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Passive reaction – : All about uranium – Re: Joan Konner – : Away from my desk Re: Nuclear problem from the “horse’s mouth”.

From: gg <>

Subject: Passive reaction – Re: All about uranium – Re: Joan Konner – Fwd: Away from my desk Re: Nuclear problem from the “horse’s mouth”.
Date: February 7, 2018 at 3:18:35 PM PST
To: “Nina Wiener – Managing Editor TASCHEN – left FB group chat FORGETFULNESS on Tuesday, July 4, 2017 at 7:48PM France time.” <>, “Erik de Jong – Directeur, Museum aan het Vrijthof” <>
Cc: rest; Olg Zabludoffa – former Editor-in-chief at National Association of Educational Broadcasters – Continues to chat on FB messaging but No longer Facebook friend of Gary Gevisser. Previously Olg was open challenger of Jerusalem Post’s Steve Linde. Olg’s husband Sid is a 33 year veteran CIA economist [1962-1995] who worked directly for President from 1969 until 1972; and Sid Zabludoff was in the White House when President Nixon gave his most distracting and illogical speech on August 15, 1971 announcing the official end of the Gold Standard and placing the principal profiteers of our Jewish Holocaust, the German-South African Oppenheimer family in charge of the money and the allocation of the world’s resources both human labor and raw war materials in particular.” <>, “Matthew Margo – Senior attorney CBS – 60 Minutes. Matthew and I have known each other intimately since I headed up the restructuring team of Epilady USA Inc. starting back in late 1989.” <>, “Robert \”Citizens against the J.Essakow-Marc Rich and company Flower Hill Malls Excessive Expansion\” Vicino Vicino” <>, Day Editor <>, Annabel Linder – South African Radio Show Host and FB friend of Gary Gevisser <>, Paco Furió Marco – Spanish-German Business News TV Anchor <>, Trevor Noah – Daily Show <>,, “Aharon Barak – President of the Supreme Court of Israel [1995-2006]” <>,, Julian Assange – Wikileaks <>, yossi menachem <>, “Neil Gould – no longer FB friend of Gary Gevisser.” <>, Jay Lawler <>, Jeff Johnson – lead in 180º South – FB of Gary Gevisser <>, “Aldrich, Richard” <>, “Bernard Wolfsdorf Esq. – No longer FB friend of Gary Gevisser” <>, Kristin Casper – Greenpeace litigation counsel <>, John Fish out of Water Reed <>, Fisher <>, “Dr. Tea Tea” <>, “Desiree Pure Evil Levin – Still FB friend of GG.” <>, “Beth It’s not all about me you know!! [sic] Isaacs – Still FB friend of GG.” <>, South China Morning Post <>, Travel China Tour Guide <>,, Editor-shanghai daily <>, Frank Rich <>, Lauren Cordova – Photo Editor <>, Jerry Rothwell – Film Director <>, Barry Pepper – Actor – Saving Private Ryan <>, “Christopher Mooney – American lawyer making money suing the wrong banks for price fixing gold so very undervalued.” <>


From: gg <>
Subject: Passive reaction – Re: All about uranium – Re: Joan Konner – Fwd: Away from my desk Re: Nuclear problem from the “horse’s mouth”.
Date: February 7, 2018 at 2:43:04 PM PST
To: Al Perlmutter <>
Cc: rest; Vernon Smith – 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences <>, “ r. Rod Smith Phd – formerly of RAND \”Think Tank\” – Principal Waterstrategist – Facebook friend of GG and also present at the Wetherly Capital Group board meeting on Feb. 8, 2002 held in the corporate headquarters of Arden Realty, the largest REIT trading on the New York Stock Exchange before being bought out by General Electric.” <>, “Geoffrey Rothwell Phd – Principal Economist at De Beers-Barclays Bank controlled, US Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, headquartered in Paris, France. Former 27 year senior Stanford University lecturer.” <>, “Tomer Tene – IAF Lt. Colonel + organic produce farmer. FB friend of Gary Gevisser” <>, Hicham Yezza – Editor Ceasefire Magazine <>, Benjamin Glyn Fogel – South African studying at New York University <>, Benjamin Fogel – New York University <>, “Andrew Corser – Oxford graduate in Geography.” <>, “Sam Cullman – Co-director & cinematographer, If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front” <>, Haneen Zoabi – Muslim Arab member of Israeli Knesset <>, “Jonathan Cooke – British author and Israel tour guide.” <>, “Dave Osh – former Israeli Fighter Pilot now working with Vistage and supporter of the BDS movement.” <>, “Dr. Barry Molk MD – Cardiologist + First cousin of Gary Gevisser” <>, “Dr. Paul Bozo the Clown Teirstein MD” <>, “Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD Cardiologist surgean – Forks Over Knives” <>, “” <>, “Douglas J. Lisle, Ph.D – Forks Over Knives” <>, Devin Standard <>, Office for the Israeli Department of Defense Attache Israeli Embassy Washington DC <>, “Professor Norman Finkelstein Phd. Finkelstein Phd.” <>, Rafa Zulueta – Spanish Central Bank official <>, “Riaan Reyneke – FB friend of Gary Gevisser. Rian’s great grandfather, Ds Dr Johan Reyneke presided over burial of Jan Christiaan Smuts [1870-1950] and so moved by his words was the Queen of England in attendance that she sponsored a trip for preacher J. Reyneke to visit the whole of Europe, Russia and UK, and send all the bills to Buckingham Palace!” <>, “Dr. Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma – South Africa Ministry of Home Affairs” <>, Ronnie Kasrils – South African Cabinet Minister – mentioned in THE UNLIKELY FORESTER <>, “Alan Mark Zeligson – Greefswald Ward 22 inmate.” <>, “Barrie Spero – served time in the South African Apartheid Regime’s notorious the notorious Greefswald camp overseen by infamous Jewish medical doctor, Dr. Aubrey Levin and where Spero once witnessed up close the presence of high ranking American military officers.” <>, Fabienne Lacourpaille – Unfriended as a FB friend by Gary Gevisser <>, “Frenchman Jean Figadere – multiple South African Aerobatics champion. Unfriended as a FB friend by Gary Gevisser” <>, “Mark Gevisser – author of autobiography of Thabo Mbeki former President of South Africa. Mark Gevisser is the son of David Gevisser male heir of American-German Charles W. Engelhard Jr. assassinated by the Mossad on March 2 1971 and buried at St. Mary’s Abbey Church Morristown, New Jersey.” <>, “Tony Leon – Fomer head of the South African Oppostion Party to the current ANC regime. Immediate past ANC South African Ambassador to Argentinia. Tony wrote praising obituaries for both Harry Oppenheimer [1908-2000] and David Gevisser [1926-2009]” <>, Tom Shadyac – Director-Writer I AM – c/o Janet Matthews <>, “South African-British solicitor Ray Oshry – classmate of Gary Gevisser and GG’s murdered cousin Sandy Moshal Jacobson [1957-1997]. R. Oshry remains a FB friend of GG but blocks GG from messaging on Facebook.” <>, “Colin Schneiderman – another quiet classmate of Gary Gevisser and his cousin, tortured to death ANC armed wing member, Sandra Moshal Jacobson [1957-1997]” <>, “Jody Perling – another quiet classmate of Gary Gevisser and his cousin, tortured to death ANC armed wing member, Sandra Moshal Jacobson [1957-1997]” <>, Simon Schama – Professor of History Columbia University <>, Professor Abblbaum – Hebrew University – Archeology <>, Peter Singer – Professor of Bioethics University Center for Human Values – Princeton University <>, “Major Tuvia Friling – Israel Defense Force, Deputy Commander Golani Brigade, Professor Ben Gurion University, Beersheba, Negev Desert, Israel – Author of ARROWS IN THE DARK” <>, “Adele Breytenbach – Professor of economics, UNISA” <>, “Professor Jared Diamond – author, Guns, Gems & Steel” <>, “South African Professor of Economics Mark Darrock who in China on July 1, 2006 mentioned to Gary Gevisser, De Beers bring order to the diamond marketplace that would otherwise be chaotic.” <>, Professor John Raines – one of the Burglars <>, Professor Ann Craig – UCSD Craig <>, “Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs – Columbia University – author, THE END OF POVERTY” <>, “Professor Padayacheev – University of Natal-Kwazulu, South Africa” <>, “Mr. PAVAN KAPOOR India Ambassador to Israel.” <>, “Russian Defense Attache – Russian Embassy, Washington DC. Russian Embassy” <>, “Terry Rosenberg – Director of Uranium One [2006-2010] which is controlled by Putin and owns 20% of the United States’ uranium reserves. Prior was the top dog of failed Jonathan Beare’s Prefcor-McCarthy Holding Group-Avenger before Brand Pretorius took over on October 1, 1999, the same day the epic Revlon Corporation class action lawsuit was filed; the same day Russian forces invaded Chechnya following Russian false flag operation in the heart of Moscow.” <>, Jonathan Beare – Multi-billionaire founder Investec <>, Jo Becker – New York Times journalist – Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal <>, Peter Schweizer c/o Eric Eggers <>, “Peter Berendse – FB friend of Gary Gevisser, Neil Woodhead and Vic Wartski.” <>, “Dr. Teri Lawton” <>, “Richard Poplak – author of Dr. Shock, How an apartheid-era psychiatrist went from torturing gay soldiers in South Africa to sexually abusing patients in Alberta – No longer FB friend of GG.” <>, “Kevin Hall – Pulitzer Prize Winner, Panama Papers” <>, “Laurie Black – Staunch Democrat and daughter in law of Larry Lawrence, former US Ambassador to Switzerland during the Clinton administration.” <>, “Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq.” <>, Neil Abramson – Film maker of Very Distracting black African plight – Child Soldier 1998 <>, “Kenneth Standard Esq. – former 25 year in-house General Counsel of Bristol Meyers; most recently past President of the New York Bar Association – Harvard Law School.” <>, “Laura Malter – ex CIA – has twice now deactivated and reactivated her facebook and still avoiding answering a most important question about The Diamond Invention book. No longer a FB friend of GG.” <>, Laura Lekker Dekker – The youngest solo circumnavigator ever <>, Max Abelson – Reporting on Wall Street’s money and power for Bloomberg and Businessweek <>, Wendy Dicks – Highbury alumni <>, “Wendy Ann Bouman – High school history teacher of Gary Gevisser and FB friend.” <>, “Keisha Whitaker – wife of Forest Whitaker; FB friend of Gary Gevisser” <>, Andrea Gambling Money Charity Giver Kerzner <>, “” <>, Jeff Johnson – lead in 180º South – FB of Gary Gevisser <>, Noa Rotem – Israeli movie producer <>, Derek Abbott – participant in NOVA The Great Math Mystery <>, Max Tegmark – participant in NOVA The Great Math Mystery <>, Savas Dimopoulos – participant in NOVA The Great Math Mystery <>, “Clint Eastwood – Chairman of Monetery Peninsula Foundation c/o Morgan Matthews – Executive Director, Player Relations” <>, Noam Chomsky – I AM movie <chomsky@MIT.EDU>, Alan Dershowitz – Harvard Law School <>, “Elad Davidovitch – former Israeli army reservists and movie maker who lacks information.” <>, “David Milne – Distracting member of Tripping Up Trump and also in Baxter’s You’ve Been Trumped & A Dangerous Game. Milne still a FB friend of GG.” <>, “Romana Hansal – Emotionally vocal participant in Anthony Baxter’s documentary, A Dangerous Game.” <>, “Rafael Adolf – Brazilian Radiologist practicing in Germany + no longer FB friend.” <>, “Radiologist Dr. Peter Chait MD – FB friend of Gary Gevisser.” <>, “Gordon Torr – author, Kill Yourself & Count to 10 – Greefswald inmate” <>, Jerry Rothwell – Film Director <>, Barry Solomon – No longer FB friend of Gary Gevisser <>, “Brian Steinhobel – No longer FB friend of Gary Gevisser and yet to provide GG with his positive and negative experiences with both Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors.” <>, Jeff Stein – No longer FB friend of Gary Gevisser <>, Michael Ditz – FB friend of Gary Gevisser <>, “Charite Sandra Williams – Law Student, International at Uganda Christian University (UCU) Mukono – No longer FB of GG.” <>, “Gonen Ben Itzhak – Shin Bet handler of Mosaf “Green Prince”, son of Hamas founder, Sheikh Hassan Yousef” <>, “Olg Zabludoffa – former Editor-in-chief at National Association of Educational Broadcasters – No longer Facebook friend of Gary Gevisser + previously open challenger of Jerusalem Post’s Steve Linde. Olg’s husband Sid is a 33 year veteran CIA economist [1962-1995] who worked directly for President from 1969 until 1972; and Sid Zabludoff was in the White House when President Nixon gave his most distracting and illogical speech on August 15, 1971 announcing the official end of the Gold Standard and placing the principal profiteers of our Jewish Holocaust, the German-South African Oppenheimer family in charge of the money and the allocation of the world’s resources both human labor and raw war materials in particular.” <>, Galit Tassi <>, Uri Cash in suitcases makes the world go around Rosenberg <>, “Guy Bechor – principal G.Planet Israel” <>, Uri Bar-Joseph <>, “Erik de Jong – Directeur, Museum aan het Vrijthof” <>, Edward Snowden <>, Julian Assange – Wikileaks <>, “James A. MacKay – Senior Lloyds of London Insurance agent who was assigned to meet with World Heavyweight Boxing Federation Champion Michael Grant and Gary S. Gevisser on March 27, 2012.” <>, Beverly Stacey – Lloyds of London Insurance <>, “Sandy Moshal Jacobson [1957-1997]. Alan Lipworth – former junior partner of his close cousin Stephen Moshal Cohen. Alan’s first cousin was murdered ANC armed wing member” <>, “Jesse Angelo – CEO and Publisher of The New York Post. On July 8, 1999 Angelo penned FAX: FUGITIVE FRANKEL A FAILED FENCE that detailed a fax sent by Frankel to Alan Lipworth the same day Frankel’s Greenwich, Conn. mansion went up in flames. The fax said that Frankel needed the stones by May 7.” <>, “South African Gary Barber – Co-Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of MGM. On ulpan-Gadna training in Israel in 1972, same time as Gary S. Gevisser. MGM co-producer with Megan Ellison of DETROIT.” <>, Ayelet Shaked – Minister of Justice Israel <>
Al – thank you for that. What project/s are you currently working on?
