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Professor Jeffrey Sachs – Time of the essence to you – Part II

I also bet you a glass of clean fresh drinking water that the world will not end one moment after 72 hours.

Begin by again reading very carefully what I last emailed your worker bee assistants and respond accordingly, bearing constantly in mind not only is time of the essence TO YOU but your words in your 2005 work, The End of Poverty, in which you write, “Africa’s governance is poor because Africa is poor.”

From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Saturday, June 09, 2007 4:51 PM PT
To: Erin Trowbridge
Cc: rest; Heidi Kleedtke
Subject: RE: I am trying to get a copy of an email I sent DeBeers in to the hands of Professor Jeffrey Sachs. Can you assist?

Thank you.

I appreciate your patience. I just got back from a longer than usual mid-afternoon walk with our two dogs and a friend.

In thinking more about getting this rather important communiqué into your hands, nothing to do with trust but rather “timing” since I would prefer no delay in Professor Sachs reading what I have to say and a communication I plan to send to President Bush, bearing in mind I am intimately familiar with the very top echelons of DeBeers given how I had twice the opportunity to be its head, I would like to suggest you try and get Professor Sachs online but first have him read Wall Street Journal editorialist and author Edward Jay Epstein’s, The Diamond Invention which you can access over the internet by clicking on this hyperlink that takes you directly to Chapter 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER, subtitle THE SECRET WAR REPORT OF THE OSS/CIA.

The first question I would assume Professor Sachs would ask other than of course wanting to know why the “urgency”, is what happened to those diamonds?

Even if I was a “nobody” you would agree when reading just this one chapter that is an important question given how Diamonds, one “means of exchange” are unlimited in supply, untraceable, lightweight and never been inventoried by any government body-regulator anywhere as well as at any time.

In a short while I will be going for a 45 minute mountain bike ride on the rather treacherous Nobel Canyon trails here in the Cleveland National Forest where my wife and I have a stone and glass home although our main residence is in Del Mar, California about an hour’s drive west.

I could be leaving the country in the next 24 hours heading to either China or Peru, it all depends, but I think Professor Sachs could help me make up my mind.

Professor, I am now going to take a break while leaving you first with this cartoon below talking about my many hats wearing mother, Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman’s half-brother, uncle Joe and to the left a photo of my RM and Joe who was a prominent businessman and Durban City, South Africa councilmember as well as Deputy Mayor which carried a little more weight than our freeloading heavily corrupted Del Mar, California, city council members.

Note the date on the Editorial page of Durban THE DAILY NEWS, February 10th, 1971, 19 odd days before Mossad-assassinated-treasonous American Charles Engelhard was laid to rest in St. Mary’s Abby Church, Morris Town, New Jersey, his funeral attended by none other than DAAC Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy, DAAC Democrat President Lyndon Johnson and DAAC Democrat Vice President Humphrey, and you would know from reading previous communications with Mr. Ron Bellows, senior Risk Management specialist for AIG that Morris Town, New Jersey is in fact two words.

Finally note the “memo to file” I sent to my wife’s one email account this past Thursday, the 1045 odd word email I began writing as Marie D. Gevisser began sipping a glass of wine at our stone and glass home here deep inside the Cleveland National Forest while seated on a wooden log we constructed in front of the east facing windows which you don’t see in this photo below showing MDG who doesn’t like me placing any photos of her on the Internet, least of all those she feels are unflattering despite wearing a Peruvian hat with my father in the background, bearing in mind, self-critical but most confident MDG does not consider herself in the least bit photogenic.

Not to mention if MDG needed a no-nonsense divorce lawyer who would you recommend?

From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2007 10:36 PM PT
To: Marie Dion Gevisser
Subject: Marie – there are some rather difficult events to explain that are critical to the book that you think I will never get “around to”.

The attached file while an email is my attempt to not only explain this one very important event that is mostly behind my mother’s “obstinacy”, I think that is the right word, but I am hoping it will cause everyone who “wishes” me “unwell”, different to “harm” to think really hard before calling me “nuts” or worse yet “naïve”.

