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Pigs don’t like to walk – Part I

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: November 12, 2011 10:16:01 PM PST
To: Rabbi Stuart Federow – Houston Texas Radio Show Host
Cc: rest: Kara Cooney – celebrity Egyptologist and Assistant Professor of Egyptian Art and Architecture at UCLA.” , “Ed Bertolas – Summer is the season for chicken.” , Chairman’s Office – De Beers Julie Burgon – Assistant to Jonathan Oppenheimer , rabbiberk , Rabbi Abner Weiss , rabbi , Rabbi Menachem Creditor , “Bernie Gevisser – [Oct. 18 1923 – ]. 2nd Lieutenant B. Gevisser along with Captain Syd Cohen were the only Jewish Fighter-Bomber-Pilots of South African Air Force Squadron 11 during WW II and whose Commanding Officer Allied Field Marshall Jan Smuts was second-in-command to Churchill.” , “Zena Badash-Ash Gevisser Zulman [May 30 1929 – ] c/o Arnold Pollak” , “Syd Cohen – South African Commander of Israel Air Force War of Independence.” , “Oprah. com” , “Devin Standard – eldest son of former President of New York State Bar Kenneth Standard.” , “Mark Edge – Radio Talk Show Host –” , “Texas American Civil Liberties Union [ACLU]” , “Roger W. Robinson – protege of David Rockefeller and former Chairman of U. S. -China Economic and Security Review Commission” , Roger Hedgecock , “King Golden Jr. Esq. – former in-house General Counsel of Science Applications International Corporation – sister corporation of General Atomic. Golden was Gary S. Gevisser’s long time American attorney and bosom buddy of Roger W. Robinson aka Our Man Roger who joined the National Security Council in March 1982.” , Larry King Live , Nitza Lite , Helen Zille- Leader of the Democratic Alliance – Republic of South Africa , “Ira Mishkind Esq. – Gary Steven Gevisser’s estate attorney.” , “Jerry Phillips, Esq.” , “Tony Leon – Fomer head of the South African Oppostion Party to the current ANC regime. Now the ANC South African Ambassador to Argentinia.” , Toni Danchik , “Jeffrey Krinsk Esq. – shareholder class action litigator [SCAL] – Finkelstein & Krinsk” , Editor-shanghai daily , South African Consulate General , South China Morning Post , “Natie Kirsh – Front person for De Beers who in 1969 purchased the public corporation Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies that was formed in 1910 for significantly less than liquidation value.” , Dennis Cuff – Solicitor , “Dennis Rice – United Kingdom journalist investigating the history of Natie Kirsch a Jewish South African who is mentioned in David Gevisser’s autobiography THE UNLIKELY FORESTER which was published in 2006 one year after my lucky uncle David Gevisser received from St. Anthony’s College Oxford University a Masters of Studies in History Research.” , “Monk Benet – St. Mary’s Abbey Church Morris Town New Jersey where Jane Engelhard [1917-Feb. 29 2004] and her husband Charles W. Engelhard Jr. [Feb. 15. 1917-March 2nd 1971] are buried.” , “Dr. Daniel Ellsberg – In March 1971 leaked Pentagon Papers that his boss Offense/Defense Minister McNamara authorized in June 1967, the same time McNamara and company placed the USS Liberty spy ship in harms way Sinai Peninsula – c/o Karen Jenkins – RAND Corporation” , “Mark Gevisser – author of autobiography of Thabo Mbeki former President of South Africa. Mark Gevisser is the son of David Gevisser male heir of American-German Charles W. Engelhard Jr. assassinated by the Mossad on March 2 1971 and buried at St. Mary’s Abbey Church Morristown New Jersey” , Ronnie Kasrils – South African Cabinet Minister – mentioned in THE UNLIKELY FORESTER , Jonathan Beare – founder Investec , Sam Hackner – Chief Executive Officer – Investec South Africa , “Joseph Steinberg – Chief Executive Officer of Luecadia National Corporation.” , “Warren Buffett – Berkshire Hathaway.” , “Jon Hermann – Helzberg-Habsburg-Diamonds – Customer Satisfaction representative.” , Laura Malter – former CIA officer , “Stephen Cohen – Codiam Inc.” , Rush Limbaugh feigned opponent of Obama ,, “Andile Madikizela – First cousin of Winnie Mandela and close confidant of Nelson Mandela who acknowledged in private meetings with Andile of his knowledge that the CIA turned him to the South African Apartheid Regime during the Kennedy Administration.” , “Andrea Renee St. Julian – Attorney At Law – Certified Appellate Specialist – State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization” , TheTonightShow , “T. Colin Campbell, PhD – Cornell University The China Study” , “Dr. John McDougall MD” , Paul Bozo the Clown Teirstein MD Teirstein , “President Shimon Peres c/o Office for the Israeli Deparment of Defense Attache; Israeli Embassy Washington DC Israeli Embassy” , Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma – President of South Africa South Africa ,,
Subject: Pigs don’t like to walk- Fwd: “Devil warship” (sic) Fwd: Sleep on it – Re: I would like to make a significant contribution to your efforts and it goes well beyond my Allied Fighter Bomber Pilot first learning to fly Spitfires in Egypt,

May I suggest you read this from the bottom up.

Were you aware that if you were to ask the average non-combatant American citizen if they believe in Government conspiracies, most would say no.

Were you to ask them if they think part of the planning of military operation has deception as the key element, they would all agree, without hesitation.

Were you to remind them that the main business of the US economy revolves around the Military-Industrial-Complex of the US and its satellite countries, they would say that was totally obvious.

Were you to ask those relatively few who know the first thing about De Beers, assuming of course they were not familiar with my highly informative missives that you wouldn’t find anywhere in the world, what they think of De Beers, they would say words to the effect, “De Beers sold their one time stranglehold on the diamond market, and if anyone is stupid enough to buy a worthless diamond that De Beers or whoever else is involved assigns a value, they should have their head read” (sic) before going on to mutter how crazy is the world which is all about making big bombs and if anyone questions they will be killed; again, that is the case unless they run into me and I don’t have to remind them that I am alive, fit and getting fitter thanks to my increasingly healthy diet that does not make me less intelligent.

Are you dumbfounded by why you nor any religious or irreligious Jewish American leader has never questioned why none of you have pointed out to the mostly anti-Semitic Christian world who believe that us Jewish people control the world because of the most disproportionate number of Jewish people who work for De Beers, that the top echelons of the very simple corporate structure De Beers are not only Christians but virulently anti-Semitic?

Given how I cannot rely on anyone but God to protect and keep me safe, and there no need to be in the least bit vague, I will spell it out the way I would to a retard 12 year old.

The very moment De Beers went to war with Israeli diamond merchants in 1978 right when I had my first interview with De Beers’ lawyers in San Francisco before joining De Beers officially in early spring 1979 at their most important intelligence gathering and diamond price fixing operation on US soil, Codiam Inc. located on the corner of 47th Street and Avenue of the America’s, 1180 Ave Of The Americas Ste 1818, headed by Stephen Cohen who along with the rest of his immediate family get an honorable mention in THE UNLIKELY FORESTER

I will just cut and paste below the beginning of Ch. 16, WARRING WITH ISRAEL – CLICK HERE:

In the winter of 1978, diamond dealers in New York City were becoming increasingly concerned about the possibility of a serious rupture, or even collapse, of the pipeline through which De Beers’ diamonds flowed from the cutting centers in Europe to the main retail markets in America and Japan. This pipeline, as every dealer knows, is a crucial component in the diamond invention made up of a network of brokers, diamond cutters, bankers, distributors, jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers and diamond buyers for retail establishments. Most of the people in this pipeline are Jewish, and virtually all are closely connected through family ties or longstanding business relationships. New York City’s diamond district, where nearly half of all the gem diamonds in the world are bought or sold, is a key juncture in the pipeline.

