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Pigs don’t like to walk – Part II

Do you think anything they contain are as important as this?

Do you think that anything that has been written or talked about in religion during this time is worth the paper it is written on?

On a day like today that has been very rainy for perfect climate Del Mar, most vigorous who don’t have to work would be in rapture making love having made it their business once becoming financially stable to seek out the most beautiful bodied partner they could possibly find and if not satisfied to keep looking; what is wrong with that?

You don’t eat crap food and then say you want more unless you yourself feel like crap.

When you look like crap you tell everyone around you what you feel like.

Let’s now examine this photo above which I took earlier at Zinc in Solana Beach, very closely.

Before that fat DISEASED TALKATIVE cell came passing by, do you think the young man and woman were making eyes at one another or just thinking who was going to break the ice first, and of course most likely beginning with a smile?

Have you noticed that a human full of disease only smiles when it is all put on?

Logic, that is everywhere because God-Truth is everywhere, says a miserable person wants the whole world feeling miserable.

Only negative attention seeking humans consider what I have to say as being “negative” because they are so angry with themselves for most of all being so stupid not to have figured out on their own the source of all the world’s evil which despite the protestations of the Christians cannot be found in the Devil because there is no evidence of the Devil apart from in bad humans who show from their lack of care of their god-given bodies that they cannot possibly have a mind for God who is all light.

The fact that I have no Jewish friends supportive of me does not make any of them Jewish in their thinking.

Once corrupted, always corrupt.

Once a liar, always a liar.

I am not making love to my gorgeous, most sexy French-Canadian wife because we are currently physically apart but you would know if you had an ounce of spirituality that our ESP is working perfectly.

Trust me it is all worth it just having one person to experience all the beauty of this world and there can be nothing more perfect than being in love making love to someone who is as healthy as it is humanely possible, and at the same time able to ignore all the dark and its ugliness without losing sight of the end goal which is to have all the uglies exposed to the light and know that no matter what they will never find salvation in this lifetime or the life hereafter without God feeling the need to have a one-on-one conversation with such retards because that would take away from the seriousness of the punishment.

You just have to be able to stay in the moment to know when you have either lost or won the game.

I don’t need to name all the losers because that too would take away from the rewards of the winners and punishment of the losers.

There is no second, third or fourth place when it comes to playing this game of life that has never been a dress rehearsal, 4 it has always been the real thing even if the human was not always sensitive enough to realize it.

T-shirt for Harmless man (front)

2cMe in reverse E=Mc2


U Owe Me your life (style)
2cme in reverse (could you see yourself in my shoes) e=mc2 (the message is getting out at the speed of light)

I don’t need to know about everyone in the world who has preceded me to know what I know about the glory of winning in the present and come tomorrow or the next moment or anytime in the future I know that I have won because there cannot possibly be anything greater than to know within each particle of your body beginning with the hidden brain that is so ingeniously wired that a most amazing Supernatural Force exists.

Nor does such an uplifting knowledge get diminished by no one else feeling the same way which I understand perfectly does not prevent them from calling me nuts.

All the nutcases will eventually go silent, and the best part is knowing it is painful knowing you are very sane while enduring your insanity.

When you don’t show your personal outrage to Judge Lowy and company, they speak for you.

You know they are the nutcases, and their words and actions explain it all clearly and that makes you a nutcase.

Didn’t they teach you in rabbinical school that when you are wrong it is not right to mock the person you are doing wrong to?

Does not common sense remind you that that a justice system should be foremost interested in getting to the truth?

How in the world can you possibly concentrate on anything else?

So when Christians talk about being more evolved by virtue of the introduction of the Devil which is nowhere to be seen in all the other religions including those more ancient than Judaism, what do they mean?

Christians outnumber us Jewish people by an ever increasingly massive number, there must be something I am missing?

Why don’t you call yourselves Christians and admit that all the Jewish people have been wiped out, but that does not mean God screwed up?

God has you all thinking counterintuitively when you should be thinking intuitively and vice versa.

Could it be that just the people who know about me think it is okay when given the information about how one monopoly controls the value of money and therefore the allocation of the world’s resources, not to do something about informing all the soldiers before they find out and get rather mad that they were not also told they were fighting, murdering and being killed by the most non-democractic institution who have never tried to hide that they are totally maniacal, evil to the core; and it is just like water over a ducks back with you all.

