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Scapegoat Gareth Penny – Re: Are you catching on? Fwd: Gr – if you are going to be calling me in a few minutes…

From: gg <>

Subject: Scapegoat Gareth Penny – Re: Are you catching on? Fwd: Gr – if you are going to be calling me in a few minutes…
Date: July 19, 2016 at 8:23:34 AM PDT
To: “Laura Malter – ex CIA – has twice now deactivated and reactivated her facebook and still avoiding answering a most important question about The Diamond Invention book. Still a FB friend of GG.” <>

Cc: rest; Geoffrey Rothwell Phd – Principal Economist at De Beers controlled, US Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, headquartered in Paris, France. Former 27 year senior Stanford University lecturer, Rothwell is considered the world authority on the pricing of enriched uranium, but failed to include the military component and its aftermath.” <>, “Gary Malino – immediate past President & Chief Operating Officer Realty Income – NY Stock Exchange symbol O – Malino who is a FB friend worked with GG back in 1980-1.” <>, Rafa Zulueta – Spanish Central Bank official <>, Julia Kouchnirenko <>, Ronnie Kasrils – South African Cabinet Minister – mentioned in THE UNLIKELY FORESTER <>, Darren {I still want to have lunch with you … but we can’t talk on Facebook} Krok <>, “Dr. Teri Lawton” <>, “Mark Gevisser – author of autobiography of Thabo Mbeki former President of South Africa. Mark Gevisser is the son of David Gevisser male heir of American-German Charles W. Engelhard Jr. assassinated by the Mossad on March 2 1971 and buried at St. Mary’s Abbey Church Morristown New Jersey” <>,, “Jerry Phillips Esq.” <JPHILLIPS@LOEB.COM>, Annabel Linder – South African Radio Show Host and FB friend of Gary Gevisser <>, malcolm ness <>, Laura Lekker Dekker – The youngest solo circumnavigator ever <>, Laura W – Alamy <>, John Fish out of Water Reed <>,, Werner Herzog – Filmmaker <>, “Tomer – Israeli farmer and former Israel Air Force [IAF] pilot ותומר טנא” <>, Tom Shadyac – Director-Writer I AM – c/o Janet Matthews <>, “Shaun Tomson – 1977 World Surfing Champion – went to same high school and studied economics at university with GG. Both our father’s played on the same junior high school rubgy team; Shaun’s father was an Allied tail-gunner during WW II and GG’s father was a Fighter-Bomber-Pilot completing 71 missions.” <>,, JS Warfield <>, cc-Ngould <>, Paco Furió Marco <>, “South African-British solicitor Ray Oshry – classmate of Gary Gevisser and GG’s murdered cousin Sandy Moshal Jacobson [1957-1997]. R. Oshry remains a FB friend of GG.” <>, “Gary Firer – another quiet classmate of Gary Gevisser and GG’s cousin, murdered armed wing of the ANC member, Sandy Moshal Jacobson [1957-1997].” <>, “Colin Schneiderman – another quiet classmate of Gary Gevisser and his cousin, tortured to death ANC armed wing member, Sandra Moshal Jacobson [1957-1997]” <>, Hlumelo Biko – son of Steve Biko murdered on 9/11/1977 – now running a Wall Street charity-investment portfolio <>, “Jann Turner – daughter of slain white South African Richard Turner [September 21, 1941 – January 8, 1978] co-founder with Steve Biko [Decem,ber 18, 1946 – September 11-12, 1977] of Durban Movement.” <>, “Jill Hogan – younger sister of ANC official Barbara Hogan who is the only white South African convicted by the South African Apartheid Regime for treason, and tortured during her captivity.” <>, Tefo Mohapi <>, Joyce Mohapi – Recieved a De Beers-Rhodes Scholarship after being imprisoned during the 1976 Soweto Riots <>, Vernon Smith – 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences <>, “Dr. Rod Smith Phd – formerly of RAND Think Tank – Principal – Facebook friend of GG and also present at the Wetherly Capital Group board meeting on Feb. 8, 2002 held in the corporate headquarters of Arden Realty, the largest REIT trading on the New York Stock Exchange before being bought out by General Electric.” <>, Rafael adolf <>, “Cohn, Michael” <>, Michael Tordu-The Coward Awerbuch <>, Michael {The Big Lie Thief who needs a roof over his head} Grant <>, Alex Davis <>, “German lawyer Claudia {I didn’t know the coin was gold} Seibel Esquire – (So why did she keep it?)” <>, Claire Blouin-Ito <>, Joseph Bedford <>, “Chief Rabbi of the United States, Rabbi Capers Funnye – close cousin of First Lady Michelle Obama, and Facebook friend of GG.” <>, Brazil Embassy – USA <>, JERRY MOCH <>, “” <>, “” <>, “The coupon clipper is the Jeffrey Jack The Ripper Essakow – co-owner of the Marc Rich and Co. Flower Hill Mall, Solana Beach, California” <>, “Robert Citizens against the J.Essakow-Marc Rich and company Flower Hill Malls Excessive Expansion Vicino Vicino” <>, Roy Essakow – Marc Rich Lieutenant <>, Conrad Wolff – supporter of Roy Essakow <>, South African Air Force-RAF Squadron Eleven Wing Commander Colin Sinclair + Natalie Sinclair <>, “Keisha Whitaker – wife of Forest Whitaker; FB friend of Gary Gevisser” <>, Michael Massé <>, Kerry Anderson Molfesis <>, “Laurie Flynn – Producer of FRONTLINE-BBC SPECIAL DIAMOND EMPIRE [1994]” <>, “Lewis Barnett – sponsored by a DAAC diamond merchant to study in Israel. Former student of Carmel College, Durban, South Africa and also quiet classmate of Sandra Moshal-Gevisser Jacobson [1957-1997]; now a resident of Brooklyn, New York.” <>, “Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq.” <>, Laurie Black <>, “Matthew Margo – Senior attorney CBS – 60 Minutes.” <>, 60 Minutes <>, “Russian Defense Attache – Russian Embassy, Washington DC. Russian Embassy” <>, Galit Tassi <>, Office for the Israeli Department of Defense Attache Israeli Embassy Washington DC <>, “” <>, “” <>, Peter Schweizer c/o Eric Eggers <>, Nina Wiener – Managing Editor TASCHEN <>,, Jacob – Alamy <>, Jo Becker – New York Times journalist – Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal <>, Alan Dershowitz – Harvard Law School <>, “Deborah Sturman Esq – Inspired by Zena Bardash-Ash Gevisser Zulman, played pivotal role in collecting billions from remnants of Germany’s military machine during WW II, but stopped way too short when realizing it was so close to the home of the German-South African Oppenheimer clan whose Lloyd’s of London Insurance have never once attempted to hide that they are the money launderers of money launderers, and figured the common herd would think themselves too smart to have it all smack in their faces” <>, Justin Smith – Producer/Director/Writer $TATIN NATION <>, Nobel Prize Committee <>

