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Open peace-military plan letter to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Open peace-military plan letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Converting Gaza into a prototype Kibbutz of One

[First sent to Editor In Chief of Jerusalem Post, Steve Linde, a Facebook “friend” on July 27, 2014. Mr. Linde responded, “An interesting letter. If you want to pitch it for publication email it to (seth is our oped editor) … and discuss length. It’s too long for a newspaper oped.”  I contacted Seth Franzman requesting guidance on the length, without sending him the draft. Mr. Franzman never got back to me; and Mr. Linde then began to run out of excuses. On July 30, Mr. Linde wrote me, “..we have no space this week… Sorry but we have no room for such a long oped. You should consider offering it to a magazine…. U need to coordinate with seth…i’m sorry but i can’t deal with this right now. Gnite… we have had similar opeds published…That’s it, Gary. I can’t take this any more. I’m unfriending you….You need help.” All I asked Mr. Linde, other than what was holding up Seth Franzman, was to provide me with the “similar opeds published”, which he never did]

Dear Mr. Netanyahu,

It is simple and clear. Everyone has to leave Gaza unless they support Hamas who currently have nothing to lose.

You would have understood just as well as new President George W. Bush and his successor President Obama the first sentence of my “open letter” – CLICK HERE – to American-Soviet-Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard that explained the role middle-meddling-men such as Jewish American Marc Rich play in furthering terrorism. The fact that it was published in the Jerusalem Post 222 days prior to 9/11, and 12 days after no friend of Israel Rich got his Presidential Pardon from outgoing President Bill Clinton, is no less important today, other than without 9/11 the middle-class of the world would have been wiped out financially.

Mr. Prime Minister, you are a seasoned Israel Special Forces commander who if you were born as I was in South Africa and to the right South African Jewish family connected to both Ben-Gurion’s most trusted “runner”, my great maternal grandmother Nechie Becker Badash [1874-1943] who survived at age 14 a pogrom that wiped out her entire immediate family in their tiny village of Plonsk, White Russia-Poland and virulent anti-Israel, anti-Semitic German-American, South African Invader, Charles Platinum King Engelhard Jr. [1917-1971] then it still wouldn’t have hurt you spending time at Mossad chief Ben-Gurion’s kibbutz Sde Boker at the twilight of his life and using such an opportunity to hear from the “horses mouth” why, apart from it is better the devil you know than the one you don’t, the fledgling Jewish State would allow the greatest profiteers of our Jewish Holocaust, the DeBeers-Anglo American mining-banking consortium to “prime-fuel the pump” in their carefully orchestrated Middle East oil wars, all designed to murder the strongest of us and intimidate the survivors.

My read of Engelhard Jr.‘s murder is that it was probably ordered by his equally hateful towards Jewish people German-South African partner Harry Oppenheimer, who felt he had no choice following the decision by Engelhard Jr. to begin publicly transferring all his South African assets, including control of the world supply of platinum [80% mined in South Africa], to Oppenheimer, and which Oppenheimer would have been correct in assuming that it was Mossad who first twisted Engelhard Jr.’s hand following The Platinum King’s decision to “fold his arms” and allow the “asset stripping” of our multinational trading conglomerate, The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies [1910-1970] whose co-founders were my paternal grandfather Israel Issy Gevisser [c 1890-1970] and his elder brother Morris Gevisser [c 1880-1961], the father of David Gevisser [1926-2009], the “male heir” of The Platinum King Engelhard Jr. who named my sellout “lucky uncle” Dave Gevisser Chief Executive Officer of Engelhard Enterprises South Africa in 1970.

Most important is how Harry Oppenheimer went about covering up the extraordinarily incriminating transfer of assets by never once thanking publicly Engelhard Jr. for all his kindness and generosity once the United States Congress passed legislation in the mid-1970s forcing American auto and truck manufacturers to purchase large quantities of otherwise worthless platinum from DeBeers for their catalytic converters which had to also be purchased from Engelhard Jr.’s main US based corporation, Engelhard Minerals and Chemicals Corporation which was established in 1902, the same year the J.P Morgan financed Anglo-American Boer War ended; and this transfer of all Engelhard Jr.’s South African assets took place during the height of the US opposition to the Apartheid Regime, who of course were never a friend of the fledgling State of Israel – see THE DIAMOND INVENTION book, chapter 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER – CLICK HERE – and chapter 16, WARRING WITH ISRAEL – CLICK HERE – but the sharing of military weapons information provided Israel with a perfect view of America’s most advanced weaponry that was being tested in war ravaged regions like Angola and the opposing “communist” forces of the Soviet Union-Cuba which were being financed by DeBeers – THE DIAMOND INVENTION, chapter 19, WAR AGAINST COMPETITORS – CLICK HERE.

