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Sharona Coutts of

Sharona Coutts of

From: Gary S Gevisser <>
Date: November 18, 2009 4:15:01 PM PST
To: Sharona Coutts <>
Cc: “Adam L Tucker – webmaster” <>
Subject: Positive – Re: “Leverage this know-where with a mix of know-how”

That is positive. We will see how long it lasts.

That is not “negative” but you do understand I know you PERFECTLY UNDERSTAND that in one hour with access to the internet at your fingertips, even better beside me here at our art gallery-studio cliff house with this view


you would know everything you needed to know about each and every one of the players who you haven’t forgotten understand perfectly I have “all amazing stuff”.

Not to mention, had I NOT played the “cards that I was dealt” right when doing a series of assignments for Randolf Apperson Hearst


the former Chairman of Hearst Corporation, I could easily have run Hearst Corporation in my “spare time”, but then not only would that not have been “me”, but most likely I wouldn’t be around to telling my story.

You also know by what I had you deposit in the back of your mind that you are on to the biggest story in history.

So let us not waste either of our time.

Go to

I am going for a walk with my stunning French-Canadian wife who you would just love and adore, just so long as you don’t get corrupted between now and when we meet.

When I return I would like to see what you see as the next steps.

Bear in mind that once you miss this once in a lifetime opportunity, you also have to live with yourself.

You will eventually see in my writings that are all over the Internet this email below:

From: Ron Bellows Senior Risk Assessor for AIG
To: Gary S Gevisser 
Monday, May 03, 2004 7:39 PM;
Subject: WE AIG [megalopoly] insure… Haliburton

my point the other day – that these people have been taken and treated as war combatants when there is no war – is totally against the constitution – which apparently doesn’t exist anymore 

 BUT get this .. .. 

I have now been given the project of trying to figure out our exposure for our overseas defense contractors we insure – 

thing is – the policy excludes ‘acts of war’ ( as most do ) – BUT – includes Terrorism ?? 

so.. .If a contractor dies from an act of war – we pay the widow and the gov’t is supposed to reimburse us from their war chest 

so now – the feds are saying – “there is no war” – and we don’t get reimbursed – for all the dead, captured and “lost” contractors ( and our loss numbers are showing lots more than the news is reporting ) 

so all the actuaries and underwriters are freakin out – watching their policy breach limits and bleed cash 

 so I got the order Sunday – go and figure out what KBR, Centcom and Haliberton employee exposure are and what they are doing to control their contract employees exposure ?? 

AND – this is a no win – If I pull the plug ( write a report that says its a poor risk ) my name goes to the head of KBR etc – If I say its all good – we loose money and megalopoly stomps on my tushy 


later boys 

I need a drink . . . .

When you type the name “Ron Bellows” in Google Search you will come across a “listing” that is 2nd or 3rd from the top, and the ones before are all my writings.

It takes you to the US Government’s where you will find that memo. 

As you scroll down to the bottom note the date it was posted, Sunday, November 2nd, 2008. If I am not mistaken that was two days before the Presidential election that ushered in Barack Obama as the 43rd Commander In Chief of all US Armed Forces.

As you scroll back up there is more of an explanation of Ron Bellows; and remember you never needed to type my name alongside his to get all this information.

When Ron Bellows a senior risk assessment officer for AIG was asked to assess the liabilities for their oversees defense contractors he was also made aware that what ever decision he made would [go] straight to the head of the most powerful military defense contractors in the world.

 This heads I win, tails you lose proposition handed to Ron Bellows was the beginning of the forced entry of the United States government into the insurance industry. Allow me to explain…

Should Ron Bellows senior risk assessor for the world’s largest insurance agency have decided not insure the military defense contractors not only would he have become black listed but he very well may have been risking his life as well. As Ron explains the government was playing with semantics by maintaining the position that the deaths were due to terrorist which would force AIG to be financially responsible instead of placing the financial responsibility on the government.

 The end result left AIG insuring the military defense contractors with indefinite financial losses leading to the ultimate collapse and “forcing” the US government to step in and prevent the complete collapse and handing over control of the insurance industry to the US government officially ending any semblance of a “Free Market” system.

What I didn’t spell out was that with the US Government now owning AIG not only could there be no class action lawsuits against the Government who could just as easily put you out of business, but in time the US Government would say that if you didnt buy your health insurance from them or a competitor that they held on a short leash, then you could end up going to jail.

This is very arrogant.

My potency comes from the fact that I know I am not omnipotent.

You might want to read when you have the time a draft of my, The meaning of life = LIGHT BULB EFFECT=CONSCIOUSNESS which I began writing a few days ago and hope to get published even if it is only in booklet form before I leave.

You do understand that today a great many people understand that the price you pay today for an airline ticket to visit with me is EXCLUSIVELY dependent on the ability of the US to wage war successfully, and that is increasingly unlikely and why you have highly decorated soldiers like David Bellavia coming with bone chilling stories to me rather than his “buddy” Glenn Beck who has to be thinking what you think?


On Nov 18, 2009, at 1:32 PM, Sharona Coutts wrote:

Hi Gary,

This is all amazing stuff.

I need some time to digest it and do some reading to educate myself more about some of the players. As I’m not American, some of these companies and names are not so familiar to me.

There is no way it can be ready by next week. Things take a lot longer than that. In investigative journalism, we say “speed kills.”

I want to keep working on this but I also want to be straight with you about expectations, and that time limit is rather optimistic.



Blackberry: 347-213-7153
Desk: 917-512-0225
Fax: 212-785-2634



From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Wednesday, November 18, 2009 12:59 PM
Subject: “Leverage this know-where with a mix of know-how”












There are five additional pages before the signature page


I waited several months until I got my hands on more evidence of “voter fraud” before depositing these checks from Vicky “Sticky” Schiff.

I could possibly dig through files to find the 1099 WCG sent me for all the payments they made under the consulting agreement as well as the US $2400 I charged Dan Weinstein for the 4 hours of consulting I did for him before they entered into the Consulting Agreement that their Stanford Law School trained lawyer refers to as the “unconsummated consulting agreement” as if WCG simply pulled out of the air their decision to pay me in Jackson’s words, “the sum of $18,750.00 under the unconsummated consulting agreement” and therefore I had to have been nothing more than a “potted plant” at both Board Meetings, the first on October 8th and then the next 2 weeks later on October 23rd, 2001





Would you say that Jackson in repeating this “unconsummated consulting agreement” he was trying to convince himself?


Remember who owns Vivendi owns water as well as oil.

Ps – It is Jackson’s letter of April 3rd, 2002 that is the “death nail”. Of course if they had offered me all the gold in the world I still wouldn’t have settled.

I leave for Europe this coming Monday. By Sunday evening I expect this story to be printed. I will set aside one full day before then to meet with you. No more phone conversations.

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