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Roger W. Robinson – appearance on 60 MINUTES, January 25, 2004

From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, January 26, 2004 5:15 PM
To: Matthew Margo Esq. – Attorney 4 60 Minutes
Cc: Howard Stern Radio Show; Roger W. Robinson; King Golden Jnr. Esq.; JRK; Devin Standard; Valerie Schulte – NAB; Vicky “not so Lucky” Schiff; William H. Jackson EsqSan Diego FBI
Subject: Next Symposium L Arse-Son L


Dear Matthew – So what should we make of the coincidence of my pal Roger W. Robinson appearing last night on 60 Minutes – Doing Business With The Enemy and my sending Roger a personalized hi Roger Robinson in my Email tu David Moshal this past Friday afternoon, more importantly I would like tu hear your thoughts on how it came about that Leslie Stable Stahl was the best u folks could muster…—…against an expert pontificator who worked for the National Security Agency [NSA] during President Ronald Reagan’s first term in office?


I just happen tu know even someone as stoic as u is beginning tu have sum doubts about a number of things “fed” tu us in places like South Africa not all that much different tu any place on the fricken planet where the color of your money speaks loudest, currently working on the completion of the Email I began last evening tu Professor Rabbi Dennis Prager nothing quite like having an ability tu twist the tables a little on the likes of Sol Gambling Czar Kersner and others who have got so fricken used tu the masses of brain dead people not just his pitiful nephew, Merrick Wolman, paying homage as tho this rascal was sum sort of God, which of course he is, depending upon your point of view, how one is raised so very important, the name of the game these days, quite simply,


“Lie, steal and cheat enough and should u get caught make certain u have enuf reserves tu pay the piper.”


Remembering tho, that there are more and more folks like me who will remember u long after the bugles have blown at your funeral and tu those fricken morons who say, “Don’t speak ill of the dead” I say tu them in the words of the Chairman of the board of Citicorp’s Sterling Holding Company, “Lift up your fricken kimono” and then lets talk about your business, practice, makes perfect, agree?


Nothing quite like an Emperor in distress, better yet having perhaps an above average command of mathematics and science tu lighten up the load, and why talk about my sense of humor, ever met anyone other than my mother who admits tu having no sense of humor?


Of course my wife is smart enough not tu have me prance around without clothes




Wash her G-string underwear, the most advanced washer-dryer that communicate with one another with touch panel displays insufficient tu distract me when left all alone in the house, tu mention in passing, how helpful these playful distractions allow me not simply tu take no “crap” butt make mincemeat of those fricken yoyos who “usurp their limited authority”, hi Merrick, hi Sol Kersner, hi Money Talks, “r u in?


Again, in a nutshell, I detest those who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their small authority, i.e. evil doesn’t come in the form of a pointed tail or pitched fork.  Hi KC of the Howard Stern Radio Show.


Now I can understand Roger WRobinson not offering up such pertinent information about his past  butt what about a colleague of yours, of course we know Leslie isn’t as old as most of the “Gerryatricks” [sic] who should take up golf full time including Ed Bradley who reminds me so much of Poli-Pollak, agree?


Why not have a link between the 60 Minutes website and my Washington Bunch hyperlink which then takes u tu a bio on RWR which I don’t believe makes reference tu a Judge Clark, a partner of Roger’s who was a member of Governor Ronald Reagan’s “Kitchen Cabinet” before Judge William Clark took up a cabinet post or too when Reagan moved into the White house, agree?


So here we have 60 Minutes doing an expose on Halliburton, an oil industry services company whose former CEO [Chief Executive Officer] is our current vice-president Dick Cheney, who appear based on the evidence Ms. Stahl presented tu have been doing nothing short of “trading with the enemy” and of all the people in the fricken world u could have chosen tu drive home your point was tu get the ultimate conservative insider, Roger although far better informed of what is happening in the real world than former Secretary of the Treasury ONeil, so ripe 4 the picking, tu smack it tu our great President George W. Bush given the incredible boost George W. received too weeks back by Ms. Stahl who I contended in a broadcasted Email on January 16th,


“was nothing more than a right wing mole in bed of course with a left wing mole, the only thing our G-dly inspired President need worry about at this time is if a right of right wing Jew boy like Walter Cronkite who has this thing about the Christians interrupting his view and a born again Roman Catholic such as Laurie “Absolution” Black uniting in “holy matrimony”, agree?