Laura – Please don’t go on. 
You have now responded twice to this last broadcast without sticking to the subject matter of what you have learned from reading The Diamond Invention book.
That also hasn’t prevented you from writing on your Facebook “wall” that you are willing to give me a hand in my writing skills.
I never asked for your help and so you shouldn’t volunteer.
You should stick to the nature of our current relationship which is to educate the people how it is possible for someone who made it into the CIA to be so poorly informed about how the real world works and to then retaliate with childish distractions.
Where did you learn your prosecutor skills?
A good person is also an intelligent person. It is not good when you post up not only distracting material but you make a point of distracting with highly anti-Semitic material.
Do you have no shame?
BTW, you misspelled on your FB post zucchini.
That does not mean I am offended to the point that I wouldn’t use your negative energy and turn it into positive, either in black and white text or in a taped phone conversation that we are planning on having in a few hours, assuming you and Dr. Geoffrey Rothwell Phd show up. Of course, I could also end up a “no show” but assuming we are all alive and healthy then we can reschedule without however any of us in any position to change the past, thank God.
The fact that you have got your half brother Jacob Christner involved, and he has already expressed that you haven’t fooled him with your distracting tactics is commendable on his part.
Do you have any sense in your mind of wanting to get caught?
Below is our most recent dialoguing on your FB wall with Jacob Christner chiming in:
Plumeria Blooms, Water Hyacinth (?) bloom, and monarch caterpillar!








Kathy Bodas Gorgeous. We pride ourselves being the “Plumeria Pops” street. Thanks Clem.

Like · Reply · 1 · 13 hrs
Courtney Griffin Donadio I love monarch caterpillars!

Like · Reply · 1 · 12 hrs
Susan Hoots Beautiful

Like · Reply · 1 · 12 hrs
Jacob Christner Laura, are these flowers getting you ready for the important conversation, or are they distracting you again 😏😏

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Gary Gevisser Laura who is this Jacob Christner? He seems to have caught on. Can I count on you to share with him and whoever else you think it is appropriate that they should know what is going on my email broadcast, “Français-Canadien – Speak good English”?

