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Remember Nuremberg – Have you yet turned your kids on to it?

From: gg <gary>
Subject: Remember Nuremberg – Have you yet turned your kids on to it?
Date: November 7, 2017 at 11:57:26 AM PST
To: Dave Fifield – Gerhard <monkeyboy264>
Cc: rest; Megan Ellison – Film producer [Detroit] and only daughter of $60 billionaire Larry Ellison” <contact>, Alexandros Delithanassis – FB friend of Gary Gevisser <alexandrosdelithanassis>, Alberto Gmail <Alberto.gruden>, “Richard W. Hughes” <rubydick>, Jo Becker – New York Times journalist – Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal <jbecker>, “Geoffrey Rothwell Phd – Principal Economist at De Beers-Barclays Bank controlled, US Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, headquartered in Paris, France. Former 27 year senior Stanford University lecturer.” <Geoffrey.ROTHWELL>, Christina Krall <amour>, Larry Winokur <lwinokur>, “Sidney Abelski – sellout lawyer – only child of two Auschwitz survivors.” <sidneyabelski>, “Clint Eastwood – Chairman of Monetery Peninsula Foundation c/o Morgan Matthews – Executive Director, Player Relations” <MMacias>, “Katherine Anderson – Council of Europe, Defender of Human Rights. Katherine recently purchased her deceased parents, Robert and Peggy Anderson’s home in Wivesliscombe.” <k.anderson>, Andrea Gambling Money Charity Giver Kerzner <akerzner>, “Andrea Renee St. Julian – Attorney At Law – Certified Appellate Specialist – State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization” <astjulian>, Neil Abramson – Film maker of Very Distracting black African plight – Child Soldier 1998 <filmdog>, David Abrams – No longer Facebook friend of Gary Gevisser <daviddabramsesq>, “Jonathan Cooke – British author and Israel tour guide.” <mail>, “Dave Osh – former Israeli Fighter Pilot now working with Vistage and supporter of the BDS movement.” <osh.dave>, Liwan Nazareth <liwan.nazareth>, Haneen Zoabi – Muslim Arab member of Israeli Knesset <hzoaby>, “Mr. PAVAN KAPOOR India Ambassador to Israel.” <amblair>, Chinese Embassy – USA <service>, Professor John Raines – one of the Burglars <crcs>, “Michael Strauss – International Monetary Fund – former student of Grundfest. Met Strauss on June 20, 2006 at bottom of zipline at Simatai Great Wall, China. Most shocked was Strauss to hear that DeBeers had established retail shops on US soil.” <mstrauss0>, chinareports, Travel China Tour Guide <tours>, “Russian Defense Attache – Russian Embassy, Washington DC. Russian Embassy” <defattru>, derrick.beare, “Adele Strous {Im not interested in history of Israel} Clingman – wife of CIA oil trader Alan Clingman and business partner of Roy Essakow-Marc Rich and company.” <adelec>, “Terry Rosenberg – Director of Uranium One [2006-2010] which is controlled by Putin and owns 20% of the United States’ uranium reserves. Prior was the top dog of failed Jonathan Beare’s Prefcor-McCarthy Holding Group-Avenger before Brand Pretorius took over on October 1, 1999, the same day the epic Revlon Corporation class action lawsuit was filed; the same day Russian forces invaded Chechnya following Russian false flag operation in the heart of Moscow.” <terry>, John Solomon <jsolomon>, “Julia Samaniego – Great-grandaughter of John Tyler of Virginia,10th US President 1841-45, relinquished his US citizenship upon joining the Confederate Congress of 1861. No longer FB friend of Gary Gevisser.” <dixirose>, “Riaan Reyneke – FB friend of Gary Gevisser. Rian’s great grandfather, Ds Dr Johan Reyneke presided over burial of Jan Christiaan Smuts [1870-1950] and so moved by his words was the Queen of England in attendance that she sponsored a trip for preacher J. Reyneke to visit the whole of Europe, Russia and UK, and send all the bills to Buckingham Palace!” <riaanreyneke>, “Sam Schaffer – J. Essakow’s best friend + Adele Breytenbach, but still FB friend of Gary Gevisser” <sam.schaffer>, “Keisha Whitaker – wife of Forest Whitaker; FB friend of Gary Gevisser” <kbabies1>, Barry Solomon – FB friend of Gary Gevisser & Vic Wartski <barrysolomon11>, Vegetarian Tzipora Malka Tzipi Livni <zlivni>, didi bentov <didibentov2>, Benjamin Netanyahu – Prime Minister of Israel <bnetanyahu>, charis meyers <charismeyers>, Rabbi Luke Ford – First to out South African-American Rabbi Abner Weiss <lukeisback>, Rabbi Stuart Federow – Houston Texas Radio Show Host <whatjewsbelieve>, “Cliff and Ronlynne Benn – Durban, South Africa. South Africa – Clifford Benn who fought in the DAAC’s [De Beers-Anglo American Corporation’s bloody Angolan War where the DAAC backed both sides, was later caught in a DAAC sting Illicit Diamond Buying [IDB] operation when working at South African Clothing Industries whose co-founder was Alan Zulman, my mother’s second husband.” <cbenn>, “Colin Schneiderman – another quiet classmate of Gary Gevisser and his cousin, tortured to death ANC armed wing member, Sandra Moshal Jacobson [1957-1997]” <colbren>, Alan Cline – No longer FB friend of Gary Gevisser <alan>, Barry Pepper – Actor – Saving Private Ryan <pepperasst>, Werner Herzog – Filmmaker <office>, “Dr. Rod Smith Phd – formerly of RAND Think Tank – Principal Waterstrategist – Facebook friend of GG and also present at the Wetherly Capital Group board meeting on Feb. 8, 2002 held in the corporate headquarters of Arden Realty, the largest REIT trading on the New York Stock Exchange before being bought out by General Electric.” <rsmith>, Guy & Muhammad – Israeli pharmacist friends of Zena Ash Gevisser Zulman <guy>, “Guy Bechor – principal G.Planet Israel” <guy.bechor>, Uri Cash in suitcases makes the world go around Rosenberg <urir77>, Uri Bar-Joseph <ubarjoseph>, “Yossi Melman – co-author FRIENDS IN DEED.” <yossi>, “South African-British solicitor Ray Oshry – classmate of Gary Gevisser and GG’s murdered cousin Sandy Moshal Jacobson [1957-1997]. R. Oshry remains a FB friend of GG but blocks GG from messaging on Facebook.” <ray.oshry>, “elainedaviesoshry” <elainedaviesoshry>, Dominic Peters – Goldfish Performer <dom>, “Devin Standard – eldest son of former President of New York State Bar Kenneth Standard.” <devinstandard>, “Tomer Tene – IAF Lt. Colonel + organic produce farmer. FB friend of Gary Gevisser” <tene.organi>, Marcia Kramer – CBS TV New York City WCBS-TV <mgkramer>, Yad Vashem Holocaust Resources <holocaust.resources>

Monkey 1 – you are also a “relaxed Catholic” although I don’t think you “revere” the Virgin Mary quite like Christina. Still I would like for you to keep a backup. Nor are the two connected.

I do want you to think about signing my petition for Yad Vashem and the rest of the Holocaust Memorial Museums to have a placard at the entrance which explains the fallout such as the Bosnian War following the principal benefactors of our Jewish Holocaust and all their other rich collaborators escaping prosecution at Nuremberg.

Nuremberg does not exactly spell out the word, “Remember” because Nuremberg is a city and the word “remember” means something entirely different.

What I would like for you to try, and only during your spare time, is to substitute the word “Nuremberg” every time you either speak or write the word “Remember”.

When you wake up in the morning you don’t have to say to yourself, “Nuremberg to go to the toilet” because there is not much thinking about the call of bodily functions.

But when you have to pick up your clothes from the dry-cleaners you can make a mental note, “Nuremberg to pick up the clothes from the dry-cleaners.”

At the end of the day do you think your memory will improve the more you think about what a huge distraction was Nuremberg?

Thank you for tuning in on this important day.


[Word count 237]

Christina Moritsch-Krall

You’re friends on Facebook
Property Consultant at Self Employed
Studied Sociology at Wits – University of the Witwatersrand
OCT 26TH, 8:06AM
You are now connected on Messenger.

did you see the writings between myself and Derek Ziman?

Hello Gary – NIce to be invited by someone I don’t know … yet! Thank you… will look this eve ..

It is on Linda Skop Ziman’s wall where the lead in is….


… checked in to Yad Vashem: World Holocaust Center, Jerusalem.
October 24 at 5:21am · Jerusalem, Israel ·

How do you get to Linda Skop Ziman?

She invited me ! After I posted something she liked.

what did you post? Are you Jewish and/or do you have any connection with Israel?

OCT 26TH, 12:16PM
Catholic Viennese Austria- Slovenian. Mutual friends Bruce Cohen and Barb Harmel. I worked in Israel and have deep affinity with Jews

OCT 26TH, 9:04PM
It is highly probable, actually certainty that you are in for the greatest, happiest surprise of your life.

Just wait a little longer.

First though, you must read my dialogue with Derek Ziman.

Second, not all us Jewish people like what I have to say, and many stay “connected with me” because their thinking is, “someone has to catch him doing something wrong.”

Third, most humans are only happy when making others unhappy especially those who are happy.

Fourth, they can never get beyond that, and hence they have no concept of the benefits that spirituality brings into the physical world in the instant.

Fifth, I have a real time, one of kind situation going on right now, and when you see my background you will quickly realize that few to none have my experience.

Sixth, that situation is impacting Derek Ziman’s closest friendships and it is not so much those friendships which he is focused on but the big picture I am presenting.

Seven, I have a one of a kind case against people, immediate family members and their Israeli lawyer who should already all be behind bars for their egregious criminal misconduct against my 88 year old mother Zena – type on Google THE LADY’S SPEECH ZENA and first listen to the 9 minute and 24 second video before reading my commentaries and then your mind will have you watch that most spectacular performance of my amazing mother.

I was interviewing 2 lawyers in Israel to take on the case which is an honest lawyer’s dream, but instead of looking at all the positives they chose to focus on what they thought was the weakest segment of my and mother’s case against this injustice of injustices without them even starting out, “I think you have a very good case but can we go through this one item…”

Not only was that “one item” so well explained in the written communications I sent them both ahead of our 3 way call, which meant both lawyers knew it was a “non-issue” but in leaving out how solid as a rock was the rest of the case, it will now have everyone focusing on this “one item” which the lawyers and the rest of the corrupt do not want to touch with a 100 foot pole.

Their goal was to get me to believe that there was a big weakness with this “one item” so that they could milk the case, which is what most expect of lawyers if one has had any dealings with lawyers.

That alone is ugly.

But there is always a “flip side” to “bad” which one simply needs the stamina to be able to see which few people have because they dont get to experience the spirituality being brought into the physical world in the instant.

Even when it happens they quickly lose sight of this remarkable experience, and they also quickly grow old.

That “one item” has now taken on a “life of its own”.

Soon you will see exactly what I mean.

What goes around comes around with a vengeance.


OCT 27TH, 1:00PM
Digesting this – after research


You wouldn’t happen to know of a competent and honest lawyer in Israel?

No. Used to know Steinberg chief of Police in 65. What made you approach me ?

I am approaching everyone I know who either lives in Israel or who might have a connection with an Israeli lawyer.

Remember, I told you that you, if you are honest which is helped greatly if you have not let your formal education interfere with your learning, will be soon surprisingly and happily uplifted.

First though it would be helpful for you read my dialogue with D. Ziman.

If you wish, I can also send you a copy of what I am wanting translated into Hebrew to send to the Israeli judge who made a huge error in appointing a non-family member as my mother Zena’s guardian over in Israel.

You will have to send me your email address.

OCT 28TH, 11:28AM
I am assuming that you have been following on Linda Skop Ziman’s FB wall.

I have now been banned by your wife from further posts on her wall.

The “ban” came in right before I tried posting the following:

I will shortly start rebroadcasting all this from my BLOG and continuing in the event I am “banned” which South Africans including us Jewish South Africans are quick to do; all part of the training of the 3rd Reich’s Southern Division aka The South African Apartheid Regime.”

I was just getting to what my mother Zena, thanks to her training with Ben Gurion, taught me about the female Nazi SS guards who were far more brutal than the men.

Consequently, you would expect the female Jewish Kapos to be that much more brutal than their male counterparts.