The diamond district is located mainly in a single block on 47th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. If one walks along the street level, he sees mainly retail stores with such enticing advertisements as, “We Buy Retail; Sell Wholesale.” These stores are meant mainly for tourists. The real diamond exchange, involving the sale of billions of dollars worth of loose diamonds, takes place in “clubs” and offices discreetly located on the upper floors of these buildings

Bear in mind that De Beers were not oblivious to the fact that they authorized the incredible access of investigative reporter Edward Jay Epstein who began his research of The Diamond Invention book in 1978, the year I immigrated to the US.

Let me know continue with, WARRING WITH ISRAEL:

Most of the smaller dealers are members of the Diamond Dealers Club, at 30 West 47th Street. Although the name evokes images of a plush and luxurious meeting place, the Diamond Dealers Club more closely resembles a tawdry cafeteria, with its linoleum floor and rows of bare tables. The 2,000-odd members, many of whom are Hasidic Jews, sit across the tables from one another like players at a chess tournament, their gaze fixed on an assemblage of tiny diamonds spread out on a piece of paper in between them. Every few moments a diamond sale is made, the diamonds on the table are sealed in the paper. In the center of the room there is a glass booth where diamonds are officially weighed after the transaction is agreed upon. Meanwhile, a loudspeaker system pages members to the telephone where they conduct further business. (Most of the members have no other office than the “club.”) The club also provides a room for the afternoon prayer and a kosher restaurant.

The larger dealers do their business not in the trading hall of the diamond club but in their own well-protected offices. Almost all these offices have closed-circuit television cameras to identify visitors, and at least three sets of locked doors through which the visitor must pass. The rule in the diamond district is that no stranger is ever admitted to these private offices. Since dealers commonly carry on their persons millions of dollars worth of diamonds, such stringent precautions are an indispensable part of the profession. The New York dealers are dependent on the flow of diamonds from London to the diamond-cutting factories in Tel Aviv. In the nineteen-seventies, however, a crimp emerged in the pipeline when Israeli diamond dealers, rather than processing and passing the diamonds on to New York, stockpiled them. Since diamond prices were then rapidly increasing at the time, and Israeli currency depreciating by more than 50 percent a year, it became more profitable for Israeli dealers to retain the diamonds that they received from London than to cut and sell them for paper money. These Israeli dealers, moreover, could borrow money from the banks on their diamonds at relatively low interest rates. As more and more diamonds were taken out of circulation at the Tel Aviv end of the pipeline, an acute shortage began in New York, driving prices up. By 1979, these Israeli stockpiles began indeed to threaten the entire diamond invention.

Until the Second World War, the diamond invention rested on three legs: production, centered in Africa; distribution, based in London; and diamond cutting, located almost exclusively in Antwerp. The German invasion of Belgium, however, knocked out one of the legs of the tripod-Antwerp. Oppenheimer had provided the Belgian cutting factories there with the lion’s share of De Beers diamonds, and he could count on them not to resell the diamonds to speculators or other “weak hands.” But with the fall of Antwerp, the diamond-cutting industry left De Beers’ universe of control.

Since many of the cutters in Antwerp were Jewish, the British-mandated territory of Palestine (Israel) became a natural focal point for the displaced industry. The birth of this new Israeli industry began in 1939 when two Jewish refugees in tattered clothes arrived at the port of Haifa in Palestine. When the customs officer on duty searched through their meager personal belongings, he discovered an envelope containing what looked like hundreds of tiny bits of broken milk glass. He puzzled over them for a moment, and then questioned the refugees about these odd fragments.

The refugees nervously explained that they were both diamond cutters from Antwerp, and the objects in the envelope were, in fact, rough diamonds which they hoped to cut and polish in Palestine. To do this, they told the customs officer they would need a small loan to set up a rudimentary work shop. Did the officer know anyone who might help them, they asked.

The customs officer had never before seen an uncut diamond; indeed, few people in Palestine in 1939 had ever seen one. He therefore took the packet of diamonds to Oved Ben Ami, the mayor of neighboring Natanya. Ben Ami, a short, sprightly man in his early thirties, was one of the most enterprising of the Jewish pioneers in Palestine. A decade earlier, Natanya was nothing but a marsh between Tel Aviv and Haifa, but Ben Ami, fearing that the Arabs might settle there and drive a wedge between the two Jewish cities, decided to found a Jewish settlement there. He put all his energy into raising money and recruiting settlers, and by 1939 he had succeeded in building a small city. It had, however, no industry. On seeing the diamonds, Ben Ami became interested in the possibility of establishing a diamond industry in his town of Natanya, and he asked to see the refugees.

The two men explained to Ben Ann that very little capital was necessary for cutting and polishing diamonds. All that was needed, in fact, was good sunlight, skilled labor, a few rudimentary tools and a supply of rough diamonds. They even demonstrated how a rough diamond was first cleaved, then cut and polished.

Ben Ami was impressed. He provided the men with a building in Natanya for their work and reached into his own pocket and lent them money for their personal expenses. He then did some further research into the diamond business.

Three requisites, sunlight, labor and tools, would be readily available in Palestine; the problem would be acquiring a steady supply of rough diamonds. He consulted a knowledgeable banker in Tel Aviv, and he found out that De Beers controlled virtually the entire world’s supply of diamonds. Since the cartel had an agreement with the government of Belgium, which specified that most of the diamonds would be sent to Antwerp to be cut by Belgian labor, this banker advised him that there was little possibility that the cartel would ever allow Palestine to compete with Belgium.

Although discouraged, Ben Ami refused to give up. He had determined that most of the world’s diamond business, including the De Beers cartel, was, as he put it, “in Jewish hands,” and he persuaded himself that most of these Jews would be sympathetic to the idea of creating a diamond industry in Palestine. He also realized that the Nazi armies were on the verge of overrunning Belgium and the Netherlands, and that many of the Jewish cutters, like the two refugees, might seek refuge in Palestine. He therefore dashed off a series of letters to the mayors of Antwerp and Amsterdam, as well as a number of guild officials in those cities, suggesting that they consider sending their Jewish cutters to Natanya for the duration of the war. He received, however, no reply until mid- 1940.

Ben Ami finally received a letter from a Jewish industrialist in Antwerp. The industrialist, who had obtained Ben Ami’s address from the mayor of Antwerp, offered to pay for the relocation of sixty Belgian diamond cutters in Palestine, Ben Ami could arrange the necessary entrance visas.

Since the British authorities had placed strict restrictions on the number of Jews allowed to enter Palestine, Ben Ami’s first task was to persuade the British to waive these quotas on immigrants. He asked Ben-Gurion, then head of the Jewish Agency, for help. Ben-Gurion’s first priority was saving Jews from the nations that had already been overrun by the Germans, and not from neutral countries such as Belgium.