As I have mentioned be4, Roger and I and our mutual long-time buddy Mr. King Golden Jnr. Esq. who is as “left of left” as Roger is “right of right”, last met on the west coast of the United States on the day Ronald WReagan was celebrating his 80th birthday and Roger his 40th, and without getting into the knitty gritty of how it comes about that Roger was able tu snatch someone so incredibly smart and beautiful as his wife who 4 years or so ago I entertained, on the telephone that is, recounting how upset sum of their Washington friends got when at a party catering also tu their left of left wing friends, no longer do I use the word “liberal” when referring tu communists, I grabbed hold of a Union flag seeing no reason why Vernon Jordon who I believe was also at the party would have objected tu such an act of “Good Faith”, Joan a truly wonderful conversationalist who of course would have come across on TV a whole lot better than pitiful Teresa Hinds Kitchen Heinz, I know that as Jeffrey RKrinsk Esq. who is having one of the most hectic Mondays imaginable, I suspect a migraine coming on any minute now, will, however, get, lots of relief, as he reads this email saying tu himself, “Christ Almighty u r so right on Gary.”


This match-up that takes place by u media folk, allied so closely with the pharmaceutical companies is really sumthing tu behold, u of course realize that more than a handful of us these days r on to your “good copbad cop” little games that keeps the best and brightest staying “put” while guys and gals who have nothing in common other than a desire 4 the spotlight grab as much as your r willing tu dish out, any idea of how the Dish SCAL [Shareholder Class Action Lawsuit] is going these days?


Now of course Roger WRobinson is one incredible hulk, butt I have not ever seen him turn green having a command of spoofs, not that he shows any outward signs of being a “poofdah” i.e. gay as can be, although the word “spook” might be more appropriate, his special expertise I thought was in “Soviet Economics” not fricken SCALS, Roger sounding so much like these pitiful characters from with their uniquely pitiful expression,


“If 4 any reason us guys don’t have the balls tu take care of business, i.e. stop the likes of The Rattlesnake from interfering with us being ‘Pimps’ 4 Melvyn ‘Wisearse’ Weiss Esq we will set BrownNose’s wife Deborah Pastor on u” [sic].


Matthew, u would agree the phrase “Soviet Economics” is as close as it gets tu being a perfect oxymoron, the standard, though being the word, “mankind”?


R u having fun, yet, please don’t cry, it could ruin your vision, the best yet tu cum?


By the way I saw parts of the Simpson Show last night and I could have sworn I heard the word “cock”, and so did my wife, Marie.


RWR’s impeccable credentials not tu be confused with pectorals no doubt played sumwhat of a part in President Ronald Reagan’s decision tu hire this “one of a kind” party animal, just ask the folks at Spargos on the same night that Reagan had his 80th birthday party which neither King Golden Jnr. Esq. nor I were invited tu attend those more exclusive festivities, so where were u on such an auspicious occasion?


U like that word “auspicious” fits in pretty good with what this is all about, agree?


Now get on your hands and knees and give me 500 pushups followed by 250 sit-ups, breath man, through the nose to the count of 5, and out through the nose tu the count of 5 and I am getting tired of having tu repeat that each time u transmission into the bicycle manicure u must always stretch your tochas, I mean toes [sic].


DnA” [sic] of course u would know that the TOES embrace Quantum Mechanics in their String Theories, i.e. going “back & forth” just as in, enough tu make even sumone without any degree of spirituality, simply having heard of, “want tu die” and don’t forget as I have said repeatedly, suicide is one of those laws which were Godly inspired, agree?


Now I know u have been looking like me 4 “Mrs. Right” a lifetime and please don’t tell me that u r not only gay but a member of the Gevisser family, there being at last count sum 40% of us males who r officially homosexual,




could it be that u fell in love with Ms. Vicky “Sticky” Schiff which is why u r also AWOL [Absent Wanking Off Losers]?


