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Organ – Part III

When they look at healthy people like my amazing wife

and me and it kills them even more to see the shiny coat of Mango

who has never been fed meat or for that matter a cooked meal, they want to believe that we are depriving ourselves of the flesh, as they try convincing themselves,”If you dont eat meat you are depriving your body and you must be suffering”.

You have noticed that the elderly rich are living longer but they are much sicker as they live in pain and can’t wait for their next doctor’s visit where they only hope they get touched even if it is only a handshake; that’s their life, besides for their fat diseased TALKATIVE cells saying to others suffering from Poverty of Thought, “So lets get together and talk about our illnesses.”

So look again and again at my 53 year young full of life F-C wife, what do you think her healthy mind-body is deprived of?


Why cant we go there?

God never forbade the greatest pleasure to all mankind, at the same time punishing the sick minds with sickness throughout their bodies so that they would increasingly less enjoy such an unimaginable wonder that brings the healthiest of us especially as we get wisdom that much closer to God; God forbid people didnt take care of their body temple.

Do you think that because God did not admonish man in scripture that therefore they had the right to abuse their body temple?

When did you ever come close to hearing a single preacher explain such important facts without losing their entire corrupt congregation?

When you read my previous broadcast – CLICK HERE – to non-licensed California lawyer, Charles Ivie who prides himself on his intellect although he has never once provided his resume showing all his important clients, he ridicules the fact that I am down to finding a student lawyer to assist me in a counterclaim against a most evil ex CIA official who has counted on all the world’s corrupt to try and minimize his most egregious defamation lawsuit against me that has the signature of each of the world’s corrupt written all over it.

If you happen to have an honest lawyer in the family, and they would like to do the right thing and be paid handsomely for a few hours work, please let me know.

Of course the students are more likely to be less corrupt; that is in theory. It is a fact finding mission for my wife and I. So far there is no difference.

If you really want to make your life interesting and separate yourself immediately from the pack, email non-mainstream radio host Mark Edge – – and have him ask his friend Devin Standard – – who introduced me to Mr. Edge, to have Devin introduce his other very talkative friend, Ron Bellows of AIG, and to begin the interview asking Mr. Bellows to explain first of all, why he decided to write me the most incriminating email on May 3, 2004, which you can find all over The Internet by just typing the name Ron Bellows in any of the Search Engines, and then to go line by line explaining each of his very easy to understand sentences including the most important which he placed brackets around.

[You get it] once you know that the most peripheral grass roots organizations have been corrupted with so very little as all they want is just a blowhorn which is what The Internet provides each of us, especially those who have no lives but thought it smart to establish their presence on the Internet as they now cannot get away from their Facebooks even when they quickly join the increasingly mainstream Kabbalists whose leadership of course are deathly afraid to engage me in any debate on the subjects, History, Economics, Military & Politics [HEMP] let alone on the subject, “God does NOT exist” as they know I have already demonstrated by shutting up the best of Jewish rabbis based simply on logic.

And nor would you be surprised that I was once offered $25K for Mr. Hearst’s check by a very sophisticated Wall Street player who knew that one day it would become hugely valuable even if Hearst’s heirs have a whole bunch that they held on to, which of course is unlikely,

What of course is the most significant are the numbers of Chinese made up of 1.5 billion hard working peoples who have yet to hear about me.

Countries (over the past 6 days)

Now my F-C wife who has only heard bits and pieces of what I am writing you is saying , “Let’s not go nuts here”.

BTW, the time she has spent oiling the sofa and our raw-live vegetarian Mango hasn’t been helpful as he licks away, we could have another line in the Gold Money-Diamond Inventory Petition that will of course rock the world, and as things are delayed, and just assume there is this thing we call God, just having all those who already have the information beginning with De Beers that much more anxious as it is going to be so very easy in just a matter of a few split seconds once this musical chair game stops, to know who knew what and when and the little they did about it.

Ps – Im concurrently working on a response to Ron Bellows – CLICK HERE – the senior risk management specialist of AIG whose May 3, 2004 email detailing the plan of the US Government to bankrupt the world’s second largest financial services company, and as you might already know the largest and who controls AIG et al, is my former employer, South African based De Beers, will never go away, the same with the very important photo De Beers have on both their Wikipedia profile as well as the profile of De Beers head Nicholas Oppenheimer who again does not need to boast of his gun-money-diamond drilling bit power as he has Mr. Putin bow.

Would you be interested in receiving a copy which I might only get to complete when waiting outside Western California law library in downtown San Diego assuming they don’t let me in, which reminds me I should have business cards made up?

[Word count 4379]

On Oct 13, 2011, at 11:09 AM, Consignment Furniture Depot wrote:

Hi Gary,

Would you please send me information about the furniture such as
manufacturer and price when it was new. Is the furniture in good condition
with no fading or tears? Thank you,

Maria Siebold
Consignment Furniture Depot
5461 Peachtree Rd.
Chamblee, GA. 30341
770 452 1545

—–Original Message—–
From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 11:53 PM
Subject: leather furniture

we have the following piece sofa, chez longue and ottoman, all leather and
modern looking. are you interested

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