So you must therefore have a very good idea what Yad Vashem officials have known for some time is missing from the entrance to Yad Vashem.

My last post was:

“She [Linda] doesn’t want to see more.

So I must now make a backup of this.”

I have made that backup and will begin rebroadcasting it shortly throughout the Internet.

Linda has also “unfriended” me on FB and blocked me from sending her any more FB messages. Would you like to see our dialoguing on FB messaging?

Her husband Derek does not appear to have unfriended me yet.

I sent him just a minute ago the following FB message:

I have now been banned by your wife from further posts on her wall.

The “ban” came in right before I tried posting the following:

I will shortly start rebroadcasting all this from my BLOG and continuing in the event I am “banned” which South Africans including us Jewish South Africans are quick to do; all part of the training of the 3rd Reich’s Southern Division aka The South African Apartheid Regime.”

I was just getting to what my mother Zena, thanks to her training with Ben Gurion, taught me about the female Nazi SS guards who were far more brutal than the men.

Consequently, you would expect the female Jewish Kapos to be that much more brutal than their male counterparts.

So you must therefore have a very good idea what Yad Vashem officials have known for some time is missing from the entrance to Yad Vashem.

I will now cut and paste this, and share it with other interested parties including your wife unless she has also blocked me on FB messaging, in which case you know of other sources to find the information including the FOOLS NAMES FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES.

Christina those 196 words are no less important than every word I have written on Linda’s FB wall.

You shouldn’t have that many questions, but you may not know instantly to focus on “He [Smuts] had launched the Israel Air Force and there would be no stopping unless the Jewish people defeated themselves.”

There is something seriously wrong with your Jewish brain when you don’t support a man like Smuts who had nothing to gain by his support of Jewish people and the State of Israel, because it only attracted more enemies, and it cost Smuts the May 26, 1948, South African General Elections where he had already the enemy, Harry Oppenheimer “in his camp”, the United Party and Oppenheimer won his seat in Parliament and Smuts lost his, eventhough Smuts’ United Party had in fact won the popular vote amongst the whites who were the only ones who could vote.

It is understandable that very talkative Linda Skop Ziman is very angry, but that does not mean she has the convincving counterarguments to what I have to say.

What you have just see happen on her FB wall is how De Beers-Barclays’ Apartheid Regime ruled as they first attacked the weakest of us Jewish South Africans, the ones with the big mouths who thought they were so on top of things and yet their pea sized brains failed to have them look at who controlled the money and the distribution of the money based on the most obedient Jewish people.

It is not nice to be threatening towards those sharing the important truths.

You should let Linda know.

Christina, I needed to throw in the following 12 word line:

“This what I just sent her husband Derek Ziman over FB messaging”

ahead of “I have now been banned by your wife from further posts on her wall.”

Let me know if it all makes perfect sense.

OCT 29TH, 12:59AM
Yes I would – need a explanation in full

OCT 29TH, 3:17AM
I’m up just getting a glass of water.

Before the day is up I am going to provide the world with a detailed step by step analysis of all thar transpired.

But you don’t need to wait for that. You can look at each of our postings, that is Linda, her husband Derek and mine, on her fb wall which began with Linda putting up a hyperlink to Yad Vashem which the 2 of them recently visited.

It us in fact crystal clear the important truths I was sharing that she didn’t like and the same with him.

Of course they could not express what exactly bothered them which is why they were mostly silent and she spoke in generalties saying, “I have heard enough” as she couldn’t even simply keep quiet.

Their world was falling apart because they both found out that us Jewish South Africans could have ended the Apartheid Regime at the very start by supporting General Smuts far better than we did.

Now if Linda has removed all the postings and u never got to read any of it, then of course you have no clue what I’m talking about and you will have to wait for me to send you the backup I made.

You would need to send me your email.

If in fact she removed the page, that immediately should tell you that she is hiding.

When people hide it is not a good sign because it tells you that they cannot defend themselves.

OCT 29TH, 10:52AM
I see that you have saw going on an hour ago what I wrote you “in the middle of the night”.

If you don’t want to send me your email address that is perfectly fine, but then you will only get my full and complete response after the rest of my email list which represents a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population; and yes it is huge and includes the richest and most powerful people on the planet.

You can tell me if you are able to access what I posted and all their responses, because it looks to me like Linda removed it.

You also know that there are others besides for you who remain mutual friends of mine and Linda and her husband. That of course makes Linda and Derrek Ziman very nervous.

I have seen no reference to this on their wall – so yes it’s somewhat mystifying. One post by Linda asks you what your purpose is in your posts – I could relate that to anything concrete except that it clearly caused her discomfort.
I am intrigued that both have an avid and strong following and wondered what drew people to her?
I’m not a technically a South African but was an activist during my year at Wits
I read your 2001/3 emails that included some illustrious names. What exactly is being suppressed? Your mother is clearly a key figure with critical knowledge. Enlighten me

Christina, it is good that you are patient, and slow to judge.

This may in fact be one of the great traits of Christianity because your thinking from birth is that man is not perfect. The fact that people use this indocrtination to justify their wrongdoing is also not good.

Still us Jewish people have been victimized from the very start and it did not begin with the Christians.

We were slaves in Eqypt and before then the people who worshipped idols did not like this one God theory.

You must continue to be patient because what Im preparing takes very careful thought and you will not be dissapointed.

But I do need to know where you saw that Linda asks “what your purpose is in your posts” because that means you either saw it before she took down everything or she has removed the entire dialogue or she has only removed my writings.

Please answer that question.

I am just as eager as you to find out what drew people to both of them. I certainly dont have the answer at this time; and may all of us collaborating will find out the answer to that important question.

I assume amour is your email.

Where were you born?

I am not sure what “2001/3” emails you are referring to?

Did you read my 4 letters which were published in the Jerusalem Post back in 2001, starting on February 1st?

To understand exactly what is being suppressed is simple; the price fixing of the money; meaning that all wealth accumulated with that money must be serously questioned.

Yes, my mother Zena had all the critical knowledge of her time and she passed it all on to me when I was in my mid-teens; and that allowed me to observe more and not talk to talk.

OCT 29TH, 1:11PM
I saw only THAT ONE statement referring to you. by Linda. No longer available …
Email to Linzi Thomas and many others ..
Born in Salzburg – Mozart’s Home.
You have my email.

I’ve probably written 20 million words and u pick 1 to a linzi Thomas who I don’t even remember

Send me a hyperlink to it.

My wife wants to know I’m writing to as she continues working on our complicated rock wood cement entrance


I wouldn’t remove 1 letter or number from those 20 mil.

The longest job I’ve had is 5 years running a complicated publishing company and all I did was once send out a flowchart on proper etiquette when using the toilet facilities

While we talk the most influential people in the world who r more powerful than trump are thinking my next move because they have no room to maneavour and people like the zimans are exposing them all that much more with their stupidity.

It pays to be good and that makes being patient easier.

OCT 29TH, 4:01PM
My wife Marie and I have good memories of Salzburg and there was something that caught my eye, probably the date on the facade of his home?

How old were you when you left?

Have you lived the rest of the time in South Africa. I see a photo of you, I think, and 4 other people with a crane in the background. Where is that?

I keep track of important events rather well and that is because I treasure my memory which is indicative of a healthy mind.

Therefore when people say to you or you hear them say, “I have a terrible memory” these are people to avoid.

If you think you have a terrible memory, even if you have been diagnosed with alzheimbers SIC it is always good to examine carfully what you eat.

My wife and I are still very much in a learning mode although we eat healthier than 99.99% of the population who believe they eat very healthy. It takes first of all research which makes the rest very easy because what is there to life if you are sick?

First of all you become very grumpy. Grumpy people are not pleasant to be around because they are nasty.

They resent people who are happy.

I have no idea if you are fat but if it is you in the picture in pink, you don’t look fat.

I have never met one person who is fat who is happy. That doesn’t mean they dont exist, it just means that I havent met them. If it turns out that there are exceptions then not only will i learn something but I would think that if they were healthy they would be even happier.

Have you told me what you do?

Are you married, kids?

While we continue to converse you can only imagine the horrific tension between Derek and his wife Linda.

They know they have both committed a huge foul.

The fact that they are unwilling to discuss what grieves them so much, tells you that I struck a very very very raw nerve.

It is the same with everyone who has read the entire dialogue between us.

There is also more because I was dialoguing with both of them independently on FB messaging, and when you piece together the entire chronology it is enough to stop the world turning on its axis.

The only people who wouldn’t be interested in the entire story are those in denial.

That does not mean they are not interested in the conversation because in fact they were very interested in it, but they were so pained by it that they went into denial.

When you go into denial you are committing mental suicide.

It is not possible to recover from mental suicide which makes it much worse than someone who attempts suicide and does not succeed because they can learn from that experience.

Someone who chooses mental suicide can never recover those critically important brain neurons.

They not only lost their logic skills going forward but they are left with the horrific memories when choosing the path of denial-mental suicide.

I have 3 elder siblings who decided to go down that path as well.

My siblings’ crimes are worse, in my opinion, than the crimes of Nazi Germany.

They were not under threat of death when choosing to take their revenge on me and my mother Zena.

Check out THE LADY’S SPEECH ZENA video on YOutube and also read carefully my commentaries.

That “nervous tension” which will remain between Derek and Linda the remainder of their lives unless they “come clean” which is highly unlikely is being felt by everyone who is not coming in to support us; namely Marie and me.

Every moment they let go by they are ridden with guilt.

I was not coming on to her FB wall to cause trouble just like when I approached my siblings to take care of our mother because I knew they didn’t want to be anywhere near my mother who had “disconnected” herself from them the moment she realized that they had, like the majority of humans, no moral compass.

When well raised Jewish people behave so cruelly to a good Jewish mother who happened to be the best possible mother in the world, it would be wrong to assume that those raised not so well would be behave better.

You will see me the repeat the theme that our Jewish Holocaust was much worse than what the books show because the people behind it succeeded in their goal.

You know that when you have a winning formula it would be stupid to change for something that cannot possibly be better. They murdered 6 million Jewish people and they got away with it.

That is a huge success.

You can also see that if it were not me exposing the truths of the holocaust which has its beginnings with De Beers-Barclays price fixing the money just as they have always done diamonds, it would take a miracle for people to learn the truth in the future.

Can you imagine how terrible it would be if kids in the future believed that one man Hitler convinced so many people to be bad and he simply willed his way to get the funding to build Nazi Germany’s war machine.

We dont have to worry about that because I have pretty much finish that job.

Now it is up to each of us to do the right thing.

Still you can imagine how everyone now feels knowing what they are fighting me for is for them to have future history being totally distorted, a total fairytale, and for me to simply drop dead.

Now we are about to eat a late lunch which was easy to delay because of our great breakfast and juicing in between

OCT 29TH, 8:57PM
Have you previously seen my website
ORIGIN Born: February 15, 1917 Died: March 2, 1971 Heir (executor): David Gevisser Location: New Jersey, U.S. Father: Charles Engelhard, Sr. Mother: unknown Wife: Jane Mannheimer Children: 4 biological daughters, 1 adopted daughter of Jane’s previous marriage EDUCATION Primary: Johannesburg, South A…

OCT 30TH, 2:28AM
Yes I have read all this. This trying to assimilate the facts leading to the story. You ere ousted from the family – for reasons unknown to me as yet. Can speculate why this might be. Note your mother mentioned you as her preferred guardian . Let me go through the mazes of info and for that to take shape in a cohesive manner, will take some time. Bear with me

OCT 30TH, 8:47AM
Did you read my 4 letters in the Jerusalem Post?

While I await your answer to the question which leads to why it is that my 3 elder siblings and there are only 4 of us


are taking their revenge of me and mother for me being not only my mother’s favorite but also our father Bernie


I am going to reply to ac of

If you had read everything that I posted up on Rod Margo’s wall as well as Epstein’s The D I book it should not be a maze.

Once you understand that the money is price fixed and you have a ton of money and wealth such as houses, cars, yachts, access to the best restaurants in the world where you get the best seating and you never think even once about pulling out cash or your credit card to pay for such luxuries, you can see that I have a great many enemies.

But they are mostly quiet like the Zimans who don’t want people like you to be curious because if you are not corrupt then it is increasingly likely that their entire world will implode long before they take their final breath.

I have not yet got to responding to ac of because I came across something more important on FB when I got invited for the second time to be on of my FB friends.

