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Paul Reti and Gary Gevisser Facebook conversations.

December 10, 2013 3:23 pmGG
I assume that by now you have seen the September 5, 2006 photo of Putin meet Nicky Oppenheimer?

That photo explains that there is only one big mafia boss, not a whole bunch of luminary and other yoyos pulling the strings of government.

The timing of that photo is most critical given how I was placing a lot of pressure on Oppenheimer to “put up or shut up” as he was doing everything within his power to chop off my legs below the knees.

Would you be interested in sharing with others what I last wrote my one FB “friend” Geoffrey Rothwell?

Rothwell “fully gets it”; at least in terms of my immediate and extended family’s intimate involvement with The Diamond Invention and how our family business fell victim to it, all because the main players in the Diamond Invention game identified the weakest link in our family, my father’s first cousin David Gevisser.

The main reason for our extended stay in Paris before moving on to Corsica where we are presently was a dinner meeting on September 16, the day we arrived, with Geoffrey Rothwell who is the Principal Economist for the Nuclear Energy Agency that is controlled by the United States Government but headquartered in Paris.

Prior to our dinner that included both our French speaking wives who are also bilingual, Mr. Rothwell who first contacted me half a dozen years ago because he was interested to learn more “from the horses mouth” about the De Beers banking-mining group that most of the biggest hitters on Wall Street did not know the first thing about until I began to speak out, had begun sharing with me in June of this year rather revealing information about his current employer which he clearly wanted to “get off his chest”.

There are few people in the world who don’t believe the world is corrupt but to actually get someone from within the belly of the beast to share not only his insights and analysis of the most devastating corruption, as the NEA is all about the promotion of both nuclear weapons and human overpopulation, but to actually express verbally that he is working from within the belly of the beast and also acknowledging that I was working from the outside and that we would inevitably hook up and set the world on the right path, is a most rare find.

Since our meeting there is no one I have been communicating with more than Mr. Rothwell.

Last evening I sent him after a several week silence since he last wrote me, a rather lengthy communication where I copied a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population.

They are all very quiet, as well as anxiously awaiting not only my follow up but what Mr. Rothwell is going to be doing next.

Would it interest you to read that communique and to let me know if you planned to share it with others?



I am interested in reading it. i would only share it with others






you agreed.

What is your email address?




i just sent it – let me know when you get it.



i do not have it yet. Am going to bed.

Place yourself on Corsican time – it may help.

It left my outbox 7 minutes ago. That is strange it has not arrived. Have you checked to your “spam” box?
December 11, 2013 12:47 am



Not in gmail spam
December 11, 2013 1:33 pm



Still have not received it
December 11, 2013 4:53 pm

This is very strange.

Are you online?
It left my outbox at 3:32 PM my time yesterday – see below

From: GaryStevenGevisser <garystevengevisser>
Subject: Fwd: Take charge of your daughter – Fwd: Lockout
Date: December 10, 2013 3:32:58 PM GMT+01:00
To: paulreti
I will try sending it again now.
It just left my outbox.
December 12, 2013 12:40 am



That is now in my gmail, thanks. Will read it later.



The earlier copy seems to have disappeared into thin air.
December 13, 2013 4:50 pm

If you knew the world’s number 1 decision makers as I did before I joined them officially back in spring 1979 when I was still 21 years and if like me you began testing the waters then how long the smartest people I knew outside of this most powerful banking empire who controlled all commerce throughout the world would remain in denial, as they went back and forth between anger with themselves and resignation and not one reaching the final stage of acceptance, do you really think you would have expected to find a different reaction as time passed by?

What if someone like Devin Standard were to finally break down and throw all caution to the wind instead of being like everyone else picking up bits and pieces of what I teach in order for them to impress others and make as much money off the information, and the rest all remained still, how would you feel about being left out?
December 15, 2013 9:19 pm

Paul, I want to know if you find what I earlier wrote my FB “friend” Raymond Oshry, and which I have already shared with many others, interesting enough for you to want to buy the first edition of my forthcoming book, D-Money Lie:

I just sent Ronlynne Both Benn who you may not remember I know much better than you as well as her husband Clifford who I introduced her to:

Subject: The rich steal tons and the poor steal crumbs

As you well know one of your 279 FB “friends” is Raymond Oshry who neither you nor Clifford know as well as me.

Oshry was the brightest and best athlete of all my friends and you also know that he is taking a lot of flak being one of my 60 FB “friends” but nor is he stupid even though he is not as smart and alert as he was when we were both 15.

