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Russell Jacobson's emails

From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2009 12:15 AM
To: ‘’
Subject: Russell emails

Russell Jacobson – Emails

Russell Jacobson
January 3 at 10:38am
Great to see that you found me. I live in toronto with my wife and 4 children. # boys 25,23 19 and one girl aged 9. I still am in regular contact with Mark Hackner and Peter Chait. Peter lives in toronto and also has 4 kids. I have been here for 20 years in the real estate development business which up until recently has been great fun and fortunately very rewarding. Up until about 5 years ago I was travelling extensively to Florida and Texas for my business but decided to slow down and only invest in Canada. My oldest son just got engaged to a local girl he has been dating for the last 6 years. He has an MBA and works for a small VC company. My second son is currently doing his MBA and my third son is doing undergraduate studies in sciences with the intention of becomming a doctor. My brother bradley moved here about 10 years ago and Marsha’s two younger sisters also live in Toronto. My parents also immigrated to Toronto 6 years ago so along with Marsha’s mother this provides for a rather large family network. I heard many years ago you worked with Epilady, what are you up to now ? Tell me about your family as well ?

Gary S. Gevisser
January 3 at 12:22pm

Timing is everything.

Starting at the bottom and working up.

The 2 hyperlinks below take you to a two page letter sent to my grandfather Israel Issy Gevisser in 1965 that only “surfaced” in 1990.

In 1990 I was heading up the restucturing team of Epilady USA Inc. +++

On December 1st, 2000, to “commerate” [sic] the 27th “anniversay” [sic] of the passing of David Ben Gurion I included this heart wrenching letter in an addendum to a Party Invitation I sent Randall Kaplan, co-founder of AKAMAI whose genius “mathmetician” [sic] co-founder Daniel Lewin was the Israeli Special Forces officer who was most likely the first victim of 9/11.

Both the addendum titled, the Knotty Jews can be found in the hyperlink below:

now going for a hike.

Gary S. Gevisser
January 3 at 10:03pm
I am about to call it a night here at our Stone Home/cabin having enjoyed another most awesome day with my so very fun to be with French-Canadian wife, who no doubt you would like a lot.

Marie Dion Gevisser and I have been together some 15 odd years and married 6 this coming April, some 39 odd years since I had my barmitzvah.

If you click on the hyperlink below it will take you to page 10 of my one website,

When clicking on the hyperlink below, taking you to page 5, and then scrolling down all the way to the bottom of the page, you will see yourself in a junior school rugby photo in between Mark Alcock and Sam Hitner. It is possible that you have that same photo; and of course I have somewhere the original that hasn’t been “warped”.

Russell, you are coming in on the “tail end” of a most uplifting story, so long as you haven’t been “corrupted”.

I have often thought about you over the years even though we haven’t spoken for more than 3 decades when I emigrated back in 1978 from South Africa and knowing a whole lot more about how the “real world” works than most South Africans who were our parents and grandparents ages, but to talk about such extraordinary “problems” without being able to come up with solutions would have been a most frustrating experience for all of us.

Today, it is a very different story because all you need do is understand how I am leveraging a website like Facebook to share my information.

You know it is not what you say that counts but what you dont say.

There are a great many people including those younger than your 3 sons who understand perfectly well that if sufficient US military personnel know as much as them about how one mafia monopoly is responsible for much more than all the pain and suffering of the poor who not quite as stupid as the “lazy rich”; but more importantly, that De Beers have managed to “hijack” the US military beginning with the US led 8 Allied Nations invasion of China in 1900, then at any moment in the future such individuals, especially those highly skilled and experienced in positions of great responsibility such as Sonar Operators on US Navy fast attack nuclear submarines, are more likely than less likely to “turn”, which is nothing short of nerve racking for those who have this information and we know who they are, and why they quickly become so “deafeningly silent”.

Not to mention the US military is not the only “wired” military in the world.

I know that as bright as you may still be, I am moving “very fast” for you right now, because I am not dealing in a “hypothetical situation”, this is very “real world”; and the “real world” is all about war; and little to do with money which you know is just one means of exchange.

Not to mention there are a great many people who were around long before you and I were born who figured out that if someone like Hitler could be “bought” then so could the people who provided him with the financing to get those industrial diamonds which De Beers didn’t provide for free.

I think it is fair to say that you, Peter Chait and Mark Hackner were the very smartest of my close friends; but “smart” is not only “relative”, for you to know as much as me without “telling secrets” would mean you would have needed to be raised by someone such as mother who didn’t waste time in letting me know, “Once you tell a secret, it is no longer a secret”.

Now my mother Zena says, “I only debate people who agree with me”.