Ben Ami went to the British high commissioner for Palestine. In presenting his case, he argued that since most of the diamonds in the world came from the British Empire, it was in the national interest of Great Britain to make sure that the skilled diamond cutters in Europe were not all captured by the Germans. As there was a distinct possibility that Germany would invade Belgium and Holland in the months ahead, he proposed that the British facilitate the immediate transfer of sixty diamond cutters to Palestine.

After studying the memorandum that Ben Ami had prepared on the subject, the high commissioner agreed that some precautions should be taken to protect the diamond trade. Cutting the tangle of red tape surrounding Jewish immigration to Palestine, he issued Ben Ami sixty visas for Belgian cutters.

The next problem for Ben Ami was persuading De Beers to send a supply of diamonds to Palestine. In London, he consulted Harry Abrams, the managing director of De Beers’ Diamond Trading Corporation. Ben Ami made the case that De Beers was about to lose its cutting centers in Antwerp and Amsterdam and it should look to Palestine as an alternative. Abrams coldly replied, “Don’t worry about us, Mr. Ben Ami. We have enough cut diamonds in our vault to last through the war … and then some.” Moreover, Abrams explained that De Beers had a binding agreement with the Belgian Government that prevented De Beers from sending diamonds to be cut anywhere else. Diamonds for Palestine were simply “out of the question.”

Ben Ami was not so easily put off. He sought out the assistance of Otto Oppenheimer, the brother of Sir Ernest, and appealed to him as a Jew to assist not merely the diamond industry but Palestine. Although Oppenheimer thought Ben Ami presumptuous, he finally wearily gave in and told Ben Ami, “I will be your ambassador and try to persuade De Beers.”

In fact, Oppenheimer was concerned that Ben Ami was stirring up the Colonial Office about the possible disruption of the diamond trade, and if he persisted, the British government might begin to scrutinize more closely the flow of diamonds around the world. To get rid of this persistent nuisance, Oppenheimer decided with Abrams to provide Ben Ami temporarily with a modest supply of diamonds that could be cut in Palestine.

Ben Ami then flew to Antwerp to recruit the sixty cutters. Even though war with Germany seemed imminent, he found it impossible to persuade the Jewish cutters to go to Palestine. They believed that the Germans, led by General Rommel, were on the verge of capturing Palestine, and they had no intention of leaving neutral Belgium. They were living in “a paradise of fools,” he concluded, and in the end, he managed to recruit only a half dozen cutters.

Ben Ami returned to Natanya considering his mission a failure. He had neither the master cutters nor the amount of diamonds he had hoped to obtain. However, within a week of his return, the Nazi armies blitzkrieged their way through the Low Countries. The British dispatched a destroyer to Antwerp in an attempt to seize the cutters’ stocks of diamonds before they fell into German hands, and a few of the Jewish cutters escaped with the British raiding party. But the cutting centers of Antwerp and Amsterdam were lost to the Allies-and De Beers-and Palestine now became an expedient alternative

In early 1941, Ben Ami received a message from George Prins, the broker who represented De Beers, saying that a consignment of diamonds had been allotted to Palestine. Before Ben Ami could receive them, however, he would have to pay ten thousand pounds sterling, which was the value De Beers established for them. Even though this was an enormous sum of money in Palestine in 1941, Ben Ami managed to convince a leading bank to advance it to him for the diamonds, which would serve as collateral. When the diamonds finally arrived in a small cardboard box, Ben Ami distributed them to the few trained diamond cutters. The diamonds themselves were relatively small stones, all less than a carat in weight, even in their uncut state. These melees, or medium-grade diamonds, required an enormous amount of labor to cut and finish, and had never been highly profitable goods in Antwerp or Amsterdam.

With a flow of Jewish refugees from Europe, Palestine had, however, an abundance of cheap labor. The diamond-cutting factories in Israel were organized along very different lines than those in Antwerp. Instead of assigning the task of cutting and polishing a. diamond to a single master craftsman, it was divided among six men. This division of labor, called the “chain of six,” made it far easier to train and employ diamond cutters and shortened the time involved in finishing the diamonds. Even though the process resulted in slightly inferior workmanship, the difference, especially on the medium-grade diamonds, was not noticeable to the naked eye.

By the end of the war, Palestine had suddenly become the world’s largest manufacturing center for diamonds, in terms of quantity, if not quality. During the war years, no less than 5,000 refugees had been trained as cutters, and De Beers had shipped more than $100 million worth of diamonds to Palestine. The rise of this Palestinian industry caused considerable concern in the more traditional cutting centers in Belgium.

After consulting the leading bankers and politicians in Belgium, De Beers decided that the only prudent policy for the cartel was to reestablish Antwerp as the world’s manufacturing center. Antwerp was, after all, less than an hour’s flight from London, and the dealers there had a long history of collaboration with the cartel. And Belgian interests still controlled the important mines in the Congo. Between 1945 and 1948, De Beers reduced the number of diamonds consigned to Palestine by as much as 70 percent. Moreover, the diamonds it continued to supply were smaller and of inferior quality to the medium-grade diamonds Palestine factories had received during the war. These sharp cutbacks had the intended effect of choking off the nascent industry.

In 1948, however, the Jewish state of Israel was established in Palestine. The new nation had only one viable industry-diamond manufacturing; and both the government and the Israeli banks decided that, despite the shortage of diamonds, that industry had to be aggressively supported. The major banks therefore extended virtually unlimited credit to diamond dealers to buy diamonds from the Belgian clients of De Beers. Since the Belgians preferred to manufacture the larger and more profitable stones, they were quite willing to make an instant profit on the smaller and less profitable stones in their consignments. The Israeli manufacturers made up for the higher prices that they paid for the diamonds by using cheaper labor. By the mid-1950s, Israeli manufacturers again dominated the melee, or small diamond, business-even though they had to buy most of their rough goods on the secondary market. The cartel quickly adjusted to the reality of the situation. Since Israeli manufacturers were determined to get diamonds by one means or another, De Beers decided that it, rather than the Belgian manufacturers, should realize the profits on the Israeli transactions. In an abrupt reversal of policy, De Beers began to supply a number of carefully chosen dealers in Israel with an abundance of melee diamonds. One dealer, Joseph Goldfinger, the cartel’s favored instrument in Israel, would be sent more than a hundred million dollars worth of small diamonds a year. De Beers also created its own subsidiary in Israel, Diamondel, to deal in rough diamonds. By 1965, Israel was receiving more than five-sixths of De Beers’ total allotment of melee diamonds.

In the 1970s, repeated devaluations of Israel’s currency gave the Israeli diamond-cutting industry a competitive edge over its rivals in Antwerp and New York. Not only were the Israeli factories more efficiently organized to cut small diamonds but because of their devalued money, they also had vastly lower labor costs than the factories elsewhere. Not satisfied with dominating the melee diamond business, Israeli dealers began to bid for the larger stones. By 1975, diamonds accounted for nearly 40 percent of Israel’s nonagricultural exports, and nearly 20,000 workers were employed in the cutting factories. In Antwerp, by contrast, over one-fourth of all the diamond cutters were out of work, and hundreds of factories, unable to cope with the Israeli competition, faced bankruptcy.

De Beers became seriously concerned that the Israeli competition could disrupt the entire diamond trade. In early 1977, Sir Philip Oppenheimer dispatched his son Anthony to Tel Aviv, accompanied by other De Beers executives. Anthony Oppenheimer’s mission was to persuade the Israelis to curtail their expansion. He met with De Beers’ favored clients, the bankers …

Let’s go back a little.