And, naturally, I am not about tu call my buddy Roger WRobinson anything butt the scariest guy alive, assuming Joan stops feeding him after reading this email, and besides 4 sharing the exact same initials with Ronald WReagan as well as being born on the same exact day, it is fair tu say that there are still members of the Carlyle Group who I would be willing tu bet my bottom dollar would welcome the opportunity tu be entertained by this “one of kind” incredible joker who had such a difficult time getting used tu the fact that I lived in a rather small too bedroom, too bath apartment in Santa Monica, which I have yet tu rent out, any takers out there?


And 4 G-D only knows what reason, Mr. King Golden Jnr. Esq. felt the need tu let Roger know that I owned the building which was worth at the time what I suspect Roger rounds off tu on a daily basis, agree?


Don’t u think that be4 u have sumone come on your “paid 4 commercial” prime time show they present u with an audited financial statement




At least have running across the bottom of the screen verbiage that would warn u ahead of time was is about tu come up so that u could get your young ones, those still at arse level tu leave the room in the event a normal person would begin farting ad-infinitum?


Butt I know when u finally meet a woman still in her mid 30s on the fastest track imaginable tu being a billionaire, Ms. Vicky “Sticky” Schiff when say compared tu Ms. Teresa Heinz who had tu wait 4 her “Aspartame-daddy” [sic] tu die be4 getting it on with an ice-hockey player, it can be a tough thing tu get over, agree?


Which I why I suggest u just hop on a plane tu southern California, u can stay 4 a few days over at Stonehenge II where there is no snow on the ground, the most incredible wildlife tho, and then if u make it then down tu Del Mar by the 15th of next month u can acclimatize at sea level 4 as long as u like at the new world headquarters of Manager Minute One aka NexTraTerresTrial located at 219 27th Street right next door to our beach house at 227 27th Street, my also inviting Howard Stern at this time who should be ready tu strip if he so much as dares tu ask Marie tu unrobe.


Now of course u et al could send in a whole string of assassins under the guise that they were simply out tu rob us of our gold but then again u r not quite sure about the Special Forces security arrangements and besides, I 4 1, am quite ready tu party with our G-D, what about u?


At least let me know whether u feel sumwhat equipped tu engage me in a debate starting out with the premise that G-D DOES NOT exist, where u r given say up tu 30 minutes tu present your case the same amount of time a grown man would die if left untreated by a Rattlesnake bite, a slow death, again 30 minutes or less, and then I will respond in no more than 60 seconds and if u r still standing on your feet willing tu undergo a lie detector test professing that I didn’t have u beat then I give u permission tu sleep with both my dog Pypeetoe as well as my wife, rest assured the dog will be the biggest hurdle u will have tu overcome whereas Marie seems tu be turned on by smart people, certainly u cannot think 4 one fricken moment she is into my “uglyduck” looks, and if u have thighs like Derrick Beare as opposed tu what she refers tu as my “chicken stick legs” and although my hearing is not what it used tu be, I doubt that she would refer tu me as a “chicken shit” then there is every possibility u would not be forced tu become her sex-slave 4 life, agree?


So just in case u r feeling your oats why not stop by say Rainwaters in downtown San Diego after u have rested up in the rock cabin, read some of my eldest brother’s poetry, met sum of our incredible neighbors, including a former chieffireman that is, please don’t pick tho a fight with our one neighbor John who is supposedly the youngest managing partner of the most established law firm in San Diego, and remember tu pick up a 100 ounce piece of steak, Pypeetoe likes his steak raw as much as very rare and be4 u know it u could tell your bosses tu go get “stuffed” agree?


Butt what about my feelings and what it takes tu make me feel good?


How do u think I feel given the fact that I had planned tu receive sum 10% of everything Ms. Schiff earned until such time as she hung up her “boxing gloves” without so much as having tu “lift a finger” if only I could have kept my “big mouth shut”, agree?


Now please pass the following on tu your “war lords.”


