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remember our 2 face Marie

From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Friday, February 13, 2009 5:28 PM
To: Brad Wills – Fox News @ 10 –
Subject: Brad, remember our 2 face Marie

and me from the Gondola that appeared on Fox News at 10 last night?

I have the most “uplifting” story to share with you

that even if the “powers that be” at Fox decide not to run as tonight’s lead story they will perfectly understand why such information will place you in the most extraordinary “power position”.

Gill at the Fox News desk said that you are on your blackberry and even if you weren’t you might think this is going on too long; but I am quite certain that I have grabbed your attention; not to mention that my wife who a great many people besides for me consider the most gorgeous woman in the world, certainly the sexiest, did in fact answer “Yes”, eventually, after one most awesome evening that of course got off to a great start with the Gondola ride, helped greatly by our most interesting Gondolier; to mention little of an excellent meal and one most awesome jazz band at Anthology; to mention in passing the band leader and his two brothers and nephew are from Baton rouge which even if your French is a “little rusty” you would know means “red stick” and maybe you know where that name came from?

Currently my French-Canadian wife and I are over at our art gallery-studio cliff house perched atop the bluffs of Del Mar on 11th Street about to enjoy the rest of that godsend Cabernet 2005 which wine connoisseurs, far more knowledgeable than us, consider on a par with the best French bottles selling for ten big notes; not to mention it has just started to rain and therefore doubtful we will have the great sunset Marie caught on camera the other evening.

But now we are being “blessed” with very storm seas that have grounded the pelicans but there are couple of seagulls continuing to “brave it”.

Moreover, Marie plans to bake her one-of-a-kind zucchini pie that just take my word for it is better any pie you have tasted in your life, certainly on a par with Pasta Pronto’s mango and cream pie that we have for “desert” [sic] as we continue celebrating Marie’s birthday which you may remember is today.

My cell phone number is 1858-SEL-NEXT [7356398].


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