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Security is everyone’s concern

From: Gary S Gevisser <>

Date: March 29, 2012 10:21:09 AM PDT
To: “Michael Gardiner” <>
Cc: rest; Marie Dion Gevisser <>

Subject: “Security is everyone’s concern” – Re: Motion to set aside


Then let’s meet at 2:30. The exhibits that you want to see show absolutely nothing, no different to the transcripts of the hearing/trial that speak loud and clearly to my total innocence; and so what makes you think that you will find something incriminating against me when Loewinsohn and Knuff failed and so did the judge? How much time do you expect that to take?

Before commenting on what you have written, I will need to discuss it with Marie. She is still sleeping.

The following is only for your “bedtime reading” to better educate you and others on my very important trip to the UK and its fallout.

As I mentioned in the phone message I left you yesterday just as I was arriving back in LA, you need to know about all the good Michael Grant and I accomplished on this very short but event filled trip to the UK.

When you see President Obama signing a document realize that its significance can be traced back to that word “sensitivities” which ex CIA Knuff’s L-lawyer Loewinsohn used in the June 30, 2010 hearing when for the first time a court reporter was present, and both Loewinsohn and Texas Judge Martin Lowy understood perfectly well there would be a permanent digital record, assuming anyone cared.

If there is no G-d then it means that the chemistry in each of our brains that allows us to logically thought process and which can be converted with precision into the most unimaginably exact mathematics, has to continuously make the logical arguments; which means that if one or more of the sheep who find safety in numbers with the one in the center being the safest if surrounded by a pack of wolves, decides to break rank because they don’t want to be around fools who fail the logic, it would inevitably if not instantly result in total chaos and a breakdown in the social structure that would allow all the wolves unobstructed access to the fattest of them who have managed to tuck themselves away towards the center using only their gift of the gab.

Since we know the level of human sensitivity is limited to sex and survival I see no purpose in making more of an argument that G-d exists in part because if there is a G-d, G-d would decide when the time was right to introduce a study like The China Study that is now out in book form, and everyone hearing about the outcomes of this rather large body of work that is being proven to be correct with every passing moment, beginning with human carnivores who get sicker that much quicker than those who know better, would choose to change their diet were it not for the fact that the human beast prefers quick fixes without putting in the effort.

I put in great mental effort to pull off the impossible this past Wednesday when the Good Lord assigned Michael Grant and I as high up as it gets in the Oppenheimer-De Beers-Lloyds mafia syndicates an individual who I have never met but he immediately recognized not only my name but enough of our written conversations going back 6 years, one year less than the current 7 year hard-soft insurance cycle that the average educated idiot believes has some connection with the equally totally idiotic business cycle; namely the warped thinking, the result of carefully contrived brainwashing, “What goes up, must come down and vice versa”.

The General Public and that includes banker-lawyer-politicians such as President Obama don’t just get to meet with someone like Nicholas Oppenheimer unless Nicholas and his most trusted advisors feel the need to rake Obama over the coals. (You are not the only person in the world who hasn’t forgotten how very well behaved Obama has been ever since he became President elect and hired his supposedly nemesis’ Minister of War, former CIA Director Robert Gates and no did President George W. Bush think it wise to call a press conference and label Obama a hypocrite.)

This revelation that is going to change the world for the better would not have occurred were it not for a series of events fitting perfectly into place beginning with Michael Grant being present and another senior member of the firm of firms taking the elevator ride up and then first making the introduction to the very affable receptionist who was no spring chicken but most business savvy which is why she has such an important job, given how clients of the firm only make such a move to be members of De Beers-Lloyds because they are all about making a whole lot more money that in turn get them the chicks and that brings not only personal satisfaction but the pleasures of the flesh are very easily imagined to others understanding better than most acting like human sheep that sticking close to such winners could possibly have them quickly surpassing the lifestyle of those from the older generation who are assumed to be not quite as quick because their body language says a great deal about them.

