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Push her in the water – Your TV News e-Clip is ready for downloading

From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2009 2:21 AM PT
To: Adam L Tucker; Jason Ritchie – Honored US Navy submarine Sonar Operator with Top Secret Clearance
Cc: rest; Office of the Israeli Defense Department Attache – Israeli Embassy Washington DC.; The Cow who shoots poison tipped arrows for BIG BEN aka former practicing pathologist Dr. John Ben Stewart MD. aka The IT aka The Sperm Donor aka The Slimeball of Slimeballs; Mossad; Michael Strauss Esq. – International Monetary Fund; Carolyn Dempster author of South African “Dr. Death”; Tony Leon MP – Immediate past Leader of the Democratic Alliance – Republic of South Africa; Judy Montagu – Letters Editor – The Jerusalem Post;; Professor Rabbi Abner Weiss; Rabbi Caspers Funnye – Close relation of First Lady Michelle Obama; Rabbi Ezaqui – Chabad, La Jolla, California; Rabbi Menachem Creditor; Rabbi Berk – Congregation Beth Israel, San Diego; Professor Rabbi Dennis Prager – TV-Radio Talk Show Host; Matthew Labov – Baker Winokur Ryder – Public Relatioins agent of “Borat”; Yossi Alpher – self described “Ex-Mossad Agent” who Borat “fooled”.; John Dau – A Leader of the Lost Boys of the Sudan; George Raine – San Francisco Chronicle ;; Adele BUTCHER Strous Clingman wife of Alan “Trading with the enemy Rich” Clingman; Hilary-Bill DeBeers-Rhodes Scholar-Rich Clinton – US Secretary of State;; Nicholas Oppenheimer – DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Martin Rapaport -CEO Rapaport Report; Stephen Cohen – Codiam Inc.; Ernest Slotar Inc.; Author-The Nation Journalist Mark Gevisser – son of David Gevisser, executor of American Charles Engelhard’s estate; US Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald – US Department of Justice – Office of Special Counsel – prosecuted case against Scooter Libby, Chief of Staff to former VP Cheney, Attorney of Clinton Pardoned, Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich ;; investor in Sunmed; Alan M. Dershowitz – Harvard University Law School; Noam Chomsky – MIT Professor; Brad Wills – Fox News @ 10; Randall Kaplan. co-founder of AKAMAI with Daniel Lewin – 911 victim – Member of Sayeret Matkal – Elite Israeli Special Forces unit

200 less the 2 we have already downloaded are “free”, and I was thinking how best to “leverage” this very “nothing” but “everything”, “Love on a budget” – Timing is everything.

Adam, see if you can get a still image at the 18 second mark where Marie’s head turns just before the words, “while pinching pennies”.

Need I remind you that Penny Coelen, my mother Zena’s Durban, South African model, who won the Miss World competition in 1958, the year so very funny

Marie Dion Gevisser

was born, is standing on Durban’s White Only South Beach, facing west like the rest of us, the Indian ocean behind.

Need I tell you not to pay any attention to what you read in newspapers like the Jerusalem Post whose editors also know the history of Israel rather well, unlike most, including those who have settled there long after Israel’s most brutal War of Independence [Nov. 1947-Jan. 1949].

When last did you hear about what is referred to as Israel’s War of Attrition?

Pay careful attention.

Israel’s War of Attrition took place between 1967 and 1970.

The Swastika shaped US Navy barracks on Coronado Island, San Diego were built between 1967 and 1970.

In 1967 the CIA began providing protection to Mr. Salameh, the PLO-Black September member who masterminded the 1972 Munich Olympic Games massacring of 11 defenseless Israeli athletes.

The US population is approximately 50 times that of Israel.

11 Israelis is the equivalent of some 550 Americans, which is significantly less than the loss of life during 9/11 and whose mastermind, Osama Bin Laden was first placed on the CIA’s payroll following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, and where he was supplied with the CIA’s most advanced Stinger missiles that were used very successfully against Soviet aircraft which obviously didn’t bother the Soviets all that much otherwise if they couldn’t figure out a way to defeat the Stingers then they always had the option of nuking Afghanistan back to the Stone Age which is pretty much where Afghanistan is today, all the while the Soviets could have relied on the argument that the CIA had set a precedent when nuking not one, but two Japanese civilian populations.