The same, however, cannot be said about me because first of all I made the smart decision to change my diet well before I showed any signs of physically aging which is just a sign that disease is taking over the body-mind.

You very possibly do not know that your mother and I have had some extensive dialogue over FB and today she in fact knows more than you about a great many things that directly affect you and those around you, unless she has shared our communications.

You also know that if you were to “upset” her given her very poor health that would not be very nice.

I perfectly understand why it is that it is only bad people who have anything negative to say about me because everything I have done has been for the good of all those poor who are only poor because the bad have not shared the information which I have been sharing with all of you free of charge.

Consequently, the logical conclusion is that all of you who currently have the money and the wealth the money has bought are not going to buy my forthcoming book because you don’t like the idea of feeling stupid and at the same time contribute to the further success of the book once you purchase it.

Ray Oshry also knows a little more than you about what I am doing unless he too shared with you our FB communications discussions that included me mentioning to him that one official of National Westminster bank told me that he would most certainly purchase the book for the price of 14.21 Euros as he sets aside 30 Euros every month to purchase interesting books.

No one can argue that what I have to say is more interesting than all the nonsense chatter you see on FB as well as on TV where most of you get your news when not gossiping badly about each other.

I haven’t heard from you in a while but nor have you blocked me from sending your FB messages; and that is also telling.

Below is a communication I sent to an Italian owner of a bed and breakfast; and without me sharing with you the details, you should be able to get your head around the big picture as well as the details and at the same time you know that if you don’t want to communicate with me, then you can see if Clifford or others you know might be able to help, while knowing that I am going to be sharing it with a great many others in order to help get my information out there:

[Communication to Italian B&B owner]

I want to see if I can bring out the best in you.

The past is the past and neither of us can change it.

I learned more about the power of the light speed Internet in the course of our communications than I thought possible, because it exposed the archilles heel of all the websites such as travel advisor, and new ones are popping up every day and making it virtually impossible for any of them without access to very low cost of capital to survive, and in the meantime they are making it increasingly impossible for small business owners such as yourself to survive without “cutting corners”.

You also know that one bad review by someone as credible as me could be a disaster, and I gain no satisfaction from that because it is the lazy rich who steal tons while the hard working small business person getting increasingly poorer, is left to steal the crumbs.

It makes no sense for there to be so many and the such since all they offer people like you is a large presence on the internet and again one bad review could spell doom for the likes of you.

Small business owners like you only need them because they have one thing you don’t have and that is capital which only has value because the mineral monopolists who have stolen the mineral resources assign a value to the monies they have their governments print and the politicians don’t talk about it because they are bought; it is as simple as that.

So I want you to know ahead of time that I don’t plan to expose your name or your B&B residence, but you also know there is no way to safeguard that our entire communications wouldn’t get out there.

I also have to take common sense precautions that you wouldn’t retaliate against me for having got caught for what looks like nothing more than to make a couple of hundred more Euros.

It is sad that people end up feeling worst of all stupid when getting caught doing something wrong as the system is all focused on the bigger your enterprise the richer you become by being that much more removed from the day to day operations since in a worse case scenario the underlings get all the flak, and the rich “money maker” ends up looking so much smarter because they have that much more leisure time.

If I can turn you around, I will have made great progress.

Let’s hope.

January 8th, 10:16am

What happened to the dialgoue on your FB wall regarding NSA secret…..

Is it lost with all the other stuff that has followed?
January 8th, 1:58pm



I did not delete it.

can you point me to it in a hyperlink. I am just finishing off a rather important post on my FB wall



i will try to find it
January 8th, 4:59pm

thank you – and let me know what you think of Never follow the lead or take your courage from cowards who all pay a hefty price.
January 10th, 11:23am

Your FB Ruth Bracknell earlier wrote me a bizarre FU message before deleting me as a FB friend and blocking me from responding.

Below are our email communications that I would like you to share with the rest of your FB “friends” as well as anyone else including the entire world; and BTW, I have not found the dialogue on your FB where she decided to throw in her pennies worth of advice:

January 3rd, 8:02am
do you have an email address other than FB?
Thursday 12:58am

Yes, why do you ask ?
Thursday 9:33am
because then I could possibly inform you of what I am doing ahead of posting up on my FB “wall”.

I have noticed that you have not said anything after writing, “”Yes, I too don’t see that a bit of beating of the war drum as an international terrorist act” – Was my response sufficient and if so why not say so, and if not why not point out what you disagreed with.

