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Paul Reti and company – “The NSA has a secret unit that produces special equipment ranging from spyware…

Paul Reti

December 31, 2013 at 12:42am ·

SUMMARY: “The NSA has a secret unit that produces special equipment ranging from spyware for computers and cell phones to listening posts and USB sticks that work as bugging devices. Here are some excerpts from the intelligence agency’s own catalog.”

NSA’s Secret Toolbox: Unit Offers Spy Gadgets for Every Need – SPIEGEL ONLINE NSA has a secret unit that produces special equipment ranging from spyware for computers and cell phones to listening posts and USB sticks that work as bugging devices. Here are some excerpts from the intelligence agency’s own catalog.


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Niall Lynch Go NSA! And yet, for all that fearsome technology, they were unable to stop Snowden.
December 31, 2013 at 2:06am · Like

Gary Gevisser Who says they wanted to stop Snowden?


Wake up people!
December 31, 2013 at 6:58pm · Like


Niall Lynch @Gary: Snowden has been the biggest disaster to hit the NSA ever. They absolutely did not want his revelations to happen.
December 31, 2013 at 7:07pm · Like


Gary Gevisser Subject: Spread


You may remember the Pentagon Papers that were leaked in March 1971 to the New York Times by a senior Pentagon operative, but Daniel Elsberg was not the person who authorised these most incriminating documents detailing that the Pentagon and all 3 Branches of the United States Government were lying through their teeth.


When did you first realise that the Pentagon Papers was a most intimidating document that the US Government flaunted most in private meetings involving foreign government officials?


The New York Times began publishing the Pentagon Papers in June 1971, one month ahead of National Security Advisor, Henry Kissinger visiting privately with aging Mao Tse-tung in China which was in the middle of its most bloody 10 year Cultural Revolution which officially ended in 1976, the same year as the South African Soweto Riots which exposed the very few remaining resistors of the South African-De Beers-Apartheid Regime, including Steve Biko whose two day torture murder began on September 11, 1977 and then 119 days later, January 8, 1978, his partner in the Durban Movement, Richard Turner was murdered by a gunshot fired through the window of his home, and Turner bled to death in the arms of his 13 year old daughter Jann Turner.


The month after Kissinger’s visit, President Nixon announced in a 15 minute speech that was incomprehensible to the common herd who had long forgotten how to question because they preferred to be in the dark, that the United States was leading the rest of the world off the Gold Standard which meant that all America’s trading partners who had been paid in US Dollars which previously could be converted into gold now only had the backing of the “good word” of American government officials and America’s military might intimidation, better keep their mouths shut otherwise to expect the bombing of Vietnam-Cambodia to spread.


That most important speech which had Nixon lambasting “international money speculators” who Nixon said, “were waging an all out war on the United States Dollar” was composed by a handful of people I knew extraordinarily well beginning with my father’s first cousin, David Gevisser [1926-2009] who was the 3rd and most important executor of the estate of American Charles W. Engelhard Jr. who died on March 2, 1971, having turned just 54 the month before; and nor was Engelhard Jr. or my “lucky uncle” Dave Gevisser close to “righteous”.


Moreover, the year before, 1970, Engelhard Jr. knowing that “his days were numbered” named David Gevisser Chief Executive Officer of Engelhard Enterprises South Africa which was the “control person” of the banking-mining consortium De Beers-Anglo American Corporation [DAAC] who officially hired me in early spring 1979 after nearly a year of intense interviewing.


