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Running naked slight edit + photos

From: GaryStevenGevisser <garystevengevisser>
Subject: Running naked [slight edit + photos]
Date: January 26, 2014 6:53:21 PM GMT+01:00
To: “Major Tuvia Friling – Israel Defense Force, Deputy Commander Golani Brigade, Professor Ben Gurion University, Beersheba, Negev Desert, Israel – Author of ARROWS IN THE DARK Desert” <friling>
Cc: rest; James Carroll – author Constantine’s Sword <james.carroll43>, Edward Jay Epstein – Author of The Diamond Invention <edepstein>, cc-Bubs <bubs>, cc-Ngould <ngould>, CC-Nataliefainsod <nataliefainsod>, cc-paulClapper <clapper>, cc-Sperling <sperling>, cc-Bergermd <bergermd>, cc-BermanJ <BermanJ>, cc-Jbkrifcher <jbkrifcher>, cc-Sir <sir>, Cc-Lframe <alana>, ccGrahamkluk <gkluk>, ccadigan <ccadigan>, cc-Morkelb <morkelb>, cc-Ronnie <Ronnie>, cc-Ahackner <ahackner>, Davide Azzini <sales>, Cc-Alanditz <mandm>, Cc-Colin Puterman <bdfabric>, Cc-Elaine Zulberg <Hbar4>, cc-Saul levin <slevin>, jodyperling <jodyperling>, David Lazarus <dlaz551469>, “David Altman – Founder of Made In USA Inc.” <david.altman>, David Levy <Disch1000>, Conrad Wolff – supporter of Roy Essakow <kaapstad>, Stephanie Marine c/o Gary A Jewish 9 is a 4 with money Legator <graygator>, “Newell The Big Lie Starks – Citicorp Venture Corporation officer.” <newell>, “Thomas. Stephens” <thomas.stephens>, “Jeffrey D. Sachs – Columbia University – author END OF POVERTY.” <sachs>, Jeffrey Fall <jeffreyefall>, “Zack – Very good looking body and face Il Forniao barman who doesn’t need big tips to treat customers right.” <camonyong>, bobbyj, Sam Hackner – Chief Executive Officer – Investec South Africa <iamrecruit>, adrian.ash2, Samantha Ash <samantha.ash.589>, “Hedda Gevisser c/o Jonny NORRIS brother-in-law of Alan Zulman and former executive of the Frame Group South Africa.” <jonor7>, “Joyce Kwan – nuzeds@tt. mit. edu” <nuzeds>, Trevor Manuel – former South African Minister of Finance <patti.smith>, Merrick Wolman – nephew of Sol Gambling Czar Kerzner Czar Kerzner <Merrick.Wolman>, “Bool Smuts – great nephew of Jan Christiaan Smuts [1870-1950]” <bool>, Zuma Dogg <ZumaDogg>, Sharon Evans <evans_sharon>, David Woolf <david.woolf>, david danziger <davidd>, david <David>, Hilton Wolman <hilton01>, “Owners-Management Relais Orso Hotel, Rome” <info>, “Erika Suban – customerservice>, “Joe Cross & Phil Staples – Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” <info>, “Cliff and Ronlynne Benn – Durban, South Africa. South Africa.” <cbenn>, John Maudslay – Lloyds of London <John.Maudslay>, Beverly Stacey – Lloyds of London Insurance <beverly.stracey>, Nigel Hanbury – Lloyds of London <Nigel.Hanbury>, “James A Mackay – Senior Lyolds of London Insurance agent who was assigned to meet with World Heavyweight Boxing Federation Champion Michael Grant and Gary S. Gevisser on March 27, 2012.” <james.mackay>

From: GaryStevenGevisser <garystevengevisser>
Subject: Running naked
Date: January 26, 2014 3:54:12 PM GMT+01:00
To: Lisa Fugard – Daughter of South African playwrite and actor Athol Fugard who played Jan Smuts in Ghandi <lfugard>
Cc: rest; Annabel Linder – South African Radio Show Host <hosts>, editor <editor>, Editors <editors>, editor <editor>, Editorial <editorial>, Marcia Kramer – Political / Investigative Correspondent WCBS-TV <mgkramer>

