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School of hard knocks – Haven’t I just summed up rather well each and every cunt

From: Gary S Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2009 1:00 PM PT
Cc: rest; Office of the Israeli Defense Department Attache – Israeli Embassy Washington DC.;;;; Roy Essakow – Executive Marc “Flower Hill” Rich Holdings; Syd Cohen – Commanding Officer Israel Squadron 101 – Israel War of Independance; Dad; ‘; US Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald – US Department of Justice – Office of Special Counsel – prosecuted case against Scooter Libby, Chief of Staff to former VP Cheney, Attorney of Clinton Pardoned, Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich ; FBI; Edward Jay Epstein – Author of The Diamond Invention; Nicholas Oppenheimer – DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Ernest Slotar Inc.; Martin Rapaport -CEO Rapaport Report; Roger W. Robinson – aka “Our Man Roger” – co-founder of PSSI – Former Chairman and Vice Chairman, U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission-Protege of senior DAAC operative David Rockefellar – Chairman of J.P. Morgan-Chase Manhattan Bank; King Golden Jr. Esq. – former General Counsel of Science Applications International Corporation – left wing University of Virginia Law School graduate – “bosom buddy” of right wing senior National Security Council member, Roger W. Robinson ; Valerie Schulte Esq. – National Association of Broadcasters; Mary Valder – Trilateral Commission; Molly H. Hubbard – Director of Development James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy – JAB’s law firm representing the House of Saud;; DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc.; Melanie Gurvits Esq. – Steven Spielberg’s lawyer; Michael Strauss Esq. – International Monetary Fund; Rush Limbaugh;; Leutenant William Kemery – San Diego Sheriffs Department Internal Affairs Unit;; The Cow who shoots poison tipped arrows for BIG BEN aka former practicing pathologist Dr. John Ben Stewart MD. aka The IT aka The Sperm Donor aka The Slimeball of Slimeballs; E. Trimble – President of KFMB TV; Dr. Laura Family; Stedman; Stefan Steiner; Marcia “Hitler’s Gold” Kramer – Political / Investigative Correspondent And Host – WCBS-TV ; Fred Deluca – Founder-co-owner Subway; financier of Rezko-Obama and “control person” of medical diagnostic company, Sunmed.; investor in Sunmed; Diana Henriques – journalist New York Times – Big Jury Award in Injury Case Over Keyboards – December 10, 1996 – featuring Sunmed.; Tefo Mohapi; Augusto Benito Vargis; Michael Berlin Esq. – Office of Attorney General; Michael Lombardi – FBI;; Mathew Margo Esq. – 60 Minutes Attorney – son of South African Judge Margo who in 1949 developed the “blueprint” for the Israeli Air Force; President Barack Obama; President George W. Bush
Subject: School of hard knocks – Haven’t I just summed up rather well each and every cunt in the world?


The whole world, and I mean the whole literate world, is exclusively focused on events surrounding Israel’s use of extraordinary brute force in the hellhole of
Gaza, when of course not attending to their nails and hairdos and the such; not in the least bit concerned, however, in instilling in their children a “value system”; God forbid, our heavily co-opted-corrupted kids were to ask,

“Hey Mama, Hey Papa, I am really interested to know how I can become a better human being, and contribute towards the betterment of humankind, that Gary Steven Gevisser says that he believes is the oxymoron of all time?”

Why go on to talk about how very easy it would be to start off by telling our children that if only the “powers that be” were to spend the money that is going to all warring parties to procure weapon systems, and instead use those same monies to build homes for the Palestinians, along with the electricity, as well as the schools to train them to be self-sufficient, and in time they will build up their self-esteem to not want to become suicide bombers and kill themselves as well as other innocent civilians who don’t profit from war?