Were you to the average prescription and non-prescription US drug addict, no strike that; were you to ask the non-combatant American citizen to revisit their first answer they would say, “Are you trying to say I am stupid” without necessarily mouthing the words.

Today is 7 years and 1 day following my decision to break my 24 year silence with De Beers on 11.11.2004 which came about a few weeks after my last conversation with my very close to her chest British-English mother Zena

who was not senile or trying to be funny when she warned me, “ARE YOU NOT CONCERNED FOR YOUR LIFE!!” after I made it clear that I believed the time was right to repay De Beers not only for the poisoning of my liver where the circumstantial evidence was overwhelming, but for this terrorist of terrorist financing organization to start making good on their extermination of the best of us 6 million Jewish people during the Holocaust, who were not all murdered in the death factories, including my pogrom orphaned great maternal grandmother Nechie Becker Badash [1874-1943], a kinsman of Ben-Gurion who approved of Nechie returning to England in 1929 when my “Born to Perform” mother was born on May 30th, and her father, my grandfather Alef-Albert Badash-Ash [1899-1965] possibly the youngest soldier during World War I, was in the very prime of life and aware as was Ben-Gurion that apart from God only Christian South African, Allied Field Marshall Jan Smuts could save half of European Jewry and at the same time set up the most elaborate spy network of arms suppliers, and all to be coordinated from De Beers’ backyard, South Africa.

The human, unlike any other creature of perfect Mother Nature, feels the need to talk, and to talk, but they begin to slow down very quickly once they run into someone such as me who knows my subject matter rather well.

While spending several hours at the inside bar of Il Fornaio last evening located on the main deck of the Del Mar Plaza after I had finished my meal and saying very little as the son of the President of JC Penny gave me his whole life history, “I was raised in golf country clubs and educated at the best schools overseas; and while parents of our social upper class threatened their kids with being sent to military school, mine did” (sic), I was paying equal attention to the barmen including one who is included in the blind copied section.

All the barmen were very quiet. They have seen this scene being played out time and again; but never have they seen such a peacock as Chris Doctor whose biological father was a brain surgeon who overdosed shooting up heroin when Chris was two, and the woman he was with made it a double overdose; and his mother remarried well and when Chris was five Mr. Doctor adopted him.

I assume that this was not the first time that Chris has told this story as well as the rest of his relatively fascinating life that includes how he succeeded, because everyone else had a felony record, in being the only server to serve President Ronald Reagan when the 40th President under the full command and control of “Our Man Roger” aka Roger W. Robinson, visited the Hotel Del Coronado where Chris had risen to a manager level overseeing hundreds of staff where he got to experience his wildest sexual fantasies by succeeding in failing as he gave himself the most unbelievable tips which his higher ups began to question, but the signers who had no idea what Chris was filling in the tip section backed up his story, and so Chris beat out all his competitors in every important category because 85% of the male staff were gay.

Chris at 48 could easily pass for 38 even though he has spent a lot of time in the sun living a life that every male I know would envy, besides for myself of course. He is well above average good looking and standing, a lean and very flexible 6′ 4″ although he seemed much smaller to me which is how I have always seen tall people as I couldn’t help but notice that they were the ones mostly on the ground during rugby and the last to get up and they didn’t always need to cry out in pain that they felt they had been punished since of course God knows that the bigger they are the harder the fall.

Chris spoke for at least 85% of the time and when I spoke just so that it didn’t become a monologue and Chris would then feel uncomfortable as he is clearly used to being the center of attention and again when not working very hard in his successful construction business he is working on bettering his scratch golf handicap which is not handicapped by his knowledge of the names of the world’s top golfers just by their physiognomy, and a jet-setter where he feels very at home in Europe in places like Brussels where he grew up and of course he knows Amsterdam’s red light district like the back of his hand.

For the past 3 months Chris has spent most of the time in bed, not moving, He survived a most horrific amputation and were it not for him having just placed a new blade on his skillsaw and fiding a most incredible 32 year hand surgean Chris could be joinind right now our Harmless man panhandling as I don’t believe despite earning huge telephone numbers, especially during the George W. Bush era, he could keep up his lifestyle although I could be wrong because while taking no handouts from anyone apart from being rewarded the “ruling elite” who cannot get enough of their talkers especially those who look down on those out of work who they see as lazy coupled with not having good Christian values such as you should pick a profession that you love and don’t lie, steal and cheat etc etc, and when things get tough to have faith, just like what Jesus taught.

Chris picked up that I had a foreign accent but he never enquired until right at the end when we said our goodbye my name or nor did I ask him his; moreover, he never once asked me what I did or my passions but I did show him this one photo

of Marie as I told him we were looking for a contractor to remodel the 30 square foot or so bathroom of the cabin, of course only once his left arm was fully healed.

Bear in mind when you can charge out at $6,000 a day, wouldn’t you think doing a 2 day job that you could easily stretch out to 5 days if you could enjoy Marie’s presence and were she to do her stretch-strength exercises during the mandatory tea-pot breaks, hell Chris could end up funding the entire t-shirt and and sandwich board line, don’t you think.

Had Chris been one of my brothers, and he displayed his insatiable appetite for sex, my mother would have not hesitated to ship him out to boarding school at age 6; hell she shipped out my eldest brother Neil at age 7 when I was just 1.

Do you know how long it took Chris who considers himself right of right wing Republican to recover from me just mentioning that the value of each currency is determined by one factor, and one factor only; namely the victor of mineral resource wars where no military commander worth their salt would ever allow a defeated military the possibility of assigning a value to their currency that would allow either the defeated military or any of the military weaker allies to buy the raw war resources including mercenary soldiers to defeat the victor?

About half an hour; and that was after I repeated the information about half a dozen times; and still he proceeded with his most entertaining speech, but of course i noticed that he was slowing down including the way he stabbed at his chicken after I explained without providing him a full business plan of how he could corner the market on human butcher shops by being the first to franchise such an operation with the slogan next to the brand name DOCTOR DOCTOR:

You R what U Eat

Now think about this. Even if you don’t offer to sell human carcasses and you just have mummified remains of your closest ancestors that you despised on display, at least initially, and you also turn it into an art museum where you only offer live-raw organic vegetarian food and fresh fruit and vegetable organic juices, wouldn’t you also see it as a perfect venue to sell my book?

In ancient times even before the discovery of Judaism there was no Devil that tempted humans.

Judaism completely dismissed any notion of such lack of personal responsibility with the concept of One Indivisible God which made personal responsibility, in terms of action speaking loudest, paramount.

This did not mean that bad words were good since words can move people.

Who but manipulators would not want the masses of people to take personal responsibility beginning with pride in one’s God given looks, body and face which meant Mind and Body versus the illogical Mind Over Body.

Such people would want the masses to have an increasing size government to blame for the evils of the world to the point that for any one person to stand tall to City Hall would take a miracle and so the faithful stuck to “blind faith”.

Jewish people are far less distracted because they understand perfectly why the very few of us that remain who have not succumbed to monarch-monopolist propaganda have to be either brought into line or exterminated, and who better to do the dirty work than Jewish Kapo-sellouts.

You have been quiet now for going on 24 hours but you have yet to fully state your case as you have the excuse that today is the Sabbath and therefore you are not electronically wired as the rest.

The fact that you may end kowtowing to the pressures placed on the poorly educated-bred masses does not mean I don’t recognize that others such as yourself with such a big voice in Texas might not learn from your bad behavior despite you able to exhibit common sense which demonstrates that you are being most carefully selective in what you consider one evil less or more than another.