Were you to have both the time and interest, a quick read of Chapter X, ENGELHARD EXPERIENCE of David Gevisser’s 2006 autobiography, THE UNLIKELY FORESTER where he makes out like I am dead, would reveal how deathly afraid was Nixon following the death of Engelhard Jr. who owned each and every important United States Government official, as he had his Attorney General Mitchell arrange for a Hungarian countess to meet with my “lucky uncle” Dave when he visited the US to attend the burial of Engelhard Jr. at Catholic cemetery St. Mary’s Abby Church in Morris Town, New Jersey to enquire if Engelhard Jr.’s top Chief Executive Officer thought there was “foul play” involving Engelhard Jr.’s death which was totally transparent given how immediately prior to his death Engelhard Jr. began transferring his most important South African assets including his control of the world supply of platinum, 80% mined in South Africa, to his equally anti-Semitic and racist South African-German partner, Harry Oppenheimer, the son of Sir Ernest Oppenheimer who should have been the first Captain of Industry to be prosecuted at the 1947 Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal, but then again not one, let me repeat, not a single Captain of Industry was ever prosecuted following World War II which included the genocide of half of European Jewry.


David Gevisser had the most horrible stutter but it didn’t prevent him from writing total and complete nonsense and making it sound like Nixon knew what he was talking about.


BTW, I was born and bred in Durban, South Africa, just like my father Bernie, a most accomplished Allied Fighter-Bomber-Pilot of World War II, who was also night and day different to his first cousin David Gevisser whose jealousy of my most amazing father comes through loud and clear in THE UNLIKELY FORESTER which also details the torture death in 2006 of his first cousin’s one daughter Sandy Jacobson who no doubt either knew or would inevitably find out that I was exposing David Gevisser and the DAAC who have controlled the world’s mineral resources for more than a century, thanks to the military might of the United States Government who are doing everything within their power to curtail my right to Free and Fair Speech.


Sandy Jacobson was a member of the armed wing of the ANC and their fight was not against the puppet Apartheid Regime but Engelhard Jr. and the South African Oppenheimer family who have always protested that they were opposed to the Apartheid Regime on the grounds that their laws were not only amoral but that they were not “good for business”.


Not only were all the DAAC’s mineral rights stolen with the pointed barrel of the gun but the slave wages paid to the slave miners and slave domestic help of the minority white South Africans were and continue to be negotiated by bought trade union leaders.


When you remember that no American government official has ever criticised the 434 day voyage of The Great White Fleet [1907-1909] you would know that there were dire straight consequences for more than all the countries visited by the 16 American battleship armada whose hulls were all painted stark white, and most intimidating.


At the time there were no terrorist nations attempting to invade the United States or disrupt American business people trading abroad.


While the rest of world would become slave nations of the United States of America without America having to import any more slaves, the American economy prospered enormously.


Let me know if you have any further questions; and please forgive me if I don’t get back to you immediately as I am about to begin celebrating the New Year here in “all roads lead to” Rome.


Ps – You can find THE UNLIKELY FORESTER at my website
December 31, 2013 at 8:09pm · Like · 1


Niall Lynch The last time someone tried to invade the US was 1812, Nelson.
December 31, 2013 at 8:16pm · Like


Niall Lynch They were already communist by then.
December 31, 2013 at 8:20pm · Like


Gary Gevisser Mr. Nelson Lednam, it seems that Mr. Niall Lynch picked up that you have a problem reading, but let me make the point clearer.


The Great White American Fleet Act of International Terrorism began on December 16, 1907 and when this voyage of unprecedented piracy ended on February 22, 1909, the first victim was FREEDOM OF SPEECH.


Of course, if you gave it a moment’s thought you would expect that the profiteers of the Great White American Fleet would also control the educational curriculum which explains why you and others including Mr. Lynch wouldn’t have learned this most important historical event which occurred 17 years after the Bankers Manifesto of July 4, 1892 which explains clearly that the same bankers who backed mineral monopolist De Beers-Anglo American Corporation decided that it would be a smart move to own both the Republican and Democratic Parties and with the voters divided and arguing over nonsense, they, the bankers who had no loyalty to race, colour, religion or country, would be the teachers to the “common herd”.


