of words I have used above and knowing that I didn’t really need to go back to the sunglass business also took energy. That does not mean I am unaware that my time today is worth less than when I was still 21 years of age and had proven to Harry Oppenheimer and his top advisors that all of them combined couldn’t make a better assessment of strategic acquisitions for the banking-mining consortium De Beers-Anglo American Corporation who own Barclays Bank, US Federal Reserve, London Exchequer, European Union Commission, puppets, Hollande, Merkel, May, Obama, Hilary Clinton, Trump etc  – see chapter 16 of The Diamond Invention book, titled, WARRING WITH ISRAEL
My time is in fact worth significantly more right now because I have less time remaining.
I also know that I could have kept my mouth shut and not expose The Diamond Invention and become a highly paid consultant to whoever was the next richest person in the world; just so long as they were not members of the South African-German Oppenheimer family and those they had bought.
As time has marched on, it has become virtually impossible to figure out who they haven’t bought because the poor as you can see react no different to the superrich once they get the information.
They both feel unbelievably stupid, but the rich have the wealth to “blow it all off” because they can still laugh about how they have bought the houses, the cars, the women, the Lear jets, the vacation spots all around the world and to be served hand and foot by their slaves made up of all races so they look politically correct as well, whereas the poor are stuck, and they are much angrier because they cannot distract themselves even with second-hand Lamborghinis.
Look around you in your internship job. You should be able to read how your closest colleagues would react to all this knowledge.
Now move up the corporate ladder to the owners who may only be owners based on what the share certificates say, but now you know that when the DAAC come calling, everyone bows.
Besides for myself, it looks like Putin is the only one who has not bowed.
Do you get all of that?
[Word count 492]
07/25/2016 7:04PM
Did you finally get the email?
Below is my latest broadcast.
07/27/2016 3:42PM
Vic, just moments ago I sent my one FB friend Larry Sheer the following:
Subject: Total say
Larry – I won’t ask you again to send me your email address, but I would like you to take a good look at my posting, NO FEAR on the FB wall of Thabo Ledwaba who is calling on all whites to leave South Africa.
Note that while I articulate well what is going on, Thabo not only allows my posting to remain but there are no comments from the “peanut gallery”.
Just thought you should also know that before I sat for the exhaustive entrance exam to De Beers, I was a pretty good observer which is helped by virtue of the fact that I was not a talker; and something they knew, not because I said I wasn’t a talker, but rather doing the logical thing and observing.
You will notice that I don’t have that many Durban South African FB friends, but I do know that they talk a lot; and lately the talkers will have been less talkative, but still they cannot change the past, including all that they have had to say as well as why they haven’t shared with people such as yourself my vast knowledge of The Diamond Invention game, which of course should have been taught to each of us long before we entered high school.
That is not to suggest that our teachers as well as those parents who helped ensure that the educational curriculum was not interfered with were clueless because of course they weren’t.
Here you are now into your 60s and only just finding out how it is possible for someone like J. Essakow to go from nothing to very rich and wanting to act like a “good old boy” as he commiserates with his much poorer FB friends.
It is all too funny, right?
Aren’t you totally bored with all the bullshit talk on TV as well as Facebook?
Do you think FB officials including Zuckerberg, haven’t heard of me?
Wouldn’t you like to see not only real positive change, but something truly entertaining in the extreme?
I am going to be making the same offer to our “mutual FB friend” Neil Gould who got very good advice from my extraordinary and inspirational mother Zena, who gave great natural comedian Neil a lift on Manning road when he was hitch hiking. My mom, who was on top of everything going on at the highest levels of society, both in South Africa and abroad, but always had time for anyone who showed initiative, encouraged Neil to continue performing. He says that he was doing caberet at Blue Waters hotel at the time my mom gave him a ride.
So how interesting would J. Essakow be if for example today he was in Sidney Green’s shoes or for that matter if he didn’t have a penny to his name?
I very much doubt that my middle brother Melvin who wants to be friendly with the world , and that may be because he took Dale Carnegie’s book, How to Win Friends and Influence People far too literally, would have anything to do with J. Esssakow because what is interesting about someone if they are dead broke and stupid to boot?
Not all that long ago J. Essakow would boast to even complete strangers, “Back in the mid-1990s I was worth shit, and then I got into real estate”.
His one tenant at the Marc Rich-Essakow Flower Hill Mall, who owns a small eye glass company, Optical Illusion, when I shared with him what a local real estate broker told me about his dinner conversation with J. Essakow who I coached through Deceased and Insolvent Estates at university, which may have been my greatest teaching success because I have never encountered anyone as dumb before, complete lack of common sense is the only way to describe J. Essakow, his tenant turned to me, without missing a beat, “Now he smells like shit”.
You may not have yet noticed that one of J. Essakow’s and my “mutual friends” on FB is  the star of J. Essakow’s movie-documentary, Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah. Interesting that J. Essakow has managed to influence others such as Paul Tomson not to be my FB friend, but he hasn’t yet succeeded with Emmanuel?As you get into my writings and people’s responses, you will find yourself increasingly less drawn to criticize my style of writing because you can see that I know what I am doing, and yes even the missives that go on for thousands upon thousands of words achieve my objectives, which include staying alive at the same time getting the full attention of everyone including those who protest otherwise.Within the next 24 hours I am going to be broadcasting a follow up to 72 journalists who have dug the biggest hole, not only for themselves but journalists throughout the world as they buried their heads in the sand, so fearful of why the principal economist for the Nuclear Energy Agency that is housed with the no less powerful OECD who play a pivotal role in establishing the lifestyles of both the rich and poor, would share with me his misgivings about why there is very weak opposition to the nuclear weapons development business which you can imagine is not small potatoes when you are talking about huge bucks.
Those 72 journalists each know why they went silent when all I asked was whether each of them would like to know more about what Rothwell who was formerly the 27 year senior lecturer of economics at Stanford University, had to share with me in writing; and yes, it is bigger than anything coming out of the mouth of nothing to speak of Snowden.
Now they are going to see themselves collectively as I place all their names in the “To” section of this most important communique that I have been preparing for ever since Rothwell sent me his earth-shattering White Paper on May 7, while my beautiful F-C wife Marie Dion and I, and Mango of course, were in Corsica and Rothwell at his very important job in Paris.
It is unlikely you know personally of anyone who has worked for a De Beers site-holder, let alone one who is not only speaking out, and whose immediate family were business partners of American-German Charles W. Engelhard Jr., the “control person” of the banking-mining monopolist De Beers-Anglo American Corporation [DAAC] but for Codiam Inc. who were, and probably remain the DAAC’s most important site holder in the world; and as you may know there are not that many site holders.
Had J. Essakow known about The Diamond Invention book which is still available free over the Internet, it is highly unlikely, despite his lack of common sense that he would have purchased The Flower Hill Mall that sits at the corner of the two most expensive pieces of real estate in southern California; namely, Rancho Sante Fe, Solana Beach and Del Mar where my awesome [F-C] Français-Canadien wife Marie Dion and I used to live.
The Diamond Invention book spells out clearly that the DAAC have a zero cost of capital; meaning that with their backing you can own everything under the sun.
But they don’t back either clowns or peacocks and you have to be a clown if you think it is smart to show off that you are a smart real estate investor.
There are a great many Jewish people in the real estate game, and that is not because they are smart. Most have made a shit full of money but still they are playing a “mugs game” because at any time the DAAC can pull the plug and cause a run on the real estate market as they can the diamond market; and then what do you think will happen?
Before then, of course they will try and start World War III; and whose side will you be on?
The German-South African Oppenheimers began running away from The Diamond Invention game ever since Engelhard Jr. began showing the world the Oppenheimers’ true colors when just prior to his death on March 2, 1971, one month after having turned 54, he had his most important Chief Executive Officer, my father’s first cousin, David Gevisser [1926-2009] who provided me with the necessary introductions before I could sit for the year long entrance exam which involved a little more than reading a teleprompter as do bigger clowns than J. Essakow, begin transferring to the Oppenheimers Engelhard’s most valuable South African assets, including Engelhard’s control of the world supply of platinum.