What I learned most from Kara Cooney’s Out of Egypt documentary is about this Egyptian Goddess Moot; and moot you know is a favorite word amongst “legal scholars”.

If she was fed beer you brought out her good, calm motherly side, and if not, then watch out for her bloodthirsty side that would just lash out. Moot was a manipulator but she could be appeased, you just had to give her what she wanted otherwise she would wreck havoc.

My God can’t you see the prophesy of God coming truer than you thought in your worst nightmare?

If I were in your shoes I truly wouldn’t know how I could go on.

Please educate me.

Now lets examine just as carefully the photo I took moments before the self-indulgent fatso possibly prevented a sexual encounter that could have resulted in another unwanted child, as I wrongly anticipated this eyesore walking up to the counter where the General Manager who is usually very friendly towards customers in particular my wife and me was in a very foul mood.

When the guy was looking at the menu to his left you know he had not forgotten what his mind told him about the buns of the blonde in black jeans and reddish jacket who like all well-bodied woman are far more sensuous than males and which all good bodied men know the first time they are seduced.

When all you have is your money that you know any country and/or militia that is not terrified of Uncle Sam-De Beers could make worthless in the next instant, and you have either let your body go to hell – what a great expression – or you have hooked up with a partner whose only attraction was either their brain which you now know had to be less than that of the most crazy dog that is 100% guided by God, or even a gnat, or even the dullest of dull dead leaf, or their money and you don’t have any survival skills, you can only feel depressed and wished you had remained stupid all your life.

I am sorry, how could I not inform all of you? Don’t you at any time feel stupid about your anger towards me who I am telling you I am not intelligent enough to have created this game where you don’t know whether you are coming or going but knowing that the power of the Internet can have you either individually or collectively lining up to do the right thing and doing nothing and each moment you do nothing, you know you cannot make up for lost time, and you feel that much worse about yourselves because you know your inaction-deafening silence is a telltale sign that only a supernatural force could have you prevented from doing the right thing which you know your bodies-minds are programmed to do the right thing because that is what feels good, and so you are able to turn off this naturally good feeling that you know makes you feel bad and to still feel good about the other things that make you feel good like looking at a hot body and thinking what it would be like to make love to that awesome body and were she to know what you know the odds of that happening are increasingly remote even if you were to get yourself into fighting fit condition as the information also of who knew what and when is getting out there, and the liars know their minds remember all their transgressions until rotting old age and/or drugs make them totally insane.

It has to be the food that caused this devolution.

Let’s face it, man moved from roaming in small mobile groups where they lived off everything fresh and you had to share, to being increasingly sedentary and accumulating which brought out greed and warring with one another over increasingly less fresh meat that the science shows would have slowed them down with increased fat cells from the excess meat but they were too busy getting diseased to just look at each other and make the necessary healthy changes, but nor did they have the internet or the technologies of today with increasingly greener technologies in every category including cars and houses and to simply follow the science of The China Study.

But no, each of you not only want to play God, you think you can win all battles with God’s Mother Nature who never loses a battle.

Can you believe today that half the world’s population lives in congested cities, that is 3.5 billion humans, and there is no hunting going on but those cancerous colons still don’t prevent you from translating everything into $s.

Please all scream out in unison, starting at noon tomorrow, “I AM INSANE”.

You fat TALKATIVE cells are pigs.

Wasn’t that brilliant of the one woman to remind us that Pigs dont like to walk.

In the next instant, it could all turn.

A young Congressperson could decide they have nothing to lose, and they would be right because the Chinese can read that photo of Putin and Oppenheimer and conclude correctly that the United States and the Soviet Union has been the same ever since the US backed the Czars White Army against the working peoples Red Army who puppet Stalin hijacked.

Do you now fully get The Great White American Fleet of a decade earlier?

Do you know of a banker-politician in the history of the world who would be able to stand a chance in a debate with me?

You realize I am right about the devolution of the human, and there is no one alive today close to the intellect of General Smuts.

So let’s stick with me debating Obama even if there is not enough time to get a Constitutional Amendment to allow me to run for President since I was born in South Africa.