Let me also know if you had any difficulty following my last post, “Subject: Never follow the lead or take your courage from cowards who all pay a hefty price”

Bear in mind that I learned a lot in the 6 years I kept my mouth shut until I officially joined De Beers in 1979 and the same during the 24 years after my employment was terminated once I recovered from my liver being poisoned while working for them on 47th Street, NYC, and then once I began to speak out after I broke my 24 year silence on 11.11.2004 and the common herd went either silent or said the most stupid things before going silent and not one commending me in any serious manner because at best their applause was half-hearted I still didn’t think I was a fool for keeping my mouth shut all that time and observing God’s most magnificent creation think itself so smart when the exact opposite is true.
7 hours ago

No, lets just stick with the FB; I have set myself certain limits with regard to how i post, etc on FB. I am not zealot nor a conspiracy theorists, i don’t engage with trolls, i research my posts if i am unfamiliar with a topic, i also read the links people provide. Oh and the most important, i use spell check !! Sorry that all sounds bad :- i am of course not saying you are a troll, i am just outlining my boundaries and personal standards i have set myself with regard to my and others behaviour toward me on FB. It sounds as if you went thru some major personal ethical dilemmas. I will do some googling on DeBeers, i do recall many years ago that they cornered the Silver market, and then there is all that “blood Diamonds’ stuff. It does intrigue me as to how you were poison at their NY offices.
6 hours ago

Hi there Gary, it took a lot of hoping around FB before i stumbled on your magnum opus post. You really can’t expect people to read that much. Please take this with kindness, pls limit your “rants” to a single subject matter. EG a nice story about your fathers war service for his country. Then draw your many angry threads together. There is no way i can research your story as your numerous posts and blogs dominate the google search parameters. And i like a lot of people don’t have the time to delve a little deeper. Kiss’s IE Keep it Simple Stupid !!
a few seconds ago

You Mate are SCUM. F Off

[Again that FU came through while I was typing a response to her KISS communique; and below is what I wrote her but it was blocked from being sent; so please share it with her and the entire world, preferably ahead of me.]

That was strange.

While I was typing a response to your previous diatribe that ended, “Keep it simple stupid” you write me, “You Mate are SCUM. F Off”

I have learned a lot from your initial “KISS” response and so I will stick to that, and leave it up to you and those FB “friends” of yours to figure out what had you going off the deep end, assuming I don’t invest the time and energy myself.

First, you didn’t answer my simple question, “Was my response sufficient” concerning your statement, “”Yes, I too don’t see that a bit of beating of the war drum as an international terrorist act” – and if so why not say so, and if not why not point out what you disagreed with.

Second, do you think the editor/s of the Jerusalem Post when deciding to publish the first of my 4 letters to the editor on February 1, 2001, 222 days prior to 9/11, they had trouble understanding the very clear and short first sentence, “The pardon of Marc Rich eliminated not only an opportunity of justice being served but it would have allowed the public to view the role that oil brokers play in furthering terrorism”?

Without me having to spend time researching you, could you tell me your nationality and what schooling you have?




Can’t you be more articulate than that?

Are you not interested to know what had her suddenly going off the deep end or do you already know and prefer to either keep it light or join her in having nothing more to do with me?

Are you still there?




Are you going to enquire from Ruth Bracknell what had her going off the “deep end” or do you prefer that anything involving me should be kept “light”?






she is an adult and so are yo

Please note that I am continuing to broadcast my analysis of the important events of the day on my FB “wall” while of course making backups for the first print edition of my forthcoming book D-Money Lie.




Of course I know we, like you are biologically adults but why would you want to be FB “friends” with someone infantile unless you are simply using her?

Don’t you think we should end all this game playing and have a much more open public debate on what bothers all of you who were clueless about how the money is valued until you ran into me?
Do you think lack of exercise caused by bad food is responsible for all the cowards being so lame?



for now, i am not interested

Not interested in exercise or changing your diet?



Yes! I am not interested now.

How old and/or how sick do you plan to be before changing your diet which I assume is the reason why you are not coming across to me in the least bit smart?



I will never be ‘smart’ as you. Now please go and play elsewhere.
January 10th, 6:03pm

How can you avoid the curiosity of not asking RB what she found about me that her calling me “scum”?

Even if you weren’t so big into talking on FB you would have to be hugely curious considering the information I am sharing that you cannot find anywhere else.

It has nothing to do with me being smarter than you, just a whole lot more sensitive, don’t you think?
January 10th, 10:35pm

Are you and Ruth Bracknell no longer FB “friends”?
January 11th, 10:45am

So you saw my “…. don’t you think?” communique at 12:00 AM, 10 hours and 34 minutes ago, and you couldn’t answer a simple question.