BTW, this Saturday evening I am having dinner with our former landlady who rented to us for 8 years her cottage beach front property on 11th street that was a hangout for surfers as well as a drug off point for drug dealers shipping drugs from Mexico; and those drug shipments were not only small potatoes but a distraction from the business of money; not exactly money laundering but how the money of the different governments of De Beers value, as well as allocate the IN GOD WE TRUST $, British Pound, Euro, Swiss France, South African Rand etc.
The hyperlink above taking you to WARRING WITH ISRAEL begins, “In the winter of 1978” and you know they are talking about the winter of the northern hemisphere.
You recall me mentioning in my opening that I immigrated to the US in 1978, and more precisely, I arrived in Chicago on March 17, one week shy of my 21st when J. Essakow was still celebrating having passed Deceased & Insolvent Estates.My initiation began almost immediately, but I already knew pretty much everything there was to know about the DAAC because my common sense told me that you couldn’t operate a police force let alone a first rate equipped army within the borders of mineral rich South Africa without the mining houses and their principal American banker, J.P. Morgan having total say.J. Essakow probably didn’t mention to all of you at the 2014 Carmel College reunion in Cape Town that had he known of The Diamond Invention book he would have immediately approached the DAAC to be his silent real estate investor who could also get him the least expensive insurance coverage, instead of calling upon his younger brother Roy, who was in the same class as me ever since he was held back a year, and it wasn’t because Roy was the sharpest tool in the shed, to help with the financing of The Flower Hill Mall that was purchased on September 11, 2002, the one year anniversary of 9/11, for $31.5 million, about 20% above market, and which real estate and mining mogul, Ernest Rady who owned and still does commercial the much larger complexes on both sides of the next exit north of Interstate Highway, could have purchased for what Ernest rounds off to on a daily basis.I know Ernest Rady even better than J. Essakow because E. Rady does not have a big mouth. Even E. Rady’s son who isn’t all that bright and got caught up in a weapons smuggling operation following E. Rady and his wife being a victim of a terrifying home invasion, knows well the expression, “God gave us two ears and one mouth so that we listen twice as hard as we speak”.But even E. Rady should have known better, given that he too is Jewish, to have made such a public spectacle of himself. Still he knew better than to get involved in such a high profile piece of real estate as the Flower Hill Mall.You know of course that Roy Essakow was one of oil trader Marc Rich’s top lieutenants, which tells you a lot about the smarts of M. Rich who was considered like anyone who didn’t first approach the DAAC for their financial needs a buffoon, given how the DAAC have never kept it a secret that they have owned the world’s drilling industry for more than a century.You also know that when you purchase such a high visible property such as the Flower Hill Mall which I aptly call the Marc Rich-Essakow Flower Hill Mall, the likelihood is that the property is fully occupied, which was the case when J. Essakow stepped up to the plate.
To make the numbers work, one has to get rid of lower paying tenants, redevelop the property and jack up the rents; at the same time incur the wrath of local residents such as Robert Vicino who led the opposition group to J. Essakow’s excessive expansion, which of course took more time to complete than had J. Essakow simply approached the DAAC, and they in turn would have looked at J. Essakow’s track record and concluded that he wasn’t worth bothering with.
If you can expand the rhetoric, “The Jews, The Jews, The Jews” with solid evidence that  “The Jews” when not being “slum landlords” are responsible for real estate development which ignite real estate inflationary wars which devastates the environment which we are all a part of, what more could you ask for if your goal is to blame others while masking your crimes of genocide?If there is anything about chapter 9, DIAMOND FOR HITLER which you would like explained, then you know who to ask.The principal client of the DAAC is Barclays Bank, which you read about in chapter 16 of The Diamond Invention book, which again is aptly titled, WARRING WITH ISRAEL.
The winter of 1978 was right at the time that I became intimately familiar with the DAAC’s “trading practices”.So how generous has J. Essakow been with all his FB friends who are not living his lifestyle and able to afford luxuries such as hair transplants and girlfriends in their own apartments at every port? That is not to suggest that J. Essakow has a girlfriend besides for his wife because J. Essakow and I are not on speaking because back in the summer of 2009, J. Essakow sent me a very threatening email which neither of us have forgotten.
I very much doubt he shared that knowledge with you but if you would like, you should be able to find it posted up on the Internet.
I also doubt that your mutual buddy from school days, Sidney Green who committed suicide, no doubt his financial stress contributed to that decision, was one of J. Essakow’s rich business partners.
Let me know if you would like to know more.
I think you would agree that the more we know about each other, the less likely it is that we would go to war with each other.
BTW, on February 1, 2001, 222 days prior to 9/11, the Jerusalem Post published my first of four letters to the editor; and all of course on point.
The first letter, titled, Heads up, you lose. Tails we all lose, was an “open letter” to American-Soviet-Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard. It began:
Dear Jonathan Pollard;
The pardon of Marc Rich eliminated not only an opportunity of justice being served but it would have allowed the public to view the role that oil brokers play in furthering terrorism.
All 4 letters were published well in advance of 9/11; the fourth on May 1, 2001.
PS – By now you should know about The Great White Fleet and its aftermath.
[Word count 2614]
Slight error. What J. Essakow actually had to say according this one real estate broker, “Back in the …. I wasn’t worth shit, but then…”
07/27/2016 5:43PM
I just followed up with Larry:
Larry hi – I forwarded to Dr. Geoffrey Rothwell Phd of the NEA what I last wrote you.
Attached is a pdf file of my  2647 word brief to Rothwell, which includes the 2612 words I wrote you earlier. There are 2 less words than the original and you can see that I have corrected the formatting.
07/28/2016 6:29PM
Note I have one less FB “friend”.
The previous Total say file was missing the tail end.
07/28/2016 9:39PM
Less than a minute ago I wrote to a FB friend Jeff who is just completing his MBA before joining his family’s successful recycling business:
Jeff hi, I see that you haven’t seen my last message, but I take it that you fully understand everything that I write as well as how it applies to your everyday life.
Just earlier, at 9:16, 12 minutes ago, Bryce wrote me:
I have a long car ride out to Zion this weekend and I’ve been wanting to not just skim but read what you have to say and actually think about it.
I’ve just had a lot on my plate and to be honest forget when I do have the time to slow down.
I know you mean no offense your a very kind individual and didn’t take it as such
I apologize having yet to read what you have to say
At 9:18pm I began responding:
Bryce – notice how quickly I am responding.
Gary Gevisser
You will recall that when I was 3 years younger than you, I got to see how very quiet everyone became the moment they found out that they were clueless about how the economies of the world work.
You also recall me saying that before I joined De Beers I first had to pass a very stiff entrance exam.
Gary Gevisser
Right before I began that entrance exam I tutored first year business-economics-finance-accounting students.
I observe people well.
I also over the years have fine tuned my teaching skills to the point that I know that anyone who has what is considered a brain in their head can understand perfectly what I say without having to read anything.
All that you needed to do after meeting with me was to read The Diamond Invention book and then you would know almost as much as I knew when I began my formal introduction to the global banker-mining monopolist De Beers-Anglo American Corporation [DAAC].
So really, you have written me a lot of words that don’t make much sense to me, and you should know it.
If I thought you were doing drugs, apart from unhealthy food, I would tell you so, but I don’t think so.
You have never come close in your entire life to learning such new and interesting information that people like Warren Buffett and Zuckerberg wished they had prior to becoming FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES.
07/30/2016 10:02AM
I’m at the Saturday market in downtown San Diego, just got a good parking spot.
And then I lit up Maurice Kessler with the following :
Remember me saying they all go silent
That does not mean they are good or smart but still the human has to speak and it gets more difficult as word gets out
I just rebroadcasted on FB “Be nice”.
How many of your other FB friends do u think will see it if they haven’t already?
You also know that you are not the only one who thinks I write well although what you are really thinking is how could I have missed that such a huge conglomerate such as Moshal Gevisser could be wiped out in no time without a trace and their partner who provided protection to the richest South Africans who allowed big egos such as Anton Rupert to be such an idiot peacock was not exactly using his sperm to produce winning racehorses?
How do define vulgarity and can you give an example?
08/15/2016 10:32AM
Overall consensus, “Good, to the point!”.