What did you think of it?

Like · Reply · 10 hrs
Laura Christner Malter I haven’t finished it, yet. We need to work on condensing your diatribes, you’re rather long-winded.

Like · Reply · 7 hrs
Laura Christner Malter Is the Pannikin off? (please see email) If it’s still on, let me know and I’ll bring you and Marie a home grown zuchinni from my garden (if you want one)

Like · Reply · 7 hrs · Edited
Laura Christner Malter Just getting through part one, and I couldn’t agree more (regarding statins) … big hoax. Took my husband off them w/in 3 mos of starting them. BTW, Jacob is my younger, very thoughtful, half-brother that I have kept in the loop with most of your missives.

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Gary Gevisser To speak once again of “The language of flowers and things which don’t talk”.

Like · Reply · 30 mins
Gary Gevisser We don’t need to work on anything. You need to work on your intellectual honesty. Your half brother Jacob Christner nailed it, “or are they distracting you again”.

The chronology is clear including me just earlier responding to your email and letting you know that I consider it a better use of my time that we have a taped conferance call today with Dr. Geoffrey Rothwell Phd where the goal is to have you explain what you learned from reading The Diamond Invention book.

Have you finished the book?

BTW, neither your half-brother or anyone else need to have you be the adjudicator of when to keep them in the loop. They can either to go to my blog on or contact me directly.

ORIGIN Born: February 15, 1917 Died: March 2, 1971 Heir (executor): David Gevisser Location:…
The fact that you earlier responded that you liked what else I had to say, “Laura, do you say to yourself, ‘I love listening to lies when I know the truth’?” only tells me that you have yet to look yourself in the mirror and get the reality check that is much needed.
You have a long life ahead of you; meaning you have many breaths still to take, so why not releave yourself of the stress by coming clean?
Do you take anything other than your desire to grab on to as much wealth as you can and retain it, seriously?
You wouldnt be the first Jewish anti-Semite to invoke their Jewish heritage. Are you aware that the most well known and to many the greatest Jewish person who has ever lived after Moses was Jewish? Jesus Christ who was born orthodox Jewish, lived the life of a righteous Jewish person, got persecuted and murdered which was not right, for it was godawful disgusting, and no one deserving such treatment, just horrible; and in all likelihood got buried “accroding” [sic] to Jewish custom.
And BTW, none of that or the killings before or since mean that there isn’t a guiding hand from above in the staging of the human race.
I even know contemporary Jewish people who show a closer Jewish bloodline than you to their biologlical Jewish mother and that does not make them good.
So what was the point of all those words, and no other reaction, other than to further distract?
The biological mother is the standard test of Jewishness, which of course I don’t subscribe to because I am first of all not stupid. One of the most stupid people I know happens to be a Facebook friend of mine, Allan Silver, a self-described “Chasidik” that translates into “Righteous man”. Silver is as pathetic in his arguments of his self-righteousness as you, and yet you both have in common the fact that neither of you have the balls to unfriend me; and I find the two of you anything but my friends because you are not a friend of the truth, and therefore you care nothing about the poor who are only poor because people such as you pull out all distracting stops which prevents the poor from getting the knowledge and that is not just from a standpoint of democratic principles, forget the rest.
You are only about working the current system so that you can play as much as the next person who you envy the most. Nothing else motivates you other than perhaps thinking that you must have a little intelligence, that you cannot be [so] stupid as you portray.
Notice in your argument that you are the greatest friend of the good Jewish people, there is no renunciation of you godawful disgusting promotion of anti-Semitism.
I want you to consider selling all your assets right now, and lead the advance team on my world tour starting in March. Along the way if you come across a lonely seal, have it train you not to eat fish. Is that too much to ask?
You go on about my diatribes; is it that you envy my healthy diet which you cannot sustain because you lack willpower or you want to believe that it is my Jewish tribe that maintain the diamond conspiracy?
When do you plan to address the conspiracy of FBI Chief of Counterintelligence Robert Hanssen and it’s aftermath?
Given how you are silent on the important issues that I bring to your attention which has you wanting me to speculate on your thinking; maybe even Jacob Christner would agree the possibility exists that you are just wanting to be invited to the Republican Convention so that you can party with Trump, and you are willing to stoop as low as it gets to get an invite.
But you are not funny. You have to be funny if you are trying out to be Gareth Penny’s jester.
Do you see how relieved was Nick Oppenheimer to be serving up Gareth Penny to Putin. Nick looks so eager, doesn’t he?

