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Secrets of the Universe – Part II

Part I –

Does Sebastian come across as a “Conspiracy Theorist”?

Have you ever once said either to yourselves or anyone else, “I don’t believe in all this conspiracy stuff”?

In the history of the United Sates of America there has never been close to a conspiracy such as this defamation complaint by ex CIA Knuff against me, for the following reasons:

First, there has never been anyone like me in the history of the United States that comes close to having my credibility and who is such a threat to the status quo.

Second, my credibility comes from the fact that I have made it my business to gather all the publicly available information to show the true history of the United States that didn’t prevent anyone else who had any interest in searching for the truth, to have done on their own, beginning when they came into abstract age which for Jewish boys is 13, and Jewish girls is 12.

Third, never before in the history of the world has the population been so wired to research such important truths and what is patently obvious from all the distraction techniques of all those who have the information is that they shut down, not because they don’t believe the irrefutable facts but because they are simply hedging their bets.

Fourth, I broadcast to the world the extraordinary telling Site Analytics of not because I do not understand them when such large of numbers of visitors have already come to the website where the information is very static because again the truth is that which does not change, but the huge number of page views by all those keeping the information to themselves as long as they can believing that I will inevitably be taken out, and all the highly valuable information removed, and you all end up making out like bandits; and you also know as do all the very best lawyers I know that you are all going to lose this one, because you have already lost.

Once you have the knowledge, you know everyone’s game – Marie Dion Gevisser

Those hedging their bets come up with all sorts of ways to mask what they are up, but that does not make them smart even though they obviously think they are clever by trying to fool me in order to prove at least to themselves that they are as smart as me.

Get it into your heads right now, you cannot be clever if you lie; and therefore you know when anyone says they have a terrible memory, it is only because they repeatedly have trouble keeping up with their lies.

I noticed that you have stopped calling me a genius, because I recently explained that it is not only an insult to my intelligence to be called a genius by another human, but God is the only genius.

I make things very simple but not stupid.

If you say you don’t believe in God, and therefore you have you own moral compass to guide you, then you are left only with your increasingly limited logic to convince others that you can be trusted; and the starting point is to explain the logic of why you would leave it to your government to underpay your soldiers who support your lifestyle that first of all allows you to eat God’s Little Animal friends.

If you say you believe in God, I ask you to demonstrate to me exactly what that means to you. In other words, I ask would you be willing to write down your value system such as what Marie demanded of her corrupt children who were trying to corrupt her, as she spelled out her value system,

“I don’t lie, steal or cheat. I refuse to be around people who lie, steal and cheat. I am what I eat. Shared energy means you are sharing the digestive system of those digested by the company you keep. I am passionate about what I love and I try as best I can tTOo teach my knowledge of fine art painting. I am also willing to be tested on my value system 24/7” (sic).

Again both Jonathan and Danielle refused; and they are perfectly happy, just ask them, and also leave Marie and me out of your conversations when you talk about them; and in speaking for Marie who can of course make it more staccato like, Marie and I are not only happier but much the wiser and God has also rewarded us with the most incredible good health. God Bless God.

I also ended my reply to your very carefully worded 1029 word email with the following very easy to understand:

So please don’t try and defend Lynne Zymet because she is a very big girl, as it takes away from your support.

You cannot be my friend and friends with my enemy.



Are you still friends with Lynne Zymet?

Have you spoken with Lynne Zymet about my response to you, which was just as mindful as yours, without me surely having to explain that Zymet’s atrocious actions also helped delay getting my very easy to understand response in to Judge Groch who perfectly understood that a 12 year old anywhere in the world would get their head around the calamity of this defamation lawsuit as it spotlights much more than the Central Intelligence Agency is a total farce; and of course it is so obvious this conspiracy of conspiracy is a defamation of me, and all designed to have people such as yourself react the way you have.

So I come back to you speaking for all 5 of you present at my court hearing on September 19 and knowing that 27 days have now passed during which time I could have easily been killed, and you know I am not talking about how most choose the lazy path using poison foods to murder their bodies.

BTW, in your response, please hit the reply all button; it will also save me from using another email account to forward others as well.

You do know that it is against the law to commit suicide. So why isn’t it outlawed?

Notice how very polite and proper I am.

Given how your good looks come from your mother, who was a model, both you and her must have gone to my Charm School mother’s bio on and listened to her one of a kind record, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING A WOMAN and followed the not very good transcript which I have not had the time to fix.