Once you understand as do a great many who have been reading my missives for years now, that the “problem” is NOT the monies being spent on weapon systems sold to all the warring parties as well as the intelligence to defeat the weapons systems sold and given “free of charge” to the brutal Israel Defense Force, but rather it is the PROMOTION of money period, by those who print the money out of thin air that is used to purchase the components that go into weapon systems, which in turn are used to prop up those worthless monies printed out of thin air, you should shut the FUCK UP the rest of you life, OR until such time as you begin telling your co-opted-corrupted children the truth, who of course if they are corrupt, don’t want to hear the truth because of the fact that they cannot handle the truth, because if the world knew the truth, both you and your children would have to begin thinking about what it would mean to compete on a level playing field and you instant fear is that you wouldn’t be able to afford a pot to pee.

BTW, do you think placing a Spanky on your property is less or more likely to encourage illegal aliens to continue crossing our borders here in the United States to earn worthless-fictitious and so very blood stained DeBeers-US Dollars?

“Sumthing” [sic] tells me that I am in fact not going “tTOo” [sic] fast for you.

My entire life ever since meeting privately with Ben Gurion within days of meeting him for the first time in a group setting on Nov. 1st, 1972 outside his most humble abode on Midrasha-Kibbutz Sde Boker, Negev “Dessert” [sic], Israel, some 57 odd days following the United States Government’s CIA providing both the financing and training of the PLO terrorists, who began brutally butchering to death 11 defenseless Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Games, I have been singularly focused on following the “gun-money-trail” without feeling the need to explain how exactly I found such a “calling”, which began with simply wanting to know how it was possible that the State of Israel didn’t lift a finger to assist my amazing Jewish Allied South African Fighter-Bomber-Pilot father, Bernie Gevisser,

with some 71 odd miraculous missions dive bombing the crap out of the Nazi bastards during World Oil War II, as well as my grandfather Israel Issy Gevisser defend themselves against the most hostile takeover of their multi-national trading conglomerate, The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies [1910-1969], not by Christians or Muslims but selfish bastard Jewish South Africans, or so I thought.

BTW, I just got word by a rather trusted source that he believes that the CIA have violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, a law that was enacted in 1977 to prevent US individuals, companies, and governments from bribing foreign governments, since its inception; and moreover, it is his opinion that the US Justice Department has confirmed that the law applies to the CIA based on his interaction with the Fraud Section of the U.S. Department of Justice that began this past Tuesday, January 27, 2009 at 7:20 PM Pacific Standard Time.
To: Fraud, FCPA
Subject: Applications of statute

To whom it may concern,

I was hoping that you could assist me; Do you know if the FCPA applies to positions held within the US government?

Thank you for your time and consideration,

and ended this morning with the following response:

To: Anonymous
Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2009 5:15:25 AM
Subject: RE: Applications of statute

Dear –

If you are asking whether a bribe to a U.S. government official would be criminalized by the FCPA, the answer is no. The FCPA applies only to foreign officials. However, such a bribe would still be criminal, as there are other statutes that prohibit the bribery of a U.
S. official, including 18 U.S.C. 201.

If you are asking whether an individual who holds a position within the U.S. government can violate the FCPA, the FCPA applies to any individual, including a U.S. government employee, who is a U.S. citizen, national, or resident.

I hope this is of assistance to you.

Fraud Section , U.S. Department of Justice

Not to mention, that while I was not informed by Ben Gurion and Co. back in late 1972 that the CIA, beginning in 1970 were “bankrolling” Mr. Salameh who masterminded the Munich massacres, I was provided with the most extraordinarily overwhelming evidence that the United States Government has never been a “friend” of the fledging State of Israel; and consequently, Ben Gurion and Co. were not in the least bit surprised that the CIA would do their best to protect Mr. Salameh from the Mossad “hit squads” that Ben Gurion and Co. began activating throughout the world including one “hit squad” unit that took place in my very presence, which of course was designed to not only let me know how very trusted I was but were I to ever think of opening my mouth, to think that someone else could be in the room when the same sort of call could be put through to me; moreover, long before I was born on March 24th, 1957, the Mossad had seen it in the best interests of Israel to take “counter measures”, that of course included taking leafs out of the CIA’s books of war when engaging in stuff like “false flag” covert operations as well as inserting in to the CIA’s “play books” ways for the CIA to take counter measures against the Mossad’s counter measures.