Have you ever seen Putin looking so sharp?
Surely between you and Geoffrey Rothwell Phd, who earlier advised me that he plans to serve as a “witness” to our show, but I reminded him we already have the potted plant appearing often in the most important photographs ever taken going on 10 years ago, the two of you can figure out on your own how to get Gareth, who oversees an empire that I estimate to be worth about 1000 million times the size of all of Wall Street and that includes the rest of the stock markets spread throughout the world, to join us.
Nor do I suspect that Gareth would do better than you unless he first downed a bottle of scotch and then he might bore our audience to death.
Have you figured out how it is possible that Gary Malino could have thought that he had written to me twice to be removed this email chain when he hadn’t asked me even once, other than it is common knowledge that boys in trouble have trouble reading?
On the other hand you would know that people on Statin drugs have the most difficult time with their memory and those wanting to take advantage wouldn’t hesitate to suggest that they have Alzheimers if not advanced Alzheimers.
Now you have experience in this field, right?
More importantly, you will note that I have posted up on the BLOG my Français-Canadien missive that includes less than a handful edits, although the formatting on my laptop computer looks messed up.
Should you have further comments, please make them on that webpage, just like Dr. Geoffrey Rothwell Phd made a most important timely comment in the “ABOUT” section of which Marie mostly wrote; and nor would she agree with you that you are the person in any position to improve either of our writing skills; but please don’t hesitate to do whatever you can to increase the numbers.
You have yet to let me know what number I should call you on at 12pm.
PS – Have you ever been handed a dossier containing Top Secret information without any explanation and not knowing what to do with it other [than] to read it and decide who else above and below you was given the same material? In the same context, if you were a member of a police department, and you were handed a bribe either in cash or told that arrangements had been made for you to afford a nicer house and/or vacations with your children and not necessarily your husband who you might not get all that along with, and you can usually tell from the shape of the woman how eager the couple are to jump into bed with each other, would you take the bribe or risk losing your job? Do you recall when the officials in charge of the allocation of the bribes to the New York Police department back in the early 1970s spoke about 75% of the NYPD being on the take, they did not mention either how they came up with that number or what the impact was on those police officers who hadn’t been offered bribes?