On April 4th 2003 I sent Professor Bernie Black of Stanford University Law School the following Email  and in it there is a hyperlink tu “notes” I made on March 31st 2003 while waiting tu meet with JRK Esq. which read in part


“…JRK also supposedly believes John Kerry is the man to beat in the next presidential elections and although I don’t disagree I happen to also know for a “fact” that the odds of us seeing through November 8th 2004 is less than the high probability of my being able to walk over the moon although there is an equally high probability that I will be able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the recent gubernatorial elections held on November 8th 2002 were rigged by none other than folks who are fixated not so much on John Kerry being elected supreme commander but them being supreme, whoever sits in the White House, and of course who in their right mind would want to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom given ex-President Clinton’s farts now imbedded in the ceilings which after crystallizing drop off to feed the bed mites.


I could have waited until tomorrow, April Fools Day before communicating with you but that is just Another Fricken Day wasted as jokers go at it with their fists and barrels full of laughs mixing and matching hoping to distract the masses much like we will be doing with our new line of clothing courtesy of


I have less than 5 minutes to our scheduled meeting and so I will be speeding things up and perhaps you know by now I only check the following day what was written the day before which means that since I live each day like it was my last there is the possibility that my last day was a blast and so far this remains the best day of my life. 


No doubt I am feeling better as those around get fitter and stronger. Now my only hope is to find a spot on the space shuttle as the new folks in charge of NASA

 go about confirming that the speed of light does increase-decrease as it passes through a vacuum.


Equal in importance is my “travel companions” breakthrough “stain” concept which you may have heard is well on its way to igniting the imaginations of the masses. Mdgand I are now 9+ years on an incredible journey through life, pitching and bopping along the falls of Igazu to the top of Machu Picchu although for all I know these events could all be figments of my rather prolific imagination.


Anyone, however, who has met me in the flesh let alone tested my mettle knows why folks like JRK allow me to interrupt their afternoon of tennis as their less deadly alligators lap up the dogs of Wall Street with lefts and writs and whathaveyou? 


Nothing but a complete melt down in the stock market as the bottom fishes all with any brains left to their credit sit on the sidelines, righting checks to their lobbyists while waiting to cut deals with management all stressed out while the shareholders are being stretched all the way to Timbuktu never though to underestimate the importance of the insurance companies whose “check is in the mail” routine is expanding exponentially, much like what occurs to youngsters who haven’t been the subject of too many train smashes but in reverse.


The War in Iraq as I commented in an earlier email would probably be over by now if in fact we had simply let Israel be first at bat and although the Israelis are not known as great cricketers there are a few of them who founded the Israeli Air Force who would not only have done things no different to the brilliance displayed by the current 4 Star in charge who isn’t afraid of taking risks when there is only dollars at stake but knows his strengths and weaknesses, none more so than the training of our grunts who unlike Israelis are for some odd reason first “broken down” with the idea being that one can always build someone back up, forgetting all the horses for courses, of gentile nurturing routines to mention little of what caused Humpty Dumpy to take a great fall as the Wall of China is the one that came crumbling down sucking up all our manufacturing, the dumb shit Perot of Texas couldn’t figure out, no doubt geography was never part of his formal education which only goes to show that some education is helpful.


We are all in for a big fall when we accept the old routines that get passed down from one generation to the next without realizing that many of the mistakes get passed along not in the genes but in the conditioning and why perhaps our fixation with hair which is the only thing common to each of us in terms of no one with more than a tuff of hair having to deal at least once in their lifetime with a bad hair day which occurred this morning with me as Mdg and her 10-year-old boy poked fun at me.


On the ride over to the offices of Finkelstein and Krinsk I came across a number of interesting signs but none more so than the writing on the back of a Harley Davidson motorcyclists which read just like the real acronym for the Drug Enforcement Agency:


                     D                                  E                           A

        Drink                            Every                   Afternoon


Which brings me to an Email I sent earlier today to my attorney, Mr. James Ashworth, tasked with bringing to justice the Sperm Donor of Mdgs two children who in his efforts to duck and dodge what were nothing but flimsy lobs ended up using the two rather gifted children as his shield no different to what despots everywhere attempt to accomplish when allowed from an early age to run rampant.