From: GaryStevenGevisser <garystevengevisser>
Subject: Running naked
Date: January 26, 2014 3:31:46 PM GMT+01:00
To: “Aaron\”BrownNose\” Brown” <info>
Cc: rest; United Sec. of State John Kerry ℅ Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. <jrk>, “Deborah Sturman Esq – Inspired by Zena Badash-Ash Gevisser Zulman, played pivotal role in collecting billions of $ from remnants of Germany’s military machine during WW II, but stopped way too short when realizing it was so close to the home of the German-South African Oppenheimer clan whose Lloyds of London Insurance have never once attempted to hide that they are the money launderers of money launderers, and figured the common herd would think themselves too smart to have it all smack in their faces <info>, “Devin Standard – eldest son of former President of New York State Bar, Kenneth Standard.” <devinstandard>, “Geoffrey Rothwell – Principal Economist at OECD Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development – Professor Stanford University – World authority on the pricing of uranium.” <geoffreyrothwell>, “<Geoffrey.ROTHWELL>” <Geoffrey.ROTHWELL>, Kirk Hulett – Hulett & Harper <kbh>, Laura – Bill Lerach’s PA <lauraa>, “aoki” <aoki>, “Allison M. Macfarlane; Chairman – Nuclear Regulatory Council” <NRCExecSec>, Rollin McCraty – I AM movie Floriano <katherine>, “Kathryne Anderson – Council of Europe, Defender of Human Rights” <k.anderson>, Samantha Ash <samantha.ash.589>, “weekend.urgent” <weekend.urgent>, “customerservice” <customerservice>, “Julia Samaniego – Great-grandaughter of John Tyler of Virginia,10th US President 1841-45, relinquished his US citizenship upon joining the Confederate Congress of 1861.” <dixirose>, Gary Barber – Co-Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of MGM of MGM <gbarber>, Gbagg <gbagg>, “gb.weekend” <gb.weekend>, Geoffrey.ROTHWELL, Zuma Dogg <ZumaDogg>, Diane Keaton <avenit>, “Mark Gevisser – author of autobiography of Thabo Mbeki former President of South Africa. Mark Gevisser is the son of David Gevisser male heir of American-German Charles W. Engelhard Jr. assassinated by the Mossad on March 2 1971 and buried at St. Mary’s Abbey Church Morristown New Jersey” <mark>, Tefo Mohapi <g00g0lpl3x>, Joyce Mohapi – Recieved a De Beers-Rhodes Scholarship after being imprisoned during the 1976 Soweto Riots <joycemohapi>, “Andile Madikizela – First cousin of Winnie Mandela and close confidant of Nelson Mandela who acknowledged in private meetings with Andile of his knowledge that the CIA turned him in to the South African Apartheid Regime during the Kennedy Administration.” <mad11a>, “derrick.beare” <derrick.beare>, “Colin Cowie – Celebrity Caterer – former longtime lover of South African Jonathan Beare. Jonathan Beare.” <PR>, Darren Krok <krokdg>, “NANCY SPIELBERG – sister of Hollywood Director-Producer Steven Spielberg – Producer of Above and Beyond-The Birth of the Israel Air Force.” <nancyspielberg>, “Mike Flint – Hollywood producer looking for funding of Angels in the Sky – The Birth of the Israeli Air Force.” <mikeflint>, “Ron Bellows – US Government owned American International Group – Chief Executive Officer, President Barrak Obama – Nobel Peace Prize winner on 10/9/2009” <Ron.Bellows>, “Joe \”Could I stop you?\” Grundfest – former Commissioner of the SEC and Stanford Law School – intimate of Diana Henriques. Diana Henriques.” <grundfest>, “Michael Strauss – International Monetary Fund – former student of Grundfest.” <mstrauss0>, “Michael Sewitz – Brother-in-law of Gevisser close cousin Gary Levinsohn co-producer with Spielberg of Saving Private Ryan.” <drapes7219>, Michael Tordu Awerbuch <michael>, Lynne Bentel <Lynnebentel>, Lynne Twist – Founder of Soul of Money Institute – c/o Kay Sandberg SOMI Program Director <kay>, Charles Ivie <charles.ivie8>, Charles Finch – Manager of Director Nick Broomfield <charles>, “Glenn Greenwald – Guardian reporter who released the Snowden documents.” <glenn.greenwald>, Glen Shapiro – Former President of Bureau of Business Practices – Prentice Hall Simon & Schuster <gshapiro>, Ibrahimovic Zlatan – Paris Saint-Germain <press>, “lbagley” <lbagley>, Nitza Lite <nitzadrew>, Laura Malter – ex CIA <lauramalter>, “Rabbi Caspers C. Funnye – close cousin of First Lady Michelle Obama. Obama who is married to President OBAMA” <ravfunnye>, Rabbi Luke Ford – First to out South African-American Rabbi Abner Weiss <lukeisback>, Keisha Whitaker <kbabies1>, “J. Rosenblatt” <j.rosenblatt>, “Rock legend Cyndi Lauper – referenced in VP Dan Quayle’s response to Major Sam Samples on December 9, 2011.” <cl.dreams>, “Vice President Dan Quayle who made reference to singer Cyndi Lauper in his December 9, 2011 email to Cyndi Lauper’s former lover, US Air Force Major Sam Samples, titled, Ball tripping ego maniacal bastard.” <danqal8y>, Ronnie Kasrils – South African Cabinet Minister – mentioned in THE UNLIKELY FORESTER <intmin>, “Monk Benet – St. Mary’s Abbey Church Morris Town New Jersey where Jane Engelhard [1917-Feb. 29 2004] and her husband Charles W. Engelhard Jr. [Feb. 15. 1917-March 2nd 1971] are buried.” <Benet>, Adam Tucker <adamtucker619>, Adam Hochschild – author of Blood & Treasures – founder of Mother Jones <adamhochschild>, “Jeffrey D. Sachs – Columbia University – author END OF D. Sachs – Columbia University – author END OF POVERTY.” <sachs>, “Roger W. Robinson – protege of David Rockefeller and former Chairman of U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission” <rwrincorp>, “King Golden Jr. Esq. – my long time American attorney and bosom buddy of Roger W. Robinson aka Our Man Roger who I have known intimately since he joined the National Security Council in March 1982.” <Kingdelmar>, “Valerie Schulte Esq. – National Association of Broadcasters senior lawyer – former 15 year lover of Ted Turner. Ted Turner.” <vschulte>, Mary Valder – Personal assistant David Rockefeller <trilateral.valder>, “Mary. Campbell – WSJ” <mary.campbell>, Marcia Kramer – CBS TV New York City WCBS-TV <mgkramer>, Solly Krok <sollykrok>, “David Altman – Founder of Made In USA Inc.” <david.altman>, “Andrea Renee St. Julian – Attorney At Law – Certified Appellate Specialist – State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization” <astjulian>, “Patrick K. Tillman Sr. Esq. – father of American Football athlete Pat Tillman who was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan.” <pat>, “Patrick. J. Fitzgerald – US Attorney – prosecuted Presidential Pardoned Marc Rich’s attorney, Scooter Libby.” <patrick.j.fitzgerald>, “Jonny Gevisser – Director, The Extra-Mural Education Project, Cape Town, South Africa” <jg>, “mcmurtry” <mcmurtry>, “John Gevisser – son of David and Hedda Gevisser c/o Jonathan Norton, head of operations, Operation Lionheart Lionheart” <jonathan>, John Perkins – former CIA Economic Hit Man author and founder Dream Change <info>, John Dau – Leader of The Lost Boys of the Sudan <Dengakol>, Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah <emmanuel.o.yeboah.5>, “The coupon clipper is the Jeffrey Jack The Ripper Essakow – co-owner of the Marc Rich and Co. Flower Hill Mall Solana Beach, California” <jessakow>, Roy Essakow – Marc Rich Lieutenant <ressakow>, Kathy-Louise Gevisser danziger <dkdanz>, Neil Gevisser <neil>, Melvin Gevisser <mgevisser>, Nigel Gevisser <ntsg>, “nightline” <nightline>, 60 Minutes <60M@matthewmargo>, Matthew Hoh – former US Captain who resigned from US State Department <ggreenwald>, “Rod Smith Ph. d – Alumni of RAND Corporation” <smith>, US Marine – Corporal Kevin Gipe <kevingipe>, “Hlumelo Biko – son of Steve Biko, now running a Wall Street charity-investment portfolio. 11” <ali.ayala>, “Jann Turner – daughter of slain white South African Richard Turner [September 21, 1941 – January 8, 1978] co-founder with Steve Biko of Durban Movement.” <jann>, “ray.oshry” <ray.oshry>, Ivan Oshry <ivan>, Colin Schneiderman <colbren>, Cara <brainwaves>, “Adele Strous Im not interested in history of Israel Clingman – wife of CIA oil trader Alan Clingman and business partner of Roy Essakow-Marc Rich and company.” <adelec>, “President Shimon Peres c/o Office for the Israeli Department of Defense Attache; Israeli Embassy Washington DC Israeli Embassy” <att-sec2>

