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Poorly educated middle class who serve as the ruling elite's buffer

From: “David Bellavia”
Date: August 29, 2009 6:33:15 PM PDT
To: “‘Gary S Gevisser'”
Subject: RE: “NO war in Iraq and Afghanistan” – incident


—–Original Message—–
From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Saturday, August 29, 2009 8:14 PM
To: Austin – General Manager, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf shop in Albertson’s
shopping center across from the Marc Rich-Essakow Flower Hill Mall
Cc: rest; Oprah. com;; Sternshow; jeff; patrick. j.
fitzgerald; Drudge; Howard Schultz – Starbucks; Steven Lee Parkinson –
Mothercare – Middleast; Jerusalem Post; Del Mar Times – Del Mar Times –
Editor; Editor-shanghai daily; Edward Jay Epstein – Author of The Diamond
Subject: “NO war in Iraq and Afghanistan” – incident

Austin – I perfectly understand the frustration of college graduates
or for that matter any college student feeling “frustrated” having to
work for minimum wage and tips competing against Starbucks and other
retail operations including diamond laundering operations and brothels
who have little overhead, all of them depending on the hard working
poor having increasingly less disposable income, but what is your

Not to mention, I bet you have more than a dozen prostitutes pick up
their Johns at your establishment and while they don’t carry a shingle
that says, “While waiting for me to do you, just enjoy yourself to a
fine cup of coffee at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf shop across from
the Marc Rich and company Flower Hill Mall”.

Did they not teach you in college how to your overhead down and remain
courteous at all time, at the same time you know that you are most
likely aiding and abetting prostitution that my Charm School teacher
mother Zena was the first to tell me is not only the oldest, but the
most honest profession.

You never went to college.

Then again you werent around when your clown employee asserted his
right as management to tell me that you no longer wanted my business.

Would it help to let you know that there have been much bigger
establishments catering to far more Jewish people than me who would
not have thrown me out no matter how much I voicing my right to fair
and free speech.

One example I can think of is the Rockefeller’s I.G. Farben gas pellet
production facility in the dead center of Auschwitz, wouldnt you agree?

At the same time you know that THE FISH ROTS FROM THE HEAD DOWN.

You have to take responsibility for the “disorderly conduct” for even
the most frustrated of all The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf employees
including the Chairman of the Board assuming it was your chairman that
was the imbecile who “reprimanded” me without bothering to investigate
the facts.

Moreover, this monkey of a person who does as well the ugliest of the
ugly orangoutangs insult for doing much worse than simply taking up
space which is bad enough, DARED to SHOUT AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS, “We
have been receiving complaints about you from other customers”.

In your scripted employee manual does it say that when you receive
complaints about good customers such as myself who also make people
think before they get violent once they have the information of how
the lazy rich trickle down the cost of getting rich on to the backs of
the poor who are not stupid, not all of them anyway, just poorly
informed, that the employee should just keep quiet and not discuss the
issue with your “banning target”, and assume they have the mental
telepathy all figured out?

You know that no one who works for The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf shop
ever mentioned a word to me, even though I know there were a couple of
people who gave me their email addresses and were expecting to get
something for free and when they didnt like what I sent them because
the truth was just too disturbing they got angry with me.

But again you have a coffee shop and you have people there doing more
than simply picking up on others.

In fact one day I was entertained to a fashion show with the most
beautiful bodied women in the skimpiest of outfits that to some people
would be most vulgar, and in fact that day I tipped more.

In other words, a nun might even be offended that my “civil rights”
were trampled on by someone who very possibly has received one of my
so very informative emails.

In fact as you do your job right and speak with the rest of the staff
who were on duty you will find that the gentleman who served me, i
believe his name is Eric, told me so himself, and nor was he at about
6 foot 5 afraid that I would tip him less either.

People talk a lot of shit in coffee shops as well and they don’t get

For the record, I doubt that any of the complaints have been that I
don’t bathe enough which is something rather awful whichever way you
look at things.

Right now a train is coming by our rented art gallery-cliff house and
the conductor has quite the heavy hand on the horn, but again it is
summer and from what I can tell there are not that many more people
committing suicide, at least not right in front; but I bet you havent
bothered to ask an American soldier who has, why?

My confrontation which was not physical was with a gentleman who was
much bigger than me in every physical respect but he didnt show me his
penis although he played with it a lot just like most guys which is
not the only reason why I like a woman to make my cuppochino; and of
course he could have been gay and possibly something that the girl he
was with had questioned but not as much I suspect as his utter
stupidity as she told him while mostly looking at me, “Both of you
should stop playing with words.”

I am intelligent enough to know that she was intelligent to figure out
that it was only her partner who was playing with words in the most
atrocious manner as he kept saying, “You say there is no war going on
in Iraq and Afghanistan, now prove that to me.”

No one in their right mind who has ever spoken to me or written to me
or read what I have written would conclude I would say something as so
untruthful which of course this 32 year old gentleman perfectly

He was of course just wanting to “goad me” because when he saw what my
website was all about, he decided to go quiet,
believing that mental suicide was better than financial suicide,
because he understood perfectly well that on a level playing field he
like a great many Americans wouldn’t be able to afford a pot to pee
in; and to just thank God China hasnt called in their loans; but you
have noticed that while the US Congress led by Obama continue to give
big speeches, China is very quiet and you would know if you ever had
Chinese students in your classes why it is that they set the
scholastic levels wherever they go and it is not because they are
stupid; not to mention do you think no one in the Chinese government
can read the balance sheet of the United States and know that the only
thing backing all the printing of worthless money by Obama and company
is dependent on Americans such as Corporal Kevin Gipe to wage brutal
war in other parts of the world in order to intimidate not just our
local tyrants but those as far away as the other side of the planet.

Nor would I ever allow a situation to get out of h
and, at least
physically, unless the person was in fact out of control; and so
having someone like me who can hold my own pretty well and therefore
not likely to lose my temper than someone who is mindless should be
seen as even more of an “asset” customer.

You also understand that I could choose quieter spots to have a cup of
coffee, but I am trying to help the most “challenged” who do in fact
hang out the most in coffee shops, other than violent gangs, prison
and the more organized violent military.

It is really not in the least bit hard to figure out very quickly who
amongst us is really for peace and as you guessed is not all that many
of us.

Consequently, you are seeing the “short fuse” more and more as the
pressures build up and worse yet the poor really don’t know what is
going on but finding times tougher and tougher and at the same time
knowing that your government leadership is lying through their teeth
when so openly rewarding failure as they continue to bailout out big
corporations who have succeeded by putting small businesses out of

You couldnt even find the words to describe how anxious you felt when
I informed you that your main competitor for mostly steamed milk that
is run by a Jewish American does not have one Starbucks in Israel
because of a deal entered in to with the Kuwait Royal Family and yet
there you are mostly non-Jewish workers working for Starbucks’
competitor and you run a kosher operation.

Do you think the Chief Executive Officer of The Coffee Bean and Tea
Leaf shop is incompetent, culpable or both?

I expect a full and sincere apology and only then will I consider
forgiving you.

A very disappointed customer,

Gary S. Gevisser

Ps – please provide me with the email addresses of as many people you
think may interested in this subject matter; and whatever you do, just
keep smiling because I am only encouraged to speed up explaining why
you should be paying more attention to where the money came to
purchase the Flower Hill Mall.

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