Few though pay attention to the chicks unless they are very sophisticated like my mother Zena who trained the best of them and why people like Aristotle Onassis made it his business to have my mother around at the most important social-business event of his life when marrying former First Lady Jackie Kennedy on October 20, 1968 when my mother was the only other female in the room when Jackie O signed a most important prenuptial agreement that didn’t make her close to “filthy” rich; that would occur when she hooked up with De Beers’ Jewish lacky Maurice Tempelsman

There is a reason why I am being attacked in such a vicious manner, and it is now time for me to go on the counterattack, and that means spelling it all out in a way everyone, including all the FOOLS NAMES FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES will understand, and know they can only watch their backs so long until they find themselves backed up against the wall that has a record of their wrongdoing.

You know I have not forgotten the “sensitivities” issue that ex CIA Knuff’s l-lawyer Alan Loewinsohn refers to in the June 30, 2010 which I am sure you not only remember but find like everyone else how bizarre is his reasoning that seems to satisfy Judge Lowy who had just before lambasted Loewinsohn for putting on a case of defamation which is the most heinous crime against an innocent individual who has already accomplished so much good for all those honest and poor who have no voice because the information has been suppressed; and yet you have yet to bring up this matter and how quickly Lowy changes his mind without explaining why.

Do you think there was a quick side bar or just a wink and nod or nothing more than Lowy figuring out that if Loewinsohn was willing to go on record and talk so much nonsense and embarrass himself, then Lowy who is a politician and needs to constantly raise monies to get elected to such a powerful judge position in Texas, got the message loud and clear that he better do exactly as Loewinsohn was suggesting? Moreover, every next step that Lowy took confirmed this is exactly his thinking.

Most important man is Maurice Tempelsman given how he is not only just shy of 3 months younger than my going on 83 year old mother who is currently in Israel where she very recently suffered a heart attack, but Tempelsman is chairman of the board of directors of Lazare Kaplan International Inc. and according to Wikipedia it is, “the largest diamond company in the United States. He is also a general partner of Leon Tempelsman & Son, an investment company specializing in real estate and venture capital.”

BTW, it is my understanding that Tempelsman was the New York diamond dealer who “arranged the meeting for Harry Oppenheimer with President elect John F. Kennedy at the Carlyle Hotel.

Cutting and pasting; THE DIAMOND INVENTION book, Chapter 18, THE AMERICAN CONSPIRACY:

This raised the possibility that the diamond cartel and its allies might have found some way of intervening in the antitrust division. In a previous antitrust case involving the ITT corporation, President Nixon had blatantly attempted to prevent the antitrust division from pressing its suit. On August 4, 1974, the Justice Department received information that the “De Beers organization is a large contributor to both political parties and should this investigation get to a stage where cases were actually filed [the antitrust division] would probably receive much political pressure.” The informant also disclosed that one major diamond dealer in New York was in “constant contact” with Harry Oppenheimer and was somehow relaying to him “information on the progress of this antitrust investigation.” The diamond dealer in question was further alleged by this source to have “arranged the meeting for Harry Oppenheimer with John Kennedy when Kennedy was President-elect … at the Carlyle Hotel,” and to have served as an intermediary between Oppenheimer and American concerns in a number of deals.

In a moment if you have any Yiddishkeit within you, the hair on the back of your head should rise permanently even if you decide not to read on.

Cutting and pasting Wikipedia: Maurice Tempelsman:

