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Organ – Part II

offered me much more than simply making me a household name, but there were a few pieces missing which I began to collect the following year when meeting with my “lucky uncle” David Gevisser who was the individual who issued the order that had President Nixon incriminating himself and the entire US Congress as well as every elected and non-elected US Government official since, when he announced on August 15, 1971 in the most incomprehensible speech, that the US was going off the Gold Standard.

As you listen to Nixon’s words and able to match them with his facial expressions and realize he could be anyone who is alive today, and you would all say that he looked normal because he was normal, not only to everyone alive at the time but everyone alive today including all the toddlers not yet of abstract age, you can only be aghast if you are still breathing.

Let me explain it even clearer realizing Nixon is the President of the United States, and again, not a single individual of note has ever once even questioned whether Nixon was on drugs, which only means everyone else had to be on even stronger drugs, or God was in complete and total control of the most mindless species who only got more talkative, until I began bringing Public International Attention to each of their corruption which is responsible for the corrupt governments that represent each of them; but it is not their corruption that bothers them as much as it is their stupidity in not figuring it all out on their own and to have a “nobody” such as me, who hasnt needed to walk around in disguise being the one bringing each of them into an ever increasing reality check, which they know a perfect stranger such as you will get their head around in no time; in fact much quicker than them because you cannot be close to as corrupt as those who have had all this information much longer and could see the regression as you too will vividly notice everything around you quietening down.

It is simple, a liar creates the short-circuits in the space between their ears and this “light bulb effect” you can see with your own eyes when you confront them or in email communications, but that is just the one side of the genius thinking of God as that short-circuiting of their neurons has them saying the dumbest things before going deafeningly silent, which thanks to the digital age they know will outlive them.

My knowledge base is utterly devastating to everyone on the planet who considers themselves “enlightened” and chooses not to stand tall, because they are selfish future shellfish, and their body language tells all, as they withdraw more and more into their shells, afraid to leave home where they eat themselves to a painful death.

How could you have such numbers of people actively and passively aggressively opposing me and my stunning French-Canadian wife and yet they know that they and everyone who has yet to know these facts about the Gold Standard atrocity react exactly the same, and they ignore their most visible stupidity; and when they dont ignore the truths they mock as well as attack whenever opportunity avails itself, and much more than veiled threats

It could only be to have such huge statistically relevant numbers that can be extrapolated throughout the world, the Hand of God.

You also don’t find a single logical thinker who actually believes in God, and I say I know God exists.

Of course the science has always supported an Omnipotent Being but the corrupt brought in the church to pacify the people, who to this day can’t figure out if the Roman Catholic Church took 4 centuries to agree that Copernicus had it right, and the Roman Catholic Church is not only the richest but promotes the most amount of ignorant breeding, then as much as the church and state say they are separate they are in fact inseparable; and today while the church has got no less corrupt, academia is the new corrupt church; and the best illustration of course is the failure of modern day scientists to show any outrage that the Nobel Prize was not given to Albert Einstein for his mind-boggling General Theory of Relativity that has been proven in one direct experiment after the next for more than a century; and perhaps that has everything to do as well with this most non-arragant Jewish person referring to 2 c mE in reverse as “The Mind of God”, which was a tribute to God, the same when he accurately stated that God does not play dice.

You cannot have such unmistakable precision throughout the universe without a Master Designer, which is where all the advocates of an Intelligent Being end off, because to go further has them having to reflect back and forth on their own lives and all the lies they continue to tell as they profit off the poor who are only poor because they are horribly informed.

So just imagine if you are not corrupt, how uplifting it is to know there is this very smart Being that gives each of us the tools to make this world more beautiful, first by distancing themselves from all the ugly corrupt who first wear their fat diseased TALKATIVE cells on their biggest organ the skin which naturally wraps around the brain.

Interesting word, “organ”.

When you are sick you don’t like to sing.

You are what you eat and the company you keep.

Even more uplifting when you consider the fact that you will not find a more logical person than me telling you I have no doubts that God exists and has a plan for each of us.

You wouldn’t believe the number of people who once thought they were logical and told me they believe in God who are now silent.

That number is 100%.

In other words not one person who says they believe in God can explain they are logical.

I can prove God with logic.

When you are silent and you can’t debate other than with people who agree with you, you speak.

I can have the whole corrupt world shut up and you can envision it, just think is all you need to do.

Assume for the moment you are corrupt. Now imagine when my stunning F-C wife and I are long dead, beginning in the very next instant, and they say, “This Gevisser was so right, such a genius, he got it all, and he was not arrogant, and nor did he accumulate like all the lazy filthy rich and all filthy who wished they were rich and would act just as bad if given half the chance”, because I am telling you now, and you are the last person I am communicating with before the next person which might not happen, that first of all I am not a genius; there is only One God that could have you all so lie that you are just stupid, and all the same, as all you can now hold on to, besides for your lack of shame is your stupidity that you have in common. You are commoners; you get the corrupt government you deserve and how much more intellectually honest can the British be with their House of Commons as they chant, “Long Live The King”.

Now assume you are honest. Don’t you feel the weight of the world lifted off your shoulders?

