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Raye Anne Marks [RAM] – Check your slip – Part IV

Continuing from Part III –

How do we get hold of your criminal conviction in the First Latino real estate fraud, which you say cost you $5 million in fines as well as restitution, although you said the bulk of the monies were not required by the court order, and that you simply paid them because you felt so bad that poor people had been defrauded through your gross negligence as Chief Operating Officer as you kept signing the most transparently fraudulent documents; and such monies came from your co-ownership with your wingman Randy (who I assume has Marie’s gold coin), in a Cessna as well as from the sale of your home on the water’s edge of Newport Beach alongside your wingman Randy and your equally lifelong close friend Stephanie who you say stabbed Cyndi Lauper in the hand [with a fork] and Cyndi in retribution broke into Stephanie and her husband Ed’s? hotel suite and placed the same semi-permanent dyes that she has used on her hair since a kid into Stephanie’s shampoo which kept very blonde hair Stephanie out of social circulation for two weeks?

(Is there anything else the two of you can think of that 7 billion people would be most interested in?)

Our agreement was that I would pay you the first $4,000 that came in contributions/donations to my website. No monies have flowed into the website since you became my webmaster. I also didn’t know up until very recently that you had stiffed other customers, let alone in trying to cover up your criminality you then proceeded to defame Mr. Moses while doing your very best to put me on to the defensive, as I meticulously went about getting to the bottom of this very messy but rather easy to understand, repeat performance should we call it?

Once you saw that I was not letting up you offered to terminate my relationship [see below] with you and Rebecca; bearing in mind that throughout I was always giving you the benefit of the doubt and an opportunity to redeem yourself; and once I was able to prove to everyone’s satisfaction, at least those interested in the truth, that you were lying through your teeth, beginning with your assertion that Moses had fabricated emails you/Rebecca had sent him acknowledging your indebtedness, so I severed my relationship with you.

From: Sam Samples
Date: January 10, 2012 4:36:26 PM PST
To: Gary S Gevisser
Subject: Re: Mother Theresa being put to the ultimate test – Re: How much cash are you short? Could you get RM to take payments? Is Moses pushing for his refund? Can you tell me where things stand with the lawyer?

There is a time that when you offed someone regardless of your opinons when you offened someone you backup and say sorry lets try a different tact. I fell that it is time you find someone else to serve as your webmaster; I am certain that you will have no issues with finding someone…perhaps in retaining them. I will have the following to you within 72 hours:
1. Full password set including all dbs
2. Full list of website fall-overs with hack/ crash backups
3. Hardcopy backups (DVD’S)
4. Complete set of written instruction on how to access the daily back ups that all on the go daddy server.
5. All the footage we shot. (on DVD’S)
6. Cams and misclanious equipment

By the way I did write “You could have written to David Bellavia and asked as you and I discussed what became of the US Government’s investigation of Operation Sparkling.” Who has not responded

From: Gary S Gevisser
To: Sam Samples
Cc: rest; Cyndi Lauper ; Rebecca Samples ; “Deborah Sturman Esq – Inspired by Zena Badash-Ash Gevisser Zulman, played pivotal role in collecting billions of $ from remnants of Germany’s military machine during WW II, but stopped way too short when realizing it was so close to home. home.” ; Devin Standard – eldest son of former President of New York State Bar Kenneth Standard. ; Rabbi Abner Weiss ; raye anne marks ; Lynne Zimet ; Adam Lee Tucker ; Nitza Lite ; “President Shimon Peres c/o Office for the Israeli Deparment of Defense Attache; Israeli Embassy Washington DC Israeli Embassy” ;; Jeffrey Krinsk
Sent: Tue, January 10, 2012 2:17:58 PM
Subject: Mother Theresa being put to the ultimate test – Re: How much cash are you short? Could you get RM to take payments? Is Moses pushing for his refund? Can you tell me where things stand with the lawyer?


Even if you manage without my help to make up the current shortfall of $1150, you are still not only thinking Old School money but you are forgetting the problems you and your lawyer have created by not responding in a timely fashion to Moses who began this attack on your character by choosing very carefully not only to add email addresses that you say were not on the original Christmas Card list but keeping in Cyndi Lauper’s as well as my email address that shows clearly my website 2facetruth.