08/15/2016 1:44PM
The following I just shared with Brazilian-German radiologist, Rafael Adolf who we met earlier this year in Finistere, End of the World, Portugal-Spain:
The following is a message I just sent an old classmate of mine from high school, Sharon Evans; not to mention, she still hasn’t hit the reply, after all her writing; to mention little of I have never heard back from Sharon after she approached me about 14 years ago to give money to a charity in Israel to help victims of terrorist attacks like her two daughters who were severely injured in a bus bombing, which didn’t stop me from sending Sharon FB messages starting on June 29, 2010 and she has never once responded; to mention in passing, I withdrew my $25,000 donation, although it could have been $30,000 when she was unwilling to have me assist her get monies out of Roy Essakow whose beneficiary was the CIA oil trader, Marc Rich who got the sickening Presidential Pardon from Bill “De Beers-Rhodes Scholar” Clinton that triggered me to write my first of four letters to the editor of the Jerusalem that upon its publishing on February 1, 2001 should have made me an international household name, were it not for the people so lame, jealous, stupid, sick to their soul; so lovely the reality, what goes around comes around with a vengeance:
You must remember the look on Roy Essakow’s face when you mentioned my name; the turn of the head?
I see you are reading this in real time.
Why do you think it is that people in denial have such poor memories?
I see you were writing me back and then you stopped.
It has been 14 days since I last spoke with my mother in Netanya.
Everyone has the opportunity to do the right thing at the right time.
I came from the closest knit Jewish family on the planet and I can explain why that is if you are interested.
For my 3 elder siblings to choose to be corrupt tells you a lot if not everything about all those families who were not that tightly bound.
I see that you are still writing to me.
But I haven’t received anything.
When I was still 21 and you probably thinking about how best to put on your makeup when not how you were going to support yourself and your family the rest of your life, I got to see how easily the people who had so much to say for themselves were corrupted.
You must agree that it was a good thing in terms of my personal safety and getting the information out that I chose not to confide [in] you at either Carmel or Damelin about my findings of the Engelhard-Oppenheimer-De Beers-Anglo American Corporation or for that matter people like Mervy Jeff, Vernon Solomon, Wendy Berkowitz, Cliff Benn, Roy Essakow et al, as any one of you could have ratted me out.
[Word count 268]
[Total word count 480]
08/19/2016 12:38PM
Earlier sent the following FB message to very pretty Elaine Oshry Davies whose younger brother, South African-British solicitor, Ray Oshry is a FB friend of mine:
Subject: Next brainwashing
When I write broadcasted emails like the one above, even when I don’t copy you, I think of people like you who always thought that you were not quite as intelligent as their other siblings because they got their schoolwork quicker and there was a great deal of logic, such as math that confirmed in your head, that they were that much smarter; yet they missed entirely how the economics of the world worked despite them also so quick to pontificate on the ills of the world being run by stupid people.
So you would just listen and every so often give your opinion which was guided by what they had to say. You also noticed how quickly they changed their minds when the news was reporting their next brainwashing.
Furthermore, you appear to have been married at least twice with kids from two different men, the same with Ray; and now you are finding out how very uninteresting are all of them, and their unhappy looks don’t make it any more inviting.
Then you have me who face to face we may have said 5 words to one another bringing a smile to your face without you feeling the need to make conversation even with your children who if they were that smart, given how easy it is to get information from Google Search, should long by now have dug deeper into The Diamond Invention.
You also know that all you need do is point everyone you know including your husband in the direction of the Diamond Invention book that is so easy to do because it is available free on the Internet and then say if they have any questions to direct them to me, and to copy you.
It really doesn’t take a lot courage because it is the logical thing to do before someone does it to you.
You are not being a friend to anyone if you are withholding such important information. You know that you would turn on them if they did the same to you.
Logic is all we have to go with in finding deeper meaning for our existence in this very short life where the only common thing everyone has is wanting to look good on camera and otherwise screwing over the next person.
Now read carefully what I sent my Brazilian-German radiologist FB friend Rafa Adolf before I began sharing it with the world including principal economist for the OECD, Dr. Geoffrey Rothwell Phd:
While you ask me inconsequential questions such as when I am going to Israel, as if that is of utmost importance in your life unless you are willing to accompany me, and you don’t say that are willing with all the very inconsequential things going on in your life including the upcoming birth of your first child who you know is no more important than the poorest child on the planet who lives just a few hours, all because people like you don’t care to change the way the rich get richer by keeping the information from the poor, and it therefore affecting your bad conscience to think clearly, I have been hard at work turning everyone’s negative energy into good.
Below is my communication with multi-billionaire Andrea Kernzer over FB even though we are not FB friends:
11:55am PDT
Andrea K.
Please take me off your list. Thank you.
12:10pm PDT
Gary Gevisser
You and I also didn’t have that many words spoken between us, and so I also think of you who knows that I not only speak the most important logic, but it has the least intelligent of humans being able to perfectly understand.
Those FB friends as well as other friends you have will never provide you with the comfort that my piece of mind communications ensure.
Not to feel human is a feeling that no human wants to get close to, but that is exactly what is happening when you turn a blind eye to why there are poor in the world.
Instead of seeing the cup as half full, you should be thinking of how much better you are going to feel about yourself by joining my team that cannot possibly lose; and that has everything to do with the fact that you cannot refute either my logic or the facts.
You have yet to see what economist Dr. Geoffrey Rothwell Phd wrote me in the early hours of the morning, my time, yesterday.
Rothwell knew I would soon begin broadcasting it.
I assume that your father is still alive, and that would mean if any of his advisors were aware of what Rothwell had to say in support of my contention that the GDP index is asinine in every respect, your father would be all over them.
If they were unaware, he would still fire them, unless he felt that it was a far too dangerous move.
You have known for some time that there are no barriers to entry for De Beers and their banker clients such as Barclays who don’t move without direct orders from De Beers’ top officials, and that would mean they would have fully infiltrated the hospitality-casino business, but they are hiding behind you and nor do they owe you any loyalty.
Your father had the opportunity to hear me out in the very early 1990s just when De Beers’ Lloyds of London began their ban on American citizens and residents from investing in Lloyd’s. Were it not for your younger brother Butch thinking that he knew everything there was to know, without even asking me my background, you understand perfectly I would today be your right hand.
Butch died 36 days after Putin met with Oppenheimer, and his helicopter crash remains a mystery. Even if there was “foul play” invovled it would still involve the mysterious invisible light energy force that binds each of us together.
When Ray Oshry reads what I sent his sister Elaine, his life will be changed forever.
Something for you to consider.
08/19/2016 3:51PM
Since I see that you are still reading.
Moments ago I wrote the following to my FB friend Vernon Solomon:
Subject: Human sheep but without the brains of the sheep.
I see that you saw my message about 45 minutes ago; and you would also know and if not, not be all that surprised that Mervy-Jeff doesn’t want to hear anything more from me.
Who would have thought that we would all go our different ways, and the only thing most have in common is denial.
I cannot imagine what it must be like to have all our great memories of being “carefree” and to now be like all the old lost farts who we didn’t give two thoughts to, unless we saw them as rich, and then they had to be smart.
How can everything start out so right and in a flash when you consider how long we live relative to the age of the universe, for the masses of humans when given the information, to be so narrow minded, and still have something to share with each other?
While you are not speaking to me, you are still listening, and it can’t only be because you hope to financially profit somehow, although of course I perfectly understand that you will be using what I am teaching you to position yourself a cut above the other hordes of pyschologists; and then if you do not acknowledge me, you have to feel cheaper than the cheapest of prostitutes.
You would know that Andrea Kerzner gets it all, including how in the next instant all the wealth she has could evaporate which is what death does to each of us, and who is to say whether we take our memories with us?
But to be so small minded, wanting to hold on to the lies only because it is only me explaining it all is so very silly.
Andrea knows as well as you that when I say that Rothwell, who didn’t come to you or Mervy Jeff or Andrea’s father for that matter, but to me, has burst all your bubbles, it is a fact of life, and that has only been less than 48 hours.
So imagine the whole world living in your denial that is driving each of you stark raving nuts, how could you explain such mass mental suicide?
Those in denial cannot really be in control of your minds because your lack of logic defies the way we know each of our brains is programmed to seek out truth and when lying which denial is, it is a gutwrenching feeling.