It is no wonder, to me at least, that we have finally found ourselves at a crossroads but for ∑ reason I am incredibly optimistic about the future and of course it helps when one’s fortune cookie from lunch reads, “A FRIEND WILL SOON BRING YOU A GIFT” which I will gift to Mr. Krinsk depending of course on how generous he is to me.


Upon entering the incredibly modest 12th floor offices there were all smiles from Mr. Krinsk’s abundance of secretarial staff who for some reason saw me today as their savior even though I had left my dog “Tippytoe” [sic] all heartsick behind in Del Mar. Their entreaties, “Please create an emergency that will take Jeffrey out of the office so that we can also enjoy the serf as much you do” [sic] was in my opinion sincere. 


To appreciate how much the staff care for Jeffrey one has to always maintain a relative position, i.e. you should hear not only what they say when Howard who I have only seen twice in the office in the immeasurable times I have visited but when Pypeetoe is with me, all work in the office comes to a halt as he goes about his exercise routine naturally never forgetting to impress upon Howard what is meant by when he means business.


A fool you know I am not “butT” [sic] simply a pain in your back; not one, however, to stab anyone in the back let alone someone esteemed as yourself who may very possibly have assisted Mr. William H. Jackson of Pircher, Nichols & Meeks obtain his law degree from your prestigious Law School for the brain dead, wouldn’t you agree? 


Mr. Krinsk just got a call from 60 Minutes about the Halliburton case which is something I mentioned in an email the other day and of course there is always the possibility that this is simply an ego trip by Jeffrey to upstage me knowing that I have a connection with a top legal dog if not the top legal dog of 60 Minutes, although I seemed to hear the name Stephen “Weiner” [sic] which rang somewhat of a bell. 


Some of what is going on to day is undoubtedly nauseating but the path to righteousness is not for the feint hearted, but nor should we ignore ignoramuses like Peter Arnett who said his reporting “helps those who oppose the war.”


The last thing I want to do is to get everyone panicked especially given the fact that I have more than a pot full of solutions including coming out in due course with our EmanANDdog credit card program for dog lovers everywhere and of course even those folks who don’t really know how to take care of birds let alone realize that it is cruel to starve snakes to death although the Sperm Donor might argue how the fact that being a pathology specialist did not equip him to know that one of the house-pet snakes would attempt and succeed in escaping out of its cage on several occasions, one for an extended period of 9 months. 


I happen to believe that one can become desensitized to both animals as well as humans if one is not tasked properly in taking care of the ever so sensitive creatures, i.e. humans to leash.


Life is all relative and our dominance over other species is all about time, motion and space and the need for balance and of course my writings can be “endless” but it has little and nothing to do with LUCK but staying true to course of never going around in circles and never allowing others to knock you off your center of gravity, never, never, never…


I have one other meeting scheduled before the evening is up beginning at 10:00pm PST at the Il Fornio bar located at the Del Mar Plaza where I will be welcoming anyone and everyone who wishes to serve me with their best and I will gladly pick up the tab and of course I invite Detective Steele whose warm handshake, once he got with the program, I knew was heartfelt as was my Christmas gift to Mds’ 13-year-old daughter with Part II parked ever so carefully. 


Detective Steele may be interested to note that my take on Peregrine Systems was rather prescient although not much more than a 1 on a scale of 10 in terms of my other rather good timing where luck is simply not part of my vocabulary, the impossible is possible especially once the rest of the TOES get with the program that the light speed barrier can in fact be broken, and it is nothing short of a miracle that we exist today given the chaos in the world that has the smartest minds in the world pulling their hair out trying to figure out simple things like defining what were at one time very basic concepts like “cashflow.”


Matthew, also on April 4th of last year I received an automated response from Ms. Valerie Schulte of the National Association of Broadcasters [NAB] her Email informing me:


I am out of the office until April 14. If you need assistance or need to reach me, please contact Pat  Otherwise, I will respond upon my return.