Go ahead and compute it in money terms if your radio show kicked it off.

Look how we dont see how it is not human intellect but technology which has created not just the most crazy cushy jobs on Wall Street which just creates another source of worthless money that can buy whatever one wants but to do research on the past to entertain and educate.

If you ask an insane person what it feels like to feel insane, you might not place much if any weight on their answer.

But I am guaranteeing each of you that you are perfectly sane, and so just write down what you think.

What if I wasn’t around?

Would you have have been able to figure out on your own what is so logical to work out, that you have been fooled, and it is not just you but everyone, to the point that I am seen as such a threat to all of you that you have a Texas judge expressing all your fears and he is being supported by the entire US judiciary, and you all know that it is wrong what you are doing with your silence but you think my message wont get out to sufficient numbers of people and if it does then they will act the same way, self serving and using one another.

Because I am not yet a celebrity household name, only because all the top celebrity reporters-politicians-bankers-lawyers-doctors and the such are idiots of the Nth degree, you cannot believe it is just me.

You cannot believe knowing how easily you are all corrupted that I wouldn’t fall victim to the trappings of success which each of you are just now getting a sense of, and such wealth you would easily understand goes way beyond all the riches you read about in fancy lifestyle magazines as had I taken the spot next to my “lucky uncle” Dave, I would have long been in a position to force Nicholas Oppenheimer to “gracefully resign” and no one in the world other than my mother and I would have been any the wiser.

You notice that Nicholas’ son Jonathan can understand what is going on even if he is offended by having his secretary’s email address next to Ed Bertolas who sees summer as the season for chicken.

Each of you also believe that you are not as corrupt as others who have accumulated more ill-gotten gains, and that is how you justify your so deprived behavior, especially you who pride yourselves on your religious beliefs as you also know that academia is all about serving the status quo.

You are all getting to know one another better than the much smaller civilizations of ancient times when thousands lived together in the first cities but they didn’t known each other as well as the internet facilitates.

Look how an email like this can connect up the world in the next instant by a community of people who are only connected in their bs lifestyles by me and my logic and you know it is not as easy as you would like to just treat me as just another gadfly.

My logic-truth is irrefutable.

My wife’s precision in everything she does while more human than all of you with your sicknesses beginning with your ugly skins and believing that your mental intellect compensates for your poorly aging bodies-minds is simply a double knock out punch that barring a miracle of God, none of you can recover from, agree?

You also know how brutal are the forces who profit from war and yet your military and all your spy agencies haven’t managed to take us out yet; and that is what you are counting on.

What a way to wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night and think about every waking moment.

I have been through all the permutations of your thinking which is why none of you so talkative are willing to engage me in debate instead leaving it to your tyrannical governments who you know are controlled by De beers with their most simply structure, which is what mostly tripped you up.

Your thinking was that De Beers can’t really be all that powerful if they kept up all this nepotism because your illogical thinking had you thinking that they would put strangers being their puppets just like they do with the rest of their Captains of Industry like the clown Warren Buffet.

Yes, none of you thought of that.

So play another head trip on yourselves by pulling out a pen and paper and creating the sort of corporate structure that you see in a corporation like General Electric, and remember to come up big name board members and no name board members, and whatever else it takes for you to be able to write down that De Beers are the conspiracy of conspiracies, until you finally conclude that De Beers were smart in outsmarting all of you, but not me.

If you are happy, you are smiling.

If you support De Beers choosing all the puppet rulers you are sad.

Instead of choosing light you go for dark and nor do you see such a bad choice leading to you giving up your wealth because most of you don’t have that much, but it is your ego.

Yet you know sharing is a good feeling.

You feel rotten.

You like that rotten feeling.

What could cause such craziness other than the environment?

Instead of just blaming the vague environment look at what you eat.

Could it be that God is behind such illogical behavior that looks like it goes back to when we stopped being mobile?

You rely on logic not just for your own thinking in order to function, from going to the bathroom to having to convince someone of your business proposition

Logic is your pride and joy.

But logic tells you repeatedly that you cannot abuse your soldiers no matter how much your profit from their brainwashing.

Nor can you blame God because a liar cannot believe in a Higher Authority and you would agree that God would see through it all.

