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Professor Jeffrey Sachs – Time of the essence to you – Part I

From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Sunday, June 10, 2007 7:18 PM PT
To: Professor Jeffrey Sachs – Columbia University
Cc: rest;’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; Amir Attaran – Scientist and lawyer -Canada Research Chair in Law, “Populaton” [sic] Health and Global Development at the University of Ottawa; Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki – President of South Africa; Trevor Manuel – South Africa’s Minister of Finance; Edward Jay Epstein – Author of The Diamond Invention; Stephen Cohen – Codiam Inc.; Sherri Hendricks – Rapaport Report; Mark Gevisser – The Nation’s southern African correspondant; Nicholas Oppenheimer – DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Joe Ash; Professor Joe Grundfest – Stanford University – former member of the SEC; Roger W. Robinson; King Golden Jr. Esq.; Valerie Schulte Esq. – National Association of Broadcasters; Molly H. Hubbard – Director of Development James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy; Michael Strauss Esq. – International Monetary Fund; Richard Regis – Wall Street Journal – Editor; Gregg Birnbaum – Political Editor for New York Post – webeditor of Just Hilary; Rupa Wasi;; Mossad; Mr. Gonzales – Attorney General of the United States Justice Department; Diana Henriques – journalist New York Times – Big Jury Award in Injury Case Over Keyboards – December 10, 1996; South China Morning Post; ‘’; Ron Bellows Senior – Risk Management specialist – AIG; Augusto Benito Vargis; Professor Rabbi Abner Weiss;; Rush Limbaugh; Oprah;;

An Open Letter To Professor Jeffrey David Sachs – Columbia University.

Professor Sachs,

The first questions you and of course the rest of the world will inevitably ask which I trust you will be able to answer clearly and in simply English:

Why did you select Sachs so very low on your “hit list” of “decent” human beings?

Seems like there are a whole lot worse?

He is just as controlled as anyone else in his position that the DAAC support?

Just as easy him as anyone else to address, to communicate with, I would guess?

Will get out there one way or the other, I guess?

Sachs is not more important than anyone else; I am also guessing, or less important?

But still I am personally curious given how you, Gary S. Gevisser, have a real broad base of people you approve of as well as disapprove, why this guy, why does Sachs have the honor being at the forefront of this so very important communication”?

Right now my wife’s Chocolate Labrador, Maggie who was barking a little earlier came inside our stone home where it is much cooler than the outside and has sat herself right next to my feet and is now enjoying a right foot massage; different to my high, high, high maintenance-energy Super Fast, Super Sensitive-Intelligent Italian Greyhound, Pypeetoe who first just paws right in your face, you have no option, cracks you up!

Suffice to say both my Royal Mater’s close-lucky-friend, my father’s first cousin, uncle David Moshal Gevisser Engelhard Oppenheimer and Nicholas Oppenheimer whose very close friend’s sister was the second wife of my Royal Mother’s half-brother, uncle Joe Ash, are as you would bet, busy people who when mostly socializing have their corrupted business people-politicians convinced that the DAAC’s co-opted-corrupted elected as well as unelected government officials are not responsible for the corruption in other places such as Africa, Mexico and elsewhere.

So very colorful are the top dogs of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel ending a joke which you know how it began,

[b]“Well the Kaffirs have 90% of the remainder of the DAAC continent of Africa to kill themselves”.

No different to you Professor Sachs, the DAAC have a rather cynical low opinion of the entire continent of Africa, not just the 10% atop the world’s richest mineral resources that they own outright thanks to the DAAC having the biggest guns, period.

“A Nation of Laws” or more aptly, “A Nation of DAAC lawyers” who ALL know better thanks in part to The Diamond Invention but mostly me explaining that your deafening silences speak to how so very afraid you are of the truth that speaks volumes to your culpability, all in “real time” without you or for that matter any of the 7 odd billion of us on this planet HAVING THE SLIGHTEST clue who is receiving a blind copy of this communication.[/b]

Paralysis with no end in sight, not even death will provide any relief!

Care to argue?

It is inevitable that the numbers reading and understanding every single word I write will rise rather than fall causing all you miserable bastards not only getting more than your fair share of the graft but causing all the graft to go increasingly “deafeningly silent” so exposing your “true colors” to my increasingly bright spotlight.