There really isn’t much to absorb once you look at man’s contribution which is nothing positive to nature whose perfection contrasts with all our flaws. All we do is contribute to humankind who is only destructive.
We are heading for extinction. It will just take one nuclear disaster and it has already happened. It is in the air and in the soil. It is a disaster. It was morally wrong to go on with nuclear when we knew all its destructive powers.
Hopefully we will become extinct before all the other animal species. The plants are also affected by nuclear.
It seems everyone who isn’t doing enough to stop the nuclear suffers horribly. 
Again, nuclear only came about by the incorrigible GDP index which you know was not in either your or Joan’s thinking just like it has been totally missed by every other filmmaker, economist, politician, all humans in fact from the moment it was introduced back in the 30s, which is when the money system started to go wrong.
If you have figured out the problem and the solution to the problem and the people don’t want to hear it, then such an event must be part of Creation, if you believe in God.
If you don’t believe in God and denial is your choice, then you have to be constantly prepared to make the logical counterargument; namely, that the GDP index has more positives than negatives.
The reason why you now have such talkative people like Dr. Geoffrey Rothwell Phd so silent is because it is not possible to refute the irrefutable fact that the GDP index is the most void of logic thinking, and at the same time it is murderous, both to the environment and the world’s poor who because of the asinine GDP index are located in the mineral richest regions of the world.
Were you to behave like a monkey and toss a dart into the universe to establish a basis for evaluating the health of the economy then it is possible that when the dart returned to earth it might find the GDP index as it would a speck of dust.
Viewing it from a different perspective, only the most unique random event could result in the choice of the GDP index that drives human consumption which does the opposite of conserving the limited resources including fresh, clean drinking water.
The goal here was to find the fairest index outside of using the pointed barrel of a gun to grab what you want.
The opposite happened.
Where would you find such a scale to figure out such a low probability?
It is also a fact that De Beers-Barclays have a zero cost of capital and they can engage in off-balance sheet transactions without leaving a trace given how effective De Beers have been in never providing any government an inventory of its diamond holdings, including the diamonds that Hitler did not use to wage war and commit genocide.
De Beers-Barclays set the price on money and this unimaginable gun-money-power goes hand in hand with their GDP index.
The case here is whether or not there is a God because quite obviously the people don’t mind that the world’s biggest thieves enjoy such grand lifestyles while laughing at the rest of us racing around on foot as well as in our cars like ants, and when not talking GDP we are thinking it.
GDP and making money are joined at the hip.
No less funny because it is so very ugly that De Beers-Barclays have their government diplomats acting so self-righteous when looking at the behavior of a carefully nurtured monster dictator like Charles Taylor of Liberia, so schooled in western civilization.
Had the dart landed on anything else, it would make more sense from a logic as well as moral standpoint.
There is even more in support of a Higher Power starting with how ingeniously the universe operates and that includes all the forces of nature, starting with gravity which is neutralized not only by particles of plutonium which are almost infinitesimally small but “dark energy” which we also cannot see but we know it exists because it is these two words that we attribute to the most miraculous event; namely the ongoing accelerated expansion of the universe that our imaginations tell us will inevitably be responsible for the night sky being completely dark, not a single visible star in the sky and nor will future telescopes be able to keep up with the light disappearing.
Back to earth.
There remains total silence when each human mind is made aware of the inexcusable embrace of the GDP index. Nor is that silence friendly. It is incredibly nasty; and that is supported by those speaking ugly and the silent applaud them.
You can extrapolate to when the last human remains and their reaction will be the same.
Your mind will also tell you that despite the huge censorship directed towards me, one human could start a chain reaction of good and end this nightmare.
It is not only ugly the mistreatment of the poor but when you look now at a financially rich person or a religious person who prides themselves of being mostly in the spiritual world and why they don’t need to pay attention to their appearances and increasingly is man hiding behind his beard, they don’t look as pretty as before.
Yet, so far, everyone is drawn to this ugliness, in dark contrast with beautiful, perfect nature-G-D.
If you were a betting person, would you say it is 50/50 whether or not the silence will be broken?
You notice of course that you didn’t discredit any of my writings. So in fact you represent one person in support of my facts being materially important.
That is what everyone is doing.
How would you like to see the hand of God at work?
The silence has been broken by 100% who know about God Despising stuPidity.


Why wait a moment longer? 
Both of us could be dead in the next instant from a variety of causes. Also in the event God exists you have nothing to fear if you have done the right thing; and if you don’t believe in God then you would surely want smart, if not the smartest economists in the world to explain why they have been silent, when not distracting all this time because they don’t wish to argue whether or not GDP index is good, because it has been long established, and to change things overnight would be disastrous.
So I introduce you now to 3 economists, Nobel Laureate, Vernon Smith, Rod Smith and Geoffrey Rothwell.
None of them have been known to be silent on the subject of economics and all 3 have met me; and so I didn’t just pick their names out of a hat.
If they speak now, but are distracting, all of us will be able to see that clearly.
They along with the rest in the cc section could speak ahead of you.
If they continue to be quiet, that does not mean they are on the same page as you and me; and nor are they on the same page as one another.
We are all here together, and all that is missing are those you don’t see in the blind copy section and others yet to receive their copy.
Nor can anyone say it is nonsense because everyone else will know that they are only attempting to distract when coming up with lame critique, “It is too long.”
It is only ego, money-greed, and that great fear of looking totally stupid; i.e. big ego, 


which has kept them silent up until now.
Nor do they think given how closed minded everyone is to the DIG that “critical mass” will ever be achieved.
You remember Mr. Burton, President of Atlantic Richfield Hanford Company, arguing for continuing on with an obsolete process for neutralizing highly toxic nuclear waste and before that Mr. Burton broke down, “Cut or something. I don’t know how to answer.”
Mr. Burton did know how to answer. It was the grossly flawed GDP index that was driving to make the nuclear disaster, that much more of a disaster for our future children.
You know that if we got Mr. Burton on this show he would never look so stupid. He would be looking at all us silent or distracting and feeling the weight of the world lifted off his shoulders.
How do people in such denial go on with their lives?
How can you think of a good purpose with such baggage?
Could this account for all the conflicting messages I get from people on Facebook who don’t know for example whether to block or unblock me on FB messaging both while they remain my FB friend as well as when the decision is to “unfriend”?
To shirk one’s responsibilities not only to society but your first responsibility is preservation of your own mind cannot, possibly result in your figuring out your positive purpose in life.
Not to have a positive purpose is depressing in the extreme.