Philanthropic and political activities

Tempelsman maintains relations with political and business leaders, in particular government leaders in Africa and Russia, and leading figures in the U.S. Democratic Party.[2][11] His extensive political contacts and monetary contributions often provide him with access and prestige in those markets, as was the case during the presidency of Bill Clinton.[2][20] From 1993 to 1997, Tempelsman visited the White House at least ten times, met privately with Hillary Clinton on two separate occasions, vacationed with the Clintons and the Kennedy familyin Martha’s Vineyard, and flew to Moscow and back with President Clinton on Air Force One.[2][6]
In Southern Africa, Tempelsman has played a key role in negotiations between hostile governments and companies engaging in diamond exploration. He met with Mobutu Sese Seko, former dictator of Zaire, to assist the regime’s business dealings with De Beers.[21][22][23] From March 3, 1977, Tempelsman briefly held the title of honorary consul general for Zaire, now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), at the DRC’s consular offices in New York City.[24] In addition to the DRC, Tempelsman has played a key role in the diamond industries of AngolaBotswanaNamibia, and Sierra Leone.[25][26][27][28]
Tempelsman served as chairman of the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) from 1999 to 2002, when he was named chairman emeritus.[29] An example of his work with the CCA involved assisting government leaders with establishing the New Partnership for Africa’s Development.[30] Tempelsman was a board member of the Southern African Enterprise Development Fund, and past chairman and current board member of The Africa-America Institute.[8][31][32]
He is chairman of the International Advisory Council of the Harvard School of Public Health’s AIDS Initiative,[35] and is an honorary trustee and an honorary member of the corporation of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Tempelsman is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and was named a Visitor to the Department of Classical Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. A director of the Academy of American Poets, Tempelsman also serves as a trustee of the New York University Institute of Fine Arts, and on Lenox Hill Hospital’s Advisory Board. He has served on several Presidential Commissions including the President’s Commission for the Observance of Human Rights, the Citizen’s Advisory Board of Youth Opportunities and the National Highway Safety Advisory Committee, and was appointed to the New York Council on International Business

Truth is increasingly unimportant to liars but that does not make me either a liar or thinking it smart to buy into the words and actions of liars, cheats and thieves.

I am well aware of the fact that Jewish American lawyers such as yourself are disproportionate to the number of Jewish American citizens which the Oppenheimer-De Beers-Lloyds syndicate, the cartel of cartels go to great pains in having the common herd humans believe are the biggest rogues in the law profession.

It is not good for the entire legal profession the fact that I know a great many Jewish American lawyers who are silent about this travesty of justice that they saw happening the instant they read the initial complaint and it looked to them like I was going to be hauled before a US Grand Jury where the only evidence presented is that of the prosecution, but the big difference in my case which has yet to attract a single journalist including the great many who know how extraordinarily credible I am, is that there has never been a shred of evidence that I committed defamation because of the simple fact that none exists.

You of course picked up not only is Tempelsman Jewish but he worked with Africa’s most brutal tyrant Mobutu Sese Seko to assist the regime’s business dealings with De Beers.

How come no one in the media including Jewish American Edward Jay Epstein isn’t talking about Jewish Kapo-sellout Tempelsman doing the bidding of the Oppenheimers who were the principal raw war material suppliers of Nazi Germany and following the supposed defeat of the puppet Hitler, the German-South African Oppenheimers came out of The Holocaust smelling like roses and their mineral wealth holdings have continued to escalate as brutal war on the poor of the world especially in mineral rich countries like Belgian Congo-Zaire which the Oppenheimers used to supply Hitler with his diamonds. (I assume you have read in your own free time Ch. 9, of The Diamond Invention book, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER – CLICK HERE.)

Nor should anyone forget why it is that they cannot remember a lawsuit close to as important as mine that shines such a spotlight on all the corrupt beginning with those who act like they are so good and charitable but now coming to terms with the truth that all charities are about propping up this worthless diamond house of cards financial markets.

Yes, Michael, we now have confirmation from the highest source of the De Beers diamond drilling monopoly, that the capital structure of Lloyds which sets the price on slavery of the poor throughout the world without regard to race, color, religion or country of origin, is based entirely on worthless diamonds which only have value because Lloyds of London Insurance do business with commercial banks who provide letters of credit for their “credit worthy” clients to then become members/investors of the world’s oldest old boy club.

For going on 6 years I have been trying to get Lloyds-De Beers to go on record and tell it exactly the way it is; and better yet, I got them out of the mouth of the most senior top dog who had been assigned to Michael Grant and me who wasted little time in asking him the same questions he and his colleagues had previously avoided as if I was asking them to commit financial suicide.