Israel did not ask for half of European Jewry to be wiped out; the 6 million the equivalent of some 300 million Americans, plus or minus the entire US population, all depending on the illegal immigrant count, assuming the 6 million had first been allowed to enter Israel before being exterminated in Auschwitz and the such.

Numbers become meaningless after a while unless you are on a war footing as is the State of Israel.

The War of Attrition, which few if any Jewish people I know outside of the Mossad and the highest levels of Israeli Military Intelligence, know all that much about, was a most brutal and critically important war between Israel and Egypt and the Palestine Liberation Organization [PLO] whose top military wing were being “bankrolled” by the military wing of the US State Department; namely the Central Intelligence Agency.

The official but incorrect assessment of the writers of history books was that the Soviets were the “backbone” of Israel’s enemies.

Is it too much to ask that you take out a pen and paper and first write the date 1970. Then alongside it write down all the important events that took place around the world in that particular year.

The Soviet Union remember provided the fledgling State of Israel with the German made Messerschmitts given how the US Government; i.e. the CIA, enforced with an iron grip the arms blockade-boycott of Israel during its War of Independence, which included making it illegal for men of military age such as my Jewish South African Fighter-Bomber-Pilot father, Bernie Gevisser, from entering Israel where they were being shot on sight with very few burials since there were no bodies after the corpses were fed to the sharks; and nor was Israel talking.

In fact you haven’t forgotten that Israel isn’t really saying anything much these days; the same with China; and both peoples can read English and they also know about my websites.

BTW, there is a need to make clear on the homepage of that the “unpublished” Letter to the Editor of the Jerusalem Post belongs to Jason.

The so little mentioned War of Attrition cost the lives of 1424 Israeli soldiers and 127 civilians; the equivalent of 82,550 Americans; about one and half times the number of American motorists killed on the road each year.

Numbers become meaningless after a while unless you are on a war footing and every soldier counts.

During the better known 6 Day June 1967, Israel lost the equivalent of 40,000 Americans, well less than the number of American motorists killed on the road each year; and those 800 Israeli soldiers who were killed are mostly civilian when not fighting wars of attrition to wipe Israel off the face of the planet when not co-opting-corrupting its leadership.

Also remember we are only talking about deaths on one side, not the wounded who live on and whose numbers are anywhere between one and half to four times those killed; all depending on the length of the engagement.

Weddings, birthday parties, barmitzvahs-batmitzvahs, bridal showers, what’s the other one, o yes, baptisms, help to forget all the bickering that is just subliminal during family get-togethers, but of course where all the “jockeying for position” takes place.

When there is a “pattern” to co
nstantly “backing the wrong horse” it is not only hard to break that pattern but at least equally hard to call it a mistake.

Does anyone really know who has ever run the Soviet Union since the Hapsburgs “abdicated” power in 1918?

Who has even heard of the Hapsburgs and more importantly who cares?

Even ancient history is important to military planners of tomorrow.

Keep paying attention.

Admiral Ami Ayalon, the most decorated Israeli Special Forces Commanding Officer earned his Medal of Valor, Israel’s highest decoration, for his actions during the most important and daring raid in modern day warfare, if not in the entire history of war.

Operation Bulmus 6, also known as Operation Green Island began at 8:30 PM on July 19th, 1969, the day before Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, and officially ended some 6 or so hours later.

Were you to reflect back on any continuous period of 6 hours over the past 24 hours, was there anything all that important you accomplished?

So Mr. Ayalon got a medal that had a metal worker gainfully employed; and possibly to get it looking very shiny it may have taken several days; if you would like I could try and also find out whether he would have been satisfied with a handshake from Mr. Ayalon in lieu of any other compensation.

Israel’s casualty rate on this most extraordinary 6 hour operation was 50%, all of the casualties Israeli Special Forces commandos, who don’t “come cheap”.

How many jokes have you heard over your lifetimes about us Jewish people being “cheap”?

The IT once called me “cheap”. I don’t forget.