Professor Aaron Brown,

Why don’t you provide a contact on your new website that does not allow postings like the old one? [CLICK HERE & CLICK HERE.]

You remember my “Huff and Puff” email – CLICK HERE – on June 27, 2004 when visiting Machu Picchu,

Peru after you said that you were placing in “hibernation” and you misspelled it “hybernation”?

You of course have not forgotten how we first became acquainted when 5 years earlier, 1999, I came across your posting on the Internet, “I need a shareholder quick“.

Isn’t it time that you, Geoffrey Rothwell, Principal Economist of America’s Nuclear Energy Agency headquartered in Paris, France, as well as the rest of the world’s economists so very quiet about my egregious, most malicious $4 million Texas DEATH SENTENCE judgment as well as none of you commenting on The Diamond Invention book

which pains your brains to no end, speak your minds on why none of you can explain what has prevented hyperinflation following the bailout of AIG?

Do you think Ron Bellows

of AIG who now officially works for the US Government needed to explain to President Barak Obama what he wrote me on May 3, 2004 detailing the plan of the US Government to bankrupt AIG? [CLICK HERE].

Do you remember what war in the Middle East Gulf preceded the War On Terror that began officially right after 9/11?

When did you become aware that all wars following the end of World War II, where not one Captain of Industry was prosecuted for their war crimes of epic genocide, can be traced back to the end of World War II where not one Captain of Industry was prosecuted?

What did you do when you first came across my “Remember me?” opening move to De Beers on 11.11.2004 – CLICK HERE – 137 days after “Huff and Puff”?

Are you still religious?

Would you say that your health has improved or worsened over the course of the past 8 years?

What do you think of the new Homeland Security Chief for the United States, Jeh Johnson who was born on September 11, 1957 wanting to grant citizenship to “illegal aliens” because he says they have worked for it, without the cowardly bastard Republicans countering with where the United States is going to get the resources, forget the money for the moment, to compensate the rest of the nations of the world following the epic voyage of The Great White Fleet [1907-1909] which began in earnest the fleecing of the rest of the world’s precious and scarce mineral resources and enslaving their peoples?

Why do you think it is that so many very full of themselves never look further?

Could you see the punishment of stupidity fitting the crime?

When you read the big News item today that people like Matt Drudge who first reported on the semen stain located on the blue dress that everyone remembers, are reporting,

Bank-Run Fears Continue; HSBC Restricts Large Cash Withdrawals

did you see the connecting dots between Harry Oppenheimer [1908-2000] being on the board of directors of Barclays Bank who orchestrated the bankrupting of the last of the Israeli diamond merchants resisting the world’s most successful mineral monopolist-bank De Beers-Anglo American Corporation, which you read about in Chapter 16, WARRING WITH ISRAEL – click here – THE DIAMOND INVENTION written in 1978 by Hollywood blockbuster author Edward Jay Epstein, and the same Harry Oppenheimer and his American South African Invader partner, Charles W. Engelhard Jr. [1917-1971] not waiting for incoming President John F. Kennedy [1917-1963] inviting them both to White House, but showing who was the real boss of America’s and its allies including Canada, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, and let’s not forget Nazi Germany, domestic and foreign policy when having President Elect JFK visit with Harry Oppenheimer at the Carlyle Hotel with JFK’s Secret Service detail in tow?

Did you think the laws on political campaign contributions should be tightened or relaxed?

Are you still happily married or do you think I should direct you to look at the history of the different country flags and when getting to Italy that has pizza Margarita, green pesto, white Mozzarella cheese and red tomato sauce, to think about eating trout?

Are you interested to hear the story about my beautiful F-C [French-Canadian] wife Marie Dion sleeping with her first trout?

When do you think the first of you bought and paid for so ugly specimens will join me in declaring that there has never existed amongst superpowers a distinction between the private sector and government?