Below is the ongoing dialogue with Ivan Poulter which I am placing up on the FB walls of both his accounts in real time:

‎Gary Gevisser‎ to Vivian Ivan
26 mins [ago] ·
Subject: Ivan the hypocrite:
This conversation between the two of us on FB messaging began at 8:55am California time today.

werent we already friends; dont you have another FB account?
van Poulter:
True. This is for another purpose. Non-political.

But you are very ignorant, at least until i directed you to The Diamond Invention book which spells out rather well the Diamond Invention Game [DIG] and then you showed that you are totally stupid or conniving when you failed to share the facts.

Yes, very true

How do you cope being a hypocrite?

Did you know that there is an old Jewish saying, “The only person who knows who you are is God and your spouse”?

A hypocrite, no matter their political beliefs cannot believe in a Higher Power because they believe they are the power.

Can you bring your spouse into this conversation?

No. Not at all. I’d prefer to be the hypocrit in your eyes alone.
How well do you think we can now get on?

I think we can get on great on a superficial level.

That does not mean you can take yourself seriously and nor should anyone else including your spouse.

Now if you don’t have a spouse that would explain a lot of things.

What are you looking for in a mate?

Do you think that it is possible for you to great in a positive way to getting the information out about the DIG even if it is your worst fear?

I don’t thyink we can get on. You’d have to start all over. I’ll give you that opportunity. Otherwise, I’ll just bid you farewell, and block you. Which i am sure you are all too familiar with. Your choice. Be a freind, or buh bye.

What do you mean give me the opportunity?

We begin with The D I book written by Epstein. What is it about this book that you don’t understand?

I did not read it. I only read your chats

What is it about The D I book

that prevents you from reading this most interesting book which explains the way the real world works which bothers so much the ignorant talkers?

The world and its ways, is quiet sickening to me. I guess we agree on something.


The world is made up of people like you and me.

The D I book explains rather precisely who exactly is profiting financially from this sick world that is created by the people who back all sides to war.

No other book or that matter university text book explains who these people are better than Epstein’s The D I book.

So why do you choose denial by not wishing to read The D I book?

Didn’t your mother teach you when you were a young kid never to lie because of the brain damage that choosing mental suicide does?

Chapter Sixteen – Warring With Israel
n the winter of 1978, diamond dealers in New York City were becoming increasingly concerned about the possibility of a serious rupture, or even collapse, of the pipeline through which De Beers’ diamonds flowed from the cutting centers in Europe to the main retail markets in America and Japan. This p…

BTW Christinia, after the “superficial” comment I added this graphic of ours.


Gary, I am in the midst of a career change, and it is consuming all my time. Can you not rest with this understanding, that right now i am under some pressure, and have to be be very focused. At least attempt to be understanding.

Ivan, I get a glimpse, but it is not very bright that you are genuinely in a search for truth, but The D I book along with my insight and analysis that stems from having worked for De Beers-Barclays at their top levels beginning just when they were completing the massacring of the resisting Israeli diamond merchants in the late 1970s, is simply too overpowering.

My suggestion is that you don’t stop your “career change” but rather look to enhance it by reaching out to all your FB friends in both FB accounts which are fast approaching 1000 inidividuals and invite everyone to a group chat that the two of us would host and with everyone being allowed an equal say.

Maybe one day. not for at least six months. I have too much to do. i have been polite to you. i have been cordial. I have attempted to explain where i am right now. Give me some space.

You approached me this morning.

I have been very consistent in the message I am sharing.

Surely you were not attempting to convince me that it is wrong for me to share as quickly as possible reaching as many people as possible why it is that most people are terribly miserable?

The moment you chose mental suicide when not immediately reading The D I book given my credibility and I had nothing to gain to steer you in the wrong direction because the DIG is the greatest disaster to befall man in the history of the universe as we know it, you would have expected your world to begin falling apart horribly.

Why not at least attempt getting out of your darkness by telling me what happened to your mind the moment you started reading the Prologue of The D I book?

Christina, I see that you are following these writings in real time.

I continue to dialogue with Ivan P. at the same time place our FB messaging dialogue on his FB wall, first with his much older FB account which has 919 odd FB friends including me.

You would also know that increasing numbers of not only those 918 other FB friends of his are watching events that much closer.

There is nothing more important going on the world of money and military more important than the impact of the price fixing of the money.

You wouldn’t need to know anything about money to understand the gigantic impact of rigging the foreign currency exchange market which blows wide open the totally insane Gross Domestic Product index which punishes twice mineral rich invaded countries like the Congo and South Africa.

If you have a child over the age of 12 they would perfectly understand what I am saying and they would be fixated to learn more.

Continuing with Ivan P.

i did not begin reading the prologue. I saw a number of posts from you or chats, and some were very interesting but you also repeated yourself a great deal, and i had no time to spare.

Do I have your email address?

Ivan Poulter:
I did send you a friend request, and then triued to undo it, as i suspected we would be in thse ongoing chats without end. I have also asked you to give me space, but you are insistent i drop everything to attend to your project. That is being a bit unfair.

How difficult is it really to click on the hyperlink below

taking you to the prologue and then as you turn the page you first see the photo of Harry Oppenheimer whose name you must recognize even if you were born and raised in South Africa and were unaware that following the death of American-German Charles W. Engelhard Jr, the central character of chapter 18, THE AMERICAN CONSPIRACY,

Harry O. controlled the entire South African economy as well as the rest of the world’s economy?

The fact that you have no reason to doubt that I worked for De Beers-Barclays and you also wouldn’t know of anyone whose immediate family was so closely connected to South African Invader…/

Engelhard Jr. , you would think that your brain would have you eager to at least begin reading the Prolougue.

You would also understand that I recognized when my 3 elder siblings reacted exactly the same as you because they felt not only very jealous that they were not given the opportunity to sit for the year long entrance exam to join De Beers-Barclays that was directly overseen by Harry Oppenheimer but totally stupid and decided to react in the most venegeful way they could by taking their anger out on our mother Zena

did not have me thinking that anyone else would respond more positively.

[Seen by Ivan Poulter at 9:56am]

So you are in fact in the same boat as my terrible 3 elder siblings and their FOOLS NAMES FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES is getting out there like never before and this is helping not only neutralize them from attempting to distract but their deafening silences in speaking the most volume is helping the next generation of children to learn that much quicker about the DIG.

What better purpose can each of us serve in this very short life than to inform the children and help them not to become so ugly as their parents-grandparents who have no conscience and their God is the price fixed money.

Don’t you feel like you just want to laugh at all the stupid who of course increasingly live in fear?

Nor can you expect that when a liar, a cheat and a thief all one and the same take their last breath that they will be rewarded for choosing mental suicide.

Prologue – The Diamond Invention
n Japan, the matrimonial custom had survived feudal revolutions, world wars, industrialization and even the American occupation. Up until the mid-196os, Japanese parents arranged proper marriages for their children through trusted ‘intermediaries. The ceremony was then consummated, according to Shin…

OCT 30TH, 11:50AM
Did you get the backup I sent of IP’s FB wall?

Can you imagine someone who has built up a whopping 920 fb friends finds himself with no time to read The D I book?

Have you ever thought much about the teachings of Jesus Christ’s short life?

Yes I did. It has all fallen into place. Fascinating … but old news. We know the DeBeer saga, the stockpiling and manipulation – thoroughly reported in 03 already. The speculators who profited from this manoeuvre. Do you really think you can get them to own up? To apologise ? To regret?
That is business practice sad as it is. Most ultra wealthy is created with a modicum of deviance. Many of you mails to people I have met ( but not befriended) while selling houses in The most affluent suburbs of sandton, acquired their financial stature this way. Only a few have remained in SA …. nobody could touch them, nobody wants to touch them. If you do you die – one way or the other.
As for your familial dysfunction which is more common than you think – let it be. It is what it is and you will crippled your soul trying to get to station ‘payback’
Your writing is intriguing. Departs from standard linguistics – not ‘pragmatic’ language. interesting .
Your mother groomed the first Miss SA Avelyn ( forgot her surname ) who was crowned by Smuts. 85 now – my daughter’s ex mother in law….
Why did you not see your mother for 14 years ?

Ever know the Van Zwamm family ? Belgian dealers

OCT 30TH, 2:20PM
Christina, I am going to dissect your last writings.

Before replying to me, read what I next send Ac of

Be more aware than ever of the passage of time.

“We know the De Beers saga” is not accurate.

In fact there are a great many people who work for De Beers and who have made huge fortunes who do not know the De Beers saga.

It is a “defense mechanism” that kicks in for everyone other than those who have no idea about De Beers and most of them have never even heard the name.

Once these people who of course mostly live outside of South Africa find out the true story of the Diamond Invention Game [DIG] they react more “cautiously” but that still does not get rid of their anger which is easily picked up in their passive aggressiveness, and then the distraction games begin.

So ugly is this universal reaction that you don’t need to go any further than what you see with my own very well raised 3 siblings.

They risk not only huge public ridicule but the loss of all their wealth as well as criminal charges being filed for their extreme cruelty towards our mother Zena which a half way decent prosecutor would have no trouble in including the charges, “premeditated murder” of an elderly person who very much has her own mind and voiced clearly 7 days after my siblings had a non-family member appointed as my mother’s guardian, that my 3 elder siblings couldnt be trust.

Their extraordinary coverup would not only have the jail warden thinking of ways to throw the keys away to their padded solitary confinement cells but every other prison inmate would heckle them.

Before that happens, which is now, they have that fear to contend with as well as knowing that anyone who has anything to do with them is only doing so because they want to get something out of them.

All that my 3 siblings have going for them currently is the windfall of cash that my sister and her husband recently got for their import-export business which could have only come their way from a De Beers-Barclays affiliate to hush them up.

If you were their food taster could you be trusted not to at least want to poison them were it not for being hugely well compensated and still everyone will know that you are simply being bought off?

There is only way to know about the DIG and that is from reading either Epstein’s The Diamond Invention book and/or my insight and analysis of this most important book written in the history of our species because it explains the huge bloodshed of human as well as animal life that began to take place at the turn of the last century when De Beers began to own the world’s drilling industry and could therefore set the price of all minerals extracted out of the ground from the around the world.

All of Wall Street is a house of cards because of the DIG.

All the world’s overpopulation problem is because of the DIG.

When you ask the 3 questions, “Do you really think… To regret?” it shows that you are not really thinking all that clearly.

No one who has been fooled by the DIG likes the fact that they have been fooled.

Just what I have written to you now is enough for a best seller book.

Through the words “seller book” the word count is 581 words.

When you combine that number with your last 208 words, we arrive at a total of 789 odd words.

So your “lead in” is very important.

Everything else that you wrote beginning with, “That is business practice sad as it is” makes my response that much more powerful as you attempt to make out that what De Beers-Oppenheimers-Barclays have done is no different to how everyone in business thinks.

First answer this question; before starting to write those 208 words had you started to read Epstein’s The Diamond Invention book?

As you go on, “Most ultra wealthy” you are avoiding the fact that at the top of the pyramid of the “deviance” is one family who because of their exclusive diamond currency kept in their place all the other wealthy crooks including the Fords and Rockefellers and who cares about anyone else including the Van Swamm family, Arnold Swartennigger, Maria Antoinette, Michaelangelo, Mohammed Ali, Asam Bin Laden, Obama, George W., George Herbert Bush, Trump, Bill Clinton, Trevor Noah, Keith Oxley the South African rugby player etc including the remaining 8 billions of us humans all just taking up space and waiting to drop dead.

That is right. Without the German-South African Oppenheimers the world would be very different today, and it couldn’t possibly be worse; and that is only because they escaped prosecution at Nuremberg.

Your very best, and which I will probably have on the back cover of my book D-Money Lie, although it is so good it may deserve a place on the front is, “If you do you die – one way or the other.”

There has never been in the history of De Beers-Anglo American Corporation-INVESTEC-Barclays-RAND Corporation-South African Reserve Bank-US Treasury-US Federal Reserve-London Exchequor, Lloyd’s of London-ARMSCOR-Pentagon-Wall Street an insider like myself.

No one in their entire history has ever taken them on directly and those who have attacked their affliates such as the South African Apartheid Regime mostly get hit with very little slaps on the wrist unless they happen to black and are getting close to mentioning the name either De Beers and/or Oppenheimer.

When I decided to wait 24 years before speaking out, I did not mince words.