To mention little of I was not about to be “distracted” at the time by “things” that I could do nothing about; instead I stayed singularly focused on why would I even bother with helping the State of Israel who didn’t appear to do so much as lift a finger to help by very good father and his father who unlike all the other Jewish South Africans I knew were getting rich off the Apartheid Regime, and the richer they got the more time it seemed they had to not only be charitable with their “MUNIes” [sic] but attend religious services and when it came time for Professor Rabbi Abner Weiss to give his Friday night sermon, so they would go to sleep and wake up the moment the most bad voice choir began to chant.

How many times did you say as well as think the atrocity of atrocities:


To mention in passing, my “credibility” was enhanced greatly with Ben Gurion and Co. well before I returned to South Africa in late December 1972 after the 4 month Ulpan where I “coincidentally” was based on Kibbutz Sde Boker, when questioning why Israel made such a big deal about getting Jewish people throughout the world to donate to Israel, and the extraordinary “deafening silence” that immediately followed without me feeling the need to utter another word let alone repeat such an important question, that was of course answered as well as the Mossad responding to me back in late November 2007 that they never received an email they had asked me to send because they were having problems with the email system at the Office of the Israeli Defense Department Attache at the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC; the contents of that email which they were asking for, was in fact contained in a previous email I had sent them which triggered them asking me to resend it; and still the Mossad have not acknowledged receipt of the most important email communication of all time which you find along with all the other relevant material on my website that continues to have problems migrating data over from our previous webhosting company,

By The Way, would you happen to know of anyone over say in Israel who might be able to lend my one American programmer Adam L. Tucker with this “problem” and at the same time help make as “inviting” as say Facebook?

Not to mention that by now I assume you have got yourself a copy of Steven “SPIelberg’s” [sic] epic 2005 movie-docudrama, MUNICH, and when watching and listening carefully to Spielberg in his 5 minute introduction, to keep saying to yourself the following:

At what point is this Jewish Kapo Hollywood blockbuster Producer-Director simply going to cut out 4 and a half minutes of “blah blah” and say,

“This entire movie is about a real covert military operation by Israel’s Mossad to highlight the fact that wholesale slaughter of 11 defenseless Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games was a CIA job from start to finish; but in no way, shape or form, I am suggesting that the vast majority of us Americans were aware of these facts. But now that you are aware, it is important to examine how best to deal with our out-of-control military economy.”

As I mentioned to Jacky when we ran into each other the other day over at Eli’s, not that long ago I left a message on your home voicemail and I never got a call back.

BTW, I have yet to follow up with Corky of Corky’s Pest Control, and perhaps in the middle of typing this email I will try reaching him on his cell phone.

I can certainly agree that each of us has “free choice” in pretty much everything apart from choosing our parents and children and certainly in responding to phone calls and/or emails.

At the same time, there is this “professional courtesy” especially when we all have a long friendship going back some 3 decades and to top it off you were the one who felt confident enough with our “friendship” to let me know that you and Jeffrey Essakow who you knew I knew much better than you, had “done the dirty” on you, and because I don’t make it my business-personal to “pry” I never asked and nor did you volunteer any additional information.

The fact, however, that you would “talk out of school” knowing how such information could be not only “used” but “abused” showed me that at a minimum, you were just “venting” which is rather selfish, wouldn’t you agree?

In fact when someone tells a “secret” they have an agenda that is rarely “good” because the instant one tells a secret it is no longer a secret.

Moreover, when telling a 3rd party a secret you are even if you don’t get into the “knitty gritty” co-opting-corrupting that individual.

MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY, you knew at the time that there was nothing in the least bit “naïve” about me and that sharing with me your “dissatisfaction” with Jeffrey Essakow could be most “powerful” information in the “right hands”.

You have also spent a lifetime in the shmutter-rag trade, a business I know like the back of my hand even though I cannot sow with a sewing machine even if my life depended on it.

It is highly likely that I never shared with you and Jacky the fact that my step-father Alan Zulman

co-founded with his best buddy Abe Dubin the hugely successful South African Clothing Industries [SACI] that could hold its own against the best clothing manufacturers in the world and there is a reason why the best clothing manufacturing people throughout the world and not just those “schooled” at SACI still refer Alan Zulman as Mr. SA Clothing.

Abe Dubin was nothing more than a salesman who didn’t need to spend a penny on marketing and advertising because the quality of the garments produced at SACI which were “second to none”, in the words of my highly fashion conscious Royal Mater-Mother, “sold themselves”.

Moreover, Alan Zulman learned his genius on the job as well as through the “school of hard knocks”, having to leave high school at age 15 when his father suddenly died, in order to support himself, his mother and younger sister.

He borrowed a couple of thousand Rand from his very ric
h uncle Hymie Zulman who owned Beacon Sweets

and within a short space of time after buying just two sewing machines Alan paid off the loan and the rest is history, beginning with Alan being “credited” with being the youngest “self-made” multi-millionaire in South Africa.

But that is not where the story ends, not even close.

Alan Zulman was in fact, as a result of the most bitter divorce, forced out of SACI by his best buddy Abe Dubin and Co. who were not only schtuping Alan’s first wife, Sylvia who found the time to service an Israeli water polo team who visited with us in Durban, South Africa, but Abe and Co. which included Durban, South African orthodox Jewish, Gunter “The Pig” Lazarus, had another agenda going at the time which was to steal Alan’s share of the monies “secreted” offshore in the common practice of “over and under invoicing”, which of course you are most familiar with even if you have never engaged in this most standard practice of the rag trade that goes back to the “beginning of time”; not to mention such a “fraud” was the result of the unbridled power of big government who at its core is opposed to all forms of “free trade”.

Setting up “barriers to entry” is not simply “the law” it is in fact what the people of the world have “allowed” to happen and therefore one cannot make the excuse that the laws are wrong and then go about breaking them just because it suits one’s agenda.

Not to mention the Jewish Kapo propaganda, “IF THERE WASN’T A BLACK PROBLEM IN SOUTH AFRICA, THERE WOULD BE A JEWISH PROBLEM” going a long way to assist in murdering the sensitivity of each and every Jewish person not just in South Africa but throughout the world, a fact of life not lost on the likes of David Ben Gurion and Co. who “WARNED” me to “watch my back” which was rather easy considering the fact that I learned the most important lesson of life, “Loose Lips Sink Ships” from a very early age, even before I understood what it meant.

To mention little of not only I am NOT deceived by a single human thinking they can fool me now with their “deafening silence” as the last thing they really want is to “give peace a better chance” which they know means that they will first and foremost have to compete on a level playing field and moreover those with huge accumulated ill-gotten gains are going to have to give them up, but I fully anticipated such extraordinary acts of evil, given again how MOST FAMILIAR I was with what exactly caused the rise of Nazi Germany-Austria, Vienna when a barrelful of Deutche-German Marks couldn’t afford a load of bread, which was not a secret either in Europe or for that matter, the United States.

To mention in passing, I was not the person who invented the concept of following the gun-money-trail that led to the home front doors of those the most profiting from the murder, first and foremost of the “competitive spirit” that is innate in each of one of us humans without losing sight of those behind who helped bring out the best in those first to cross the finish line.

This whole idea of that we are “all one and the same”, that there is not “just one way to excel”, not “just one way to do good” has nothing whatsoever to do with such selfish bastard people caring in the least about their fellow human being, but when ACTING like they see “NO POINT” in being “ARGUMENTATIVE” what they are really doing in their very “WISHY WASHY” way is gathering information as they “make out” that they are so very “NON-THREATENING”.

