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Proposal – Re: Contact

From: GaryStevenGevisser <garystevengevisser>
Subject: Proposal – Re: Contact
Date: September 21, 2013 3:03:44 AM PDT
To: Bret….

Bret good morning or afternoon wherever you are.

If you haven’t already checked me and Geoffrey Rothwell out on The Internet, I would be most surprised given the fact that you would have been taken by both my credibility and knowledge of the way the financial markets beginning with how currency trading are regulated, not by market forces or a bunch of Wall Street whizz kids using their best astrologist to help them look into a crystal ball for answers to the future performance of factors that the average person believes is out of their control; and with each human able to pick up bits and pieces of the lingo of economists and most importantly the jokes they, as well as the world’s leading economists, believe stem from their own insight and analysis of the important events of the day, so each of us not only think we are at least somewhat as smart as the smart people but when repeating the verbiage of others that has this ring of truth-smartness to it, so we strengthen that much more the perception that has us most of all believing that the Mighty US Dollar is King; and when it drops in value compared say to the Euro, the conclusion the “common herd” reach is that this is a display of “market forces at play” that in turn leads to the same old boring comments, “What goes up, inevitably goes down” followed by “With a weakened US Dollar, US exports will improve” and the final argument is always, “Everyone in the rest of world always wants to come and live in America and earn the Big Bucks that provide them with the freedoms they don’t have in their highly regulated-beurocratic which breed socialism and take away initiative from the entrepreneur”.

It is highly doubtful that you have read what Marxist Lenin wrote in 1916 about capitalism which is not a secret since it was published in 1916, and even if you had, you most likely wouldn’t have paid much attention to it unless you were able to connect the dots to what took place when the US Government publicly announced that they were taking over AIG which meant knowing someone in government could mean the success of your business and the failure of your competitor, which I knew about well ahead of the News fed “common herd” thanks to the senior risk management specialist for AIG, Ron Bellows sharing on May 3, 2004, a most important email communication he wrote describing in great detail the plan by the US Government to bankrupt AIG.

NEA Principal Economist Geoffrey Rothwell who also has a law degree is fully versed on why it is that I was handed back on January 21, 2011 a $4 million TEXAS DEATH SENTENCE justice with the corrupt judge Martin Lowly providing my best defense when stating that there would be no way possible for me to defend myself given how he could find no evidence of defamation that the plaintiff, an ex CIA official, Charles Knuff had contended in his totally fabricated defamation lawsuit, which gives you much more than a good sense of how extraordinarily credible I am, which drives the worst fear in the corrupt media, the supposed 4th Branch of the US Government, who have yet to report on this utmost abuse of power by those most fearful of people such as yourself finding out the truth about what is really going on.

Feel free to contact Geoffrey Rothwell directly – geoffreyrothwell – or Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. – jrk – who remains the cash and land richest shareholder class action litigator [SCAL] to answer any questions you might still have about me in order for you know a whole lot more than all those you have previously “thought the world of”.

They will not be the only people in the world who will confirm that there is no one alive today who has close to my expertise in those 4 subjects I mentioned; history, economics, military & politics [HEMP] and that includes all those who advise President Obama and all the Presidents before him.

My main goal is teach how perfectly logical is everything, besides for having the most fun I can possibly have watch people who trust more than themselves and their spouses, the person in the TV box telling them what is and what is not the important news items that they then confirm by either reading a newspaper-magazine article and the most important brainwashing source is of course Hollywood movies starting with the documentaries that the “common herd” cannot get enough of, because there is always certain information that has a certain semblance of truth to it because it is something their memories tell them is a truth when in fact what they they believe they know as fact was first all very carefully choreographed just like each woman believing, “A Diamond Is Forever-A Girl’s Best Friend”, and were the male who does most of the diamond gem buying, to question the pricing of the retail diamond which so few do, the “smartly read” woman would respond, “You know that diamonds are a very good store of value; they have only continued to rise in value ever since the United States Government, led the world when going off the Gold Standard officially on August 15, 1971” and that quickly shuts up the questioning male because the oversized male ego which mirrors our more exposed private equipment hates the idea of looking stupid especially if they have been saving up their hard earned money just to afford that first diamond engagement ring.

And the most logical is the illogical human who in order to function has to speak their logical mind otherwise they sound stupid, and no one wants to have anything to do with an illogical person unless they happen to be filthy rich, and how much fun can that be, when you also know that in the next instant they can turn on you.

I knew before I turned 21 back on March 24, 1978, one week after immigrating to the US from mineral rich South Africa, that I was the designated male heir of the “male heir” of American Charles W. Engelhard Jr. who began journeying to South Africa in the late 1940s to secure his position as the world’s preeminent mineral monopolist following the success of the South African monopolist Sir Ernest Oppenheimer who got away scott free when supplying Hitler with his diamonds while refusing a direct order from President Franklin D. Roosevelt to stockpile 6.5 million carats of industrial diamonds on US soil. [CLICK HERE].

You should be able to figure out on your own what besides for the CIA [Cavalry In Arms] Engelhard Jr. carried in his back pocket?