Right now it looks like you and Mr. Lynch are going through the normal phases of denial, and mostly angry at yourselves; but maybe it would help for you to know that President Obama couldn’t surely still be fooled?
December 31, 2013 at 8:27pm · Like


Gary Gevisser Please forgive me if I now dedicate the rest of the evening to my beautiful F-C [French-Canadian] wife Marie Dion
December 31, 2013 at 8:29pm · Like


Niall Lynch I was taught about this in 7th grade, Gary. Take a chill pill.
December 31, 2013 at 8:29pm · Like


Niall Lynch And what exactly am I in denial about?
December 31, 2013 at 8:29pm · Like


Niall Lynch And what makes you think I’m angry?
December 31, 2013 at 8:30pm · Like


Ruth Bracknell Yes, I too don’t see that a bit of beating of the war drum as an international terrorist act. I do find it rather ironic that when the Japanese did retaliate was the biggest navel disaster in history. I refer to Pearl Harbour. And note i said disaster not defeat !
January 1 at 12:51am · Like


Gary Gevisser Im going to be going very very slowly with all of you commenting as well as the voyeurs, who are not all Trust Fund kids who most often end up more corrupt than their stupid parents as the kids choose much earlier denial because they want the easy money and lack the willpower to say no, hence their quicker regression.


I will start with you Niall Lynch.


4 days, give or take, have gone by since you wrote, “I was taught about this in 7th grade, Gary. And what exactly am I in denial about? Take a chill pill. And what makes you think I’m angry?”


First, I assumed you were angry since you were the first to respond to my “spread” with, “Snowden has been the biggest disaster to hit the NSA ever. They absolutely did not want his revelations to happen.”
about an hour ago · Like


Gary Gevisser Even the least financially sophisticated human has heard the word “spread” used in financial terms. That fact is very important.


Wall Street and all those who invest monies or depend on others to handle their investments depend on the “common herd” believing that there is always a cost of capital otherwise [it is a meaningless cost] the price one pays for money which could be an “interest” charge and/or participation in the ownership of the enterprise and/or special treatment when it comes to future services or goods one supplies to the enterprise and/or if one is a customer of the enterprise then your “capital contribution” to the enterprise will give you more “favorable” pricing than your competitors.


A 12 year old, so long as their formal education provided by their parents-grandparent-teachers-professors has not interfered with their learning would take no time to understand the importance of that previous paragraph which of course I am more than capable of explaining more simply, all depending on the intelligence of my specific target audience.


You all should have seen my last comment on my FB “wall”; namely, the world waits for Geoffrey Rothwell to get courage.”
about an hour ago · Like


Gary Gevisser That has no happened, and nor when I wrote those comments did I begin holding my breath waiting for Mr. Rothwell to “see the light”.


Today I visited Mt. Etna here in Sicily and got to walk around in the snow. I did not think of Mr. Snowden because I was far too busy enjoying myself being close to always perfect nature.


Let’s assume Mr. Rothwell did not see my comments as he continues to write me both private as well as public emails which are all designed to distract. That is of course only my opinion. None of you know unless Mr. Rothwell and/or his wife have been in touch with you, what hugely important information Mr. Rothwell decided to share with me at dinner in Paris on September 16, and I have been waiting patiently ever since for him to follow up on his word that he would do the right thing. Instead he has been avoiding, avoiding, avoiding when not trying to distract me.


I also very much doubt that any of you have the courage to contact Mr. Rothwell and ask him directly if there was anything of importance that you should all know assuming you care about either the value of your money, your lifestyle, your concern for the poor or all 3 that I just listed, because I believe you don’t think it will result in you being financially richer.
about an hour ago · Like


Gary Gevisser I also know that it is not possible for everyone to be all about money and therefore I know that it is inevitable that one or more of you are going to break rank, if only because you don’t want to be in the same room as the rest of the fools.
about an hour ago · Like


Gary Gevisser I knew when I was in my mid-teens and living in Apartheid South Africa which to most in the rest of the world is on the other side of the world, that “interest rate spreads” made no sense.