Haven’t I just summed up rather well each and every cunt in the world?

Yes, one cannot be “naïve” about how the “real world” works and why at the end of the day it is really hard for anyone to justify leaving much if any estate even if one leaves it all to charity knowing as we all know that there isn’t a single charity in the entire world that is run by honest people, but “we” do give to charity “nevertheless” because it helps to assuage our guilt.

You didn’t ask for me to share my philosophy with you or for that matter to get into the “knitty gritty” of the extraordinary behind the scenes shaninigans that went on at SACI.

At the same time you have not even been courteous enough to respond with a “Thank you, but no thank you, I am tTOo….” [sic]!

You may in fact be the hardest working and most honest clothing person in the world and it is certainly not for me to judge one way or the other but I am entitled to use whatever means are available so long as they are legal and I am personally convinced they don’t hurt any innocent people in the process to help give peace a better chance.

My agenda is VERY CLEAR.

And if is not yet that clear then perhaps you can make suggestions.

Bear in mind that it might take a while for your suggestions to come through given how right now I am exclusively relying on my one American programmer Adam L. Tucker to get it up and running ASAP but Adam also has his own agenda that like most, “changes with the wind”.

I am currently at our Stone home/cabin which you would know by now is nestled in a gently sloping hill deep inside the Cleveland National Forest and the wind is “blowing gales”, and quite frankly I cannot wait to get outside and go on a hike rather than take my super duper second hand Cannondale Mountain bike that was very much on its last legs when I bought it several years back and since then, well to get in to the “blow by blow” of every hard fall I have taken would have you, at a minimum, concluding that I should have taken my very athletic French-Canadian wife’s advice and got bicycle riding lessons years ago.

At the same time not only have I had great fun while staying in shape, more or less, I haven’t experienced any life threatening injuries, all the while aware of the many dangers that exist here in the wild from the deadly rattlers to the mountain lions that are increasingly abundant and it only taking one who we know not only cover tens of miles in any given day and only let you know that you are going to be their next meal when springing upon you when it is already too late, which of course is the main reason there are relatively so very few hikers and mountain bike riders and those that “brave it” are mostly “hard core” who mostly never give a single thought to any other danger apart from traversing the often times very large rock paths that the US Forest Service, afraid of lawsuits, have taken the added precaution of making some of the very treacherous trails more “mountain bike friendly” which to even non-hard core mountain bikers like myself, such a move pisses me off to no end given how by removing such challenging rocks which had to be there in the first place for good reason, that “edge” we seek is now going to have be found elsewhere, which you may argue best explains why I am now “challenging you” to bring out the “best in you”, and if you don’t think you are up to the “challenge” could you be so kind as to refer me to another t-shirt manufacturer.



Ps – You would be, right this moment, exclusively focused on the spot market trading of gold

when not examining most closely each and every forward/future gold contract being entered into, if you have been “following along” as a great many people throughout the world including the “fickle” who “go with the wind” without however, an ounce of spirituality which requires being able to operate 24/7 at the highest levels of logical thought processing on a consistent basis which I have yet to find in all the 3 plus decades I have lived in the US whose “mediocrity” is the most infectious disease we have been spreading throughout the world, which of course is all very much contrived by the “ruling elite” who still laugh their heads off at
us Americans which of course include the heavily co-opted-corrupted Canadians who despite all their natural resources haven’t figured out a way to gain the “upper hand” when negotiating trade agreements with the United States; but of course that could change in a “flash”; bearing in mind that I make it my business-personal to always blind copy a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population that of course include Canadians within organizations like the RCMP [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] who believe it or not can also read and write even though when last attending a farewell celebration for a very senior member of the RCMP in Washington DC at the Canadian Embassy which most would agree has the very best location overlooking Capital Hill, none of the Secret Service as well as FBI members attending, and you must trust me when I say not one of them were “rookies”, were all that “taken aback” by one of the RCMP speakers who in “taking the Mickey” out my French-Canadian wife’s one elder brother who was “retiring”, just 50 years of age and in the very prime of life, talked about the only requirement the RCMP had at the time Andre Dion applied to join was a height requirement, period.

