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Roger W. Robinson

From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, December 02, 2005 1:15 AM PT

Since I am still up – emails pouring in from all over the place, remember while not very computer literate, not even close, I know a thing or “tTOo” [sic] about collecting email addresses not quite as interesting as coins touched by many hands…—…something outside causing Maggie to bark, and of course Pypeetoe then has the courage to growl even louder – I thought you might possibly have missed this below in one of my hyperlinks about my pal Roger who wasn’t exactly chopped liver when working for Chase Manhattan Bank or when reporting directly to President Reagan who we all know didn’t just get Alzheimers when Nancy said “no more jelly beans” not to forget Roger’s specialty going into the White House in March of 1982 when the price of gold was now in the low $300 range from its high of $850 on January 21st 1980, the DAAC pretty much finished offloading what they had begun accumulating when they thought the diamond invention was over back in the 60s all the way through to that all important date in 1980, quite confident that no one in the Reagan Administration, G-d forbid a banker with expertise in the USSR would whisper in the Presidents ear words to the effect:

“Hey Pres, you have heard this expression ‘A diamond is forever-a girl’s best friend’ but what if the Soviets with all their diamonds especially the ones they are producing in machines to perfection that even experts of the DAAC have a problem distinguishing from the unlimited amounts pulled out of the ground by our slave laborers in places like South Africa and instead of going ‘toe to toe’ pussyfooting around with us as we both go about bankrupting our respective countries the Soviets simply flood the market with all their stuff bringing down the DAAC something our Justice Department has never managed to do WERE IT NOT for the fact that the DAAC have both the Soviet and US Governments by the shorthairs.“…—….

Now we bring in the music…. Back in the USSR….

If I am able to get the attention span of anyone with the most basic common sense, i.e. can count to 10 forwards and backwards for just 60 seconds if they don’t come away staying,

this is not only fcuked but I want to get the name of everyone who says they don’t have 60 seconds to spare to hear what has been intentionally kept out of our schooling, i.e. both X and his protégé Roger are either incompetent or culpable take your pick and the longer they remain deafeningly silent then they are certainly more culpable than Reagan who we know was ‘brainne dead’ and clean as a whistle when compared to anything coming out of the liberal camp” [sic]

then I will be truly amazed.

Roger W. Robinson, Jr., Vice Chairman

Vice Chairman Roger W. Robinson, Jr., was reappointed to the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist on May 7, 2003, for a three-year term expiring December 31, 2005. Mr. Robinson served as the Commission Chairman from October 2002 through July 2004, and was unanimously approved on July 19, 2004, as the Commission Vice Chairman for the 2004-2005 report cycle.

Vice Chairman Robinson is President and CEO of Conflict Securities Advisory Group, Inc. (, a Washington, D.C.-based company that offers impartial research and advisory services in the field of global security risk management (i.e., the links of publicly-traded companies to terrorist-sponsoring states and proliferation-related concerns). He is also President of RWR Inc., a consulting firm established in 1985 that provides strategic planning services and analyses of breaking geopolitical developments that could potentially impact on international equity, debt, and currency markets.

Prior to forming these firms, Vice Chairman Robinson was Senior Director of International Economic Affairs at the National Security Council. He worked at the White House from March 1982 until September 1985. Between January 1984 and April 1985, Vice Chairman Robinson also served as Executive Secretary of the Senior Interdepartmental Group-International Economic Policy, a Cabinet-level body that reported through the National Security Council (NSC) to the President. As Senior Director, Chairman Robinson had responsibility for all economic, financial, trade, and energy relationships of the United States worldwide for NSC.

Prior to joining the NSC staff, Vice Chairman Robinson was a Vice President in the International Department of the Chase Manhattan Bank in New York City. As a banker, he had responsibilities for Chase’s loan portfolio in the USSR, Eastern and Central Europe, and Yugoslavia for five years. He also served for some two and a half years as a staff assistant to former Chase Chairman David Rockefeller and earlier on assignment with the Chase branch in Tokyo.

Vice Chairman Robinson has published extensively on security-related risk in the global capital markets and earlier on East-West economic and financial relations. He has served as an expert witness on numerous occasions before both Senate and House committees. In addition, he is a frequent radio commentator and makes regular broadcast media appearances.

Vice Chairman Robinson holds a B.A. from DukeUniversity and an M.A. in international affairs from the GeorgeWashingtonUniversity. He served for some seven years as a member of the Board of Visitors at the Sanford Institute of Public Policy at DukeUniversity and presently serves on other Boards. Vice Chairman Robinson is also co-founder of the Prague Security Studies Institute in the CzechRepublic.

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