So of course no one in the US State Department could muster an argument denouncing Israel’s genius move.

Today everything is far more simplified with less options available to the fledgling State of Israel who no doubt are currently testing the defenses of all Israel’s enemies to see what weaknesses exist, and to make modifications to Israel’s future war plans without the Mossad-IDF’s infiltration being detected; which of course is a delicate balancing act of time and you having to put on an act that you and your war cabinet are exclusively focused on the demilitarization of Gaza which can only be accomplished by ending once and for all the rewarding the producers and sellers of weapon systems to all sides.

The plan:

All of Gaza, both combatants and civilians including those civilians held hostage and chained to buildings just like what the Nazis did when retreating from northern Italy at the tail end of World War II, are given NO MORE than 24 hours to clear out of Gaza.

Israel knows enough countries with nuclear powered aircraft carrier fleets to gather the first 100,000 evacuees who may not have to leave Israel soil since if total peace is maintained; meaning with not a single rocket fired into Israel from any of the surrounding areas including from the other side of the Golan Heights, the first of the refugees will return with sufficient healthy food and fresh clean drinking water to last no more than 24 hours before all the world’s army corp of engineers begins rebuilding Gaza from the ground up using the most advanced ecological materials.

After the “drop dead” deadline, any remaining Gazans who have not started making their way out of Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula possibly an even better option, will become “dead meat” and there remains not quite as good as organic worm compost, but in any event the ants will lighten up the work for God who does more than laugh at man’s plans, for God created everything including the thought that has many humans actually believing that God resides in each of us.

The Sinai Peninsula which greeted my highly secretive British-English mother Zena as the first civilian visitor – CLICK HERE. following the very bloody 6 Day June 1967 War when American Admirals placed the spy ship USS Liberty, which had just visited South Africa, in harms way 3 days into the war which also served as a big distraction to the Vietnam War that was all about finding the poorest and hardest working farmers of the world to leave their DOW Chemical Napalm bombed and Agent Orange poisoned farms to go work as slaves in the west’s future factories, is also large enough to house all 2 million Gazans.

The only reason for America providing all its 11 aircraft carrier fleets is not to have President Obama feeling left out as he was from the meeting of Putin and Nick Oppenheimer of the banking-mining consortium DeBeers back on September 5, 2006,

the 9th anniversary of the devastating blow to Israel Maritime Special Forces, Flotilla 13 which resulted in the loss of 11 commandos including the unit commander and their body parts proudly displayed on Arab TV.

Such a military offensive can not only be achieved without Israel having to fire a single additional bullet or risk one more ground forces casualty, and equally horrific injure an innocent Palestinian, it will also put to an end all those military industrial complex war agitators inciting to violence peaceful demonstrations in places like Paris.

Nor does Israel need approval from the United Nations although it wouldn’t hurt if all its members signed off on this unbeatable plan.


In the event there are any holdouts who the IDF would be able to identify by their continued firing of rockets, the response of the Israel Air Force will be superior and overwhelming force, and the flattening of the landscape so long as it does not go too far below sea level will make a solid foundation for the rebuilding of Gaza just so long as Israel does not use long lasting poisons in its high explosives; and so if I may be so bold as to suggest, for every bomb dropped sprinkle sage as it also does wonders to mask mouse droppings.

The hostages are going to die anyway, and if there is a quick enough but somewhat orderly stampede out of Gaza the weak energy kidnappers might feel the heat especially if Israeli Special Forces snipers who already have them in their cross-hairs, begin to let loose.

Remember there are no more speeches, no words of regret by the rest of the world once Israel disappears, and whatever radical Muslims remain will all be tamed by the no-nonsense and industrious Chinese who for good reason have been known since ancient times as The Jews of the Orient; and it is also time to thank the Japanese for all they did to combat the effects of the American government turning back the St. Louis.

Israeli citizens are like none other in the rest of the world. They have their backs to the sea and their vessels will more likely than not be treated far worse by the Allies than what befell the MS St. Louis.

Your entire audience must only be Israelis and American Gentiles such as Charles Winters, not, I repeat NOT New York Jews who don’t have the courage to immigrate to Israel and fight shoulder to shoulder with Israelis on the front lines, instead they prefer to send their holiest material the bloody IN GOD WE TRUST money that for good reason does not contain a Star of David.