Do you think that when my inspirational and extraordinary mother talks about “you are equipped to be the bell of the function” before going on to say:

The most important thing to remember to take with you when you leave your mirror is your attitude. As you take that last look at your reflection did you perhaps think to yourself, “I hope everyone likes me tonight.” Well my friend if this is the thought utmost in your mind you are going to fail. For the secret of popularity lies in your saying to yourself, “Where ever I’m going what ever I’m doing, I am going to like who ever I meet.” Popular people are interesting people. You have to train yourself to be interested in other people. And if you walk out of your house saying, “I hope everyone is going to like me.” You are turning your thoughts inward, you are only concerned with yourself. But on the other hand if you say, “who ever I meet I am going to like.” or words to that effect, you are immediately force yourself to be interested in other people. And as long as you remain interested in someone else so long will you be popular with them. If you can make everyone you come in contact with feel bigger more important happier, if you can make their lives feel fuller and more worth while, they will always want you around.

this was the same advice she gave her one most on top of things South African private secretary Elizabeth, who was born and raised Protestant before converting in the late 1960s to Judaism, moved to Israel and married a senior officer in the Israel Defense Force?

Imagine now Elizabeth running in to you and “painter-spy” Kim “Newton” (sic) as you exit his Paris, France bachelor apartment, and she says, “There has been a massive explosion at the main Paris train station, and the wounded are e
verywhere, but my slip is showing, and all I read from Zena Gevisser’s IMPORTANCE OF BEING A WOMAN is that I should be careful when plucking my eyebrows so as not to get an eye infection compounded by using cortisone because I was also too lazy when ignoring the side effects, because I want quick this and quick that because I don’t want life to pass me by, and become that much more of a benadryl junkie”, would you wait for Kim to react, or would you take charge, grab hold of his set of keys while you hold on to yours, because your understanding of the merit system is that everyone is equal including those who do not carry their weight which is exactly what capitalism which is the exact opposite of the merit system, is all about, so that Kim can’t later be tempted to come up with some pitiful excuse to return to the apartment to look under her skirt and already have his entire alibi written out saying, that when she said “slip” he thought she was telling him a coded message to be chivalry, and before entering the room after peeping through the pee hole, he was practicing his cat and dog pose, so as when laying prone to break her fall, since he is also learning to become a mindreader working for General Atomics whose primary business is not to fix 19th century clocks, he is perfectly flat on his back to allow Elizabeth to break her fall without so much as a bruise.

Just earlier I took Mango out for a pee break as he encourages me lying right up against me longways as I type relaxed on the chez lounge, Marie having long returned to Del Mar. When he sniffed out a moth hiding in a rotting trunk before going on to paw at an ant nest, what do you think I should read into it?

Did it not occur to you that when Judge Groch let us know that he had read my filing that he could first of all read?

Do you not think he found it strange that in the original complaint of ex CIA Knuff, Knuff is extraordinarily vague about the evidence he says he has of defamation by me, because as Knuff would prove throughout each one of the hearings including the final hearing/trial on Jan. 21, he didn’t have a shred of evidence?

Just because I write for the level of understanding of a 12 year old does not mean I have lost all the intelligence I had at 3 when I knew better than to open my mouth and therefore perfectly comprehend without saying a word that God gave us two ears and one mouth so that we should listen twice as hard [as we speak].

Mango is now breathing deeply, but still very relaxed; and when I am done with this we are going around the Nobel Canyon loop as I have been waiting for the hunters earlier blasting their guns to quieten.

How much schooling do you think you needed before realizing that there has never been a court case in the history of the world where the person bringing the action, the plaintiff, never provides a shred of evidence of wrongdoing by the accused, the defendant, and then receives a whopping $4 million payday?

How many law school text books do you think contain reference to a judge admonishing an innocent defendant for not having a lawyer right after the judge concedes it would be impossible for me to mount a defense to charges where there is no evidence?

Have you now given up on your search to find a me a lawyer?

And you think it is appropriate to write me your bloody nonsense and then ignore me holding your feet to the fire?

Would you place a price on my life besides for priceless when you consider the legacy I am now leaving for the next generation of children long before all of you pass out and return in the next instant and notice that you don’t dream as much as in your prior lives?

Do you want me to repeat that?

When you next visit Cusco, Peru which of course could be in your next lifetime which is of course in the very next moment as absolutely nothing changes immediately after we take our last breath when we return exactly how we lived most of our lives once getting the knowledge, there is an ugly fresco showing a kid, I believe it is, farting. Do you think the painter was like Michelangelo like all the great master artists who weren’t murdered just as they were getting into the prime of life, poking fun at the church?