There is nothing positive constantly having the thought that your silence continues to support violence on the poor, destruction of nature due to war and overpopulation all to cover up the dirty GDP, just to eat more meals and have fun where the most fun is interacting with nature who you are murdering.
Basically you have chosen mental suicide. Joining such a big club still doesn’t make the wrong decision right.
I have been conducting this human behavioral study ever since I decided to share my thoughts on the Marc Rich pardon, and the Jerusalem Post decided to not only publish this first letter that was an open letter to American-Soviet-Israeli spy, Jonathan Pollard but 3 subsequent letters and the 4th published on May 1, 2001, 4 months and 10 days prior to 9/11.
Not to mention the cascading coincidences of my first and largest ever email broadcast of December 1, 2000, which was 9 months and 11 days prior to 9/11. [CLICK HERE].
Nor could my writings have been clearer than what you read in the first sentence.
The pardon of Marc Rich eliminated not only an opportunity of justice being served but it would have allowed the public to view the role that oil brokers play in furthering terrorism.
It wasn’t long before they all started turning on me, including my 3 elder siblings.
Now my mother Zena is suffering, and it makes all my adversaries overjoyed; and you see it in the silence that follows each view of The Lady’s Speech.
Your wife is only 72. She might be uplifted.
You saw the numbers 222 in my previous communique. 
There is no such thing as a coincidence being a random event, but you wouldn’t expect someone not in touch with how upside everything is, to be in agreement.
222 days prior to 9/11 was when that first letter was published.
It made all the people in the world who profit from war-terrorism most unhappy, and nor have they got over it. Nor will they ever, it seems.
You have to ask yourself is this the result of nuclear poisoning or that man is totally evil from the start and the nuclear game just brings everything to the forefront.
You have produced according to Wikipedia over 100 film productions. What have you done in the past that compares with what I am revealing?
You know perfectly well that if I included every literate person in the cc section they would have read every word of what I sent you and shuddered.
You base your accomplishment on a faulty economic gauge, is the problem.
You could end this nightmare to the perfect nature who doesn’t need any of our help and would be better off with our extinction, but instead you pass it off on to your wife, and when you speak for her that she will not be able to deal with it further, you are speaking your mind.
There is nothing kind about the human in denial and it doesn’t mean there is no God, no superior being, if it turns out all humans are stupid and when discovering technology that is placed right in front of us, it is the technology that makes us look smart.
Looks are not deceiving when the truth is revealed.
But there is nothing smart in how we have handled nuclear. Nor has all the research studies and documentaries done anything to expose the intellectually weak and totally morally corrupt GDP index.
The excuse for not doing the right thing is that it costs too much money. 
With so much economy talk by money people and politicians, how could they have all missed the boat, and now I must not be believed?
The people allowed a sick CIA member who I never met or communicated with to use the courts in Texas and a judge as his gun to discredit and cripple me financially. CIA Knuff won a $4 million payday which is unprecedented, and the silence of the law society is no less sick.
It smells of something so rotten.
The Fish Rots From The Head Down.
Man is seeing himself more stupid in his own eyes than anytime in history.
What force could be behind such ugly obstinacy?
All business people argue that business is only about making money. We also know that doing good is not what companies like Firestone are doing in Liberia.
The people who make the most money for the past century are the two largest mining and banking houses, and they cannot get enough trading amongst themselves and using De Beers’ unlimited supply of untraceable diamond currency whenever it is convenient.
Their self-dealing impacts all other deals.
When the government says that a particular company is too big to fail, you may have thought it either funny and/or just another case of “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.
Now you know different.
You should have already figured out why it is that everyone shuts down after reading The D I book. 
It seems to me as well as the two smartest people I know that the DIG is God’s Game.
Such knowledge is soothing.
If you cannot see it all so clearly then that does not mean you have another explanation.
Why would you go on hoping for a more negative outcome when you see clearly what the GDP index has already done in expanding human overpopulation and man increasingly sicker while just living longer, and mostly taking up more space individually.
It is the exploding human population which justifies the “low cost” nuclear power; and the no less crazy people out there wanting to get their hands on a nuclear weapon justifies more nuclear weapons which cost less because the plutonium trigger is a byproduct of the “Good Atom”.
When the money is “price fixed” the only conversation about money should be about those price fixing the money.
It inevitably means that everything which has a price tag is wrongly priced.
The price fixers of money have no interest in goodness resulting from their actions.
Their actions are to keep covering up their crimes by having their lawmakers make that many more laws to show that we are all part of a law abiding society which needs to be protected with military force from those either jealous or lazy.
You know that the more visible murderous dictatorships have leadership either not aware of how they too have been horribly fooled or they are stooges.
Imagine yourself for the moment, a 28 year officer in a Third World military like Liberia; and you are tired of the politicians in suits grabbing most of the graft and not sharing it with the soldiers who are constantly in training when not killing. You wouldn’t think that the law was fair because if it was then the politicians in suits would be less generous with themselves. So you might think you could pull off a coup and last as the top dog forever, until you die of natural causes. There has also been a great precedent for that in mineral rich regions such as Africa which also provided most of the slave trade which was the most lucrative trade ever since man began his trek out of Africa some 50,000 years ago, which considering how long our elements that make us up have been along, is not even a drop in the ocean.
But knowing how totally upside down is the OECD and its ongoing support of the GDP index, and you are also getting a copy of this, would you really want to be leader for a minute?
Maybe you would, depending upon how angry for power you are.
You might also decide to be less violent by educating your fellow soldiers first of all not to be violent and figure out a way to hold the corrupt lawmakers accountable.
Now forget playing soldier because you now know all the militaries of the world as well as all the major drug lords are either victims of the GDP index and price fixing of the monies by murderous individuals or they are knowingly profiteering.
All that is important is for everyone to have the information, and then for each of us to decide how best to share it.
Even if you don’t think you are capable, you know that I am more than capable of getting every nuclear scientist, every accountant, every lawyer, every humanitarian relief worker, every solder, every general, every literate person to either go silent or agree with my findings.
And to say, “It will never work. You can’t get everyone to agree on everything; that is a just a pipe-dream” is plain, simple stupid.
They are already agreeing with their silence or infantile behavior.
You also now understand why De Beers and Barclays have never been prosecuted for it would put all government regulators starting with banking regulators including the chairman of the US Federal Reserve, every auditor, and every Wall Street investment banker out of a job.
Street bums don’t look as bad, do they?
Soldiers with war injuries, and those African kids with hacked off missing limbs, must surely make you feel that much more nauseated, unless you have also become numb-dumb.
If I don’t hear back from you I will continue my search without expecting any good to come out of man.
Once you have the truth, you know everyone’s game ~ Marie Dion Gevisser
I would have preferred a less passive reaction.
[Word count 3142]


On Feb 7, 2018, at 9:56 AM, Al Perlmutter <> wrote:
I just finished reading your detailed email with interest and appreciation of your references to Joan’s work.  You should know that Joan has been retired for over 15 years and is no longer writing or producing.  And at the moment she is quite ill — has been in the hospital for over a month — and will remain here for several more weeks.  I will tell her of your emails when she is ready to absorb this information, but I do not expect her to be able to deal with it further.