Nor can you see that with all the holes in your stories which bind you together, there is anyway for each of you to help each other out of your misery.
You can project forward and see that no matter how much wealth you accumulate or how much longer your body keeps you alive, there is no escaping such illogical behavior on such a mass scale.
It is easier to imagine a higher energy force controlling such irrational behavior.
You see I couldnt imagine a moment in any of your shoes
08/23/2016 2:09PM
It shows that you are not online.
Could you share with me your views of my discussion with my Jewish South African FB friend, Maurice Kessler [you also know that you can go to his FB wall and read all that preceded this]:
Let’s now look at what I last received from Vernon Solomon who I have known since we were kids:
Hi Gary, I only know my own state. I’m not in a position to compare. I’m glad you are happy. I do read your messages and don’t find I have a response so I don’t engage. I don’t really engage through these kind of media. If you are ever here or I am there we could talk.
Those 57 odd words don’t need any explanation because my 480 word response above spells it out clearly.
Vernon “say” [sic] my response at 10:38am PDT, which was 8:38pm in South Africa.
You recall me mentioning that I got to see the reaction of the Chief Financial Officers of each corporation, both private and public, when De Beers and their closely controlled affiliates such as Barclays Bank came calling.
Those CFOs and their CEOs knew better than to visit with a psychologist or psychiatrist unless they were already visiting with a “paid friend” and continued to visit because they didn’t want to send out “mixed signals”.
In 1978-1979 when De Beers were wiping out the last “hold outs” of resisting Israeli diamond merchants, there was nothing like the Internet, let alone a social media like Facebook that gives a real time close in look to what is happening with a broad sector of the human population, just so long as you have amongst your FB friends a representative sample which might not be statistically “relevent” [sic] from a mathematical perspective, but sufficient for someone like myself who travels a lot and gets to see the reaction of a great many more people than my now 139 odd FB friends, to draw important conclusions.
Right now I can see that 4 of my FB friends show, with a “green light” next to their names, that they are online.
I will now write to them and others to find out the level of interest to read what I am sharing with you in real time.
[Word count 342]
08/25/2016 11:11AM
You should be able to figure this out.
The following was just sent to a FB friend who married into my extended family:
Given how you are only just learning the real truth about the Durban Jewish community that is no different to the rest of the South African Jewish communities other than I had two unique parents, Zena Ash and Bernie Gevisser who couldn’t be in two places at once, the same with me of course, I thought you might also want to share with Jack what I just wrote my FB friend Barbara Schaffer, and you can see how everyone is getting pretty much getting the same information:
Given how attentive you are and probably only just now getting your head around why your father was not as successful accountant, financially speaking of course, as Gerald Hackner and Alan Benn, unless of course as the information got out, they decided to be more generous with your father, I thought you might find what I wrote my FB friend Renee Guild just moments ago more interesting than your last coffee conversation:
When cutting and pasting what I wrote you above when sharing it with Pierre Lotzof who I was on Israel-ulpan with back in 1972, I noticed spelling and grammar errors which I have now fixed bringing what I previously wrote you to 724 words:
P – You haven’t commented on The Diamond Invention and yet you are part of the SAJAC gossiping crowd in San Diego.
The day before yesterday, I asked Renee Guild over in Ja Jawlla the following over FB messaging, “Have you attempted to read The Diamond Invention book?” That of course was far too tough a question which you perfectly understand.
Moments ago I followed up with her who received my last heavily broadcasted communique yesterday, titled, “Does Mr. Trump look like he is really out of his mind?-Garbage-Character-I don’t think my other children believe in anything-Distinctly rotten”:
Renee – I’m quite sure that you are sharing enough with Tony so that he doesn’t feel left out were he to overhear the lighthearted and often times whispered gossip just so that the target audience gets the message.
You know how it is even when couples go on vacation together just to escape the annoying children which they hadn’t fully thought through would change their lives altogether once born, especially the sex life, a significant percentage have affairs.
So the getting together of the “girls” as well as the “boys” is really not so much comradeship as it is to spy on each other.
Of course I am fully aware that you would prefer that I only wrote to you as does everyone else, but I am not looking for friendship, rather I see it as a good thing to educate the poor of the world, not to save them from the poorly educated middle class who are their toughest opponents because it is the middle class who have the big egos whereas the ruling elite have always had the information and simply use people like you and Tony as their buffer.
This way I will be helping make the world a far more beautiful place than all the disgusting fat and poor plastic surgery which is what you see most amongst the middle class who are not being squeezed out but rather as you can see just trying to hold on to their paper riches by preventing the poor from getting the information.
So what I hear a lot of once providing the essence of the knowledge is that I “waffle, gibberish” and that goes back and forth with “I am really not interested in what you have to say” and so quickly, “It’s obviously over my head and I really have no interest” and just as quick, “No offense” before the snarl comes out, “Gary you give it up.”
My mother taught me at very young age that the female Nazi guards were far more sadistic than the males.
In my life experience, what I have noticed visibly is that when women lose their femininity it is quickly replaced with the male testosterone but without the stronger frame of the male which makes the male-female much quicker to resort to violence and why female leaders who gave up their femininity because they bought into the God money without thinking because the male breadwinner who was most often overpowering and feeling that their physical strength superiority granted them the right to be over-controlling, are no less so inclined than the poor male athletes to send the youngsters to war.
That of course is just my view.
What is irrefutable is that what all the middle class paper pushers have in common throughout the world is that you refuse to answer my simple question, “What did you learn most from reading The Diamond Invention book?” and that is because you know given how it is written for an average 15  year old if not someone much younger to perfectly understand at the same time be so enthused because it is so interesting, that you cannot blurt out, “Gary you waffle. You write gibberish. Go fuck yourself. Gary, you give it up” and often times like Maurice Kessler as I now hold his feet to fire for threatening to turn fellow South Africans living in San Diego to do his dirty work, he writes me back, ” He he he….let’s have some humor..”
And no Renee, it is “obviously NOT over your head” because if it were then you would find yourself continuing to chat away like never before.
Now of course, Tony was a much bigger talker than you, and he just loved talking money and real estate. If you haven’t told him about The Diamond Invention book then by now you would expect one of his male buddies to have done so.
If Tony isn’t explaining to you how much it bothers him, that does not mean it is over his head, rather, he simply prefers not to discuss with you.
Wouldn’t you get a great kick seeing Tony and me debate the merits of The Diamond Invention book?
In due course I am going to be bringing in all the talkative SAJAC members into our discussion.
That’s exciting, isn’t it?
09/01/2016 8:09AM
I just sent the following to Vernon Solomon:
As a human you know your own state, helped by knowing the state of others. As a psychologist you are that much more intrigued.
There comes a moment when you look at how little sense you make to yourself and stop focusing on the personal conflicts of others, and where you are the exact same as the others and therefore get no joy and satisfaction from their conflicts.
That moment occurs when you are reminded either by your own brain or others such as me, of The Diamond Invention book.
You could have a very naive, simple sibling who is quiet and not all about money and only wants to please and avoids conflict as much as possible, and that describes extraordinarily few in this world, but the Diamond Invention book and me guiding you all through it, makes conversation with such a sibling impossible to bear.
So you withdraw and withdraw.
You feel yourself increasingly alone and your thoughts, “I only know my own state…”
You are FB friends not only with Mervy Jeff but my middle brother Melvin who you didn’t really know all that well. You also wouldn’t have known either my mom or dad all that well because I was not a talker and their goal was only that I had a lot of fun because I was aware from a young age that it is not a nice world out there with the human so two-faced.
Today I had planned to “lay into” my sister Kathy by explaining the weaknesses-strengths of the Waldorf educational system, which is probably the last thing she is expecting; and the way that I will approach it will have her that much more shocked.
That is because I am writing to you of all the 8 billion humans that currently occupy the planet; and I will of course do the same with countless others.
Nor is this the first communication on this important subject because I started last evening with a 52 year old retired Israel Air Force pilot who has been assisting me in Israel find an honest lawyer to address my conflict with my siblings that will inevitably rock the world in the right direction, because it couldn’t possibly get any worse.