I also told De Beers’ most important site holder on US soil Codiam Inc. who have more lending power than all the registered banks in the world combined that I was in direct contact with the Attorney General of New York State, Eliot Spitzer Esquire who I had been dealing with on other matters and Mr. Spitzer Esq. knew just from my direct communications with him that I was the most credible person he had ever dealt with.

At the time Mr. Spitzer’s closest associate and it would be fair to say his very best friend, was Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. who I had been working with intimately since the spring of 1999 when I spearheaded the epic the class action lawsuit against against multi-billionaire, Ronald O. Perelman of Revlon Corporation and Perelman was known at the time to his top officials as “Capo Di Capi” and which one official made mention of in his very important 9+ hour depostion on October 17, 2002 which of course Mr. Krinsk Esq. executed totally brilliantly.

Of course that deposition only placed the “icing on the cake”.

We had Perelman by the short-hairs and moreover, Perelman knew that it was me who led the charge.

Perelman also let me know that he knew that I was behind his huge aggravation and embarrassment when his other hired gun lawyers tried to intimidate another executive of Revlon known as “The Nose” who worked within Revlon’s Cosmetic Center as they asked this lady, a Natalie Khules if she had been in contact with me.

Perelman and his lawyers knew perfectly well that Ms. Khules’ wrongful termination lawsuit against Revlon had nothing to do with our epic class action lawsuit, and nor had we got any information out of her because Mr. Krinsk and I decided that we didn’t want to put her life in danger.

That didn’t stop Perelman from using Ms. Khules to send me a very clear message.

Notice that I am still around and I am only talking with you.

Your writings, given their importance, have had me put off doing other things because I consider them very important.

It also means that you are not prevented from sharing all our communications with everyone you know including all your other FB friends.

That would do much more than help keep me and my beautiful, full of life and wonders F-C wife Marie Dion and our world traveler dog, Mango remain safe.

It would expose how very sick is the entire human race.

Only then can we truly begin the easy and wonderful job of Tikkun Olam of repairing the world “piece by piece”.

Nor does it take a miracle because we have been given the tools with the power of the Internet to do it instantly.

I paralyzed the worst of the worst with my opening move on 11.11.2004 with the two carefully thought words, “Remember me?”

Thanks to an “Act of God” the principal of Codiam Inc. Stephen Cohen was in Florida and he was having problems downloading his emails and his eldest son, Leon Cohen finally got the email and our dialogue began which is how a good movie script writer would probably begin the best movie ever.

When you go on to write, “As for your familial dysfunction which is more common than you think – let it be” you not only assume wrongly that I think their dysfunctionality is unique but you give the totally wrong advice.

“Turning the cheek” has no foundation in either Judiasm or logic.

Only if you think you are God can you let a foul play pass you by.

That does not mean one should follow in the footsteps of the Crusaders and kill every Jewish and Muslim person in your path.

Remember the bloody Crusaders were neither Jewish nor Muslim.

Instead one should be patient and play the smart cards each of us is dealt.

Yes, it suits all those who far prefer the “status quo” remain just as it is, that I would just walk away from all those I continue to expose without it having any detrimental impact on my health; quite contrary in fact.

You will not find that many people my age and having been through what my beautiful wife Marie Dion and I have, that is close to as healthy, vibrant, full of great optimism.

You ignored a question, a very important question I had for you earlier, “Have you ever thought much about the teachings of Jesus Christ’s short life?”

The multiple miracles of Christianity starting with the virgin birth and that God would need his only son to perform miracles on earth when God is constantly performing miralces going back to the beginning of time as we know it, seem most implausible to all logical humans and yet Christianity is the dominant religion.

Christianity only began to take shape some 400 years after Christ’s death and so you know with people having such increasingly bad memories it is really hard to know exactly what was the truth.

We do know that Jesus Christ was not around to write the New Testament but whoever did, wrote one most magnificent story about this one man who saw vividly all the corruption surrounding him and decided that rather than be a part of it, he would choose suicide than waste the remainder of his short life not being able to convince anyone.

So when you go on to say, “You will cripple your soul trying to get station ‘payback'” you are not speaking true words.

It is not possible to “cripple” anything, least of all the “soul” when you are not only doing the right thing but being rewarded every moment for doing the right thing, including eating as healthy as possible.

Most people eat worse than pigs because they don’t have the godgiven souls of the animals they slaughter.

Most religious people are unhealthy looking because their looks show they are unhealthy.

How can you possibly show respect to God when you don’t have the willpower to control your eating habits?

Hypocrites do not fool me and I know that I am not as smart as God and therefore it would not be possible for any of them to fool God even if the entire human race currently as well as yet to be born turns out to be one big mass hypocrite.

Penny Coelen, BTW, was South Africa’s first Miss World. There were plenty of other Miss South Africas but who cares about them, other than anything that Smuts touched should be revered.

So you are saying that your daughter’s ex mother in law was crowned Miss South Africa by Smuts. That is wonderfully huge. I want her to be my FB friend.

Please call your ex-son in law right now.

Have you not come across in any of the writings I have sent you why I hadn’t seen my mother Zena in 15 years?

I suggest you start below

and it made easier by doing a “search” for the name Fatima Meer.

I will next send you an attachment titled, THERE ARE A LOT OF FOOLS IN THIS WORLD.

Come to think of it, because you have fear written all over your communication, below is a very threatening email letter I got from De Beers’ laywers over at the South African Sunday Times back on April 7, 2005, 4 months and 27 days after I broke my 24 year silence with De Beers.

How many people do you know in the history of De Beers which reaches back to the Dutch East India Company who would write to their number one South African newspaper asking them to place my ad, DE BEERS INFORMERS WANTED?

Ronald O. Perelman – Capo Di Capi – Deposition by Jeff Krinsk Oct. 17, 2002
To: NextraTerrestrial listeners and doers of good. It is my hope that the following deposition recently taken by a competent anD experienced attorney will help folks get an idea of the nature of the process that takes place at a deposition in the course of discovery, that the devil is not in the det…

Lot of fools in this world.pdf

TUE 5:18PM
Christina, are you no longer FB friends of the Zimans?

TUE 11:10PM
Yes as far as I know ….my grandson played around on my phone yesterday – display may have changed. No reason for ‘ unfriending’ from my side.
Did some more reading about you – familiar names everywhere… but will you succeed in bringing them to their knees to achieve your objective ? Sorry that your mother is being withheld from you. Hard. Inheritances are so complicated ….

Good info

Check your your fb friends and see if they are there.

I doubt ur gandson could have unfriended them both.

They unfriended me ?

I don’t know. Just write and ask them

They shouldn’t have a problem with you unless they fear you will figure them out?

I’m a,strong believer never to be afraid to ask.

Remember they approached me. I can let them go

Yes of course u can let them go.

But you can learn a lot by asking them to explain themselves.

You have only shown them light and they are showing dark.

I’m now going to sleep after a great day of healthy food, healthy fluids, good exercise and progress towards the light

Please just make it simple. Don’t imply, just say what you mean.

WED 12:37AM
I have no valid reason to ask them to explain themselves. I have no valid reason to be suspicious of what appears to be an innocuous FB acquaintance.

Are they I involved/ responsible in making your mother a ward of the state?

WED 8:39AM
My writings are always very clear.

It is also always interesting to me why someone would unfriend someone who is a FB friend of mine and has known you longer than they have known me, and they dont give you a reason why they have unfriended you.

Why havent you share your email with me? This way you will get to see my entire dialogue with them and your eyes will be open fully wide without me having to say much.

These people have nothing to do with my mother’s situation in Israel; and nor is inheritance the primary reason for my siblings’ cruelty towards my mother. They are very jealous of the special relationship that exists between my mother and me which has been that way since prior to when she gave birth to me.

My siblngs also know that my mother is not only the most accomplished woman of her generation but our mother was the best mother in the world who gave everything to her children so that they would be independent thinkers and do good.

When they first heard the phone conversations I taped of my mom and I before my second trip to Israel last year in September they were shocked for two reasons; first, they showed that our mother’s mental faculties were great and second my mother explained clearly how “postive” is my life before going on to say, “I dont think my other children believe in anything” which meant that my siblings were no different to all those who are about money, which is 99.99% of the population.

So there you have it.

Nor am I finished with my siblings as you can see I am putting out their FOOLS NAMES FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES and then the Creator of this great universe will have the final say.

Nothing is worse for the bad human than to know that the word of their misdeed is reaching those furtherest down the money pyramid who one is dependent upon to clean your house, do your gardening, serve you at restaurants etc and then there are your children wtho will trust you no more than you trust yourself.

A bad person is always second guessing themselves.

The entire system is ingeniously designed including those who believe that each of us does not get what we deserve in the very moment.

The best is when people come back with the argument, “Look at all those impoverished blacks of Africa who are starving to death, being murdered left and right by rival tribes, and the flies can’t wait to eat at the dead bodies as they surround their eyes”.

What do you think is the right answer to give these people?

WED 9:49AM
I did give you my mail – not in the least ‘fearful’ as you suggested.amour

No-one has unfriended me.

I have spent 3 days reading everything there is…. and have understood it all. I too, was a flag waving idiot in my time – you might recall the visit of Igor Stravinsky to SA. I spent a night in jail for holding a poster ‘music is written in black and white’… I was exported to a Swiss school forthwith.

I apologize sincerely. Im speaking with so many people including non-FB friends who are eager to learn everything I know including the “disaster” of my mother Zena which has everyone coming to grips with their relationship with their mother as well as their children.

In other words, if my very well raised 3 elder children could turn so quickly and so badly, then you wouldn’t expect any better from other children. Moreover, I know what I am talking about. I know a great many mothers including the mothers of all my great many friends growing up in South Africa as well as the mothers I have met since leaving SA going on 40 years ago this coming March 16th. Not one comes close to being as spectacular as mother and you can see that in how well my mother Zena presents herself while answering very difficult questions.

As my mother goes on to address other important questions such as where she would like to travel to next and where she is not so keen to visit, what you see vividly as well as in my mother’s words is her total and complete love towards me.

Most very accomplished people are very distant from their children because they know the “ways of the world” that begins with jealousy settling in very quickly with their unaccomplished children.

That was not the case with my mother Zena because she considered the job of mother the most important job in the world, and why she strongly opposed the Woman’s Lib movement as she expresses it so well, “Equality brought down women!”

The Women’s Lib movement had women not only leaving the house and putting the impressionable and vulnerable child in the hands of strangers but no less worse, it had the women playing the man’s money game which placed a very low value on the job of the mother that the man is incapable of doing, at least doing it well.

My knowledge of the price fixing of the money completes my mother’s thinking, “Equality brought down women”.

Tell me what you mean “flag waving idiot”. What were you protesting against. were you forced to leave SA? How did you survive? Were your parents rich to afford a Swiss school?

Im now finishing off an email to a former top Shin Bet “handler” who is one of the man characters in the movie The Green Prince. You should be able to follow it easy. You will also note as I rip him apart that included in the cc section is Mossad as well as Israeli Military Intelligence plus others who will also get his attention.

WED 10:46PM
Were you able to follow “Attracted to you….”?

THU 1:10PM
Have to re-read. Trying to create a picture of your family tree and friend and neigbours- complicated. Forced to leave SA by my very conservative mother. Yes, wealthy.
I come from an old family in Europe where wealth was mostly inherited not made in business. Showing it was /is considered vulgar..
I only spent 4 years in SA. Going home was easy after growing up in Vienna .. I protested against Apartheid and formed some very close associations with local Jewish people. At 17 one is passionate about everything ….
You revere your mother-my respect- but get impression that you are ‘unsure’ of her love because you mention it so often almost as if you need to
reassure yourself ….
do you were ousted from the family your mother is a ward of the state and your I inheritance will be stolen. Everybody ditches you because you are stripping them of their clothes.
Will you ever be able to accept that most humans are not as good as animals who only eat when necessary and not fit any other reason. Most people are not nice. Your standards are too high for any mortal to meet. Disappointing fact.
Good night

I did love your raconteur about Epilady and the mangled Speedwheel and the albino Dutchman ..

Let’s start with “unsure” of my mother zena’s love.

Did you see The Lady’s Speech on Youtube?

Yes . You filmed it in her apartment in il. You controlled the questions and produced appropriate answers. Is there another U tube that I missed ?
She a lovely woman, hauntingly so in her youth…
So Nu – explain !

