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Once rotten there is no hope

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: January 14, 2012 11:49:11 AM PST
To: “Devin Standard – eldest son of former President of New York State Bar Kenneth Standard.”
Cc: “Marilyn vos Savant – born August 11 1946 is an American magazine columnist author lecturer and playwright who rose to fame through her listing in the Guinness Book of World Records under “Highest IQ”. Savant” , Marisa Holmes – Occupy Wall Street organizer ,, Justin Wedes – Occupy Wall Street organizer , raye anne marks , Lynne Zimet , Kim Wilkins c/o General Atomic – Public Relations Department , cvharville harville , “Lawrence “Laurie” Nyveen – writer/editor/part-time journalism professor” , “John K. Pollard, Jr. – alumnus of MIT and Cornell University.” ,, Chinese Embassy – USA , South China Morning Post , Editor-shanghai daily , Tricia – Travel China Guide , “Lewis Barnett – former student of Carmel College Durban South Africa; now a resident of Brooklyn New York.” , “Robert Frimtzis – author of From Tajikistan to the Moon. Approached by Israeli Mossad when working on a top secret military satellite project to let him know the project had been fully compromised.” , Robert Hajek – Delmartian lawyer , “Sidney Abelski – lawyer – only child of two Auschwitz survivors.” , Jeffrey Krinsk , “Deborah Sturman Esq – Inspired by Zena Badash-Ash Gevisser Zulman, played pivotal role in collecting billions of $ from remnants of Germany’s military machine during WW II, but stopped way too short when realizing it was so close to home. home.” , Enid Pigors – Assistant to Coca Cola CEO , Tefo Mohapi , Augusto Benito Vargis Vargis , Michael Awerbuch , Michael Feldman , “Michael Strauss – International Monetary Fund – former student of Grundfest.” , “Joe “Could I stop you?” Grundfest – former Commissioner of the SEC and Stanford Law School” , Adam Hochschild – author of Blood & Treasures – founder of Mother Jones , “Adam Venit – Actress Diane Keaton’s business manager.” , Larry Winokur , Larry King Live , “Paul “Bozo the Clown” Teirstein MD Teirstein” , Paul Baker , “Major Tuvia Friling – Israel Defense Force, Deputy Commander Golani Brigade, Professor Ben Gurion University, Beersheba, Negev Desert, Israel – Author of ARROWS IN THE DARK” , “President Shimon Peres c/o Office for the Israeli Deparment of Defense Attache; Israeli Embassy Washington DC Israeli Embassy” , “Larry Summers – former President Harvard and key male player in Inside Job. ” Subject: Once rotten there is no hope – Fwd: payment

Text message:

Gary Gevisser to Larry Moses – Jan. 14; 11:11 am

As I told u last evening I was about to watch Inside Job. Of course I was right it was all bs but it provided more ammunition to help the next generation of children. Right now I am only going to correct one of several important things u got very wrong in what u wrote me on Jan 13 and which began “I am really grateful…” I never forwarded your correspondence to all the people Terry spoke badly about you. I was leaving it to you and the other victims to take the initiative. I plan to broadcast well within 72 hours and it could even be today a most important communique that I will address to either terry and/or former VP Quayle and my sense is that you already have a very good idea what I will be highlighting. You also know that worse than not being able to trust the money is not being able to trust family members and friends who my writings and websites help provide a time certain who knew what and when but didn’t take decisive action to share the information with everyone which was not to protect their family but rather to insulate themselves from their family members who they most feared, beginning with grown children who had already picked up signs that their parents cared little and nothing about their children just by the way they failed to change their own bad eating habits once being made aware of negative side effects just by looking in the mirror everyday at their naked body getting increasingly uglier, a reflection of their inner soul and once rotten there is no hope

Let’s see if u rise to the occasion in time

Begin forwarded message:

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: January 13, 2012 8:36:55 PM PST
To: Lawrence Moses
Subject: Re: payment

are you saying that if the monies clear then you are just going to let go?

he first of all gets time. There is despair from his dire strait financial situation; his poor decision making, who knows?

I stopped playing the “what if?…

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