And of course u don’t c either Ms. Jones or Ms. Schulte on my “delete list.”


Ms. Schulte u should know by now is also a member of the prestigious Washington Bunch, The “BAN” [sic] tasked, in my opinion, in perfecting the art of distraction as the sumwhat educated folks on the far left and their far right blood brothers and blood sisters all meet up, clap hands, rejoice, bringing out groups like Fleetwood Mack, agree?


My ability to drive a fricken Mack Truck through their charades as easy as pie




Simply put, threading a needle thru the eye of a camel who has evacuated its bowls, remembering u fricken idiot, there is no such thing as a worldwide conspiracy, other than too that I am aware of where the folks at the top were-are anything butt Jewish, the first conspiracy being that between Charles Engelhard and the Oppenheimer family


And of course I am taking poetic license when I refer tu my uncle, David Gevisser as Charles Engelhard’s “male heir” given the fact that David Gevisser was raised in a Jewish Orthodox family where he should have known better than act as “consigliore” tu such a despicable character hell bent on subverting justice not just violating the spirit of United States Anti-Trust laws but the laws of G-D, i.e.


Do unto your neighbor as u would want done unto yourself, without any fricken rabbi, priest or mullah and/or over controlling parent with their ‘Let me show u how’ commentaries, and then tu rest up on the Sabbath, agree?”


And the second one involving Aristotle Onassis, and when u show me the “color of your money” i.e. send me $27 4 an advance signed copy of my book Manager Minute One I will give serious thought tu telling u one of the businesses of my mother that was shared with me along with sum other goodies on that infamous train ride from Zurich, Switzerland to Kitzbuel, Austria in December 1967.


Now go have a wonderful day, not tu forget tu mention tu your bosses, those at WESTINGHOUSE as well as its wholly owned subsidiary CBS that I was the guy not only credited by Judge Jack Weinstein in his decision tu overturn a landmark multi-million dollar “Carpal Tunnel” case that continues tu have significant positive effects on our economy, an economy that is being held together by nothing short of “strings”, my understanding of Chaos Theory a whole lot better than that of String Theory which in my opinion is gobbledygook although I must say I find their mathematics quite intriguing no where near in terms of perfection as General Relativity which as u know Einstein considered, “The Mind of G-D” butt then again Einstein we know was not G-D, agree?


And it would take only G-D-Nature tu know G-D who could have deposited himself within each one of us, not forgetting tu mention of course the role I played in getting Mr. King Golden Jnr. Esq. the necessary monies tu finance a patent infringement lawsuit against Westinghouse that resulted in a $1 million payday plus Westinghouse forgoing any ownership interest in this rather important laser technology, which reminds me that I nor my client Mr. Irving Cooper ever got a full accounting of the “use of proceeds”, nothing says it quite like “carpe diem” other than,




What goes around comes around, vengeance is sweet tu the heart of an Indian and those who wear different hats one day and then another the next, who currently come and go as they please, please remind them that revolving doors becoming more and more antiquated thanks in no small measure tu the Digital Age, more and more folks working from home letting their keyboards humm, moms the word on what I am about tu do next, that has scoundrels getting placed “in check” more and more, and just because Senator Kerry can still skate on ice, carry a ice-hockey stick, and shoot a puck in the direction of the goals doesn’t mean he can “jump as hi” [sic]




[Non-sic] as me, agree?


NOr is he in my opinion, enlightened tu lead, us all needing more doers, less pontificators, and most all good listeners like our great President George W. Bush.


And so be4 u go smoke all that in your pipe and don’t forget tu add sum Durban Poison if it will help your vowel movements may I suggest one more time that u and your cohorts begin tu examine a little more than u have in the past the Hot Water Wars tu mention in passing just one more time the “smoking gun evidence” in my possession of political corruption at the highest levels of the Democratic Party, and remember just one last thing, most if not all people including most if not all Carmel College alumni can understand evidence when they c it, agree?