I cannot explain all the reasons why they haven’t taken down The Diamond Invention but one of the reasons is that they do actually believe I will go “nuts” once realizing not a single person of “importance” cares and of course they all know without me telling them so that you are not only the only person of importance to me but who deep down actually also cares not just about me but why everything I say does in fact make perfect sense beginning with why I had to, not now, but just before you arrived [this evening] “knuckle down” and write the book that no one with a penny to their name may care to purchase but I am quite certain the more slimier they are the more they will want to read it and tell people about this group that is more slimier than them even though they are one and the same.

The very important meeting I had with my uncle [David] in Johannesburg back in 1995 before you arrived [in South Africa from the States] was from my standpoint all about finding out how important he was in the DAAC “chain of command”.

The business meeting I had attended the day before with an important South African cabinet member who is today South Africa’s Minister of Finance was to get this “colored” gentleman to approve a business deal I had put together with the remnants of the South African Apartheid Regime that I knew would ultimately result in failure since this group [SAITEX] [South African International Trade Exhibitors] were controlled by the DAAC and had no interest in bringing foreign businesses, in particular “foreign capital” in to South Africa since that interferes with the DAAC’s main business which is controlling business using their DAAC currency.

One stone two hits.

By approving the deal it showed that this new ANC government were the same as the Apartheid Regime just different “skin tones” but the exact same insensitivity.

I had my uncle who was unaware of this meeting with the “colored gentleman” first see me as “contrite”, I think it is the right word, making out that I had “learned my lessons” and was no longer such a “busybody” asking so many “unnerving questions” as I did when working 15 years prior on 47th Street, bearing in mind that I had while running very successful businesses in the interim kept a very low profile even when I was with the insurance marketing-publishing group where I never borrowed a dime or raised any equity which is what gets the attention of the DAAC.

Then I went on to tell my uncle that I was now working with the Krok [Epilady – Twins Pharmaceuticals] “clowns” that had him calling me “naïve” which made my uncle who is not a businessman’s backside feel real good about himself before letting me know that he could “fix” things with the DAAC so that I could still take over from him and of course I played along while getting him to confirm not only his initial financial package of $6 million which really was very serious “money power” back in [March] 1971
but how the DAAC had not a care in the world anyone, not the Israelis, the Americans, not even God him-herself would shut them down because everyone who was “bought and paid for” were of the “opinion” the DAAC were as good as it gets to “God” in allocating the world’s resources given how if anyone were to go “nuts” and blow the Diamond Invention “sky-high” the DAAC while destroying the currency market since they have so much of it would get even richer since they own “everything and everyone” of importance and that of course includes most of the world’s mineral rights protected by of course the world’s official and unofficial industrial-military-complex.

And so we laughed and laughed and laughed, and of course I not only went “overboard” but went back to my business with the Kroks and when he again felt the “urge” to call them “clowns” repeatedly I responded, “well at least they are colorful clowns since they are now working with this ‘colored gentleman’” which had my uncle laughing to the point of being almost hysterical – at which point while still smiling from ear to ear I said,

“Trevor Manual just approved the sale of one of the Krok’s companies to remnants of the Apartheid Regime who will of course fuck up the business bringing foreign capital and expertise in to South Africa”

which still had my uncle laughing uncontrollably but stopping shortly after I stopped smiling when saying,

“DeBeers may control the ANC Government just like they did the Apartheid Regime but they will never own me!”

You could have used a knife to cut the tension in my uncle’s small private study in his house, the two of us staring each other out and when he blinked I got up without saying a word and left.

My uncle’s decision to “announce” not privately but at a dinner party that I believe he arranged only to have my mother come along to tell her “publicly” that I was “naïve” told me most of all my uncle was deathly afraid of what else about me he didn’t know.

I only know what I know.

I have no idea just like anyone else who is sane when I will take my last breath but I am very possibly the least afraid person of what comes next given again only what I know versus believe.

I know you…

To be continued…

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