Yes, there are several more which you can access from that video. You have to click on my comments and scroll down. There are about 10 in total.

Given how I am going to be out of electronic human communication for the next several hours, let me ask you a few more questions.

Do you think the top management of Philips BV have forgotten me?

What do you think people like Donny Gordon, Jonathan Beare and Nick Oppenheimer thought after reading that story?

Do you think someone is briefing Donald Trump on my expose in real time?

Are you following along the “nuclear debate” I have got going with the world’s top journalists-politicians-economists which has yet to be headline news?

If you were Snowden or Assange what would you be thinking at this moment?

i will make it easy for you:

Gary Gevisser
8 months ago (edited)

Gary Gevisser, Marie Dion Gevisser + Mango having arrived the night before, Sept. 21 from the United States.

On September 15, 6 days before I arrived in Israel to visit with my British mother Zena

whose principal residence is in Great Britain, but was in Israel because her second husband, South African Alan Zulman, was receiving medical treatment for his terminal cancer, and unbeknown to me and my mother, an Israeli lawyer, Ayala Weisel who had been petitioned by my eldest brother Neil Gevisser, was granted Guardianship over my mother and her assets, under the falsehood that my mother has “advanced dementia”.

Again unaware that Guardianship had been granted to anyone, let alone a non-family member, the following morning, Thursday, September 22, I, Gary Gevisser, taped The Lady’s Speech in my mother’s apartment in Netanya.

2 days after the first tapings, September 24, and still unaware that there was a Guardian in place despite my repeated requests to be kept informed on the guardianship matters beginning on August 8

which was the day I was informed by American lawyer Deborah Sturman that Alan Zulman had died two days before (Aug. 6), I took my mother for lunch at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem and the videos of my mother show her putting on quite the show; again, totally impossible for someone suffering from “advanced dementia”, unless we are seeing a one of a kind miracle at work.

The following day, Sunday, September 25, two Israeli police arrive at my mother’s apartment without any prior notice. They tell me to immediately leave the apartment because there is a Guardian in place and it is the decision of the Guardian. I ask to see the Guardianship papers. They call Weisel who says that she is bringing them over. The police sit themselves down like they too own the place, and instruct us to pack our bags because as soon as Weisel arrives we will have to leave.

Weisel, a personal friend of my elder sister Kathy Gevisser Danziger, arrives nearly an hour later, and is talking up a storm in Hebrew while showing the police what she purports to be the Guardianship papers. I ask to take a photo and send the court documents to Israeli friends to translate. Weisel then says they are not the Guardianship papers, but she has them in her office. Then she tells me, “Gary, I think we can work this all out.” I say, “Fine, let’s have dinner here.” Weisel replies, “I can only do it on Tuesday evening.” The police are a witness to this dialogue. Then the police leave. I try to get Weisel to be more definitive as to when on Tuesday we would be meeting for dinner. Weisel begins to get evasive and leaves my mother’s apartment without giving me any assurance that she intends to “work things out”; quite the contrary in fact.

That same afternoon I meet with another Israeli lawyer, Varda Efrat who calls up Weisel asking for the Guardianship papers. Weisel says she can only get the papers to Efrat on Tuesday.

In the meantime Weisel was preparing an extraordinary fabricated complaint against me that she hands the following day, Monday, to the Israeli judge Yocheved Greenvald-Rand who had granted Weisel the Guardianship on September 15, stating several times that my mother has “advanced dementia” and that I am a threat to my mother.

Greenvald-Rand grants Weisel a Restraining Order which provided Israeli police the power to enter my mother’s apartment at 1:30AM Tuesday, September 27 and force me and my French-Canadian citizen wife, Marie Dion to immediately leave. Nor was there any concern that my mother would be woken up which she was and the “spy” instructed my mother to remain in her bedroom.

All the claims in Weisel’s sworn statement were totally false and incriminating on the hungry Israeli lawyer Weisel as well as my 3 elder siblings who are all about the money and nor do their big egos help.

Note also the long face of the Filipino “spy” who saw with each passing moment from the time we arrived her gravy train at increasing risk of falling apart.

Note when getting to Rudyard Kipling’s IF – which begins with my mother Zena unaided speaking, “If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,” a phone call from my eldest brother Neil and his new very young wife, Emma Elliot, which was probably triggered by the Filipino “caregiver” who was texting away as is common for her, who is really a spy for my Wicked Witch of the East [WWE] sister Kathy, interrupts right at the moment my mother mouths clearly, “And treat those two impostors just the same”.

My mother Zena “chimes in” again speaking independently and stoically, “dont deal in lies”.

Note the smile that comes across my beautiful mother’s face after I read, “don’t give way to hating”; and then the more stern look, after, “And yet don’t look too good”, and my mother sits up when I take a quick “break” and my beautiful Française-Canadienne wife Marie Dion whose command of the English language is as good as my mother’s “Queen’s English” but unaware is Marie Dion of this most important English poem because the French language, the language of love, is so beautiful in its own right which us English have to make up for by having the very few amongst us who can write great poetry knock the ball out of the ballpark which is what Kipling managed to achieve back in 1895; and so Marie Dion asks rightfully, “Why so emotional?”, but when Marie Dion hears the next words, “nor talk too wise” she acknowledges, “Yes”.

More to follow!


1) What was she like at 22? – Zena Gevisser, Sept 22, 2016, 8:58 AM

2) She has quite a face – Zena Gevisser, Sept. 22, 9 AM

3) The Lady’s Speech – Sept. 22, 2016

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Zena dismisses her guardian, “Have a good day!” – Sept, 25, 2016

No time off – September 24, 2016

I’m not answering you – September 25, 2016

Bring money-No memory, hide Dementia, Dementia, Dementia, Dementia, Complete Dementia
The Lady’s Speech – Zena’s Netanya apartment, September 22, 2016 Teachers – Zena, King David Hotel, Jerusalem, September 24, 2016 The addiction – Zena, King David Hotel, September 24, 2016…

THU 3:39PM
Christina, how old are you?

Did you inherit much?

Do you work? Do you need to work in order to pay the bills?

Are you married?

Were you married?

What did/does your husband/s do?

Have you read or begun reading The D I book?

When, how long ago, did you become aware that the small shop/enterprise owner was being wiped out by big corporations who have the advantage of lower cost of capital?

Who do you think has the lowest cost of capital?

Who do you think can enter any market they want and capture the market instantaneously?

Who else besides me do you think stand in their way?

Can you name which ethnic group of people are the scapegoats for these people?

Can you come with a list of these high profile scapegoats?

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be instantly superrich where without inheriting a penny you could own your own island, your own fleet of superyachts, Lear Jets and homes spread throughout the world where you never hear anything more than the sound of birds and other wildlife?

Could you see yourself organizing from start to finish the largest assembly of human beings to hear me debate each and every politician and Wall Street name including all those FOOLS NAMES FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES best described on the Forbes list of billionaires?

If in fact you are sleeping right now, then that tells me that you are not 100% healthy.

If you are awake, it means also that you are very blessed.

If you are sleeping then nothing willl wake you other than the “HAND OF GOD”.

The most amazing, miraculous thing about the human body-mind that is dying like everything else from the moment it is new/born is that with nothing more than the assistance of healthy food which is very easy to research the human body-mind can fight and win against natural entropy.

This is totally mind-boggling from a standpoint of physics-laws of nature, much like the ongoing accelerated expansion of the universe.

What does that ultimately tell you?

Now that you have the right answer, are you ready to focus all your energies on arranging the largest gathering of humans on the planet?

THU 5:04PM
Remind me to tell you about a letter my dad sent to all us 4 kids on November 4, 1988.

FRI 4:43AM
No –
smart but dangerous guy-probably.
I’ll search for more Lady’s you tube speeches.
I’ve seen that one – all mothers love their babies and even their brats when they get there.

No fats left on iPhone. Going to laptop. But speak your piece !


FRI 9:36AM
you didnt answer any of my important questions.

You also didnt need to search because I gave you a hyperlink to each of them.

Were you aware that 7 days before the lady’s speech video was filmed my mother had a non family member placed as her guardian on the basis that my mother was suffering from “advanced dementia”?

Did you notice how well my mother was able to access her 3 other children being too “busy” and that if they were given the choice they would have a non-family member placed in charge of my mother’s well being.

The D I book does the strangest things to the human being.

Just opened. Widow – do not need to work but always do / did.
Wealth is not my primary motive. Anymore. Stop asking personal questions – not relevant to your quest – is it !
I will read the DI book
I’m good time.
Cannot judge advanced dementia on the basis of one recording so cannot comment.

Why are you excluded – other than your diagnosis of your siblings jealousy?
Send me your father’s letter in 88. …

It would take mega power to take down/ challenge the Forbes List… it’s an insane Fantasy… You’d be taken out or put in a straight jacket.
My husband ran Liebherr Africa- Swiss based. Moritsch were academics.
Interesting that my Messenger has been eradicated on laptop as though never there …

Not by me

The question about your age tells me a lot about your thinking. I picked up something about 1965 and you being 17 when arrested.

If you were 17 in 1965, that would make you 69 today. That is a huge difference than someone who was say 17 during the 1976 Soweto Riots.

Biological age is also important in the event you have not won the battle against natural entropy.

The only way to do that is to have changed one’s diet as we did before we got sick and fat and hence we have the vitality, the endurance of people significantly younger.

Speaking for myself, I have the quickness of speed that I had at 15 when I was playing a better than average game of rugby and I am now going on 61.

I also know that I could improve my vitality.

People who are not vital are most grumpy and nor can you expect much logic out of them.

Even the biggest dumb fuck person in the world knows that you cannot be suffering from “advanced dementia” and talk, let alone be so fucking unbelievably articulate and lucid as my mother Zena was not only on September 22, 2016 when filming that one of a kind Lady’s Speech but didn’t you just love her “commentary” on the beauty of my gorgeous F-C wife Marie?

Did you just love how my mother was able to compute so quickly and intelligently that age 58 is 2 away from 60?

So my dear Christina, I understand perfectly why the authorities in Israel haven’t long released my mother Zena into my custody.

They fear like all the rich the House of Cards coming down long before they have each secured their nest egg.

When you start telling me about your ex husband and who he worked for, do you remember me mentioning that during my year long orientation into De Beers, Harry Oppenheimer didn’t think I was the dumbest person he met?

My suggestion is to put reading The D I book aside because first of all I am not going to be able to find the time to answer any of your questions given how I must now move forward post haste to finish the first edition of my forthcoming book which you dont need to read to know that people like your ex will be devasted if the truth gets out, but to research using Google if you cannot click on the hyperlink below the New York Times article of march 19, 1989, HARRY OPPENHEIMER’S EMPIRE: GOING FOR THE GOLD where Oppenheimer’s net worth is presented at approximately $500 billion, given his direct control of both his own assets and his Apartheid Regime’s assets.

You are going to have to wait on my father’s letter, but you will enjoy my follow up with this religious christian young lady Charis Meyers.

LEAD: IN MINING, THEY CALL IT THE MOTHER LODE – AN ARTERY of precious minerals, hidden amid tons of bedrock, that can elude prospectors for years.

Moving at the speed faster than light.

It is good that you don’t have to work.

That would make you even more motivated to leave your ex husband in the dust.

Most people don’t get divorsed because their sex life is great and they are fascinated with their partner.

Most of the time they cannot stand the other person’s guts.

When there are amicable separations it is only because the money has been agreed on.

Once you find out that the money has been corrupted and it has only taken place in the last century, then those amicable separations make both parties feel totally stupid.

Anyone going into banking-finance such as your husband, if he didn’t make his business when a young man to go work for Harry Oppenheimer right after he finished his university studies really isn’t very bright which of course Christina you perfectly understand as you have learned from all my writings.

One comment as I scrolled back quickly to see if I had left out anything important.

Why not put me in touch with your ex husband, and lets make it a 3 way conversation.

This is how I suggest you begin the conversation with him:

Hi ex – I know that you think you are a financial genius, but I came across this total fucking idiot on the internet by the name of Gary Gevisser. He truly has no clue what he is talking. He is like a fish out water. He is so wet behind the ears that he engaged in a conversation with his mother who people wanting to shut up him and his mother have said that his mother who comes across more beautiful than I could wish for myself and my mother in my dreams suffers from “advanced dementia”. You really should study THE LADY’S SPEECH ZENA that is available free on Youtube.

But in all his total nonsense he said something finally at the end that caught my attention.