In the next instant with the money having so fooled you, you can see how you can feed people healthy food and just imagining how easy that is is not enough for you to take the plunge and be the first.

Your hesitation has to get you, and you know you cannot change the past but you have full control over your future and the ingenuous part is that you have to still move around to do your shopping even if you don’t talk to anyone and you have to worry as you cant get enough of your looks to see whether you will be recognized.

Only a Supernatural mind could have created such complex but easy to see mind game.

You just have to be like all of God’s Little Animal Friends and stay in the moment, and the more you do the easier it will get and when you don’t, it will get tougher, but eventually you will work through it, because it makes perfect sense.

Your mind tells it is wrong to not speak out against wrong,

You see how many have chosen this path and we are talking about all the professionals all the way down to the menials job workers who are the most oppressed, but of course not quite like the soldiers who are seen as just dumb which may be the case with a great many soldiers especially those who have been subjected to lots of screaming and high explosives, but warring has become an increasingly thinking person’s job.

But you think they will be easily controlled, but you are wrong.

A fit soldier is smarter than someone who is too lazy to resist their fat TALKATIVE cells telling them, “Feed me at the expense of all else”.

Remember your memory keeps reminding you of that photo of Putin so out of character being talked down to by Jonathan Oppenheimer’s fathers you wouldn’t have even recognized.

When you have a weak mind you have a weak body; the future though is yours.

What a miracle to be able to turn this sickness society that you can see where it is all going and turn this poverty of thought around in the next instant.

It-you could have figured out ages ago, long before there were so many of us but we didnt have the Internet or past history, and look how I have you all fighting me tooth and nail.

Your choice.

Your move.

I know I am right.

I am obviously not like the rest of you who have no courage that is an indicator of your weak minds.

You are not all the best foot soldiers.

Is it too much to accept that the God you cannot see but you have spent a lifetime worshipping is simply too overwhelming?

I suggest that is all your final stumbling block.

So lets go back to the misallocation of resources and the information is getting out there helped greatly by your exploding minds – light bulb effect – playing a pivotal role.

More powerful than the splitting of the atom, and the collateral effect has you breeding less as well as getting up to more mischief.

You are all going to get increasingly quieter and remember I am still alive and just given the right voice all other voices will go quiet.

In the meantime your indifference takes its toll especially as you look at how self righteous you are about wrongdoers beginning with the 3 million Americans currently in jail.

Your money is controlled by De Beers who are very dynamic and you can understand that they can still crash all currency markets in an instant and have city life erupt in uncontrolled violence around the world, but less so now as you also understand I am not just writing to you.

Why do you think Kara has not asked me to be taken off my email list?

Do you know how extraordinarily few people have requested that?

I have upwards of 20,000 comments on my Blog on the homepage of which I only found out about today, and I have yet to see one negative comment, although I just looked at about half a dozen.

The smart ones like Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq know better and survive with their own miserable thoughts by constantly hedging their bets and investing in weaker economies, the result of De Beers divide and conquer principle, but in the weaker economies there is less order and more graft by the local politicians who have close ties to local mafia who know there is a structure that leads all the way to the White house, and if things get too chaotic in come the Marines.

The Marines like the Green Berets, like the Army Rangers are not as dumb as any of you holding on to your sick lifestyles would prefer to believe.

Worthless money is a very new invention and it is all very old school thinking.

The future is bartering with the traders being the bankers who will learn very quickly never to repeat the mistakes of the past, because their word will be their bond and gold will make up any shortfall.

A promissory note from a trusted source cannot be less trustworthy than the current system that makes no sense because you all know it is rigged and you are just holding on to your cash so long as you can find something to invest in and you cannot run with your land.

Your choice is guns or sharing or you can leave it to the US Congress to choose guns and that won’t solve the trade imbalance problem with our trading partners like China who have us by the balls with all the worthless US debt they have purchased which they earned the hard way by being our slave laborers.

Again, Mr. Kissinger and Mr. Greenspan and the latest yoyo can still talk.

Why would you still want to have me silenced?

You a Jewish rabbi must by now feel totally sick to your stomach as you have laughed yourselves silly at the pagan beliefs of Christians with their trinity, and the such.

Faith is what most Christians pride themselves on as they recall the miracles of Jesus with his few loaves of bread and handful of fish to feed the masses.