Thank you for writing to her.
Al Perlmutter

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On Feb 6, 2018, at 8:47 PM, GaryStevenGevisser <> wrote:
From: GaryStevenGevisser <>
Subject: All about uranium – Re: Joan Konner – Fwd: Away from my desk Re: Nuclear problem from the “horse’s mouth”.
Date: February 6, 2018 at 5:47:55 PM PST
To: AL Perlmutter <>
Dear Al,
Please send her my best wishes for a speedy recovery.
I thought that she was most courageous and elegant when confronting the conscienceless monsters running the nuclear industry, although of course, all the ceos were there just for the money and nor would they care to dig deeper into darker forces operating behind the scene.
The truth is always inspiring for those of us in search of the truth.
To be inspired goes a long way in helping heal the body-mind.
I also understand that you have collaborated with your wife in the past, and given the time sensitivity of what I have in my possession, and most of all the good it can do, I will share it with you; and for you decide when would be the best time to share it with her for the betterment of mankind, the oxymoron of all time.
It is my knowledge of the DIG [Diamond Invention Game]; both it’s strengths and weaknesses which led to Dr. Geoffrey Rothwell Phd, the principal economist for the Nuclear Energy Agency deciding to come to me, not Snowden or Wikileaks-Assange  or his former boss, President Obama or his current boss President Trump with information to end all wars, and most of all to stop once and for all nuclear weapons; and nor is there such as thing as the “good atom” for peaceful purposes.
Beginning in early spring 1979 I officially began working for drilling-banking monopolist De Beers-Anglo American Corporation at their highest level on US soil. This came about after completing a year long interviewing process that was overseen by its head, German-South African Harry Oppenheimer.
8 years before, March 2, 1971 to be precise, Harry Oppenheimer now owned the world, just so long as he could get President Nixon
to incriminate himself and the US Congress; and that was accomplished 166 days later, August 15, 1971 when Nixon gave his incomprehensible speech announcing the official end of the Gold Standard.
On March 2, 1971, Oppenheimer’s “protector”, South African Invader, 
German-American Charles W. Engelhard Jr. died, having turned just 54 the month before. 
Beginning in 1951, Engelhard muscled his way into my immediate Jewish family’s ACME TIMBER INDUSTRIES
and in 1956 he took a majority ownership while leaving my family’s The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies [1910-1970] which was started by grandfather Israel Issy Gevisser [c.1890-1970] with “administrative and technical control.”
Such “control” was placed in the hands of my father’s first cousin, David Gevisser who the year before Engelhard’s death, 1970, was named ceo of Engelhard Enterprises of South Africa, a wholly owned subsidiary of US based Engelhard Minerals & Chemicals Corporation; and upon Engelhard’s death, my “lucky uncle” Dave became executor of the world’s richest estate, and for the job of simply placing his signature on documents transferring Engelhard’s most valuable assets, including control of the world supply of platinum, which the US Congress soon after mandated be placed in the exhaust system of every new car and truck sold in the United States, over to Harry Oppenheimer, David Gevisser received a bonus of $6 million, paid offshore and tax free; the tip of the spear of David Gevisser’s future economic and political wealth.
David Gevisser’s political clout like that of Harry Oppenheimer skyrocketed following President Nixon’s speech which is mostly forgotten. The speech was incomprehensible to everyone other than those who were responsible for it; namely my “lucky uncle” and Harry Oppenheimer. 
Few today studying at university would recall anything about Nixon’s speech and if they were to listen to it they would probably say, “He was a lawyer. He must have known what he was talking about.”
Of course Nixon knew exactly what he was talking about and it was complete nonsense.
How could you be lambasting a certain group of “international money speculators waging an all out war against the US Dollar” and applauding another group of bankers without naming either group? Furthermore, you were waging a very bloody war in defense of our south east Asia policy and the generals we were fighting, like Ho Chi Minh were household names to the TV audience.
At the time of Nixon’s speech I was 14 and unaware of the mystery surrounding it.
Only in 1995 when I spent an entire day with my “lucky uncle” Dave who thought that I was ready to take over from him 16 years before when I joined De Beers at their most important site holder on US soil, Codiam Inc., did I learn the details of Nixon’s incriminating speech which now protected Harry Oppenheimer from future prosecution; but still Oppenheimer was very reluctant to visit the United States even though his meeting with President elect John F. Kennedy at the Carlyle Hotel went off without a hitch. 
In going officially off the Gold Standard, now backing the printing of money was both the anything but “good word” of the politicians along with price fixed diamond currency which was under the exclusive control of De Beers whose principal business starting with WW1 has been backing both sides to war when they cannot lose.
Jump forward to June 25, 2013, 6 years 9 months, and 20 days after Harry Oppenheimer’s son, Nicholas
meets with President Putin in my birth country, mineral rich South Africa.
That conversation was all about uranium and President Putin leaving the unmistakable impression of his body language, “You’ve got to be kidding.”
If you are going to be meeting in public and you are the world’s only wildly successful monopolist who should have been the first prosecuted at Nuremberg for war crimes, you first of all don’t give speeches.
You leave your dictator speeches to your clown despots who are required to sound a lot like Hitler.
You would not expect Oppenheimer who was also addressing others in the group to be sharing the finer points on what it takes to be the world’s greatest monopolist having survived now 3 generations and the next generation already seen as wonderful philanthropists with no one asking any tough questions such as what became of his father’s extraordinary wealth which was the entire wealth of mineral rich South Africa at his death in August 2000 
resulting in now “poor” Uranium King Nicholas now worth only $7 odd billion; and of course there is no mention anywhere of Harry donating his half a trillion ++++ wealth to charity because that would open up a hornet’s nest; instead, the Oppenheimers saw fit to loop Warren Buffett into the DIG in May 2000 with the purchase of Ben Ridge Jewelers, and that not only shut up Buffett, his friend Bill Gates Jr. but all of Wall Street.
All of the Oppenheimers’ public speeches focus on the promotion of multiple party elections and competitive business practices even when supporting behemoths like Wal-Mart being allowed into the South African economy.
They have constantly and consistently talked nonsense and the people lap it up just like when listening to their favorite economist.
President Putin chose a photograph that clearly shows there were others in the group, and that Oppenheimer was not looking at him.
It is also not a pretty photo from both an aesthetic view because Oppenheimer is not pretty or anything close, rather chubby looking and out of shape, but pontificating like he knows what he is talking about.
It is also this photo that appears on De Beers as well as Nick Oppenheimer’s rather short Wikipedia profile where the photo remains conspicuously alone.
You ask any white South African or for that matter anyone coming out of Oxford University where Nick “read Philosophy, Politics and Economics and took the Oxford MA” – Wikipedia – all they see is “money talking” and that is enough to impress.
If you happen to be Jewish South African with just a slight awareness of the world around you, seeing Oppenheimer seated next to President Putin is bone chilling for it brings close to home how quiet was the South African Jewish leadership in condemning the Oppenheimers who were never friends of the Jewish people despite their Jewish sounding name or the fact that both Harry Oppenheimer and his father Sir Ernest Oppenheimer were born Jewish.