Cutting and pasting: Wikipedia – Operation Green Island


The result of the raid was the destruction of the entire Egyptian facility at Green Island. Israeli casualties were three Sayeret Matkal and three Shayetet 13 commandos killed, and eleven wounded – a casualty rate of approximately fifty percent. Egyptian casualties were 80 killed (almost the entire garrison) and an unknown number wounded. An unknown number of the Egyptian casualties were caused by friendly fire; the shelling of the island by their own artillery. Following the raid the Israeli Air Force exploited the hole in Egyptian air defenses and engaged the Egyptian Air Force in over 300 dogfights and bombing raids. Naval Commando conducted another 80 raids along the Suez Canal until the 1970 cease-fire ended the War of Attrition.

Between July 20, 1969 and July 24, 1969: Nearly the entire Israeli Air Force (IAF) bombs the northern Canal sector, destroying anti-aircraft positions, tanks and artillery. The aerial offensive continues until December and reduces the Egyptian anti-aircraft defense to almost nothing. It also manages to reduce the artillery bombardment somewhat. However, shelling with lighter weapons, particularly mortars, continues.

October 17, 1969: The USA and USSR begin diplomatic talks to end the conflict.

Lets now move forward a year and few days to July 30, 1970: A large-scale dogfight, involving eight to twenty MiG-21s (besides the initial eight, other MiGs are “scrambled”, but it is unclear if they reach the battle in time), eight Mirage III and eight F-4 Phantom II jets takes place, west of the Suez Canal. Ambushing their opponents, the Israelis down four Soviet-piloted MiGs, and, according to some sources, a fifth is hit and crashes en route back to its base. Three Soviet pilots are killed, while the IAF suffers no casualties except a damaged Mirage.

The Soviet Union didn’t simply have very significant numbers of Soviet pilots doing a whole lot more than being “advisors”, the Soviet Union was involved up to their eyeballs in the ongoing effort to rid the world of the “Jewish problem”.

Do you know who arms the Soviet Union apart from CIA spies providing the mafia Soviet Union?

Have you read somewhere about this mafia monopoly De Beers who have no standing army but who have no qualms about publicly embarrassing the President of the United States as in Franklin D. Roosevelt when they refused to abide by his “weak demand” to stop providing Hitler with their diamonds and to stockpile some 6.3 million carats on U.S. soil?

It was the Russian Red Army, not American GIs that liberated Auschwitz on February 2nd, 1945.

You don’t remember seeing Stalin

because he wasn’t alongside President Roosevelt some 12 days later, February 14th, 1945 to be very precise, the same day Allied bombers leveled Dresden, as the United States of America’s Commander In Chief paid his respects to King Ibn Saud of the House of Saud, Saudi Arabia, and then on April 5th, Roosevelt left nothing to imagination when confirming with Ibn Saud that the United States Government was “no friend” of the fledgling State of Israel; and one week later the Mossad assassinated Roosevelt.

Not to mention that I understand that IGLORIOUS BASTERDS starring Brad Pitt playing an American commander of a unit whose mission is to kill and dismember Germans during the Second World War; i.e. the US is the hero, is scheduled to hit movie theaters this August 21st.

To mention little of the movie VALKYRIE that came out on December 28, 2008, about a Hitler assassination attempt – “If he is killed, the person that replaces him will be even worse.”

To mention in passing the movie DEFIANCE that came out on January 16, 2009, group of Jews organize and fight back; i.e. not all Jews were led like sheep to the slaughter.

At best they show us Jewish people trying to look like we were not all sheep being led to the slaughter.

Moving on.

It was the American oil and banking Rockefellar family, not the Russian Czars who placed their I.G. Farben gas pellet manufacturing facility right in the middle of the death camp Auschwitz; i.e. fuck you Brad Pitt.

Where in the Kremlin do you see a Nazi Swastika shaped building built between 1967 and 1970?

Where is there evidence that the Soviets were pulling the strings of the CIA when they provided “sanctuary” to PLO mastermind terrorist Mr. Salameh beginning in 1970 all the way through to 1979 when the Mossad finally figured away around the CIA and took him out?

Where was Brad Pitt on 9/11 asking what happened to the American people being told about the Mossad’s “Heads up” that was given to both the CIA and FBI one month before, in August 2001?