I think it is also fair to say that none of us ever in all the years we grew up together ever had a single disagreement; apart from of course Mark and I who had this thing about the location of our respective residences; and in the end I would always let Mark have the “final word”, and if you are not familiar with this “dispute” just ask Mark; I know he hasn’t forgotten.

Nor has he forgotten using his father’s binoculars to look at my mother’s models prancing around our swimming pool area either in the skimpiest of bikinis or totally naked.

I suggest you now read my mother memoirs titled, “Life Story of Zena” by clicking this hyperlink below:

Had you simply read it “blind” you would most likely find it a little “interesting” but not very “thought provocative”.

But you know enough at this point to notice certain very significant “disconnects” beginning with why would my mother’s family immigrate to South Africa since when finding out that her future father in law owned priceless land in Haifa harbor, Israel my mother “rapidly felt at home in Israel”; moreover, since my mother was so “pro Israel”, why didn’t my immediate family simply immigrate to Israel, especially after De Beers and Co. took control of the Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies and in no time liquidated this public corporation for significantly more than what they paid for its real estate holdings; and moreover, my very astute business person father was then “blackballed”?

The fact that you may not have even heard previously any mention of De Beers buying in 1969 my grandfather Issy Gevisser’s business which he started with his one brother Morris in 1910, let alone my father being an “astute” business
person or for that matter being “blackballed”, may still not be very meaningful to you in your “busy life” even though you say you are “slowing down”.

When , however, you realize that Morris’ one son, David Gevisser, who was a senior executive of ACME Timber, one of the Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies which owned “huge forests” in Natal, became the Chief Executive Officer of American-German Charles W. Engelhard’s Engelhard Enterprises South Africa in 1970, and then immediately upon Engelhard’s death on March 2nd, 1971, my uncle David became the executor of Engelhard’s extraordinarily mineral rich estate that included not only control of the world supply of platinum but the “control person” position of the De Beers-Anglo American Corporation [DAAC] cartel, so you are only just beginning to understand that much better why it made no sense for me to confide in anyone, let alone friends who would most certainly discuss such matters with their parents who very possibly knew much more than what they were letting on.

Knowing you as well as I did, I am quite certain you will now take my advice and read “cover to cover” the internet only book, The Diamond Invention, which really explains everything very well.

I could have easily begun and ended this communiqué with just writing the previous paragraph and directing you Ch. 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER.

Say hello to your folks; and tell them also I haven’t forgotten Gavin.

Source: www.NEXTraterresTRIA…

The question of whether there is design to this universe begs many questions beginning with if in fact we can all agree that the evidence points to one incredible design-balance in the cosmos best described …

Gary S. Gevisser
Today Jan 5 at 10:19am

Russell – I have begun inviting “friends” of yours on Facebook to be my “friends” using the following in the “message” section:

100% of the people reading this information think it is worthwhile. We think that only 1% of these people will think it is worthwhile sharing.

Connect the … people, events & places.

A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There!
You can find that exact ad that appeared just once in the South African Sunday Times back in 1989 that was “hugely successful”.

You remember, I was doing a lot of stuff in 1989 including holding down a job at Insurance Marketing Services Inc., the largest for-profit marketing-publishing company in the insurance industry where I was both Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

I only spell everything out just in case those inevitably reading all this dont have to ask anyone for example, what does CFO or COO stand for?

It is very possible that you still think you are part of the “favored class” given how well financially you have done although you may be more thinking of your legacy in terms of having raised 4 “independant” [sic] thinkers who undoubtedly still think of you as someone who had “fun” while “making money”.

I have come a long way since first holding an Israeli made Uzi submachine gun back in July 1966 when I was age 9,

and then some 18 odd months later, also in Israel, kneeling rather awkwardly aiming an Israeli semi-automatic rifle.

You also haven’t forgotten when reading that “Knotty Jews” addendum to a heavily broadcasted Party Invitation I began sending out on Dec. 1st, 2000, some 2 decades after I began to officially work for De Beers at their most significant “price fixing” operation on U.S. soil, how my one friend Norman’s grandfather “gave up” on his fight to teach those Nazi Brown Shirts a lesson for having murdered in cold blood Norman’s father’s best friends, who were waiting for Norman’s father in a bar in Gunzenhausen about 30 miles from Nuremberg which I recently visited for the first time last month with my very “pleasing” French-Canadian wife whose father Johnny was the sole survivor of an Allied bomber crash which burst into flames when returning from a bombing raid in Germany.