So I will try again, did you or did she delete you as a FB “friend” or are you still FB “friends” and I haven’t been smart enough to figure it out?

When someone goes from appearing like they are trying to get at the truth and then without saying why or what they found when researching you to exclaim as she did, “You Mate are SCUM. F Off”, that should trigger anyone with a conscience to enquire more; instead you responded, “she is an adult and so are yo” [sic] and at add the Latin adverb SIC because you left out the “u” in your spelling of “you”.

Imagine if I can reach someone such as you with such a big ego and prolific on the Internet with your insults towards people who disagree with you, and yet you like those you have your differences were totally clueless about the thing that matters most to you; namely the money that decides your lifestyle that your friends and family are so much a part of, then you know it will be that much easier to reach the next generation of children before they get any sicker.

The choice of course is yours, and yours alone.

I will not be the one deleting you as a FB “friend” should you decide to remain quiet because it is only right that others in search of the truth make the effort to research each and every one of my friends and foes and to let me know when a friend is rotten to the core.

Life is for living bravely but that does not mean one should make the choice of surrounding oneself with full of themselves cowards.

In due course I will be following up with Mr. Geoffrey Rothwell who chose very carefully to come to me to share his misgivings about his current employer, the United States of America’s Nuclear Energy Agency.

Bear in mind that when I explode the huge ticking time bomb that he handed to me, don’t think I will be in the least bit surprised if the insensitive common herd do nothing because they have become mostly the sensitive animal they eat but replacing the sensitivity of the animal is the poison adrenalin that the animal pumps into its flesh right before its torturous death.



Gary: I wish you well…

If you genuinely wished me well you wouldn’t respond as you just did.

That means you are insincere which I understand, but I don’t agree with you.

To be as old as you and to be so talkative on the airwaves but lacking the mental capacity to engage in an intelligent debate you must surely see as a very big punishment even if you were able to get the entire human world to agree with you.



The plain English is what I wrote. It also implies that I cannot really help you.

Yes, you can. Answer the plain English, are you no longer FB “friends” with Ruth Bracknell, and if you are not, did you or did she delete you as a FB “friend”?

If you cannot help me with this answer it is because you don’t want to help me get to the truth.



I do not see how that information is relevant to you. Who my real friends are is my business only?
January 11th, 12:43pm

Why would you be reluctant to explain why she is no longer a FB “friend” of yours unless she simply decided to delete you without explaining why?

Why wouldn’t you, if you deleted her as a FB “friend” not want to tell the rest of your FB “friends” including me?

You don’t come across in the least bit genuine or logical and the two going hand in hand.

Moreover, my suspicion is that she deleted you as a FB “friend” because she wanted to get as far away from me as possible, so that when people research her there will be less of a connection to what caused her so much concern initially when she wrote on your FB “wall” the so insensitive, so cowardly, “Yes, I too don’t see that a bit of beating of the war drum as an international terrorist act” in reference to my informing all of you about the enslavement of the rest of the world following the American Great White Fleet [1907-1909] that none of you had the mental capacity to connect the dots.

When you also say, “Who my real friends are is my business only” and Ruth Bracknell is no longer one of your FB “friends” doesn’t that mean automatically that she is not one of your “real friends”?

You see I just want to be crystal clear about each individual who chooses to be as well as remain a FB “friend” of mine.

What is your goal in having a FB account?

Surely, it is not to find someone rich and young to marry?

I would bet that you are not quite as happy with your life as you depict.

Do you believe that each of us gets our just deserve in this lifetime and the successive lifetimes just like our lives before, or do you prefer not to think any more about the crime of indifference to the poor fitting the hell punishment of getting older, uglier, sicker and never finding purpose to your life?
Have you ever thought of getting a dog and have it teach you about sensitivity?

Given how you have yet to delete me as a FB “friend” and we both know that there is no other FB “friend” of yours so “calling you to task”, let’s assume that Ruth Bracknell that I found on FB who has 57 FB “friends” and a grandson that likes his photo of him pointing a handgun to tell everyone what he is about, and who say that she went to the University of Georgia Athens, Georgia and Okeefe HIGH School Atlanta, Georgia is the same Ruth Bracknell who was at one time both our FB “friends”.

The fact that you are now hiding your list of FB “friends” may also mean that there is another Ruth Bracknell who I haven’t been able to locate on FB and she and you are still FB “friends”.

But it is likely that this Ruth Bracknell with 57 FB “friends” is the same one who was FB “friends” with the two of us, but she does not show that she is FB “friends” with you.