The fact that the Oppenheimers were the strongest financial supporters of the opposition political parties to their Apartheid Regime and openly lambasting their Apartheid Regime, did not mean anything more than the Oppenheimers continuing to be the biggest problem in mineral rich South Africa or elsewhere in the world where there are minerals still to be mined, including water and water treatment facilities.
There isn’t a branch of the world economy including the salaries and bribes paid to the highest government officials which is outside of their jurisdiction.
When they talk they never bring up why the South African National Party who were the Apartheid Regime that ruled mineral rich South Africa for an uninterrupted period of 46 years never nationalized their mines, paid better wages to their slave indentured non-white miners, and brought in top management from the outside just to make sure that there were no dead people on the payroll.
When the Oppenheimers complained that the brutal and discriminatory Apartheid Laws w[ere] counterproductive and lacked positive motivation to have the miners eager to show up for work every day and therefore to be more willing to come up with suggestions to do things like improve efficiencies and so forth, academia in particular, starting with the lawyers, judges and economists lapped it up as if it was God speaking.
President Putin didn’t need to attend Stanford, Harvard, Yale, London School of Economics, Oxford or Cambridge to know that the German-South African Oppenheimers are the biggest crooks in the world apart from being the war criminals of war criminals who the western alliance have protected from the very start of their rise to power.
People such as yourselves would know that during the Obama-Hillary Clinton Administration, President Putin acquired 25% of the United States strategic uranium reserves with the full approval of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States where Clinton along with the Attorney General also sat.
The thinking was that it was just a bunch of money that changed hands.
Just like neither of you may have seen the photo above or for that matter recognized Nick Oppenheimer, those such as NY Times reporter Jo Becker were no less clueless about that very important meeting in Cape Town back on September 5, 2006.
Putin not only had a photographer present, but he waited 759 days before having  the Kremlin release the photo in early October 2008, one month before Senator Obama who had first visited South Africa in August 2006, became President elect.
Below are two emails I received on June 25, 2013 from Dr. Geoffrey Rothwell Phd, the principal economist for Nuclear Energy Agency that is housed within the OECD.
From: Geoffrey Rothwell
Subject: Have you picked up anything on Russia selling uranium enrichment technology to South Africa?
Date: June 25, 2013 at 3:56:01 AM PDT
To: GaryStevenGevisser
Have you picked up anything on Russia selling uranium enrichment technology to South Africa?
From: Geoffrey Rothwell
Subject: “uranium enrichment” Russia “South Africa”
Date: June 25, 2013 at 4:04:29 AM PDT
To: GaryStevenGevisser
For example,
goggle “uranium enrichment” Russia “South Africa”
and most of the sites don’t go anywhere!
Suffice to say, on September 16, 2013, 2 months and 22 days after those communiques Rothwell and I along with our respective wives met for dinner in Paris.
Long before Rothwell decided to reconnect with me after a half a dozen years of silence, he had read Edward J. Epstein’s non-fiction, page-turner book, The Diamond Invention which leaves little to the imagination of the gun-money power of De Beers-Barclays.
Nuclear is not the problem.
What drives nuclear is the insanely illogical and morally indefensible Gross Domestic Product index which the OECD began to immediately promote when it was established in the upside down year of 1961, the same year President Eisenhower gave his infamous and threatening military-industrial-complex speech which was the same day the CIA assassinated Patrice Lumumba, prime minister of mineral rich Belgian Congo,
and then 10 days later, January 27, 1961 by which time President JFK had been in office 7 days, TIME MAGAZINE published its story; Corporations: South African Invader.
Dr. Rothwell Phd knows everything there is to know about nuclear weapons and nuclear waste given how he and his current wife were protesting nuclear back in the 1970s until the best of friend of his wife was murdered by people she believed were members of the pro nuclear lobby and she then tossed in the towel.
Rothwell decided to join the enemy because that was the best paying job he could get. In a few months his contract with the NEA ends and it will not be renewed because there is an age limit.
That does not mean Rothwell has no options to supplement his retirement monies because he has in fact helped show that people don’t care about the truth, just so long as they are getting ahead financially.
I was not naive when I decided to break my 24 year silence with De Beers-Barclays on 11.11.2004. I was only thinking of doing the right thing and not forgetting that the reason I had kept quiet all that time is because I knew the reaction of the people to the truth.
Nor was I riding an ice comet blistering away from planet Mother Earth when I realized that the next level down from De Beers-Barclays, their clowns who had accumulated billions upon billions using the much more expensive borrowings from traditional banks such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, National Westminster, Standard Bank of South Africa etc, all “saw red” once realizing they had been duped.
To blame me for the wrongs of others is first of all insane.
To treat me as invisible when it is clear that no one can fault my logic or the irrefutable facts is no less insane.
So I went back to De Beers-Barclays who let everyone know in that all important chapter 16, WARRING WITH ISRAEL that they have a self-dealing relationship with the world’s premier bank, Barclays who demonstrated that they are not only supportive of monopolies, albeit the richest and most powerful, but they are no friend of the Jewish people, other than those willing to follow in the footsteps of the Jewish Kapos-sellouts who kept order in the death factories of the Holocaust.
My approach to De Beers’ South African Sunday Times to place my DE BEERS INFORMERS WANTED ad resulted in their lawyers sending me on April 7, 2005, 4 months and 27 days after I let them know that it was time for the truth to be told, a threatening email to cease and desist. [CLICK HERE].
100 days later my going on 79 year old “lucky uncle” Dave Gevisser got his Oxford capping; A Masters of Studies in Historical Research 
which should have been titled, A Masters in Rewriting History.
You wouldn’t need to know David Gevisser or Nick Oppenheimer to figure out that they were communicating. Logic again would tell you that.
Who or what compelled David Gevisser to then write and publish in 2006 his incriminating memoirs, THE UNLIKELY FORESTER, which depicts me as having never existed while getting so many other facts and dates wrong, including the death of his father Morris as well as the death of his father’s brother, my grandfather by a decade and a half, and his Errata sheet corrects nothing of importance, only less than a handful of minutia?
Also in 2006, the South African police reopened in March an investigation into the murder death of my classmate and cousin, Sandra Jacobson [1957-1997] and this going on 9 year old case is closed with the murderer having conveniently died in 2003, and these whitewash findings published in the South African newspapers on September 5, 2006, the same day Putin meets Oppenheimer.
David Gevisser’s account of Sandra’s death contradicts totally the whitewash police report. 
Sandra who is the exact same relation as I am to David Gevisser but from the Moshal side of the family, is explained in David Gevisser’s memoir as having been tortured to death as the result of internal strife dating back many years, by fellow members of the armed wing of the ANC, Umkhonto who had like the rest of the ANC been fully infiltrated going back to 1944 when Nelson Mandela joined.
David Gevisser praises the “Mandela miracle” but of course David Gevisser was two-faced.
If anyone knew the truth it was David Gevisser and his account makes perfect sense without identifying the murderers.
