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Raye Anne Marks [RAM] – Check your slip – Part I

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From: Marie Dion Gevisser
Date: January 29, 2012 6:45:03 PM PST
To: Raye Anne Marks [RAM] –
Cc: rest; Sebastian Capella , Rosa Capella , Gary S Gevisser
Subject: Check your slip – Fwd: In the future – Re: “Sure” – Raye Anne Marks – RE: Fwd: Once a liar always a liar – Re: I need to know today before the COB if you intend to return the gold coin. I received the UPS shipment yesterday.

Subject: Check your slip

Hi Raye Anne,

Truth is not defamation.

Are you fat?

You called Gary a defamer. You should be prepared to prove it.

Who else do you say was defamed and precisely how?

(Could the cowards come forward. Please make it a permanent record; you know how words can get so volatile. This email should be forwarded to everyone.)

When you call someone a nut, which is in your words, “where is your head”, you are riding corrupt Texas Judge Lowy’s coattails, as he too cannot support this statement.

What was so wrong with what I wrote you on December 17 that had you so angry to write me, through Gary, “a soft fuck you”?

Remember you only wrote me back “sure”, and it took time to digest because I wanted to be certain of my conclusion; but now the evidence is in.

Sebastian agreed with sending an email to the class since Sally, 3 Judy and Kim came to class sick and coughing in everyone’s face. Would you call this socially acceptable and friendly? Thank G-d Sebastian did not get sick. I thought you would have preferred to send it instead of me or Gary.

Can you tell me what you know regarding the Gestapo or Hitler? Did you know that Hitler was considered charismatic and engaging, also an artist?

Artists who come out in support of Gary and me with this an unprecedented DEATH SENTENCE must be clear in their statement of support, after the court proceeding back on september the 19th. A letter to every member of Congress and to the President would be more effective than “I am so sorry”. Your use of the words, “defame, criminal, where’s your head, Gestapo, Hitler, forcing” etc are in our opinion less than supportive.

Gary is most persistent when it comes to protecting his good name and he has no problem understanding the silence of all those who profit from the status quo.

A mindless body is quite spineless and you can’t deny that it takes some guts to be truthful. (You don’t want to drag behind when the race starts.)

How do you define a friend?

Name me a social event where my husband has not been appropriate and in what manner?

Gary is the most truthful and knowledgeable person including his knowledge of the most important subject money-art. I call that a positive for the whole of society; and if you are lying to yourselves how can you expect to be truthful to others. The hypocrisy of everyone is coming through with your writings and their silence; and again the truth is only annoying for the spineless, that is ugliness in my opinion.

The genius of Zena (Gary’s mother) is her precise use of words, when saying “switch on a glow inside” which can only come naturally with a healthy body and mind. (Gary will provide more commentary on your warping of his mother’s THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING A WOMAN –

Yes the body is the mind’s temple; we try to keep ours healthy and I am not the one talking about food in class. Kim walking around with the box of cookies like a child and Ed’s brownies are much more the topics of conversations. I am not aware of anyone interested enough to discuss a healthy diet with me, nor I am interested in trying to convince anyone. Your freedom of choice health wise ends up costing everyone.

Again how are we forcing anyone to eat healthy?

I am wondering how you think we could enforce this diet on everyone; logic doesn’t work with hypocrites.

Nice if you knew of a way to enforce these healthy habits, it would be beneficial to everyone; it would save on all the resources going into medical, pollution, water conservation, water distribution, a lot of things would clear up .

Where is your head to interpret a request to show sensitivity to a sick and aging master and his wife as “Gestapo like”? Reenforcing your judgement with “Please don’t ever ask me to do that!” and your exclamation as telling as your “soft fuck you” please.

Margarita at 82 has defied all odds given how she has had MS since around age 17, and made it her business to stay slim and trim, and still work out everyday.

You cannot lose your head if you think logically. Logic is truth-g-d.

If you don’t believe in G-d you dont believe in truth and you are left with your faulty logic to convince your soldiers to fight for what? Patriotism, God, country? You bought into IN GOD WE TRUST $ and you are not the only one who doesn’t want to let go. [Gary’s commentary –

Now I ask you the question Gary has asked repeatedly, how much to pay the soldiers?