As you ponder your nonexistent other options, may I suggest you gladly distract yourself to watch the 2005 documentary, Two Days in October: American Experience and paying careful attention to the following:

First, how the American media portrayed what they knew was total incompetence by American Generals all the way down to the frontline colonels, with the exception of the Commander of Delta Force, as a victory for American forces in mid-October 1967, a little after the official start of Israel’s War of Attrition which began immediately after the end of the early June 6 Day War.

Second, how the incredibly brave and strong Vietnamese farmers had such an easy time identifying the loud, heavy on their feet and large body mass of American soldiers who were further handicapped by their increasingly middle class roots, that promotes sedentary behavior, all the revenge of the much more sensitive cows.

Third, the top Vietnamese General displaying the most keen sensitivity towards a single monkey many years after the Vietnamese whipped the American troops in a fight that the Vietnamese didn’t really want, and nor had they planned for such an encounter, but it was exactly what the American forces play-books had the American armchair generals drooling at the bit.

Only One God can explain this General’s refusal of his starving soldiers request for permission to shoot the lonely, scared to death monkey that was climbing up and down the lone standing tree after American B-52s had blanket bombed the area in anticipation of the next day’s fighting where again all American forces were totally wiped out; not a single American combatant emerged from the playbook ambush unscathed.

Nothing also ungodly about anyone who is physically hardworking.

Only the lazy good for nothing would dare proclaim themselves in God’s favor and think as their rotting bodies exploded from their lack of self-esteem thanks to being so full of themselves, that they were somehow fooling God with all their religious rhetoric and construction of places of worship.

The chances of the State of israel having another opportunity like the present to create the prototype Kibbutz of One in the Gaza that would be welcomed by the Palestinians who are as close cousins to us Jewish people as it can possibly get, is a flat zero.

You have not only the 7 million Jewish citizens of Israel behind you but equally important you have the best of the Arab fighters in Israel’s Special Forces Druze who fought valiantly in Israel’s 6 week war that began on July 12, 2006, the day my beautiful F-C [French-Canadian] wife Marie Dion and I returned from our 24 day “fact finding mission” to China; not to mention, the western world would be quite surprised to hear that a Druze now commands the world’s most fierce battalion, the Golani Brigade.

Nor would you need to have been in mainland China as I was in the spring of 1989, right before the Tiananmen Square massacring, to know that Israelis, who are very different to Jewish people elsewhere in the world, are the least fanatical people, other than the Chinese; and Israelis are also the hardest working, other than the Chinese and their cousins the Koreans, Cambodians, Vietnamese who were no match for anti-Competition capitalists military campaign in support of our south east Asia policy.

A great many Israelis work 7 days a week and the vast majority work 6 days a week allowing for the emergence of right wing fanatics who begin and end the Sabbath Day “playing business” and believing for all their praying that the world owes them a living.

Whatever little savings Israelis have, it is spent on travel to the most enlightened regions of the world, hence the hugely disproportional number of Israelis visiting China in the late 1980s.

There is not a single Government contractor I know, and I know plenty, who wouldn’t if given half the opportunity, hand over to either a Palestinian or Israeli fanatic a dirty bomb placed in a handheld suitcase, in order to preserve their sick lifestyle.

Let me say it another way. I know for a fact that you do not know of a single agent of the war industry who would refuse the opportunity to facilitate the nuking of the Western-Wailing Wall if it meant giving up their sick lifestyle.

If by chance you know of an honest weapons manufacturer agent, then you are meeting with the wrong people.

No one knows what it is going to look like at the end of World War III but no one is going to be thinking of which money-currency traders will accept.

The State of Israel will decide what little if any currency the new rebuilt Gaza will need and any shortfall you can leave up to me to get from DeBeers who along with their Nazi bankers got a great many Jewish people throughout the world caught up in their ruse of offering ransom monies in exchange for the lives of Jewish people destined for the death factories of Germany-Poland – ARROWS IN THE DARK, author Deputy Commander of Golani Brigade, Major Tuvia Friling of Ben-Gurion University, Beersheba.
If not now, when?



Background: My highly secretive British-English mother Zena Ash Gevisser was the catalyst behind Deborah Sturman Esq. leading the charge in getting German banks and industry to fork over $4 billion in slave wages for Holocaust survivors; not to mention, Ms. Sturman Esq. is not the only person who is very quiet today because she too understands that she fell well short of the primary target, South African mining-banking house DeBeer-Anglo American Corporation, my former employer.

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