You know there is a very high probability that all my emails including those with Cyndi Lauper are being intercepted.

Equally important none of your writings since being made aware of this attack have made any sense including what you have done since finding out that you didn’t get all of Moses’ emails which could have simply been an accident; and if not then it was incumbent upon you given the very high profile of people like me and Cyndi Lauper to stop thinking about yourself and let’s leave Rebecca out of this for the time being, and giving everyone all the information as it became available to you…. [you have the rest of my 5,944 word missive]

Note not a hint of monies owed to you, because that was not our deal.

There is a very clear chronology of events including the fact that despite you telling us that you were an expert in videotaping, all the taping that we did in your house you say is of such poor light quality that the only thing worth salvaging is the audio. Is there anything you would like to add to that?

Let me further remind you of you writing me also on January 10 seeking a loan of $1,150 without telling me that it was going to pay off Moses who you had previously written, “can go to hell” and that you were pursuing with the help of your lawyer both a defamation as well as criminal charge against Moses.

From: Sam Samples
Date: January 10, 2012 8:57:45 PM PST
Cc: Rebecca Samples
Subject: Re: I assume you got the money?

If you can loan me the $1150.00 I can repay the loan within 30 days at whatever interest rate you would like to charge. I would need to know one way or the other as soon as possible. I can have the maple leaf returned directly to you. I told you that night in Panera Bread that I would “put it away” against your future need. It is safely in the care of a friend of my I can have him send it directly to you whenever you want it; it will take maybe a week.
I can start the GIP within an hour of receiving the final, ready to send copy.

From: “”
To: Sam Samples
Sent: Tue, January 10, 2012 7:52:43 PM
Subject: RE: I assume you got the money?

this email hasnt come through on my apple or the previous one about you suggesting I find another webmaster.

I think we should give the GIP a shot. I will have it to you by 4pm tomorrow.

Will you be albe to start it tomorrow?

I will get you the money tomorrow.

monies again, were monies you wanted to borrow from me because there were no monies I owed you for services rendered.

You were the biggest waste of our time.

Amazing isn’t it how you can not only just ignore your wrongdoing but keep ploughing ahead without one iota of remorse; and you represent the best of the best of the US Armed Forces?

Ps – I have noted that your response at 3:56 PM does not reflect what I sent you 10 minutes earlier (3:46PM)

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 3:46 PM
Subject: The Diamond Invention book is not yet prescribed reading for every Chinese kid.
To: Sam Samples , Terry Samples , Rebecca Samples
Cc: rest; Cyndi Lauper , “Lawrence Moses – victim of former US Air Force Major Terry “Smilin Sam” Samples” , Daniel Ellsberg – In March 1971 leaked Pentagon Papers that his boss Offense/Defense Minister McNamara authorized in June 1967 the same time McNamara and company placed the USS Liberty spy ship in harms way Sinai Peninsula – c/o Karen Jenkins – RAND Corporation , “Rabbi Capers C. Funnye – close cousin of First Lady Michelle Obama who is married to President OBAMA” , Marie Dion Gevisser ,,, dave , raye anne marks , Lynne Zimet , Kim Wilkins c/o General Atomic – Public Relations Department , “King Golden Jr. Esq. – my long time American attorney and “bosom buddy” of Roger W. Robinson aka “Our Man Roger” who I have known intimately since he joined the National Security Council in March 1982.” , Jay McMichael – CNN Photojournalist MCMICHAEL , “Devin Standard – eldest son of former President of New York State Bar Kenneth Standard.” , 60 Minutes <>, “Matthew Margo Esq. – Senior attorney for CBS – Matthew’s father Judge Cecil Margo was tasked by Ben Gurion during Israel’s War of Independence [Nov. 1947 – Jan. 1949] where South African Commander Margo played a pivotal role and overseen every step of the way by devout Christian Jan Smuts to develop the “blueprint” for what is today the brutally strong Israel Air Force” ,, Brazil Embassy – USA ,, “”JOÃO DE VALLERA – Portuguese Ambassador to the US.”” , Chinese Embassy – USA , “Russian Defense Attache – Russian Embassy, Washington DC.” ,, Edward Jay Epstein – Author of The Diamond Invention , “Gillian Tett – Financial Times of London, US Managing Editor”

To be clearer. All I am asking is for you to confirm what you wrote me on January 10.