Not to mention that this past Tuesday, January 27, 2009 6:42 PM PT, I sent the SOUTH AFRICAN CONSULATE GENERAL – – while copying the “world” a 129 odd word email that included the following:

Gold, in the spot market, showing currently a relatively steep drop, last trading at US$897.50 a troy ounce, but don’t count on that lasting very long.

When can we expect the South African Government to void all future gold contracts which were entered into according to laws enacted following the brute force victory of the Allied Nations in the Anglo Boer War of 1899-1902?

I assume the Chinese government are as familiar as is the Black ANC Government with the American led 8 Allied Nations invasion of China in 1900 which was not exactly coincidental, and nor was the theft by the 8 Allied Nations of China’s harvested gold.

I am available for further consultation on my French-Canadian wife’s cell phone 1-858-WIL-NEXT [945-6398].

To mention little of the next day, Wednesday, January 28, 2009 at 10:15 AM PST I sent Judy Montagu, the Letters Editor of the Jerusalem Post a 292 word email, and again copying the “world”, the following:

Gold last trading on the spot market at US$886.00 a troy ounce; and there is still no official word of a “Preferred Creditor” of the bankrupt United States, who is also a major producer and importer of gold such as China, either nullifying all forward/future gold and/or deciding to back its currency with gold reserves which they have no fear of being looted or melted to make gold art-objects and then shipped to Hong Kong, which is what the CIA’s German-American Charles W. Engelhard did when also owning the South African Reserve Bank as well as the U.S. Federal Reserve, that was founded in 1913, one year before the outbreak of the World Oil War One.

Ps – To the best of my knowledge the State of Israel does not have a stash of gold stolen from South Africa during the brutally oppressive Apartheid Regime or for that matter gold stolen from South Africa by the Allied Nations prior to their South African Apartheid Regime taking over on May 26th, 1948, following the Allies’ victory in the brutal Anglo Boer-Farmer War of 1899-1902; and I also have it on the word of David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister who I met with for the first time on Nov. 1st, 1972, some 57 odd following CIA sponsored PLO terrorists beginning to murder in cold blood 11 defenseless Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Games, that he knew of no one who got a kickback following the most brutal American led 8 Allied Nations invasion of China in 1900 where in the end, following the laying waste of the farmlands and the raping and slaughtering of innocent Chinese who never asked to be invaded, the victimizers then left with all of China’s harvested gold.

[Word count 292]

To mention in passing, common sense tells you that if such a height requirement applied to members of the Mossad the State of Israel would be in grave danger and most likely none of us including those Jewish people who are only Jewish when it suits them, would be around today; and then none of us would be the “wiser”; and then again it is my conclusion that God had long ago arrived at that very same conclusion and is currently having a whale of a time watching the human beast commit the slowest, most extraordinarily painful suicide.

[Word count 4444]

From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 11:08 PM
Cc: rest;
Subject: Alby hello,

I ran into Jacky the other day at Eli’s and she shared with me your email address.

I would like to get your input on a t-shirt line I want to have produced and to sell via my one website; although I would be most keen to get into the mass market.

This website is culmination of many years of experience that began long before I met you back in the early 80s.

Not to mention I am committed to having a non-fiction book titled, The History of Money Creation and it’s future completed within 60 days, that I began thinking about not long after I met with David Ben Gurion for the first time back on Nov. 1st, 1972 while on Ulpan at Sde Boker.

To mention little of some rather catchy “expressions” I think would capture the imagination of young people in particular who haven’t been “corrupted” by money which as you know would not have saved the 6 million; although, I shouldn’t be so certain that you would know about these things.