Regarding b-z Lynn “Zymmit” (sic) who has an iphone with email capability (to keep better in touch), don’t you think she should apologize to Gary and me since she wasted several days of our time, and then thought it wise to leave the wrong impression that she had contacted me to teach during her absence at the RSFsenior art class knowing that emailing me is the way we communicate.

Your one-sided view of this discourse is in my opinion inappropriate. If you want to know more ask Gary (but no more phone calls).

Yes we do apologize for serving cow meat. I now realize what kind of revenge these poor animals take on the human beast’s mind and body.

Love is trust and respect. I do not consider your actions or writings loving. As Zena would say, “Count me out”.


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 8:05 AM
Subject: Fwd: In the future – Re: “Sure” – Raye Anne Marks – RE: Fwd: Once a liar always a liar – Re: I need to know today before the COB if you intend to return the gold coin. I received the UPS shipment yesterday.
To: Marie Dion Gevisser

Begin forwarded message:

From: raye anne marks
Date: January 24, 2012 11:05:11 PM PST
To: Gary S Gevisser
Subject: Re: In the future – Re: “Sure” – Raye Anne Marks – RE: Fwd: Once a liar always a liar – Re: I need to know today before the COB if you intend to return the gold coin. I received the UPS shipment yesterday.

You COMPLETELY! misunderstand me. 1. I have never called you nuts. 2. When I say “where is your head” I expected you to understand that all of Sebastian’s students that you are defaming ARE and HAVE ALWAYS BEEN! your friends and supporters. It seems like you are ignoring that fact. Why do you think we came to support you in court? You only look for negative things in people. It makes me sad. You can insult me all you want. It only makes you look bad. You should listen to your mother’s tape again about how to behave at a social event. She was a genius.

Sometimes the most esthetically beautiful people in the world can at once become the most ugly people in the world when they open their mouths. On the other hand sometimes someone who appears so ugly will smile and say something beautiful or do something incredibly beautiful and you see how beautiful they really are inside.

I am so happy that y
ou and Marie have chosen a healthy lifestyle and are doing so well and are such beautiful people. I am happy for you both, sincerely. I understand somewhat how you think. Your diet has become somewhat of a religion to you, and you try to force it on everyone you meet. Don’t judge people for not meeting your standards. We all have freedom of choice. If you want to enforce your perfect decisions it would be no better than Hitler.

I am sorry to be so flippant in my “Sure” response to you. It was 4 in the morning and you have no idea what motivates me. I would never say “Fuck you”. It was much softer than that. But the message did annoy me at that time in the morning with little sleep and I felt your message was not necessary. I cannot control who comes to class. Sebastian has not been sick. He is stressed because of his change of lifestyle with Margarita’s problems. It is more important that I keep the class running smoothly. Of course, people should not come in coughing and sick. But I am not the Gestapo. Please don’t ever ask me to be that!

I do not read every one of your e-mails. I apologized if I missed one. I am very busy. I am very tired. I am sure I could benefit from your perfect diet. But give me some time off.

Lynne tried to help you also. You should apologize to her. Have you ever apologized to anyone in your life? Why do you think she tried to help you? Does she deserve the title you are giving her now?

Why do you believe that we are stupid, fat, old, ugly. Does that make you feel superior? Do you want to annoy people? Are you looking for some kind of reaction?

In spite of everything you have been doing, I still love you Gary. I know this will annoy you, but you cooked me the best steak of my life out at Pine Valley on the barbeque one time. I know you will never do it again. Everyone makes mistakes. Nevertheless, I think this is all a misunderstanding. United we stand, divided we fall.

xoRaye Anne

On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 1:06 PM, Gary S Gevisser wrote:
You thought very carefully about a number of things before replying, but that does not mean you thought of everything in your vicious attack, which is the not the first time, as I have previously pointed out but which you repeatedly ignore.

Explain very precisely what you mean when you write, “Where is your head?”


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