The last time you looked at a cow close up, while it is still alive and saw its big eyes popping out of its head with fear, did it move you?

Did that help settle your mind?

Do you think anyone who actually thought that there was a distinction between the private sector which is mostly middle class people, and the government sector which prints the money, would be hired by the South African Oppenheimer family?

If you didn’t know the name of Harry Oppenheimer’s father or his son Nick

now the head of De Beers-Anglo American Corporation [DAAC] who say very little today about German-American Charles W. Engelhard Jr. who never lived to see Harry Oppenheimer personally approving my hiring in early spring 1979, would you think using Google Search is a good start?

Much more important than that important question of when the first of you will join me, is how does the middle class that the ruling mineral monopolist elite created, wipe out all your writings and speeches pontificating the virtues of a “free market” economy that you have all been brainwashed to believe is synonymous with democracy?

Do you think it is a good idea to give first prize to the first person who prints out the first print edition of my forthcoming book D-Money Lie?

You may not yet know by name all your minions of supporters equally quiet, but each of you distrusting one another by the moment as the information gets out, including who knew what and when, and the spouses-lovers of the corrupt of course the most to be feared, followed by the children who didn’t ask to be born but who the selfish future shellfish parent-granparents have corrupted to keep them silent, and feel fortunate to have the inheritance monies dangling at the end of their noses.

I have been very patient since ex CIA agent Charles Knuff had his Dallas liar-lawyer Alan Loewinsohn find their corrupt Texas State Court Judge Martin Lowy to accept their fabricated defamation lawsuit filed against me in February 2010 and the De Beers-AAC common herd all went silent, apart from the occasional perfunctory display of outrage, and everyone knowing that there had to be something MUCH BIGGER going on when judge Lowy quickly declared that there was not a shred of evidence to support the baseless charge of defamation and then Knuff goes on to admit on the stand, when giving sworn testimony, that he had no damages.

Let me spell it out again. No evidence, no damages but a whopping $4 million judgment that included $3 million in punitive damages so that the “common herd” who look no further than what makes them comfortable would believe that there had to be something MUCH BIGGER going on.

What do you think that is?

What is worse, to live in fear or live the remainder of your long life knowing that there had to be something bigger going on than you being so stupid?

Even if all the world is made up of cowards and they continue to breed the likes of you, that does not change the truth.

Would you agree with that?

The truth is that which does not change.

Another thing that does not change is when you use the two words, “I am” and it is only you who knows who you really are unless you are on drugs or an alcoholic in which case you know how to fix your problem.

Another definition of the word “truth” which remains one of the most used, but difficult to define words, is the first time the Jewish people hear the words, “Hear O Israel, I am the Lord God, God is one”.

I am, is important, is it not?

Another hard to describe “truth” is the beauty of nature as well as the sexual urge when you see the most beautiful female body naked.

What if you can also imagine the whole world silent and only the sound of the waves and birds and the rest of the animals equally peaceful because they are instructed to be quiet?

If you cannot explain your own stupid behavior, how can you be expected to think how easy it would be for the Creator of everything to also have you all change your minds and let logic rule?

How can you be any different to the animal you eat when you are the animal you eat and your digestive system tells you when something is not digesting properly but you continue in the same vein?

UPDATE: Hollande Splits With Partner After Affair

The new mistress of the President of France, Francois who met with the Pope and the Pope knew that he was being unfaithful which is a sin in the Roman Catholic religion, says that she was taken by Francois’ genuine character. How can a politician be genuine? What happened to her brain?

Francois also didn’t say to the Pope, “Look man, you did nothing with all the homosexuals and pedophiles in the Roman Catholic Church other than move them around”. They both know they are hypocrites, and they also think you are all fools.

UPDATE: Woman jumps to her death from roof of Beverly Hills plastic surgery clinic

This is so funny. How vein. It is the end of her medical doctor, that will in time lead to the end of medical doctors apart from those working emergency rooms tending to injuries caused by accident.

Pigs’ heads sent to Israel embassy, synagogue in Rome

No mention from the Jewish communities in the rest of the world what lessons the Romans – who morphed into the Roman Catholic Church who pride themselves on their martyrs including all the Popes who were crucified and otherwise horribly tortured by the Romans before their conversion that had the future Popes then doing to others, starting with us Jewish people what they most disliked about the Romans – learned from having Jewish men run naked in an annual carnival to amuse the Popes between 1466-1668.