Remember though honey, I don’t know about banking-finance as much as you and so please don’t think for a single moment that I am challenging you.

This is only for my own personal curiosity although this idiot Gevisser has suggested that I organize the largest gathering of humans in the history of the human race, at least as far as we know as it is always possible that God has created this evolutionary game to show how stupid we are countless times before but our memories are washed clean every time.

He asked me if President Putin were on the Forbes list where I thought Putin would be positioned.

He did said that he thought based on his work with Harry Oppenheimer that Putin would be at the top.

You see my belief, you might as well as die if you lie

The christian beleif is that if you lie you can be forgiven.


You amuse me. I laugh – not condescendingly. You have humour – but my husband has been dead since 10 years and he was never a financial genius. So regret I can’t seduce him into this dark triad. He wouldn’t have qualified…

In my life you don’t divorce because the Pope would excommunicate you and you would be allowed to watch the Easter mass… big cultural loss.

At 88 the likelihood of cognitive decline is present – maybe not overtly diagnosable but biologically active …. you effectively controlled that interview by posing easily understandable questions that warranted little initiation from herself. Ok so your siblings simply want to duck the responsibility. Happens all the time …. they’ve cut the strings – normal to me.
Since I am s woman of guile I will study 69 for the next ten years.. …. the only lie that is not against humanity
Good night

Like you only want to focus on what is important to you, I will only focus on what is important to me.

First, if you think you are smart by ignoring that my siblings and their equally corrupt Israeli lawyer had got the lawyer to be my mother’s guardian because they said my mother had advanced dementia, then you fall victim to your lie and so you might as well die and join your deceaded husband.

Second, no one who lies amuses me.

Third, unbeknown to me or my mother Zena this Israeli lawyer was placed as her guardian 7 days before, again without me or my mother knowing what misdeed they had done.

Four, when you tell your first lie you committed suicide because you can never fix a lie even if you accept Jesus as your savior.

Five, only a total idiot who is someone who is used to lying would be so fucking ugly that they would try and intimate that I was controlling my mother’s mind in asking her very appropriate questions which my mother could easily have answered very differently if she thought her other children had a better value system, a moral compass, than mine.

Six, my mother Zena also had the most perfect body language when describing exactly why she would not choose my 3 elder siblings as her guardian.

My conclusion is that you either had a terrible mother, at least one nowhere near as nice and beautiful as my mother Zena and/or you have a terrible relationship with your daughter-s because you never quite had as beautiful relationship as I have with my mother Zena from the very start.

Jealousy is a terrible burden to carry your entire life.

If it turns out that jealousy is there from the start then that might be the original sin.

Is there anything you would want for in your life?

If you were to have it over again would you choose your same mother and father?

Now isnt that a very good question all humans should answer?

I wouldn’t want anyone other than my mother and father.

I have always had the most positive disposition unless the sun was in my eyes right when the photo was taken.

So are you 88 or 69 or much younger?

BTW, it is not normal to me that people are shits.

That is abnormal.

Even if the entire world were total shits, it would still be abnormal to me.

Don’t you like my definition of original sin better than the Christian?

That is too absolute. Elasticity of judgement is a necessity for wisdom

Christiana, I just read my wife Marie all the writings to Charisa that you are deafeningly silent on.

After I hit the return/send on this message to you, I will read to Marie our dialoguing here.

As I read it to Marie, I suggest you write to all your FB friends to let them know that you would like their feedback on whether you should be the first to promote the next Educational Light Journey-One Tribe of Achievers seminar-workshop which begins with them reading all the conversations with Charis followed by your and my FB messaging.

You can start right now.

BTW, did you see the reaction of De Beers-Oppenheimer-South African Sunday Times to my request that they run my DE BEERS INFORMERS WANTED ad?

Do you think their letter of April 7, 2005 was a standard letter they send out?

Do you think they possibly see your dead husband as more of a threat than me?

Given how you nor me nor anyone else on this planet can come up with a name that is more threatening not only to all those on the Forbes list but everyone who profits from De Beers-Barclays human population control which includes those who inherit without having to work for those inheritance monies, then we must first of all assume that those who don’t like what I am doing in exposing the money corruption are not on my team.

That would mean these enemies of mine are huge in number; fair to say most of the world’s lower middle class and above and the poor too afraid of losing the little they have to speak out.

What if it turns out that there is a God, do you feel that God is currently at your side making you feel great about yourself.

Please send me your photo of how you look this instant.

That would be great.

One more point, I did say without realizing your husband has been dead 10 years that you could leave him in the dust.

FRI 2:41PM
I am simply an objective spectator to your crusade taking into account that I only know what you and your writings reveal – I Tef skis about yourself. You on the other hand know nothing about me.
My mother was fine – my father spiritually elegant. My children charming. I let them get on with their lives without obligations to me. Let’s say that I am bourgeoise … and I like it.
You have no locus to fly into
me or to get angry because I don’t buy into everything you rigidly insist upon.
Lastly, I am nice. Are you ?

Yes I did – they refused to run it. Did you get any via other means ?
My husband was not a threat to anyone – neither of us were big enough. Although. I know all the locals you refer to. Dear Rosie….. fundamentally coldly Germanic with long red fingernails. And minimal refinement

And all the others in that same cachet. Issy Natie, mushe, donny, wendy and her Hilton …
Dave King, Levenberg Gallo and the list goes on … few Parliamentarians, Cyril, Manuel, Motsepe, Deutsche Bank. SocGen . McKinsey DiData, Boustred, Matlare, Greig, Lamberti, Beck,Milner …. and others who left little impression on me
You don’t want a photo of a woman in an egg mask!
Plenty on FB

Yes , God is with me and that why I can make myself feel great.

No, they didnt send out a hit squad.

Let me know when you have the others you mention lined up to join our symposium.

And since you have God constantly at your side you should feel 100% confident that you can hold your own.

Don’t be stupid. You are not a good judge of yourself if you havent been tested to stand up to the biggest rogues on the planet.

Send me a photo at least what you looked like on your last date.

What did the Moritsch family do to survive intact after WW2?

Were any of them active Nazi collaborators, at least what you knew of?

BTW did you see the photo of me leaving the train station in Zurich headed to Kitzbuel?

Which of you FB friends would you say are the most enlightened?

Which are the poorest, richest?

Are any of them interested in money?

I just checked out Liebherr.

Are you saying that your deceased husband never knew what a balance sheet looked like?

What training outside of elementary school did he receive?

Did he read the newspapers?

Did he ever think of going to De Beers-Barclays for money?

FRI 11:42PM
you know, it is only possible to retain a friend/collaborator if you treat tem with a modicum of need tore-evaluate your approach. Maybe we come from different origins

. I wonder what permits you to be so utterly without boundaries and discretion. can you answer that in an non agressive way ?

SAT 9:37AM
I am very courteous and polite because I was very fortunate before birth to be gifted the 2 best parents.

Only as I grew up and starting around 6 but my parents taking lots of photos of me beforehand did I begin to realize how fortunate I was.

It took well into my adult years to get my head around this full blessing and even now I rejoice increasingly how lucky I was to have my parents at the perfect time.

More valuable than all the wealth in the world.

You were born into old money after ww2.

When did u think to question how a single Austrian or German came away after ww2 with as much as a pot to pee in?

My father was also gifted with the 2 best parents

The same with my mom

Neither of their parents were cows.

Just want to see if I had bored u to death as well as anyone listening in as well as those who will read all this in the future including I would think all future generations of children because they would all learn greatly from our dialogue here.

My father nor any of his fellow Allied Fighter Bomber pilots bombed any of the German and Austrian castles of the rich

They stood out as they do today just like the rich Germans and austrians.

Have you heard the title that my father would have approved of the title of his biography?

Would u like to see more of the prelaunch steps I have been putting in place?



On a scale of 0 to 10 how would u rate your happiness of the speed of your body to move instantly a 100 meters.

Compare it to when you were say 15 and thinking nothing of easily running a half marathon.

Have you ever felt grumpy because you saw yourself aging and couldn’t do what you saw others enjoying life that much more.

If u could have your life over would you have chosen to take care of your body better?

Do u see a connection. Between a healthy body and a healthy mind?

Do u think a person with an unhealthy body that is starved of nutrition able to generate healthy thoughts as much as a healthy body b that is not plagued by pain.

Would you think God who you say u have at your side all the time would reward or punish you if you haven’t taken the best possible care of your body?

If you were going to be religious where would you start out respecting God?

Do you think indulgent humans who abuse their bodies fool God?

What would u say is the best and worst thing god has done for you from the time your parents were decided for you?

Can I answer all these questions with

yes, maybe, sometimes, never, often ?

my score for body and mind control is good.aging worried me : never .

I see that you have written to me via email saying that you may have missed some of the taped telephone phone conversations with my mom Zena before I arrived in Israel back in September last year, and that you now understand that my mother Zena has consistently expressed her love; i.e. trust and respect towards me? Do I have that read of what you wrote correct?

we had lot of and survived the wars on tht basis.The Anschluss was mandatory but complying did not spare Austrian lives. As you know ..but the numbers are not available. I don’t need to run (away from anything ) so the speed is irrelevant. Because I subscribe to Lyme Groups and Arthritis does not mean I have it. Is a matter of compassion which is my best character trait. What mkes you assume that I might be a collaborator in your crusade ?

First tell me what you think is my crusade.

Yes you got that right. The body language bewteen you did not strike me as being one of affection…no physical closeness. Do you hug? take her hand ? stroke her hair ?

I like your photo. Your dog is terrific.

Are you talking about the body language between my wife Marie and me or the body language between my mother and me?

Its noble but useless. No-one wants to play your chess game.

Again, please write down what you see as my crusade that I assume you are saying is “noble but useless”.

Your mother and you

Which video are you referring to?

I’ve only seent the one in her Natanya apartment. If there is another send me a link

Ive sent you all the links. You should open your eyes. Just scroll back. When you have looked at them I will address your very carefully thought through comments about the Lady’s Speech showing “no affection, no physical closeness” and I guess you didnt see me holding the camera.

People see what they want to see.

Im also getting very close to replying to your email. How long before you go to sleep?

have a guest for dinner – raincheck ?

Have you dinner guest standby to read my response to your email which you may recognize some names like Nick Oppenheimer, Trump, Clint Eastwood and the such.

BTW, what did you mean by, “the anschluss was mandatory”?

SAT 3:11PM
is dinner over?

SUN 9:07AM
dinner last 48 hours …

Why was the A mandatory?

any attempt defy it would have repercussions – so overtly one had to be seen to be partisan. my husbands uncle, a psychiatrist was ordered to give H , on his speech in Innsbruck, an injection purported to be a tranquillizer. The uncle was put against the wall shortly thereafter. general compliance became the order of the day. Hobsons choice

are you Vegan ?

occassioinally eat eggs but that is very rare these days; mostly we try and eat raw; hence our youth and stamina and most of all not grumpy.

What about you?

SUN 11:24AM

same…..I’m still reading your writings. Courageous… almost as big as taking on the Catholic Church

How much more do you weigh since you were 19 or are you the same weight?

Were you athletic? What sports?

Do you think God thought a lot before deciding to amuse himself with creating this most wasteful human being?

did you read what I last sent Rod Smith Phd which was to forward him what I sent a current Lt. Colonel pilot in the IAF?

If I were to ask you to invest upwards of 2 million Euros in a project that I would keep secret, and only tell you once I have launched it suwccessfully, how long would it take you to send me the money with no guarantee that you would up with a penny and that would mean you would have to trust me that I would deal fairly with you?

One answer could be, “Even if I had 100 billion Euros in spare change, I wouldn’t send you a dime because I cannot be sure that you wouldn’t make the rest of my money that I am dependent upon to survive, totally worthless.”

very slender as a young adult -when thin wasn’t fashionable and the girls with thunderthighs and knockers got the hot guys. 57kg now.170 high – content. I don’t lend money to anyone – I gift to my children…Rod Smith – still have to get there.

Why would I trust you ?

Are you saying that you weigh a 170 kilos?

You ask why would you trust me? You can first of all see that I have not been corrupted. Second, you also have confirmed you understand that perfectly when you say “amost as big as taking on the Catholic church” because you know that the Catholic church is a total nothing, a flat zero when compared to the power of De Beers-Barclays who welcome every settlement payment by the priests for their sexual abuse.