You would know that by remaining FB friends with me, you do not give Melvin all that much comfort, the same with Kathy. Neil, you don’t know at all but you would also expect him and his young new wife to be watching things very closely and FB allows that.
We all know from what I have placed on my FB wall that they react quickly to what I have to say.
That has always been the case, and especially so after I broke my 24 year silence with De Beers on 11.11.2004 and they began to see how clueless they were about the real world and yet we all grew up in the same household.
In the course of the past going on 12 years they have regressed, the same with the rest of you and you can see it from your pitiful responses.
Kathy has to already be in a state of shock knowing that our “mutual” Facebook friends, and there are at least a couple who were classmates of her at high school, including her first boyfriend, Micha-el Frame, have yet to “jump ship” and join her team exclusively.
Micha-el Frame’s close relation was South Africa’s largest textile manufacturer, Philip Frame who employed tens of thousands of workers including my mother’s second husband, Alan Zulman’s brother-in-law, Jonny Norris, who is one of the central witnesses to my siblings’ disgusting behavior towards A. Zulman in the final months and days of his life.
Yes, there was not one rich Jewish or non-Jewish South African who was honest, and nor did any of them share their ill-gotten gains equally with all their family members because that would have them broke by the time their extended family members going back to Christ and before, got their cut.
The fact that Alan Zulman had the hardest time getting Philip Frame to give his “fair share” to Israel has everything to do with the fact that Alan Zulman was naive about the business of “money creation”.
If Micha-el Frame who is an architect can understand all this, and I very much doubt that Micha-el is living off a trust fund of Philip Frame, but one can never be certain given how much quieter about their wealth are the smarter ones, then it is just going to be a question of time before my siblings sink into the deepest depression.
Everything turns out good in the end.
09/01/2016 1:38PM
Earlier I wrote Carmelite, David Wolf the following after I saw that he had read “… Everything turns out good in the end.” [and I kicked off this broadcast sending it to big mouth, and religious backstabber David Levy]:
Good that you are finally getting up to speed.
You were not, however, ahead of my history teacher Wendy Ann Bouman who read what you read above, nearly two hours ahead of you.
Furthermore, you may recall that she was brighter than you.
I see no need for you to set the alarm as early tomorrow morning as you did today, unless you work on Saturday and/or are playing golf because my communique to Kathy will do the job of waking people such as you no less so.
If you feel that you are going to have a sleepless night tonight, just try not to think too much about it.
[Word count 111]
09/02/2016 10:52AM
Just sent the following to multiple Facebook users both FB friends of mine and others:
Just sent the following to Laurie Black:
Just shared the following with Rafa Adolf:
Just finished sending the following to Malcom Ness:
Malcolm, one of the things about traveling as much as we do is that we get to see an entire cross-section of the human race living in close proximity to each other which to the TV viewer are different countries but not to those who travel along the roads, both the main arteries as well as the countryside roads which is helped a lot by GPS but the most important thing is that to cover the large distances that we do one has to be exceptionally healthy othewise one cold can spread quickly and both Marie and I end up staying put.
It is highly possible that no two humans have come close to accomplishing what marie and I have achieved over the past 4 years, and to top it off we travel always with Mango who makes people happy even though it is only just for a moment.
One of the interesting things we find is that as we get to know the people as we visit with them time and again in their “comfort zone” is that they are not only increasingly more unhappy but it meshes perfectly with their unhealthy bodies.
They also gossip badly about those in their inner circle starting with their lovers and other close family members because they really don’t know anything about how the real world works other than what they see on TV and they know that Marie and I know far more than what the clowns are telling them through the TV box and nor does it matter that you can watch the news on a laptop and have a great many choices because the news is always identical.
You know that by the complete lack of opposition in the most important subject; namely how the money is valued and distributed because I remain the only human on the planet talking about the lunacy of the GDP index.
The fact that the top economist in the world Geoffrey Rothwell has jumped in to support me doesn’t change the fact that I knew it well ahead of him who is caught in an incredible mind fuck cluster because it is not possible for him to revise all his previous writings and speaches; moreover before he took the top economist job in the world with the OECD who are lead proponent of the insane GDP index he taught students of economics at the top Stanford University who have bred most of Silicon valley for the previous 27 years.
So in a nutshell you all know that I don’t need a chorus of the rest of the world’s economists to make me more certain of what I know.
Without exception everyone we meet reacts the same as they clam up when not trying to distract.
Given that I know how the top echelon of society work and give their puppet political leadership the information on a need to know basis begins to explain why it is that not every prime minister and president of a country is as good an actor as those who know.
You know that Putin knows exactly what I am talking about because he made it business to be the first photographed with Oppenheimer at a most important moment in the history of the world and then he waited more than 2 years to release the photo of photos.
Right this moment Brazilian born and bred radiologist Rafael Adolf who practices in Germany is now writing to me over FB messaging after I had to hold his feet to the fire by labeling 16 specific questions for him to answer that he has been avoiding like the plague.
He did tell me earlier that he had finally finished reading The Diamond Invention book but he didn’t tell me what he learned, and so one of my questions is for him to let me know.
Of course I know the answer and that answer is troubling even to those who think they have the perfect family situation; and I have yet to find one.
What is most important in our extraordinary road trips across the most important continent Europe that connects the world and we also go elsewhere of course but no communities are as close to each other as in Europe where there are so many different languages, is how we do it which is not going from one airport to a 5 star hotel and then back to the airport and all the helpers putting on a show where they test their witting skills that look like it is often times impromptu but in fact they spend a lot of time in front of the mirror practicing always looking for the right person to give them their “break” in life, and you often see it with airline stewards who are bored to death picking up after slobs.
Also when you do as many Airbnbs as we do you cannot put on an act of being cleansy and tidy as we always without exception leave our surrounding in better shape then what we found it unless it is spotless to begin with and that it is totally rare or the place is a dump and we get out as quickly as we can and we let everyone know.
You cannot have this world in such a mess and the people quite happy to go along still listening to their puppet elected leaders and knowing that the only one who shows any degree of honesty is Putin; and you notice that he has been quiet as of late.
He must be thinking that his adversaries would like nothing more than to bump him off and blame it on an inside KGB job.
My interest is not preserving Putin because like the ant that just crossed over my hand, he too has its purpose.
I just checked what Rafa wrote and he tells me in a long winded couple of paragraphs that he needs the weekend to spend with his pregant wife-significant other before answering all my questions which included how many hours a week he practices as a radiologist.
My question to you is, do homosexual men see themselves as different to bi-sexual men and vice versa?
Next question, do you see any conflict between your sexual desires that you cannot control the same with us Hets, and your brains telling you that the physiogomy of the human is guided a different way?
09/25/2016 8:58PM
Do you consider yourself a brave person or would you prefer not to think about it?
10/27/2016 7:26AM
Did you see the video of my mother, The Lady’s Speech?
What did you think of it?
It may help to know that on September 15, 7 days before I taped The Lady’s Speech in my mother’s apartment in Netanya, Israel and unbeknown to me and my mother, an Israeli lawyer had been granted Guardianship over my mother and her assets, under the guise that my mother has “advanced dementia”.
3 days later, Sunday, September 25, this Israeli lawyer made a sworn statement before the judge who had granted her the Guardianship, stating several times that my mother has “advanced dementia”. The Restraining Order granted the power to Israeli police to enter my mother’s apartment at 1:30AM Tuesday, September 27 and force me to immediately leave. Nor was there any concern that my mother would be woken up.
It is beside the point that all the other claims stated in the sworn statement were totally false and incriminating on the hungry Israeli lawyer, other than all their shenanigans were to cover their lies, and now they are in deep voodoo-doodoo.
12/14/2016 10:20AM
Below is my latest communications with my FB friend, Carleton Spinner:
Carleton Spinner
Hope all is well. When you have a moment to yourself, read this, and please know that I am so grateful to have you in my life. It was difficult for me to decide who I thought would DO this because many people claim to pray, but not everyone does. I hope I chose the right twelve. Please send this back to me (You’ll see why). May everyone who receives this message be blessed. There is nothing attached. Just send this to twelve others. Prayer is one of the best free gifts we receive. There is no cost, just a lot of reward. Make sure you pray, and pray believing God will answer. May today be all you need it to be. May the peace of God and the freshness of the Holy Spirit rest in your thoughts, rule in your dreams tonight, and conquer all your fears. May God manifest himself today in ways you have never experienced before. May your joy be fulfilled, your dreams be closer and your prayers be answered. I pray that faith enters a new height for you; I pray that your territory is enlarged. I pray for peace, healing, health, happiness, prosperity, joy and a true and undying love for God. IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST THE MOST HIGH AMEN Now, will you send this to as many people as you can now, not “I’ll do it later.” God wants to move Now!!! Amen
Luv You!