We are now only talking about the most extraordinary defamation by a sitting Texas Judge on me who the judge candidly, most arrogantly, most prejudicially, declares that I am a nutcase and at the very same time states unequivocally, so clearly that there is no case against filed by a corrupt ex CIA official who continues to do business with the intelligence community who follow all this just as well as all of you who duck for cover in your respective “hide outs” which you know you cannot escape your own thoughts let alone that of a most smart Higher Authority who gave you your mind-body to do good, period.

So preposterous is such a masquerade, has anyone with the least amount of common sense asking themselves what could Judge Lowy have been thinking when first allowing this case to proceed when the plaintiff, California resident and business person cum modern sculpture with all his business and personal dealings including his primary residence in Bonsal, California, never included in his initial complaint any evidence of defamation by me.

Judge Lowy saw my initial response well ahead of our first encounter on May 7, 2010, 6 weeks after I filed my first pleading/response where most of the writings were those, not of a lawyer or me, by a very common sense close neighbor who speaks for all people who understand evidence. It was so good, as you can see should you simply open your eyes as have a great many and then their mouths shut up in the next instant which Judge Lowy figured and why he never once address such a no-nonsense, crystal clear response that was followed up other equally clear statements of fact coupled with law statutes that so blew away the judge as well as Knuff and his Texas lawyer-liar Alan Lowinsohn that they said I did not respond while knowing that I had both certified mailing receipts as well as the court record shows it all just as clearly although the court record on one of the documents is not properly formatted.

None of you can find anything that I did wrong not even when it comes to complying with the Court Rules which Judge Lowy never once demanded of Lowinsohn-Knuff.

Lowy, any common sense person can understand should be sued for his defamation of me and thrown immediately off the bench; but for me to sue him in Texas and/or California requires that I now retain a lawyer given how obvious it is to all US Judiciary that I have done the most marvelous job that scares the daylights out of every lawyer and judge who of course could change their position at any moment so long as they haven’t dug their heels in too far.

Can you ever imagine a judge admonishing a defendant for not hiring a lawyer bvecause I exercised my Constitutional and human right to defend myself, and I do it so well that the Judge finds himself with a loss for words other than to state the obvious that there is something seriously wrong when he declares, “Defenses to what?”.

Every common person can easily get their head around this case that should never have been allowed to be brought to trial, and so Judge Lowy decides that he might as well get that out there at the very start in order to give the Appearance of Propriety, and knowing that the common herd with the attention span of a gnat would conclude without reading any further that this judge is bending over backwards to be fair, which is what they want to hear.

I am not a rapist.

I am not a murderer.

I haven’t been properly charged with any crime because you have never come across anyone who has in fact been so good in every respect beginning by empowering those who have no power with the truth rather than going through life with either their hand out and/or trying to beat the system.

Your thinking is that you can all find your peace in believing that I must have done something wrong given how there is great evidence that I rub a great many people who have little intelligence because they are corrupt, up the wrong way, and that it cannot be possible that a sitting judge could be so evil.

You all wish that those transcripts were all long and wordy and all the wordiness is totally incriminating of Judge Lowy, Knuff and Lowinsohn, and a 12 year old who can read and write would arrive at that conclusion.

It has been 9 days sent Lowy broke his silence following his atrocity of January 21st when handing me the most miscarriage of justice $4 million DEATH PENALTY sentence to do more than simply intimidate and wear me and my wife down:

From: “Martin Lowy”
Date: November 3, 2011 7:30:16 AM PDT
To: “Gary S Gevisser”
Cc: “David W. Langford”
Subject: Your email of 11/2/11, 5:01 p.m. , addressed to Ali Galam

Dear. Mr. Gevisser:

David Langford has provided me with a copy of the referenced email, and informs me that you have sent him a number of other emails in a similar vein. I have instructed David to place you on his blocked senders list, and I am going to do the same.

Very truly yours,


Martin Lowy
Judge, 101st District Court

Court Reporter Langford has not to the best of my knowledge ever asked me to be taken off my email list. I have paid Langford hundreds of $s to provide me with those most incriminating transcripts and 700+ pages of exhibits which don’t contain a shred of evidence of defamation by me on Knuff who only has himself to accuse of defaming himself assuming what he told former co-defendant Adam Lee Tucker who even after crumbling to the intimidation tactics of Knuff couldn’t deliver Knuff-Lowinsohn what they wanted because Tucker knew that he couldn’t possibly lie as much as he was most willing to try and set me up as I never took his bait.

So what is Lowy’s game other than to rub in that he is thoroughly convinced he and the Judges of the Texas 5th Court of Appeals have me beat?

I am looking at the clock, and it is after sunset here on west coast and even if you follow our time before ending the Sabbath you should be waisting no time or effort to help bring Public International Attention to the atrocious conduct of the Texas American Civil Liberties Union [ACLU] who refuse to get involved because they too are watching the cowardly behavior of the “common herd” beginning with all the lawyers who don’t need to finish law school to understand why the Texas 5th Court of Appeals haven’t already come down like a ton on bricks on Lowy as well as Lowinsohn-Knuff.

You do know that once I am dead, I am dead.

Common sense tells you that a great many lawyers including my estate attorney Ira Mishkind Esq. are out of a job once De Beers are declawed.

No one who is silent as Lowinsohn-Knuff also made it perfectly clear that they intend to use this most startling $4 million DEATH SENTENCE to continue their intimidation tactics of other Internet websites who think of following in my footsteps, needs to provide me with a sworn affidavit that they wish me no harm.

You are all so dumb from all your lies and being around liars, cheats and thieves and so used to “nobodies” being bumped off for being nothing close to the threat I am to all your bullshit lives, and yet I do much more than persist.

Nothing can explain my having already survived such extraordinary odds.

So you crawl up and busy yourselves in your nothing lives, and just hoping that when I die there will be as much fuss about me as there is currently, which is of course very little.

But your little minds keep forgetting I didn’t come from “little fish” South Africa, and nor was I another “little fish” who got the most coveted job with De Beers because I was not only very well connected but De Beers knew I was smart.

My email dialogue with De Beers starting on 11.11.2004 which you can find on that you have not managed to “block” because every order that is given against me, each of you know could be the last order that person gives.

I don’t have a problem with trust for I have truth at my side. It is each of you who have to deal with the increasing level of distrust of those beginning with your inner circle.

You should have already organized for this evening a special airing on your radio show beginning with inviting every lawyer you know to explain how the Texas 5th Court of Appeals who can read English as well as you have refused my request to be provided the medical records of Knuff who claimed in his sworn testimony that he is suffering from neurological diseases that have been exacerbated by of course his own doing; not to mention the Appeals Court also refused my request that Knuff prove up his claims of financial damages to both his art and spy email systems that Tucker says he only knows about because Knuff told him during their meeting on December 23, 2008, the same day President George W. Bush gave Christian American Charles Winters [1913-1984] a posthumous Presidential Pardon for his courageous actions in supplying Israel with the critical American bombers during Israel’s War of Independence [1947-1949] which landed Winters in an American jail for 18 months.

Yes, this case when you dissect it without having to be close to a very good detective since I have done all the work that again a 12 year old would get their head around in an instant, is much more than interesting.

It is a defining moment for everyone who knows about it.

295 days have passed since my sentence on January 21st.

The Texas 5th Court of Appeals are not the only judiciary who understand it all perfectly.