If you don’t have an army, and the Popes lost their armies a long long long time ago and still they live in fear which is why they have Swiss army soldiers protecting them which they would prefer than regular Catholics attending mass, you have nothing to bargain with.

When you called me “courageous” you were showing that you perfectly understood what I was doing and for that to be you had to have looked at The D I book otherwise you would be lying when complimenting me “courageous”.

The 842 word email I referred to earlier which left my computer at 8:27:44am just over 4 hours ago and go rebroadcasted at 8:52am when it was addressed to a significant number of the Knesset members as well as all of Israel’s most better known intelligence services, should take you about 30 seconds to read. It may take you having to read it twice to realize that when I first sent to an Israeli Lt. Colonel in the IAF, this Lt. Colonel would have already acted decisively.

My sense is that you don’t know much about how the world’s best military commanders such as Ben Gurion operated.

Do you think it was better to act mad than pretend to be happy when seeing someone you thought to be a fool?

Do you have any members of your family who are lawyers or friends who are lawyers? Do you consider any of them bright?

How tall are you?

My husbands family was/is legal – very provincial practices dealing with minor disputes and family law. Apart from Gundelfinger a couple of Werkmans guys

BTW, as you should be working on answering my important questions including your weight and height, I was not asking you to loan me a penny. It would be a totally blind investment where you could lose everything without even knowing what I would be doing with the money.

You still haven’t answered if you consider any of these lawyers bright?

Were you notified of a post I made earlier on another FB friend’s wall where I mentioned your name?

and the Fluxmans brigade.No-one notably bright or enlightened enough to deal with your issue. Pity Mick Schneider QC is no longer alive – he would have been your man.

I70 cm tall – yes I was notified about your mention. and I did see it myself – try nd remember that

a) you are not popular b) I live round the corner from your adversaries which makes me feel a tad uncomfortable. Your postings are read by thousands but no one posts a like. Tells me something .I’ll ask my friend at Werksmans.

Do you believe in “Divine Right Rule”?

Have you thought why not one rotten posts a “like”?

So you are 5 feet 7 inches according to the backward measurement in height?

How much do you weigh in kilos?

i got it now 57kgs

Who do you think introduced by divine right rule?

Have you read those 842 words?

Do u understand that Werkmans would not be the only law firm that shuts its door instaneously should one person such as my IAF Lt. Colonel friend have an ounce of courage to follow my irrefutable logic?

You are at threatening figure – you also do not fit into a local ‘norm’. One is afraid the ‘unknown’. You asked me why I called your crusade useless. …. because no-one wants to get involved… that’s abundantly clear. The Israelis have shut you down, that’s also clear.

Are you following along the postings on Dawn Delea’s wall?

Do you think it is time to begin the shut down in earnest of Vistage International?

You make baseless assumptions. Is that because you live in great fear?

I thought Christians who believe in the “Divine Right of Rule” have no fear other than fear of your Jesus Christ and God?

How could you arrive at the conclusion that the Israelis have shut me down? To shut me down you either have to kill me or prevent me from getting my message out.

One can understand that Jewish people live in fear because they don’t subscribe to the teachings of Jesus Christ who I understand has you all believing that if you accept him as your savior which you do when abiding with the doctrine, “By Divine Right we rule” then you have no fear.

So do you have a different Christian beleif system to other Christians?

BTW, do you recall from Christian scripture how many supporters Jesus Christ had?

Why is it that you Christians believe that you need idiots to support your cause just so long as they are numerous in number?

I would assume that you have read those 842 words by now because they are at least as interesting as our dialogue right here which is going on for much longer than 842 words.

When 33 year old Megan Ellison who stands to inherit soon $32 billion collapsed into a heap of tears once she fully understood the teachings of The D I book which was after she accepted my FB friend invitation which had me being her 32nd FB friend, it was not me who collapsed from shock.

So of course I understood even before her collapse which caused her to disable her FB account while her 36 year old brother continues to “listen in” to my FORGETFULNESS group chat as well as REASON FOR BEING HERE, that everyone who is about the money and has been fooled by the money would do the exact same.

M.Ellison saw that she had more to lose than most and so her shut down was instaneous.

I’m a relaxed Catholic – we revere the Virgin Mary ….. please let’s not go into this subject.

Good night

I probably raise questions that you Catholic Christians have never thought about.

So of course you are totally devastated. If I were in your shoes I would feel exactly the same.

Here you are giving money to your children under the doctrine By Divine Right I was fortunate enough to be born into a rich family, and you are quick to point out that I don’t have many followers.

How quickly you Christians forget the fundamental teachings of Christianity; namely that the only people following Jesus Christ were his betrayers and a bunch of cowards.

How many of those cowards stood tall with Jesus on his way to the brutal crucification?

So you now go back to how you revere the Virgin Mary and her immaculate conception.

Why with all your religiousness and it can’t get any more religious than believing in the virgin birth are you so wrought with fear and doing your level best to distract.

You must wish the worst for me.

So go ahead right now as you fall asleep and pray to Jesus, Mary and the Holy Ghost that no one other than me will have the courage to approach the board of directors of Apple for them to accept my offer of $16 a share for all of Apple on the proviso that they have in inventory new merchandise that has a cost on the books of no less than $16 a share and that their creditors would be willing to take a hair cut of no less than 100 cents on the Dollar-Euro?

When you wake up from your deam, please let me know every detail of it.

Roughly, how many people you know would be as interested in this dialogue as you are?

SUN 3:21PM
Gary I not sure wish the worst for you. In fact I resonate with your thinking and wish that you will ultimately get guardianship of your mother and successfully achieve most of what you are fighting for.
Many people rage at much the same issues that you despise
But not many have the enthusiasm or the vitality that you have. Most people don’t question corruption they just smoothly slide into it when the opportunity arises. And as you said everyone can bought .
Why are you a threat to Ziman other than that you questioned what was missing at Yad Vashem ? What is their connection to your investigation?
I am not full of fear, but prefer to be vigilant about being drawn into something I might not be able to handle.
Why did you pledge to Kathy that you would not contest the will? That was downright stupid ….

Christina, you are in huge denial.

There is not a single person on the planet other than my wife Marie who is focused on the price fixing of the money that controls all the rest of the evil.

The fact that you would use the word “most” when you cannot find one other human, is laughable.

Of course you should feel totally stupid because in order to wish that I am successful in exposing the price fixing of the money which would immediately eliminate all the inheritance laws which you are probably not in favor of, you would have to know that my single focus is in making the poor of the world aware of the fallout from the price fixing of the money before they resort to violence of any kind.

I never said everyone can be bought and if I did I did not include myself, my wife, my mother Zena and my father Bernie and one other person so far.

Now you are showing that you are very focused on my writings as well as in keeping track of the chronology.

The Zimans are only now waking up to what is missing at the entrance to yad vashem which again the Yad Vashem officials including Mossad and Israeli Military Intelligence also perfectly understand.

You cannot talk about the rule of law when the greatest perpetrators of our Jewish Holocaust escaped prosecution at Nuremberg.

The German-South African Oppenheimer family have written all the laws of the world covering both civil and criminal law since their escape from prosecution which should have had them all hung and then there would have been no more wars because never again could a weapons manufacturer get away with supplying all sides to war.

Once you understand that without the weapons manufacturers profiting there would not have been WW1 or WW2 then you know that any leader of a country deciding to wage war is bought by the weapons manufacturers who have no loyalty to country, race or religion.

So when a leader says that they are building a wall to protect the economy as well as foreign invaders they are lying.

You also put all the priests of all the religions quickly out of business because there are no longer poor people when there is no longer a need for war.

Re: Kathy and the will. It removes any doubt in any one’s mind what my goal is. I would have thought you would have figured that. Do I still look stupid?

You didn’t answer my question about whether you believe that it is God’s will that children born into rich families should be more privileged than those who dont have.

So how many people stood tall with Jesus Christ? Since you and I both know that it wasn’t many, how come there are so many of you devout Christians buying into everything including the virgin birth?

Let’s come down to earth and help me with all your relgious belief in an Omnipotent Force to make Apple as well as other management aware that their businesses are easily susceptable to a takeover at a price significantly less than their share price?

Don’t you like the fact that there is not a lawyer, accountant, investment banker, or for that matter an economist in the entire world who can debate me on the merits; namely that this economic system is far bigger bullshit than what comes out of everyone’s rear end?

You must be thinking surely of how much more money you could make from being the principal promoter of the world’s biggest convention of thinkers.

It is not that you rear for one moment the Oppenheimer clan coming after you when I am a much bigger target.

You are only concerned with your financial wellbeing, just like the rest who have lost their way.

But as you Christians know, it is easy for you to get back of course, at least those of you who are genuine believers.

It doesn’t seem to me that the Romans who morphed into the Roman Catholic Church were a bunch of virtous, strong believers.

They just wanted to control the people with fear and what better than if they did wrong they ended up on the cross?

So when are you ready to talk about why you so revere the Virgin Mary.

Let’s start with what is the foundation of that belief that she was a virgin? That is very very deep stuff.

Is it deeper than holding on to your wealth at all cost?

Would you like to hear what we wrote Derrick Beare, the favorite nephew of billionarie Jonathan Beare who of course you must have heard of, once Derrick let me know that he was bending over?

Heading out to enjoy the leftover sunshine on this most glorious day.

The sunset light beckons us.


I will post up photos along the 2 hour hike!

You can see that I am moving very fast.

When you don’t tell me what you thought of the 842 word broadcast but you show me that you are following along every detail such as my sister Kathy also just looking at how I have left millions on the table without getting her head around the consquences of her and my mother siblings’ actions, it means that you have also perfectly understood those very important 842 words as well as Dr. Rod Smith Phd who has seen me operate very well under a lot of pressure as it doesnt get any bigger than the world largest water company buying the California Gubernatorial elections of 2002; and Vivendi’s support all the way to an SEC commissioner, Professor Joe Grundfest Esq. who threatened me in writing, “Could I stop you?”

Go ahead and type Grundfest Gevisser, 2 words on Google Search, and see what is at the top of the list?

Do you think Trump has heard of me?

How many FB friends do you think I would need to have before you would be satisfied that Trump is not the only person reading our communications?

How come you weren’t taught at your first confession that the truth will protect you from the very worst that man can throw at you?

Could it be my simple, but undivided belief in the Higher Power that is all I need when dealing with fucking stupid people.

You would be the first to agree that you can’t think of any human who is currently 100% in support of me exposing the corruption of the money which you never came close to even thinking about because not one economist I have met including all my professors at university as well as the smartest students ever thought to question that the price mechanism had been interfered with because if they just gave it a moment’s thought their minds would have stayed with that very important thought until their mind had resolved it.

It is not possible to resolve. Therefore you would have chosen another profession.

You are defending a lost cause. Man simply can’t accept that he can be that stupid, and consequently God’s Game continues but that should not give anyone who has lost the game of life, which is to choose mental suicide, a moment’s happiness.

Joe Grundfest – former member of the Securities Exchange Commission [SEC]
From: Gary Gevisser Sent: Tuesday, April 23, 2002 6:52 AM To: Subject: Mr. Grundfest, I have “smoking gun” proof that a group of business people in conjunction with the highest-ranking members of the Democratic Party have hi-jacked the political system. May I share it with you…

MON 1:44AM
addiction video – very different scenario to the Lady’s speech.
Intimacy noted – lovely, Gary.
Have mundane things to do today. Mulling over your facts.
You want to change the world – you are not alone – why are we so unsuccessful ?
Write to FNB’s John LOOS – only economist locally who appears to have a grasp

MON 2:46PM
Lets continue talking about things we disagree on.

I haven’t found anything that John Loos has said or written which shows he appears to have grasp.

You would know before writing to me about this Roos that if there was anything he has said which shows an iota that he has a grasp of the manipulation of the money and that would mean he knows also exactly how it is done and that would mean that is all he is talking about because nothing comes to close to the importance of the manipulation of the money, you would have provided me with such an article-statement by Roos.

You didn’t comment on my reasoning behind letting my siblings and the world know that I wouldn’t contest the will they present of my mothers.

There is a great deal of pretending that goes on the moment the human finds out that the money is manipulated.

This pretending is a far cry from an actor performing in live theater or in a movie where they work very hard at being convincing and then even though they know it is an act, they have to allow time to get their brain to readjust.

There are many actors who lose themselves in their roles.

It also happens with spouses because not all spouses are honest with each other from the start.

It also happens between parents and their children.