DAAC academics have to be more subtle in this “money, money, money, me, me, me” world, all about those whose lands we have stolen now being paid slave wages as you do the most terrific job promoting the DAAC doctrine “Africa’s governance is poor because Africa is poor” through “handouts”.

Yesterday, Saterday June 9th, 2007, today the 8th anniversary of me “going public” on the Internet with the “Revlon makeup job” post on the Revlon Yahoo message board that began a chain of events including momworker63’s heartbreaking plea the next day, 6/11/99, “HELP HELP help” that now has you on the very tail end of what is to “sum” [sic] a “nightmare” and to most of the hard working innovative peoples of the world nothing short of a breath of fresh air, I began a dialogue with two of your trusted aids, Heidi Kleedtke and Erin Trowbridge as well as Louise Rosen who knows you well enough to have your private email address that she gladly shared with me, not because she is “naïve”; on the contrary, I suggest rather savvy when reading what I last wrote Madams Trowbridge and Kleedtke, her Blackberry also allowing Ms. Rosen to access the so very important Chapter in Hollywood blockbuster author Wall Street Journal editorialist and investigative reporter Edward Jay Epstein’s THE DIAMOND INVENTION, that has to of course take all your breaths away.

Repeating the last of my “back and forth” communications with you folks yesterday that has now caused a 24 hour deafening silence following the acknowledgment that I had found people in your organization capable of at least encouraging you to read an easy to read chapter of a famous author.

From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Saturday, June 09, 2007 4:51 PM PT
To: Erin Trowbridge
Cc: rest; Heidi Kleedtke
Subject: RE: Out of Office AutoReply: I am trying to get a copy of an email I sent DeBeers in to the hands of Professor Jeffrey Sachs. Can you assist?

Thank you.

I appreciate your patience. I just got back from a longer than usual mid-afternoon walk with our two dogs and a friend.

In thinking more about getting this rather important communiqué in to your hands, nothing to do with trust but rather “timing” since I would prefer no delay in Professor Sachs reading what I have to say and a communication I plan to send to President Bush, bearing in mind I am intimately familiar with the very top echelons of DeBeers given how I had twice the opportunity to be its head, I would like to suggest you try and get Professor Sachs online but first have him read Wall Street Journal editorialist and author Edward Jay Epstein’s, The Diamond Invention which you can access over the internet by clicking on this hyperlink that takes you directly to Chapter 9, DIAMONDS FOR

The first question I would assume Professor Sachs would ask other than of course wanting to know why the “urgency”, is what happened to those diamonds?

Even if I was a “nobody” you would agree when reading just this one chapter that is an important question given how Diamonds, one “means of exchange” are unlimited in supply, untraceable, lightweight and never been inventoried by any government body-regulator anywhere as well as at any time.

In a short while I will be going for a 45 minute mountain bike ride on the rather treacherous Nobel Canyon trails here in the Cleveland National Forest where my wife and I have a stone and glass home although our main residence is in Del Mar, California about an hour’s drive west.

I could be leaving the country in the next 24 hours heading to either China or Peru, it all depends, but I think Professor Sachs could help me make up my mind.

Of course Chapter 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER just beginning to explain what happened to Hitler’s Diamond Currency unlimited in supply, untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried that inevitably cost American Charles Engelhard and his mafia partner Anglo South African Harry Oppenheimer absolutely nothing to rig the 1960 U.S. Presidential election.

Can you just imagine the celebrating that began in Harry Oppenheimer’s suite at the Carlyle Hotel immediately after President elect John F. Kennedy along with the 3 Branches of the United States Government all in full attendance represented by the United States Secret Service, left after “paying homage”?

Not to mention the $6 million “sign on bonus” my pitifully poor business person uncle Dave received a decade later, pale, however, in comparison to the compensation package I left on the table, not once but twice.

While now realizing this is my last heavily broadcasted communiqué before settling down to compose my forthcoming book, THE HISTORY OF MONEY CREATION AND ITS FUTURE!, subtitle A Message For The President, and please feel free to plagiarize, you are to first take note in your mind of approximately 2.5 million individuals/groups receiving this exact communication either 10 minutes ahead of you or within 72 hours.


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