Action is what Judaism is all about and you see it best on the battlefields not only in Israel but every time Jewish people have been oppressed until just recently when they quit for the money, but never count out the best military in the world who are 100% guided by the Mossad.

The young are much more up on religion being the opium of the masses which does not mean that God does not exist, it means that God is just smarter than any corrupt member of the clergy who think they have a tighter, more direct bond with God, but where is your simple logic when you hide from the important truths of the day?

You have never really been challenged since Jesus Christ, is that not the case?

God must have created the majority of the western world to be Christian and to have spread Christianity to all 4 corners of the globe and having done a whole lot better job than you Jewish pricks who should know better.

Dont you think it is now time to stop with the mutilation of boy’s penises?

I bet that helped catch your tongues.

If it isn you that brings me on to your show, you now it is just a question of time before someone else will, even when i am dead.

Remember it is all ego.

The fact is that so many before you who got this information that it is De Beers who so arrogantly display they set the price of all government monies and they have them constantly fighting with one another and all you see are the most senior government officials in the limelight and one minute they are on top and the next defeated but they are only humans with little accomplishment other than sucking up to the ruling elite who use their control of resources to manage the support structure that keeps the likes of Obama looking like they are in charge.

They are emperors without clothes.

The people of old would never have bought into this nonsense beginning with the lack of uproar by Roman Catholics around the world to this Penn State calamity.

Remember we are not talking about Roman soldiers taking their little boys with them when going to war, which helped keep down the rape of the women.

They are playing dam football.

Where is the shame of us Jewish people to not stand tall thinking it is not politically correct.

What happened to God’s laws?

War today is in each of our living room which is why the need for soldiers deaths and mutilations that keeps up this charade that there are these terrorists that we simply cannot understand other than they are brainwashed by bad people and we stop our thinking because we have our lifestyle to protect.

Again it is so transparently obvious you have this problem that you are no smarter than all rest out there who you can see are so dumb.

You would rather have vicious fighting, disease,disharmony than to think you have been so fooled, and worse that it is God making fools of all of you.

Get over it, even if the only reason you can live with your foolishness is that corrupt people cannot stay united very long when they know the value of their money has been rigged.

And if you can’t why not place that photo of Putin and Oppenheimer in the most peaceful spot of your home and pay homage and remember to light a Roman Candle.

God is laughing and no longer are you shaking your head at ancient beliefs and rituals of giving offerings to God as even the most religious would never have been fooled by the money and counterfeiters were quickly rooted out.

You emotional investment not only in believing that you couldn’t possibly be fooled by a bunch of wanker monopolists never dreaming for a moment of giving up their wealth to free market valuing of worthless currency as they grabbed the ancient money riches beginning with gold, but in your friendships that came about by so much chit-chat and then there are those also not exactly god celebrities like Kara who you like because she is elegant, non-threatneing even to the fat TALKATIVE CELLS.

It is nonsense that the Devil appeared at the same time as a single God. God had the Devil come later, don’t you think?

God was clear, you will have no other gods before me.

Let’s stick to food. We all know what food we like until we taste better and feel better.

You can’t feel good about feeling bad and then think you can logically thought process to begin to appreciate God because you are defying God when you insult God with you lack of intelligent eating.

Can’t you get this simple logic into your thick skulls?

Kara’s one interviewer was right, Christianity has no exclusivity, it is open to anyone so long as the Roman rulers never gave up their monopolistic powers which they only cared about holding on to while they were alive, and they allowed the religion that most gave them what they wanted which was “By Divine Right We Rule”, and there is a reason the Pope is Rome and not Las Vegas.

We have to get real. Soldiers are also dying during training. Their families are mostly dirt poor. Enough is enough.

What happened to 1 God who never added in an 11th Commandment that said God needed interpreters, Jewish or otherwise?

Why would God give power into the hands of human who cannot even logically thought process to understand how the value of money is determined by monopolists whose goodness is nonexistent and who have their governments and religious clergy doing their bidding?

What Pope has stood up to the meat industry?

What Pope has looked like he is stud?

What bad eater hasn’t said they feel better about themselves seeing the Pope all bent out of shape?

I would like a meeting with the Pope. Can you arrange it?