The embarrassment u will all ultimately face once the FBI and possibly the CIA get fully up tu speed will be pale in comparison tu the heartache 4 when u meet with your maker who in my opinion will have little choice but tu return u et al as shrimp bearing in mind that I recently heard it takes gathering sum 50 pound of wildlife off the oshon floors tu get one pound of shrimp which depending on your point of view may be either good or bad new; bad if we stop dragnet fishing, good if the likes of 60 Minutes, Diana Henriques, Peter Bloc et al keep on the distraction path, the 64 thousand dollar question answered, agree?


Time tu turn on the kettle, if only I had sum of Margaret’s scones and jam + a whole lot of Somerset cream, my thinking at this time of asking Jonathan Beare tu stop by Ccrest and give whoever is in charge this week a helping hand.


Gary S. Gevisser

The Rattlesnake.



Ps – Over the course of the past few weeks I have picked up stuff that I find sumwhat interesting, let me know what u think.




“When Gen. Wesley K. Clerk, a fellow” [sic] Arkansan, entered the campaign in September, the re-emergence of Clinton loyalists like Bruce Lindsey fueled speculation that Mr. Clinton and his wife, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, were backing General Clark as a way to stop another candidate, Howard Dean. General Clark said the Clintonshad encouraged him to run, but the Clintons have said they would not endorse anyone in the primaries.






Ed BradleyBradley was born June 22, 1941, in Philadelphia and graduated from Cheyney (Pa.) State College in 1964… a 1991 Emmy Award for his 60 Minutes report “Made in China,” a look at Chinese forced-labor camps, and another Emmy for “Caitlin’s Story” (November 1992), an examination of the controversy between the parents of a deaf child and a deaf association….. Bradley joined CBS News as a stringer in its Paris bureau in September 1971. A year later, he was transferred to the Saigon bureau, where he remained






Don Hewitt (CBS) Hewitt is the author of Tell Me a Story: Fifty Years and 60 Minutes in Television (PublicAffairs, April 2001), in which chronicles his life as a newsman. He is also the author of the book Minute by Minute (Random House, 1985).

Hewitt was born Dec. 14, 1922 in New York. He and his wife, Marilyn Berger, a former NBC News White House correspondent and former Washington Post diplomatic correspondent, live in New York.

More than 50 years after joining CBS NewsDon Hewitt continues to influence television journalism, much as he did when he helped develop many of its methods for reporting news, beginning in 1948. … 60 Minutes, which enters its 36th season in the fall, finished the 2002-03 season as the number one news magazine….. bestowed by the E.W.Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, and the 2000 Fred Friendly First Amendment Award from Quinnipiac College.

In 1999, he was honored with the Spirit of Liberty… Hewitt began his journalism career in 1942 as head copyboy for the New York Herald Tribune after attending New YorkUniversity for one year. During World War II, he served as a correspondent in the European and Pacific theaters (1943-45). He later became night editor of the Associated Press’ Memphis bureau (1945-46), went on to become editor of the Pelham (N.Y.) Sun (1946-47) and was the night telephoto editor for Acme News Pictures.





On October 16th [1948] Rudi Augartin in D.121 encountered three Egyptian Spitfires and managed to down one of them. The same day, however, witnessed the loss of two S.199s and the death of Modi Alon, the 101st squadron commander. Alon was killed after a mechanical failure prevented his landing gear from deploying. Amidst his attempts to lower the gear, his aircraft, D.114, hit the ground and exploded. Alon was succeeded by Sid Cohen, a South African volunteer and former wing commander with the SAAF. The second Avia lost on October 16th was D.113, written off after suffering an engine failure and belly landing. A third Avia, D.117, was lost on the following day: it was hit by anti aircraft fire and belly landed at Ekron AFB.

On October 19th, in the face of Avia losses, the IAF banned the type from participating in ground attack missions. Although the type was to continue flying escort and reconnaissance missions, these too were stopped on October 22nd. These decisions were made possible by the arrival of more advanced fighter types in the IAF inventory: the Supermarine Spitfire and the North American P-51D Mustang. These aircraft soon surpassed the S.199s as Israel’s front line fighters




So what do u think of Sorolla?

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