It would be hard for you to figure out exactly what is going through this individual’s mind right now because you don’t know who he is or what he did immediately after our rather exhaustive meeting where of course it was not only most civil throughout because I never brought up his previous “ducking and diving” and where the record remains today as clear as it was then thanks to the digital age, but he would have felt compelled to share with his colleagues everything, including Michael Grant despite having a “perishable crown”, most serious about investing in this “once in a lifetime opportunity” where you cannot go wrong, especially if you have alongside you a “risk assessment” specialist such as myself.

Timing is everything in this ingeniously clock controlled world.

Im assuming you are on top of how much time I have left to file this “motion to reconsider”, and to at least take the steps to inform the judge that we are in the process and very close to completion.

Never forget that I know the business of insurance, just as I do military, from the very top down.

It would have taken no more than a few minutes before word would have reached Nicholas Oppenheimer who is today caught between a rock and a hard plate.

Nicholas Oppenheimer, the price fixer of price fixers, now finds himself in the fix of fixes because these officials are only going to be looking to save their skins as they fully understand that I have much more than the most incredible documentary within moments of being released and with footage that will make someone like Michael Moore the documentarist end up having a nervous breakdown because it will expose him and all those who feign their fight against corruption, who can embarrass the 3 branches of the US Government by forcing President Putin of Russia to hightail it to South Africa on September 5, 2006, 81 days after these same De Beers-Lloyds officials hastily call a meeting on Friday June 16, 2006, the day my wife and I are leaving for our 24 “fact finding mission” to China, and their single purpose was to address what steps they can take to me beginning to bring Public International Attention to the decision taken by Lloyds-De Beers to ban American citizens from investing in Lloyds-De Beers all the while most of their business, both worthless diamonds and worthless insurance is done with American citizens and American corporations.

Very important is beating this most wrongful defamation conviction in the history of the world, but it is not everything given how I have been convicted by the most transparently corrupt judiciary who can only play corrupt and get away it for so long.

Again, I am not talking about G-d’s laws, but the logic each of us has to rely on to function and when you talk nonsense and act stupid on top of it which is what Judge Lowy did, and all his wrong actions went against me, the majority of the world’s population still have a voice; and while it has been quiet because of fear, intimidation and bribes that support their brainwashing does not mean it cannot be turned around in the next instant.

Bear in mind the Oppenheimers-De Beers-Lloyds and company have only one interest besides for remaining the allocators of the world’s resources until such time as all the poor of the world are murdered by poverty and civil war that De Beers ignite using their unlimited supply of untraceable diamonds including those diamonds that Hitler did not use, and that is to cover their tracks.

I now need to get more of a breath of fresh salt air and head to the beach with Mango; and when I return and have a healthy breakfast along with Marie I will share more materially relevant information about how I have managed to accomplish the start of unraveling this insurance game from the very top down having done already a pretty good job in getting those at the very bottom already well up to speed on how they have been so horribly abused starting with the brainwashing one hears at airports over the loudspeaker system, “SECURITY IS EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITY.”

Ps – Obviously I cared enough to ask and pay a good sum of money as well as use of my precious time to get Court Reporter David Langston to provide me with it and all the subsequent hearings/trials which are so crystal clear about what was going on without me and/or my lawyer were I to have found an honest one to interfere with the flow of things.

To be continued.

On Mar 29, 2012, at 9:28 AM, Michael Gardiner wrote:
Please call me ASAP.  I am out of pocket from 3:30 on and will be gone most of the day tomorrow.  We need to meet before then.
Please also see the attached start of a Declaration for you.  Note the stuff I have put in the parentheses.  I need a lot of input from you on those as well as on the accuracy of the other stuff.
Michael A. Gardiner
110 West “A” Street, Suite 950
San Diego, CA  92101
Phone:  619.238.9800
Fax:  619.814.3727
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<Decl. of Gary S. Gevisser ISO Mtn to Set Aside Sister State Judgment.doc>

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