Have you informed your children of the significance of my teachings about the manipulation of the money?

You also know perfectly well that you are not capable of doing as good a job as me.

Would you be willing to say to your children the following:

“I have a moral code. I do not lie, steal or cheat. I expect the same from each of you. I am not telling you what to do with your lives because it is obvious that you should try and find something to do which you love and are passionate about. What I am telling you is that I expect you to write down your moral code and be willing to be tested on it.”

That is how I was raised and it turns out that I met the perfect spouse.

You will recall that I did not intend to keep it a secret when I wrote to the J. Post right after the Rich pardon protesting the impact on society by his pardon.

I also knew that should the J. Post publish that first letter there would not be an economist in the world who reads Israel’s most read internatinal newspaper who would ever forget my name.

When the J. Post published that first letter which shocked every newspaper publisher in the world which is why no one rallied in support, I hadn’t forgotten the significance of what I had to say and nor did the J. Post who didn’t hesitate to publish my 3 follow up letters and all on the same subject.

The J. Post don’t have anything similar taking place in the entire history of the J. Post.

It is possible that the J.Post editors at the time were not smart enough to understand my simple English but they published all 4 letters just the same.

3 years, 9 months and 10 days later I made my opening move against De Beers-Barclays.

11.11.2004 did not take place in a vacuum.

You recall the 24 year passage of time when I was not thinking much about there being not one smart economist in the world.

You also recall De Beers’ response to my desire to place in their SA Sunday Times my DEBEERS INFORMERS WANTED ad, and their very threatening letter arriving 4 months and 27 days after I broke my 24 year silence.

When people looked at the first sentence of my first letter published in the J Post that was made up of 32 words that no one I have ever met has been able to improve upon, they realized that I had a brain that no one else’s brain had either thought about or thought about it enough to publish and risk getting the attention of those who profited from the Rich pardon.

You would expect those who profited to be watching carefully for that first person to piece it all together.

The moment they read it they stopped looking to see if anyone else had come up with anything different because I had in fact hit the nail on the head.

Those who recognized that I had hit the nail on the head didn’t think, “This is just one lucky guy and there cannot be more going on in his head.”

It didn’t take them very long to check me out thoroughly because I signed my real name to each of the 4 letters.

When they saw that no newspaper or economist or military expert was talking about what I had to say, it did not mean that everyone who read what I had to say didn’t understand my clear thinking which was expressed in simple English.

Imagine me writing all this on each of my FB friend’s walls.

Anyone with half a brain once hearing what I have to say only gives me a hard time because their goal is to distract as well as put me down because they generally feel very inadequate.

That applies to my siblings as well as the top officials of De Beers-Barclays who didn’t wait for me to ask them to run my DE BEERS INFORMERS WANTED ad to know that 13 days after I broke my 24 year silence with two simple words, “Remember me?” I made it clear once they invited me for lunch in New York City that I was in direct contact with the Attorney General of New York State, Eliot Spitzer Esq. who was and probably remains the closest of best friends with Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. who wouldn’t need to convene all the economists in the world to know that none of them had a clue about the manipulation of the money otherwise they would have chosen a different profession along with supporting me if they had one iota of a conscience.

Should you wish to start a conversation with Mr. Loos and I suggest you include your children in the blind copy section along with me, at least to begin with, that would be great.

Im now sitting down for lunch and then I will be preparing a brief for the Israeli judge holding my mother in captivity.

MON 9:57PM
Good morning
You never tested Alan Greenspan ?

check out my blog and you will see that his appointment on August 11, 1987 confirmed that I made the right decision to turn down’s Lloyd’s invitation just a couple of weeks if not sooner before.

What happened to your hard on for this Loos economist?

Do you have any thoughts on the draft I sent out earlier to IAF Lt. Colonel Tomer Tene titled, Are they credible to begin with?

If one of Greenspan’s pupeeteers were reading this in real time would you think they would notice that you have yet to comment on your read of The D I book assuming you haven’t started?

Do you think that when I came across in late 2003 and began sharing it along with my own knowledge, that everyone was telling me the truth that they were too busy to read it?

The exceptions were a handful of people including my wife and my parents and one very bright American John K. Pollard, very different to the spy Jonathan Pollard.

I even wrote to Epstein and as I suspected he too fell apart.

So here you are arriving very late to the Diamond Invention Game [DIG] and you must be thinking that in the passage of the past 14 years I should have been very Christian and given everyone the benefit of the doubt that they had other priorities.

How much money would you need to be guaranteed to make in order to promote the largest gathering on The Internet?

You must have given it a great deal of thought how you would go about promoting it as you wouldn’t lose anything if your ideas proved out to be a dud?

Imagine right now that your children have already got hold of what I previously sent you that suggested how you should go about putting them to the test, would you see your relationship with them immediately changing since you obviously haven’t yet got a positive answer from them?

When you decided to mention Greenspan was it a name that you just pulled out of a hat like that Loos character?

This is the real show.

You would expect God to be the perfect conductor and each of us is simply here to play our part.

How would you rate yourself?

Tuesday, Nov. 7, 8:53AM
How are you doing this morning California time?

Reading the DI. of course. BTW Chifundu is my ex housemaid who was polygraphed for grand silver heist from my home in 2014.reported in the Sandton chronicle. Naturally she passed the test although she was the only one who had access. 150 years of my Heritage, monogrammed -disappeared into thin air. This must be the most ourageous co-incidence…

What do u see as the most outrageous coincidence?

Below is what I just wrote IAF Lt Colonel Tomer Tene on what’s app:

Let’s now agree that it is hopeless to find an honest Israeli lawyer, instead focus our energies on leaving it all in God’s hands.

Soon we will all be dead including your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren but not lose hope because there is a better chance that my writings will survive than the dead sea scrolls which really didn’t provide much knowledge of the trend that was already well underway with the devolving human.

The greatness of it all is that it is very possible that when your great grandaughter just before she takes her last breath at age 120 and wishing she had died a few years before so that her adult diaper would kick in without her able to control her body functions, she can recite loudly, “Gevisser, we should have listened to you.”

Between now and then someone such as Christina Moritsch-Krall could hear from her children, “Take your fucking inheritance monies and stuff it where the sun doesn’t shine” and in that same instant invite all their FB to the largest gathering on the Internet.

The sky is the limit when God rules

Christina, BTW what did you think of my draft to the Israeli judge?

Why are u fb friends with Chifundo if u don’t trust her?

Gary I am human, I shop sleep I visit – all on my own. My capablities to do more are limited

so please be patient – your call will be answered …

So that is your explanation of why you are FB friends with someone you don’t trust?

BTW, my call was first answered with God deciding my parents and 3 elder siblings.

I couldn’t ask for more and yet I got my totally dream wife Marie Dion as well as Mango.

Nor am I yet finished.

Just let me know what you thought of my draft which 99.9999% of those who received and who are much busier than you, finished reading it in less than 2 minutes.

Im waiting for my laptop computer batteries to recharge and then I will make the final edits, and start posting it on each of my FB friends walls.

well God is just so you must have deserved – her and everything else… Talking about cartels – the Malawians are the most organised in the whole of SA – so you stay friends…

Am I first person to tell you that you talk total nonsense?

Let’s assume that to be the case.

How far have you got in The D I book and does it say that the Malawians are the most organized in the whole of SA, and does it further go on to say, “so you stay friends”?

When you were saying that my enemies live close by to you were you talking about the Malawians?

How come you have so much time to write on FB but you haven’t yet felt the need to comment on my draft to G-Rand?

Haven’t read your daft to Isreali Judge. So sue me !

Why are you bent on getting my feedback when you have friends who are so much faster ad brighter and jump when you ask

Have you yet found anything about Loos to support your point of view? What exactly is your point of view with regard to Loos as well as Alan Greenspan?

When you say that you had one relative who was put up against the wall, I assume he was shot?

What percentage of your relatives who came out of WW 2 with enough wealth to make you a trust fund kid were ardent Nazi collaborators? Im just asking for your best guess.

I want your feedback because you have very interesting things to say even when you distract.

Im up to 34% battery charge, and will wait until I get to 50%.

So would you do me one big favor and stop writing on FB for 2 minutes and give me a critique of that draft.

Yes the psychiatrist was shot – My husbands uncle. don’t try to manipulate me – I will reply to you at my leisure ok

You do yourself great and irreversible brain damage when you lie.

I am not trying to manipulate you. I am asking you to set aside less time than you have been writing here and saying nothing of substance, to be nice and give me your critique.

You are also a woman of leisure because you are a trust fund kid who profited from o

ur Jewish Holocaust.

Look forward to your edited postings ..

If no one else brought that to your attention and you didn’t have the common sense to figure it out on your own, that does not mean the rest of them are honest with you or that you have a moral compass.

How do you think Chifundo will react when she reads our writings?

What have you found the most interesting so far of The D I book?

Have you yet turned your kids on to it, and if not why?

I have worked all my life – and still do… u are totally arrogant in your assumptions all of which are baseless and constructed according to your imagination. Chifundo – have you assessed her level of education and or depths – because although she is polite I found nothing much to relate to…

I am now going for a swim -good night.

PS my family was around long before the wars and the Holocaust

Do you swim with your communicating device nearby or does that have you thinking too much of what you are missing while swimming?

I also havent assumed anything. You toald me that you come from a rich “old money” Austrian family who provided you with a trust fund. The fact that you still work only means that you are either wanting more money or that you didnt get enough to begin with.

Now if you disagree with that assessment and you only work because you love your job, it does not mean you should refrain from looking at how it was possible what Austria-Germany did to half of European Jewry that any of you got more than a pot to pee in after WW2.

If you really care for the State of Israel then you should join me in getting Yad Vashem to have a placard at the entrance which explains the forces at the play which resulted in the principal benefactors of our Jewish Holocaust escaping prosecution at Nuremberg.

Now that would be very nice of you if you were to do so?

Can I at least mark you down as supportive of this petition?

I now seee that you have written that your family were around long before the wars and the Holocaust.

This is very important your writings.

Do you know of any wars where the losers kept their wealth?

Kindly correct ” rich ” and ‘old Money’. I said old – in our family money was not discussed -that belonged to les parvenues. Gary, I want a peaceful old age – relief work during the Bosnian war has tired me from all things horrible and painful. I would like to be excused

My wife’s French is far more perfect than yours. Please explain what you are trying to say with your use of “les parvenues”.

Do you think The Holocaust was in “bad taste”?

Did it ever occur to you that the wars, including the Bosnian war, that followed our Jewish Holocaust were the result of those who profited from the Holocaust continuing to profit from war?

Do you have a communicating device that allows you to type as you perform each stroke in the water?

Who do you think is the most charitable group in the world and laugh at the rest who donate to their charities and other charities without first thinking what the world’s most successful war profiteer would do after each battle such as bandaging the wounded?

What did you think of the Red Cross officials acting as couriers of De Beers-Barclays transporting diamonds out of the Belgian Congo to Hitler?

upstarts – implication negative. We know that wars regenerate economies… rather create wealth on the flipside of the coin of horror.

Do you agree, “Being a sperm donor or sperm recipient doesn’t make you a good parent”?

I will shortly send your words, “upstarts – implication negative. We know that wars regenerate economies… rather create wealth on the flipside of the coin of horror” to the entire Israeli Knesset as well as officials of Yad Vashem.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

I want to make sure that your response is the sum total of your thinking of my 2 questions:

1) Who do you think is the most charitable group in the world and laugh at the rest who donate to their charities and other charities without first thinking what the world’s most successful war profiteer would do after each battle such as bandaging the wounded?

2) What did you think of the Red Cross officials acting as couriers of De Beers-Barclays transporting diamonds out of the Belgian Congo to Hitler?

No I didn’t think that far beyond strapping up a broken child… its too grotesque to envision.

OMG hat have I let myself in for …..If you find that quotable then do so

I just spoke to Tomer and please consider asking him and the entire IAF to be your fb friend.

I said the following:

U r going to love all that Christina has to say.

When did u realize that the Arabs -Palestinians were not the enemies of Israel?

Could u see in the next 24 hours the merger of the IAF and the Saudi Royal Air Force?

Is there an Israeli high level official who you think is smart?

If you didn’t think who was behind the wars, the poverty in mineral rich countries, do you think that makes you fit to be a parent?

More importantly, now that you know, what are you going to do about it?

When will you be discussing this with your children or are they already used to you giving them the money?

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