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Sex between Turner and Schulte

From: Gg <>

Date: May 7, 2012 9:03:30 AM PDT
To: Dan
Subject: Sex between Turner and Schulte -Fwd: Report for, 05-01-2012 to 05-07-2012

Dan – I’m on the fly – one of the few things about my life that I didn’t mention was the significance of the numbers of visitors to 2facetruth as it is impossible to beat which I knew before I put it up given how I knew no one could explain why it is that no one other than me has ever seriously questioned the fraud of the GDP index including communist countries who suffer the most.

Btw I watched tv for an hr last evening, the most in nearly 2 decades and we haven’t had a cable/tv hook up in more than a decade.

Ted Turner was being interviewed by one of his lackeys talking about his loves and money including his 2 million acres that produce more GDP than the country of Belize.

Most important is that he talked about being in love twice but didn’t mention the 2nd woman, and most would have said Jane Fonda was one.

This second woman was most likely Valerie Schulte a lawyer with the NAB, who was the lead individual who gave me the lowdown on Al Sikes of the FCC which Mr. Hearst greatly appreciated. Turner had a 15 year relationship with Valerie who I know very well, and often stayed at her home in Georgetown. The story of Valerie and me is partially covered in a piece I wrote on 12.1.2000 which was 9 months and 11 days exactly prior to 9/11 that one can find on the Internet with little trouble.

Turner applauded Al Gore while he trashed George W Bush who if he was the dumbest president of the US his decision making does not reflect it.

Valerie and her bosom male buddy is King Golden Jr who was my one American attorney for well over a decade which is why today he has more than a pot to pee in. The 2 of them are staunch Democrats and their closest friend is right wing Republican Roger W Robinson who along with Sec James A Baker continues to call the shots in the White House but that could change in the next instant.

Of course I know Our Man Roger very well and nor have any of them forgotten why they are so quiet, beginning with Valerie not explaining the conflicts of interest when representing the TV networks while bedding their competitor.

Moreover were it not for the phone conversation I had with Valerie and King on election day November 2000 Al gore would have been president of the US and by now a significant larger number of the poor of the world would have been exterminated.

I’m running late in getting you the draft pleading I need to submit to the court no later than tomorrow as well as find out how much time I have left to file an appeal with the Texas Supreme Court but I thought this communication was important.

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Subject: Report for, 05-01-2012 to 05-07-2012

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