If you are “firing right” you would know that the single purpose of me writing the above paragraph was not simply to have you think smart but realize how much more difficult things were back in the 1930s in Germany when a barrelful of Deutche Marks couldn’t afford a loaf of bread, to get people, beginning with us Jewish people to “stand together” and do the right thing.

Moreover, the fact that it was a Christian neighbor of Norman’s father who came the next day knocking on their front door to let them know that because of all the shouting that had been going on the day before between Norman’s grandfather and grandmother who refused to throw down Norman’s grandfather’s gun that he had held on to from World Oil War I, the Brown Shirts who had murdered Norman’s father’s friends were now after Norman’s grandfather who was a successful banker.

You of course have not the slightest interest let alone fear of having to now leave Toronto, Canada but of course you can appreciate that Norman’s grandfather when realizing that none of his family’s Jewish friends were willing to “stand tall” alongside him; and that in the end it was a non-Jewish person who was giving them the “heads up”,

he decided to leave Germany that very day and when arriving in the United States arrived with not much more than the “shirt on his back”.

You also know the fact that people today are just as “comfortable” as they were back then does not mean that one can ignore the power of the internet.

When you now realize the impact of that one-of-a-kind ad, A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There! which was the “brainchild” of my mother, you would know that some 2 decades ago I could have “opted out” altogether just as a result of those extraordinarily rich South Africans, mostly Indians who knew nothing about me personally but very much trusted the very good Gevisser name; to the point that when meeting with Jonathan Beare at the Regent Hotel, Hong Kong in the spring of 1989 before I visited the mainland of China for the first time and leaving just weeks before the Tiananmen Square massacre, I could have had Jonathan Beare and everyone he knows “paying homage”.

I only know to eat 3 square very healthy and delicious tasting vegetarian meals a day.

Each moment that you let pass by and you take the position, “I can ignore all this” you not only do yourself great brain damage but most of all the legacy you will inevitably leave behind.

It is all a mind game.

You cannot escape the truth of my writings along with my “huge credibility” at the very highest levels of the socio-economic ladder.

Were I in your shoes today I would get on a plane right now, this very day, simply telling Marsha and no one else that you are coming to visit with me in Del Mar.

The high likelihood that you won’t does not mean that you won’t.

Again, you will notice that I have not broadcasted any of our communications but you would know it is just a matter of time before I do so.

Of all my “good friends” growing up, you were not just the smartest but the most honest as well as fun to be around.

I considered you very “cool”.

You have a lot to think about, at least relative to what you had to think about before “running into me”, but in fact there really is little “choice” you have given how I happen to have “truth” on my side and truth is that which does not change.

Time means very little to me these days and not because we are all “living on borrowed time” but because of the simple fact that when you have truth beginning with how extraordinary it is that the world hasn’t blown up given how there are so many weapons of mass destruction in the hands of people who were they to know as much as I do about how very evil are the one’s “pulling their strings” they co
uld so easily “self destruct”, and YET they haven’t which is not to say nuclear “Armeggedon” [sic] won’t occur, but I doubt it, and if it were to happen then none of us would be the “wiser”.

I have figured out a great many things about how this universe “functions” which I plan to share in my forthcoming book, The History of Money Creation and Its Future, and if you were to be smart and visit with me, I would gladly share it with you.

I must now “hit the road” as I have to drop off an oil painting of my very excellent painter-teacher wife at the Rancho Sante Fe Art Guild.



Ps – when you get to Ch. 18, THE AMERICAN CONSPIRACY of THE DIAMOND INVENTION and you come across how Charles W. Engelhard shipped gold out of South Africa to Hong Kong, think about those ALSO in “good standing” with the South African Reserve Bank who got dished out Rands that were then exchanged for other currencies while they still lived in South Africa before then immigrating to places like Canada where the Canadian authorities gladly welcomed these “foreign capital” which were then “leveraged” with Canadian banking institutions before being invested in places like the United States that also welcomed with “open arms” such “foreign capital”, and moreover, the American authorities had no problem with the owners of these “foreign capital” not only being allowed to take back their “principal” but the profits from such investments that are really not in the least bit difficult to trace their origins; certainly not when compared to untraceable Diamond Currency.

So now you should be able to figure out on your own why it was that American-German Charles W. Engelhard went to so much trouble when shipping gold out of South Africa that one would have expected to end up in both Fort Knox or at his Engelhard Minerals and Chemicals operation on US soil given how it was the US military that was doing all the “heavy lifting”.

Of course C. W. Engelhard & Co. could just as easily have got permission from the South African Reserve Bank but then there would not have been as clear a “money-gold-trail” showing the gun-money-power of this most brutal mafia monopoly who give us Jewish people such a “bad name”.

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