Who is Brad Pitt’s publicity agent?

Adam, would you try also getting the last shot before you see the wine in the ice bucket, as well as the shot with Marie and me “toasting” that comes toward the beginning and then all the shots at 57 second mark showing Marie laughing her head off.

The thought did occur to me to push her in the water,,, well maybe next time.

Remember, after the first “shock” about how very calculatingly evil is this CIA US government, the next feeling amongst the retarded is to find a way to quickly grab the money before it becomes worthless; i.e. there is right now an epic “self-preservation” with everyone capable of feeling what it is like to be homeless, because even the rich have seen homeless as some sort of disease which of course the homeless feel as well even though it isn’t true.

Nazi Germany-America being reenacted in real time.

The difference is both the internet that even the most corrupt government is battling to control, and the brutal, nuclear armed Israel Defense Force who were not around when the CIA brought the stooge Hitler to power on January 30th, 1933, and “true to form” Hitler then went on to make a deal with the devil, The Pope.

The Fish Rots from the head down

Not to mention in that same year, President Roosevelt nominates virulent anti-Semite, pro Hitler, Roman Joe Kenne
dy as the inaugural Chairman of the Securities Exchange Commission.

It is of course also true that that it is now gut wrenching for all those “peacocks” whose legacy is now permanently digitized; meaning that with every passing moment that they don’t “fall on the sword” and don’t ask for forgiveness, they have to “live with the fear” that a financially poor person knows everything there is to know about them being so heartless, so disgustingly indifferent, even if that financially poor human is nothing more than a figment of their imagination.

Just like neither of you know who is in the “carbon copied” [sic] section those yet to receive their blind copy may decide to go to the trouble of downloading this very large e-clip file.

How about a prize like a grain of gold for every person who provides us with proof that they downloaded the file?

Based on the last trading of gold in the spot market a grain of gold would amount to approximately US$4.

Now remember this is just a thought, don’t get carried away.

Also remember The IT and his Cow don’t count.

Don’t forget that the small backpack that I carried with me around China

during the summer of 2006 while Israel was engaged in yet another brutal CIA sponsored war, was rather heavy and it didn’t include the high powered handgun that back on October 24th, 2002 Judge Hendrix gave Marie “legal possession” to defend herself against the belligerent IT, instead the relatively large amount of gold grain I carried around was used to generously tip our very well educated private Chinese guides, totaling sum 10 or so as well our chauffeurs who all demonstrated that they were all not only independent thinkers while working for the Chinese government but their “independent thinking” was demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt by their extraordinary eagerness to learn as much as possible about The Diamond Invention; something I know my very observant wife hasn’t forgotten for a moment.

Americans right now are not thinking for a single moment until I remind them of China about going to war with anyone, just hoping against all hope that this extraordinary self-created nightmare will end; but of course the media keep reminding them not only of how tough things are for the hardworking poor getting increasingly poorer as hard as that is to believe, but how the rich can afford such extraordinary luxuries such as a US$1500 a night stay at a not all that great Lows Hotel on Coronado Island.

Nor is it all that great to be dirt poor in still very mineral rich Peru.

Not all that great if you are a black South African strapped naked to a tree and having poison gells injected into your anus and the tip of the penis.

Not all that great a feeling, quite frankly, that I know personally of about 5,000 individuals, who haven’t lifted a finger to even tell their teachers of why someone like Nelson Mandela, such a bigger than life character, would decide to go along with the CIA’s demand that he keep “under lock and key” the CD ROM containing the CIA’s macabre biological weapons programme that was developed jointly with British Intelligence and the CIA’s South African Apartheid Regime, all one and the same, and mostly used against Mandela’s black enemies.

So how difficult is it really to figure out before sunrise here on the west coast of America, all those pledging their allegiance to De Beers and Co. who now let us know exactly who amongst us they own lock, stock and barrel?

Even if you are not as “strong as a horse” but you are honest, how can you not but celebrate life.



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From: Digital Clip Delivery Parker News []
Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 7:40 AM
To: ‘Gary S Gevisser’
Subject: Your TV News e-Clip is ready for downloading

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