[Word count 1975]
On Jul 18, 2016, at 5:58 PM, Laura Malter <> wrote:
I am an Ashkenazi Jew (maternal grandmother was Ashkenazi Jew).
I guess you didn’t know that.
—— Original Message ——
From: “garystevengevisser” <>
To: “Laura Malter” <>; “Laura Malter” <>
Cc: “” <>; “” <>; “” <>; “Tom Shadyac – Director-Writer I AM – c/o Janet Matthews” <>; “T. Colin Campbell, PhD – Cornell University The China Study” <>; “” <>; “Office for the Israeli Department of Defense Attache Israeli Embassy Washington DC” <>; “Benjamin Netanyahu – highly decorated Prime Minister of Israel” <>; “Aharon Barak – President of the Supreme Court of Israel [1995-2006]” <>; “US Air Force Fighter Pilot Terry Sam Samples.” <>; “Claire Blouin-Ito” <>; “Joseph Bedford” <>; “60 Minutes” <>; “Alan Dershowitz – Harvard Law School” <>; “Rabbi Caspers C. Funnye – close cousin of First Lady Michelle Obama.” <>; “Keisha Whitaker – wife of Forest Whitaker” <>; “” <>; “” <>; “Deborah Sturman Esq – Played pivotal role in collecting billions of $ from remnants of Germany’s military machine during WW II, but stopped way too short when realizing it was so close to home.” <>; “Devin Standard – eldest son of former President of New York State Bar Kenneth Standard who felt the heat of having a Facebook account and not choosing change was better to deactivate his FB account.” <>; “Russian Defense Attache – Russian Embassy, Washington DC.” <>; “South China Morning Post” <>
Sent: 7/18/2016 3:02:42 PM
Subject: Are you catching on? Fwd: Gr – if you are going to be calling me in a few minutes…
Laura – Geoffrey Rothwell and I just had a dry run for tomorrow’s meeting which we decided yesterday would be better taped, which we can do over the telephone without having to be concerned with the video being interrupted which happens with Internet based servers such as Facetime and Skype.
Most of all we don’t have to waste time and energy driving to a rendezvous when nature could interfere including terrorists interfering with our carefully laid out plans.
So, should we begin with what you have learned from reading The Diamond Invention book and which part of the world to invest in real estate including Antibes, France where Geoffrey’s Italian – French wife Genevieve lives which is a distance from Paris where Geoffrey has been living from the start of 2013 when he didn’t fully realize that when you input the military component into either “costs” or “price”, the selling price of your costs and markup, anything involving monetary such as US Dollars, British Pounds, Euros etc falls by the wayside, and you can only focus on who has the superior military strength as well as the willingness to use, and therefore willing to blow up the entire world if necessary.
Would you if in a position of power to blow up the world make that decision if those further down the chain of command like Geoffrey Rothwell and his wife are not as willing participants because they don’t yet have as much to lose as you?
We should leave it up to our discussion panel that includes you, your sons, husbands, friends, anyone interested in attending which are the best investments going forward, since I don’t know which is the best land to invest in given how you cannot run with the land; and you also can’t necessarily rely on your neighbors who you haven’t been honest with if you haven’t been SHARING with all of them equally the teachings of The Diamond Invention, which people like FBI Chief of Counterintelligence Robert Hanssen would have understood perfectly before he decided to switch sides, and sell out his colleagues in the FBI and CIA because he was sitting on the same evidence as the US Congress and the Presidents who were meant to be on the same side as their soldiers, but in fact they were only on the side of the people who back all sides to war and therefore they cannot lose, safe even from prosecution of treason of the highest order.
You joined the CIA when Hanssen was selling out ours spies left and right, when did you stop respecting him as a patriot?
When did you stop respecting as patriots of the United States of America the leadership of the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian parties etc who were given the same dosier files as Hanssen had access to?
How are you doing in locating the one section of The Diamond Invention book that Harry Oppenheimer and his son Nick would have pointed Warren Buffet to had he balked at buying Ben Ridge Jewelers back in May 2000, or if he had attempted to drive too hard a bargain?
It is democracy that you purport on your Facebook to be most interested in and that is how I believe we should decide on the first subject, but please correct me if I am wrong in assuming that you have the slightest interest in democratic principles. Surely, you don’t think we should fight physically over this matter?
Geoffrey Rothwell is in receipt of the public information which Israeli Military Intelligence – Mossad [IMIM] recently put out, disclosing the closely held secret that the Israeli War Cabinet who included General Moshe Dayan were involved in the cover-up of the IMIM false flag – covert operation in Alexandria, Eqypt in the summer of 1954 which preceded by 2 years the Sinai Crisis that had the combined forces of Israel, France and Great Britain against the coalition forces of Eqypt, Soviet Union and the United States; and you remember the US and the Soviet Union were involved at the same time with the most bitter Cold War.
If you cannot find the document on The Internet which the Jerusalem Post released and knowing just like Prime Minister Netanyahu it is the most important disclosure to date in the history of the fledgling Jewish homeland, please write to Geoffrey and only if he doesn’t reply in the next 24 hours send me a copy of your request.
Now Operation Susanah which resulted in Mossad head, David Ben Gurion returning as Prime Minister and Israel Minister of Defense without having to take on the title as Mossad head because he never gave that up and which for good reason was perfectly understood by those around the world continuing to meet with him in private at Sde Boker, was 2 years after Israel had executed very “poorly” a terrorist operation in Egypt to encourage the British who also understood the benefits of false flag operations, not to withdraw from Eqypt after President Nasser nationalized the British military bases, and the plan of the IMIM “false flag” was to blame Arab extremists; namely, the Muslim Brotherhood.