Gary Gevisser
Carleton I see a lot of “God” and “Jesus” and “love” in your text but not a word about “morals”.
Nor is there any specific action you call for to make right what is wrong.
So I conclude that you are just writing to make yourself feel important, that somehow you are relevant.
Earlier I wrote my mother Zena’s first cousin, Holy Roman Catholic France Poeggel who my mother never met and only once had a very brief phone conversation when my mother totally blew off Frances and wanted nothing to do with her because as far as my mother was concerned France’s father whose one of many brothers was my mother’s father, had “married out of the faith” and to my mother and her parents that was a most “cardinal sin”, not because my mother looked down on Gentiles; on the contrary most of my mother’s experiences with Gentiles was far better than with Jewish people; in fact the Gentiles my mother dealt with never thought of my mother as anything less than spectacular without a thought to her religion, and the same with my mother’s feelings towards them. The problem with people who are born Jewish and in order to “fit in” and be accepted by the majority of the Gentile community marry non-Jewish women who raise their children as Christians mostly and then these children resent their Jewish heritage because their father in choosing to turn his back on the Jewish people is often times vicious towards their children both in physically abusing them that is made easier with alcohol consumption or no less harmful vulgar words.
At first blush it would seem that Frances would be one of the exceptions and therefore my mother made a mistake in not embracing Frances when she began to search out her Jewish roots which she only knew about when she was 16 and came across a Jewish prayer book that her father kept hidden behind his bed.
In fact, Frances is like most, Jewish and non-Jewish who only want to explore to the point that it does not get uncomfortable.
So this is not a religious thing at all. It is all about searching for the truth in our daily lives and that means looking at what it costs to stay alive, and if it costs the poor more than it costs the rich to investigate why that is and that means to look at important things like how “fair trade agreements” are entered into.
You used to work at a branded name computer store where many if not most of the electronic components were produced overseas. If those countries had a stronger military then it is likely that you and I would be working in the factories producing the parts and the stronger country would have its citizens doing less physically strenuous jobs such as working in a retail store.
What does your Christian religious scripture advise you to do in this instance?
Below is what I sent Frances earlier bearing in mind that I will be sharing our dialoguing as you have asked:
Frances, you must have heard about our Jewish Holocaust even if you didnt discuss it with your father. Did it ever occur to you to ask your Holy Roman Empire Catholic nuns who taught you morals why the church was so slow to condemn Hitler?
How have you managed to teach your children and grandchildren a moral code?
Just earlier I wrote to my FB friend Issy Fisher who was my Hebrew teacher at our Jewish high school in Durban:
Issy 2 things.
First, don’t you find it interesting that my question, “How important is morals in your life?” has caused total paralysis, even when I broadcast what I sent Neil Gould? Remember the foundation of all law is morals other than when it is brute force that decides, and then there is no fairness and without fairness your soul suffers and then you make bad decisions that carry no respectability.
Second, in all your years at Carmel College, and all the moral teachings along with the rememberances of the Holocaust, do you recall once someone brought in to recount how they fought the Nazis versus all the victims we kept hearing about?
Frances, you know from what I sent out yesterday titled, “Dogs guide our sensibilities” where you also got to see the importance I attach to President Nixon’s speech ending the Gold Standard on August 15, 1971 without Nixon or anyone since bothering to name those “International money speculators waging an all out war against the US Dollar”, that there is something the media-politicians-economists don’t tell us about that is missing from “fair trade agreements” between countries.
What do you think that is?
Surely there is a part of your body-soul-mind that is curious about how your partner, children and grandchildren would react to the question of how important are morals?
12/15/2016 10:07AM
The last person I communicated with is my FB friend Carleton Spinner:
I havent forgotten what should have changed your life completely beginning by not preaching without giving real world solutions to the poor to improve their lives without sacrificing themselves for the rich who depend on the church to keep the poor poor and without the poor there would be no church.
Just moments ago I began broadcasting both to my FB friends as well as my 5,000+ email list the following:
I just wrote my best friend from school and university, British solicitor Ray Oshry the following:
Gary Gevisser
9:38am [California time]
Ray, this dialogue below should wake you up even if you have just closed a real estate transaction that has placed an additional 2 million pounds into your pension plan.
Bear in mind FB friend British auto mechanic Shaun Turboscream has yet to see the 2 email communications I sent my sister Kathy yesterday and which you also were not copied on:
Shaun Turboscream
Very interesting observation there regarding morals
Gary Gevisser
You are the first person out of several thousands to comment.
Such silence of a monumentally important subject is unprecedented. There is only reference to such an event in the Hebrew Bible that could have all been made up.
I have fb friends who have not unfriended me but blocked me from sending them messages on FB messaging.
What message do you think they are sending me and what do you think they hope to achieve?
Shaun [replying immediately]
Its a simple message, they see a message in their FB inbox, open it and see a conversation between people they probably don’t know, then think ‘what the fuck is this?’ followed by [BLOCK]
What will that achieve, nothing really, just no more inbox messages. Job done. Game over
No, I dont think so.
Are you working on a gear box? That would explain possibly your thinking.
When I was your kid’s age I was thinking about real world battlefield conditions because I first visited Israel in 1966 and got to see Israeli soldiers everywhere; most often hitching a ride to and from their base camps.
I didn’t speak any Hebrew back then but our “guide”, an Argentinian-Israeli, Yehudah Matov spoke perfect English and he was of course much more than a “guide” because he had been personally vetted by the head of Mossad, David Ben Gurion who for good reason trusted very few people including those meeting with him in private.
I learned a lot from Yehudah Matov who I got to know really well on my many future visits to Israel, and he let me know that I asked good questions because I thought before I spoke.
Most kids just think about eating, which I did, but not all the time.
If you are mostly thinking about food, you cannot possibly be thinking about others, and the most important people to think about are soldiers because it is the soldiers who ultimately decide the value of everything even if not all soldiers today fully understand that.
That is because the soldiers are as brainwashed as the civilians because they too watch brain numbing TV and eat the same crappy foods which one can do as a kid, but again there is reason why today child obesity is rampant, and of course the parents could care less because when their kid gets sick it gives the parent something else to fret about.
Before I finished high-school in 1974, again just 8 years after my first two visits to Israel back in 1966, and my British-English mother Zena was the first civilian allowed into the captured territories of the Sinai following the 1967 Six Day War, I knew that not only my teachers but more importantly the very busy principal of our Jewish day school, Mike Kessel, himself a pretty good athlete and a professional rugby “referree” [sic] to boot, paid very careful attention to what I had to say, because I also listened well even when people spoke complete nonsense.
Nor did I think it smart to continue listening to idiots once I knew they were stupid, but you cannot judge someone until you hear what they have to say and then see if what they say makes sense what actions followed.
It has been 42 years since I finished high school and by the time I had completed my university studies I knew more about how the economy of the world worked than all my professors as well as all the Nobel Prize “lauriettes” [sic] like Milton Friedman who wrote many of our economic text books which were total garbage from start to finish.
The only exceptions were those professors of economics who were on the payroll of the global banker-mining house De Beers-Barclays and their job was to misguide the people.
They did a good job but still they didnt fool me.
If you havent yet read The Diamond Invention book then that is not smart.
Everyone who knows the first thing about me is most interested in what I have to say because not only do I have the knowledge I know how to present it all in an interesting way that even a full on ADD 14 year old so long as they are not on drugs would be as interested as anything else most interesting going on in their life, unless there was the most beautiful naked woman standing right in front of them.
You have never heard of anyone blocking their FB messaging while staying FB friends and the person they are sending the message that they dont wont to be reminded of their weaknesses is someone such as myself.
Do you agree with me that is the reason they block their FB messaging with me?
