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Saman Nasseri – Employment Opportunities – Part II

Bear in mind Liba is very generous with both her praise and making this very important exercise routine as much fun as it can possibly be; and of course, if you are one of those who pride yourself on the illogical Mind Over Body the older you are especially if you eat meat and drink liquified meat which you know is cow milk, it will initially be torture, but the longer you stick it out by doing the exercises every day like your healthy life depended on it, not only will the exercises be pleasurable, but you will wake up each morning that much more enthused than the day before

Did your mind mention how it all will make your sex life a whole lot better?

Now try very hard to bring your heart rate down to normal.

Now raise it without the help of thoughts about the latest Penthouse centerfold unless you must

BTW that activity is not considered a cardiovascular exercise the same i believe with sex with oneself, but to be sure you might want to confer with Dave Fifield of Gerhard who i dont think is an expert in this field but he may be, since he considers himself along with Amy Noel an up and coming expert in pricing pricey second hand clothing which he considers superior in intellect than rocket science

Look again very carefully at your writings immediately before and after your words “My normal rate per hour is $200.”

They are totally unrelated and especially the words that follow make absolutely no sense, “However the amount of the retainer would still be the same because of the number of hours I would have to work alone to figure out your case.”

You wrote me total and complete garbage.

Where in all your gross of gross bullshit do you explain why your normal rate of $200 per hour skyrocketed to $425?

What exactly do you mean, “That rate, is two attorneys, doing the work in half the time?”

My read is that you are saying that your expertise is the same as your colleague in the suite next to you where the only thing else you have in common besides for a non bearing support wall that divides your suites, is the not very busy receptionist?

How in G-d’s name did your novice expertise rise to that of your colleague in the 12 minutes that you conferred privately to discuss my case?

What percentage of the time did you devote to discussing your pay scale increasing more than 100%?

Has your colleague ever charged anyone as much as $425/hr ?

What percentage of his billing has been less?

Could you break that down by year ever since he graduated law school?

If you were a high school kid expecting [to] graduate and wanted to know exactly how the real dog eat god sic world worked, would you want to attend one of my Educational Light Journey One Tribe of Achievers seminar-workshops?

How much would you be willing to pay?

Do you think the Shah of Iran who your family love and adore, were alive today do you think he would pay for his son to attend?

Do you have his email address?

Have you any idea the amount of Persians murdered and tortured under the Shah’s brutal regime?

Do you think Israel would have a tougher time negotiating a price for the high grade fuel to fly its incomparable beefed up F15s with the current Iranian regime or do you think more about all the theatrics being so very contrived?

If you were the head of the Mossad following the extermination of half of European Jewry and saw that it was no mirage in the desert sands of Arabia as the Arab forces assembled to wipe out the fledgling State of Israel on the day following the head of the Mossad David Ben Gurion declaring Jewish Statehood, that would have made Israel the shortest lived nation in the history of the world, what of the following would you do:

1. Get a haircut that would make you less looking like Einstein?

2. Place your head between your legs and check to see whether the skin lightening cream you used to make your anus less brown worked?

3. Go before the US Congress to ask for more mercy than they had the Rockefellers-Oppenheimers demonstrate at Auschwitz when placing their IG Farben gas pellet production facility in the dead center of the death factory of more than 300 death factories

4. Conclude that the Holocaust was no fucking mistake and the only way to survive was to make friends with your enemies’ enemy and if everyone is the enemy then win them over with superior and overwhelming strength which does not mean you should think stupid and believe that your enemy is your friend no matter how many times they also repeat that they love you

Do you really believe that if the monopolists who backed all sides in the second World War besides for the Chinese who they wanted to breed as our future slaves the same with neighbors such as Vietnam, learned their lesson that it was not very nice murdering the best half of European Jewry who had nowhere to run and the best of them all murdered very quietly long before the puppet Hitler invaded Poland, then to convince their puppet Arab dictators like King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia to allow us Jewish people the tiny little strip of land to be called Israel and if the fucker and the rest of the wanker tosser tyrants didn’t like the gesture to tell them they could keep for themselves that strip of land including all of Jerusalem and us Jewish people would occupy indefinitely each and every oil well and charge the US market price for its exports

Do you think that just because you have never been around anyone who knows the first thing about how to think that someone like Ben Gurion would think it worthwhile to take out an ad in the New York Times seeking a way to knock sense into the mass murderers of all time who figured they had nothing to lose by making certain their governments got increasingly more corrupt by simply adding to their ranks because everyone knows there really is no way to excuse the profiting of genocide including the wholesale murder of all the resisting American indigenous peoples which ended in 1890 with the battle of wounded knee, and half a century later we had Auschwitz and then in the early 1990s there were the graves [in Serbia] that still provide employment opportunities for prick scientists


Did you figure out yet what if Israel couldn’t afford the increase in the price of oil determined by the Oppenheimer-Engelhard-Rockefeller and company’s OPEC because even if the price was lowered to 50 cents (United States currency) a barrel which contains 42 gallons, the Israeli government had not a single shekel (Israeli currency) in its treasury because the last of the monies were used to feed the thousands of Israeli children who go to sleep hungry, and consequently would not be able to place a single F15 in the air, and even if that were possible because fuel vapors remained in the fuel tanks from a prior mission, there would be no missiles to stop the advancing tanks because the weapons manufacturer in Boise Idaho needed to be paid to keep his employees happy so that they wouldn’t become spies for a competing weapons manufacturer, the same with all the subcontractors whose regular employees have mouths to feed

If the head of the Mossad were explaining the economics of war, what questions would you now have?

What questions do you have for the Jewish members of the United States Congress?

Do you feel your life has been totally wasted up until this point in time?

Do you feel your parents have anything further to contribute to you apart from their monies?

Do you feel good about yourself or do you simply not feel?

Does it make you feel better knowing that everyone else you know who drives a more luxurious car than you is also an imbecile?

Would you trust an imbecile with anything more than giving you the time of day or does just the thought of having to interact with a moron make you feel like vomit

What currently turns you on apart from a most beautiful [face]

with the perfect pair of legs,

buns that are so magnificently Liba shaped and a pair of the most perfect pear shaped tits?

Amazing isn’t it that your entire body-mind can recognize that it is communicating with a total and complete moron and yet in the very next instant that totally mindless mind can imagine such a perfect naked body simply saying to you “come fuck me!” and your whole body begins to reverberate and you are instantly sexually aroused

That genius I call G-d. What do you call it?

I say the whole world of morons would be completely quiet at [this] point assuming they were reading this from top to bottom which is not usually the way I write my thoughts and that would be an even bigger miracle

It would also mean that they are not fighting and thinking how better to get along by first starting to eat and drink healthy and leave it up to the US Congress how to figure out the cost since they are the monopolists bankers in everything but name

Bear in mind I am not telling you this as a selling point or to gain your business, I am doing it because I want you to know that at no point have i ever meant [NOT] telling it exactly the way it is and expected the same level of integrity in return

What the fuck do you mean, “I am not a civil attorney and I do not generally handle civil cases”?

How can you so disrespect my and my wife’s intelligence which comes from obviously a much more enlightened source than yours?


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