Nor was there any outcry from Nelson Mandela given how it is not every day that going on 3 years after the “Mandela Miracle” a white Jewish woman is assassinated by fellow members of Umkhonto.
One just has to ask, who would benefit from Sandra Jacobson being silenced in an assassination that sends a clear message?
Why even bother reopening a 9 year old murder case and coming up with a story where the alleged murderer is now conveniently dead?
South Africa has many unsolved murders, but none of them are as closely related to the “male heir” of Platinum-Gold-Diamond-Uranium King, Charles W. Engelhard Jr.
Everything in South Africa changed once Charles W. Engelhard Jr. decided to branch out into the timber-forestry business when taking initially a minority interest in ACME back in 1951.
Never in their history had anyone so closely connected to the founders of the DIG challenged their absolute authority.
There is a reason for everything in this universe including each and every coincidence.
Joan’s groundbreaking 1977 documentary, Danger! Radioactive Waste begins with the narrator speaking the words:
The year is 1951. These barrels of radioactive waste are being dumped into the Atlantic Ocean 120 miles from the coast of New York city. The radioactive waste will remain deadly for hundreds of thousands of years, and it is hoped it will remain isolated from man and the environment at the bottom of the ocean forever. 
The same operation took place in the Pacific Ocean 25 miles from San Francisco just off the Farallon Islands. 25 years later, in 1975 the  Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] decided to find out what became of the waste.
You know of course that calamity which is as big as the production of tens of thousands of nuclear weapons to support the flawed, intellectual greed thinking that went behind the dropping of the two bombs on Japan when there was no inventory of atomic weaponry back in August 1945, is but the tip of the iceberg.
So messed up is the thinking that your most beautiful, so poised brunette wife got the one ceo in charge of job decontaminating nuclear waste when it fact all his company was doing was spreading exponentially nuclear waste into civilian neighborhoods in support of the horrifically flawed GDP index, to lose his mind on camera.
By not interrupting this poison seepage from his brain, provided the viewer an unmatched view of the inside of a polluted human’s brain at work, and still able to control the facial muscles allowing the human-android void of conscience to also show their teeth, and laugh.
How wonderful that Ms. Konner not only kept her composure but decided to move on.
Let’s look at a verbatim transcript right after the narrator points to a mountain of radioactive junk, 55 million gallons while commenting that it is also here that the largest release of radioactive material waste ever occurred in 1973; 115,000 gallons before it was discovered, and then 19 subsequent smaller leaks were discovered; and this is right next to the Columbia River; and that a release of waste could be carried into the Pacific Ocean whose water molecules don’t stop at border crossings even if an electrified fence were to be installed, with disastrous effects on the environment.
Yes, it is funniest bizarre: Danger! Radioactive Waste (1977)
Joan Konner: Is it true that you really cannot anticipate a leak, that you only know after it happens?
George Burton [President Atlantic Richfield Hanford Company]: Ah, yes that is correct. We Ahh. In order to detect a leak we must have some leakage from a tank in the first place.
JK: So that by the time you discover it, the damage is done?
GB: A small amount of damage is done.
JK: Its been reported that you really substantially increase your problem of dealing with large volumes of liquid waste by using a neutralizing process. Are you still using that process?
GB: Yes we still use that process.
JK: If you know it created a problem, why don’t you change the system?
GB: This is the system that we were born with in 1944. All our facilities are designed to handle toxic waste. To change it as this point in view of the fact that we have 152 tanks in place, would be a horrendous problem.
JK: Is it fair to say that you are proceeding and intend to remain in operation with a 1940 system that is really obsolete?
GB: Ahh. The… Cut or something. I don’t know how to answer… That tends to be have you stop beating your wife [and then laughs].
With the 10 words, “… have you stopped beating your wife” being part of the interview, and so why not keep it in with the rest of the nonsense, maybe we should examine quickly, why do men go back to women they hate?
Is it because no other woman would allow themselves to be beaten?
A man who beats their wife must hate themselves. They hate the world and take it out on their wife.
But what does that have to do with nuclear?
Perhaps Joan can shed more light on that?
But then Burton digs his hole even deeper.
JK: If it is determined that you would certainly not undertake this method today, wouldn’t it be better just to close the whole thing down?
GB: No, the process should not be shut down at this time. We should complete the mission, which makes good economic sense and technical sense to complete the processing with the system.
The mission is not explained other than there are mostly economics involved because it is all economic driven because it is military-economics running the show. Nor is it new. It has always been military-economics and why it is that economists never make sense when they are talking about either costs or pricing.
The economists are not the clearest thinkers even if they think they are because they can use mathematical models to do things like predict the price of enriched uranium which Dr. Rothwell Phd considers his forte.
Lawyers-judges also support economists and economists don’t bite the hands that feed them 
Yet Dr. Rothwell Phd knows just like all the rest of the head honchos at the OECD-NEA that there is no such thing as a price mechanism in place when the pricing of the money is as rigged as the price fixing of diamonds.
But it is a job.
If you talk with anyone who feels they work hard for their money they can be forgiven for not knowing the first thing about how the money is priced because the schooling system along with the mostly entertaining TV and radio news programmes distracts.
An economist like Dr. Geoffrey Rothwell Phd was not a kid throughout the period he was the 27 year senior lecturer of economics at Stanford University.
When he was impressing his future bosses at the NEA-OECD that he was most excellent at predicting the future price of enriched uranium and he provided supporting documentation detailing all his research, he left out both my teachings and Epstein’s The Diamond Invention book which supports my knowledge; and my knowledge supports what is contained in The D I book other than when my knowledge is more in depth than The D I book.
The brain looks very similar to a walnut which if there is a God has far higher intelligence than all of us humans combined.
If there is no God, you still wouldn’t expect a walnut that has had its shell removed to be protesting that you are expert at predicting the future price of price fixed enriched uranium even if you have got the entire planet to support your contention that you independently were able to predict the price of enriched uranium.
Joan would probably have gone much easier on Mr. Barton had she known what people like Rothwell knew the moment they finished reading The D I book and knew that De Beers-Oppenheimers’ DIG remained intact long after Epstein had moved on.
Putting aside that there is tonnage of plutonium out there in the soil, in the air and that gravity has no impact in stopping its spread and a minuscule flake can kill a human being, there is also tonnage of Iodine-129 whose hazardous lifetime is 160 million years. 
That is a long period in anyone’s book but if you consider that modern man which is what us 8 billion humans are, has only been around 50,000 years, you have to ask yourself what were the economists thinking when they were making the economic arguments for us ploughing forward with such a destructive energy which facilitated the exponential human overpopulation at the expense of the planet; and when producing nuclear energy for civilian use the byproduct was free plutonium which is the trigger mechanism on all nuclear bombs thus facilitating the rise of nuclear weapons manufacturing from 0 in 1945 to mass assembly lines producing thousands more nuclear weapons every year and jobs for that many more people.
So that when we dismantle those nuclear weapons all in aid of a peace agreement meeting where pens as well as hugs are exchanged by the stage actors, the humans involved as well as the machinery rented or purchased by those getting the dismantling contracts contribute to the growth of the economy either locally, regionally or globally or any combination thereof much like when a demolition crew come in to tear down an old fire or police station to make way for even better erections.