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Re: I assume you got the money?
From: Sam Samples
Date: Tue, January 10, 2012 6:59 pm
To: Gary S Gevisser

nope that is yours I put it away for safe keeping

From: Gary S Gevisser
To: Sam Samples
Sent: Tue, January 10, 2012 6:48:56 PM
Subject: I assume you got the money?

Did you sell the cold coin I gave you?

BTW, I missed out the “NOT” in the one paragraph I sent you earlier:

I also know you well enough that your thinking is NOT that you could possibly convince a great many people that when your California lawyer files a defamation lawsuit against Moses which you only today informed us you owe him $425, you could exact a financial settlement out of him long ahead of the case coming to trial.

You have also relied on Cyndi Lauper to support your claim of being “honorable” as she chimed in “Sammy never lies, LOL I don’t think Sammy knows how to lie.”

Cyndi has also confirmed that she is having a good time with all of this.

Close of Business today is 4PM.

I have an email for Dan Quayle ready to go and I would like to tell him that even though you have shown absolutely no remorse those around you may yet show a positive influence.

You have to be thinking the odds of there not being a God have to be slim and none, given how your deceit exposes not only every religious person in the world but the irreligious like Moses who began to waiver a little until I came on strong, and should he decide to throw in the towel and it looks like if you had paid him the $450 he would have ended his quarrel with you, it would show that the evil in this world is thoroughly systemic; and it is just your ego that prevents you from taking a handout from Cyndi, unless she has now backed off.

7 billion people would find this interesting and most would see it as instantly rewarding and that includes the 1.5 billion Chinese because in the next moment everyone can understand exactly how America’s top soldier thinks as well as non-military Moses who is only fearful of losing his lifestyle in a merit driven system; and when all you are doing is consuming while you have your slaves in the rest of the world intimidated by your soldiers and where the best behave so recklessly, willing to defame an innocent victim such as Moses who shows that he too is made of clay feet, then those slaves who you label “Godless” can bring it on that much stronger, as the ancient Chinese culture is much more about sharing which we vividly see in their care about their families as well as the poor, which first comes through in their living to learn quest and which does not prevent them from figuring that with a population 5 times that of the US they can serve their own market without losing any more of their farmland while continuing to buy up here in the United States and abroad what they don’t already own.

The fact that the Chinese rich are falling victim to our diamond marketing does not make them the aggressor, not even close. The Diamond Invention book is not yet prescribed reading for every Chinese kid.

Go back and read all the lies you wrote to me about Moses and you will agree that you know of no Chinese person who wouldn’t be most interested and at the same time it will make even the least sensitive of us Americans stop dead in our tracks as those self-indulgent amongst us show how much we care about others by the extra weight our bodies can’t get enough of because of course who else but God could be punishing us, given how smart we think we are to be in control of our minds that allow us to function with our punishment, but increasingly less funny when caught in our lies and then we clam up like the future shellfish we keep training for, and then start spitting like a snake.

[Word count 742]

Begin forwarded message:

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: January 19, 2012 7:22:35 AM PST
To: Sam Samples , Terry Samples – COO account , Rebecca Samples
Subject: I need to know today before the COB if you intend to return the gold coin. I received the UPS shipment yesterday.

On Jan 19, 2012, at 3:56 PM, Sam Samples wrote:

The coin that you gave to me I told you I would have put away. Which I did. It will take me approx. 2 weeks to have it sent back to me at which time I will send it to you by registered mail as I did your camera equipment.. I will also be sending you 12.75 hours of digtial interviews and statements that we shot for you. This will be on DVDs.
I will also include a fully itemized bill for webmaster, db construction, video services etc. less $30.00 paid at our first meeting, 400.00 paid through Pay-Pal, 600.00 paid in cash, and 125.00 in cash at Paradise
Valley Hospital.2 Which is the total that you have paid for services extending back to August of 2011.

You have
$ 1,155.00 paid on account which will be credited. Toward the total owed.

From: Gary S Gevisser
To: Sam Samples ; Terry Samples – COO account ; Rebecca Samples
Sent: Thu, January 19, 2012 7:22:35 AM
Subject: I need to know today before the COB if you intend to return the gold coin. I received the UPS shipment yesterday.

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