Over the course of the past 4 decades, as I researched more the regressing human, I never found a single individual or for that matter a group of individuals including all those operating at the highest levels of Wall Street who were aware that “interest rate spreads” made no sense when you have one monopolist such as banking-mining consortium, South Africa based De Beers who have no cost of capital and therefore they are capable of offering the cheapest loans to their friends.
about an hour ago · Like


Gary Gevisser The fact that I thought it wise not to share my findings, does not make me stupid, because all those angry with themselves for not figuring this most important fact of life out for themselves, I figured would not act kindly towards me.
about an hour ago · Like


Gary Gevisser You would agree that I have ongoing confirmation that I made the right decision when I was 15 years of age and realized that if you had a big enough gun and a willingness to use it, such as nuking your slave nation Japan who rose up just shy of a century after they became America’s first major south-far east Asian slave nation, you don’t need to pay your intimidated nations with money which you only have them use as part of the terms of surrender.
about an hour ago · Like


Gary Gevisser When I officially joined America’s most favorite monopolist De Beers 6 years later, first of all [I] did not conclude that my findings when age 15 were wrong, but nor did I think it wise to speak out; rather to just observe and bide my time.
about an hour ago · Like


Gary Gevisser At the same time I noticed that the more money people had, the more nonsense they would talk.


Do any of you feel differently now?
about an hour ago · Like


Gary Gevisser When I decided several months ago to begin sharing with the world that De Beers have zero cost of capital, and the “common herd” did not react, I did not conclude that I would have been better off at 15 asking our family medical doctor, Dr. Stern MD to perform a frontal lobotomy on me.
about an hour ago · Like


Gary Gevisser Note that approximately 140 minutes has elapsed since I began this follow up.


The chances of no one else in the world reading it, are highly remote.


I also haven’t forgotten why I chose to be quiet when still 15 years of age and realizing that not one person I knew with wealth, apart from the top officials of De Beers and all their government officials they had bribed to keep silent, had a clue about how the financial markets, beginning with the trading of currencies actually worked.
57 minutes ago · Like


Gary Gevisser How difficult is it for you to imagine someone like one of my FB “friends” deciding to write to all their FB “friends” asking them to have their most trusted Hollywood celebrity or government official explain why no professor of economics, such as Geoffrey Rothwell taught their students the consequences of De Beers having zero cost of capital and at the same time De Beers knew better than to have their corrupted government officials pay their soldiers a “fair wage” which prior to America becoming a superpower, it was standard operating practice to pay the soldiers the lion’s share of the spoils of war.
53 minutes ago · Like


Gary Gevisser Mr. Niall Lynch if it is true what you say, that you learned in 7th grade about the Great White American Fleet, then you would have found out 4 days ago that either you were a terrible student or you had a terrible teacher, and I can perfectly understand why feeling so out of control that would make you angry.


You cannot be happy about having put your foot in your mouth when stating as a “matter of fact” the words, “Snowden… biggest disaster…. ever. They absolutely did not …”


When you first heard about The Great White American Fleet you should have asked your teacher, “What are the consequences since there is no record of any US Congress or President of the United States since, issuing any sort of regret for such a serious act of intimidation?”
50 minutes ago · Like


Gary Gevisser A good teacher would also have told Ruth Bracknell to think before choosing Poverty of Thought words, “Yes, I too don’t see that a bit of beating of the war drum as an international terrorist act”.


To her credit, Ruth then asked me to become her FB “friend” which I accepted. Then on Jan. 2 she went on to write on my FB “wall”, “I did find your comments very informative, thx and wishing you all the best for 2014?”.


Ruth’s comments were in response to my earlier comments on December 31 after I last commented on this “discussion” which read as follows:


Assuming you are bored this New Year’s Eve, it might interest you to read the dialogue on Paul Reti’s FB concerning, “NSA has a secret ….” which I began participating in earlier, and my last posting, “Please forgive me if I now dedicate the rest of the evening to my beautiful F-C [French-Canadian] wife Marie Dion”.