There has never been a whistleblower in the history of De Beers, let alone someone so senior and so intimately connected to the individual who was used by the Mossad to set up De Beers beginning in earnest when David Gevisser began disposing of anti-Semite German-American Charles W. Engelhard Jr’s [1917-1971] South African assets to the anti-Semite German-South African Oppenheimer family beginning before Engelhard was assassinated on March 2, 1971.

The Mossad who are known for their long memories as well their original motto, “By way of deception we wage war”, do not keep it a secret when letting their most trusted members of their Metsada Special Forces Kidon assassination unit tell other Israeli Special Forces commandos who every so often run into American Special Forces units such as the one highly decorated US soldier David Bellavia belonged to, that the Mossad do not think twice of poisoning their targets in Sushi restaurants.

Of course Mr. Bellavia will not have forgotten not only telling me of this one incident where he ran into an Israeli Special Forces unit who made it their business to share such a story before being quickly ferried away in a helicopter that looked very different to anything Bellavia had seen, because of course every piece of military equipment that the US gives Israel is totally suspect and the Israel Defense Force do not think it is necessary to take out a full page ad in the New York Times to cry foul or run crying to the systemically corrupt US Jewish lobby to fix the problem, which can never be fixed because there is no way to bring back either the 6 million murdered during The Holocaust or each one of Israel’s continuous wars of survival.

Let me know come back to David Gevisser’s 2006 memoirs, THE UNLIKELY FORESTER, Ch X:

My NEW LIFE in the Engelhard arena was just beginning, and it was perhaps even more fascinating and exciting than I had believed it to be from my previous external vantage point. I moved into a luxurious and quietly elegant office suite in French House, Fox Street, which was a far cry from my grubby utilitarian quarters at Moshal Gevisser in Market Street. I had an office staff of some 15 people and a fleet of long sleek American cars and chauffeurs in the basement. Responsibilities, apart from SAFII Acme, were the wide-spread and expanding Engelhard investments in South Africa, control of their two South African homes – the “Courthouse” beautifully run by Doris Trace, and “Mbulwa”, managed by Audrey and David Hull, a magnificent country home perched on a mountain overlooking Sabie, in the planning and building of which I had been closely involved.

The Engelhard family itself came once or twice a year, but in addition there was a constant stream of visitors – business, political and social connections from the US.A., and representatives of deposed European royalty important for the social and business entree that they provided. This involved both Hedda and me in a fairly constant programme of entertainment, which reached frantic levels when the Engelhards themselves were in town. There were always formal dinners which became the apex of Johannesburg social life, luncheons, and visits to the forests and Kruger Park.

New York, where I stayed at the Engelhard apartment in the Waldorf Towers; Far Hills in New Jersey (the Engelhard home “Cragwood”); Pamplemousse, the retreat at Boca Grande in Florida; the summer home at Dark Harbour in Maine; the flat at the Grosvenor Hotel in London; the apartment in Rome; the fishing lodge in Quebec; the second floor of the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich; these all became familiar territory to me, and occasionally to Hedda when we were able to make arrangements for her to join me. This was all so far removed from our normal South Mrican life-style that it had a “through-the-looking-glass” fairy tale quality. It was not just the sumptuousness of the surroundings, the walls hung with Monet, Degas, Picasso, Modigliani, Chagall, the tables casually littered with Faberge and Giacometti; it was also the people who, if not friends, became well-known acquaintances. President and Ladybird Johnson were close family friends, as was Senator Mansfield, the Senate Majority leader. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor were frequent house guests. Jackie Kennedy’s mother was a Court House visitor. Famous actors, singers, society figures, politicians, foreign dignitaries, if not part of my everyday life, were at least no longer a surprise.

Impressions abound. President Johnson was a gruff bully of a man. Ladybird was all but ignored, and his sexual adventures were open. Senator Mansfield was a delightful true gentleman. He must have been a superb ambassador to Japan. The Duke, always impeccably dressed, was not bright; the Duchess awful. I was often placed next to her at dinner. If one did not bleat “Your Royal Highness” at short intervals (a title to which she was not entitled) you were likely to be ignored. Teddy Kennedy was entranced by his own looks. Vanderbilts, Dillons, Rockefellers, Paleys; all joined my exotic list of acquaintances. I was getting used to this life’ Visits to America were thus both fascinating and stressful. There was glamour, interest, excitement. There was also the mounting irritation of an unrequited list of urgent business matters requiring decision which were approached either haphazardly, or in fragments, or not at all.What could have been done in one session stretched over days and sometimes weeks of parties, dinners, travels to Florida, to Maine, to Canada, even sometimes a quick trip on Charlie’s private jet to the Derby or Ascot in England! This was all lovely for the courtiers such as Paddy McDonnell and Ian McPherson, but it was becoming increasingly irritating for a fairly normal and conscientious executive such as I.

The background to this needs some explanation. The origin of Charlie’s approach lies I believe in the common desire of very wealthy and famous people to be amused, to have courtiers round them, to have a court jester. Charlie was certainly prey to this desire. In addition, and sadly, he was beginning to show signs of the deterioration in his health, and of his self-neglect that led fairly rapidly to his early and unnecessary death at the ridiculous age of 53 in 1970.

The roots of this lay deep in his psyche, of which I have my own diagnosis. On the physical side, this once slim, attractive USAF pilot, was now becoming almost grotesquely obese. He had a bad hip which could easily have been treated, but he had a pathological fear of hospitals and

Charlie Engelhard, circa1965
Ready for the Derby and another Nijinsky win, London 1968

The Unlikely Forester
fell into the hands of quacks in Switzerland. I knew them, and suspected them from the start. He soon became dependent on strong painkillers and allied drugs, and on their suppliers, and their advice. Simultaneously he had all the signs of a severe diabetic, including, towards the end often falling into a coma, but refused accepted treatment. His physical condition was ugly and acutely uncomfortable. He lost the will to live.

He never re-captured his joie, his spirit, his drive. At 53, he should have been at the peak of wealth, of connections, of career. He was a close and intimate friend of the most influential leaders, politicians, business-men world-wide, immensely respected. He was the most successful racing figure in the world. His death was tragic and unnecessary.

So startling was it that there were rumours about the cause.This resulted in one of the most bizarre situations in which I have ever been involved.

At the time of Charles’ death, President Nixon reigned supreme in Washington, but as we now know, was paranoid about real and imagined enemies. He was apparently desperate to get any evidence of peculiar goings-on in the Democrat camp (vide Watergate) and Charlie was a leading Democrat and fund raiser and a close friend of Lyndon Johnson. I was asked to join an Hungarian Countess for a drink one evening. She said that she was a confidante of John Mitchell (the Attorney-General) and his wife Martha and had asked to meet me at Mitchell’s request. President Nixon would like to meet me to discuss Charlie’s untimely death, his interests, ete. Although he could not insist on my accepting as I was not American, my availability would be greatly appreciated. If I agreed, would I be close to a telephone for the next 48 hours and be available to be flown by Government helicopter to the White House at short notice? I said that I had no knowledge of anything untoward but could not refuse a presidential request, and would be available. Immediately on my return to the Waldorf, I telephoned Charlie’s lawyer, Ed Beimfohr, for advice. He believed that I really had little option but to agree. In the event, I heard nothing further from the Countess, the Mitchells, or the President!