This is an insult to God is it not; and you cannot even find it within yourselves to express outrage at your corrupt Texas judiciary.

Imagine 15,000 years from now and my writings exist, you would all be laughed at.

In the next instant the majority of the poor could stake their claim and where are you going to hide?

There is light, love and perfect here and now for the good, and eternal hell for the rest; and you take your memories when you go; but in the meantime allow some sense to be knocked into you.

Christianity was the official religion of the Holy Roman Empire who were wholeheartedly totally brutal and how have they taken care of the world’s poor?

Did Christianity really move paganism out of the way or was it embraced?

The gun is winning.

If it weren’t so obvious then we all wouldn’t be looking for distractions.

The Pope would have to agree with me.

Kara is Roman Catholic and she supports that in Christianity you are a Christian or evil, and evil is the Devil.

Please let us all focus on that harmless man.

Let us all ask God to help him and his family.

Nothing but God can explain both your continued deep denial and me having already overcome impossible odds of not one of you coming close to really standing tall, and yet you come from so many different walks of life and your one common interest is your trust/dependence on money that you use to evaluate your self-worth and that of others as much as you might try kid yourselves that is not the case, and none of you figured it out, not even in all your gossipy conversations, and we are talking about most of you have already used up a whole big chunk of your life and you are constantly looking for your purpose, and your contribution doesn’t come close to matching up with a chicken scratching in the dust, and yet it is only me speaking out while you know De Beers and everyone they have paid directly know it, and they are laughing at you, not me, and so are their direct line of defense; namely their site holders who are predominantly Jewish or at least that is what the common herd Christian-Muslim believes and you know how they can’t get enough of their anti-Semitic jokes as they just grab the money and live as pagan a lifestyle as money can buy.

Life goes on.

To life-L’Chaim


[Word count 17191]

Begin forwarded message:

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: November 11, 2011 4:19:28 AM PST
To: “Kara Cooney – celebrity Egyptologist and Assistant Professor of Egyptian Art and Architecture at UCLA.”
Bcc: Marie Dion , Merna Sturgis , Kate Jarosinska , “Terry “Smilin Sam” Samples – Chief webmaster” , Warfield Fineart , “Liba” , “Devin Standard – eldest son of former President of New York State Bar Kenneth Standard.” , “Rabbi Capers C. Funnye – close cousin of First Lady Michelle Obama” , “Bernie Gevisser – [Oct. 18 1923 – ]. 2nd Lieutenant B. Gevisser along with Captain Syd Cohen were the only Jewish Fighter-Bomber-Pilots of South African Air Force Squadron 11 during WW II and whose Commanding Officer Allied Field Marshall Jan Smuts was second-in-command to Churchill.” , “Syd Cohen – South African Commander of Israel Air Force War of Independence.” ,,
Subject: “Devil warship” (sic) Fwd: Sleep on it – Re: I would like to make a significant contribution to your efforts and it goes well beyond my Allied Fighter Bomber Pilot first learning to fly Spitfires in Egypt,

Kara – In the interest of leaving no stone unturned in my efforts to bring Knowledge-Information-Light-Power to the masses in the best way I know how which obviously so upsets the status quo, what authority do you use to support your claim that there is “Devil worship” in Judaism?

I couldn’t help but notice that you never commented on my previous to last communication with you, “How much to pay an American soldier” when I pointed out the silence of anthropologist-archeologists like yourself not reacting to my observation of the word for “man” is the same in Hebrew as it is in California’s Yahi Native American tribe. Just think if the main reason for all your silence is that you don’t want to go down the path that such a coincidence leads to more debate on the presence of an Omnipotent Being, especially when I happen to be the person pointing out this most interesting coincidence as there is no record of us Hebrews interacting with the Yahi, and I don’t have a religious-fanatical particle to be found anywhere as I am all about truth-logic.

Lack of Knowledge-Information-Light, power to change the world stems from humans being lazy and fearful of embracing the truth. The truth is “tTOo” (sic) disrupting for “sum” (sic) people too busy keeping track of their lies – Marie Dion Gevisser

BTW, have you thought more about who should decide on the wage of our soldiers?

Do you think there is more democracy in our American civilization than in Ancient Egypt?