As you can see, former CIA member Laura Christner Malter who I know far better than I do any of you participating in this most important “discussion”, also liked what I had to say, and she too was all “very general”.


What if it turns out that all 7 billion humans agree with Ruth that a “bit of beating of the war drum” is [not] enough to be “all up in arms”?


When does the human cross the line between naive and stupid and then only consider something a “terrorist act” if the TV announcer announces, “The Great White Fleet’s actions on the high seas constituted the most barbaric and cowardly terrorist act in recorded history.”


Do you think it is more than a coincidence that there are so many cowards?


What morals do you think The Great White Fleet represented and if it was only using military to intimidate, why don’t we at least consider being intellectually honest and be proud to share the truth before the human feels so stupid that it cannot find the words to express itself accurately?
34 minutes ago · Like


Gary Gevisser A good history teacher who would be the first to talk about The Great White Fleet which most, if not all, of the people I know at the highest levels of the intelligence networks including the FBI and CIA were oblivious to, would then go on explain to their 7th grade students, although I think all kids of age 12 if they are of average intelligence which is most, should be taught about this most important event which began in earnest the foreign GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY policy of the United States Government, that Japan was the first major trading nation to be turned into a slave nation of the United States of America following the United States Congress handing US Admiral Perry a $20,000 bonus when he pointed his cannons and fired a few warning shots at the defenseless Japanese merchant fleet in the early 1850s because the Japanese had refused to trade with American merchants because the Japanese found them a little too “aggressive” which is a mild way to put it.


A good history teacher would then explain that going “hand in hand” with act of international piracy was the United States Congress paying at the very same time $1 million to American Bounty Hunters; 50 cents for a scalp and $5 for a severed head of a native American Indian; and some times the Bounty Hunters were paid as little as 25 cents a scalp.


A good history teacher would explain that when you kill the population it is inevitable that the crime rate will go down.
29 minutes ago · Like


Gary Gevisser A good history teacher would also of course have a strong background in military intelligence which would allow them to get their head around the feelings of the Japanese people who never asked the United States Congress or the President of the United States to make them so fearful.


A good student of history would also need to have the most basic common sense assuming they had a horrific history teacher as did every American citizen I have met, and the rest of the world’s citizens don’t fair much better, but then they are citizens of other countries and cannot be expected to be as up on American history as Americans should be, wouldn’t you agree?


There was not The Internet at the time Admiral Perry got his $20,000 bonus which was quite different to the money that is circulated and used today to barter for goods, services and bribes including diamonds that are untraceable and never included in the money supply numbers because De Beers have never provided their corrupt government regulators with an inventory of their diamond holdings because then they would have to disclose the bribes.


It is only the working poor and the idiot educated middle class who are forced to use the “price fixed” money.


Of course this idiot middle class “common herd” using “funny money” includes very financially rich people like Bill Gates Jr., his father Bill Gates Snr. who is the “real brains” behind Microsoft and Warren Buffet whose wealth combined with all the rest of the world’s multi-billionairres does not touch sides with South African-German Nicholas Oppenheimer who is not the only official of the banking-mining consortium De Beers-Anglo American-Barclays Bank aware that I am writing my book D-Money LIe that begins where Edward Jay Epstein’s The Diamond Invention leaves off, and also filling in all the critical gaps that no member of the “common herd” would be capable of accomplishing, because they would have to have my mind, born at the same time as me, born into the same Jewish South African-German-Polish-Lithuania English household, and nor would it have hurt had you also been so fortunate to pass the mental gymnastic-aptitude tests before Nicholas’ father, Harry made the final approval for me to work for De Beers at their highest levels, where my job was only to observe without feeling the need to comment, which I didn’t, but that didn’t prevent me from asking the most appropriate questions.
21 minutes ago · Like


Gary Gevisser Harry Oppenheimer would not be the only top management official of the DAAC [De Beers-Anglo American Corporation] to compliment me on my ability to be most polite and discrete.