It would put to shame any love poem ever produced were I to put in words how each one of my body-mind cells feel at this time, having just enjoyed the most amazing live-raw banana pancake mixed with sprouted sunflower and flax seed cooked at 105 degrees F overnight in a dehydrator to retain all the nutrients, along with equally fresh fruits with cinnamon topping and on the base the most yummy cashew coconut cream

and the “icing on the cake”

is the best ever, most out of this world F-C wife, who each day I have known her over the past 17 years has not only kept her youthfulness but her one of a kind body-


has only got that much more spectacular as she has of course defied all the odds as well as gravity that is of course God’s reward for those smart who are not lazy and most worst punishment for the rest who are the pricks who leave it up to their corrupt governments to send our defenseless youth forced into army boo
ts to kill and be killed.

Yes, the ugly telegraph their vulgarity as their organs like a symphony explode their vomit to the skin surface to also warn the rest beginning with the most sensitive, namely the youth who are most often too young to express their revulsion of those forced on them and so God understands this perfectly and does all the necessary talking as the fat diseased TALKATIVE cells remain that much sedentary and you know the corrupt youth who only stick close to their disgusting parent-grandparents just waiting for the inheritance monies that they cannot get soon enough – internecine fighting the bloodiest.

While writing to you and Marie now has Mango back in training so that we can travel the world teaching the youth that they have the numbers as well as the knowledge to end the monopolist De Beers reign which of course their head Nicholas Oppenheimer does not need to boast he owns the world’s resources, which is why he so understates his $6 billion net worth, I am looking for a law school library that is open to the public, and perhaps you might know of one in the area and it would also save time if you could give me directions that I could print out and stick to the tank

of the Ducati ST4S.

You of course understand that every animal apart for the out of touch human lives in the moment, while the human lives for the next moment.

In the next moment we can using the power of the Internet as I am doing, turn it on all those full of themselves but who lack the mental capacity to figure out that the right to privacy has meant nothing to the ruling elite who have always known everything there is to know about their common herd who dare to stick their necks out and it is only those who are never considered a threat who have the right of free speech.

I not only come from the ruling elite, I have been smart enough to mostly keep to myself while choosing as carefully as I can the cards that I am dealt, to once neutralizing the very top echelons of the mafia monopoly De Beers, to work from the bottom up all those they have corrupted beginning with the single person grass roots organizations whose officials will be the first to admit that they didn’t figure out on their own that the business of corrupt governments is to corrupt grass roots organizations before they take root.

When you hear anyone saying that “everything seems to be going downhill”, and the first thing they blame is the internet, iphones, Ipods and all the instant communicating devices, just have them read this email from the bottom up and then after visiting to email me with any questions while copying you, and you will quickly see their true colors.

The greatest “break” my mouthwatering sexy F-C wife got was injuring her back in a very serious fall while hiking over large rocks some 3 years ago and taking the advice of a good orthopedic surgeon, South African-American Norman Kane MD who said, “Stay away from all doctors”, she was led to Liba of who had Marie persevere using only her own body muscles to heal those injured and the results so speak for themselves, which is of course the exact opposite of the rest who give in to their negative energy and opt for the quick pill and/or surgery that allows them to gain that much more the fat cells who demand negative attention as they enjoy enticing the healthy cells to eat poison foods beginning with meats and liquified poison milk meat which has their irrational minds saying, “Don’t deprive [yourself] of God’s Little Animal Friends” who spill pain from the moment they enter the mouth cavity to when exiting the colon.

So logical is everything, that you instantly realize how much you have missed out getting to know the ingenious workings of One God that of course wouldn’t have any one of us develop a following of our own, while each of us has the power to flush out all the hypocrites including those who say they are irreligious.

I read some of this back to Marie who is back outside as I sit on the Chaise Longue inside the rock cabin and the sunlight perfect just like the temperature, “I am going to close the windows to isolate you, and isolate myself outside”.

Lets come back to Spain and what it means for all of us to be so fortunate to have such talent in our backyard as Sebastian Capella the only fine art teacher professor still around who isnt afraid to be, whilst so polite, so proper telling it like it is “zero coca”.

He may not say another word, because he is too busy painting.

So lets take all the busybodies who say they are too busy to read my emails, watch how much harder they are going to be working just to prove that they are contributing more than hot air that propels Mother Earth at a blistering and accelerating pace through Deep Space where no sound travels.

The human has no choice but to speak because it is programmed that way, just like it is obvious our devolution was by design which is of course counterintuitive to the devolved and yet they can all follow exactly what I am saying as I give each of them one experiment after the next to prove it to themselves conclusively.

The scientist of scientists Jan Smuts in his 1926 Holism & Evolution talks about such experiments which he recognized could not have as participants those where money was the embodiment of who they are, and tell me if you can find one person apart from my F-C wife and “I” (sic) who would fall into that category, because I have yet to come across anyone else who is currently still alive.

You must of heard the sick of mind who say that if you read the side effects of pills you would never take a pill?

It is too hard for the weak body-mind to resist such temptations, let alone give up their cancer meat that long before the cancer appears has slowed down the body-mind. It is too hard.


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