Charlie’s death had very far-reaching effects on my immediate and long-term future. I had lost a good friend, a mentor, an employer~ and my unique window on a new world was beginning to close. It was presaged by a discussion with both Charlie and Jane at the Quebec fishing lodge sometime in 1968. Charlie had some premonition of an early death. He said that he knew that I was concerned about my future in South Africa, and that partly to ensure that, and partly because he regarded me as a good friend who had his and his family’s interests at heart, he would like to appoint me as one of his three world-wide executors, together with Jane and his lawyer Ed Beimfohr. Jane was part of this discussion which had her full approval. I of course accepted, but thought no more about it, particularly as it is not unusual for wills to be frequently changed.

However, one afternoon in Johannesburg, there was a call from Ed to say that Charlie had died in Florida, that I was indeed one of his executors, and that I should get to New York as quickly as possible, not only for the funeral, but because there was an enormous load of work to be initiated and dealt with.

Charlie had been a Commissioner of the New York Port Authority, and Sava and I received red carpet treatment on arrival, avoiding all of the usual customs and immigration formalities and being provided with helicopter transport to Manhattan.
The funeral was scheduled for the next morning in New Jersey. It was predictably very sad, very crowded, and very Catholic (Charlie having converted shortly before his death at Jane’s urging), attended by a host of church, political and social dignitaries, together with his friends and colleagues in business and horse-racing from around the world.

I have a confused memory of the religious service, the interment and the wake at “Cragwood”. There was incredulity among the American key executives and close friends when they discovered that I was one of the three executors, with Ed Beimfohr and Jane, and early indications of manoeuvring for position and influence. From being a relatively minor player in a remote country, I had suddenly and unexpectedly been elevated to a position of power and influence.

In retrospect I was painfully naive, and quite unprepared for what lay ahead, and in particular for the strange dichotomous personality that was Jane Engelhard. Charlie, in a moment of rare candour about his wife, had warned me not to misread current friendliness and apparent affection, and to be ready for a rapid and uncomfortable change because she was manipulative and firmly believed that anyone who was too influential should be cut down. It was soon very apparent, to my considerable bewilderment, that I was the prime target.

She achieved this in a number of ways, most of which I was too inexperienced to counter. She soon let it be known that she believed Charlie to have been deranged when he appointed me, and that this was counter to her wishes (despite the fact that she had been part of the threesome that had agreed it); she set me up by asking me to do certain things and to take certain actions which she then criticised as evidence of my ineptness; and most importantly she incorrectly reported executor’s discussions to the redoubtable Andre Meyer of Lazards (the financial adviser) which turned him from friend to enemy.

In South Africa, she asked her old enemy Gordon Richdale and the auditor and bank Chairman Arthur Aiken, both of whom were very susceptible to wealth and feminine flattery, to join a committee with me to oversee the S.A. affairs – in effect a watchdog committee. I had also made an error in my understanding of the charitable trust set up under Charlie’s will. It was of course a legitimate tax avoidance vehicle but these trusts are also used widely for social purposes. I discovered this when, to the horror of the Engelhard clan, I vetoed a request for $250000 for a new show-ring and stables for a ladies college which already had, I established, one such facility which was eminently satisfactory.

I had ultimately to decide whether to challenge some of the actions or whether temporarily to go along with them. The heirs to the Engelhard estate were Jane and her five daughters. The third executor, Ed Beimfohr, was a lawyer who, whilst a good friend, had no reason to challenge Jane who was a major client with powerful connections. About 18 months later I therefore decided to resign my positions as executor and trustee as soon as the bulk of the estate had been finalised, wound up, and the bulk of the assets turned into cash and liquid investments. The Engelhard clan was eager to get their hands on the proceeds. They were not in any way interested in the business or the racing establishments that had been carefully built up by Charlie.

The next year was a mix of sadness at having to break down everything that Charlie had built up, of excitement, and extreme irritations, combined with occasional unpleasantness, although relationships with the Engelhards were now on a superficially courteous and friendly basis.

For irritation value there was the “Courthouse” which was still being used by itinerant Americans and by the Engelhards. There was also “Mbulwa” and “Ntorna”, the galne farm which David Hull and I had purchased for the Engelhards as an undeveloped area in the Klaserie reserve.We planned and built the roads and the camp which Charlie sadly never saw. It is somewhat more luxurious today, as an Oppenheimer family retreat, but not much changed. Quietly grazing at Turffontein were the Engelhard racehorses under George Azzie and his son. On the fringe were numerous Engelhard investments and a substantial office at French House. Running all of this was interspersed with frequent visits to America, by almost constant and voluminous messages from Ed Beimfohr and finally a royal progress to Africa by all of the Engelhard clan which was a disaster. The daughters, led by Annette, were grumpy and unhappy and patently uncomfortable with their S.A. interests which were becoming increasingly politically incorrect in the U.S.A. (It was at about this time that Harvard refused to name a library, donated by the Engelhards, in honour of Charlie. Kissinger intervened and finally a small plaque was installed, I believe close to the men’s room!) Jane collapsed with a suspected heart attack, complete with private nurses, private wards, cardiologists, alarms, etc., ete. Nothing was ever diagnosed, and there is ‘a strong suspicion that it was in search of additional attention. To her ‘considerable surprise the Engelhard aura had tarnished since Charlie’s death. From the U.S. base, Ed and I moved to dispose of ownership of shoe factories, various industries and share holdings, and we moved to sell off the racing stable world-wide whilst temporarily retaining the breeding operations in Kentucky and elsewhere. Assets had to be valued, and these were considerable. The art collection itself was worth a great fortune.

A worrying aspect of the bloodstock and racing establishment was that the racing operations, world-wide, were losing some $2 million annually, but were temporarily essential to prove the bloodstock operation which wasjust starting to produce the progeny of such great racing names as Nijinsky.

In American inheritance law, there is a clause which states that heirs may hold executors personally responsible for imprudence. There is no definition of that word but all of the expert advice that we sought said very clearly and painfully that losing $2 million a year on horse-racing was decidedly imprudent regardless of the possible justification! Our concern was that four of the Engelhard daughters were not yet married, and the possibility of a greedy future lawyer husband was not remote! We sought insurance, and were laughed at! Ed and I conferred anxiously and finally decided to risk a challenge whilst we quietly went about selling off the racing assets, eventually followed by the bloodstock.

This was not to be a simple exercise. The racing fraternity seem to have split personalities. Some of the most famous names in racing and finance, with impeccable reputations in their non-racing spheres, become suspect horse-traders as soon as a deal is mooted. We were suddenly made aware of a myriad of private arrangements that Charlie was supposed to have made, of promises, of trades of progeny and services. Vincent O’Brien, the legendry Irish trainer, whom I visited in Ireland, recalled that Charlie had promised to build a home for indigent Irish jockeys; Azzie had been promised a house at Summerfield.

We were fairly ruthless about most of this, but in South Africa, a particularly difficult situation arose. Charlie owned a champion horse, Elevation. Some of his racing friends contacted me urgently and confidentially to say that they each had a right of flrst refusal because of their close friendship. I sought advice and included Elevation in the auction of the racing stables. He fetched just three times the highest private offer from the friends!

The sale of “Courthouse” followed. The only offer I received was for R500 000 from John Heinrich. In retrospect, R500 000 for 25 acres was ridiculous, but there was no other interest. Irvine and I thought about buying it as a combined office and home for one of us, but were concerned about a business licence being refused – a bit silly in the light of the subsequent occupation by Rembrandt!