When did you first realize that the bonus money Admiral Perry received was backed by gold stolen from the native American Indians who were killed?


Why do you think the United States Government would prefer that gold be worth less than the worthless IN GOD WE TRUST MONEY DOLLAR?


How much do you think the United States Government should compensate Black South Africans for the theft of South Africa’s gold?


If you can understand what is going on right now in the trading of gold as the United States Government-De Beers pulls out all stops to crash gold, do you think all Chinese Government officials are either corrupt or stupid?


China continues to be the largest producer of gold and they continue to import gold without yet asking the United States Government to repay the gold stolen when the United States led the 8 Allied nation invasion of China in 1900.
14 minutes ago · Like


Gary Gevisser When did you first realize that money used today is only backed by the “good word” of government officials who you know are lying to you and your children when not making certain the educational curriculum is not close to as clear as my writings?


Is your imagination clear enough to see me making a more convincing case than any government official you like?


Please do not feel the need to tell me how I could improve my writings so as to make them more interesting as well.


The fact that none of you have asked me what the United States Government is doing to hinder my efforts to educate those citizens of the world who are the most at risk; namely poor children who are either conscripted into the world’s military or forced to join the economic draft of the United States Government who are the principal military backers of the DAAC, does not tell me that you being either polite and/or wishing me well; moreover, in all likelihood you are already fully familiar with the harsh and unusual punishment the corrupt American justice handed to me back on January 21, 2010, and so far no American court or lawyer has shown any outrage.


Fortunately, I don’t depend on a sick society to do the right thing but that hasn’t prevented me from continuing to spread my knowledge to the 4 corners of the earth, which The Internet makes easy with its light speed; and that is the Archilles Heel of the DAAC and each one of their corrupted governments.
11 minutes ago · Like


Gary Gevisser In due course I will begin sharing with the world the outcome of a most important lunch my beautiful French-Canadian wife Marie and I had here in Sicily yesterday and our host whose jewelry business has been in the same location since 1890, and the start of his family’s business goes back more than 200 years, you would all have no difficulty understanding is not the least naive business person in the world, because you would know that the most naive business people in the world are chosen for the job of President of the United States of America, and once told what to say and do, they don’t become smarter because they get stupid and very ugly quickly.


Feel free to let me know if you would like [to]

be included in the first wave, alongside a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population.


The fact that no one has commented on Ruth Bracknell’s extraordinarily naive statement that the Great White Fleet was nothing more than “a bit of beating of the war drum”, does not lead me to conclude that any of the silent care about anything other than their money and staying friends with family and friends who can help them get the money.


It is just a question of time before the corrupt-stupid turn on each other, and they won’t have me to blame because their thoughts will be preoccupied on saving their own skins.
7 minutes ago · Like


Gary Gevisser Amazing isn’t it that the human is capable of pulling together a bunch of words that they may have heard repeatedly in the same order and then think themselves distinctly different to the rest of the “common herd” when adding an ignoramus conclusion that it would be wrong to see “beating of the war drum” as “an international terrorist act.”


Note her use of the singular “act”.


It is a fact that most people who don’t know the first thing they are talking about, talk a lot of crap.


Dogs do not talk our human languages but they are preoccupied in smelling the butts of other dogs. What lesson do you think God has been trying to teach the “full of itself” human?


The human is the animal it eats.


When the human eventually finds out that it does not know the first thing about the thing they care most about; namely money; so they quickly start talking about sports.


Are you going to be more interested in how Ruth reacts or what this great many generations and most well connected Sicilian has been doing since our lunch yesterday and wondering how many of you out there have had pretty much the same information I shared with him, but all of you decided instead to avoid, avoid, avoid when not retaliating with cheap shots?


The world is waking up and we don’t have the stupid and the cowards to thank.


Only God.

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