How important are morals to you on a scale of 1 to 10?
What answer would your son give?
[3 photographs follow, but it is cumbersome loading them up for every individual. If you are interested either write to me back or ask my FB friend Neil Gould]
FEB 6TH, 8:53AM
Vic hi – I just began broadcasting the following. It should be self-explanatory.
To whom it may concern:
Just earlier I sent a 40 year old Israeli Uri Rosenberg who is going for his Phd in the politics and history of the Middle East a “quick hello” which you can read by scrolling down.
The reason that I am sharing this with you is to see if you are any different to the next person who wants to think they are different even when they purposely write nonsense and make a stupid joke or put up stickers that mean nothing but consume time.
You are not the first person I have suggested not to bother commenting about anything on my FB wall until you have finished reading The D I book and written me a summary of what you learned.
If you are capable of looking at a computer screen and reading the typed words that you write you will perfectly understand what I am saying as well as what I am hoping to achieve with this “chain letter”.
If I get the sense that you are attempting to “pull my chain” I will unfriend you on FB. Do not write me back telling me that you are not pulling my chain. I am capable of deciding that for myself.
Below is what I sent earlier to Uri Rosenberg:
Uri, you are very quiet only because you lack the logical arguments to contest the importance of the information I am sharing.
Bear in mind that when I was half your age, i.e. 20 years of age, and yet to begin my year long interviewing process with De Beers-Barclays, I knew what it took for someone to become a university professor to oversee people such as yourself going for their Phd degree, which didn’t mean any of the closed, narrow minded professors were simply totally stupid, because many were bought for total peanuts.
What I am writing you now, I will also be sharing with a great many others, and you know from your own experience how very effective is “word of mouth” especially when it is easy for people on the Internet to research the next person.
Below is what I have already begun broadcasting to both people on Facebook as well as those who say they don’t have a FB account:
I am now sharing with you what I just wrote one of my first girlfriends, Linda Macnab who told me earlier that she is having difficulty following me because my communications are too long:
Linda, I am now sharing with you a 520 word summary of an earlier broadcast dealing with the importance of an “open society” that I sent out on Feb 3 to the Chief Rabbi of the United States, my FB freind Capers C. Funnye who has created a huge problem for himself when removing me on Feb. 1 from a group chat I started on November 24, 2014, titled “Who does Warren Buffett own?”.
Suffice to say the entire broadcast which included a backup of Rabbi Caspers and my FB messaging conversations going back to Feb 23, 2011, consisted of over 26,000 words and only if you were a “space cadet” fully high on pot would you consider it too long.
Below is the summary in a few short paragraphs which can be found towards the beginning, and remember to focus on the words, “you are starting to see quite the withdrawal”:
Nor did I see light at the end of the tunnel to dissuade people like you from choosing the dark side rather than to be enlightened because there wasn’t a way to reach everyone instantly without being a household name, as there is today.
Nor is it important that everyone thinks the same and doesn’t want to lift a finger to help the next person unless they can profit themselves.
The survival mechanism that is now in play today is different to back in December 2000 in that people can see more clearly, at least in forums where I participate, that the people they thought were their friends and could trust, are often times very different.
So while the push is to get as many friends as possible and monetize those human relationships just as quickly in order to reach the philanthropic class of humans and be invited to the best parties on the east and west coast of the United States, with the information getting out, including who knew what and when about The Diamond Invention book, you are starting to see quite the withdrawal.
You are an excellent example of what I am talking about and you are still the Chief Rabbi of the United States.
The priesthood such as the original cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church were not so much into God as they were in believing that they were God given the power they had over the slaves which came about because the original Popes were not always all that peaceful when having their brutal armies wage violent war in order to steal the wealth of others, whether they be rich like themselves or poor who they could enslave to feed them and their soldiers when not joining the armies of the Popes.
As I said on your FB wall soon after you removed me from the group chat, even the Pope was criticized for his lack of involvement during our Jewish Holocaust.
You sound very much like those who only debate people they agree with.
Only you can decide what is best for you, either to continue with the wrong path you have chosen or to do the right thing.
You also know that by impeding my progress in getting the information out to the poor who are the ones who most need it and deserve it, it helps those rich who profit from backing all sides to war even though they have this disgusting facade of being so generous with their charities.
Just like it takes one human to save the world, it takes just one of us to prick the bubble of the next person closest to them who is living in their own little dreamworld.
Most people don’t expect each one of their FB friends to turn on them en-masse and that doesn’t have to happen to effectuate positive change.
It is just the fear that one person pissed off can cause a domino effect.
It is also easy to confirm yourself that when you don’t debate the merits you are revealing that you are not being a 100 trustworthy.
JUL 2ND, 11:58AM
Vic, I just wrote to Neil Gould on FB messaging and I would like to hear your answer to the important question:
Neil, you have a position on everything, including things that the overwhelming majority of people think it proves you are a total nutcase and the rest think it is to distract from you answering how you could effectively compete against the chinese who know where to go for the lowest cost of capital that costs them not a penny, so please answer the question, why do you think people remain my fb friends but they block me from messaging them on Fb messaging?
JUL 4TH, 8:03AM
maybe because there is no simplicity.
JUL 4TH, 9:46AM
Why is it when a highly perplexing action is taken not by one but several individuals from all different walks of life, the reasoning behind it has everyone either totally perplexed or wanting to sound like a philosopher?
I provide mind-boggling facts about how the money system works which you cannot find in any economic text book, newspaper, magazine including all those specializing in “money” and there is not one “thank you” other than one woman Elria Wessels who is very succinct and I will share her comments with you when I forward you my last email broadcast that shut everyone down.
So what message do you think all the silent as well as those who want to remain my FB friend but don’t want there to be an ongoing record of our FB messaging conversations are sending, not only to me but to the rest of you as well as themselves?
JUL 16TH, 9:59AM
I just messaged Keisha Whitaker:
I see it was your husband’s birthday the other day.
Doesn’t he want to be the first American born citizen to speak out?
You can see what I just reposted on my FB wall and then I immediately wrote to my black South African FB friend Luvuyo Lebron Klaas who I met in South Africa back in January 2013, soon after his throat has been slashed when he was held up by other black South Africans who when he had nothing to give them, so they cut his throat almost from ear to ear:
“The silence continues.
Were you white, would you have been any more silent than the despicable white South Africans?”
BTW, within a minute Luvuyo read my message, and kept his thoughts to himself. I will now share with him what I have written you.
TUE 11:15AM
Nina Sencar just sent me this on her way to dinner.
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SUN 12:33PM
You may not yet have seen what I just posted up on my FB friend, Mike Hack’s FB wall:
Mike I see you post up a lot about the terrorism surrounding Israel as well as internal terrorism to be precise.
How come you don’t talk about the terrorism behind the valuing of the money?
Are you simply ignorant?
Assuming you keep this posting up on your FB wall long enough for just one other of your FB friends to see it, and you wouldn’t necessarily know, would that have you deciding to keep it up longer so that we could have a more open dialogue?
After that 86 word message began circulating The Internet, I started sharing the following with a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population:
You may have noticed like everyone else that my FB friend count is shrinking.
By the time I am ready to publish my book it should be down to about 3 which is the number of dead FB friends I currently have.
On the other the number could start skyrocketing assuming all the two-faced, hypocrites of the world can no longer stand each other.
did you just try calling me?
Hi is the bid coin a good thing?
Since you are off subject, and also want to chat about “bit coin” let me tell you something else interesting.
But first tell me what schooling if any you got after school, and where did you go to school?
What’s that got to do with anything remember I answered u abt simplicity
Ok, I remember you now. We may have been at Damelin together?
What I am about to tell you has everything to do with simplicity.
Went to dhs
Are you thinking of investing in bit coins?
Thank you. My friends have but I heard the USA are trying to regulate it
While answering your question, I am also going to be circling back to telling you something interesting. Do you want to hear that?
… or do you just want me to answer your question?
Abt the bit coin first please in a,simple way
You must remember in school how simple was the math and history to understand, just so long as you were not spoonfed in history; and if you weren’t good in math it was either because you were illogical or you had a bad teacher who failed to tell you first read the math text and then you would be able to answer the math questions correctly.