“Ntorna” was offered to Harry Oppenheimer who refused it was sold to the Webb family who some years later did sell it to the Oppenheimers at a very large profit. It remains to this day a favourite Oppenheimer family retreat. Finally, SAFII Acme itself was sold to Anglo American. Jane, advised by Andre Meyer, and encouraged by her daughters, had done a deal with Harry Oppenheimer for the estate to be paid out in dollars at a price, which whilst slightly higher than the quoted market price, was very low compared with the rand value of the assets. However, the Engelhards wanted to get out of South Africa as it was becoming an increasing embarrassment to them in their political and academic lives. I thought seriously of opposing the deal which was certainly neither in my interests nor that of the minority shareholders. I would however probably have been outvoted two-to-one and decided to acquiesce. It did however leave a sad and bitter taste as one of Charlie’s major reasons for appointing me as an executor was to ensure that I had control of my own destiny in South Africa.

Soon after all of this, I decided to resign as an Executor and Trustee. The basis of the decision was that I had no stomach for an ongoing close relationship with the family, whose finances I would have partly to control. A meeting was arranged in Paris with Beirnfohr, and Kiko Bemberg (jane’s decent brother-in-law). A proper pay-out, based on Executors’ Fees, was amicably negotiated.

Jane died in 2005. Thus ended a fascinating chapter and a new brief but intense period ensued – that of a senior manager in the Anglo American establishment. Before that however, was a parallel interlude with Max Wilson, a colourful entrepreneur whom I had known for many years. Max had grown up in Johannesburg under difficult family circumstances, had proved to be an over-sophisticated business man at an early age, and was imprisoned for embezzlement of trust funds at 19. He served his time with the legendary Milne and Erleigh and always referred to this period as his university years. He was released after three years, and became the first person in S.A.judicial history to be totally legally rehabilitated after having repaid all of the embezzled funds and having proved to a tribunal of three judges that he was truly reformed. Max, with my old Pilgrim’s Rest friend, Chone Dredzen, had pioneered the Overseas Visitors Club, a phenomenally successful organisation that welcomed young colonials to its rabbit-warren of accommodation in the Earls Court area of London. He produced money-making ideas at a great rate, but was often unable to manage them into profitable practice. One of these was to establish in South Africa a holiday savings scheme that provided very cheap travel. This was guaranteed by Barclays Bank and promised to be most successful. A second scheme was the charter of the full Cunard North Atlantic fleet (the Empress of Britain, Empress of Canada, ete.), to run a cruising operation to South American ports from Cape Town. The scheme went ahead with David Gevisser as Chairman. It did not prosper, largely because of poor administration, but it was an exciting period and a welcome part-time diversion from wholesaling and timber, including a cruise to South America in the owner’s suite.

Perhaps you feel that reading this from the bottom up didn’t distract you enough.

57 days after Putin bowed before De Beers head Nicholas Oppenheimer

Putin’s boys pulled off a one of a kind assassination at a sushi restaurant in Piccadilly Circus.

Cutting and pasting Wikipedia: Alexander Litvenko:

Poisoning and death

Main article: Alexander Litvinenko poisoning

Alexander Litvinenko at University College Hospital
On 1 November 2006, Litvinenko suddenly fell ill and was hospitalised. His illness was later attributed to poisoning with radionuclide polonium-210 after theHealth Protection Agency found significant amounts of the rare and highly toxic element in his body. In interviews, Litvinenko stated that he met with two former KGB agents early on the day he fell ill – Dmitry Kovtun and Andrei Lugovoi. Though both denied any wrongdoing, a leaked US diplomatic cable revealed that Kovtun had left Polonium traces in the house and car he had used in Hamburg [3]. The men also introduced Litvinenko to a tall, thin man of central Asian appearance called ‘Vladislav Sokolenko’ who Lugovoi said was a business partner. Lugovoi is also a former bodyguard of Russian ex-Acting Prime minister Yegor Gaidar (who also suffered from a mysterious illness in November 2006). Later, he had lunch at Itsu, a sushi restaurant in Piccadilly in London, with an Italian acquaintance and nuclear waste expert, Mario Scaramella, to whom he made the allegations regarding Italy’s Prime Minister Romano Prodi.[77] Scaramella, attached to the Mitrokhin Commission investigating KGB penetration of Italian politics, claimed to have information on the assassination of Anna Politkovskaya, 48, a journalist who was killed at her Moscow apartment in October 2006.

I have bolded parts of Ch X ENGELHARD EXPERIENCE which does not make the rest uninteresting including how nowhere in the entire book is there any mention of my father’s World War II record that greatly surpasses that of anyone social climber David Gevisser ever came “knew” (sic) intimately which is not to say he didn’t come into contact with members of the Mossad who would understand as well as anyone why David Gevisser got so wrong the death date of Engelhard as he not only gave the wrong date 1970, but added in that he was 53.

David Gevisser could also afford a very good editor.

I can speculate why such important information is so conspicuous; but why not leave it to David Gevisser’s heirs beginning with his 4 sons and Henry Kissinger to speak out?

Kissinger was 47 at the time of Engelhard’s death, the same age as my father.

Nixon was 58.

Nixon is dead.

Kissinger should be hauled first thing on Monday before the US Congress, don’t you think?

I haven’t seen an email from anyone supporting a fair wage increase for American soldiers and veterans including those who want to believe that they were fighting for country.

At no time did I ever run into my “lucky uncle” Dave on his visits to Earls Court London where on every one of my immediate family’s trips beginning in 1966, we stayed at the London’s Travelers Club (Earls Court) that was owned and run by South African Leslie Shagam who was one of the founders of the Israel Air Force and according to my mother, Les was thrown out of the Mossad’s El-El Airline because he was gay and considered a security risk.

Bear in mind, as I recall Chris Doctor mentioning that he has close friends that attended Penn State where BA Degrees are now being referred to as Bare Ass, 1966 was the year Attorney General of the US, Senator Robert F. Kennedy visited South Africa and my mother was tasked with coming up with “A list of people Kennedy should NOT meet” without the South African reporter naming the Kennedy clan’s principal financial backers; namely, Engelhard and Harry Oppenheimer.

It would be fair to say that every member of my immediate and extended Moshal Gevisser family has read THE UNLIKELY FORESTER at least once, and ever so carefully; but, when they see the bolding of the words, “Acme itself was sold to Anglo American” each one of them have a sinking feeling in their stomachs that will never go away.

Who wants to believe that they could have someone so evil in their family that they can easily put their misdeeds behind them and when writing their memoirs just throw it out like the way a coyote grabs its kill.

I have never seen a coyote grab a domesticated animal like a cat or dog, but I know others have including Chris Doctor who it seems has tried everything including trying to chew up a saw after his cell phone rang and distracted him just as he began his cut.

To top it off he had to show me the most gruesome surgery photos.

Chris did not recommend that the Harmless man with the raw leg of lamb looking right arm stump go and see his surgeon who will have made as you well know an arm and a leg which of course was not lost on the one nurse; less said the better; but I leave it all to your wild imaginations as the Il Forniao barmen who know Chris and his antics well, are now rolling.

Kissinger is 88.

Do you think he profited over the past 4 decades?

What do you think he would say about my “lucky uncle” Dave, assuming I was given the opportunity to cross examine him and each member of the US Congress?

How many business, finance, economics, military and political science books do you think have been written during this time period?

Would you know if any of them are shorter than this missive?


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