I assume you also got enough sleep, and therefore you shouldn’t require much time to answer my questions while I am fully aware from your previous writings that you would much prefer to be challenged in private which questions how good a teacher you are, don’t you think?


Ps – You may have noticed that very worldly Devin Standard has not posted anything up on his Facebook “wall” since Nov. 7 when I questioned how much more time he needed to verify that in May 1991 then Secretary of Defense, Dick Cheney authorized, over the strong objections of Secretary of the US Air Force Rice, the placement of diamond currency in the survival kit embedded in the ejection seats of American fighter aircraft; and today you should recall is the 7th anniversary of me breaking my 24 year silence with De Beers who also haven’t forgotten that it is my methodology that has kept me alive, because of course crooks cannot possibly believe in a Higher Authority.

[Word count 427]

Begin forwarded message:

From: Gary S Gevisser <>
Date: November 10, 2011 7:01:04 PM PST
To: “Kathlyn (Kara) Cooney”
Subject: Sleep on it – Re: I would like to make a significant contribution to your efforts and it goes well beyond my Allied Fighter Bomber Pilot first learning to fly Spitfires in Egypt,

Dear Kara,

Let’s stick to your word, “exploitation” because the rest gets increasingly vague, and what a collection of two choice words, “social display”.

I didn’t simply teach at university, I passed the grade that people such as yourself dream of being given the opportunity because once you are part of the De Beers drilling monopoly network you have access to unlimited funds, and were you to ever get wordy, let alone use hifalutin words to either distract or attempt to show that you have superior mental intellect, De Beers would come down on you like a ton of bricks.

So, lets cut the dribble.

You perfectly understand that you were totally clueless about how De Beers fix the value of each of their government currencies just like they do the price of their diamonds without ever once providing an inventory of their unlimited supply of untraceable diamond currency.

That means they have the ability if they do not like the work you are doing; i.e. if they see it as an affront to their business of allocating the resources of the world then they will find someone more malleable.

Before I was 22 years of age which was more than 32 years ago, I got to see once I had proven my analytical skills, exactly how De Beers go about choosing their most mediocre to teach the next generation of students by simply seeing how they react to the stipulated educational curriculum and should a student act out they are very quickly brought into line by De Beers having a “quick word” with their parents should their employer not get with the program.

It is highly probably that you never once appeared on De Beers’ radar screen because you give the “common herd” exactly what De Beers want which is easy to understand because you are a product of their Bell Shaped educational system where it is the most average who rise to the top.

Again, I know you get it all, at least now because again I spell it all out the way a 12 year old would understand it and you decided that your only choice was write me a bunch of wordy stuff and hope that I would either go away or write you back a long enough email that you could then say, “I don’t have time for that”.

Remember, you now have in a digital format which could last for eternity even if there is no God, a very long documentary that has already been seen by a great many people who are not as interested in what you have to say but rather how you look in front of the camera.

I look at everything and I also pay careful attention to the words people like you use.

It was, however, my out of this world beautiful in every respect and no nonsense French-Canadian wife who first picked up on your use of the world “draft” when referring to slaves being forced to build the pyramids of the ruling elite.

What a word to use. You surely had to be thinking that there is currently no draft in the US military.

Do you know any rich kids in the military today?

What percentage of the foot soldiers would you say come from households where the main breadwinner is either a doctor, lawyer and the such?

You come across like you are very sure of yourself, then why not engage me in debate in front of all your students and past students and I suggest we begin by starting the discussion with how you and I became acquainted when I told your PR firm in New York that I wanted to make a significant contribution to your efforts which I meant much more than money since I could easily introduce you to the very top site holder of De Beers, Codiam Inc. who are headquartered in the exact same spot as when I joined them in early spring 1979. I also knew that you would take my contribution as money and you are proving that with your writings since you show no appreciation of this rather important information which will end up helping future generations even if you don’t actively participate in the future.

Of course I commiserate with you the fact that your professors at university nor your financial advisors educated you about how De Beers’ 250 “site holders” operate where each one has more power and lending authority than the US Federal Reserve Bank as well as their sister corporation the South African Reserve Bank combined given how there is no oversight by any government body who wouldn’t know where to even begin an audit given how De Beers have never once provided an inventory of their diamond currency.