Does any of this ring a bell in your Bell shape curve brain with what just happened 2 days ago in Turkey?
Are you aware that far less bell shaped curve educated such as you are catching on that all the evidence suggests that the current Heads of Turkey executed a false flag operation to blame the other side?
Do you think Hanssen who may still be holding on to his untraceable diamond bribes, understood “false flag” operations.
In your living memory do you recall any US President admitting while in office to the “false flag” operations tgey agreed to as well as those they didn’t agree to?
Why do you think your favorite bought or stupid conspiracy theorists haven’t got into the knitty gritty of “false flag” military operations that include the initial attacks resulting in full on war?
Since you are the smart one to have worked for the CIA that is supposed to protect Americans from foreign based bad guys as well as bad guys within the CIA planted by the bad guys who back all sides and who also control the money supply, why do you think Obama, Clinton, you, Trump, and anyone else you think has an ounce of intelligence has yet to comment on this scary fact coming out of IMIM?
Do you think the onus is on IMIM and/or Netanyahu to explain more clearly than they have already?
Putting aside what may be your IQ how would you go about rating your intelligence and those that you look up to?
Bear in mind that you should not include me amongst the people you respect because when you repeatedly ignore my friendly and logical requests, that is not friendly.
Have you checked with your mentors on Facebook or the CIA why IMIM would decide now, rather than much sooner to admit to not only Operation Susanah but the Israeli War Cabinet’s agreement to cover it up because it would not make for good press?
Could you fault Israel for pulling out all stops to survive?
How much do you know about the history of Israel?
Do you believe the Holocaust that preceded the formation of Israel on May 14, 1948 was designed to make non-Jewish people like Jewish people?
Do you think on the eve of the outbreak of hostilities on May 15, 1948 between the heavily outnumbered and outgunned Israeli forces surrounded by the far superior 5 Arab armies and heavy duty Allied Field Marshal Montgomery declared, “When the British flag is lowered for the last time in Palestine, the Jews will be overrun” he was suffering from an overdose of crack cocaine?
What if it turns out that not one corrupt human has a sense of humor, should we murder the rest?
How do you keep your mind active?
What is your favorite music?
Do you have a favorite singer, band, guitarist that gets you rocking and feeling like the two of you are soul mates?
Could you try your best to have them join us tomorrow?
When you see a madman shaking his head and talking to himself loudly, do you feel less embarrassed for him than before?
Could you imagine a world without us Jewish people?
Why aren’t any of your Christian preachers talking about The Diamond Invention book?
How could not one of you be giving me hand?
Do you recall earlier today your efforts to promote the Jewish French Rothschilds as the evil incarnate and behind the world conspiracy to eradicate Christian values?
Do you believe that you have a moral code? If so, could you explain it clearly without pointing me using a hyperlink to another conspiracy of us Jewish people?
Where did you get to in The D I book that you thought the Rothschilds led the slaughter of the 6 million Jewish people during WW II?
Do you think when you put a gun to the head of the next person that person is a willing participant in your genocide of genocides?
Why would you make us all out to be bad just because of the few bad Jewish apples who have got caught up in an effort by the majority Christian world to complete the DAAC’s Hitler’s FINAL SOLUTION to eradicate all Jewish people from the face of the planet when you ignore that the architects of World War I and II, and all the subsequent terrorism have never embraced Jewish values to treat all humans fairly and these DAAC people you know never meant us Jewish people well?
What is it inside your head that has you choosing wrong, not once but continously and yet you are eager to have a cup of coffee with me?
Dont you have better things to do with your time such as continuing to post up distracting and misleading information?
Have you considered changing your diet?
How would you like to start off tomorrow’s discussion? 
Everyone should have a vote and according to democratic principles the majority should rule.
Since it looks like Jackie Warfield has decided to jump ship, or she could have simply lost her internet connection or possibly found Jesus and is now seeking admission into a nunary, that leaves just you and Geoffrey to say what is most important to you.
One of my favorite rock bands is Matthew Good Band and their best, the one I like the most goes back well over a decade ago and which I placed up on page 16 of one of my first websites a name that my eldest brother Neil and I dreamed in a car ride through the spectacular countryside of Devon – Somerset that now stinks mostly of cow and human cow disease.
Right now I’m listening to “end of time… everyone’s insane, be yourself” which of course is M Good Band in the backyard of the cabin under the shade of another great oak and Mango had dug himself a hole in the soil to stay as cool possible, and the breeze is once again perfect.
To life!
Ps – I will rebroadcast this over the network.
Sent via the Samsung Galaxy Alpha™, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

——– Original message ——–
From: garystevengevisser <
Date: 07/18/2016 12:02 PM (GMT-08:00) 
Subject: Gr – if you are going to be calling me in a few minutes… 

You can only reach me on 858 XXXXXXX
If I don’t pick up because I’m in the backyard contemplating nature then send me an email to this address.
If you couldn’t figure out that I was not needing your help in tacking down Jeff miller then in the end you will wake up like everyone else to the reality that something far more beautiful than the ugly human is at work.
I’m going to get to this Gareth Penny, but it would be better if you were to make it easier by just picking up the thrown to the Nickel company and telling him yourself that there is this Diamond Invention book out there which bothers everyone to the point that they do the most stupid things.
Sent via the Samsung Galaxy Alpha™, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

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