Try it sometime. Start by asking yourself what you want to return as if given the opportunity of choice. Then ask everyone you know starting with all your closest girlfriends and then have each of them ask their friends in other circles until you eventually have the whole world thinking the exact same thing. If they name another animal and/or insect, and of course be polite and courteous and allow them to have several choices, then ask them why they wouldn’t want to be like Marie and me who want to come back exactly as we are?

To be perfectly clear Marie added earlier today when we had this most important conversation, “Without the back pain”, but she knows that without her hard fall 3 years ago she would never have close to the strength or unbelievable body shape that she has today, that each of you know is vastly superior to the body she had going on 2 decades ago

as anyone with any reasonable set of eyes knows they have never seen a body as perfect in every respect as the one she had.

Just so that you know, when you hear that either one of us has died, you must not shed a single tear because now you know the sum total of the secrets of the universe.

Should you have any doubts in the future just remind yourself that you cannot escape the absolute fact that Mango, a chiwawa-Dachhound mix, is the perfect reincarnation of perfect Super Italian Greyhound Pypeetoe and most playful and very protective chocolate lab, Maggie.

Knuff like every spook in the US Government as well their feigned opponents knows that peace means they are out of cushy jobs without Kim doing his job to improve weapon systems, but not to the point that there are no jobs for poor, young and defenseless American kids forced because of this contrived economy into army boots to kill and be killed, at least not until such time as great many more numbers of the poor in the rest of the world have been murdered as advancements in the industrial side of the military-industrial-complex keep creating that many more paper pushing jobs which contribute nothing but disease as the cities get that much more crowded with passive aggressive people.

You also know that the military-industrial-complex cannot yet murder the large number of their opponents too quickly because Wall Street needs an exploding population growth to keep their common herd from asking why the marketing plans showing all the sales of consumables don’t simply be increased by all the unlimited amount of money in circulation?

Why would it be fair and logical if we mistreat our body temple that of course has us mistreating others because all our cells don’t know better, that our just deserve continues ad-infinitum until we quit playing stupid.

Leni Riefenstahl, the cinematographer-filmaker for Hitler who was so in awe of her idol, comments in this one documentary that has the words “horrible life” in it, that art and politics should not mix and she cites Michelangelo and of course the documentarist who does much more than expose Riefenstahl for the Nazi she was, does not point out that Michelangelo was evolved and was most interested in politics which is economics which is military which is the history of the world.

If you choose not to be logical what do you think there is left in life to live for?

Don’t tell me you didn’t understand that even if my filing this one time was late Judge Groch had the discretion of not saying a word and simply admitting it into the court record since he had already seen from the previous hearing on August 26th when he caught Knuff’s Century City lawyer Mr. Chan playing it fast and loose, that there was much more to this lawsuit than meets the eye, because it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that no j
udge in the history of the world has ever come across such a grave miscarriage of justice that is only being allowed to continue because one time good people turn the other cheek.

BTW, my response to your long email was prior to the ALL IT TAKES IS ONE broadcast – CLICK HERE – which I began sending out on September 27.

Be sure to let me know each time you come across someone who says they want to return exactly who they are; and you will understand why I am so comforted by having had all these years one of a kind Marie in my most amazing life that of course all those dreading the thought of returning like themselves can still get their heads around.

So long,


Ps – CLICK HERE for my blog on

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On Oct 16, 2011, at 1:41 AM, raye anne marks wrote:

Hi Gary,
If you don’t sell it, Larry and I might be interested. Let me know. xoRaye Anne

On Sat, Oct 15, 2011 at 8:02 PM, Gary S Gevisser wrote:
It is still for sale but we are having second thoughts because at this price it is the bargain of the century as we might find a use for it in a garden party.

It’s probably 10 years old, has a couple of spots, got conditioning yesterday; is amazing.

the main couch is 38 X 75 inches

chez – 60 X30

ottoman – 31 X 71

offer lasts 24 hours.

if you need to know more go to and/or I can share with you what I sent a previous interested party which was a consignment house.

On Oct 15, 2011, at 7:30 PM, KAI HANSEN wrote:

> ** Avoid: wiring money, cross-border deals, work-at-home
> ** Beware: cashier checks, money orders, escrow, shipping
> ** More Info:
> Is this set still available, and is anything wrong with it? Could you also provide dimensions?
> Thanks
> Kai
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> If this email is a scam or spam please flag it now:
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