Do you remember reading about me staying that the value of the price of money is rigged?
…. correction to the spelling, “saying” not “staying”.
I have owned my own company for 30years now and am friends with Larry. We cycle on sundays
I have told Larry long ago that it is rigged but you srhll haven’t answered NY question
My bat is low and also late now
Sorry about that. I had to respond to someone else via email, and I included you in the cc section because it is all on point; namely the valuing of the money.
So you remember reading about me saying that the value of the money is rigged?
Did you figure that out on your own or after I told you
This was so important to you that you wanted to speak to me about it when you know how much quicker it is to get your answer via text/email where there is a clear record of what is said.
But I have found that ever since I began to share the knowledge about the money being rigged which you would first know for a fact when reading The Diamond Invention book, the human only wants to duck and dive, and they can get quite nasty.
But it is water over a ducks back with me because I perfectly understand the feeling of stupid which is why I kept quiet for 24 years after leaving the employment of De Beers-Barclays who do the rigging of every market.
Nor did I speak out at school or university because I knew that few could be trusted to respond peacefully.
That is because they are very angry with themselves for being so fucking stupid.
If you know that the value of the money that is used to buy things like “bit coins” is rigged, how could you think that “bit coins” could be less rigged?
Now that is a simple enough question for you to anwer before you go to bed.
Remember you have never tried as best I recall to phone me so this must be very important to you. Nor do I see you sharing my knowledge with people less fortunate than you.
You have 452 other FB friends who didn’t decide to contact to ask your very important question and I dont need to tell you how much time and attention it takes to build up such a whopping number of friends.
So you must spend a great deal of time talking with your other FB friends who must share important information with you.
Could you give me examples of those important pieces of information which you have shared with others?
Have you shared any of my writings with any of your other FB friends?
If not, why not?
SUN 9:19PM
I’m not going to invest wbatevef u sag. I’m just interested in your opinion but as I see my question is complex to u and I  wud have told my 2_frie ds
About the maths story i believe when a kid doesn’t understand then it is too steep a gradient for them. if you want i will explain later. People ask my opinion on many matters and i answer them as they obviously value my opinion. if i had to carry on like you do just to get an answer i’m pretty sure they wud stop asking
Can you please rewrite “wbatevef u sag”?
It is not English.
It is incomprehensible.
ok  bye another fb friend lost
You are not the first to sound drunk once you realize the truth about how the money is valued and therefore everything bought with the money is no less manipulated.
You were held back in school, not because you were the brightest, is that correct?
Rest assured and I suggest you drink a lot of water, I will share both our writings.
If what you were saying was that “whatever I say, you are not going to invest” then why would you ask me, let alone try calling me?
You are divorced for a reason. Would your ex-wife consider you someone she would give a good reference for your common sense?
I’ve just taken a closer look at your FB friends since you appear to be slow in “unfriending” me and possibly blocking me from seeing this rather huge list.
BTW, do you think employers should look to see how many FB friends someone has simply to enquire if they are easily distracted and/or needy?
I assume you haven’t found a suitable women amongst your FB friends to date on a permanent basis?
What about Michelle Taylor or Charissa Duffield?
How about Keith Thoresson?
He looks like he might have one adult daughter in the next few years?
What about Anita Cochrane?
Have you explained to any of them what disturbs you about wanting to find out about  this Bit Corn and yet you knew that the money to buy and sell the Bit Coin is principly if not exclusively price fixed money?
I see Valerie Boolsen and Theresa Walstra. They must know that you are on the lookout for a girlfriend.
Have you not considered that it works against you having so many FB friends and yet not one of them have offered themselves or their best looking best friends?
What about Norma Belman Bloch. Are you saying that her type of looks you don’t find very attractive.
I just asked Norma to be my FB friend.
How come you know so many people and yet I cannot see much of your work experience and your can’t tell me that you are proud to be divorced?
I need to talk to our mutual friends, Barry Solomon and Peter Barrendse, and of course I will get to why they haven’t managed to fix you up with a hot woman.
Barry, I believe is also single.
How come so many of you are single?
Are you happy with your decision to play stupid or does it come naturally?
I hope to invite you to a gathering of all single male South Africans and we will not focus on that; instead we will talk about Bit Coins and how they serve to distract from the manipulation of the government issued monies.
Im still trying to find you the perfect woman amongst your FB friends. Could you help me out by giving me your top ten choices?
How about Julia Beale? Where would she rank?
How about Kim Trent?
What about Sally Falkow, maybe since she is a “Content Strategist” she could help you with the spelling and grammar in your first sentence, and then work with on the rest?
How about Kathy Smuts? Is she related to General Jan?
How about Cathi Black? Do you think she might think you were holding back on her about the pricing of the money because you first hoped to find someone closer to your age and totally beautiful to impress your knowledge about the price fixing of the money.
If I had this many female FB friends and I was single, I would be totally depressed.
Do you realize what message you are sending to potential groupies?
Do you feel you have a good sense of humor?
I think Linda Knox is still too young for you.
You and I obviously are not friendly, don’t all these huge number of friends feel differently about you, and want to help you find that woman before no one will look at you?
Yes, it is a very depressing world when you consider how few people are as nice as me and sharing such important information that you should have figured out on your own when you did the math.
Now were you saying that you were good or bad at mathematics-logic?
Let’s assume you were terrible, what exactly is your expertise that gives you a distinct advantage of the majority black South Africans?
I assume you served in the S.A. Apartheid Regime’s military?
Did you ever spend time at Greenwald Camp , the same with Shawn Driman who I see is one of your FB friends and Barry Spero?
Good night. I am going back to watching a movie about Churchill.
7:05AM July 24, 2017
It was so important your question that you first wanted to speak with me, and it is not because we are long lost friends because we were never friendly. If I saw you in the street back then, I probably still wouldnt have recognized you or your name, perhaps at best a familiar face.
I answered your question in less time than it would have taken for you to mumble your question.
I have a very good memory including my memories of being smart to steer clear of fools.
Making money in a rigged system especially one as transparently rigged as South Africa where 80% of the population are the slaves and paid slave wages which support the price fixing of the South African Rand which is first dished out to the non-questioning whites, is very sad.
Sad for you that your mind blew apart when I provided the answer, “If you know that the value of the money that is used to buy things like ‘bit coins’ is rigged, how could you think that “bit coins” could be less rigged?”
Did I really need to say that bit coins are total bullshit?
I guess I did.
Anything else you want to know Mr. User?
BTW, the chronology of your mind failing you when you couldnt write clearly because your mind was distorted took place at 9:19PM last evening California time which was early in the morning in South Africa, and by which time you had received APPLE WANTS MORE OF THE PIE, where you saw the tailend of our conversation up to that point.
You didn’t comment on that 4:31PM Calif. time broadcast, other than you displayed in black and white that your mind was very troubled as it should be.
When you do wrong, your conscience is irreparably damaged.
Most often I have found that the most beautiful women like my Française-Canadienne wife are the most intelligent and you must have your own experience.
Smart, beautiful women are first of all not turned on by ugly men, especially if they are dumb.
Your friends, you say, come to you for advice, but I am not your friend because I am not friends with fools or hypocrites who are really one and the same, and yet you came to me for something that was so important you first wanted to talk to me about it.
So you wanted to tell people that you had once spoken with me, so that you could feel somewhat important?
Yes, you are an easy read and what is most important to me is that you know the only reason I put this time and effort in to you is educate that much more beautiful women to avoid people like you as they should the plague.
So how do I reach your children or do you figure they already know what their father is all about?
Being a “bread winner”in a market where the money is rigged is no accomplishment. Having served in the Apartheid Regime’s military is no feather in your cap even if every one of your South African friends applaud because they too carry the guilt.
Now when you have no conscience you will first of all notice that you have trouble looking in the mirror because you don’t like what you see and if you are aging poorly which is my read of the best photos of yourself which you put up on your FB, that is no reason to celebrate.
We are now experiencing a wonderful downpour in the forest, and I am now signing off, and then I will immediately delete you as a FB friend.
Anything more you have to say, you can do so by email, and I will be sure to spread what you have to say as far and wide as possible.
Have a good day!
[Seen by Vic Wartski at 7:32AM]

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