To mention in passing that I am taking you through this very short “educational light journey” to get you in the “swing of things”.

The rather cute photo below of my parents on the far right and my father’s first cousin, David Gevisser, dead center, and then my father’s sister and her husband to my uncle Dave’s right is rather important, at least to me, beginning with the date, 1948 when it was taken and everyone seemed “happy”

But it is hard not to notice that my uncle who within a quarter of a century would be in control of allocating the world’s resources, didn’t have a hot chick at his side, although it is possible that his date was the one taking the photo; so there, it wasn’t all that “bad” for my uncle Dave who “kindly” offered me not once, but twice to take over from him as executor of the estate of American-German Charles W. Engelhard who you may never have heard of but you would recognize his South African bank, the South African Reserve Bank and his American bank, the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Moving on.

The following is a list of “sum” of these “expressions” and again I would like to hear what you think would sell best.

1.2 c mE~E=mc² with possibly the 2 c mE on the back of the t-shirt and E=mc² on the front or of course in reverse, and just on the sleeves
2.Lack of Knowledge-Information-Light, power to change the world stems from humans being lazy and fearful of embracing the truth. The truth is “tTOo” [sic] disrupting for “sum” [sic] people too busy keeping track of their lies.
3.Being non-confrontational is no excuse for bad judgment.
4.If you think like an ant, you are an ant.
3The Meek With Teeth Shall Inherit the earth

5The Fish Rots from the head down

Ps – I have a story about your former partner Jeffrey Essakow that you might find interesting.

Not to mention that once you tell a
secret it is no longer a secret.

To mention little of I never tell secrets, and when every 5 decades or so I do, I think through most carefully all the consequences; and always aware of my mother’s teachings, “Sticks and stones break bones, but words kill”.

To mention in passing that currently I am at our Stone Home/cabin in the Cleveland National Forest but I will be returning most likely just this Thursday to Del Mar where my French-Canadian wife and I rent a studio “on the beach”.

Jacky may have noticed that I was “stocking up” on some wines without her being aware of this one “great find” – godsend 2005 Cabernet – that I was not the first of Eli’s customers to try; which reminds me that I need to call Corky who owns Corky’s Pest Control and who I happened to run into at Eli’s when I was buying a couple of cases of “godsend” that is grown here in California; not to mention Corky who is wine connoisseur versus me who remains a “tea toddler”, had a wine tasting at his home the evening before when not one of them would say that this vintage of godsend was inferior to a very well known French wine that costs US$1,000; not to mention that this Corky used to live next door as well as hang out with Corky McMillin who you may recall I first worked for when coming out here in the early 80s; to mention little of if you can make it over to our cliff house this Thursday, and better yet prior to sunset, I would be more than happy to open a bottle or “tTOo” [sic] that unless you fall over the cliff and drown in the water below won’t cost you “an arm and leg” although it wasn’t that long ago when a great white visited with us and just one bite into his leg cost the swimmer his life; to mention in passing you wouldn’t have to dig very deep to know that I haven’t changed one iota from when I first met Ben Gurion whose humbleness was most infectious; moreover, by that time, when some 57 odd days had passed following the start of the brutal massacring of the 11 defenseless Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Games, Ben Gurion who was still very much “calling the shots” had a “lot on his plate” and yet when speaking with us 15 year old “twots” who thought we were “hot sh*t” [sic] because we had got away on our first day, Sept. 1st, with a water fight that was all about getting the t-shirts of the mostly braless hot chicks all wet, he led, at least me, to believe, that I was “sumhow” [sic] important; and of course it wasn’t long before he and I would meet again and this time it was very serious business.

In the end all we are left with is our conscience and when you don’t have a conscience one not only ages poorly but one feels each and every ache which I suggest is just one of the ingenious designs of this “system” that only one most awesome designer would first have to imagine.

Einstein – “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

Light is Knowledge.

BTW, Gevisser in German means “certain” and Gewissen is “conscience”.

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