Again, the evidence is mounting that the same Ruth Bracknell who suddenly decided to be so vulgar towards me, “You Mate are SCUM. F Off” is no longer FB “friends” with you, and you would prefer to keep quiet on the subject because you don’t want to draw any more attention to what had her going off the “deep end”?

Could it be that both of us are Jewish although you like to depict yourself as a little more enlightened and curious when describing yourself as
“Agnostic who is genetically and neurotically Jewish”
I must now continue my research.

BTW, did you yet receive a copy of my last communique to Geoffrey Rothwell, Principal Economist for the American Nuclear Energy Agency?

It looks like there is in fact another Ruth Bracknell who lives in Sidney, Australia.

Im checking.

I couldn’t find the dialogue about the NSA Secrets…. on your FB “wall” that brought Ruth Bracknell and me together.

You said that you were going to get back to me on that and you never did; so I must assume that you deleted it?

Fear not, I have a backup.



You are now in fantasy land.

O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

Other friends of mine came through and helped me locate our Ruth Bracknell in Sydney, Australia, the same city as you.

And you remain FB “friends” with her.

How easy it would have been for you to answer truthfully that the two of you remain “real-genuine friends”, and so she must asking herself what do you have to gain by remaining FB “friends” with me despite me now adding you to my $ HIT list.

If you do not find the truth uplifting, it is because you have created your own nightmare.

You must also be counting your remaining time in months just like I do, and yet you appear well past your 80s and that may be because you have lacked the intelligence to change your diet and your intelligence has you wanting that much more to hold on to your fantasy life which is obviously not all that great because nothing in your FB profile photo shows that you have the most beautiful lover.

One of the great joys of life is eating and making love.

When you are in poor health, you can enjoy neither and your company not only know that but they only stick around you because they think you might be at least intelligent.



What is your obcession

You failed to place the SIC after misspelling obsession.

I am not obsessed about anything.

I am most passionate about educating the next generation of children as best I know how about the fact that 4 generations of people like you failed to figure out how the money is valued and the great many negative consequences to the environment which the human is a part of.

All it takes is just one person with a voice which could be less than yours and this war on the poor could end in the next instant because people like Secretary of State John Kerry would find themselves with nothing to say which would mean that they could not give the orders to kill more of the poor of the world who are only poor because the resources have been misallocated as a result of the obscenely insane Gross Domestic Product Index.

The fact that all your oversized egos won’t let you admit to having been so horribly fooled and still wanting to believe that there is at least a semblance of legitimacy in the trading of currencies because you see so many greedy people like yourselves making and losing money in the trading of currencies and then there are all the banks that because they have different names you all think they are not the same, has you so angry with yourselves that you forget about the poor who are only poor because selfish bastards prefer the status quo, that you take your anger out on me.

Of course the evidence is overwhelming that were it not for me, none of you would have been any the wiser, and the funniest part is that you all prefer it that way, as it also allows you to keep living in your fantasyland that you cannot be that stupid!
Let me know if I missed anything.
Also let me know when you have added back the NSA Secret…. dialogue to your FB “wall”.



I did not delete it.

Then point me to it, and then take your time in responding to my reply to your “obcession” SIC question.
January 11th, 5:10pm

If you didn’t delete it, can you explain where it has disappeared to?

At what point do you show discernment between Fb friend who calls another scum and you dont even have the curiousity to enquire further or is that you are only interested in people who cannot support why they dont say positive things about me, trashing me?

How sick can you be that you would allow your genuine-real friend Ruth Bracknell to write me such obscene trash with impunity?

What have you done, other than squat fuck all since I made you aware that not one Captain Of Industry was prosecuted after our 6 milliob plus Holocaust?

Show me what you have done to educate those not as fortunate as you who looks like you are as fat as a pig which is not the way you were born since finding out that the Number one Captain of Murder Incorporated, Sir Ernest Oppenheimer and his son Harry were not ever prosecuted for their war crimes that continued with the proliferation of so many nonsense talking Jewish people like youself?

Go ahead and tell me how much you like yourself and how many times you had to repeat it before being convinced.

I want to make absolutely certain that if you are the last person I communicate with that there is no doubt that I consider you totally despicable and all future generations should begin their education about the ingeniiusly designed regressibg human by reading this comminication.
January 11th, 7:30pm

Do you think stupid people are happy?

They are like children, they just eat what is put in front of them.

If you took away your fat and lines showing your biological age, wouldn’t you call your behavior that of a 2 two year going through the terrible twos?

Have you ever thought of using your intelligence to do good, rather than to just make as much money as possible?

[Facebook shows that Paul Reti saw my last communication to him.]

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