It is also more than high testosterone at work.
Other animal species are also constantly thinking of sex, assuming they are healthy otherwise it is just fear, eat or be eaten; but none have been so destructive in such a short period of time.
It is a very interesting human who appeared right after WW2, wouldn’t you think?
No one questions either their sanity or where the money comes from other than they say it comes from the government borrowing money or printing more money or from the hard working taxpayers or a combination of both.
De Beers-Barclays officials look the same as everyone else, but their puppet government officials know different.
The most interesting part is that this DIG is what the people would prefer rather than admit they have been horribly fooled.
But everything can change in the next instant; it just takes one more of us not wanting to be in the same room as the rest of the fools.
We only finished building the great pyramids of Egypt 4558 years ago which was before Moses led the Israelites out of slavery which was before the Torah-Knowledge was written with so much story telling; and few can agree on anything other than the 10 Commandments which are subject to everyone’s interpretation; and the most religious Jewish people, like the most religious Christians and Muslims, like the most devote yoga exercisers still enjoying their role as leaders in the new religion, are not healthy eaters which should have all of us questioning their proximity to God who hasn’t been able to get them to overcome their lack of willpower which has them murdering their internal body parts which also explains why it is that the most religious look so unhealthy that you want to keep your distance.
I was only born in 1957 the year Sir Ernest Oppenheimer died.
As soon as I became aware of the world around me, I kept hearing money.
If I wanted to get a bottle of orange juice from the corner grocery shop, I needed money.
So I thought it wasn’t stupid of me to ask where did the money come from and if a country didn’t have the money but they had a strong military wouldn’t they do exactly what a thief needing bread money to buy bread to survive another day would do and only get caught if the military lost and they could end up either dead or prisoner and the generals on the winning side if deciding to spare the life of their opposing generals to take care of them in the event they were able to regroup and beat you back?
You know how many times the word “truth” and “trust” was used in Danger! Radioactive Waste?
They are the most used by everyone starting with economists and politicians who are mostly lawyers-judges and they all think they are smart even the ones who don’t make as much money.
Rothwell not only has to his credit predicting price fixed enriched uranium but he wrote the white paper on the Fukushima disaster along with a Japanese-American colleague Masahiko Aoki which ends with us being made aware that we should be watching China.
Everyone thinks it is going to be [the] young who are going to make the positive changes, but that is unrealistic because they have terrible teachers.
I realize that a young documentarist waking up to how the real world works and this communique is a good introduction, they might not be eager to produce their first documentary explaining The Diamond-De Beers Money Lie because it could be their last on economics-military, but then they could branch out and be the first to film the immediate impact on the environment by no more nuclear and never again having to listen to nonsense coming out of the mouth of people like Rothwell and Burton.
It is also quite obvious that the one investigator who was asked to evaluate the safety of the storage tanks had his facts right that if the Iodine-129 were to leak off the reservation there possibly might not be enough waters on the entire planet to dilute it sufficiently.
Young people today obviously are not concerned in the least bit about nuclear unless it is a conversation they are having to fill up blank space.
I know this because for the past 6 years my Française-Canadienne wife Marie Dion and I, along with our world traveler and equally very healthy dog Mango who also vegetarian and eats like the two of us as much raw organic as possible, have spent about half the year criss-crossing all of western Europe and also spending a month in South Africa as well as a month in Morocco, Israel as well as the southwest of England. 
The young are old by the time they are 15, just like in the United States.
The young have babies just so long as they can afford to have babies.
Those with not even a high school education but can read and write know where to get the information but they just don’t care about anything other than the money.
All that can change even if there is no Superior Being, just based on the fact that you constantly have to be logical and knowing that it just takes one to convince all those with the wrong arguments.
They know that I am right about the money but they keep wishing that I am wrong even though they know no one can discredit my writings and my adversaries keep mounting, and that gives the people that much more confidence that I am wrong.
That is not logical thinking which is all us humans have to go on.
The fact that the documentary points out that every reprocessing plant and their machines to handle the contamination become the next generation of radioactive waste.
Joan asks, “Isn’t it true that every waste handling process creates a new waste problem?”
GB then provided the longest “yes” answer possibly in the history of man which had Joan summing up, “So that in a sense you have a geometric progression of waste as you try to solve the problem?”
GB, “That’s correct.”
The clearest thinker was a male:
If I were Czar of the world or something like that, the first priority would be to shut down nuclear power except for research. Circumstances, happenings on the face of the earth I think you just have to come to the conclusion that sooner or later these wastes are going to come back and bite the human race, if it happens to be around at that time. How can you justify doing some of these things when you don’t really know what the consequences are going to be.
Us humans can in fact control more than our individual lives, just so long as we have the convincing arguments.
In 1977 there was not The Internet.
The fact that you can see by the few views of this very well done documentary on Youtube, less than twice the number of those viewing my mother Zena’s The Lady Speech
and it more than a little important that so far there is no one other than myself providing any commentary, all it takes is the right marketing and/or an “Act of God” and I am most comfortable with that.
The human race has changed dramatically since the arrival of The Internet.
It is most of all increasingly difficult to hide and when you do hide from social media because of something you have done wrong, people catch on very quickly.
As much as people don’t like the feeling of being fooled, they still do not trust liars.
A liar gets old very quickly and lying does not help you predict the future any better.
While I am still very much alive and most importantly very healthy, my extraordinary and inspirational mother Zena is being held captive in her Netanya, Israel apartment because of her support of me.
Having a positive attitude also makes sense, and it should be used to do good.
Again, you address the problem of the wrong economics driving the human who has yet to figure out its purpose, you quickly fix not only the nuclear problem but the overpopulation that is killing the planet.
The more people who have this knowledge, the quicker we can end this madness.
Whatever questions you have, this would be a good time to ask them.
Again, all the best to Joan and to you,
[Word count 5941]
On Feb 6, 2018, at 9:29 AM, AL Perlmutter <> wrote:
Dear Gary,
I received your message for Ms. Konner and want you to know that she is now in the hospital recovering and will not be able to deal with your message for a while.  I wanted to respond and let you know.
Al Perlmutter – husband
Sent from my iPhone
On Feb 6, 2018, at 1:01 AM, GaryStevenGevisser <> wrote:
From: “Joan Konner” <>
Subject: Away from my desk Re: Nuclear problem from the “horse’s mouth”.
Date: February 5, 2018 at 9:26:35 PM PST
I will not be able to respond to your email for another few weeks.  If your message is urgent, please write to Al Perlmutter at and put JOAN KONNER in the subject box.  Al will get your message to me.
Original message:
From: GaryStevenGevisser <>
Subject: Nuclear problem from the “horse’s mouth”.
Date: February 5, 2018 at 9:26:11 PM PST
Dear Ms. Konner,
I have a document in my possession, that more than raising the hair on the back of your neck, will provide an “economic solution” to the nuclear waste problem.
Knowing the source of the problem is the only way to solve the problem.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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