My heart, however, goes out to those young, poor and defenseless kids being forced into army boots to kill and be killed because educators like yourself do not seek the truth.

Now imagine if you continue to choose the same wrong path and I continue down my path that has truth-logic written all over it and you know it because you cannot find anything I have said that you can refute because it is irrefutable. We will only get further apart and the next generation of children are already coming to my website and you should be able to see what they have to say by just going to my blog.

Bear always in mind that I don’t have one member of academia “singing my praises” and that is because each one of them fully understand that for them to take on De Beers they might as well kiss their cushy jobs goodbye.

Liars, however, can only live in the past. Until you have the sort of truth that I have at my side constantly, you only know from fear.

Nor do I feel sad for you.

The world is way beyond simply being sick. Only one Supernatural Force could explain who so many of you can be comfortable in your pain while knowing the pain is only there because you are doing wrong; and once choosing wrong when you have all the information there is no turning back.

Once you have the knowledge, you know everyone’s game – Marie Dion Gevisser

I suggest you sleep on it.


Ps – Tomorrow, first thing, I will copy you on an email to a Lebanese-American scientist who emailed me earlier. I think you will find it interesting.

On Nov 10, 2011, at 4:33 PM, Kathlyn (Kara) Cooney wrote:

Dear Gary,
I appreciate your anti monopoly work. I appreciate your fight against diamond mining and exchange.

My Egyptology work will continue to deal with the roots of complex civilization and all that goes with it – exploitation, social inequality, value differentiation, and social display. Having said that, I do not need or want to make my work a megaphone for modern political causes, including your own. I am writing with the assumption that you will send this email off to your email list with dozens of recipients. I would rather you didn’t, but I suppose this is part of your methodology.

If you do wish to be of benefit to my social history work, please know that I cannot support your individual causes in turn. I am also leery of having any email conversations broadcast to your list. Therefore, if you do wish to be of service, you could send any support to my department office. That’s the most I can say. I hope you understand. I wish you all the best in your struggles.

All my best,
Kathlyn M. Cooney
Assistant Professor of Egyptology
Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

—–Original Message—– From: Gary S Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, November 09, 2011 2:19 PM
Cc: rest; Bernie Gevisser – [Oct. 18 1923 – ]. 2nd Lieutenant B. Gevisser along with Captain Syd Cohen were the only Jewish Fighter-Bomber-Pilots of South African Air Force Squadron 11 during WW II and whose Commanding Officer Allied Field Marshall Jan Smuts was second-in-command to Churchill.; ; Syd Cohen – South African Commander of Israel Air Force War of Independence.
Subject: I would like to make a significant contribution to your efforts and it goes well beyond my Allied Fighter Bomber Pilot [father] first learning to fly Spitfires in Egypt,

and nor did he ever crash

in any of his 71 miraculous dive bombing missions on the retreating Germans in northern Italy where you know that no one was so crazy as to fly off course and bomb the pyramids even though you know from the historical documents that Hitler went on a suicidal mission to murder as many Germans as he could towards the end, as he felt that they were so unappreciative of his efforts; at least that is what is the official historical records show; but of course, that is not the truth, not even close.

Photos as you know tell a thousand stories and should you have the cash you can get your historians to not only tell the story you want the masses to know, but to leave them feeling that they are too small to change history which has its roots in brutal wars that you accurately depict are all about grabbing land and much more importantly, water; and then to create as many distractions as possible including arming your opposing militia which is what is being done in the ever increasing border clashes along the Mexican-American border.

The name at the top of the photo is “Engelhard” who was a member of my father’s squadron during WW II and it is possible that he is still alive, like my dad, but you would know they are the very last of a fast dying breed of soldiers as today’s fighter pilots cannot be relied upon to not think outside of the box.

You don’t see workers in the background doing demolition work and even if you did you might not think automatically about what jobs they would be doing if they weren’t clearing up the debris to make room for new construction.

Your Out of Egypt documentary which I saw the other evening had you using the word “draft” when talking about workers being brought in to build the spectacular pyramids of the nobility.

Just one word had me deciding that I would like to make a significant contribution to your efforts and it goes well beyond my Allied Fighter Bomber Pilot [father] first learning to fly Spitfires in Egypt.

What goes around comes around.

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