Were you aware that not one of the four Popes from the Italian-Roman banker Medicii family were Jewish?

Why do you think the Jewish French Rothschild family don’t point out what they had to do in order to be the token Jewish bankers?

Can you imagine anyone following the Spanish Inquisition of 1492 that was in the works for more than 2,000 years, allowing good Jewish people to become bankers without giving them an army to defend themselves and steal more?

How would you say you are coping with life?

Do you have a Facebook account and would you like to be a FB “friend” of mine?

Running naked for the amusement of the banker Popes who beginning in the early 1500s have been protected, not by Italians but by Swiss army soldiers who first started out as highly paid mercenaries!

Even an idiot knows that the Swiss were not neutral during WW II that wiped out the best half of European Jewry, but to trust a Swiss banker paid by the Pope who helped the Nazi’s ship out in October 1943 all the Jewish people of Rome to their death in the US-Rockefellers-De Beers-Rothschild-Ford death factories, is ugly.

How did they manage to keep us Jewish people so quiet all this time?

The Nazis were offering ransom monies in exchange for not deporting Jewish people of Hungary to the same death factories and none of the victims of The Holocaust became Jewish bankers on Wall Street because they were all murdered.

The Swiss army soldiers who all have to be of certain minimum height, single and Roman Catholic, are today mostly ceremonial.

Who protects the Pope?

The Pope does not have to pay for anything; all the Vatican museums which are the best and biggest in the world are full of stolen art and artifacts from as far away as Egypt. Nor does the Pope need to pay for his food and clothing, the same with the rest of the Cardinals. The Pope like every head of State who wants to keep their head only has to promote the money.

Which country provides the military protection of the Pope and his bankers?

Which Christian people convert to Judaism in order to get the same protection as the Pope?

None, is the answer.

Which Jewish people convert to Christianity to get the same protection as the Pope, besides for Harry Oppenhiemer, his father Sir Ernest Oppenheimer, the principal beneficiary of The Holocaust and both Oppenheimers’ protectors following World War II where not one Captain of Industry was prosecuted, German-American Charles W. Engelhard Jr.?

The fact that Engelhard Jr. was not born Jewish and nor did he ever see himself for one moment as Jewish, does not change the fact that he had a Jewish name or that on his deathbed he converted from Protestant which is Christian, to Roman Catholic which is Christian and not Muslim or Jewish.

They are all dead.


Who do you want to be in business with, an honest fool or clever crook?

When did you figure out that you want neither because you cannot be clever and a crook at the same time, which is what I have been trying to teach all of you for a very long time.

Each one of those 4 Medici banker Popes were born before any of us but that does not give any of us the excuse that it is not important to know the basic history.

When do you think the US Government got upset at me being the first and only person to make you all aware that De Beers’ Lloyd’s of London have banned American citizens for more than 3 decades from investing in Lloyd’s while the US Government-De Beers continue to allow Lloyd’s to sell their insurance to American citizens and American corporations?

What do you think they decided to do about it?

If the American Government and those who have corrupted them as well as those who the American government has corrupted say that someone is bad, does that automatically mean that they are bad?

Wouldn’t you say that the reverse is most likely true?

When did the US Government criticize the Vatican for not separating Church from State?

When do you think President Obama and the US Congress became aware of this banning order which only excludes those American investors who were “grandfathered in”; i.e. were already investors with Lloyd’s at the time of the banning order which coincided with the first Gulf War?

Did you notice your heart just missing a beat or did you not fill up your lungs to their full capacity?

Do you remember where I was vacationing on the Spanish Riviera when De Beers-Lloyd’s were putting the wheels in motion?

That means, since you are too much of a big talker, the banning order applies to you and all the American economists, all the slave wage earners at the White House, the grossly overcompensated President Obama, and all the remaining 300 million American citizens, but not illegal aliens living in America who do the heavy lifting work that Americans don’t want to do or are incapable of doing because their fat diseased TALKATIVE cells have them increasing sedentary and compensating by talking that much more shit.

What are you all now going to do about it?

I am not advocating that you run naked in the street.

Do you think the membership of South African Trade Union COSATU would understand this? [CLICK HERE].

D-Money Lie continues.

Gary S. Gevisser

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