When reading Chapter X of my “lucky uncle” David Gevisser’s 2006 memoir’s titled, THE UNLIKELY FORESTER, – click here – titled, ENGELHARD EXPERIENCE, and seeing how important it was to President Nixon that he hear from the “horse’s mouth” whether there was any “foul play” in the very unforeseen death of Engelhard Jr. on March 2, 1971, having turned just 54 the month before, you would have no problem getting your head around the fact that my father’s first cousin David, despite having the most horrible stutter, wrote Nixon’s entire 15 minute speech that no one outside of the top officials of the banking-mining monopolist De Beers-Anglo American Corporation could make head or tail.

Here is my proposition to you, but first I suggest you do a little more research on your own:

Access that 15 minute incomprehensible speech on The Internet and send it immediately to everyone you know asking them if they can explain what Nixon was saying, and remembering to ask why they think Nixon didn’t name those “international money speculators who were waging an all out war against the United States Dollar”.

I have earned next to nothing since completing that Revlon class action lawsuit assignment for Mr. Krinsk and his New York partner Robert Kaplan of Kaplan, Kilsheimer & Fox which took just another two and a half years to settle after Mr. Krinsk wrote me that March 29. 2001 relatively short complimentary letter, given how I not only developed all the mathematical arguments that were necessary for Mr. Krinsk and Mr. Kaplan to file this epic class action lawsuit on October 1, 1999 with just a couple of hours remaining before the statute of limitations expired, but I even got to coach very skilled and experienced SCAL Jeffrey Krinsk on the way to his most important deposition of a senior executive of Revlon back on October 17, 2002 when Mr. JRK knew, going in to the deposition, that he had both the co-opted-corrupted Revlon officer as well as Revlon’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman by the “short hairs”, thanks not only to my preliminary rediscovery work product being “spot on”, but how fortunate were we that an anonymous person placed in the mail over the previous Christmans-New Year period and sent it to Mr. Krinsk at Finkelstein & Krinsk, a copy of the most incriminating 3 page letter sent from the President of CVC to the President of Revlon which had stamped at the top of the first page the name of Revlon’s in-house General Counsel.

I believe now is the time for me to kickstart my “risk assessment” consulting business. [CLICK HERE].

For a fee of $50,000 I will provide you 5 hours of consulting which would have to fit in with my schedule, which is pretty flexible so long as you are either willing to agree communicating either over email and/or in person and if in person you would have to meet wherever it is convenient for me; and today is pretty much out, unless you also have an hour to spare, and tomorrow my French-Canadian wife Marie Dion and I are heading to Corsica for an indefinite period while awaiting to see if people like Tony Leon, formerly head of the opposition to De Beers’ ANC Government in South Africa before deciding to join them as their very important Ambassador to Argentina, are tired of looking increasingly stupid and exposed.

Obviously, I don’t need the money otherwise I would lower my fee to what idiot Wall Street lawyers and economists charge; bearing in mind you know that there are some Wall Street “gurus” who make upwards of $1 billion a year, and they too are very carefully picked based on how much of a peacock they have proven themselves previously, just the way United States Presidents have been chosen ever since the Bankers Manifesto of July 4, 1892 when anyone with even half a brain knew for certain that there was no difference between the public and private sector.

Let me also share with you how very quickly you could not only make back the $50,000, but earn for yourself a quick and very significant return on your investment, by getting all your friends including that one Bank of America official friend, who heads up B of A’s currency hedge fund, to pay you a fee for bringing him up to speed; assuming of course he does not already know everything I informed you yesterday during our 5 minute meeting and what I have gone on to share with you here.

Also look at the investment like going to a one of kind Comedy Show since what could give you more satisfaction, since you seem very happy with your wife, and the same with her, than to see every economist and financial person you know not only going deafening silent but having this most extraordinary blank-dumb look on their face that they will never be able to escape from.

Let me end by making clear to you that this offer only lasts until the end of the day Monday [France time]; and it is also based on the price gold last traded on the spot market; i.e. if the price of gold drops, the $50,000 is the floor; and if the price of gold rises above $1325.60 a troy ounce, so the fee increases proportionately.

Naturally, my overriding goal is to share my knowledge as quickly as possible.

Should you respond with any further questions, I will automatically assume that we have an agreement in place.

BTW, I learned in my youth that in addition to people, raised in the non-meritorious monetary system that was established by the mineral monopolists who have no interest in competition amongst themselves and to have their “common herd” arguing over absolute nonsense, only pay attention when you charge them through the nose, but the need they have to impress others with all their bullshit knowledge, which of course I find totally boring.

The best friendships begin when trading with each other; and there cannot be anything more important than timely relevant information; and since there is nothing important about your business that I don’t already know, the only thing you have to barter with me is your money; unless you are willing to pay me in gold, which of course I would far prefer; at the same time, your fee, even if paid in US Dollars could help pay off some of my recent debt that came about thanks to this Knuff defamation lawsuit that you understand not only highlights my credibility, but exposes what a farce are organizations like the CIA and the rest of the 4 Branches of the US Government who have the people operating out of fear and self-interest which is not the way to build a beautiful and peaceful society where everyone wins, starting with individual creativity.

All the best,


On Sep 20, 2013, at 4:23 AM, Bret… wrote:

859-621-5800 cell phone


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